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December 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Corporate Liability: Undocumented Code [Published: 12-06-2012]
Bill Inmon shares the problems caused by programmers who don't complete documentation.

Data Warehouse Construction: Generator, Generic Knowledge and Operative Metadata [Published: 12-06-2012]
Bin Jiang explains the metadata-driven generic approach to data warehouse construction.

Information Delivery Snags Create Big Data Bottleneck [Published: 12-10-2012]
Big data analytics applications require high-performance data availability. Unfortunately, there’s one key part of many IT infrastructures that isn’t prepared to meet that challenge. (This article was included in a recent issue of our BI Trends + Strategies e-zine.)

In-Memory Data Grids for Analytics on Fast-Changing Data: A Q&A with William Bain of ScaleOut Software [Published: 12-10-2012]
In this Q&A Interview, William Bain, CEO of ScaleOut Software, talks with Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK about in-memory data grids for analytics on fast-changing data.

IT Philosophy Directs IT Strategy [Published: 12-13-2012]
Concluding this series, Frank Buytendijk explains how a company's IT philosophy affects its strategy, explaining that all three IT philosophies are valid. The trick is determining which is the best fit for your organization and its goals.

Big Data Opportunities and Challenges: A Spotlight Q&A with Rod Johnson of Oracle [Published: 12-14-2012]
In this Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Rod Johnson, Oracle's Vice President of Industries Strategy, Industries Business Unit, about the growth of big data and whether or not companies are prepared to take advantage of big data opportunities.

Massively Scalable Big Data Analytics in the Cloud: A Q&A with Mike Lamble of XtremeData [Published: 12-17-2012]
In this Q&A interview with Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK, Mike Lamble, President of XtremeData, explains their massively scalable database management system for big data analytics. Mike explains that XtremeData is a row-oriented MPP DBMS that runs on the cloud and bare metal at all scales.

EMC Brings Big Data Analytics to the Enterprise: Q&A with Michael Howard of EMC Greenplum [Published: 12-17-2012]
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Michael Howard, EMC Greenplum's Vice Presdident of Marketing. They discuss how EMC Greenplum is assisting their customers in overcoming the challenges of big data analytics.

How “Little Data” Can Help Us Avoid an Economic Storm Fueled by Increasing Healthcare Costs [Published: 12-18-2012]
In a previous article, Dr. Barquin highlighted six specific areas where technology can play a role in achieving federal government objectives and missions. This article looks at healthcare, one of the six areas Barquin identified, and how the federal government can leverage information technology to control healthcare costs.

Analytics for Competitive Advantage [Published: 12-18-2012]
Tony Rathburn delves into the benefits and challenges of analytics projects in distributed environments. He explains how these projects provide incremental enhancement to organizational decision-making processes with little risk and high return on investment.

Valuable Intelligence from Big Data: A Q&A with Keith Cooper of Connotate [Published: 12-19-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Keith Cooper, CEO of Connotate, talks with Ron Powell about deriving insights from big data on the web.

Implications of the Customer Engagement Maturity Model on Social Media [Published: 12-19-2012]
This article proposes a framework for analyzing the new forms of social data in the context of their business objectives.

Considering the Usability of Flawed Data in a Big Data Analysis [Published: 12-20-2012]
When dealing with big data, known errors in even one-tenth of one percent of the data can involve an enormous number of records. David Loshin discusses that scenario and provides 3 ways to deal with flawed data in such situations.

Technology: Can’t Live with It, Can’t Live without It [Published: 12-21-2012]
In this first article of a series, Frank Buytendijk looks at the dilemmas we face because of our dependence on technology.

Harnessing Innovation Through More Knowledge [Published: 12-22-2012]
As technology advances, Frank Buytendijk recommends that we need to focus on three specific areas of knowledge: the basics, usage feedback and contextual knowledge.

Technology Optimism, Pessimism or Realism [Published: 12-23-2012]
In this conclusion of his three-part series, Frank Buytendijk explains the importance of building an understanding of the role technology plays in our society.

Aristotle and Enterprise Architecture [Published: 12-24-2012]
Frank Buytendijk looks at the evolution of enterprise architecture, relating it to philosophy and Aristotle's four causes.

Social Analytics: Your Organization (and Society) as a Collective Intelligence [Published: 12-26-2012]
In this article, Frank Buytendijk explores the area of social analytics, emphasizing how business needs to get it right from a social responsibility point of view.

Data Integration That’s One Step Ahead: A Q&A with Ash Parikh of Informatica [Published: 12-27-2012]
Ron Powell of the BeyeNETWORK interviews Ash Parikh, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Informatica, about the evolution of business intelligence and how Informatica is addressing the new requirements of their customers.

Can Computers Think? [Published: 12-27-2012]
This article from Frank Buytendijk questions whether or not computers can think and what that means for information management. Frank says that once the Semantic Web becomes a reality, information retrieval and processing in general will become a bit more intelligent.

Metathink: Big Data or Challenging Data? [Published: 12-28-2012]
Bin Jiang explores what "big" data really means and provides questions you should address before implementing a big data initiative.

Searching for Wisdom: Frank Buytendijk’s Recommended Reading List [Published: 12-28-2012]
Frank Buytendijk provides a suggested reading list to help you frame, contextualize and sharpen your thoughts in your search for wisdom.