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April 2012 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Why Big Data is Like Seawater [Published: 04-05-2012]
Bill Inmon discusses the challenges of analyzing the unstructured text found in big data.

Stream Processing [Published: 04-05-2012]
In the concluding article of a 5-part series on technologies changing the face of the data warehouse, William McKnight explains how stream processing introduces a process-first approach that enables processing before storing and increases accessibility to data.

Is Yours Really a Data Warehouse? [Published: 04-09-2012]
In this article, Bin Jiang looks at the confusing situation that exists because of varying definitions for a data warehouse.

Synthesis – Not Analysis [Published: 04-10-2012]
Frank Buytendijk argues that synthetic thinking, rather than typical analysis, might be the best way to understand your data.

Falling on One's Sword, Federal Government-Style [Published: 04-11-2012]
Dr. Ramon Barquin argues that a more practical approach to business intelligence could have helped prevent the GSA spending scandal.

Analytics-Driven Organizations: A Q&A Spotlight with Chuck Berger of ParAccel [Published: 04-12-2012]
Chuck Berger, CEO of ParAccel, describes to Ron Powell how their massively parallel database, a software-only solution, improves an organization's big data analytic efforts.

Use Decision-Driven Visualization to Activate (Big) Data [Published: 04-17-2012]
Lee Feinberg describes how you can make a bigger impact on your company's bottom line by using decision-driven visualization.

The World of Location Intelligence Today [Published: 04-17-2012]
In part 2 of a 3-part series, Steve Benner details the similarities between the location intelligence and business intelligence worlds.

What are the Key Big Data Tools? [Published: 04-17-2012]
In part 3 of his series on big data, Barry Devlin suggests that although the big data tools market is moving rapidly, you should move deliberately and with care when choosing a big data tool for your organization.

High Performance Analytics and Big Data: A Q&A Spotlight with Tapan Patel of SAS [Published: 04-18-2012]
Ron Powell talks with Tapan Patel, Global Product Marketing Manager - Predictive Analytics and Data Mining at SAS, about how big data is impacting the world of predictive analytics.

Improving Health Care: ACOs and Analytics to the Rescue? [Published: 04-19-2012]
Greg Nelson weighs the potential of Accountable Care Organizations in improving health care, and stresses the importance of analytics in any changes to the health care system.

BI Trends + Strategies: Big Data Silos, Performance Management & Mobile BI [Published: 04-20-2012]
In this edition of our monthly e-zine, you'll find a performance management article from BeyeNETWORK expert Craig Schiff along with articles on coping with big data silos and the increasing adoption of mobile BI software. login required

How Business Intelligence is Affecting High School Sports [Published: 04-23-2012]
Richard Herschel explores the effects business intelligence is having on high school sports and describes how using analytics not only benefits the team, but also might inspire some students to study business intelligence in college.

Turning Data Into Actionable Intelligence: A Q&A with Marius Moscovici of Metric Insights [Published: 04-24-2012]
In this Spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with Marius Moscovici, founder and CEO of Metric Insights, about actionable intelligence and its benefits.

IT Insights from Machine-Generated Big Data: A Q&A Spotlight with Sanjay Mehta of Splunk [Published: 04-26-2012]
For this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Sanjay Mehta to learn about the valuable insights that can be gleaned from machine-generated data.

Data Models for Analytics [Published: 04-26-2012]
David Loshin discusses data models for analytics and explains why a maintained table of facts - a dimensional model - is effective in a data warehouse.

Cloud Integration Redefined: A Q&A with Elias Terman of SnapLogic [Published: 04-30-2012]
Ron Powell interviews Elias Terman, Director of Product Marketing at SnapLogic, to discuss the new integration challenges that are facing enterprises due to the increasing usage of cloud solutions.

What’s the Point of Wisdom in Business Intelligence? [Published: 04-30-2012]
In part 3 of his series on wisdom and business strategy, Frank Buytendijk describes how context and perspective are very important in applying wisdom to data.