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October 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The Beautiful Data Model [Published: 10-06-2011]
Bill Inmon explains that there are objective criteria that must be taken into consideration when judging data models.

What is This Thing Called Big Data? [Published: 10-06-2011]
In this first article of a series, Barry Devlin categorizes big data into four classes and explains that each class requires different approaches to management and processing.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud - A Spotlight Q&A with Dwight deVera of arcplan [Published: 10-10-2011]
Dwight deVera of arcplan talks with Ron Powell about whether it's possible and/or practical to move business intelligence to the cloud.

Who Owns Your Data? [Published: 10-10-2011]
Frank Buytendijk explores an important question in data governance: What data belongs to you, and what data is just about you?

Pinpoint Cause and Effect via Multichannel Voice of Customer Techniques [Published: 10-13-2011]
In this case study, Leslie Ament describes how Live Nation Entertainment benefited from adoption of voice of customer techniques.

Big Data Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Mark Troester of SAS [Published: 10-17-2011]
Ron Powell interviews Mark Troester to learn the impact of big data on analytics.

Seven Things Every Government Agency Should Know about Taxonomies and Business Intelligence [Published: 10-18-2011]
In this article, the authors explain why taxonomies are necessary for the effective operation of any enterprise in the information age.

Social Community Investment and ROI Often a Negotiation [Published: 10-20-2011]
The authors discuss how Psion turned to social media as a potential solution to the issues surrounding successful collaboration between partners located around the world.

Incorporating Big Data into an Enterprise Information Architecture - A Q&A Spotlight with Oracle's George Lumpkin [Published: 10-24-2011]
According to George Lumpkin, Oracle's Vice President of Product Management, Data Warehousing, big data isn't just about "big." In this spotlight interview, he talks with Ron Powell about building an enterprise infrastructure that accommodates the variety of new data types and makes that data available for analysis.

Organizing Data Governance - And Many Ways to Mess it Up Again [Published: 10-24-2011]
In this conclusion of a series of articles on data governance, Frank Buytendijk describes a less traditional way of organizing data governance and explains why "messing it up again" can protect your interests.

Predictive Models and Visualizations [Published: 10-26-2011]
Wayne Eckerson interviews Dave Smith, Vice President of Marketing at Revolution Analytics, about data scientists for insight into the role of data scientists, the three distinct skills they must have, and how an organization can find the right individuals for the role of data scientist.

Bridging the Worlds of Hadoop and Data Warehousing [Published: 10-26-2011]
Wayne Eckerson interviews Bill Jacobs, Product Marketing Manager at EMC Greenplum, about the role of Hadoop in a BI ecosystem.

What You Don't Know About Big Data [Published: 10-26-2011]
Wayne Eckerson interviews Tim Negris, Vice President of Marketing at 1010data, and Sandy Steier, Cofounder of 1010data.

Preparing Data for Business Analytics [Published: 10-27-2011]
David Loshin examines structural organization and conceptual organization, two important aspects of information organization that can help ease the implementation of reporting and analytics systems.

An Update on Active Intelligence: What's New? [Published: 10-27-2011]
Teradata's Dave Schrader, Director of Marketing and Strategy, provides an update on Active Intelligence, explaining explaining how Reach includes not just frontline people and systems within the enterprise, but also external customers and partners, coining the terms "Customer Intelligence" and "Partner Intelligence." In addition, he talks about how Big Data analytics can be used as part of active Sense-and-Respond systems, and highlights how to find more information on all these topics

The Rise of Data Management and Analytics in Utilities [Published: 10-27-2011]
Diego Klabjan, Professor at Northwestern University, describes the upcoming roundtable he is facilitating to discuss the new data streams such as smart grid and incorporating new data streams into the data warehouse.

Major Technology Trends in the Capital Markets [Published: 10-27-2011]
Bijan Olfati, Program Director, Capital Markets, for Teradata, discusses the technology trends in the capital markets and explains what is driving those trends.

Predictive Analytics for Insurance Fraud - Proactive versus Reactive Response [Published: 10-27-2011]
Peter Hughes, Director of Insurance at the Global Industry Solutions Group at Teradata, shares the various types of fraud encountered in the insurance industry and why a proactive approach using predictive analytics is more effective.

The Role of Analytics in the Battle for the Living Room [Published: 10-27-2011]
Colleen Quinn, Senior Program Director, Interactive Advertising for Teradata, Xavier Dreze, Associate Professor UCLA, and Sanjay Sood, Associate Professor of Marketing at UCLA and Co-Faculty Director of MEMES (Managing Enterprises in Media, Entertainment, and Sports) explains how the Center for MEMES helps studios, entertainment companies and sports companies transition to the digital age. They describe the role of analytics in improving decision making.

Banks Recognizing Benefits of Active Client Engagement [Published: 10-27-2011]
Ray Wilson, Program Director of Banking Solutions for Teradata, describes the related analytics and the benefits of active client engagement.

Dynamic Strategy at Cabela's [Published: 10-27-2011]
Jeff Tanner, Professor at Baylor University, shares how Cabela's data-centered culture enables them to tie overall corporate strategy to tactical operations.

Conquering the Complexity of Social Media and More! [Published: 10-27-2011]
Dr. Dave Schrader, Director of Marketing and Strategy for Teradata, explains explains what forward-looking companies can accomplish using mobile and social media technologies in conjunction with Teradata, Aster Data, and Aprimo. He also highlights some creative new work called Teradata BSI: Business Scenario Investigations, with "case webisodes: on YouTube.

The Future of Data Warehousing is Here [Published: 10-27-2011]
Imad Birouty, Program Marketing Manager for Teradata, explains that the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem provides a complete end-to-end solution from management all the way through the delivery of information.

The 3 Main Benefits of Teradata Unity [Published: 10-27-2011]
Terdata's Program Marketing Manager Imad Birouty explains Teradata Unity, a powerful product that stitches a multi-system data warehouse environment into an integrated, orchestrated analytical ecosystem.

Build Data Warehouses Faster and Change Them Easier [Published: 10-27-2011]
Michael Whitehead, CEO of WhereScape, explains how WhereScape improves time to value for data warehousing. He also explains their relationship with Teradata.

Understanding the Value of Data Warehousing [Published: 10-27-2011]
Shaun Connolly, Teradata's Global Program Director, Transportation and Elisia Getts, Teradata Senior Product Manager for Architecture Modeling Solutions, talk with Lyndsay Wise, BeyeNetwork Expert, about how they help customers understand the foundation required for an integrated data warehouse.

Integrated Data for the Transportation Industry [Published: 10-27-2011]
Mikkel Lund talks with BeyeNetwork Expert Lyndsay Wise about the transportation/logistics industry and how integrated data provides one version of the truth. Mikkel also explains the negative consequences of not having this single version of the truth.

Getting the Maximum Benefit from a Retail Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 10-27-2011]
Lyndsay Wise, BeyeNetwork Expert, interviews Dennis Jeng, Senior Product Manager, Retail - Teradata, and Karen Papierniak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Retail - Teradata, to learn how retailers can receive maximum benefit from their enterprise data warehouses.

New Features in Teradata Geospatial Technology [Published: 10-27-2011]
Arlene Zaima, Integrated Analytics Program Manager at Teradata, talks with BeyeNetwork Telecom Channel Expert John Myers, about the expansion of Teradata's geospatial solution.

Facililtating Agile Analytics with Data Labs [Published: 10-27-2011]
John Myers, BeyeNetwork Telecommunications Channel Expert, interviews Arlene Zaima, Integrated Analytics Program Manager at Teradata, about the business problems that a Data Lab can solve. She explains that a Data Lab provides an analytic environment that facilitates rapid development and agile analytics.

Big Data - The Drivers and the Analytic Challenges [Published: 10-27-2011]
Stephanie McReynolds, Teradata's Director of Product Marketing for Aster Data, talks with John Myers, BeyeNetwork Telecommunications Channel Expert, about what is driving big data today and the new challenges around big data analytics.

Tableau and Teradata - A Seamless Experience [Published: 10-27-2011]
Elissa Fink, Chief Marketing Officer at Tableau Software, talks with Wayne Eckerson, Research Director at TechTarget/BeyeNetwork, discusses how Tableau and Teradata work together and the benefits they provide for their mutual customers.

Medicaid Logical Data Model [Published: 10-27-2011]
John Aydelotte, Senior Product Developer, Architecture and Modeling Solutions at Teradata, talks with Wayne Eckerson, Research Director at TechTarget/BeyeNetwork, about the Medicaid Logical Data Model, a product designed to help Medicaid organizations organize and integrate their data. John also explains how it differs from Teradata's Healthcare Logical Data Model.

Key Emerging Trends Affecting Healthcare in the U.S. [Published: 10-27-2011]
David Wiggin, Program Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Teradata, converses with Wayne Eckerson, Director of Research at TechTarget/BeyeNetwork, about the trends that are playing the biggest role in healthcare today. He also describes Teradata's important role in helping to address the data and technology issues in the healthcare industry.

NetApp and Big Data [Published: 10-27-2011]
Bill Peterson, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetApp, and William McKnight, BeyeNetwork Information Management Expert, discuss NetApp, big data and NetApp's relationship with Teradata.

The Impact of Big Data on High-Tech Manufacturing [Published: 10-27-2011]
Paul Dennies, Program Director for High-Tech Manufacturing for Teradata, talks with William McKnight, BeyeNetwork Information Management Expert, about how Teradata helps high-tech manufacturers address their big data challenges.

A Sound Architecture Foundation is Fundamental to Analytics Success [Published: 10-27-2011]
Robert Montemurro, Senior Product Manager, Global Professional Services at Teradata, and William McKnight, BeyeNetwork Information Management Expert, discuss analytic architecture approaches and practices. Robert reviews some of the causes of long-term inefficiencies and provides guiding principles for success.

Delivering Faster and More Efficient Data Warehouse Performance [Published: 10-27-2011]
Jim Dietz, Enterprise Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Platforms at Teradata, talks with William McKnight, BeyeNetwork Information Management Expert, about the Active Enterprise Data Warehousing Platform, the Extreme Performance Appliance and the hybrid version of the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform. He talks about how SSD enables faster and more efficient performance.

Fast Time to Value in Airline Analytics [Published: 10-27-2011]
Peeter Kivestu, Director Industry Solutions at Teradata, and David Bental, CEO of Diio, talk with John Myers, BeyeNetwork Channel Expert, about how airlines are responding to their analytical challenges. They explain how a data warehousing strategy can help the airlines more effectively manage their information.

Why It's Time for Integrated Web Intelligence [Published: 10-27-2011]
Rebecca Bucnis, Program Director of Consumer 360 at Teradata, talks with Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, about Integrated Web Intelligence (IWI), Teradata's offering to bring web behavioral data into a business intelligence platform. Rebecca explains how IWI helps companies organize the huge volumes of web behavioral data so it is available for analysis.

Dave Sonnen from IDC Discusses Geospatial Technology Benefits [Published: 10-27-2011]
Dave Sonnen, Global Analyst for Spatial Information at IDC, and Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, discuss the trends leading to the increased interest in geospatial data. They also talk about how Teradata has done a very thorough job of integrating geospatial data into their offerings. Dave also shares how Teradata customers are benefiting from geospatial technology.

Teradata Columnar for Extreme Performance [Published: 10-27-2011]
Alan Greenspan, Product Marketing Manager at Teradata, talks with Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, about how Teradata 14 is all about data warehouse excellence. Alan provides insight into Teradata columnar for extreme performance and explains other new features of Teradata 14.

Systems Management with Viewpoint [Published: 10-27-2011]
Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, interviews Sam Tawfik, Product Marketing Manager at Teradata, about Teradata's Viewpoint, the foundation for all systems management.

Teradata OLAP Connector for Excel [Published: 10-27-2011]
Sam Tawfik, Product Marketing Manager at Teradata, speaks with Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, about an easy way for Excel users to seamlessly connect and access their business data stored in Teradata. This product, Teradata OLAP Connector for Excel, eliminates the security and control problems normally associated with Excel for analysis.

The Business Perspective on the Disconnect Between IT and the Business [Published: 10-27-2011]
Bill Bishop, Practice Lead for Industry Consulting at Teradata, talks with Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, about the disconnect between IT and business, and the importance of ensuring that IT is aligned with ever-changing business needs. He also explains the Teradata Roadmap to Integrated Data for Reuse.

Solid-State Disks - A Big Step Forward for Analytic Workloads [Published: 10-27-2011]
Dan Graham, General Manager, Enterprise Systems for Teradata Labs, talks with Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, about solid state disks (SSDs). Dan explains that one solid state disk usually replaces 20 hard disks in performance, and he provides examples of the types of performance gains achieved with SSDs.

Migration from Oracle to Teradata [Published: 10-27-2011]
Mark Shainman, Program Manager for Oracle Migration Services for Teradata, and Claudia Imhoff, BeyeNetwork Business Intelligence Expert, discuss the migration services that Teradata offers for companies that are moving from Oracle to Teradata. Mark also explains the reasons that companies choose to make this switch.

Kavi Associates - Accelerating Time to Value with Analytics [Published: 10-27-2011]
Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder and CEO of Kavi Associates, talks with Ron Powell of the BeyeNetwork, about how Kavi Associates helps their clients leverage analytics to deliver business value. He also explains how they work with Teradata.

Top Challenge Facing Marketers Today [Published: 10-27-2011]
Katherine Hulls, Vice President of Marketing at Celebrus Technologies, and Lyndsay Wise, Beyenetwork BI for Mid Market Expert, talk about how Celebrus helps customers source and integrate web data into Teradata to understand the behavior and experiences that individuals have on a company's website. Katherine talks about the top challenge marketers have today and how Celebrus and Teradata address that challenge.

Big Data and the Changing Face of Digital Marketing for Consumer Goods Marketers [Published: 10-27-2011]
Gib Bassett, Global Program Director for Consumer Goods at Teradata, talks with Lyndsay Wise, one of the BeyeNetwork experts, about the digital marketing trends and the big data challenges in the CPG industry,

Main Drivers for Business Intelligence Competency Centers [Published: 10-27-2011]
Stephen Gordon, Senior Partner for Retail and Commercial Practice at Claraview, and Lyndsay Wise, one of the BeyeNetwork's experts, talk about why the interest in Business Intelligence Competency Centers (BICCs) has increased. Steve also shares how a BICC impacts an organization's business intellgience success.

How Teradata is Helping States During Economic Downturn [Published: 10-27-2011]
Monica Smith, Teradata's Director of Industry Marketing for the Government Industry, talks with Ron Powell, Editorial Director and Associate Publisher of the BeyeNetwork, about how U.S. states are being impacted by the economic downturn and the two offerings from Teradata that help states (1) identify, collect, and track revenues and (2) analyze, report and measure their financial performance.

Time to Sunset Your ETL? [Published: 10-27-2011]
Bill Hewitt, CEO of Kalido, talks with Ron Powell, Editorial Director and Associate Publisher of the BeyeNetwork, about how Kalido's latest release allows companies to eliminate or greatly reduce the reliance on ETL for their data warehouses. Bill also talks about how the Teradata/Kalido partnership provides their mutual customers with the best of both worlds.

Today's Challenges for Communications Service Providers [Published: 10-27-2011]
Scott Sobers, Director of Marketing and Solutions for Communications Service Providers at Teradata, and Ron Powell, Editorial Director of the BeyeNetwork, discuss how the data explosion is challenging communications service providers and how Teradata is helping them address their analytic challenges. Scott also provides customer examples, including one on social network analytics.

The Magic Component in Teradata's Hybrid Storage [Published: 10-27-2011]
Ron Powell, Editorial Director of the BeyeNetwork, talks with Jim Dietz, Manager of Enterprise Platform Marketing for Teradata, about Teradata's hybrid storage. Jim explains that Teradata hybrid storage is totally automated, requiring no DBA intervention.

Recent Trends in Business Intelligence [Published: 10-27-2011]
Glenn Facey, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Claraview, talks with Ron Powell, Editorial Director of the BeyeNetwork, talks with Glenn about the recent trends in business intelligence, including big data, mobile BI, social media, and getting BI to more users.

Tracking and Reporting Changes in Data with Teradata Temporal Capability [Published: 10-27-2011]
Greg Sannik, Principal Consultant for Teradata, and Ron Powell, Editorial Director of the BeyeNetwork, talk about the temporal capability in Teradata and how it helps companies, especially with compliance efforts.

Business Intelligence without Complexity - A Spotlight Q&A with Scott Opitz, CEO of Altosoft [Published: 10-28-2011]
This BeyeNetwork spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Scott Opitz, President and CEO of Altosoft. Ron and Scott discuss Altosoft’s business intelligence philosophy and touch upon Active Intelligence, an Altosoft offering to be announced in 2012.