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May 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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State of Business Intelligence: Results from Survey of BI Professionals [Published: 05-02-2011]
Richard Herschel shares the results of a business intelligence survey conducted by the BeyeNETWORK and St. Joseph's University.

Data Warehousing and Organizational Size [Published: 05-05-2011]
Bill Inmon discusses two approaches to data warehousing and why some organizations prefer one approach over the other.

What Is a Category? [Published: 05-05-2011]
Malcolm Chisholm explains the significance of categories in semantics and ontology, which are becoming increasingly important in data management.

Text Analytics Adoption Grows by Leaps and Bounds [Published: 05-09-2011]
Seth Grimes shares his estimations on the size of the text-analytics market for 2010 and projects significant growth in 2011 due to the growing interest in automating analysis of online and social media.

Messy Analytics [Published: 05-10-2011]
In the conclusion of his 3-part series, Frank Buytendijk introduces the concept of "messy analytics."

Reforming Federal Information Technology Management: Quo Vadis, Business Intelligence? [Published: 05-11-2011]
Ramon Barquin reviews the government's recent 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management.

Data Warehousing: Speed of Access [Published: 05-12-2011]
Bill Inmon explains the role of the data warehouse in enabling timely reporting and analysis. login required

Location Intelligence: A Brief Look at the Past [Published: 05-19-2011]
In his first article for the BeyeNetwork, Steve Benner looks at the history of location intelligence.

The Role of IT in Business-Led Data Governance [Published: 05-19-2011]
Kelle O'Neal emphasizes the importance of aligning business and IT so organizations can fully benefit from data management.

Metadata in the Data Warehouse [Published: 05-20-2011]
Bill Inmon talks about early data warehouses and why metadata was not included in those data warehouses.

How Analytics Can Help You Define Your Core Freight Network [Published: 05-24-2011]
James Langley details how analytics and data management can help carriers with the challenging task of defining their core freight network.

Data Modeling for Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 05-25-2011]
Laura Madsen lists the top 10 things for healthcare organizations to consider before starting a data modeling project.

Defining Justifiable Targets for Analytics Success [Published: 05-26-2011]
To aid in identifying and selecting the right targets for an analytics effort, David Loshin provides 5 suggestions that will assist in defining the targets that will meet the business goals.

Data Warehousing: How Much Data? [Published: 05-26-2011]
Bill Inmon looks at the growth of data warehouses due to the incorporation of unstructured data.