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March 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Inmon Versus Kimball: A Common Meeting Ground [Published: 03-03-2011]
There have traditionally been two data warehousing camps: those who favor the Inmon architecture and those who favor the Kimball star-schema architecture. Can these two architectures co-exist? This article provides Bill Inmon's perspective on this frequently asked question. login required

Toward an Information Democracy [Published: 03-03-2011]
In this third part of a continuing series, Frank Buytendijk describes the concept of information democracy.

Pinpointing Customer Behavior Predictors — A Step-By-Step Deconstruction Process [Published: 03-08-2011]
In a step-by-step process, Derick Jose explains how to accurately predict customer behavior.

JackBe's Presto: A Self-Service, On-Demand Data Integration, Mashup-Based, Dashboard-Oriented, Business Intelligence Tool [Published: 03-10-2011]
In this article, Rick van der Lans describes the benefits of Presto, a mashup-based tool from JackBe.

Don DeLoach, Infobright [Published: 03-10-2011]
Don DeLoach talks with Ron Powell about the "big data" world and explains why Infobright's high-performance database is the preferred choice for applications and data marts that analyze large volumes of "machine-generated data" such as web data, network logs, telecom records, stock tick data and sensor data.

Games and Business Intelligence [Published: 03-15-2011]
Ramon C. Barquin discusses how games with a purpose have become important tools in business intelligence and data management.

Parallel Data Warehouse [Published: 03-17-2011]
Bill Inmon explains why massively parallel processing (MPP) architectures are being adopted for data warehousing and talks about the competition in the MPP marketplace. login required

Achieving the Holy Grail of Performance Management [Published: 03-21-2011]
Craig Schiff examines the challenges companies face as they strive to achieve the holy grail of performance management. He also suggests strategies for overcoming these challenges.

The Demise of the Data Integration Toolbox and the Rise of the Data Management Platform [Published: 03-21-2011]
David Barkaway describes the benefits of a data management platform.

More Straightforward Analytics: Defining the Objective [Published: 03-24-2011]
David Loshin discusses the first step in process preparation for more straightforward analytics: defining the objective.

It's an Analytical World [Published: 03-28-2011]
Frank Buytendijk discusses the importance of analytical skills in modern business, but reminds us that analytics has been around for centuries.

Can You Do Agile Data Integration? [Published: 03-28-2011]
Ralph Hughes answers the naysayers’ arguments against being able to successfully deliver integration services for a data warehouse/business intelligence project using an Agile method.

What is Architecture? [Published: 03-31-2011]
Bill Inmon explains why it is necessary to consider the end goal when developing an architecture.