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June 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Is Data The Next Oil? An Information Monetization Framework [Published: 06-01-2011]
Derick Jose reviews 4 factors organizations should consider so they can recognize emerging opportunities for information products and potentially monetize their data.

Medieval IT Best Practices [Published: 06-06-2011]
Frank Buytendijk wonders if best practices cause a step to be skipped - the step of actually thinking for ourselves.

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis [Published: 06-07-2011]
In a text analytics overview, Seth Grimes explores sentiment analysis, accuracy and best practices.

Qualified Data: Are Spreadsheets Reliable? [Published: 06-09-2011]
Bill Inmon looks at the problems encountered when trying to manage a company by spreadsheet. login required

What Is Knowledge? [Published: 06-09-2011]
Malcolm Chisholm discusses how knowledge is more complex than its usual definition and what it means for data.

Healthcare Analytics are Growing Sharper Teeth [Published: 06-13-2011]
Scott Wanless provides a list of 5 healthcare metrics that should not be ignored and explains how the use of analytics can help your organization use these "sharp-tooth" metrics to your advantage.

Educating the Next Generation of Business Intelligence Professionals [Published: 06-14-2011]
Mark Bradbourne and Christina Rouse explain what is necessary to fully and effectively educate the next generation of business intelligence professionals.

The Future of Business Intelligence [Published: 06-14-2011]
Richard Herschel breaks down the State of Business Intelligence survey and tells us what the results really mean.

Why Many Companies Purchase the Wrong Performance Management Software [Published: 06-16-2011]
Craig Schiff details the reasons many companies purchase the wrong performance management software and provides advice about performing due diligence when making a software purchase.

SPOTLIGHT: Tony Fisher, CEO of DataFlux, Answers Questions about Baseline Consulting Acquisition [Published: 06-20-2011]
Ron Powell interviews Tony Fisher, CEO of DataFlux, for insight into the recent acquisition of Baseline Consulting.

GSA's Sustainability Goal: Zero Environmental Footprint (ZEF) [Published: 06-21-2011]
Ramon C. Barquin discusses the GSA's Zero Environmental Footprint (ZEF) initiative and their efforts to promote sustainability.

Selecting the Right Business Processes to Subject to Reporting and Analysis [Published: 06-23-2011]
David Loshin explains how to ensure your analysis and reporting are designed to help you target business processes that can be improved using the analytical results.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing [Published: 06-28-2011]
Rao Nemani explores literature in the area of knowledge and the firm, and summarizes the different perspectives of knowledge, knowledge management and knowledge sharing.

Building Agile Scrum Plans from Business Intelligence Requirements [Published: 06-29-2011]
Eric Etter discusses how to align IT deliverables to get business-driven results from Agile BI.