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July 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Subtle Hidden Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics [Published: 07-05-2011]
Haranath Gnana points out two business intelligence trends that are poised to make a significant impact on business intelligence as we have known it in the past.

SPOTLIGHT: Columnar Databases and Big Data Q&A with Don DeLoach, CEO of Infobright [Published: 07-06-2011]
In this spotlight, Ron Powell asks Don DeLoach to talk about big data, columnar databases and Infobright's Rough Query capability.

Granularity Redux [Published: 07-07-2011]
Bill Inmon explains the importance of granularity when building a data warehouse.

Dogma versus Reason – Turning Best Practices into Next Practices [Published: 07-07-2011]
Frank Buytendijk explores how the Age of Enlightenment laid the groundwork for turning best practices into next practices that can help companies seize big opportunities on the road to becoming market leaders.

SPOTLIGHT: Customer Analytics Q&A with Accenture’s Julio Hernandez [Published: 07-11-2011]
Ron Powell interviews Julio Hernandez of Accenture about customer analytics, and they discuss the growing use of customer analytics, as well as the benefits and the challenges.

Competitive Intelligence: The Natural Extension to Business Intelligence [Published: 07-11-2011]
Alexandru Draghici explains the differences between business intelligence and competitive intelligence, as well as how they complement each other.

What are State and Status in Data Management? [Published: 07-12-2011]
Is it necessary to manage state and status differently than other kinds of attributes? Malcolm Chisholm discusses the roles of state and status in data management.

Big Data – Same Problems? [Published: 07-13-2011]
The “big data” phenomenon is driving transformational, technological, scientific and economic changes. In this article, Chris Bradley looks at how this phenomenon is pushing the limits of traditional data management and points out some of the problems that can slow the adoption of big data analytics.

What Is Performance Management? [Published: 07-14-2011]
Craig Schiff explains what performance management really entails, and why it should not be confused with business intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis in Government [Published: 07-18-2011]
Ramon Barquin describes the benefits, challenges and potential of sentiment analysis for the government and the private sector, reviews possible applications for sentiment analysis in the public sector, and includes advice for the business intelligence community.

Hadoop [Published: 07-19-2011]
William McKnight explores how Hadoop is changing the face of data warehousing. login required

Using Healthcare Business Intelligence to Optimize Patient Panel Size and Shape [Published: 07-19-2011]
Scott Wanless details how business intelligence can be a valuable tool for determining a healthcare provider's patient panels.

The Role of Business in Data Governance [Published: 07-20-2011]
Plagued by decentralized decision making that is affecting corporate viability, poor data quality, and siloed data? Is data governance the answer and just who is responsible for data governance efforts? Kelle O'Neal looks at these issues and explains the key elements of a successful data governance effort.

Why Data and Customer Management are Important for Small and Medium Businesses [Published: 07-21-2011]
Lyndsay Wise discusses the important role of data and customer management in helping small and medium businesses achieve long-term success.

Business Intelligence: Organizational Design for Optimal Business Impact [Published: 07-25-2011]
Nancy Williams explains how achieving mature business intelligence capabilities requires organizational design shifts to optimize the business impact.

SPOTLIGHT: Data and Analytics Q&A with Scott Staples, MindTree's President of the Americas [Published: 07-25-2011]
Scott Staples from MindTree talks with Ron Powell about the different analytics approaches available to enterprises today and highlights some of the benefits of analytics on unstructured data from social media.

Business Analytics: Considering the Spectrum of Analysis [Published: 07-28-2011]
To ensure organizational preparedness in introducing a business analytics capability, David Loshin considers how to map business users’ expectations into a realistic plan for source data selection, evaluation, preparation, and analysis.