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January 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Social Media: Driving the New Avatar of Retail Business Intelligence [Published: 01-03-2011]
Social media is bound to spur dramatic evolutionary shifts in traditional business intelligence in several ways. By enabling applications to monitor and mine growing streams of social media content, the new generation of social BI platforms will need to accelerate the convergence of data mining, content analytics, and complex event processing.

Behind the Curtains of the Cloud: Considerations for Physical Inspection [Published: 01-04-2011]
This article provides a checklist for conducting a physical inspection of a cloud provider, a prudent step before entrusting mission-critical data or applications to third-party cloud providers.

The U.S. Army Knowledge Management Principles and their Relevance to Other Organizations [Published: 01-04-2011]
The U.S. Army launched its Army Knowledge Management strategy in 2001 and has been moving on many fronts in the knowledge management field. This article describes the principles of this strategy and suggests that they are relevant to any organization.

Getting Ready for Data Warehousing [Published: 01-06-2011]
Bill Inmon helpful suggestions for organizations that aren’t quite ready to embrace data warehousing.

Business Intelligence, MS, and MBA [Published: 01-10-2011]
Richard Herschel describes the difference between an MS and an MBA degree and how understanding the difference helps business intelligence professionals better match their expectations with the objectives of each degree.

2011 Performance Management Wish List [Published: 01-12-2011]
Craig Schiff describes three frequently occurring performance management scenarios and suggests changes in each area that would benefit not only performance management end users, but also the industry as a whole.

Data Integration as a Service: Definition and Requirements [Published: 01-18-2011]
Calla Knopman discusses the requirements, functionality, and variety of definitions for data integration while building a case for data integration as a service.

The State of Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 01-19-2011]
Laura Madsen explains why healthcare business intelligence is unique and shares ten tips to successfully build your healthcare business intelligence organization.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 10 [Published: 01-20-2011]
Barry Devlin concludes this 10-part series by providing three actions that can be taken now to prepare your business intelligence environment for the transition to the new world of Business Integrated Insight.

Did Marx Predict the End of the Internet Giants? [Published: 01-24-2011]
Frank Buytendijk begins a series of articles that question whether Marx predicted the end of Google and Facebook with a quick recap of Marxian history.

Thoughts and Challenges for Business Intelligence Practitioners on the 2010 Census [Published: 01-25-2011]
Ramon C. Barquin discusses the redistricting results of the 2010 census and the challenges these results will present to business intelligence practitioners.

Avoiding Social Silos Within the Enterprise [Published: 01-25-2011]
Vincent Lam discusses how organizations can benefit from the tools for real-time collaboration and mobile enablement by recognizing the importance of data integration between different platforms.

E-CRM Analytics: Leveraging Data Integration for Prospective Customer Insight and Breakthrough ROI—Part 1 [Published: 01-26-2011]
In the first part of a two-part series, the authors provide the foundation of their research and propose their hypotheses for a survey they conducted to better understand the role of data integration in achieving the goals of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM).

Impacts of Institutionalized Reactivity to Data Errors [Published: 01-27-2011]
David Loshin discusses the negative impact of reacting to data errors instead of preventing them, and how this approach has become all too common in many businesses.

Development: Different Perspectives [Published: 01-27-2011]
Bill Inmon looks at the ever-changing requirements for project development. login required