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February 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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From BeyeUNIVERSITY: The Data Quality Program by David Loshin [Published: 02-01-2011]
This course presented by David Loshin, President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc., is Part 1 of a 3-part series entitled Introduction to Data Quality. This course focuses on the data quality challenges that organizations face and describes what drives people within the organization to put together a data quality program. It also covers the components of a data quality program.

What Is Data? [Published: 02-03-2011]
Malcolm Chisholm discusses the origins of data and what the definition of data is in the modern sense.

The Origin of the Term “Data Warehouse” [Published: 02-03-2011]
Bill Inmon shares how a meeting on a cold day in Calgary led to the use of the term "data warehouse." login required

The Information Age May Finally Be Upon Us: How to Deliver Value with IT [Published: 02-08-2011]
Today’s demands to be cost and operationally effective are driving the new IT. Richard Skriletz looks at how IT, in the coming decade, can deliver business value in this environment and with these constraints.

How to Choose the Right Data Governance Resources [Published: 02-09-2011]
Kelle O’Neal presents best practices for selecting the right resources for a data governance program.

Text Analytics to the Rescue [Published: 02-09-2011]
Richard Foley suggests promising text analytics approaches that should be very effective in countering cyber bullying.

The Information Age: L'histoire se répète [Published: 02-10-2011]
In this article, Part 2 of a continuing series, Frank Buytendijk talks about how history repeats itself in the information economy.

How to Build a House or an Information System [Published: 02-10-2011]
Bill Inmon compares the building of an information system to the building of a house, emphasizing that building a modern information system requires a combination of different skills.

Data Validation as Part of Your Data Governance Program [Published: 02-10-2011]
Steve Putman describes the benefits of a comprehensive data governance program and explains how the inclusion of a data validation component results in better data and a better overall data governance program.

What is the Holy Grail of Performance Management? [Published: 02-14-2011]
Craig Schiff discusses the integration of strategic, financial and operational performance management and explains why this integration is essential for company-wide alignment and improved performance. login required

Technology, Human Rights and Public Policy: Some Views From Europe [Published: 02-15-2011]
Dr. Ramon C. Barquin discusses the differences in the European and the U.S. approaches to privacy and security issues in information technology.

SMB Trends Help the Broader Business Intelligence Market [Published: 02-15-2011]
Lyndsay Wise discusses the various ways small and mid-sized business trends are broadening—and benefiting—the business intelligence market.

A Practical Approach to Managing Slowly Changing Dimensions [Published: 02-17-2011]
John Thuma describes a technology approach for managing slowly changing dimensions.

A Brief History of IT Budgets [Published: 02-17-2011]
Bill Inmon looks at the various events and technology developments that have impacted IT budgets over the years.

E-CRM Analytics: Leveraging Data Integration for Prospective Customer Insight and Breakthrough ROI: Part 2 [Published: 02-21-2011]
In the second part of a two-part series, the authors detail their research methodology and discuss the results of a survey they conducted to better understand the role of data integration in achieving the goals of electronic customer relationship management.

Straightforward Analytics [Published: 02-24-2011]
Analytic success doesn't just happen. The analytic process requires careful organizational preparation. David Loshin describes concrete steps that can be taken so that analytic efforts provide the desired results.

The Data Warehouse: Build It Wrong First [Published: 02-24-2011]
Bill Inmon explains why building a data warehouse "wrong" is actually the right way to do it. login required

Business Intelligence for Corporate Crisis Management [Published: 02-28-2011]
Richard Herschel suggests that BI professionals should consider how to use business intelligence to identify risks that could negatively impact their business. login required