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December 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Data Warehousing – The Vision [Published: 12-01-2011]
Bill Inmon describes how advances in technology and new data types have shaped the evolution of the data warehouse.

Driving Business Analytics with the Consideration of Success Criteria [Published: 12-01-2011]
When analytics are used to make decisions, there is no way to know if a decision is good or bad if there are no defined success measures in place. In this article, David Loshin provides helpful tips for measuring decision quality.

How Data Virtualization Helps Data Integration Strategies [Published: 12-06-2011]
Chris Bradley details the current three leading styles of integration and how they can help you keep up with the fast pace of business changes.

Information: The Underused Asset in Banks and Insurance Companies [Published: 12-08-2011]
Jean-Michel Franco explains how master data management is key for banks and insurance companies to maximize the volume, velocity and variety of their data.

Data Warehousing: Spreadsheets, the Cloud and Data Sharing - A Spotlight Q&A with Sandy Steier of 1010data [Published: 12-12-2011]
Ron Powell and Sandy Steier of 1010data talk about the origins of 1010data, why interacting directly with data is important, and how 1010data's data warehousing platform makes sharing data between different departments – and even different companies – easier than ever before.

Should the United States Have a Chief Knowledge Management Officer? [Published: 12-13-2011]
The creation of the position Chief Knowledge Management Officer for the United States is an idea whose time has come, according to Dr. Ramon Barquin. In this article, he provides the circumstances that have led him to that conclusion.

Does Social Business Intelligence Exist? [Published: 12-13-2011]
What recent market trends are influencing the growing adoption of social business intelligence (BI)? Lyndsay Wise discusses these trends and how they are impacting business intelligence and analytics efforts.

Big Data Behavioral Analytics - A Spotlight Q&A with Quantivo’s Amrit Williams [Published: 12-14-2011]
Detailing the benefits of behavioral analytics, Amrit Williams shares Quantivo's unique approach to this big data challenge.

Solving the One Version of the Truth [Published: 12-15-2011]
Frank Buytendijk concludes his 2-part series by explaining how a post-modern approach to "one version of the truth" will solve this problem once and for all for information management professionals.

Built for Big Data - a Spotlight Q&A with Michael Maxey of EMC Greenplum [Published: 12-19-2011]
The Internet companies have learned how to effectively analyze big data and use it to create value. Now as other companies follow that lead, Mike Maxey of EMC Greenplum talks with Ron Powell about how that is being accomplished.

Selling a Data Mining Project to Management [Published: 12-20-2011]
To help you build the business case for a new data mining project, Casey Klimasauskas offers a framework for quantifying the project's risks and benefits, and building broad-based support for the project at the same time.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Organizational Readiness to Overcome Barriers Impeding Success [Published: 12-22-2011]
Despite a commitment to business intelligence and analytics, organizations often aren’t sufficiently prepared to ensure success. David Loshin describes the importance of organizational preparedness and suggests a plan for ensuring that your BI program will thrive.

Tap Into the Insights of Big Data: A Q&A Spotlight with Josh Rogers of Syncsort [Published: 12-28-2011]
Faced with ever-increasing data volumes, today's organizations need to pay special attention to cost-effective scalability for their data integration environment. Josh Rogers of Syncsort talks with Ron Powell about how that can be accomplished.

Tapping into Social Media Data [Published: 12-28-2011]
In these days of broad social media interaction, the way a company approaches and listens to its customers is rapidly evolving. Krish Krishnan explains why it's important to ensure that your organization takes a customer-centric approach to growing and evolving your business.