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August 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Selling Technology [Published: 08-04-2011]
Bill Inmon discusses how the purchasing of technology products has shifted from the IT department to the businesspeople that use the products.

Criticizing "Decision Theory" The Underlying Principle of Most Business Best Practices [Published: 08-04-2011]
In the conclusion of his 3-part series on best practices, Frank Buytendijk examines and criticizes the grounds of most business best practices and explains his point of view.

Business Intelligence and the Elmendorf Rule [Published: 08-09-2011]
Ramon Barquin explores "The Elmendorf Rule" and whether it is ever too early to start analyzing the data you have at hand.

SPOTLIGHT: Big Data Integration Q&A with Bob Eve of Composite Software [Published: 08-10-2011]
Ron Powell interviews Bob Eve, Vice President of Marketing for Composite Software, about big data integration and Composite's Next Generation Data Virtualization Platform, Composite 6.

The Unique Challenges of Cloud Data Security [Published: 08-16-2011]
Data security is a challenge regardless of architecture. John Bair explains that in cloud environments, it is possible to manage risks with controls in a cloud data security framework.

10 Opportunities for Business Intelligence Research [Published: 08-16-2011]
Richard Herschel details 10 opportunities available for business intelligence research.

Business Intelligence Programs for Healthcare [Published: 08-18-2011]
Laura Madsen explains the key tenets in a successful BI ecosystem.

SPOTLIGHT: The Impact of Big Data Q&A with Ivan Chong of Informatica [Published: 08-23-2011]
Ron Powell and Ivan Chong discuss how big data has changed the way organizations manage their data and, and they look at why data governance and master data management have become necessities as organizations take the steps required to leverage their data as an asset.

SPOTLIGHT: Ron Powell & Glenn Keels of HP Discuss Cures for Aging Data Centers [Published: 08-24-2011]
Ron Powell interviews Glenn Keels, director of marketing for HP's Hyperscale Business Unit, about the challenges CIOs face in meeting the rapidly changing and growing infrastructure demands while trying to keep costs down.

Data Selection for Business Analytics [Published: 08-25-2011]
What data should be integrated into a business analytics environment? David Loshin provides advice for identifying data requirements and assessing suitability of data sources.

Reaching the Next Level through Fleet Optimization [Published: 08-29-2011]
James Langley explains how fuel optimization and planning optimization provide planners with wealth of business intelligence to drive efficiency.

Whose Data Is It, Anyway? [Published: 08-31-2011]
Data technology requires a certain level of trust amongst users - but how much trust? Frank Buytendijk explores the effects data technology has on trust, privacy and security in today's world.