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April 2011 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Data Management: What is Abstraction? [Published: 04-04-2011]
Malcolm Chisholm discusses three common ways the term "abstraction" is used in data management and how misleading the term can be if not clarified.

How Financial Institutions Can Profit from the Data Deluge [Published: 04-07-2011]
Praveen Jhamnani and Krishnan Raman explain why financial institutions are turning to data aggregation solutions to effectively manage the deluge of data that is stored throughout the enterprise. They describe the multiple business benefits of such a solution and offer tips for an effective implementation.

The Good Data Mart [Published: 04-07-2011]
Bill Inmon describes the benefits of a dependent data mart.

Business Intelligence and Technology-Mediated Social Participation: Opportunities in Government [Published: 04-12-2011]
Ramon Barquin discusses the potential opportunities and pitfalls of technology-mediated social participation in government.

Who’s Got Architecture? [Published: 04-14-2011]
Bill Inmon points out the disadvantages of an infrastructure that is built cheap and fast.

Big Data: Turning Data into Knowledge and Putting Knowledge to Work [Published: 04-15-2011]
Advice for companies that want be able to handle "big data" and use it to make their business more successful.

A Strategy for Moving from Reactive to Predictive Analytics [Published: 04-18-2011]
Learn the importance of an information management strategy for companies in the oil and gas industry.

Analytics: Cloud Computing as an Equalizer [Published: 04-19-2011]
Read about barriers that have prevented some organizations from being able to benefit from world-class analytics and the cloud-computing breakthroughs changing that situation.

Data is Not Reality [Published: 04-19-2011]
In part 2 of this 3-part series, Frank Buytendijk explores what place data has in reality.

The Global Data Warehouse [Published: 04-21-2011]
Bill Inmon dispels the myth that a global data warehouse is complicated and takes a long time to build. login required

Business Intelligence Project Checklist [Published: 04-26-2011]
Lyndsay Wise discusses some important points to consider before initiating a business intelligence implementation. login required

ETL for Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 04-27-2011]
Laura Masden and Rao Nemani list and explain the top ten best practices for ETL for healthcare.

On the Reliability of Cloud Computing [Published: 04-27-2011]
John Bair discusses the recent outage in Amazon Web Services EC2 services and how it may impact cloud adoption.

Data Warehousing: The Generic Entity [Published: 04-28-2011]
Bill Inmon describes how the use of generic entities saves time when designing the data warehouse.

Straightforward Analytics: Establishing Measures [Published: 04-28-2011]
David Loshin explains an important step in achieving straightforward analytics: establishing measures.