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September 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Analytics: Why Gut Feel is Just Not Enough [Published: 09-01-2010]
The dynamic, unpredictable and complex behavior of consumers requires organizations to make smarter decisions in order to meet multiple business objectives. Analytics provides organisations with a framework for decision making to help solve complex business problems, improve performance, encourage innovation, and anticipate and plan for change while mitigating and balancing risk.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 6 [Published: 09-01-2010]
This article, Part 6 of a continuing series, describes the process layer of the Business Integrated Insight architecture and replaces each of 3 common myths with a modern premise.

Predictive Analytics: Benefits and Challenges of Using Graph Theoretic Methods [Published: 09-02-2010]
Graph theoretic methods are already used successfully in Google’s page rank, social network analysis, influencer marketing and driving directions. Including contextual network information into predictive analytics can improve accuracy.

Who Is Your Customer? [Published: 09-02-2010]
This article outlines the many benefits organizations receive when they truly "know" their customers.

Business Case: Applying Master Data Management for Location and Real Estate Data [Published: 09-07-2010]
Location-related data evolves on a day-to-day basis and often needs to be rapidly synchronized across multiple heterogeneous systems. This article looks at how master data management provides significant value due to its capacity to federate data and distribute it across businesses and their corresponding applications.

Denodo Delivers Lower Cost Data Services for Agile BI Using Virtualization to Access Wider Range of Data [Published: 09-09-2010]
Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President, North America, at Denodo Technologies, recently participated in an exclusive interview with Ron Powell and the BeyeNETWORK. In this interview, Chandrasekaran describes the benefits of Denodo data virtualization. He provides examples of how their customers use Denodo for agile, lower-cost data integration to access any data source, to combine data virtually with high performance, and to publish flexible enterprise data services.

Performance Management: Myths vs. Reality, Part 1 [Published: 09-14-2010]
The rush to embrace business performance management can lead some to go in with false beliefs and expectations, while permitting others to take advantage of the relative lack of knowledge to suit their own purposes. This series will debunk some of the most persistent myths we encounter while working with the performance management community.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 7 [Published: 09-16-2010]
This article, Part 7 of a continuing series, contains examples of business analysis applications related to selected business opportunities.

Who Doesn’t Need a Data Warehouse? [Published: 09-16-2010]
Does every organization need a data warehouse? Bill Inmon answers that question and also looks at the affordability of data warehouses.

No Excuses: Governing to Solve Problems [Published: 09-21-2010]
As one of the co-chairs for the 2010 ELC Track Planning Committee, Dr. Barquin explains that the conference will focus on the hottest topics in government IT: health care, sustainability, cybersecurity and performance.

A Business Context for Agile Business Intelligence [Published: 09-21-2010]
In this article, which marks the launch his BeyeNETWORK's expert channel, Jim describes Agile BI and discusses why it is a better way of delivering BI solutions.

Dysfunctions of a Business Intelligence Team: Fear of Conflict [Published: 09-21-2010]
In order for a team to maximize its effectiveness, it must be able to engage in productive conflict. This article presents four tools to help teams deal with the fear of conflict.

Leveraging Business Intelligence in the Transportation Industry: Mitigating the Maintenance Monster, Part 2 - Preparations [Published: 09-22-2010]
In the transportation industry, the use of business intelligence related to fleet maintenance is often overlooked and insufficiently supported. Investing a few thousand dollars in improving analytical capabilities may save many times the invested amount down the road.

Real-Time Data Feeds: Too Much for Conventional RDBMSs? [Published: 09-23-2010]
Whether it’s millions of RFID tags in Walmart’s supply chain, a network of sensors monitoring the nation’s water reserves or – over the next decade – sensors that control cars and traffic, huge volumes of streaming data on the real world create interesting and powerful new applications of analytics, but will be utterly crippling for conventional relational databases or RDBMSs.

Rainy Days and Mondays Get Me Down [Published: 09-23-2010]
Is there a reason that Mondays are less productive than other days of the week? Bill Inmon looks at one possible cause.

Expanding Your Organization’s Analytic Bandwidth [Published: 09-27-2010]
A strategic approach to analytics starts with executive recognition that analytics, like data, should be treated as a strategic asset. Taking such an approach requires that you analytically align along the four key organizational dimensions of people, process, technology and culture.

Innovative uses of Analytics in Telecom [Published: 09-28-2010]
Telecom operators are discovering innovative uses of business intelligence, driven by the need to extract more intelligence out of their business data—to drive more competitive offerings and to improve profit margins through newer revenue streams.

The Rise of Ontology: A Conversation with Felix Van de Maele [Published: 09-29-2010]
Is ontology real or is it destined to disappear in few years? That is just one of the questions addressed in this conversation between Malcolm Chisholm and Felix Van de Maele.

Text Analytics: Deriving Meaning from the Deluge of Documents and Purging Content Chaos [Published: 09-29-2010]
Text analytics technologies allow new, numeric representations of text to be embedded into traditional statistical and forecasting models. From there, results of this new, previously unknown insight are delivered to the end user/information consumer within the reporting capabilities of the framework.

Practical Definitions for Master Data [Published: 09-30-2010]
Prior to implementing a master data repository, organizations must be prepared to internalize the data management policies and associated techniques that reflect a mature perception of what can and cannot be done by creating such a repository. login required

Spreadsheet as a Data Mart [Published: 09-30-2010]
How does a spreadsheet stack up as a technical foundation for a data mart? Bill Inmon reviews the capabilities of a spreadsheet. login required