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May 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The 7 Key Components of an Effective Case Management Methodology [Published: 05-03-2010]
This research focuses on developing a methodology for case management that is repeatable, scalable and adjustable to changing environments based on 7 key components. Each component is defined, including details on the value each provides, the business requirements, the people involved, and tools and technologies necessary for support. login required

Federal Government Grant Facilitates Development of Health Information Exchanges [Published: 05-03-2010]
Lorraine Fernandes looks at the issues surrounding the recent federal announcement of its $547 million grant release to facilitate health information exchanges.

Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine Ranks Telerx one of the Top 50 Teleservices Agencies [Published: 05-03-2010]
Telerx has been ranked number 11 in the U.S. by the Customer Inter@ction Solutions Magazine’s annual inbound teleservices top 50 agency rankings.

IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems [Published: 05-03-2010]
The acquisition expands IBM’s industry-leading business process and integration software portfolio.

Syncsort Announces a New Strategic Relationship with IBM [Published: 05-03-2010]
Syncsort and IBM will deliver advanced solutions that help customers make insightful decisions in increasingly complex business situations.

Business Intelligence and Federal CIO Priorities [Published: 05-04-2010]
Are the priorities of CIOs skewed in the wrong direction? Ramon Barquin posits that CIOs, whether in government or in the private sector, must have priorities that mirror and support the goals and strategies of their enterprises.

The Advantages of Data Warehouse Appliances Revisited [Published: 05-04-2010]
Rick van der Lans suggests that the extra advantage of a data warehouse appliance is that the business intelligence architecture can be simplified. He explains that a data warehouse appliance can also reduce complexity, improve flexibility and reduce costs.

DataStar’s Integrated Approach Solves Challenges with an Easy-to-use Template-Based System [Published: 05-04-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring Phasic Systems’ Geoffrey Malafsky

Truviso Enters the High-End Web Analytics Market with its Groundbreaking Visitor Insight & Analytics Software [Published: 05-04-2010]
Visitor Insight enables global companies to track individual website visitors to gain in-depth, actionable insight into their behavior and generate more value and revenue from existing customers.

BackOffice Associates Acquire HiT Software [Published: 05-04-2010]
With this acquisition, BackOffice gains a powerful suite of CDC and data access products to integrate with its MDM, data migration and data governance solutions.

Adaptive Technologies Case Study and Vendor Summary [Published: 05-05-2010]
This for-profit technical education provider needed to identify the potential value of leads to ensure that its new student acquisition strategy was successful in creating a pipeline of prospective students. ATi provided the analytic expertise and and strategic help to make this happen. login required

Aha! Case Study and Vendor Summary [Published: 05-05-2010]
Deltacom is a large communication provider who instituted operational analytics to create an enterprise solution for an excellent customer experience. Aha!'s solution delivers a new level of understanding and analysis that is current and actionable. login required

Fuzzy Logix Case Study and Vendor Summary [Published: 05-05-2010]
To thrive, Trident Marketing must deliver high-yield marketing programs. With Fuzzy Logix technology deployed in a number of projects, Trident Marketing can ask complex, sophisticated questions to deliver profitable results for its clients. login required

Oracle Case Study and Vendor Summary [Published: 05-05-2010]
A major North American financial services company adopted Oracle Real-Time Decisions to manage offers made and content displayed on its website to improve stronger bottom-line performance and build customer loyalty. login required

SAS Case Study and Vendor Summary [Published: 05-05-2010]
GE Rail's customers are railroads, shippers and the companies whose goods are being transported. The analytic team built a web-enabled application using SAS that integrated legacy information for use by the call center. The current solution saved more than $1 million and took less than 6 months to recoup the intital investment. login required

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 2 [Published: 05-05-2010]
Current business trends demand greatly improved integrity in the information and processes that lie at the core of every enterprise today. This article introduces the structure and the layers of the Business Integrated Insight architecture that is based on the need for integrity across multiple data stores and types, timeliness of information, reliability of processes and support for social networking.

Definitions in Information Management [Published: 05-05-2010]
Although there is a superficial appreciation of the importance of definitions, too few practical approaches have yet been created to use them effectively in data management.

BeyeNETWORK Study Reveals 82 Percent of Respondents’ Healthcare Organizations are Expanding Case Management Services [Published: 05-05-2010]
BeyeNETWORK survey identifies top threats to profitability and downstream care quality.

A2Dominion Adopts DataFlux Technology for Data Management Improvements [Published: 05-05-2010]
The A2Dominion Group will utilize DataFlux software to underpin its Data Quality Framework in order to improve property and tenant information found across the business.

Sysco Selects SAP Business Suite Software and BI Solutions [Published: 05-05-2010]
Sysco selected SAP Business Suite software and BI solutions from SAP AG as the sustainable IT foundation for its business transformation project.

Operational Analytics: Putting Analytics to Work in Operational Systems [Published: 05-05-2010]
This report discusses the role of analytics in operational systems and the technologies and approaches involved. It introduces the concepts of applying analytics in operational systems, differentiating these concepts from others such as business intelligence or operational business intelligence. It discusses the benefits of analytics in operational systems and shows how to get a return on the investment required to adopt them. It also discusses core techniques and technologies and best practices for using these. A summary of the results of an informal survey of BeyeNETWORK members on how they are using analytics in operations is included. login required

CloudLinux Announces Compatibility with R1Soft [Published: 05-05-2010]
Compatibility with industry standard backup and data recovery software like R1Soft is an important milestone in the evolution of CloudLinux to be the leading edge OS for our customers.

Knowledge Solutions Partners with Teradata to Deliver BI Solutions for Mid-tier Market [Published: 05-05-2010]
The first set of integrated solutions includes Revenue Cycle Management, ERP BI, and BI Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android devices that leverage a Teradata consolidated data warehouse.

SwiftKnowledge Expands Banking Solution [Published: 05-05-2010]
SwiftKnowledge for Banking application helps banks proactively manage and receive threshold-based alerts for balance sheet, income statement, expense and trend variance information.

Yeshiva University Renews its Technology Heritage with Information Builders [Published: 05-05-2010]
Yeshiva University has selected Information Builders’ iWay Service Manager to integrate an electronic payment service with its financial systems and streamline a procure-to-pay requisition workflow process.

Telerx Welcomes New Client to its Customer Contact Center In El Paso, Texas [Published: 05-05-2010]
A leading restaurant chain has joined the existing blue chip companies that Telerx services at this location.

Zynga Selects Tableau to Enable Rapid Data Visualization and Real-Time Interactive Data Analysis [Published: 05-05-2010]
Tableau Software helps Zynga get strategic value from their data by using Tableau's interactive analytics and advanced visualization.

Ingres Announces Strategic Partnership with Bendigo Partners [Published: 05-05-2010]
The partnership is intended to promote the use of Ingres VectorWise within the financial services industry.

Can Your Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Infrastructure Handle Case Management Methodology Changes? [Published: 05-05-2010]
Having a well-architected case management methodology generates benefits for patients, purchasers and the hospital itself – and is a must to positively impact clinical and financial outcomes.

Customer Centricity, Master Data and the 360-Degree View [Published: 05-06-2010]
When reviewing the popular literature on customer data integration and master data management, a frequently recurring business driver is the ability to establish a “360-degree view of the customer.” This concept has turned into the holy grail of comprehensive customer intelligence. This paper provides questions that should be considered and reviewed during any project designed to deliver a 360-degree view. By using these questions for preliminary guidance, one may clearly articulate where the business can derive value, determine performance metrics and thresholds, and improve the chances of success. The paper then explores how information sharing and identity resolution combine to show the connection between MDM and enterprise customer centricity. login required

Data Quality and Cost Reduction [Published: 05-06-2010]
This paper by David Loshin of Knowledge Integrity reviews aspects of cost reduction and examines some typical financial accounting expense categories. Selecting some specific examples and assessing their reliance on high-quality data, Loshin looks at how data quality services can be applied to reduce expenses, and examines the potential for applying data quality management as a way to manage and reduce organizational expenses. login required

De-Risking Data Migration: The Case for Data Quality Technology [Published: 05-06-2010]
This white paper by Dylan Jones provides practical advice that will help the reader understand the pivotal role data quality technology must play in a data migration. Jones describes five distinct implementations of data quality technology in detail, each one providing clear evidence for the need to - and the benefits of - adopting the right data quality approach in data migration projects. login required

Lessons Learned: Survey of Financial Services Companies Uncovers Data Governance Trends [Published: 05-06-2010]
DataFlux conducted a survey to understand data management trends in the financial services industry. This white paper is based on that survey and examines how this industry is approaching managing its data, the breadth and depth of data governance in this sector, what motivates data management strategies, and what kind of rules the industry thinks should be introduced in the future to promote success. login required

Finding an Upside in the Downturn with Data Quality [Published: 05-06-2010]
The current macroeconomic malaise means organizations in almost every sector are finding it tough. Although companies are relying even more on IT systems to run their businesses in a leaner and meaner fashion, new IT investments are invariably impacted as well. CIOs are left scratching their heads on how to sustain and fund important information management projects such as master data management (MDM) and data quality. This paper from Ovum, a leading research firm in technology, telecommunications and other business sectors, describes why a rigorous data quality program is now a business imperative rather than a luxury. login required

A Guide to the Value of Reliable Data in Insurance [Published: 05-06-2010]
How critical is reliable data to the insurance industry? Insurance companies must attract the right customers, price correctly, write the right business, decline high-risk business, mitigate risk and reserve correctly. They must also maintain positive cash flow, manage outstanding claims and get the best re-insurance deals – all the while minimizing operating expenses. If unreliable data is flowing through the organization, the impact on the core insurance operational and analytical processes can be catastrophic. This white paper from industry thought leader Mike Ferguson looks at the importance of reliable data to the insurance industry, focusing on the impact of poor data. He discusses how an enterprise data quality approach can help get you back control of your data. login required

A Guide to the Value of Reliable Data in Retail Banking [Published: 05-06-2010]
This paper by Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies examines the impact of unreliable data on retail banks. Defining the requirements needed to guarantee data reliability in retail banking, it offers a practical approach to creating and governing that data, and shows how you can get started in making trusted data available in to help improve marketing, customer service, risk management, compliance and profitability. login required

A Guide to the Value of Reliable Data in Manufacturing [Published: 05-06-2010]
The impact of unreliable data on manufacturing can be so negative that the return from investing in the people, processes and technologies needed to establish enterprise data governance will more than outweigh the cost of implementing such a program. This white paper by Mike Ferguson from Intelligent Business Strategies explores how reliable, trusted data can contribute significantly towards reducing unnecessary operational costs, avoiding customer dissatisfaction and cash flow problems for manufacturing companies. login required

Technical Planning for Data Warehouse Migration [Published: 05-06-2010]
This article by Binayak Dutta highlights and discusses some of the important technical aspects of data warehouse migration. It assumes a state where the decision for migration has already been made and the solutions identified. The article focuses on dimensionally modeled DW solutions hosted on enterprise infrastructure and software.

Three Types of Data Models [Published: 05-06-2010]
Bill Inmon discusses operational data models, data warehouse (or analytical) data models and global data models.

Revolution Analytics Unveils the Future of Predictive Analytics with R [Published: 05-06-2010]
Revolution Analytics plans to further drive commercial adoption of the open source R statistics language as the foundation for the future of predictive analytics.

AGA Rangemaster Selects BOARD to Deliver Integrated Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting [Published: 05-06-2010]
BOARD has been chosen by AGA Rangemaster to deliver integrated budgeting, planning and forecasting across the group, providing them with a consolidated view of the organisations.

TEMIS Introduces Version 5.2 of Luxid [Published: 05-06-2010]
Luxid is a powerful and scalable content enrichment and knowledge discovery solution.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 3 [Published: 05-06-2010]
This installment covers 10 enterprise data warehouse-enabled business improvement opportunities in marketing and sales.

eBay and Teradata Collaborate [Published: 05-06-2010]
The two companies will work together to develop new analytic competencies that will deliver better customer experiences online.

TARGIT Releases TARGIT BI Suite 2K10 [Published: 05-07-2010]
The most significant features in the new 2K10 version are the TARGIT iTop and the improvements on TARGIT’s special Sentinel technology.

Kognitio and Quomation Insurance Services Form a Partnership [Published: 05-10-2010]
Under the terms of the partnership, Kognitio and Quomation will offer on-demand pricing and re-rating service-based solutions that are targeted at helping the automotive insurance industry to become more agile and competitive.

PROPHIX's New Software Automates Budgeting, Planning and Consolidations for Half the Price of Traditional CPM Software Solutions [Published: 05-10-2010]
PROPHIX 10 enables business users to analyze data, run reports from their desks, contribute to the planning process, and share critical information across the organization.

Lyzasoft Announces the Availability of a Free Version of Lyza Commons [Published: 05-10-2010]
Lyza Commons enables analysts to collaborate intelligently with team members, customers and partners.

Teradata and Kalido Announce Partnership [Published: 05-10-2010]
Teradata and Kalido will deliver rapid time to value data marts for businesses that are growing and ready to move quickly into advanced analytics.

Hunterdon Healthcare Selects InterSystems Ensemble [Published: 05-10-2010]
Hunterdon Healthcare System is using the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform as the foundation for a visionary strategy to provide continuity of care.

Study Finds TCO for SaaS CPM Solutions is Significantly Lower than that of On-Premises Solutions [Published: 05-10-2010]
The report found that the four-year TCO of Adaptive Planning’s SaaS solution is as much as 77 percent lower than that of comparable mid-market CPM solutions.

iVedix Partners with Cubeware [Published: 05-10-2010]
The Premium Partnership enables iVedix to provide Cubeware’s newest technologies, which leverage existing data assets to drive efficiencies and improve customer engagement, to companies across North America.

BPM Pulse 2010 Results and Analysis, Part 2 [Published: 05-11-2010]
What type of technology solutions are being used for business performance management? Are the solutions satisfactory? This article answers those questions based on results of the 2010 BPM Pulse Survey conducted by BPM Partners.

Next Generation Master Data Management: Powered for Business [Published: 05-11-2010]
The next generation of master data management (MDM) extends benefits beyond corporate IT departments to business users and their daily applications.

Saama Technologies Revolutionizes the Way Enterprises are using Business Intelligence [Published: 05-11-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring Saama Technologies’ Suresh Katta

SAP Joins the Sustainability Consortium [Published: 05-11-2010]
SAP will support the Sustainability Consortium's goal of developing open standards and transparent solutions to drive a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social and economic imperatives.

XtremeData Announces the Availability of the dbX 100 Series of Desk-Side Analytical Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 05-11-2010]
The dbX family of appliances is designed specifically for the unconstrained analysis and exploration of large data sets.

Syncsort Delivers DMExpress 6 [Published: 05-11-2010]
DMExpress 6 is available for organizations experiencing exploding data volumes and reduced processing windows.

New IBM Predictive Analytics Software Enables Users to Uncover and Analyze Information from Social Media Sources [Published: 05-11-2010]
The new data mining and text analytics software allows users to monitor changes in consumer, constituent and employee attitudes, uncover deeper insights, and then predict key factors that will drive future customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

European Space Agency Chooses InterSystems CACHÉ Database [Published: 05-11-2010]
ESA has selected the InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database to support the scientific processing of the Gaia mission.

Canadian Web Hosting Partners with Cloud Linux Inc. [Published: 05-12-2010]
Through this partnership, Canadian Web Hosting will integrate CloudLinux as one of its standard Linux Operating Systems for its customers.

Sypherlink Introduces NIEM Data Sharing Hub [Published: 05-12-2010]
NIEM Harmonizer Hub simplifies and streamlines the adoption and use of the NIEM and LEXS standards.

Software AG Ranks #1 in Worldwide SOA Governance Market Share [Published: 05-12-2010]
The ranking, based on total software revenue in 2009, represents the second consecutive year in which Software AG is listed by Gartner as the global market leader in SOA Governance.

Sypherlink Builds NIEM-Conformant Data Sharing Hub for Dallas County [Published: 05-12-2010]
The central data sharing hub will support the DC-DEx, a program designed to improve court processing procedures county-wide and serve as the foundation for law enforcement data sharing across the county’s 26 cities.

3M and CitiusTech to Integrate 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary with CitiusTech's BI-Clinical Healthcare BI Framework [Published: 05-12-2010]
The agreement will enable BI-Clinical clients to leverage the robust capabilities of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary for enhanced terminology mapping across source systems.

May BeyePERSPECTIVE Topics: SAP acquisition of Sybase, current data management approaches, analytic database platforms and data integration strategies [Published: 05-13-2010]
This month's panel of experts discusses the implications of the recent SAP acquisition of Sybase as key for evolving its mobile strategy and real-time delivery capabilities. The panel agreed there is no single ideal architecture for analytics, but there are a number of modern technologies that can work to meet the needs and resources of the business. On the topic of data integration strategies -semantics is one approach that enables better and faster integration.

Managing Data Quality in the Face of Organizational Change [Published: 05-13-2010]
The policies, processes, and procedures of an ongoing data quality program must be able to persist even in the face of change. This article provides examples of organizational change that have ramifications in association with an organization’s data quality program.

SAP to Acquire Sybase [Published: 05-13-2010]
SAP has signed a definitive merger agreement to acquire Sybase, in a transaction that will bring the two IT leaders together to enable companies to become better-run enterprises.

Bishopsgate Financial and Panopticon Join Forces [Published: 05-13-2010]
The two companies will provide advanced data visualization capabilities to clients in the investment and wholesale banking market.

XtremeData Announces the Availability of the dbX 100 Series of Desk-Side Analytical Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 05-13-2010]
dbX family of appliances offers unmatched super computing price/performance for BI analysts and statistical researchers in an affordable departmental-sized system package.

Getting It Right [Published: 05-13-2010]
Bill Inmon shares observations about those who are successful with technology and those who are not.

Tagetik Supports Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2010 [Published: 05-13-2010]
The complete advanced platform provides companies with well-known application tools, while supporting compliance and performance management processes across the organization and providing benefits for critical decision-making.

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Selects expressor Software [Published: 05-13-2010]
Moffitt is using the expressor semantic data integration system to help build its new CER data warehouse.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Launches MapInfo Stratus, a SaaS-Based Solution [Published: 05-13-2010]
Pitney Bowes MapInfo Stratus allows customers to push maps and data created in a desktop application to a cloud-based interactive mapping environment.

Clarity Systems Releases CLARITY 7 [Published: 05-14-2010]
CLARITY 7 delivers breakthrough speed with the ability to generate many thousands of reports per hour, and now also delivers powerful new functionality spanning multiple areas and even easier to use interfaces.

Three New Institutions Select iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Suite [Published: 05-14-2010]
The three institutions will use iStrategy HigherEd Analytics for web-enabled reporting and analysis of student data to executives, department heads and staff on a self-service basis, enabling business intelligence and data-enhanced decision making.

SAP AG Releases SAP Business ByDesign [Published: 05-17-2010]
SAP Business ByDesign enables customers to get started quickly and easily running an extensive set of end-to-end business processes while having the option to gradually deploy the full, integrated suite at their own pace.

Security Industry Association Selects Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect [Published: 05-17-2010]
SIA highlights the growing deployment and increasing value of object oriented modeling across a growing diversity of disciplines, in the development of reference models and the creation of standards.

Clavis Technology Releases Data Steward 2.0 [Published: 05-17-2010]
Clavis Data Steward provides data quality validation and monitoring in upstream data creation and data update forms, applications and processes.

Oco Provides D&M with SaaS BI Solution to Increase Visibility of Global Sales & Inventory [Published: 05-17-2010]
D&M Holdings Inc has successfully deployed Oco’s SaaS BI solution for advanced reporting and analytics.

101 Ways to Sabotage Your Predictive Analytics Project [Published: 05-17-2010]
It’s not the paralysis of overestimating the tactical implementation, but rather the underestimating of the strategic approach that kills most data mining implementations before they begin. This article reveals the barriers standing between your organization and the effective insights that data mining and predictive analytics can provide.

Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence: Term Abuse? [Published: 05-18-2010]
To avoid confusion and explain how a technology can provide business benefit, is important to have a level of common understanding about the meaning of the terms used.

Indicee Delivers the Next Generation in Reporting [Published: 05-18-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring Indicee’s Mark Cunningham

Cloud9 Analytics Defines New Class of Performance Management Applications for the Front Office [Published: 05-18-2010]
These new performance management applications align with the principles of traditional CPM applications, they drive revenue growth by automating the planning, executing and optimization process for front office managers.

Dundas Data Visualization Launches Dundas Dashboard v2.0 [Published: 05-18-2010]
The new release expands its feature set to provide even more benefits to all in the dashboard-creation process.

Composite Software Releases the Newest Version of Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform [Published: 05-18-2010]
Composite Information Server Data Virtualization Platform addresses the escalating demand by global enterprises with complex and disparate information systems for more agile, cost-effective data integration solutions.

Establishing and Sustaining Statistical Quality Control to Information Production Processes [Published: 05-18-2010]
Larry English provides step-by-step guidelines for information process improvements that can help organizations become world-class, high IQ enterprises.

Newell Rubbermaid Relies on SAP [Published: 05-18-2010]
Newell Rubbermaid has implemented a powerful combination of solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, including BI, EPM and governance, risk and compliance solutions.

SAP Expands the Scope of Solutions so Customers can Switch on New Features without Disrupting Operations for System Upgrades [Published: 05-18-2010]
Companies across all industries are taking advantage of innovations from SAP to help gear their organizations for business growth and improved profitability.

TEMIS Wins 2010 CODiE Award for Best BI or Knowledge Management Solution [Published: 05-18-2010]
Luxid is a powerful and scalable content enrichment and knowledge discovery solution.

Teradata and Clarabridge Examine Airline Passenger Issues [Published: 05-18-2010]
Log content is read and parsed for meaning using text analytics software from Clarabridge and then loaded into a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance.

Centrifuge Systems and Saffron Technology Announce Partnership [Published: 05-19-2010]
The integrated solution combines Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform Version 8.0 and Centrifuge 2.0.

Cloud Linux Inc. Releases LVE Wrappers [Published: 05-19-2010]
LVE Wrappers are based on CloudLinux’s Lightweight Virtual Environment technology that allows the administrator to control CPU usage on a server at the tenant or application level.

SAP Announces the General Availability of the Latest Version of the SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 [Published: 05-19-2010]
SAP NetWeaver CE allows IT professionals to quickly compose, execute, monitor and evolve business processes leveraging both SAP and non-SAP solutions significantly faster than traditional custom software development.

IBM Unveils Software and Services to Help Organizations Make Sense of their Data [Published: 05-19-2010]
IBM's new software and services are designed to help organizations take advantage of the growing and diverse forms of data and content.

SAP Leads Computing with In-Memory Innovation [Published: 05-19-2010]
SAP will dramatically increase the availability and speed of business information, enabling companies to make better decisions faster.

Shop Direct Selects Teradata [Published: 05-19-2010]
The system will feature Speed-Trap’s innovative software that uses Web 2.0 technology to capture complete, real-time data on individual online visitors and customers based on detailed analysis of their current and historic interaction behavior.

IMI PLC Selects Clarity FSR [Published: 05-19-2010]
IMI PLC will adopt Clarity FSR as its external reporting solution.

SAP, Cisco, EMC and VMware Commit to Cloud Computing [Published: 05-19-2010]
Cisco, EMC and VMware have committed to extensive and ongoing innovation with SAP to unleash the benefits of pervasive virtualization and speed the journey to private cloud computing.

IBM Moves Predictive Analytics Into New Era [Published: 05-19-2010]
With three simple clicks, business users can now build a predictive model within a configurable web browser interface.

Clients Switch to IBM DB2 Database Software to Meet Data Intensive Demands of their Businesses [Published: 05-20-2010]
IBM announced a new feature that allows clients to more easily move their applications written for Sybase ASE to DB2 - adding to the support for Oracle Database applications introduced last year.

Larry English Asks: Is There a Quality Crisis in America? [Published: 05-20-2010]
Read David Crosby's Quality Digest article, "The Quality Crisis in America."

Compact Solutions Announces the Release of MetaDex for the IBM InfoSphere Information Server [Published: 05-20-2010]
This solution enables customers to use InfoSphere Metadata Workbench to manage enterprise wide metadata in one single repository, regardless of what ETL or ELT tool they use.

Companies Better Manage Rising Data Volumes with DataFlux and Teradata Collaboration [Published: 05-20-2010]
New initiative combines Teradata enterprise intelligence systems with DataFlux data quality technologies for master data management.

Delivering Data in an Operational Business Intelligence Environment [Published: 05-20-2010]
An operational BI environment presents new and challenging success criteria for data delivery platforms. Entrinsik Informer Web Reporting addresses many of these critical design elements. login required

Vertica Enables U.S. Government Customers to Run Real-Time Queries on Enormous Amounts of Data [Published: 05-21-2010]
Vertica’s next generation analytical database brings real-time analysis to massive government data sets.

Nottingham Building Society Improves Customer Service and Efficiencies with IBM Business Analytics [Published: 05-21-2010]

Alteryx Engine Delivers Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence and Geospatial Analytics in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Environment [Published: 05-24-2010]
Enterprise customers using Alteryx in hosted, on-premises and hybrid environments will deliver custom applications to every level of user, partner and supplier within their organizations through the Alteryx menu-driven, web wizard interface.

Syncsort DMExpress 6 Delivers Extreme Data Integration [Published: 05-24-2010]
New release enables organizations to unlock business value from their data to improve bottom-line results and transform decision making.

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform Selected by Aristocrat Technologies [Published: 05-24-2010]
Aristocrat selected MicroStrategy because of its data scalability, ease-of-use for a diverse user population, and dashboards with interactive data visualizations for rapid insights, online and offline.

The Healthcare Performance Dashboard: Linking Strategy to Metrics [Published: 05-25-2010]
In this article, Greg Nelson discusses opportunities for utilizing data for effective decision making – both at the strategic as well as operational levels. As one of many decision support tools, the “dashboard” can help provide insights that are seldom seen with mere gut and intuition.

Agile Development for Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 05-25-2010]
Many healthcare organizations are learning they can do more with less by using agile development for their business intelligence and data warehousing projects. This article provides helpful advice for using agile development to deliver value-added content while still holding true to information architecture best practices.

Sybase Announces the General Availability of Sybase IQ15.2 [Published: 05-25-2010]
Sybase IQ 15.2 delivers dramatically faster and consistently more accurate business answers and reporting by turning raw data into actionable information through analytics.

Peacocks Adopts Attunity [Published: 05-26-2010]
Peacocks has adopted Attunity Federate for a strategic data migration project.

Vertica Announces the Newest Version of Vertica Analytic Database 4.0 [Published: 05-26-2010]
The Vertica Analytic Database 4.0 includes a host of new features making the product even simpler and faster.

Oco Announces Major Upgrades to its SaaS BI 4.0 Solution [Published: 05-26-2010]
Oco 4.0 enhancements underscore this momentum by enabling customers to easily meet the most advanced enterprise SaaS BI requirements.

Information Builders and 1010data Partner [Published: 05-26-2010]
This partnership links Information Builders' WebFOCUS analytics solutions to 1010data’s hosted database, improving customer analytics performance and lowering data warehousing costs.

Objectivity, Inc. Launches InfiniteGraph [Published: 05-27-2010]
InfiniteGraph’s database and API has been designed to make it easy for developers to exceed the highest level of graph computing requirements and to future-proof applications.

Campus Management Debuts New BI and Financial Aid Technologies [Published: 05-27-2010]
CampusVue Performance Analytics is an interactive dashboard that can display information from a reporting schema.

Transforming Finance: How CFOs Can Use Business Intelligence [Published: 05-28-2010]
This TDWI Best Practices report identifies how business intelligence (BI) enables finance and accounting executives, managers and analysts to be powerful agents of organizational change. The paper includes practical advice and best practices for finance departments to partner with IT to leverage financial and non-financial data strategically. login required

BI as a Driver for Business Transformation [Published: 05-28-2010]
This research paper explores enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) solution design and the role of BI as a business transformation driver. The analysis is based on actual design and implementation experiences with a global procurement reporting and materials spends visibility solution of a $116B market cap microprocessor manufacturing company. login required

Top 5 Reasons for 64-bit Business Intelligence [Published: 05-28-2010]
This research paper, based on independent third-party research and MicroStrategy surveys of customers using business intelligence (BI) in 64-bit environments, explores adoption trends leading to a 64-bit era in business intelligence. The analysis covers key areas like system stability, server consolidation and performance acceleration, with in-depth data and real-world examples. login required

Introduction to Data Mining [Published: 05-28-2010]
This research paper defines data mining in technical as well as business terms, exploring the process from the predictive modeling stage through to real-world applications. The paper provides insights into the integration of data mining with business intelligence, useful data mining algorithms, and the role of PMML. login required

Deploying Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence [Published: 05-28-2010]
SaaS business intelligence (BI) solutions are becoming an increasingly appealing alternative for companies that need to share essential BI data across the organization but do not have enough resources to implement and maintain these technologies in house. In addition to a platform that delivers complete BI functionality, SaaS BI offerings require a higher level of security, flexibility of data access, customizability by end user, scalability, fault-tolerance and numerous other complexities that are virtually impossible without the solid underpinnings of an enterprise technology platform. This white paper explores the capabilities within the MicroStrategy BI platform that make it the mature, tightly integrated technology best suited to meet the demands of today’s SaaS applications. login required

The Convergence of Mobile Technology and Mobile Intelligence [Published: 05-28-2010]
This research paper explores the newly coined “fifth generation of computing” as desktop applications give way to a new generation of mobile applications. Mobile devices are revolutionizing information dissemination and consumption. This paper includes useful insights into “transaction velocity,” dramatically increased scale and scope, and query personalization in this new era of mobile intelligence. login required