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March 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Rush University Medical Center Completes Phase One with InterSystems Ensemble [Published: 03-01-2010]
Ensemble was selected based on increased developer productivity, superior operational monitoring and architectural flexibility that are critical in the medical center’s high-availability environment.

3M Selects SAP Business Suite 7 Software [Published: 03-01-2010]
3M is rolling out SAP Business Suite 7 software as it phases out some of its legacy applications at sites around the world.

Beat the Competition with Business Analytics [Published: 03-01-2010]
Uncover the important details required to make solid decisions to accelerate your profits. login required

Clarabridge Launches Clarabridge Self Service [Published: 03-01-2010]
Clarabridge Self Service enables organizations to upload and analyze their text-based emails, survey open-end verbatims, transcripts, social media content and any other textual data sources via a fully self-service online portal.

Citius Tech Launches BI-Clinical MUSE [Published: 03-01-2010]
BI-Clinical MUSE is an enhanced version of its healthcare business intelligence framework - BI-Clinical.

InterSystems Announces First Successful Electronic Transfer of Genetic Data Runs on InterSystems Ensemble Technology [Published: 03-01-2010]
VariantWire used InterSystems Ensemble as the foundation of a secure data transfer hub between the PCPGM laboratory and the healthcare center.

SAP Releases New BI Solution to Help Healthcare Organizations Heal Reporting Woes [Published: 03-01-2010]
The new offering optimizes data collection and reporting processes across an organization's operating systems, helping it to gain new levels of insight to identify potential areas of quality improvement.

Long Island Patient Information eXchange Adds Three Major Healthcare Providers to its InterSystems HealthShare [Published: 03-01-2010]
LIPIX now provides authorized physicians in healthcare facilities across Long Island with secure access to more than 834,000 patient medical records.

Oracle Announces Enterprise Healthcare Analytics to Improve the Quality of Patient Care [Published: 03-01-2010]
The solution integrates data from electronic medical records, clinical departmental systems, patient accounting, ERP, research, and other source systems to help providers rapidly and cost effectively unlock value from their clinical and operational data.

Actuate Announces the Availability of the BIRT Mashboard App on the BIRT Exchange Marketplace [Published: 03-01-2010]
The Marketplace is an open software showcase on the most active online BIRT community, where any developer can promote, share or sell BIRT-related applications, solutions and components.

Eloqua Extends Integration On Demand with Pervasive’s SalesLogix Gateway [Published: 03-02-2010]
Eloqua Corporation is the leading supplier of automated demand generation software for business-to-business marketers. Its innovative Conversion Suite platform is a well-regarded software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps marketers execute, automate and measure advanced, multi-channel business-tobusiness marketing programs. When customer NetSimplicity wanted a quick-turn “gateway” integration solution to extend its SalesLogix CRM capabilities and leverage Conversion Suite, Eloqua teamed with Pervasive to bring about the high-value, high-ROI remedy. Eloqua also wanted to take an approach that could speed CRM integration at other customer sites, essentially providing turnkey integration for customers. login required

Semantic Alignment: Why It Matters [Published: 03-02-2010]
Semantic alignment requires organizations to look beyond mere technical fits and think in terms of mechanisms that transcend their IT infrastructure to a sustainable information-centric infrastructure that meaningfully aligns business with IT. To achieve this goal, this white paper pinpoints two essential requirements: business semantics management and data services. login required

Business Semantics Management for Effective Application Integration [Published: 03-02-2010]
Adopting a shared information model is a great opportunity to better align business and IT, increase information governance through transparency and traceability, and create a true enterprise asset, without additional costs. login required

SAP and Sybase Announce Two New Solutions for Mobile Workers to Carry Out Key Business and CRM Processes Via iPhone and Windows Mobile [Published: 03-02-2010]
SAP and Sybase are empowering mobile workers to quickly act on information with seamless integration to business processes and networks, enabling them to boost productivity and make informed, timely business decisions.

SAP Announces New Release of the SAP Business One [Published: 03-02-2010]
SAP Business One is designed to enable small business owners to effectively manage their entire business and future growth.

Comparative Costs and Uses of Data Integration Platforms [Published: 03-02-2010]
Bloor Research has set out to discover how data integration platforms are being used in practice. That is, what types of integration tasks they are being used for, on what scale, and whether this differs by product or vendor. Bloor arrived at an estimate of cost effectiveness based on total cost per project. login required

Sales Performance Management: TARP Restrictions May Affect Salespeople at Non-TARP Companies [Published: 03-02-2010]
The effect of TARP restrictions will be far ranging, affecting salespeople in many industries, whether or not their companies have accepted government monies.

What Does It Mean to “Govern Data ”? [Published: 03-02-2010]
In order to have an effective data governance program, it is necessary to understand exactly what it means to govern data, and Robert S. Seiner provides an overview of the most important aspects of governing data.

IBM Announces the Closing of its Acquisition of Initiate Systems [Published: 03-02-2010]
By adding Initiate's software to IBM’s software portfolio, IBM will be better equipped to help clients draw on data from hospitals, doctors' offices and payers to create a single, trusted shareable view of millions individual patient records.

IBM Introduces Initiate Exchange [Published: 03-02-2010]
Initiate Exchange is a new service that enables health systems to exchange patient data with physicians.

Software AG Introduces NaturalONE [Published: 03-02-2010]
NaturalONE is a new Eclipse-based toolset for enterprise application development.

LogiXML Partners with BravePoint [Published: 03-02-2010]
The partnership will enable LogiXML to satisfy increasing demand for business intelligence solutions from customers, combining its innovative products with BravePoint’s proven success and expertise in complementary BI services.

Software AG Announces Open Beta for ARISalign [Published: 03-02-2010]
ARISalign offers an open, global community for project participants dealing with business processes.

Gaylord Brothers Selects SeeWhy’s Abandonment Tracker Pro [Published: 03-02-2010]
SeeWhy lets Gaylord perform real-time shopping cart abandonment remarketing with optimized and automated, real-time email follow-up campaigns that can convert up to 50 percent of website abandoners to customers.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 1 [Published: 03-03-2010]
The boundaries between operational and informational computing are becoming increasingly blurred. This series of articles explores the business and technological drivers for this change and its far-reaching implications for architects, developers and vendors alike. It also describes the architecture that’s needed to move the focus from business intelligence to the wider world of enterprise architecture.

Taipei Fubon Bank Uses Activity-Based Management to Build Customer Profitability [Published: 03-03-2010]
Taipei Fubon Bank developed a customer profitability management system that reduces costs by providing timely profit and loss management reports, thus speeding the marketing strategy adjustment decisions.

Sabre Airline Solutions Complets a Series of Audits using iWay Data Quality Center [Published: 03-03-2010]
Sabre Airline Solutions has successfully completed a series of audits to evaluate, monitor, and manage data quality in its Airport Data Intelligence database using iWay Software's DQC.

QlikView for SAP [Published: 03-03-2010]
Companies have spent millions automating their business processes, but many still lack the ability to fully leverage their wealth of data contained in SAP. QlikView in-memory analysis, with the specially designed QlikView Connector powered by SAP NetWeaver, enables SAP users to perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis and reporting, which can include combining data from external non-SAP sources. login required

No Data Emergencies for EMP [Published: 03-03-2010]
EMP supplies residency-trained and board-certified emergency physicians to staff and manage hospital emergency departments. At 80 U.S. hospitals and counting, the company provides turnkey programs that offer higher levels of quality patient care, decreased malpractice liability claims, enhanced patient experience, hospital admissions and improved co-pay collections. EMP and its sister company Medical Billing and Financial Services (MBFS) achieve many of these objectives by placing great emphasis on efficiency and accuracy in the administrative and medical billing areas of its business. login required

FAMIS Software, Inc. Shines on Important Projects with Pervasive Embedded Integration [Published: 03-03-2010]
FAMIS Software provides fully adaptive and integrated workplace management software to the education, public sector and corporate markets. The company offers solutions covering all aspects of a facility’s life cycle. FAMIS has allowed customers to achieve improved spatial inventory management, asset tracking and move management, among many other options. login required

Honeywell Tackles Enterprise CRM, Integrates SAP R/3 Data to Salesforce.com [Published: 03-03-2010]
Honeywell International, the diversified technology and manufacturing leader and Fortune100 Company, is always looking for ways to improve business efficiencies. When the company wanted to move data from an SAP R/3 ERP system into Salesforce.com, the company relied on a familiar, and proven, data integration partner – Pervasive Software. Honeywell Corporation and Pervasive have had an established, highly positive business relationship over time. When Honeywell needed a fast, easy-to-use data integration solution to bring ERP information into Salesforce.com, it selected Pervasive Business Integrator. Honeywell’s large sales, marketing and customer relations personnel now can do their jobs even better knowing that they have access to current, complete data through their Salesforce.com portal. login required

Teradata Announces the Availability of the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2580 [Published: 03-03-2010]
Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2580 delivers up to two-times the performance of the previous version.

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Selects Teradata for Event-Based Marketing [Published: 03-03-2010]
Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. has selected the Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM) software portfolio for event-based marketing (EBM).

And a Sawyer Takes the Pot [Published: 03-04-2010]
Bill Inmon contradicts the flawed logic of the corporate bully.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 1 [Published: 03-04-2010]
This series of 12 articles by Allen Messerli describes an enterprise data warehouse and how it can be used to run the business, and quantifies dramatic business improvement potentials for the manufacturing industry. Part 1 begins with an overview of the series and a description and scope of the enterprise data warehouse.

DataLogix Selects Netezza TwinFin Appliance [Published: 03-04-2010]
DataLogix selected Netezza’s TwinFin data warehouse appliance to enhance its industry-leading platform.

Healthcare Payers and Providers Benefit from Pervasive’s Powerful Integration Solutions to comply with HIPAA [Published: 03-04-2010]
Payer Connection, LLC provides comprehensive web-based management applications and core electronic data interchange systems that swiftly enable payers and providers to comply with the HIPAA-mandated transactions. In addition to offering open platform applications, Payer Connection also offers an ASP Portal for rebranding applications and clearinghouse services. login required

eThority Announces the Availability of eThority Enterprise Edition Version 4.0 [Published: 03-05-2010]
This latest version of eThority’s flagship product offers enhanced charting and SuperPivot functionality, and also introduces new capabilities in the form of PowerFields.

Confio Software Releases Ignite 8 [Published: 03-05-2010]
Ignite 8 captures conventional health statistics and the more advanced response-time data and correlates these metrics to deliver unmatched perspective on the database condition and how it is affecting end user experience.

Softrax-Pervasive Partnership Propels Multipurpose Integration Sales [Published: 03-05-2010]
Softrax provides enterprise revenue management and billing solutions that must integrate with their customers’ existing financial, ERP and CRM systems. Pervasive dramatically accelerates the data integration process these solutions require, helping Softrax customers achieve rapid integration of their revenue and billing processes, often across global, multiplatform enterprise systems. login required

Customer Connect, Pervasive Services Group Integrate Glovia Accounting Data to Microsoft CRM [Published: 03-05-2010]
North Carolina-based Customer Connect provides cutting-edge solutions that deliver sales and marketing results. Its services include customer relationship management (CRM), web marketing, data mining and database marketing. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Customer Connect provides Microsoft CRM solutions. The company has an excellent reputation for its expertise in CRM implementations, including data migration and integrations. login required

Pervasive Data Integrator Accelerates Print-to-EDI Processes [Published: 03-06-2010]
This company provides paper-to-data conversion services that primarily process medical claims information from multiple print to EDI formats for health insurers. Handling hundreds of thousands of clean electronic claims each day, the company’s Mediclaim system removes time-intensive clerical work from claims adjusters’ busy schedules, freeing them to focus on decision-making functions. login required

Home Hardware Centralizes Supply Chain and Inventory Applications with Pervasive Data Integrator [Published: 03-07-2010]
One of Canada’s largest home improvement retailers, Home Hardware Stores Limited has more than 1,000 independent stores offering more than 100,000 products for homes and gardens. As the company grows, it needs to enhance and automate its supply chain management through technology improvements. Home Hardware’s IT group turned to Pervasive to supply the integration flexibility to convert data from multiple legacy supply chain applications into one centralized system that will improve inventory and overall business efficiencies. login required

QVC Deploys Clarabridge Text Analytics Solution [Published: 03-08-2010]
QVC selects Clarabridge’s Content Mining Platform as part of its continual focus on maximizing customer experience.

Teradata Rated Leader in Analysts’ Data Warehouse DBMS Server [Published: 03-08-2010]
Enterprise analytics, driven by a Teradata system, have been shown to provide measurable competitive advantage.

OEM Dashboards: 5 Ways to Make Good Software Better [Published: 03-08-2010]
Adding a dashboard at the point where product meets people makes a solution easier to use, and the value of your product far more apparent. This white paper can help you leverage a desktop dashboard to increase performance and profitability for your customers. login required

Are You Focused on Your Priorities? [Published: 03-08-2010]
Most departments could benefit from keeping their KPIs in front of their team members full time. Desktop dashboards from Klipfolio do this by promoting your organization’s short list of carefully considered KPIs on the desktop where they need to appear. login required

Avoiding the Integration Tar Pit [Published: 03-08-2010]
If you don’t plan and design the data integration parts of your projects, you are destined for a data integration tar pit, with a tangled mess of point-to-point integrations of exponentially increasing complexity. This Bloor Research on agile integration discusses fast delivery of cost-effective data integration which can respond immediately to changing business needs and which doesn’t grow more complex (and expensive) to manage over time. login required

West Central Cooperative Selects SAP Software [Published: 03-08-2010]
West Central Cooperative has selected SAP software to assist in better aligning business processes with overall company objectives, evolve with changing business requirements and scale for future growth.

Business Performance Management in 2010, Part 4 [Published: 03-09-2010]
Craig Schiff describes some of the ways that the long-term costs of performance management can be minimized.

Aquilent Congratulates the Department of Labor for Implementing NCFMS [Published: 03-09-2010]
The new financial management Shared Service Provider solution replaces the Department of Labor Accounting and Related Systems mainframe accounting system.

Real-Time, Robust Integration – Just What this Healthcare Information Provider Ordered [Published: 03-09-2010]
A supplier of clinical and management information to healthcare organizations, this company faced growing data requirements, with specific concerns to increase availability, contain rising vendor costs and improve support. The company sought to develop an enterprise content management system solution that could scale to accommodate growth while streamlining redundant processes by creating a single repository from which content could be easily managed, reused and repurposed across multiple internal and external channels. Pervasive Software helped the company when it needed to update its existing architecture, delivering reliable, scalable, reusable data integration in a real-time environment. login required

Intuit Launches Self-Service Data Conversion to Expand Market and Reduce Costs [Published: 03-09-2010]
Intuit is known worldwide as a leading provider of business and financial management solutions. Intuit wanted to provide a better experience for their new users – they found that they had many requests from people who had previously used a competing software product and now wanted to switch to QuickBooks, and simplifying that process could help Intuit expand its market opportunities. In addition, to meet the needs of their non-technical customers, Intuit had to provide a lightweight, wizard-based tool that was embedded in their product. login required

From SOA To SaaS: How SaaS is Driving New Opportunities in Application and Data Integration [Published: 03-09-2010]
Shrinking IT budgets in the recessionary economy will make the software-as-aservice model a more viable alternative than the traditional license model for new software investments, which will in turn offer new opportunities for integration software vendors that should far exceed the integration opportunities offered by service-oriented architecture. Worldwide, SaaS in the four largest application sectors — customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, collaboration and content management, and human capital management — is expected to grow more than 27% this year to $7.9bn, and grow over 25% next year to $9.9bn, according to research by The 451 Group’s Tier1 Research subsidiary. The US market will account for nearly two-thirds of that spending, although Asia-Pacific will be the fastest-growing region. login required

Pervasive Metamorphosis 2009: Integrating the Enterprise and Beyond [Published: 03-09-2010]
Pervasive Software held its ninth Metamorphosis conference event in Boston on April 29 and 30, 2009. This Enterprise Management Associate(EMA) Brief summarizes the conference content and Enterprise Management Associates’ key takeaways regarding products and announcements. It also provides a brief summary of Pervasive and its value proposition, as well as information on how Pervasive customers are using its products. Finally, it recommends that companies attempting to “reinvent the wheel” for every new integration investigate Pervasive’s wide range of on-premise and cloud-based product offerings. login required

IT Spending Expected to Rise in 2010 [Published: 03-09-2010]
A survey of IT decision makers revealed that one third expect their budgets will increase in 2010.

Intellimed and Analytix On Demand Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 03-09-2010]
Intellimed and Analytix On Demand will help healthcare organizations use business intelligence to improve hospital quality of service.

TIBCO Software Launches TIBCO Spotfire 3.1 [Published: 03-09-2010]
With this release, TIBCO makes predictive analytics a mainstream feature of any business application, allowing any enterprise decision-maker to perform “what-if” scenarios on demand and find new insights in complex data instantly.

Critical Success Factors Deploying Pervasive BI [Published: 03-09-2010]
There are thousands of business process steps in a typical enterprise where pervasive BI insights can be added. What are leading companies doing with pervasive BI? This white paper highlights the best practices to employ to expand BI thorughout your organization. login required

Building the Case for Business Intelligence ROI [Published: 03-10-2010]
The recent economic conditions have significantly impacted the budgets of most every business in the world. Even those that are thriving are more conservative about spending for fear of deeper and extended recession over the coming months and years. This has made it more difficult than ever to gain funding for business intelligence (BI) initiatives. For these initiatives to garner their fair share of the limited funding available in this economy, it is important to build a case that documents how investing in BI addresses not only the common fears created by this downturn but also how it is critical to capitalize on the (hopefully) inevitable recovery. This paper describes 6 tactics to strengthen the case for BI investment in this environment. login required

Fighting the Tide [Published: 03-10-2010]
Aberdeen Group recently examined how companies are using business intelligence (BI) tools to adapt to today’s market pressures. They discovered that despite these adverse economic conditions, some companies are using BI to not just support, but actually to grow their business through the lean years. This report focuses on IBM Cognos 8 BI users and compares the results they are seeing to other survey respondents. login required

Strategic Considerations for Evaluating Enterprise Performance Management Solutions [Published: 03-10-2010]
Learn how those who take advantage of evolving enterprise performance management solutions will gain a truly sustainable competitive advantage through timely access to strategic information. login required

Enterprise Reporting: A Sound Step to Superior Performance Management [Published: 03-10-2010]
Reporting has long been a core activity for getting valuable information out to users. The time has come to take it to the next level: to make possible a broader, richer and higher quality view of the data so users can make important decisions fast and with confidence. Using enterprise reporting, an organization can progressively address immediate reporting needs, use business intelligence (BI) capabilities to acquire greater insight, extend BI to more users and prepare a platform for the future that includes the implementation of performance management. login required

Managing Enterprise Content: Why Architecture Matters [Published: 03-10-2010]
Without full content integration, organizations risk legal and regulatory noncompliance and the undermining of business operations. Explore the implications of architecture on the repository and presentation technologies at the heart of true enterprise content management. login required

BPM: The Intelligent Assembly Line: An Introduction to Business Process Management and Workflow [Published: 03-10-2010]
Though we are well into the Information Age, knowledge workers can still be found using processes and procedures designed decades ago to provide a physical product, service or transaction. Learn how business process management and content-enabled workflow allow organizations to do the right things in the right ways. login required

Integrating Content Across the Enterprise: An Introduction to ASG-Total Content Integrator [Published: 03-10-2010]
Research shows that enterprise content is growing by as much as 200% per year, and the risks of not managing it effectively are growing even faster. This paper examines the business and technical challenges of integrating disparate enterprise content and offers an elegant solution to address these issues. login required

Serendio Announces Availability of Customer Experience Analytics Solution [Published: 03-10-2010]
CxA leverages natural language processing and advanced statistical/linguistic techniques for deeper analysis of qualitative content.

Anametrix Delivers Real-Time Business Analytics Solutions [Published: 03-10-2010]
Anametrix enables corporations to aggregate online, offline, and external databases to drive actionable business insights.

L’Occitane looks to Pervasive Partner Poly-Asia e-Technology Hong Kong and Pervasive Data Integrator to improve global supply chain [Published: 03-10-2010]
L’Occitane is an all-natural beauty products provider, based in Manosque in the Haute-Provence region of southern France. A fixture in Europe, L’Occitane has a growing retail presence in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and elsewhere in the Pacific Rim. With its growth, the company desired a seamless supply chain between its headquarters, different trading partners and subsidiaries. login required

QuickArrow-Pervasive Partnership Leads to Creation of Innovative SaaS Integration Solutions [Published: 03-10-2010]
QuickArrow is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution provider delivering its application via SaaS and integrating with leading sales force automation, CRM, ERP, HR and financial applications using Pervasive Data Integrator. login required

On Time, On Scope – The Pervasive ACORD XML Solution is Just Right for SSQ Financial Group [Published: 03-10-2010]
SSQ Financial Group is a leading Canadian financial services company with more than one million clients and more than $4 billion (Canadian) in assets. When MIB announced that it was changing from a legacy system to Web services for data exchange with its member companies, SSQ Financial Group sought a solution that would be low cost, easy to modify and meet the MIB-required ACORD XML format. In the company’s review of data infrastructure companies to provide an integration solution, Pervasive Software was a standout—Pervasive staff intimately knew ACORD XML and they knew how to simplify the transition for SSQ. login required

Rapid Integration Speeds Economic Resource Optimization Efforts [Published: 03-10-2010]
Pointserve is an Austin-based company delivering Economic Resource Optimization (ERO) software for businesses predominately needing solutions for managing distributed resources, third-party service networks, equipment dealer networks and fleets of various types. Pointserve’s ERO solutions enable customers to predict demand, then plan, schedule and execute in a way that maximizes value across their extended enterprise. Pointserve recognized a strategic opportunity to address the small and mid-sized mobile services market with a SaaS-based scheduling offering – but a key component of any solution to the SMB market is ease of integration. To expand its addressable market, Pointserve needed to offer rapid, repeatable integration at a low cost. Pointserve capitalized on Pervasive Data Integrator to capitalize on the opportunity. login required

The Search for the Elusive ROI: Tracking Down Value in a Jungle of Enterprise Management Products [Published: 03-10-2010]
In the enterprise management space, ROI research provides a glimpse into “real world” IT and the experiences of a variety of companies. Every IT organization is on a quest to deliver high value to the business in the most cost effective way possible. While ROI is important in all areas of the business, skillful product selections within IT can yield particularly high levels of quantifiable value. login required

Information Builders Announces the Availability of PMF 5.2 [Published: 03-10-2010]
PMF 5.2 allows users to better manage business performance and strategy through custom, personalized dashboards.

VPT Partners with Visual Crossing [Published: 03-10-2010]
Visual Crossing’s Map Services integrated with the MicroStrategy BI platform delivers interactive and presentation-quality geospatial analytics that enable the rapid comprehension and correlation of vast amounts of data.

QlikTech Launches QlikView Analytics Application for Android [Published: 03-10-2010]
QlikView for Android is the first BI application available for the Android operating system.

Pivotstream On-Demand Analytics Deliver Better Marketing ROI for Sanvita [Published: 03-10-2010]
Pivotstream integrates prescriber data into a web-based analytics portal for Sanvita sales and management.

ASG-Total Content Integrator (TCI) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) [Published: 03-10-2010]
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides easily adopted and easily used collaboration and document management functionality. However, MOSS may not address the broader set of ECM functions required for the enterprise. Learn how to enhance, optimize and extend the reach of MOSS in your organization. login required

March BeyePERSPECTIVE Topics: BI/DW vendor consolidation and the future of the enterprise data warehouse [Published: 03-11-2010]
Description: Interactive panel discussion on some recent vendor consolidation (Oracle/ Silver Creek, Informatica/Siperian, IBM/Initiate Systems, SAP’s management change) and how disruptive technologies are impacting the data warehouse.

An IT Progression [Published: 03-11-2010]
Bill Inmon takes a look at the amazing transformations IT has undergone since the 1960s.

Performance Trade-Offs – Joins vs. Storage [Published: 03-11-2010]
Chuck Kelley's hypothesis is that landing data on disk (and hence requiring more space) may be worth the added cost based on being able to build the data warehouses and data marts faster.

Archiving and SAP Environments: For Business, IT and Regulatory Requirements [Published: 03-11-2010]
This white paper explores the benefits of utilizing a comprehensive archiving solution to extend the capabilities of your SAP applications and environments – to improve system performance, function as a long-term repository for regulatory compliance and help achieve overall enterprise integration. login required

VPS.NET to Offer CloudLinux OS on its Entire Suite of Cloud Offerings [Published: 03-11-2010]
VPS.NET selected CloudLinux because of the increased flexibility and control that the CloudLinux OS provides VPS.NET across its cloud computing architecture.

Real estate investment securities organization resolves data challenges using Pervasive Data Integrator [Published: 03-11-2010]
A large property management company with properties around the world, maintains investor and financial relationships to facilitate complex and challenging development projects. Their portfolio includes over 1,000 properties including skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, mixed-use centers, industrial parks, medical facilities, and master-planned resort and residential communities. As the organization prepared to move into the highly regulated Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) market, the need for accurate, reliable data for tracking, compliance and reporting purposes was a priority. Much of its REIT-related operation relies on third-party applications and data, including transfer agent transactions and reporting. Pervasive Data Integrator manages this task for the company, providing robust, bi-directional data movement between the organization’s transfer agent, on-premises accounting application, and hosted Salesforce CRM system. Besides helping meet tracking and reporting needs, Pervasive Data Integrator serves the company in other areas too. login required

MicroStrategy's Free Reporting Package Provides Access to SAP BW [Published: 03-11-2010]
MicroStrategy Reporting Suite enables users to develop operational and analytical reports from SAP BW data and non-SAP data from an integrated BI interface.

Fiberlink Announces the Healthcare IT Compliance Service [Published: 03-11-2010]
Healthcare IT Compliance Service is a comprehensive business intelligence reporting platform for healthcare and life sciences organizations.

Discover Selects Teradata to Advance their Data Warehouse Capabilities [Published: 03-11-2010]
Discover is using the the family of Teradata appliances, in addition to its existing Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, to support operational and non-traditional data warehousing applications.

Demand and Sales Funnel Analytics [Published: 03-12-2010]
Designed for marketing operations managers and executive, this PDF contains 4 Sirius Decisions research briefs focused on the emergence of marketing operations and its increasing adoption of demand and sales funnel analytics to drive best-in-class performance and deliver competitive differentiators. login required

Metrics-Based Sales Productivity – Delivering Dividends for Forward-Thinking Sales Organizations [Published: 03-12-2010]
Designed for the sales executive, this PDF includes 4 Sirius Decisions research briefs focused on the advent of metrics-based sales productivity. New approaches are being embraced and delivering dividends to forward-thinking sales organizations. login required

Holland Hospital Selects InterSystems Ensemble for Enterprise-Wide Integration [Published: 03-15-2010]
Holland Hospital chose Ensemble to address several integration challenges in an effort to continually improve patient care.

Divide and Conquer – Why MPP is Best for BI Databases [Published: 03-15-2010]
This paper discusses the most proven way to tame the issues that surround big data and BI systems and also describes how Calpont’s InfiniDB database not only supplies the right technology for dealing with the challenges of BI databases, but does so at in an incredibly cost effective and simplified manner. login required

Why Choose a Column Database for Business Intelligence? [Published: 03-15-2010]
This white paper explains how column-oriented databases can help IT directors and BI architects who are charged with implementing modern data warehouses, business intelligence databases and other read-intensive applications. login required

Data Quality Essentials: A Project Manager's Guide to Data Quality [Published: 03-16-2010]
Any data intensive project offers an opportunity to improve data quality. Initiatives ranging from CRM or MDM to data governance or data migration warrant a closer look at the quality of the data that will populate the target application. This white paper provides a detailed guide that identifies the data quality-related tasks that should be incorporated into a project plan. login required

Creating a Single Customer View: The Importance of Data Quality for CRM [Published: 03-16-2010]
Effective CRM demands the creation of a single, complete, accurate view of customer information. Competitive companies leverage this information to drive improvements in product positioning, customer service and support, and customer retention. Enterprises require a data quality solution able to discover data anomalies and issues, correct and standardize all data types, and maintain data accuracy and consistency in real time. login required

Sales Intelligence: The Secret to Nirvana [Published: 03-16-2010]
This report examines how top performing companies are implementing sales intelligence initiatives to increase the quality of leads in the pipeline and contextualize opportunities with relevant industry or account information. login required

Data Driven Marketing [Published: 03-16-2010]
This report examines how organizations are using data to impact marketing performance and marketing effectiveness. It highlights best practices from 272 organizations to identify how best-in-class organizations use data to achieve superior performance. login required

Sales and Marketing Analytics: Lead Scoring [Published: 03-16-2010]
Because not all scores are created equally, Larry Goldman reviews the various approaches to lead scoring by comparing algorithmic scoring and predictive modeling.

Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for Business Intelligence Databases [Published: 03-16-2010]
This white paper discusses how IT executives and decision makers can lower the overall cost of business intelligence applications by selecting a business intelligence database that 1) Meets the current needs of BI applications about to be implemented; 2) Future-proofs their decision for BI systems that grow or will be deployed in the next few years; 3) Delivers a total ROI that greatly exceeds what current expensive traditional database vendors offer with their products. login required

New York Life Insurance Taiwan Adopts Attunity's Real-time ODR Solution [Published: 03-16-2010]
NYLITC has adapted Attunity’s ODR solution in order to enable best-in-class customer service and reduce IT costs required to deliver information to its 1,500 agents and staff.

Is the Data Delivery Platform a Federated Architecture? [Published: 03-16-2010]
Rick van der Lans clarifies the relationship between the data delivery platform and the federated architecture and the federation server.

Pivotlink Announces the Availability of PivotLink ReadiMetrix [Published: 03-16-2010]
PivotLink ReadiMetrix provides Sales, Marketing HR professionals with out-of-the-box best practice core metrics to monitor progress and correlate results to business goals.

ATi Shares Insights on Growing Demand for Customer Intelligence using Predictive Analytics [Published: 03-16-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring ATi’s Susan Cordts

TEMIS Announces Active Role in the SAMAR Project [Published: 03-16-2010]
The SAMAR Project is a government funded multimedia content enrichment initiative of Cap Digital, the French consortium for digital content research and development.

Compact Solutions Announces Limited Release of Agilytix [Published: 03-16-2010]
Agilytix makes very large volumes of historical transactional data available to power users for use in complex analytical models.

The Ministry of Justice Selects Predictive Analytics from IBM SPSS [Published: 03-16-2010]
With Predictive technology from IBM SPSS, the Ministry of Justice is analysing hidden trends and patterns within the data.

Call for Submissions for 2010 BeyeNETWORK Vision Award for Business Impact [Published: 03-16-2010]
Nominations are being accepted through June 18, 2010 for the 2010 Vision Award for Business Impact in seven categories: advanced analytics, analytic and data warehouse appliances, business intelligence, data integration, enterprise data warehousing, operational BI and performance management.

4th Screen Selects Vertica’s Real-Time Analytics [Published: 03-17-2010]
4th Screen has developed a set of online analytic tools for brands and mobile publishers to deliver more effective and ROI-driven mobile advertising campaigns.

Centrifuge Releases Centrifuge 1.8 the Latest Version of its Data Visualization Technology [Published: 03-17-2010]
Centrifuge 1.8 includes several significant enhancements in the area of interactive data visualization.

World Wide Technology, Inc. Selects Information Builders WebFOCUS [Published: 03-17-2010]
World Wide Technology, Inc. has chosen Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform to meet its growing, enterprise-wide reporting and dashboard needs.

Rapid Insight Launches Veera the Next Generation of BI Software [Published: 03-17-2010]
Veera’s drag-and-drop analytic process builder enables users of all abilities to quickly produce reports and create analytic datasets.

Sports Teams and Leagues Select SAS Analytics [Published: 03-17-2010]
SAS Analytics provides techniques and processes for collecting, classifying, analyzing and interpreting data to reveal patterns and relationships, generating new insights and better answers faster.

The Perils of Thought Leadership [Published: 03-18-2010]
Do you think thought leadership is right for you? Bill Inmon examines why the position of thought leader is more difficult than it seems.

Business Semantics Management at the Flemish Public Administration [Published: 03-18-2010]
This white paper describes the support of the Ministry of Education and Training (FMET) in Belgium in their next big leap towards information maturity. Using a metadata road map that combines metadata technology, methodology, culture and organization allows FMET to semantically unlock their earned information and so revalue it. login required

Panopticon Software Expands Partner Network [Published: 03-18-2010]
Panopticon Software expanded its partner network in order to provide a greater range of technical implementation options for different industrial sectors around the world.

Data Warehousing 101 [Published: 03-18-2010]
Dan Power describes how the data warehousing process has changed in the past 10 years. He explains the benefits and limitations of data warehousing and provides tips for getting started.

Accenture Launches Smart Grid Data Management Solution [Published: 03-18-2010]
The Accenture INDE enables utilities to manage, integrate and analyze real-time data generated by millions of disparate sources throughout a utility’s smart grid network.

Park Plaza Hotels Selects CPMview and BOARD [Published: 03-19-2010]
Park Plaza Hotels has selected CPMview and Board International for the development of a new set of reporting solutions.

HiT Software Announces DBMoto 7 the Newest Version of its Change Data Capture and Data Replication Solution [Published: 03-19-2010]
DBMoto 7 brings major advances in data integration to enterprises that require data synchronization across multiple databases.

HiT Software Certifies DBMoto for Netezza TwinFin Appliances [Published: 03-19-2010]
DBMoto has been proven to quickly and successfully load and update data from various databases.

Indicee Case Study: Alco Ventures [Published: 03-22-2010]
Alco Ventures wanted a flexible, low-cost reporting solution that did not adversely impact IT resources. login required

MicroStrategy Case Study: Cabela's [Published: 03-22-2010]
A core success of this family-run catalog company is the ability to optimize merchandising by monitoring every product to minimize overstocks and improve discounting. login required

TIBCO Spotfire Case Study: Chevron [Published: 03-22-2010]
Spotfire helps Chevron better understand the cost of drilling operations and identify patterns and opportunities for cost reductions. login required

Tableau Software Case Study: Barnes-Jewish Hospital [Published: 03-22-2010]
BJH implemented a time and attendance system within 70 days that improved staffing levels, changed processes and provided greater transparency. login required

QlikTech Case Study: DAKOTACARE [Published: 03-22-2010]
What initially started as a proof of concept to provide better information on claims processing has grown to 50 different applications including wellness management, fraud detection and risk analysis. login required

IBM Cognos Case Study: Dorel Industries [Published: 03-22-2010]
IBM Cognos deliverd better insights into operational and sales data to Dorel executives while improving the consolidation process for the finance department. login required

generationE Selects InetSoft’s Dashboard Reporting Software Style Scope [Published: 03-22-2010]
enerationE has selected Style Scope, to provide the dashboard and visualization layer for generationE TECHNOLOGIES’s IT operations automation application, RBA.

Wendy's Selects Clarabridge’s Text Analytics Solution [Published: 03-22-2010]
Wendy’s Customer Feedback Program will use Clarabridge’s solution to automatically collect and analyze, in real-time, close to 500,000 text-based customer comments per year.

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Unveils the Latest Version of Global Locator [Published: 03-22-2010]
Global Locator offers worldwide geocoding intelligence solutions that enhance business processes and applications dependent on location data.

Sybase Announces Advanced Spatial Data Functionality as Part of its SQL Anywhere Database and Synchronization Solution [Published: 03-22-2010]
This release makes Sybase the first vendor to enable development of data-driven spatial applications for smartphone devices and synchronize.

Ease of Use and Interface Appeal in Business Intelligence Tools [Published: 03-22-2010]
Business intelligence tools play a mission-critical role in identifying new business opportunities and helping knowledge workers make better decisions. But the widespread adoption of BI tools has been hindered by their reputation as being hard to use. Cindi Howson researches the impact of an appealing user interface and ease of use in this report. login required

BeyeNETWORK Releases Research on Ease of Use and Interface Appeal of BI Tools [Published: 03-22-2010]
New research report by Cindi Howson released on the importance of business intelligence tools being easy to use and appealing to the end user.

Evolving Analytic Architectures: A True Story [Published: 03-23-2010]
New technologies threaten the status quo when it comes to analytic price-performance and simplicity. Based on a live interview, this research paper describes one company’s quest for data warehouse modernization. login required

Klipfolio Announces the Availability of Klipfolio Dashboard Version 5.4 [Published: 03-23-2010]
The dashboard software has added a host of best-practice data visualization techniques to bridge the operational performance gap between KPIs and better decisions.

Emerging Business Intelligence Opportunity – Mobilizing the Federal Workforce [Published: 03-23-2010]
The focus of this article is the move to “mobilize” the Federal workforce and redefine where it does its work. Workforce and workplace mobilization will create significant new opportunities for business intelligence providers.

Partnerships Don't Work – Or Do They? [Published: 03-23-2010]
Developing a partnership strategy is a critical concern for any company. Key to its formulation is an understanding of why partnerships make sense and under what circumstances they should be pursued. Understanding the context for developing a partnership strategy clarifies the decisions that need to be made.

Client Acquisition Group Implements myDIALS Performance Management Platform [Published: 03-23-2010]
With myDIALS’ SaaS dashboards, Client Acquisition Group provides customers with on-demand access to critical sales and marketing metrics.

Ministry of Justice Selects IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 03-23-2010]
The UK Ministry of Justice is using predictive analytics technology from SPSS, an IBM Company, to assess the likelihood of prisoners re-offending on their release and to ultimately help improve public safety.

Sybase 365 Launches Sybase Operator Analytics 365 [Published: 03-23-2010]
Sybase Operator Analytics 365 provides a wide range of reports including message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators and quality of service testing.

Lexalytics Announces Lexascope Web Service [Published: 03-23-2010]
The Lexascope Web Service offers text analytics for social media & sentiment analysis.

Oracle Releases Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 [Published: 03-23-2010]
Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 introduces a new SQL API, based on SQLite.

DealerTrack Selects a Customer-Facing BI Solution from Information Builders [Published: 03-23-2010]
DealerTrack with the Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform can help dealers make smarter, more profitable decisions related to customers, sales, inventory and finance.

Attunity Extends CDC and ODR Product Lines with Support for SQL Server 2008 R2 [Published: 03-24-2010]
The Attunity CDC and ODR suite can now capture and replicate changes made to the latest versions of SQL Server, supporting their fast adoption in the market.

Dialysis Clinic Inc. Streamlines Financial Systems with WebFOCUS [Published: 03-24-2010]
The nonprofit healthcare provider plans to extend WebFOCUS reports and dashboards to 260 clinics nationwide.

Iris Wireless Selects Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 03-24-2010]
The Vertica Analytic Database allows Iris to load over 100 million records per day while keeping billions of CDRs representing months worth of data active for analysis.

HELM Analytics and eSignSystems Form Strategic Partnership [Published: 03-24-2010]
Wave Systems Corporation, and HELM Analytics team up to deliver SmartReporting.

Report Reveals Organizations Empowering Employees with Predictive Analytics Reap Benefits [Published: 03-24-2010]
The report examines how best-in-class organizations use predictive analytics to predict the future behavior of customers and potential customers.

eThority Case Study: Citrix Systems [Published: 03-25-2010]
The Citrix HR department wanted a business intelligence solution that addressed both the back-end model and provided a self-service front end to analyze metrics from a number of different systems. login required

Cleaning Structured Transaction-Based Data [Published: 03-25-2010]
Bill Inmon compares the task of cleaning structured transaction-based data to that of sweeping sand in a beach house – it's a losing proposition.

Application Contexts for Data Profiling [Published: 03-25-2010]
The review of some basic application contexts in which profiling plays a part, says David Loshin, will ultimately help to demonstrate how a collection of relatively straightforward analytic techniques can be combined to shed light on the fundamental perspective of information utility for multiple purposes.

Information Control Corporation Hits Gold with Agile Data Warehousing Method [Published: 03-25-2010]
Information Control Corporation recently doubled its development speed and nearly eliminated programming defects for its BI services division by converting its DW operations to a Scrum-based methodology.

Akamai Enhances Its Electronic Software Delivery Platform [Published: 03-25-2010]
Akamai’s Electronic Software Delivery solution set is now designed to allow Akamai customers to create a customized and branded download experience, increase user engagement during the download process, improve conversion rates and garner business-critical download analytics reporting and data.

Saama Technologies Creates BI Life Sciences Practice [Published: 03-25-2010]
Saama Technologies, Inc. announced the creation of a dedicated Life Sciences BI Practice to expand upon its decade of experience within the industry.

Netrics Acquired by TIBCO [Published: 03-26-2010]
Netrics' technology will complement TIBCO's data governance, master data management and event-driven solutions.

Text Analytics – Two Worlds Collide [Published: 03-26-2010]
Today text analytics provides forward-thinking organizations with a framework to maximize the value of information within large quantities of text.

Information is King [Published: 03-28-2010]
Fully adopting a fact-based decision-making model can provide organizations with the quality information they need to compete in a rapidly changing economy. Accepting a business analytic framework can help executives better manage their relationships with customers and suppliers, and improve their overall operations. login required

Aster Data's Massively Parallel Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytics Solution Now Available on Terremark's Enterprise Cloud [Published: 03-29-2010]
Through this combination of Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud architecture with Aster Data’s solution for data management and analytics, customers will be able to quickly and flexibly deploy and scale a data warehouse that is optimized for advanced analytics.

Quantivo Announces New Milestone for Cloud-Based Analytics Deployment: More Than 20 Billion Data Records [Published: 03-29-2010]
Quantivo sets the bar for the largest cloud-based analytics deployment in the world, hosting more than 20.3 billion transactional data records for a single customer.

Database Design: Getting It Right [Published: 03-29-2010]
In this white paper, Bill Inmon emphasizes that any time a database is created, modified, merged or moved, the database design needs to be reviewed. To stop the flow of flawed information, inspecting and fixing every production database should be a high priority in every organization. login required

The State of Data [Published: 03-29-2010]
This series of insightful, timely articles strikes at the heart of data quality and data integration challenges. Included here is a close look at harnessing the exploding volumes of unstructured and semistructured data, which so many companies are struggling to tame and leverage for true business value. login required

Valley View Casino Gains Business Intelligence and Analytics Insights with SAS [Published: 03-29-2010]
SAS provides one view for business intelligence and analytics insights on key performance metrics for Valley View Casino.

Top 10 Data Mining Mistakes [Published: 03-29-2010]
The knowledge gleaned from data mining can be used to fuel strategic decision making, although it’s a skill that is arguably more art than science. This white paper shares the top 10 mistakes of data mining. Most are basic, few are subtle. Find out how you fair in the data mining frenzy and learn how to overcome the challenges along the way. login required

Delivering Insights with Next-Generation Analytics [Published: 03-29-2010]
BI teams have many options today for outfitting users with analytical tools that let them analyze information in an iterative fashion to understand trends, compare performance and identify root causes. Read this white paper to optimize the deployment of analytical capabilities within your organization. login required

Netezza Extends Support of Advanced Analytics Partnering with SAS [Published: 03-29-2010]
The combination of SAS/ACCESS Engine and TwinFin Appliance delivers faster analytics, deeper data insight.

Extending the Scope and Reach of Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 03-30-2010]
Claudia Imhoff and Colin White take a look at lower-cost deployment options for business intelligence applications focusing specifically on analytical database management systems and appliances. login required

New Pentaho 4.0 Release Enables Agile BI [Published: 03-30-2010]
Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 is a unified development environment for business intelligence applications.

Clavis Technology Partners with Talend [Published: 03-30-2010]
Clavis Technology, which develops and markets the leading cloud-based data validation solution for data capture, origination and creation processes, announced a technology partnership with open source data integration leader Talend.

XBRL Filing Made Easier with the Release of SEC XBRL Mandate for Dummies [Published: 03-30-2010]
Topical, complex subject made easier to understand for financial reporting and general audiences.

assyst by Axios Systems Deployed by CorporateExpress for IT Service Management Success [Published: 03-30-2010]
Deal with leading supplier of business essentials further expands Axios Systems’ Asia Pacific footprint.

Adaptive Planning’s On-Demand Budgeting and Reporting Solution Implemented by Pep Boys [Published: 03-30-2010]
Pep BOys realized greater accuracy, improved ownership and accountability as well as a more strategic financial management process by implementing Adaptive Planning's BI solution.

Formerly Known as 12sprints, SAP StreamWork is Now Generally Available [Published: 03-30-2010]
SAP StreamWork helps companies of all sizes transform the way people work.

Syntel and Jaspersoft Partner to Deliver High-Performance Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 03-31-2010]
Partnership will enable flexible, extensible business intelligence solutions.

QlikTech Launches Global QlikView Scalability Center [Published: 03-31-2010]
Enterprise customers and partners test performance for expanding deployments with powerful multicore Intel processors.

Netezza Mantra Appliance Automates Security Compliance Requirements for Epocrates [Published: 03-31-2010]
Data auditing appliance automates security compliance requirements .

Infobright to Partner with MicroStrategy [Published: 03-31-2010]
Complementary technologies deliver a self-tuning, high-performance analytics solution.