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June 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Business Intelligence First Steps [Published: 06-01-2010]
This article provides helpful advice about how to start any business intelligence (BI) project and put the processes in place that are required to grow and maintain a strong BI infrastructure and front-end analytics and reporting solution. login required

What is Business Intelligence? [Published: 06-01-2010]
Rick Herschel recommends that it is time to come to consensus on a definition of business intelligence that focuses on its objectives rather than on the components that make up a business intelligence solution.

Better Data Governance Support Now Available from Kalido [Published: 06-01-2010]
New features and enhancements provide the ability for the IT department to play a more active role in supporting agile business initiatives.

Master Data Management: A Matter of When and How Rather than If [Published: 06-02-2010]
This article explains the role of master data management (MDM) and describes how and where MDM can be implemented in an iterative fashion.

Why Venn Diagrams Don't Work for Data [Published: 06-02-2010]
Malcolm Chisholm explains why we need to find techniques that are oriented specifically to data rather than borrowed from other areas of human experience.

Kognitio and Hosted Solutions Offer Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS) [Published: 06-02-2010]
Hosted Solutions, a technology services provider, is first North American partner to offer deep-dive, on-demand analytics using Kognitio’s DaaS.

Panorama Software Releases NovaView 6.2 [Published: 06-02-2010]
Panorama’s NovaView 6.2 Provides Integration with Office / SharePoint 2010 and New Optimization for Oracle Database.

Callidus Software Announces Reseller Partnership with Tagetik in Italy [Published: 06-03-2010]
Through a reseller partnership with Tagetik in Italy, Callidus Software further strengthens its EMEA reseller network to deliver sales performance management software.

Release of Active Intelligence Engine 2.1 Announced by Attivio [Published: 06-03-2010]
Attivio's AIE brings immediacy and depth to the information that drives enterprise organizations, uniting content and text analytics with normalized, related data from any source.

Bollin Group Chooses BOARD to Deliver Integrated Financial Reporting [Published: 06-03-2010]
BOARD to provide Bollin Group with a consolidated view of their financial reports.

How Did Bad Data Get Into the System? [Published: 06-03-2010]
Bill Inmon describes common "bad data" problems and suggests that the solution for these problems is not simply correcting the data. To avoid recurring problems, the causes of bad data must be discovered.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 4 [Published: 06-03-2010]
This article, Part 4 of a continuing series, covers enterprise data warehouse-enabled financial business improvement opportunities.

Informatica Platform Provides Competitive Advantage for Dean Health Plan [Published: 06-03-2010]
Informatica Platform provides Dean Health Plan with quicker reaction time, effective claims trends and information requests across a network of more than 2,000 healthcare practitioners, 80 clinic sites and 26 plan hospitals.

QlikView Helps California Casualty Improve Sales Conversions Rates and Compliance Response Time [Published: 06-04-2010]
New analysis and reporting capabilities deliver "one version of the truth" objective to drive more targeted marketing, higher lead conversions and enterprise efficiencies.

IBM Collaborates with South China's Largest Hospital Aims to Improve Treatment of Kidney Disease [Published: 06-04-2010]
IBM and Guang Dong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine analyze digital medical records to understand treatment efficacy.

Open Government and Business Intelligence: The People Factor [Published: 06-07-2010]
There have been several very promising appointments and confirmations from the White House that should be good news for business intelligence practitioners.

Vertica Systems Wins Technology Award for Analytics and Business Intelligence [Published: 06-07-2010]
Seventh annual MITX Technology Awards recognize outstanding technology advancements.

Attunity Extends its PowerConnector Series to Microsoft PowerPivot and Oracle [Published: 06-07-2010]
Attunity announces Attunity PowerPivot Connector for Oracle, a dedicated and optimized solution for making Oracle data available in Microsoft PowerPivot.

DB Lytix In-Database Analytics for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Announced by Fuzzy Logix [Published: 06-07-2010]
Fuzzy Logix says availability of in-database analytics in SQL Server will enable them to serve a large base of customers who are seeking to use easily accessibly analytics to help them gain competitive advantage.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 3 [Published: 06-08-2010]
This article, Part 3 of a continuing series, reveals some interesting possibilities for radically changing the way information is structured and stored across the breadth of the business.

2010 Commencement Wisdom for Business Intelligence Professionals [Published: 06-08-2010]
Maureen Clarry provides “from the trenches” advice for business intelligence professionals – advice gleaned from her experiences and that of her business intelligence colleagues. login required

MindTree Announces Trade Promotions Analytics Solution for Consumer Packaged Goods Industry [Published: 06-08-2010]
The solution goes beyond reporting to provide insightful information that allows Trade Promotion expenses to be transformed into investments with measurable ROI.

Sogeti USA Offers Free BI Tools [Published: 06-08-2010]
Sogeti USA expands to best meet clients' business intelligence needs.

Pentaho Announces On-Demand BI to Address Need for Rapid, Flexible and Low-Cost BI Solutions [Published: 06-08-2010]
Pentaho issues 72-hour challenge where businesses provide Pentaho with their own data and Pentaho will have a full evaluation project up and running within 72 hours including key performance indicators and relevant dashboards.

Data Governance Director Announced by Kalido [Published: 06-08-2010]
Kalido’s new product, Data Governance Director, will increase the success of data governance programs by operationalizing data governance processes as well as measuring and monitoring compliance across the enterprise.

Enterprise-Ready BIRT Based Apps for Geospatial Data Visualizations [Published: 06-09-2010]
Location intelligence utilizing Google Maps and Flash Maps gaining momentum on BIRT Exchange Marketplace.

Crossing the Chasm Between IT and Business Teams with New Approaches to Business Intelligence [Published: 06-09-2010]
For over a decade, organizations have struggled with a widening gap between IT and the business owner due to shifts in perceptions of what business intelligence (BI) was meant to be. Delivery of BI has become so complex that IT has been forced to package BI requests into very large projects in order to justify the overhead. IT now, in many instances, has become undervalued. Highly skilled workers are frustrated in low level reporting and measurement roles, while the business – standing apart - can’t access and analyze information fast enough to make strategic decisions. This white paper is a discussion with Brad Peterman, a leading industry technologist, about new approaches in BI for bridging the gap between IT and business. login required

Think About Design When Thinking of BI [Published: 06-09-2010]
For some time now, academics and business leaders have celebrated design thinking as the panacea for failing corporations and the secret of savvy managers. Design is gaining importance in every area. This discussion with Elif Tutuk, a leading industry technologist, will shed light on how design thinking could be applied to business intelligence. login required

Business Analytics at the Speed of Thought Now Possible with Ingres Vectorwise [Published: 06-09-2010]
Ingres VectorWise has been proven by Ingres customers and partners over the last six months to provide performance gains of 10x to 70x over existing database and analytic servers while running sophisticated analytics on large to truly massive data sets.

Jitterbit Enterprise on Amazon EC2 Delivers All-Inclusive Pricing and Flexible Integrations [Published: 06-09-2010]
Enterprise Cloud Edition provides on-ramp to the cloud.

Data Governance or Bust: Assessing Whether Your Company is Really Ready for Data Governance [Published: 06-10-2010]
Data governance is the organizing framework for establishing strategy, objectives and policies for corporate data. This article poses five questions that will help evaluate your organization's readiness for data governance.

Integration of Performance Module for Google AdWords with NetSuite’s Cloud Computing Platform Announced by myDials [Published: 06-10-2010]
The myDIALS Performance Module, which measures the effectiveness of AdWords paid search campaigns, is an extension of the myDIALS operational business intelligence solution that was recently integrated with NetSuite.

Pentaho Announces New Releases that Support Its Agile BI Initiative [Published: 06-10-2010]
Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 and BI Suite 3.6 include enhancements for reporting, analysis and dashboards.

Teradata and Ventraq Introduce Latest Addition to Teradata Telco Analytics [Published: 06-10-2010]
The new solution relies on the Ventraq Customer Experience Analytics applications running on the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family. Historically, carrier analytical tools have largely focused on network performance and costs, and have not analyzed other factors that are most likely to cause customer dissatisfaction.

Teradata and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Bring More Powerful Capabilities to Customers in Every Industry [Published: 06-10-2010]
Deeper interoperability with Microsoft means Teradata's purpose-built database platform family will drive more speed, visibility and power to users of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

Effecting Data Quality Improvement through Data Virtualization [Published: 06-15-2010]
Enterprise data quality can be viewed as a Gordian knot and data virtualization provides a fundamental approach to slice through this barrier to consistency and finesse the organizational challenges associated with data quality improvement.

Demystifying Digital Analytics [Published: 06-15-2010]
Analyzing the content generated when consumers perform multiple tasks on digital platforms offers huge potential to gain insight into the consumer’s psyche.

BPM Pulse 2010 Results and Analysis, Part 3 [Published: 06-15-2010]
What are the reasons that companies today turn to business performance management? What business benefits does it provide? Has the economy impacted how organizations are using business performance management? Craig Schiff provides answers to these questions and more based on the recent BPM Pulse survey.

Predictive Analytics: Providing the Foresight to Act Preemptively [Published: 06-16-2010]
Dr. Raj Nathan and Joydeep Das from Sybase and Cyrus Golkar, the BeyeNETWORK's cloud computing expert, discuss predictive analytics, its uses and benefits. Nathan and Das also provide Sybase's views on these topics and share customers examples.

Who is Building Systems Today? [Published: 06-17-2010]
According to Bill Inmon, as long as economic circumstances remain the same, it is doubtful there will ever be a return to corporate system development.

Defining Advanced Analytics [Published: 06-17-2010]
In this article, Richard Hackathorn suggests a definition for advanced analytics that does not reference the enabling technology, but rather the business benefit.

Data Quality is a Business Issue: Getting Back to Basics, Part 1 [Published: 06-22-2010]
This two-part series focuses on creating business leadership awareness around the ability correct and stop externally accepted and internally generated data quality issues at their source. Part 1 looks at the importance of executive sponsorship and includes examples of the kinds of data quality issues that organizations encounter.

Social Computing: The Business Value of Collective Intelligence [Published: 06-22-2010]
The value of effective collaboration is rapidly becoming recognized as essential to business success. Reducing the delay involved in connecting, sharing, understanding and making better use of information becomes increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world. This article outlines a simple methodology for companies seeking to take advantage of Facebook-like searches to enable greater productivity.

What’s Not to Love About the Spreadsheet? [Published: 06-24-2010]
Because of all the pros of spreadsheets, it is safe to assume that they will not go away anytime soon. Thus, Bill Inmon shares ways to make them work within your organization.

Data Governance and Data Architecture: Initial Thoughts [Published: 06-24-2010]
Because of the growing interest in enterprise-wide data reuse, there is a need for specific policies for data governance associated with different aspects of data architecture, with the intention of establishing a high level of maturity and capability.

Enterprise Performance Management for Maximizing Healthcare IT ROI [Published: 06-28-2010]
A quantum shift toward healthcare enterprise performance management (HEPM)is necessary so that changes to clinical, operational and financial metrics as a result of healthcare IT initiatives be measured and converted to dollar figures. HEPM should be an integral part of all strategic initiatives.