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January 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Belgacom International Carrier Services Selects Teradata [Published: 01-04-2010]
BICS has selected the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platform.

EMC to Acquire Archer Technologies [Published: 01-04-2010]
The acquisition will build upon EMC's expertise and leadership in helping customers better visualize and manage risk throughout their IT infrastructure.

Oracle Acquires Silver Creek Systems [Published: 01-04-2010]
The combination of Silver Creek and Oracle is expected to enhance product data quality across enterprise applications.

Six Ways to Lower Costs with Predictive Analytics [Published: 01-05-2010]
Eric Siegel details six ways predictive analytics lowers costs without decreasing business, thus transforming your enterprise into a lean, mean analytical machine.

Developing Capabilities in Agile Business Intelligence Organizations [Published: 01-05-2010]
If you proactively lead the development of skills in your team by creating challenging work and enhancing skills, you will directly influence retention and job satisfaction. login required

Profitiviti Announces the General Release of Business Optimizer [Published: 01-05-2010]
Profitiviti's Business Optimizer is designed to enhance the decision-making process of senior leaders and improve business profitability and productivity.

Belgacom ICS Selects Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform [Published: 01-05-2010]
The systems will be used by BICSA for production and application development for the carrier's applications and maintenance services.

Wipro Named a Challenger in Magic Quadrant Report for Global BI and Performance Management Service Providers [Published: 01-05-2010]
Wipro has vast experience in implementing BAP solutions to drive enterprise business transformation initiatives and IT systems transformation.

Operational Business Intelligence by Accident [Published: 01-06-2010]
Operational business intelligence should not be that complicated, says Rick van der Lans, provided that the correct architecture is set up for the data warehouse environment.

Poudre Valley Health System Selects Information Builders WebFOCUS BI Platform [Published: 01-06-2010]
Poudre Valley's clinical quality efforts will focus on medical chart auditing, patient safety predictions, statistical analysis projects, and reports on clinical documentation compliance.

Gartner Acquires Burton Group [Published: 01-06-2010]
The acquisition of Burton Group is expected to expand Gartner's product and service offerings, and increase its IT research market opportunity.

Analytics: Art and Science of Better [Published: 01-06-2010]
Analytics can help us be more objective, says Anne Milley, but the context in which we act and compel others to act requires more than just getting the answer.

A Tale of Two People [Published: 01-07-2010]
Bill Inmon notes that one of the lessons to be learned from the recession is that people aligned with the business, as opposed to a technology, are more likely to be considered essential when a company is forced to make difficult layoff decisions.

Sales and Marketing: Feeling Frugal [Published: 01-07-2010]
Larry Goldman looks at web analytics and social media, describing free analytical tools for measuring online activity.

Five Fundamental Data Quality Practices [Published: 01-07-2010]
By combining good data management practices with the right technology platform, an organization can fully incorporate data quality into the enterprise architecture. This paper describes these practices and looks at the core data services upon which these practices rely. login required

Core Data Services: Basic Components for Establishing Business Value [Published: 01-07-2010]
This white paper explores how a consolidated set of value-added data services that span the scope of data management best practices can reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and improve the quality and utility of enterprise data. login required

QlikView Analytics Application to be Available on Android [Published: 01-07-2010]
QlikView for Android leverages fully interactive drill down functionality to explore information.

The Analytics Revolution: Optimizing Reporting and Analytics to Make Actionable Intelligence Pervasive [Published: 01-07-2010]
By transitioning from an organic evolution of corporate business intelligence and analytics environment built on top of a myriad of technology components to a strategically architected end-to-end solution, your organization can gain a rapid time to value through real-time, integrated analytics, resulting in advantageous intelligence delivered to the appropriate decision makers at the right time. login required

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence and Analytics [Published: 01-07-2010]
Over the next decade, data and analytics will have a brand new beginning based on this equation, creating a profound global impact on every enterprise as their fact-based decision making processes enable organizational intuition.

Turning Contact Center Agent Data into Immediate Action for Superior Customer Service and Sales [Published: 01-08-2010]
The possibilities are endless once you are able to tap into the rich world of agent activity occurring at the desktop level.

What the Healthcare Reform Effort Needs is Better Business Intelligence [Published: 01-11-2010]
Decision making in health reform, as in so many other areas, will depend on how we can inform ourselves and our lawmakers about the facts. Dr. Barquin emphatically states that business intelligence tools and techniques need to be applied to this critical area.

Sybase IQ Delivers Query Performance for Complex Analytics Tasks [Published: 01-11-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring Sybase’s Joydeep Das

MarineMax Selects IBM [Published: 01-11-2010]
MarineMax is using IBM business analytics to streamline operational planning, improve decision-making, and enforce more consistent, collaborative information access across the company.

Vineyard Vines Selects IBM [Published: 01-11-2010]
Vineyards Vines is expanding and using IBM WebSphere Commerce to link its instore, webstore and catalog business together to better understand customer demand, purchasing habits and predict new apparel trends.

IBM Survey Reveals Tech-Savvy Shoppers are Setting the Pace for the Future [Published: 01-11-2010]
The changing economy has given rise to the smarter consumer– one who uses technology to make more informed buying decisions, exchange information with peers, make purchases on-the-go and shop across multiple channels.

European Venture Summit Ranks Lixto as One of the 10 Most Innovative IT Companies in Europe [Published: 01-11-2010]
The summit recognised and awarded the top 10 IT and communications enterprises, as well as the top five cleantech and life science entrepreneurs in Europe.

PROPHIX Software Announces the Addition of BAASS Business Solutions Inc. to its Roster of Value-Added Partners [Published: 01-11-2010]
BAASS features an award-winning, international team of highly-qualified accounting, business management and technology consultants and a broad base of business solutions.

Pitney Bowes Business Announces the Availability of the Enterprise Routing Module for the Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform [Published: 01-11-2010]
The Enterprise Routing Module combines data quality, location intelligence and sophisticated algorithms in a service-oriented architecture that seamlessly integrates into business operations to streamline routing and delivery processes.

Survey Reveals Steady Growth for BI in the New Year [Published: 01-11-2010]
The survey was conducted by Kognitio and Baseline Consulting.

Finnish Supermarket Bank S-Bank Selects SAS [Published: 01-11-2010]
Finnish supermarket bank S-Bank has initiated a relationship with SAS.

Tilly’s Deploys SAS Size Profiling [Published: 01-11-2010]
Tilly’s has deployed SAS Size Profiling as a managed solution to better evaluate store-level style-specific demand by size.

Wakefern Food Corp. Selects SAS Marketing Automation Software [Published: 01-11-2010]
Together, they identified SAS Marketing Automation software as the key to Wakefern’s marketing technology needs.

Amway China Develops an Advanced Inventory Optimization System Built with SAS [Published: 01-11-2010]
Amway China has developed an advanced IOS built with SAS Forecast Server, SAS Inventory Optimization and SAS Enterprise Guide that has cut stock levels, balanced product distribution, and boosted customer satisfaction to 97 percent.

Business Performance Management in 2010, Part 2 [Published: 01-12-2010]
Craig Schiff outlines the top 4 challenges that companies face when looking to implement business performance management. login required

Better Decisions through Profitability Analysis [Published: 01-12-2010]
Leo Sadovy describes the benefits Visa has achieved through the use of activity-based management software.

Jaspersoft Announces the Availability of Jaspersoft 3.7 [Published: 01-12-2010]
Jaspersoft 3.7 provides powerful functionality for even the most complex BI requirements at an affordable price.

Business Analytics SaaS Market to Grow Three Times Faster Than the Overall Business Analytics Market Over the Next Five Years, Finds IDC [Published: 01-12-2010]
IDC finds that the number of business analytics SaaS users will grow rapidly from a small base, however market revenue will remain low relative to on-premise software throughout the forecast period.

COA Solutions Signs Partnership with Rosslyn Analytics [Published: 01-12-2010]
Under the agreement, COA Solutions will provide its financial management system customers with RA.Pid.

The Promise of Free Business Intelligence [Published: 01-13-2010]
Free business intelligence solutions may provide organizations with an easy entry point to business intelligence analytics and more data visibility, while giving vendors the advantage of a potential increase in market share.

Larry English Can Save You Thousands of Dollars [Published: 01-13-2010]
Buy Larry English's new information quality book from Amazon.com between midnight January 13th and midnight January 14th to receive more than $1,500 in free educational items!

Visual Mining Announces the Availability of NetCharts Performance Dashboards v2.0 [Published: 01-13-2010]
NetCharts Performance Dashboards v2.0 offers a clean and simple interface that combines unique and powerful analysis features with ease-of-use for a superior end-user experience.

Siperian Changes Name of MDM Platform to Siperian Multidomain MDM Hub to Reflect Customer Usage [Published: 01-13-2010]
Organizations rely on the multidomain master data management platform to increase customer profitability, reduce operating costs and better address regulatory compliance issues.

Stock Spirits Selects BOARD Financial Consolidation [Published: 01-13-2010]
Stock Spirits Group has implemented the BOARD Financial Consolidation (BFC) system to consolidate its monthly management and statutory accounts.

SAP Announces New Licensing and Delivery Options for SAP Business All-in-One Solutions [Published: 01-13-2010]
Through a subscription-based, hosted delivery model customers can deploy an easily customizable business application comprising preconfigured, industry-specific best practices without the capital outlay traditionally required for acquiring software licenses and IT hardware.

AlwaysOn Selects SeeWhy as an OnMedia Top 100 Winner [Published: 01-13-2010]
The OnMedia 100 signifies leadership amongst its peers and game-changing approaches and technologies that are likely to disrupt existing markets and entrenched players.

What is Healthcare Business Intelligence? [Published: 01-14-2010]
In this course from Scott Wanless, you will learn what healthcare business intelligence is, how it fits into your organization and how it can be a powerful tool for the success of your organization. This is the first course in Scott's 3-part certificate series on Business Intelligence for Healthcare Executives. 16 minutes login required

DAMA [Published: 01-14-2010]
Bill Inmon shares his concerns about the future of data administration. login required

Business Intelligence: The Trinity of User Adoption [Published: 01-14-2010]
The most consistent way to find a solid ROI for your business intelligence program is to have a solid base of users using the tool for everyday business decisions. Laura Madsen explains the importance ease of use, training and trust as components of your user adoption strategy.

Top 10 Healthcare Business Intelligence Applications [Published: 01-14-2010]
In this course from Scott Wanless, you will learn about the top 10 healthcare business intelligence areas and the key applications in each of those areas. This is the second course in Scott's 3-part certificate series on Business Intelligence for Healthcare Executives. 34 minutes login required

SAP Strengthens Customer Focus through New Organizational Structure [Published: 01-14-2010]
Customers will benefit from these organizational changes because the changes enable SAP to respond more quickly and flexibly to customers' rapidly changing business requirements.

Corda Technologies and JPKAISER Partner [Published: 01-14-2010]
Corda Technologies and JPKAISER will provide graphical reporting solutions in Peru

Selling Healthcare BI in your Organization [Published: 01-14-2010]
In this course from Scott Wanless, you'll learn why it is necessary to "sell" business intelligence to your organization, how to do it, and what resources are needed. This is the third course in Scott's 3-part certificate series on Business Intelligence for the Healthcare Executive. 21 minutes login required

SAP Announces a Comprehensive Tiered Support Model for Customers Worldwide [Published: 01-14-2010]
This support offering includes SAP Enterprise Support services and the SAP Standard Support option and will enable all customers to choose the option that best meets their requirements.

What Are Your 2010 Priorities for Business Intelligence and Data Integration? [Published: 01-15-2010] login required

Short Survey - Your Input Requested [Published: 01-15-2010] login required

Is There a Data Governance Program in Your Company's Past, Present or Future? [Published: 01-15-2010] login required

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform Recognized by Industry Analysts [Published: 01-15-2010]
The TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform enables every user in the enterprise to gain more insights from the data they work with every day.

Attensity Announces New Mobile Features for Attensity Analyze for VOC [Published: 01-15-2010]
Attensity Analyze for VOC offers users deeper capabilities for understanding and acting on customer feedback.

Information Builders Urges Enterprises to Look Outside Traditional BI [Published: 01-15-2010]
Information Builders believes enterprises are throwing away part of their financial investment by not leveraging BI's new capabilities of scaling to larger deployments and more sophisticated information systems.

Connected Intelligence for the Utility Industry [Published: 01-18-2010]
Today’s utility industry change rate is unprecedented. Governments are mandating more open and competitive markets, requiring new smart meter technology to conserve energy, and demanding more reliable security of supply. There is an increased pressure to reduce the massive energy carbon footprint and provide more renewable sources for energy. Technology modernization is opening the door for intelligent grids backed by new world information systems that enable more information exchange than ever before.Learn how utility companies can take advantage of new information, new technology, and new business models. login required

Connected Intelligence for the Oil & Gas Industry [Published: 01-18-2010]
Producing oil and gas with increasing efficiency takes a careful combination of data management, information management, and business savvy. Connected intelligence, across the entire well lifecycle, enables the sharing of information across similar assets. The sum of the data allows you to lower the overall lifting cost, continually speed time to oil, and eventually increase production beyond a single well or basin. Learn what it takes to enable an oil and gas business intelligence solution that provides ongoing business value. login required

Improve Top Line Revenue with the Right Customer Risk Analysis: Rethinking Customer Profiling after the Recession [Published: 01-18-2010]
Christina Rouse and Janet Kuster explain that it is possible for companies to profit despite the recent recession. They provide guidelines to follow as you evaluate your options.

Livingston International Selects InetSoft Technology [Published: 01-18-2010]
Livingston International chose InetSoft’s Style Report Enterprise to provide Web-based reporting capabilities to its own Web-based suite of applications called Insight.

Gartner Identifies Four Information Management Roles IT Departments Need to Remain Effective for 2010 [Published: 01-18-2010]
Staying relevant in this changing environment will require a new way of thinking about organisational models and staffing in IT projects.

NIEM Industry Leader Joins Sypherlink Justice & National Security Practice [Published: 01-18-2010]
Pingel will focus on developing and managing relationships with key partners and prospects within the industry, with the goal of providing integrated Sypherlink NIEM solutions.

Business Intelligence – Repositioning Information in the Organizational Psyche [Published: 01-19-2010]
Nancy Williams emphasizes that achieving true business intelligence (BI) requires a significant organizational paradigm shift, and she explains how organizations that are BI leaders differ from other organizations. login required

The Importance of Being Accurate – Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting: A Critical Business Process [Published: 01-19-2010]
Whether an organization is looking to create a performance management framework or if one already exists, Chris Colvin identifies changes that will improve the efficiency of the performance management team and enable organizations to react more quickly as business climates change.

Telerx Announces Social InteraXions [Published: 01-19-2010]
Social InteraXions provides the tools, methodology, best practices, processes, analytics, training, and staffing to build and protect customer relationships in this fast growing channel.

SAP Announces a Certification for its Global Trade Solutions [Published: 01-19-2010]
The SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services application enables customers to more efficiently navigate the myriad of complex laws governing international trade.

CRM Analytics: Identify Trends, Outperform Your Peers [Published: 01-19-2010]
How can you harness the power of business intelligence and analytics to improve customer relationship management (CRM)? This paper addresses how you turn predictive insights into operational reality and close the gap between strategy and execution. login required

SAP Announces Zions Bancorporation has Implemented SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management Solutions [Published: 01-19-2010]
Zions Bancorporation is following SAP's closed-loop performance management model, resulting in greater transparency, tighter operational control and profitability that exceeds industry standards.

iStrategy Announces that Ventana Research Honors the University of Maryland, Baltimore County as the 2009 Ventana Research Customer Leadership Award Winner [Published: 01-19-2010]
UMBC was recognized for its effective utilization of the iStrategy HigherEd Analytics Student Module.

SAP AG Announces the Latest Release of the SAP E-Sourcing On-Demand Solution [Published: 01-19-2010]
SAP E-Sourcing on-demand solution provides customers the ability to address these challenges with flexible and cost-effective software and services in the areas of strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management and supplier management.

Oracle Announces the Integration of Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle’s Demantra Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning [Published: 01-19-2010]
The solution gives CFOs and supply chain executives a direct path to evolve from a disconnected enterprise and operational planning environment to integrated business planning.

Niscayah Selects QlikView [Published: 01-19-2010]
Niscayah will be using QlikView as its enterprise-wide solution across 17 countries for fast and effective business analysis.

InterSystems Announces Oxbow Launches Oxbow EMR System [Published: 01-19-2010]
The CACHÉ-based Oxbow EMR is specifically designed to enable optimal primary care practice management.

Enhancing Your Enterprise Reporting Arsenal with Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) [Published: 01-20-2010]
Formerly available only to sophisticated developers, explain Matt Caton and Steve Dine, MDX allows developers to satisfy a wider range of report requirements and utilize multidimensional sources for more than just ad hoc analysis.

SAP and ClickSoftware Announce Widespread Adoption of its Offering [Published: 01-20-2010]
ClickSoftware reinforces SAP's strategy of establishing deep, long-term revenue-focused alliances with proven best-of-breed software vendors.

Kickfire has Entered into the Partner Network with Rackspace Hosting [Published: 01-20-2010]
Kickfire can provide Rackspace Hosting's customers with access to Rackspace’s fully managed hosting and award winning 24x7 Fanatical Support services.

Business Relevance [Published: 01-21-2010]
The recession, says Bill Inmon, may be the impetus technicians need to become relevant to their business.

A Definition of the Data Delivery Platform [Published: 01-21-2010]
Rick van der Lans proposes an initial definition for the business intelligence architecture called the data delivery platform, explains its functionality and compares it to the corporate information factory and the data warehouse bus architecture. login required

SAP and Hasso Plattner Ventures Announce Co-Investment in RIB Software [Published: 01-21-2010]
RIB and SAP will offer model-based editing of project and ERP processes. The solutions are intended to improve efficiency and to increase value creation in executing and monitoring construction and business processes.

Jedox Now Offers Business Intelligence Software Palo for Excel [Published: 01-21-2010]
Jedox's range of products and associated services now includes open source, supported open source and commercial premium versions.

SAS Ranks No. 1 on FORTUNE Magazine’s Annual 100 Best Companies to Work for List [Published: 01-21-2010]
SAS has made the list all 13 years since it was first established in 1998.

Bitext Announces A New Breed of Text Analytics Tools [Published: 01-21-2010]
Bitext's new language technologies make it possible to enrich a user's queries with linguistic knowledge.

Businesses Turn to the Vertica Analytic Database to Solve their Biggest Data Problems [Published: 01-22-2010]
Vertica's remarkable growth in this current economic climate is proof that businesses are desperate for better data analysis.

Talend Announces the Availability of the First Open Source MDM Solution [Published: 01-25-2010]
Talend’s MDM technology enables organizations to quickly implement an enterprise-wide master data hub and ensure consistent, uniform control of any master data across the organization.

Social Security Administration Selects Noetix [Published: 01-25-2010]
SSA has chosen Noetix software to automatically handle the conversions and database re-mappings required with new Oracle applications releases.

e2e Analytix Inc. Partners with QlikTech [Published: 01-25-2010]
e2e Analytix Inc. is now part of the QlikTech North American partner network.

Brookshire Grocery Company Expands with SAP AG [Published: 01-25-2010]
Brookshire Grocery Company engaged in value engineering, a practice that uses industry benchmarking data from SAP to help companies understand their business challenges and how they can best address these issues with their existing IT investments and complementary solutions.

Consumer Goods Technology Magazine Recognizes Siperian as an Editors’ Pick for its Impact on Companies in the CPG Industry [Published: 01-25-2010]
Siperian was awarded as part of Consumer Goods Technology magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice issue.

Netezza Announces New Skimmer Appliance [Published: 01-25-2010]
Netezza Skimmer data warehouse appliance is the latest addition to Netezza’s family of analytic appliances.

Come and Get It! Making Business Intelligence More Consumable, Part 4 [Published: 01-26-2010]
Claudia Imhoff and Colin White conclude their 4-part series with this article that discusses a maturity model for evolving your current business intelligence environment to one that promotes and sustains information workers. login required

Attensity Group Discovers Deep Insights from the Voice of the Customer [Published: 01-26-2010]
The combination of a struggling economy with the dynamic growth of social media has made the VoC a clear differentiator for global companies to ensure loyalty and for more informed decision-making.

Progress Software OpenEdge SaaS Platform Simplifies Development and Reduces Time-to-Market with Increased UI Flexibility [Published: 01-26-2010]
The OpenEdge SaaS platform simplifies the development and deployment of business applications to numerous users and devices, an increasingly important factor for Cloud Computing.

MicroStrategy Announces Latest Release of MicroStrategy 9 [Published: 01-26-2010]
MicroStrategy 9 Release 2 includes significant enhancements that make business intelligence faster for BI users, even at the highest scale of usage.

IQubz Announces the Availability of its Latest Version of IQubz Hospitality Business Intelligence [Published: 01-26-2010]
IQubz Hospitality BI is a comprehensive data warehousing and analytics solution delivering revenue, customer and marketing intelligence.

Information Builders Announces WebFOCUS for IBM System z Data Warehousing, a Special Edition of the WebFOCUS System z Product Line [Published: 01-26-2010]
WebFOCUS for System z Data Warehousing enables large enterprise customers to scale data warehousing and reporting solutions to quickly and easily meet the needs of an unlimited number of end users with existing System z infrastructure.

Kapow Technologies and Clarabridge Announce Partnership [Published: 01-27-2010]
Clarabridge will embed Kapow’s Web Data Services technology into its Content Mining Platform for capturing customer feedback from social media and across the Web.

SAP Positioned in Leaders Quadrant for CPM Suites [Published: 01-27-2010]
SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions offer companies increased levels of strategic alignment, making performance more predictable and helping them make more confident decisions.

Sybase, Inc. Announces the Availability of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5 [Published: 01-27-2010]
Sybase ASE 15.5 is the newest version of its high-performance, mission-critical enterprise database management system.

SnapLogic DataFlow Server 2.2 is Now Available [Published: 01-27-2010]
Latest Version includes multiple enhancements, including support for Java and the inclusion of database connection pipelines directly into Web resources.

Deutsche Bank Selects SAP [Published: 01-27-2010]
Deutsche Bank plans to start a multi-year initiative in 2010 to replace individual software solutions in its home market by a new core banking system based on SAP for Banking solutions.

Diehl Technology LLC Releases TABULUS 2010 [Published: 01-27-2010]
TABULUS 2010 combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet, structure of a database, modeling of financial software, and presentation ability of a reporting program, all with a state of the art intuitive graphical user interface.

Host.net Combines DataCore Software, VMware and Cisco to Deliver a Cloud Computing Service [Published: 01-27-2010]
DataCore Software is powering the storage aspect of an all-virtual private data center platform developed by Host.net.

Corporate Data: A Brief History [Published: 01-28-2010]
Bill Inmon considers the role corporate data plays in making appropriate and timely decisions.

Social Media, Content, Structure and Wagging the Long Tail [Published: 01-28-2010]
David Loshin questions whether or not social media data has anything to contribute to business analytics. login required

AGS Launches as a Wholly Owned U.S. Subsidiary of Attensity Group [Published: 01-28-2010]
AGS serves the federal government market with a suite of semantic engines and applications.

Clarity Systems Partners with Santiago Stock Exchange [Published: 01-28-2010]
Santiago Stock Exchange and Clarity will work together to market and promote Clarity FSR within the Chilean market to address the external reporting needs of publicly listed companies.

Informatica Completes the Acquisition of Siperian [Published: 01-28-2010]
Siperian and Informatica offer leading products in the MDM Infrastructure category that complement and enable MDM Applications.

Clarity Systems' Recognized in Visionaries Section of the Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites [Published: 01-29-2010]
Clarity Systems is an independent CPM specialist, providing enterprises with a unified and open approach to CPM with its solutions.