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December 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Master Data Management: Free Up the Data to Free Up the Business [Published: 12-01-2010]
The future of enterprise data management, reports Dominic Micic of DataFlux, is the master data management approach, and the key for data management professionals is to tie data management efforts to business objectives.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 10 [Published: 12-02-2010]
This final installment in Messerli's series on enterprise data warehousing in manufacturing summarizes and concludes the series.

Data Warehousing and Healthcare, Part 4 [Published: 12-02-2010]
In this final article of a the series, Bill Inmon outlines the reasons that are causing more and more healthcare organizations to adopt data warehousing. login required

Tim Phillipps, Deloitte Analytics [Published: 12-07-2010]
Tim Phillipps talks with Ron Powell about the increasing interest in analytics. He also explains Deloitte Analytics Institute and how it will benefit Deloitte customers.

Voice of the Customer Tools & Techniques Continue to Evolve [Published: 12-07-2010]
This article explains why the investment in voice of the customer is increasing as companies select, integrate, and utilize various enabling technologies to capture and leverage a holistic analysis of customer experience.

The 12 (or so) Myths about Agile Business Intelligence – Myth 4 [Published: 12-08-2010]
This article, Part 4 of a continuing series, debunks the myth that Agile Business Intelligence displaces the software development lifecycle in its entirety.

Scott Vogan, Capgemini [Published: 12-09-2010]
Scott Vogan, who leads the North American EIM Practice for Capgemini, discusses the primary drivers for Enterprise Information Management (EIM), the barriers to successful EIM and Capgemini's approach to EIM.

Data Governance Next Practices: The 5 + 2 Model [Published: 12-09-2010]
There are five key critical success factors that are indispensable for any data governance effort. Read about them in this article that also discusses the optional secondary success factors.

Survey Follow Up: How Effectively Are Companies Using Business Analytics? [Published: 12-14-2010]
This article provides an executive summary of a recently completed survey that was designed to provide insight into the reasons for the wide range of business intelligence adoption and maturity as well as the wide range of perceptions as to the role of business intelligence.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 9 [Published: 12-14-2010]
In this article, part of a continuing series, Barry Devlin explores the practicalities of moving from today's business intelligence environment to the new world of business intelligence.

Customer Lifetime Value and Data Management [Published: 12-16-2010]
Customer lifetime value is a very powerful concept that can help drive specific actions, both strategic and tactical. David Loshin explains that while the concepts are straightforward, the devil is in the details.

Clearly Defining Data Virtualization, Data Federation, and Data Integration [Published: 12-16-2010]
Data virtualization, data federation, and data integration are related terms that cause a great deal of confusion because they lack clear definitions. In this article, Rick van der Lans defines these often misused terms and invites readers' comments.

Fleet Utilization: A Targeted Business Intelligence Approach to Increasing Fleet Revenues [Published: 12-17-2010]
James Langley describes three specific ways to improve fleet utilization by using typically available data in your system to generate business intelligence to drive improvement.

Dysfunctions of a Business Intelligence Team: Inattention to Results [Published: 12-20-2010]
This article explores the inattention to results dysfunction and provides sound advice that business intelligence team managers and team members can use to ensure they have a truly cohesive team.

Introducing Frank Buytendijk’s BeyeNETWORK Expert Channel [Published: 12-23-2010]
With this article, Frank Buytendijk launches his BeyeNETWORK Expert Channel: The Machiavellian CIO - Strategy, Analytics, Philosophy and More. Through the articles in this channel, Frank will take an analytic view on the world of business and strategy, from a philosophical perspective.