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August 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Leveraging Business Intelligence in the Transportation Industry: Mitigating the Maintenance Monster, Part 1 [Published: 08-03-2010]
As the new leader of the BeyeNETWORK’s Transportation Channel, James Langley describes how business intelligence can guide CFOs at transportation companies to manage to the metrics, not the mechanical mayhem.

From Business Intelligence to Enterprise IT Architecture, Part 5 [Published: 08-03-2010]
This article, Part 5 of a continuing series, addresses another fundamental information management issue – the accuracy, consistency and timeliness of information as it travels from personal to enterprise usage and beyond.

Is the SDLC Relevant to Data-Centric Projects? [Published: 08-04-2010]
There has been a shift from a process-centric view in application development to a data-centric view. Because so much has changed since the SDLC originated, does it really apply to what is being done today?

Data Warehousing and Data Quality: The Chicken or the Egg? [Published: 08-05-2010]
While the need for data quality has long been recognized in transaction processing systems, it wasn’t until there were data warehouses that the real state of data quality became known. login required

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 6 [Published: 08-05-2010]
This installment covers EDW-enabled business improvement opportunities for information technology.

Master Data Management: Making Information Management the Foundation of the Future [Published: 08-06-2010]
As organizations wish to harness the information asset, master data management solutions go well beyond anything that has come before. They go into the operational world and harmonize single versions of clean data throughout the enterprise. login required

Limiting Business Intelligence Project Failures: Some Practical Hints, Part 2 [Published: 08-10-2010]
This two-part series concludes by offering tips for developing business intelligence solutions based on addressing business pains and gaining overall information availability to make more informed decisions. login required

Dysfunctions of a Business Intelligence Team: Lack of Trust [Published: 08-10-2010]
There are tangible actions a leader must perform in order to build and maintain a culture of trust in business intelligence teams and establish a healthy, trust-based work environment.

Lack of Project Planning Can Limit Performance Management Success [Published: 08-17-2010]
Performance management projects can be large, multi-year implementations that will be used by most senior managers. Success will depend on having a solid plan in place that addresses everyone’s needs.

Segmentation + Scoring Model + Text Mining + Social Network Analysis = Force Multiplier! [Published: 08-19-2010]
Using the telecom industry as an example, this article explores combining multiple techniques to deliver a complete predictive model.

To Data Mine or Not to Data Mine in the Fight Against Terrorism [Published: 08-24-2010]
Data mining clearly holds some promise in dealing with the explosion of data in the 21st century. The problem that it faces is the classic dual-use dilemma: How can we perform data mining and protect ourselves from the potential for harm?

Business Intelligence Versus Analytics Graduate Programs [Published: 08-24-2010]
There is a lack of qualified talent that inhibits the widespread adoption and diffusion of business intelligence. This article looks at how and why graduate programs in business intelligence and/or analytics can help address this critical issue.

How’s Your Data? The Problem with Self-Assessments [Published: 08-25-2010]
In his article, Jill Dyché discusses the problems with using internally administered surveys to determine the state of your organization's data quality. Often, the survey questions are so vague that you don't learn what you need to know, and some stakeholders could be unknowingly sabotaging the assessment. login required

Text is Text is Text: Not [Published: 08-26-2010]
Text is rapidly becoming recognized by corporations as a source of valuable information. However, capturing the right information from text is not an easy task.

Data Use by Analytical Applications: Primary vs. Secondary – Who is #1? [Published: 08-26-2010]
The use of data by downstream analytical applications impacts data management and data architecture. The challenge organizations face is identifying and making accommodations for the information needs of current and future analytical applications.