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April 2010 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Including Unstructured Text in the Data Warehouse [Published: 04-01-2010]
Bill Inmon examines the value of unstructured text for businesses today. login required

iStrategy Announces HigherEd Analytics Suite for Banner ERP [Published: 04-01-2010]
HigherEd Analytics Suite for colleges and universities running the SunGard Banner ERP system.

A Classification Scheme for Data [Published: 04-01-2010]
Rick van der Lans introduces a classification scheme that would be suitable for indicating what types of data are stored in which data sources. login required

Melissa Data is Now a Licensed NCOA Mail Service Provider for Canadian NCOA [Published: 04-01-2010]
Organizations can use Melissa Data’s unique SmartMover Web service to update records in real-time.

AMB Launches the AMB Community Edition of its Information Governance Suite [Published: 04-01-2010]
The Community Edition creates a highly efficient and effective governance architecture.

Epsilon Selects DataFlux [Published: 04-01-2010]
Epsilon chose DataFlux for its broad-ranging data management capabilities including real-time data quality, standardization and international address verification.

Greenplum to Deliver Integrated Data Cloud Solution for Global Organizations [Published: 04-01-2010]
Greenplum Software has jointly developed a solution that pairs Greenplum's Enterprise Data Cloud platform with Dell's PowerEdge C2100 servers.

Quantrix Releases Version 3.7 of Business and Financial Modeling Software to Enhance Value of Enterprise Data [Published: 04-02-2010]
The new version improves the ability to extract data from enterprise databases for modeling and calculation, and to then push data back into enterprise databases for sharing and reporting.

10 Best Practices in Customer Behavior Segmentation [Published: 04-02-2010]
The best practices detailed here can serve as the guiding light to navigate a first-time customer segmentation initiative through the perilous land mines that are inherent in a customer segmentation project.

Angel.com Announces BI Analytics and Reporting for Voice Solutions with MicroStrategy [Published: 04-05-2010]
The robust analytics enable users to make better decisions and implement improvements based on insight into the performance of voice applications.

Advanced Visual Systems to Develop Analytic Application for Insurance Company [Published: 04-05-2010]
The customized application will utilize powerful data visualization techniques that enable several management tiers to quickly analyze business activity at the divisional, regional, district, branch and individual agent level.

MicroStrategy Offers Interactive Reports and Dashboards on the Apple iPad [Published: 04-05-2010]
With MicroStrategy, iPad users can access MicroStrategy-based reports, business charts, and information dashboards at their convenience.

Telerx Announces SMS InteraXions [Published: 04-05-2010]
SMS InteraXions is a short message service support solution.

Experian Launches a Small Business Credit Share Financial Acquisition Score [Published: 04-05-2010]
The new commercial credit score predicts the likelihood that a small-business applicant will become severely delinquent or chronically delinquent on a financial instrument within the next 12 months.

Informatica Acquires 29West Inc [Published: 04-05-2010]
Informatica is providing the industry’s first zero-latency data integration platform to address the entire range of data delivery requirements.

Good Reading: Analytics at Work [Published: 04-06-2010]
Richard Herschel reviews Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions Better Results by Thomas Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Robert Morison.

Business Intelligence 2.0: Are We There Yet? [Published: 04-06-2010]
Greg Nelson outlines what should be contained in the next chapter of innovation for business intelligence, analytics and data integration.

Nine Technology Announces Official Company Launch [Published: 04-06-2010]
Nine Technology designed and architected its “Powered by Nine” online backup and recovery solutions to address the many challenges MSPs are having today when attempting to roll out their services built on consumer-grade backup technology.

Clarabridge Announces General Availability of Text Analytics Software [Published: 04-06-2010]
The software enables organizations to upload and analyze textual data sources via a fully self-service online portal.

Quantivo Optimizes Webtrends Analytics to Speed Customer Insights [Published: 04-06-2010]
Quantivo’s SaaS application enables customers to increase the value of their online data, expand their analytics and segmentation capabilities, and quickly integrate that data with other online and offline data for analysis in Quantivo’s easy-to-use analytics solution.

ZyLAB eDiscovery System Integrates Text Analytics into its eDiscovery & Production System [Published: 04-06-2010]
ZyLAB’s eDiscovery & Production System is built on a proven information management platform it has the capabilities to analyze information without the need to first collect the data and store it on a collection server.

Global Data Mining Launches BI Application to Help U.S. Attract Businesses and Create Jobs [Published: 04-06-2010]
PTA will help regional economic development officers target firms for relocation to a specific community that offers benefits such as transportation and logistics.

Attensity Group Analyzes Public Reaction in Twitter to the Release of the Apple iPad [Published: 04-06-2010]
Seventy-three percent of the tweets expressed positive sentiment toward the iPad.

Reflections on Identity and Master Data Management [Published: 04-07-2010]
Identity is one particular problem in master data management (MDM). Actually, it is one of the key problems that MDM is trying to solve. But just what is identity, and why is it so difficult? login required

SAS to Deliver in-Database Analytic Scoring to BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee [Published: 04-07-2010]
BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee has embeded SAS Analytics within the company’s IBM DB2 enterprise data warehouse on IBM Power Systems.

Open Text Announces Plans to Expand the Content Analytics Capabilities of Nstein Technologies in the Open Text ECM Suite [Published: 04-07-2010]
The plans will bring new content analytics capabilities to Open Text’s solutions, adding value for customers.

Oracle Extends Leadership with the Release of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System [Published: 04-07-2010]
This release introduces three new performance management applications – Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management, Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, and Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting.

SAS and Teradata Announce SAS Marketing Automation Optimized for Teradata [Published: 04-07-2010]
SAS and Teradata will provide a BI environment consisting of integrated customer analytics, data integration and campaign management.

Oracle Introduces Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management and Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management [Published: 04-07-2010]
The new applications extend the capabilities of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System to address the end-to-end financial close process and the creation of regulatory filings using XBRL.

Oracle Announces New Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting Module [Published: 04-07-2010]
With Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting, organizations can integrate and simplify budget preparation, review and approval, publication and disclosure processes.

New Paradigms for High Performance Analytical Computing [Published: 04-08-2010]
Two high performance computing technologies are transitioning into the mainstream: high performance massively parallel analytical database management systems (ADBMSs) and distributed parallel programming paradigms, such as MapReduce (Hadoop, Pig and HDFS, etc.). Learn how combining a high performance batch programming and execution model with a high performance analytical database provides significant business benefits for a number of different types of applications. login required

Vertica Analytic DBMS - Ovum Technology Audit [Published: 04-08-2010]
Ovum takes a deep-dive technology audit of Vertica's Analytic Database that is designed specifically for storing and querying large datasets. Ovum states, "Vertica's differentiator is that it combines a columnar database engine with massively parallel processing (MPP) and shared-nothing architecture, aggressive data-compression rates, and high availability. Column-based databases can be slow deleting and updating data, and Vertica addresses this by using a hybrid store that handles write, update, and insert operations. The store also makes the data available for queries in-memory. Ovum believes that Vertica's technology could be applicable across a range of markets among companies that have a mix of analytical requirements." login required

Comcast Revolutionizes Network Performance Data Analysis [Published: 04-08-2010]
Read how Comcast, the largest cable communications company in the U.S., is able to quickly collect and analyze data being generated by millions of network devices to ensure quality of service and accuracy of capacity planning to provide a consistently good customer experience. login required

Cutting Data Warehouse Reporting Time and Operating Costs [Published: 04-08-2010]
Learn how Pink OTC Markets, Inc., the third largest U.S. equity trading venue, built a highly available and highly reliable (no downtime in a year of production use) data warehouse that cost-effectively stores billions of records and scales easily by simply adding CPUs without incurring additional licensing fees. login required

Case Study: Real-Time Market Data Management - BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd. [Published: 04-08-2010]
BlueCrest Capital Management is a leading European hedge fund, with $15B in assets-under-management. Learn how BlueCrest obtains real-time analysis while simultaneously loading vast amounts of new market data. login required

Data Governance from the Ground Up: A Case Study [Published: 04-08-2010]
This article describes the data governance efforts of a Midwestern furniture manufacturer. This manufacturer turned to data governance because they could not afford to tolerate the waste and frustration of data quality issues that were eroding their ability to anticipate changes in the marketplace and perform competitively in a permanently changed economy.

Data Virtualization and Data Quality – An Overview [Published: 04-08-2010]
Avtandil Garakanidze describes how data quality controls can be integrated into the data virtualization layer.

Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Upgrades its Teradata Warehouse [Published: 04-08-2010]
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries has upgraded its Teradata warehouse to a multi-platform system with the addition of a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance.

Callidus Software Announces the Launch of its New Sales Coaching Solution [Published: 04-08-2010]
With the new SaaS product, powered by ForceLogix, Callidus now enables businesses to coach and optimize their sales force's execution as part of a comprehensive sales performance management solution.

Microsoft and Clarity Systems Sign Strategic Alliance [Published: 04-09-2010]
Clarity Systems and Microsoft will provide customers with budgeting, planning & consolidations solutions that are ideally tuned for the Microsoft technology platform.

Callidus Software Extends Sales Performance Suite [Published: 04-09-2010]
With the new SaaS product, powered by ForceLogix, Callidus now enables businesses to coach and optimize their sales force’s execution as part of a comprehensive sales performance management solution.

Top 10 Data Mining Mistakes [Published: 04-12-2010]
The knowledge gleaned from data mining can be used to fuel strategic decision making, although it’s a skill that is arguably more art than science. This white paper shares the top 10 mistakes of data mining. Most are basic, few are subtle. Find out how you fair in the data mining frenzy and learn how to overcome the challenges along the way. login required

Kognitio Announces New Pricing Service for American Access Casualty Company [Published: 04-12-2010]
The pricing service delivered to American Access is powered by Kognitio’s industry-first DaaS, giving AACC the ability to rapidly scale the system to meet its growing requirements on-demand.

expressor Announces Version 2.2 of the expressor Semantic Data Integration System [Published: 04-12-2010]
Version 2.2 of the expressor semantic data integration system features enhanced semantic rationalization and team development capabilities, additional database connectivity and expanded Microsoft platform support.

Jim Dietz of Teradata from TDWI Las Vegas 2010 [Published: 04-12-2010]

Quest Software Announces the Upcoming Launch of Toad Extension for Visual Studio [Published: 04-12-2010]
Toad Extension for Visual Studio is a database schema provider that will support complete application lifecycle management for Oracle in Visual Studio 2010.

Greenplum Software Introduces Greenplum Chorus [Published: 04-12-2010]
Greenplum Chorus is the industry’s first commercially available Enterprise Data Cloud platform.

Unica Releases the Latest Version of Unica Enterprise Suite [Published: 04-12-2010]
The new release features capabilities that help marketers both improve social media marketing and integrate social media efforts into a cross-channel marketing program.

Information Builders Announces the Release of WebFOCUS 8 [Published: 04-12-2010]
WebFOCUS 8 delivers improved end-user personalization and unique security for large-scale applications as well as customer-facing or public deployments.

TIBCO Software Launches TIBCO Spotfire 3.1 [Published: 04-12-2010]
Spotfire 3.1 allows more flexibility than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in the enterprise – to easily analyze complex data, customize their discovery experience, and share their story through mashups, portals, or interactive dashboards.

Cortal Consors Selects Tibco Spotfire Analytics Platform for Real-Time Decision Support [Published: 04-12-2010]
Cortal Consors uses the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform to collate, analyze, and meaningfully visualize customer and market data.

SAS Offers a New Software to Make the Business Benefits of Social Media a Reality [Published: 04-12-2010]
SAS Social Media Analytics is the first enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of marketers in medium and large companies.

SAS Mobile Dashboard Boosts Use of BlackBerry, iPhone & Windows Smartphones [Published: 04-12-2010]
SAS Mobile combines the power of SAS with the portability of BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Windows-based mobile devices.

Ron Powell Introduces BeyeUNIVERSITY [Published: 04-12-2010]
Listen as Ron Powell, editorial director of the BeyeNETWORK, enthusiastically describes BeyeUNIVERSITY the new on-demand educational opportunity designed to accommodate your busy schedules.

SAS Expands Analytics Options with Additional R Integration [Published: 04-12-2010]
The new integration with R will enable its users to display analytic results leveraging JMP’s interactive graphics, while allowing R users access to JMP and SAS Analytics.

Three SAS Management Technologies Available to Education in Hosted Environment [Published: 04-12-2010]
The technologies will be offered initially to education via SAS Solutions OnDemand before expanding into other industries.

SAS Makes Resources Available to Higher Education Students Worldwide at No Cost [Published: 04-12-2010]
SAS OnDemand for Academics quickly and easily delivers the power of SAS software to higher education

BPM Pulse 2010 Results and Analysis, Part 1 [Published: 04-13-2010]
What size companies are actively using business performance management and what are they doing with it? The annual BPM Pulse survey conducted by BPM Partners provides interesting facts on the current state of performance management.

Talend Releases Talend 4.0 [Published: 04-13-2010]
Talend is delivering the industry’s first integrated data management platform uniting data integration, data quality and MDM within a single solution.

Netezza and Composite Software Announce Partnership [Published: 04-13-2010]
They are working together on data federation offerings that simplify, accelerate and optimize integration of enterprise data stored on Netezza’s TwinFin appliances and other data sources.

Lixto Software Expands into US Market [Published: 04-13-2010]
Lixto has already signed partnerships with US-based companies Symphony Technology Group and Aras Software.

iVedix Delivers Customer-Centric BI Solutions [Published: 04-13-2010]
The company’s customer-centric BI technologies leverage existing data assets to drive efficiencies and improve customer engagement, enabling better, faster, more accurate decision making and planning capabilities.

SugarCRM and SnapLogic Form a Strategic Alliance [Published: 04-13-2010]
The companies will partner to deliver to SugarCRM customers the business benefits of a tightly integrated business software suite while giving them the choice to use whatever applications best meet their needs.

PivotLink Unveils the New Version of PivotLink Platform [Published: 04-13-2010]
PivotLink’s vision for the ‘New BI’, an era where everyone is empowered – especially business users who are ultimately responsible for the decisions made using the information.

Datameer Announces the Beta Availability of Datameer Analytics Solution [Published: 04-14-2010]
DAS combines the power of Hadoop with a spreadsheet interface, enabling business users to run analytics against very large data sets, with no programming required.

Oco Launches Two New Cost Analytics SaaS BI Solutions [Published: 04-14-2010]
The two new SaaS BI products will enable users to analyze complex cost structures in order to find new ways to increase profitability.

The Eternal Data Warehouse [Published: 04-15-2010]
Bill Inmon provides his perspective on how much data should be kept in a data warehouse.

TechTarget Acquires BeyeNETWORK [Published: 04-15-2010]
TechTarget acquires BeyeNETWORK and launches SearchBusinessAnalytics.com.

Reinventing Business: Enterprise Data Warehouse Business Opportunities for Manufacturing, Part 2 [Published: 04-15-2010]
Part 2 of this continuing series covers how the enterprise data warehouse is used to reinvent business in the enterprise.

Staffing for Intelligence [Published: 04-15-2010]
This technology brief explains how to get the best return on your analytics investment by seeking out a new combination of skill sets in your data professionals – and creating cross-functional liaison roles that bridge the gap between IT and business. login required

ATR Selects Clarity's Corporate Performance Management Solution [Published: 04-15-2010]
ATR has purchased Clarity's CPM solution for the firm's planning, budgeting and forecasting needs.

myDIALS Integrates Operational BI Solution with NetSuite’s Cloud Computing Platform [Published: 04-15-2010]
The combined solution extends NetSuite analytics to help NetSuite customers achieve lowered expenses, increased business efficiencies and better business performance.

SwiftKnowledge Releases Version 9 of its Web-Based BI and Analytics Technology [Published: 04-19-2010]
Version 9 extends easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools to non-technical, frontline workers, so they can gain more insight into information and make better decisions.

Composite Software Expands its Federal Operations [Published: 04-19-2010]
Composite Software has expanded its federal operations in response to accelerating government agency demand.

Noetix Introduces NoetixViews 6.0 for Oracle E-Business Suite [Published: 04-19-2010]
The new global views represent the smallest-ever footprint of NoetixViews without compromising its unparalleled coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Unica Adds Social Media Marketing Capabilities [Published: 04-19-2010]
The solution packs contains integration templates, sample code, and documentation for various social media channels.

Fiberlink Announces the MaaS360 Any Connection Reporting Module [Published: 04-19-2010]
MaaS360 ACR module is the first visibility tool that reports on all wireless connections from mobile laptops, netbooks and desktops, regardless of service provider or connection manager.

The Domino Effect [Published: 04-20-2010]
Learn about the potential negative ramifications from using dirty data and why investing in high quality data standardization and business intelligence analytics software will help mitigate a business falling prey to a dirty data disaster. login required

Improving Data Quality without Breaking the Bank [Published: 04-20-2010]
The average business database has a staggering 15 to 40 percent bad data. Improving data quality can greatly increase lift and activity within your organization. login required

Pulling it All Together with Householding [Published: 04-20-2010]
Data householding creates linkage among data sets and individual records for optimized insight. However, this process is pretty much “moot” if the the householding tool is linking data that is worthless. Any type of householding is a positive step toward future success provided it’s based on solid data underpinnings. login required

Don't Wait for your Bottom Line to Tell You Your Data is Bad [Published: 04-20-2010]
Bad data is both identifiable and repairable. This report identifies important DOs and DON’Ts to begin your data refinement. login required

Sustainability in the Federal Government: The State of Green IT [Published: 04-20-2010]
Sustainable or "green" IT means different things to different people but it has implications for the manufacture, management, utilization and disposal of IT, and, thus, indicates opportunity for business intelligence.

Maponics Releases Neighborhood Boundaries [Published: 04-20-2010]
Neighborhood Boundaries product line will expand coverage to include top metro areas in South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Lite Speed Technologies has Integrated CloudLinux's Lightweight Virtual Environment in its LiteSpeed Web Server Product [Published: 04-20-2010]
Lite Speed Technologies chose to integrate LVE technology to take advantage of its ability to control server resources while achieving increased levels of server stability and utilization.

Who Ensures Clean, Consistent Data? (Hint: It’s Not Just IT) [Published: 04-20-2010]
Inaccurate customer data costs businesses a staggering $611 billion annually. This TDWI report explores real-world solutions for strengthening alliances between business and IT, investing in technology that corrects data at its entry source, and solving data accuracy and standardization issues. login required

The Top 6 Customer Service Tips in E-Retail [Published: 04-20-2010]
Al Cordoba provide useful tips for improving customer service by providing an additional channel beyond voice communications.

Lixto Software Launches New Price Intelligence Suite and Expands into the U.S. Market [Published: 04-20-2010]
Lixto’s SaaS solutions provide companies with online pricing analysis to address these issues and help them gather real-time price intelligence from online channels to positively impact the bottom line.

Data Foundations and Trillium Software Form an Alliance to Deliver Unified Data Governance & Data Quality Solution for MDM [Published: 04-20-2010]
Data Foundations will provide customers with a technology adaptor for the Trillium Software System, enhancing its MDM product OneData.

Quantrix Expands International Presence with Six New Reseller Partners [Published: 04-20-2010]
These companies provide business and financial professionals with localized sales and services around the world.

Mark Anthony Group Selects iWay Software’s Integration Technology [Published: 04-20-2010]
Mark Anthony Group has selected integration technology from iWay Software to automate its warehouse operations.

SAP to Acquire TechniData AG [Published: 04-21-2010]
Through this acquisition, SAP intends to expand its product portfolio as well as its market and thought leadership in sustainability.

Panorama Software Launches NovaView for PowerPivot [Published: 04-21-2010]
NovaView for PowerPivot is a comprehensive BI suite built on top of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot platform that revolutionizes the BI market with its managed self-serivce BI capability and in-memory engine.

Automating Data Flows to Your Business Intelligence System [Published: 04-21-2010]
Learn how to improve data quality through automation of the ETL process and integration with data sources, with robust error recovery and auditability. Ensure that data is accessed in the proper order, and processing is completed within the operating window. login required

AIDE – A Business Intelligence Consulting Methodology [Published: 04-21-2010]
This article describes how business intelligence (BI) consulting differs from typical IT consulting and recommends a BI consulting methodology.

SAP Introduces Three New Additions to the SAP Product Lifecycle Management Family [Published: 04-21-2010]
The software provides a clear view of overall project performance from idea to execution, helping companies deliver products and services on time and on budget.

Diehl Technology Releases TABULUS 2010 Service Pack 1 [Published: 04-21-2010]
SP1 introduces several new organization tools to assist users in organizing their data: Summarize, Create groups from Columns, and Filtering.

MEI Announces Pacific Natural Foods Named a Standout Small to Medium Sized Business [Published: 04-21-2010]
Pacific Natural Foods, has been deemed a 2009 Standout Small to Medium Sized Business by the editors of Consumer Goods Technology.

SAS Simulation Studio for JMP Fosters Innovation [Published: 04-21-2010]
SAS Simulation Studio for JMP will help organizations improve planning and streamline processes in customer service, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

AUTOonline Adopts Attunity’s CDC Suite for SQL Server Integration Services [Published: 04-21-2010]
AUTOonline has adopted Attunity’s real-time ODR software and low-impact CDC technology to enable timely BI and reporting capabilities as well as to make information available in real-time for its worldwide online customer network.

Corporate Contracts Application [Published: 04-22-2010]
Bill Inmon discusses the benefits of having the data from corporate contracts in a standard relational database.

Managing Enterprise Data in a Time of Change: From MDM to Columnar to Open Source [Published: 04-22-2010]
William McKnight suggests that enterprises should look for opportunities, perhaps on the edges of your enterprise workload, to bring in the platform with characteristics of cloud, open source, appliance model, memory efficiency, or columnar orientation.

DataFlux to Support Data Quality Initiative at Syscap [Published: 04-22-2010]
Syscap has selected DataFlux technology to orchestrate its enterprise data quality initiative.

CloudLinux Releases CloudLinux 5.5 [Published: 04-22-2010]
CloudLinux 5.5 is available to subscribing customers via CloudLinux Network and is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 update.

Worldwide BI, Analytics and Performance Management Software Market Grew 4 Percent in 2009 According to Gartner, Inc. [Published: 04-22-2010]
SAP was the No. 1 vendor in combined worldwide BI, analytics and PM software revenue in 2009, accounting for 22 percent of the market, followed by Oracle, SAS Institute, IBM and Microsoft.

Lixto Software Launches Price Intelligence Suite [Published: 04-22-2010]
Lixto’s new Price Intelligence Suite has new features to help provide better results and information on pricing. I

How Organizations Make Better Decisions [Published: 04-22-2010]
Decisions, whether tactical or strategic, are critical to the success of every organization. This research study investigates the decision-making processes of 57 organizations and their use of business analytics to support and improve decision-making. login required

Bring Your Own BI, Structured and Unstructured [Published: 04-22-2010]
The explosion of social networking and content in the form of unstructured data begets a new direction for business intelligence (BI) offerings. Companies now need to strategize on ways to harness the unstructured data and leverage their communities to co-create BI. One such platform, byoBI (bring your own BI) is explained in this white paper.

MindTree to Acquire 7Strata [Published: 04-22-2010]
The ITIL-compliant platform helps customers save money and improve service levels by having an automated and integrated tool to manage IT operation processes.

Kognitio Announces Expansion Program in EMEA [Published: 04-22-2010]
Under the terms of the agreement, ITB will be the first reseller in EMEA to market, sell and provide services for WX2.

Visual Mining Announces NetCharts Performance Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics [Published: 04-22-2010]
NetCharts Performance Dashboards Solution for Microsoft Dynamics allows business end-users to easily incorporate data directly from Microsoft Dynamics applications into their dashboards.

DataFlux Announces that Large Financial Services Firms Lag Behind Smaller Firms in Watch List Monitoring [Published: 04-22-2010]
The study found that 56 percent of large firms have a process to compare customers and transactions against lists of known criminals and terrorists, compared to 70 percent of smaller firms.

April BeyePERSPECTIVE Topics: Expanding BI frontiers, data integration in the cloud, exploding data volumes and skill set development. [Published: 04-23-2010]
Upbeat discussion on the current state of business intelligence (BI) and a roadmap for the future, data integration in the cloud, a philosophical look at the explosion of data and how to manage people during this culture change on the BI journey. Panelists: Mary Jo Nott, Lou Agosta, Seth Grimes, John Myers.

The Open BI Appliance – New Thinking for New Opportunities [Published: 04-26-2010]
Merv Adrian suggests that one possible path appears to be emerging in the quest to extend business intelligence (BI) usage. He explains that appliances offer ease of configuration and setup, and focus on rapid delivery of value. login required

Clarabridge Announces the Availability of Enterprise 4.1 [Published: 04-26-2010]
Clarabridge Enterprise 4.1 provides a enhanced framework for understanding customer feedback through sentiment analysis, rich data visualization and a host of new wizards and tutorials.

Aster Data Announces Joint Solution with Dell to Help Customers Rapidly Deploy and Scale Big Data Warehouses and Advanced Analytics [Published: 04-26-2010]
The offering combines Aster Data's advanced MPP data warehouse for data management and analytics processing with Dell's leading cloud infrastructure solutions and services.

Singlehop to Offer Cloudlinux as Part of its Cascade Cloud Platform [Published: 04-26-2010]
SingleHop selected CloudLinux because of its innovative LVE technology that increases density and stability when used in a dedicated server environment.

Analytics: The Art and Science of Better [Published: 04-26-2010]
This briefing presents a series of insightful, timely articles that highlight how people, culture, process and technology combine to overcome analytical challenges. Learn how analytics can help you make better decisions faster. login required

Panopticon Releases New Versions of Panopticon Developer SDK and Panopticon EX Enterprise Application [Published: 04-26-2010]
The new products include the ability to connect to message buses and to CEP engines.

TEMIS Joins the Endeca Extend Partner Program [Published: 04-26-2010]
TEMIS has joined the Endeca Extend partner program to help customers quickly and easily integrate Luxid content enrichment capabilities directly into the Endeca Information Access Platform.

Scotland’s eHealth Program Selects InterSystems Ensemble as National Integration Platform [Published: 04-26-2010]
The use of a common integration platform will enhance the secure flow of clinical and non-clinical information to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Extending the Scope and Reach of Business Intelligence, Part 3 [Published: 04-27-2010]
Is data federation in your future? This article describes the most popular usages of data federation as well as situations where it may not be a good option.

WhiteCloud Analytics Delivers BI Services and Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems [Published: 04-27-2010]
Exclusive interview featuring WhiteCloud Analytics’ Bob Lokken

Medallia Announces the Launch of the Medallia Advanced Insights Suite [Published: 04-27-2010]
Medallia Advanced Insights Suite arms market researchers, customer insights leaders, and business analysts with advanced tools for producing deeper insights based on real-time customer data.

JasperSoft Improves Customer Support Efficiency with Exalead CloudView [Published: 04-27-2010]
Exalead CloudView unifies information access for customer service operations.

TARGIT Releases TARGIT BI Suite 2K10 [Published: 04-27-2010]
The most significant new features in the 2K10 version are the TARGIT iTop on the new edition of the TARGIT Desktop, the new criteria bar and the visualization of Sentinel rules.

National Student Clearinghouse Selects JReport for its National High School Research and Reporting System [Published: 04-27-2010]
JReport will be used to enable end-users, to easily generate reports that can be used to assess and improve educational performance across the country.

Data Requirements for Advanced Analytics [Published: 04-27-2010]
Preparing data to accommodate the analytic application you’ve chosen is imperative to success. This TDWI Checklist Report clears up confusion about distinguishing between data warehouses and analytic databases, as well as scaling up to handle large data volumes. login required

Who Ensures Clean, Consistent Data? (Hint: It’s Not Just IT) [Published: 04-27-2010]
Inaccurate customer data costs businesses a staggering $611 billion annually. This TDWI report explores real-world solutions for strengthening alliances between business and IT, investing in technology that corrects data at its entry source, and solving data accuracy and standardization issues. login required

AutoZone Seletcts Information Builders’ BI Reporting [Published: 04-27-2010]
AutoZone has selected Information Builders to create a user-friendly, scalable, and flexible reporting system across thousands of retail locations.

Business Intelligence Really Can Be Fast and Effective [Published: 04-28-2010]

Datawatch Announces Monarch Data Pump Version 10.5 Professional Edition [Published: 04-28-2010]
Monarch Data Pump V10.5 Professional Edition is the latest upgrade to Datawatch’s server-based data distribution, ETL and application integration solution.

SAP Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in BI, Analytics and Performance Management Software [Published: 04-28-2010]
In the report, SAP ranks No. 1 with 22.4 percent share of the worldwide market.

GrafTech Selects iWay EIM Suite [Published: 04-28-2010]
GrafTech International Ltd. has selected the iWay EIM Suite to synthesize information among its global manufacturing, distribution and sales operation.

Clarity Systems Named the Fastest-Growing CPM Suite Vendor in the World [Published: 04-28-2010]
Clarity's 38.0 percent growth worldwide in 2009 based on revenue was more than ten times the overall growth rate of 3.6 percent averaged among all vendors.

Raising the Bar on Business Analytics: Innovation Powered by Grid [Published: 04-28-2010]
Business analytics could be your greatest asset in delivering insight into customer behavior, operations, financial performance and risk management. Read how business analytics on a grid computing platform can significantly benefit your organization. login required

BI for the People – and the 10 Pitfalls to Avoid in the New Decade [Published: 04-28-2010]
Business intelligence (BI) emerged twenty years ago as a tool for aiding decision making. Originally seen as the preserve of analysts and board-level executives, it has slowly evolved into a more democratic medium as organizations have come to realize that decision makers at all levels and in all departments need access to timely, relevant information. login required

Consumer Products Leaders Find Gold Hidden in their Demand Data: Next-Gen BI Uncovers It [Published: 04-28-2010]
A recent report from Consumer Goods Technology shows how Campbell’s Soup, a leading sports drink manufacturer, and Lifetime Brands are using demand signal data to maximize profits and contain costs. Join other industry leaders who have figured out how to use existing business data to thrive in this sink-or-swim economy. Using demand signal data, they're gaining powerful insight into sales opportunities; profitability for each account, line of business, or business unit; and revenue, costs and profit leaks. login required

BI in Healthcare – A Prescription for Good Financial Health [Published: 04-28-2010]
Healthcare providers have struggled for years to achieve and maintain a consistent profit or surplus. But the cost of delivering care continues to rise, while payors steadily rein in the reimbursements they are willing to make. This report provides a road map to help healthcare providers understand how business intelligence technologies can be leveraged to drive margins, productivity and reductions in costs. login required

Birst Announces the Availability of Birst 4 Spring Release [Published: 04-28-2010]
Birst 4 Spring Release is the latest update to Birst 4, a comprehensive business intelligence solution that features rapid deployment and high ROI.

Attensity Group Acquires Biz360 [Published: 04-28-2010]
This acquisition propels Attensity to a dominant position in the expanding Social CRM market.

City of Charlotte Selects Clarity Systems’ Corporate Performance Management and Financial Governance Solutions [Published: 04-29-2010]
Clarity 7 will improve the budgeting, capital planning, HR planning, scenario planning and forecasting capabilities of the City while Clarity FSR automates Report Book production.

Information Architects and Technicians [Published: 04-29-2010]
There are many differences between technicians and architects, but Bill Inmon notes that there is ample room in the data warehousing world for both professions.

Parallels Includes CloudLinux in Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5 Control Panel [Published: 04-29-2010]
Parallels chose to include CloudLinux because of its LVE technology that is designed specifically for hosting service providers to provide greater density and stability in shared hosting and multi-tenant environments.

11 New Partners Further Enrich SME On-Demand Solution SAP Business ByDesign [Published: 04-29-2010]
The complementary partner offerings increase the versatility of SAP Business ByDesign and supplement the solution's ability to improve and automate key business processes for midsize companies.

Master Data Management Drivers and the Reliance on Data Governance [Published: 04-29-2010]
In the rush to realize the benefits of a master data management (MDM) solution, the deployment of MDM often precedes two important aspects of any significant undertaking. David Loshin cautions against this approach and provides a list of critical MDM and data governance concepts that should be considered prior to purchasing any tools. login required

Clarity Systems has Entered into an OEM Agreement with AOD Software [Published: 04-29-2010]
AOD Software is a developer of targeted application software serving the Long Term Care and Senior Health Care Industries.

World’s Social Gaming Companies Select Vertica for Enhance Gaming Experiences in Real-Time [Published: 04-29-2010]
Gaming giants are using the Vertica Analytic Database to improve revenue and customer retention by continuously enhancing players' gaming experience on social platforms.

Beyond Reporting: Delivering Insights with Next-Generation Analytics [Published: 04-30-2010]
There are many options today for outfitting business and technical analysts with tools to improve productivity and preserve data consistency throughout an organization. Evaluating these analytical tools – and whether they are geared to power users versus casual users – is the focus of this report. login required