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May 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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BI Tool Evaluation Methodology [Published: 05-01-2009]
Business intelligence (BI) tools are the primary medium employed to deliver intelligence to internal users and/or external customers, vendors, investors and other governing bodies. This white paper articulates MindTree’s methodology for evaluation of a BI tool. login required

SAP AG Office Expansion on its Newtown Square Campus [Published: 05-01-2009]
The building includes numerous sustainable design features and is built to comply with the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

From Business Intelligence to Intelligent Data Exploration [Published: 05-04-2009]
Sylvain Pavlowski describes why it is critical to re-think infrastructures in order to give users the flexibility and tools needed for greater adaptability and faster analysis.

Rogue Wave Software Acquires Visual Numerics [Published: 05-04-2009]
Visual Numerics has provided numerical analysis and visualization software solutions that help users understand complex data from a variety of sources and build business–critical applications.

Haskell uses Information Builders’ Business Intelligence and Integration Technology [Published: 05-04-2009]
Haskell has discovered many advantages to using WebFOCUS and technology from iWay Software to augment its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Composite Software Begins Shipping Newest Upgrade of Composite Information Server, Version 5.0 [Published: 05-04-2009]
As global enterprises seek to maximize the value of their existing data, they must incorporate all possible data sources across their extended enterprises.

InforSense and Tessella Partner [Published: 05-04-2009]
The partnership to enable the delivery of scientific intelligence for improved drug discovery, disease understanding and productivity.

JD Williams & Company Selects Teradata [Published: 05-04-2009]
Teradata and its alliance partner Speed–Trap are to provide an integrated web intelligence system that leverages fresh online interaction data to deliver instantly actionable customer insights.

IBM Acquires Exeros [Published: 05-05-2009]
The acquisition further strengthens IBM's Information Agenda strategy to help companies turn data into a strategic asset, and provides new capabilities for IBM's recently announced Business Analytics Optimization Consulting practice.

comScore Selects Syncsort [Published: 05-05-2009]
Syncsort data integration capabilities efficiently replace formerly hand–coded processes and run five times faster on the same hardware.

An Introduction to Lean Business Intelligence [Published: 05-05-2009]
Steve Dine begins a series of articles on Lean Business Intelligence with this article that provides an introduction to how it can help deliver more value with existing resources.

Telecommunications: Recovery Driver or Luxury Expense? [Published: 05-05-2009]
John Myers talks about where telecommunications falls on the “hierarchy” of needs in this economy.

Sales Performance Management and How it Affects Your Bottom Line [Published: 05-05-2009]
Susan Major discusses incentive compensation – one of the key elements that has a direct effect on the bottom line impact of sales revenue.

Are there any practical tools for integrating spreadsheets into a flexible information management system? [Published: 05-05-2009] login required

Kalido Information Engine Includes Significant Data Matching Capabilities for Broader Support of Governance Programs [Published: 05-05-2009]
The new release also includes enhanced functionality for the enablement of best practices for the design, development and deployment of the Kalido Information Engine.

British Sugar Selects BOARD [Published: 05-05-2009]
BOARD has displaced 100's of complicated spreadsheets and has allowed British Sugar the time and felxibility to understand how the business is performing again the forecast.

iWay Software Announces the Addition of a New Salesforce.com Adapter for WebSphere [Published: 05-05-2009]
iWay’s Salesforce.com adapter provides interface and integration touchpoints for all software–as–a–service– (SaaS) –based Salesforce.com applications and services.

SeeWhy Launches Abandonment Tracker Free [Published: 05-05-2009]
Abandonment Tracker Free is available as a software–as–a–service (SaaS) solution that makes it easy to convert up to 30 percent of website visitors who had previously abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations.

Rethinking Definition [Published: 05-06-2009]
Malcolm Chisholm explains that acknowledging definitions have to be captured rather than gathered, and that they can be continuously improved, will make them more valuable to the enterprise over time.

WhereScape Introduces WhereScape RED 6 [Published: 05-06-2009]
WhereScape RED 6 is the latest version of the company’s software which enables organizations to ensure that the structure of their data always meets the changing needs of the business.

CSC Signs Agreement with Xerox Corporation [Published: 05-06-2009]
The contract, which has a seven-year base period, is valued in excess of $100 million.

Minnesota Department of Education Selects Information Builders [Published: 05-06-2009]
Federal law requires states to implement systems that hold districts and schools accountable for the education of students.

PROPHIX Software Announces PROPHIX Version 5.1 [Published: 05-06-2009]
PROPHIX version 5.1 brings powerful new collaborative workflow management and extended financial consolidation capabilities to the masses.

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications Release 7.9.6 [Published: 05-06-2009]
Oracle BI Applications Release 7.9.6 is a prebuilt solutions for Oracle and non–Oracle applications that enable organizations to proactively make informed, actionable decisions and drive toward optimized performance across the enterprise.

Oracle Introduces Oracle Loyalty Analytics [Published: 05-06-2009]
Out–of–the–box, Oracle Loyalty Analytics is integrated with Oracle's Siebel Loyalty Management to provide those users with deeper insight into the performance of their loyalty campaigns.

University of Colorado Pleased with MotioCI's Ability to Monitor its BI Solutions [Published: 05-06-2009]
MotioCI proves itself an active insurance policy for CU in tough economy.

Subex Limited and Dataupia Sign Agreement [Published: 05-07-2009]
The agreement is to jointly provide communication service providers (CSPs) with state–of–the–art revenue maximization solutions enhanced with real–time operational intelligence capabilities.

Inmon’s Hierarchy of Needs for Information Technology, Part 2 [Published: 05-07-2009]
Bill Inmon completes his series on Inmon's hierarchy of needs for information technology with a look at how the hierarchy of needs is evident in the attitudes and practices of the world of technology.

Trends in SAP Business Warehousing [Published: 05-07-2009]
Lou Agosta looks at firms with highly heterogeneous data, only a fraction of which is in SAP; at global firms with dozens and dozens of SAP instances; and at data warehouse appliance opportunities. His article discusses how these three trends play out in a SAP context.

Clarity Systems Releases Clarity 6.5 [Published: 05-07-2009]
Clarity 6.5 is the fastest and most powerful version yet of its CPM solution.

expressor software and BIReady Partner [Published: 05-07-2009]
The agreement is to deliver a flexible, business–metadata–driven, cost–effective data warehousing solution that dramatically cuts the cost of any business intelligence (BI) initiatives.

Neptuny Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program [Published: 05-07-2009]
The Technology Alliance Partner Program gives independent software vendors (ISVs) a set of technical and marketing services, tools and expertise to work collaboratively to deliver enhanced value to shared customers.

University at Buffalo, SUNY, Leads Data-Intensive Discovery Initiative Via an Academic, Government and Industry Collaboration [Published: 05-07-2009]
The system delivers its first query response against a 1.2 billion–row test database in two seconds, proving fast implementation and performance as a data–intensive computing platform.

Evaluating Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 05-07-2009]
Mike Ferguson, Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited, provides his perspective on the shift from more traditional analytics requirements to those that are enabling businesses to proactively compete on analytics.

U.S. Army Awards CSC a Task Order [Published: 05-08-2009]
The task order is to provide systems engineering, technical and program support for the Project Manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS).

Successful Data Migration: A Step-by-Step Process [Published: 05-11-2009]
David Barkaway describes a 7-step data migration process that balances cost and rapid delivery.

Actuate Delivers Open Source Eclipse BIRT for the Future [Published: 05-11-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Actuate’s Nobby Akiha

Actuate Delivers Open Source Eclipse BIRT for the Future [Published: 05-11-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Actuate’s Nobby Akiha

University of Colorado Presents at IBM Cognos Forum 2009 [Published: 05-11-2009]
MotioCI proves itself an active insurance policy for CU in tough economy.

City of Richardson, Texas, Using Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI Platform [Published: 05-11-2009]
WebFOCUS reports are being used by every department in the city, helping city workers find the information they need to better support revitalization projects.

CSC is an SAP–Certified Global Provider of Application Management Services [Published: 05-11-2009]
CSC joins a select group of less then 10 SAP partners worldwide that have attained both certifications.

Composite Software and Motio Start Shipping the New Composite BI Accelerator [Published: 05-11-2009]
Jointly developed by Composite and Motio, the Composite BI Accelerator automates currently cumbersome tasks in the BI lifecycle.

An Enterprise Framework for Business Intelligence [Published: 05-12-2009]
Researcher Colin White presents an enterprise BI framework that includes the key elements needed in a BI system. This approach to building and evolving a BI system can be used as a long-term goal to provide flexibility as products and technologies change. login required

SPSS Introduces PASW Collaboration and Deployment Services 4 [Published: 05-12-2009]
The new functionality includes enhanced collaboration capabilities that provide more options for publishing analytical results.

JapserForge Reaches Full Production [Published: 05-12-2009]
Advanced JasperForge brings new social features to developers and organizations working with the world’s most widely used business intelligence software.

Leading Change in Business Intelligence [Published: 05-12-2009]
Maureen Clarry explains that the potential for adoption of business intelligence can be improved by using a framework to manage the people dimension of change.

The Flaws of the Classic Data Warehouse Architecture, Part 3 [Published: 05-12-2009]
Rick van der Lans describes the relationship between the data delivery platform and ETL tools, EII tools, the virtual data warehouse and service-oriented architectures.

Mastering Data Management in Health and Life Sciences [Published: 05-12-2009]
Greg Nelson outlines the benefits of a good master data management strategy, talks about the challenges that organizations have to overcome and concludes with a brief discussion on the ROI that is achievable if successful.

What Happened to Understanding the Value of Data Quality? [Published: 05-12-2009]
Lyndsay Wise emphasizes the importance of maintaining data quality in order to get to get the most value out of business intelligence solutions.

SAP AG Unveils the SAP 2008 Sustainability Report [Published: 05-12-2009]
The new SAP 2008 Sustainability Report is the company's first independently assured report, having achieved a B+ Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) rating.

A Rising Number of Midsize Companies are Deploying SAP’s Comprehensive SAP Business All–in–One Solution [Published: 05-12-2009]
SAP Business All–in–One is designed to support customers in getting up and running quickly.

SAP AG Adds Two New Solution Extensions to its Robust Ecosystem Offerings [Published: 05-12-2009]
SAP will offer selected products as official solution extension offerings addressing inventory management and data maintenance.

Spectrum Launches Fin-Buzz Based on Birst's On–Demand Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-12-2009]
Fin–buzz allows stock traders and investor relations professionals to track the effects of media sentiment on share prices in real–time.

SAP AG and Sybase Partner [Published: 05-12-2009]
Partnership is centered around co–innovation that will change how users access critical business information anytime, anywhere.

CrestPoint Solutions and KEG Technologies have Merged [Published: 05-12-2009]
Together the two companies bring real–time remote monitoring and management capabilities across the Internet to the desktop to improve mission critical facility operations.

Siperian Hosts an Annual Gathering of the Company’s Customers and Partners [Published: 05-13-2009]
The interactive event highlighted the flexibility of the Siperian platform when deploying solutions across numerous vertical markets in support of business requirements.

Fixing a Broken Government in the Information Age [Published: 05-13-2009]
Larry English describes why the federal government needs accurate, complete and timely information to identify root causes of defects and to improve business and information processes in order to work effectively.

Obama's Information Technology Priority [Published: 05-13-2009]
Roger Sessions examines the challenges that President Obama will have delivering on his promise. He also makes some specific suggestions on how the President's administration should proceed.

Overspending on Business Performance Management [Published: 05-13-2009]
Craig Schiff describes the seemingly innocuous decisions that can cause companies to incur unnecessary costs when purchasing business performance management solutions.

On-Demand Business Performance Management and Business Intelligence [Published: 05-13-2009]
John Colbert provides a fresh look at on-demand solutions as an alternative to traditional deployment approaches for performance management and business intelligence.

SAP AG and Research In Motion Announce the Availability of an Integrated Solution [Published: 05-13-2009]
The solution provides customers with anytime, anywhere access to the SAP Customer Relationship Management application on BlackBerry smartphones.

Klipfolio and Corporate Dashboard Partner [Published: 05-13-2009]
The announcement comes as Klipfolio recognizes a growing number of customer wins in France due in part to the strength of its relationship with Corporate Dashboard.

Midsize Companies Select SAP Business ByDesign [Published: 05-13-2009]
SAP Business ByDesign enables midsize companies from various industries to improve transparency and business operations, and support international growth–all while helping to reduce IT costs.

Sybase and MicroStrategy Enter Agreement [Published: 05-13-2009]
Sybase will offer integrated packaging and pricing in an exclusive promotion on MicroStrategy products when sold with its Sybase IQ analytics server.

CSC is Awarded a SAP Global Pinnacle Award [Published: 05-14-2009]
SAP Pinnacle Awards are granted to SAP partners that team with the company to help clients address critical business issues.

Visual i|o Unveils the Newest Generation of its Enterprise Software [Published: 05-14-2009]
Through its new product, Visual i|o also introduces an industry–first "Visual Search" capability delivering unprecedented integration of business intelligence with data search functionalities.

Different Flavors of Design – The Data Vault [Published: 05-14-2009]
Chuck Kelley provides a brief introduction to the data vault technique developed by Dan Linstedt.

RFM: A Precursor to Data Mining [Published: 05-14-2009]
Jim Stafford explains that RFM, business intelligence and data mining represent a common progression away from mass marketing as marketing efforts become more analytically based and targeted.

Different Kinds of Data Warehouses [Published: 05-14-2009]
Bill Inmon explains that there are two basic kinds of data warehouses for text that has been passed through the textual ETL process.

Why Visualization? See the Big Picture [Published: 05-14-2009]
The advanced data visualization solution from BIS² is a valuable tool for strategic, operational and analytical users of data within an enterprise. Visually depicting related data allows the mind to quickly detect patterns and make actionable decisions. login required

A Primer on Super Graphics: Introducing Temporal Analysis [Published: 05-14-2009]
An introduction to a visualization concept called Super Graphics™ and BIS²'s criteria for evaluating a Super Graphic. The criteria are used to evaluate a temporal (time based) spiral visual design produced by BIS²'s advanced data visualization solution. login required

A Primer on Super Graphics: Introducing Pivotal Visualization [Published: 05-14-2009]
Pivotal visualizations leverage the inherent structure and nature of data to determine the best way to present it. Classic and modern examples are examined, and two are compared based on BIS²’s criteria for a Super Graphic™. login required

A Primer on Super Graphics: Introducing Spatial Analysis [Published: 05-14-2009]
Spatial visualizations are commonly used to analyze location based data. BIS²’s spatial visual design increases the value and reduces the complexity to perform location based analysis when compared with commonly used graphical information systems. login required

BI In the Cloud – Lower Cost, Faster Deployment [Published: 05-14-2009]
This podcast focuses on the increasingly attractive opportunity to deploy enterprise software applications on a cloud-based infrastructure.

Empower OEM Applications with Excel Reporting Using Actuate e.Spreadsheet [Published: 05-15-2009]
Although Excel drives business processes world-wide, Excel spreadsheets are typically created by hand. The Excel spreadsheets are created by cutting and pasting data from other applications into the spreadsheets and then defining the necessary formatting, formulas, charts and other modifications. When the business data changes, the Excel spreadsheets must be reformatted or re-constructed. As a result, there is a significant need for an automated, sophisticated tool to generate Excel-based reports to increase productivity and user satisfaction. login required

Embed Actuate BIRT to Enable Business Users to Interact with and Build Their Own Reports [Published: 05-15-2009]
This white paper explains how the Actuate platform enables IT, business users and consumers to work together to continuously evolve reports by sharing report designs and engaging in iterative report development, as well as how to empower users to easily create and modify their own interactive reports. By creating highly usable and scalable reports, OEMs can drive the market's adoption of their application, while reducing the burden on IT staff and OEM professional service organizations. login required

Actuate Upgrade Strategy Package [Published: 05-15-2009]
The Actuate Upgrade Strategy Package provides customers with five days of Actuate Professional Services assistance to ensure a best practice/best use approach for an Actuate upgrade. login required

BIRT Strategy Workshop: Give Your Reporting Project the Right Start [Published: 05-15-2009]
The BIRT Strategy Workshop is a one day services engagement that results in a Project Recommendations Document, consisting of best practice recommendations based on project-specific needs in the areas of reporting application architecture; report design; data provisioning; report performance optimization; security and access control; and production migration. login required

Lixto Releases its Travel Online Market Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-15-2009]
This new SaaS–based solution offers travel companies, travel agencies and medium to large size hotel chains a modular approach to providing online market intelligence.

High Precision Matching at the Heart of Customer Data integration [Published: 05-15-2009]
The quality of your CDI solution is only as powerful as the quality of your matching engine. login required

The Retail Business Intelligence Dashboard [Published: 05-17-2009]
As a retailer looking to drive your business with insight, the BI dashboard - a small but valuable piece of computer screen real estate - can change the way your retail professionals go about their work every day. Learn what to put it on the dashboard, what should it summarize and where should it lead. login required

The Retail Analytics Playbook [Published: 05-17-2009]
Retailers can develop the same kind of Playbook that football teams use to help succeed against the competition. The Retail Playbook should look at each merchandise season much like a football game with four quarters: pre-season, early season, mid-season and seasonal transition or end-of-season. login required

Availability in a Converged World: Successful Providers Must Rise to New Market Standards [Published: 05-18-2009]
The telecommunications industry is changing at a blinding rate. Competitors are entering the market from outside the traditional telecommunications space, and they are offering innovative new services to a receptive subscriber base. Michael Crane explains that to remain competitive, telecommunications service providers (TSPs) will need infrastructure that delivers superior, differentiated services that extend across IP and telecommunications networks. However, such infrastructure must facilitate the same levels of availability for converged services as customers have come to expect for the public switched telephony network (PSTN), and this poses challenges.

Deltek Partners with Analytix On Demand [Published: 05-18-2009]
Deltek has fully integrated Analytix On Demand’s business intelligence with the GCS Premier project management solution.

New Colin White Research Paper: An Enterprise Framework for Business Intelligence [Published: 05-18-2009]
Organizations need to build BI systems that can handle technology and product changes. This paper presents a flexible enterprise BI framework that can evolve with changing requirements.

SRC Announces Customer Lineup [Published: 05-18-2009]
SRC attributes its growing dominance in the commercial real estate space to recent attention SRC's long–time clients have received in successfully attacking pain points of a down economy.

The Swiss Colony Deploys Pentaho’s BI Suite Enterprise Edition [Published: 05-18-2009]
The Swiss Colony is using Pentaho to integrate massive amounts of clickstream data and web analytics.

How do you achieve a balance between perfecting the quality of the data and leveraging it as a strategic business asset? [Published: 05-18-2009] login required

TIBCO Software Launches TIBCO Spotfire 3.0 [Published: 05-18-2009]
TIBCO Spotfire 3.0 is the latest version of the company’s industry–leading, in–memory analytics platform that equips people to make better decisions.

CSC Announces the Successful go Live of the Second Phase of the U.S. Army’s Logistics Modernization Program [Published: 05-18-2009]
Phase two implementation increases the system user base from 3,500 to more than 8,500.

ASG Software Solutions Announces the Availability of ASG’s BSP Distributed Workload Management [Published: 05-18-2009]
ASG’s BSP Distributed Workload Management allows IT operations managers to effectively monitor, manage, and automate the scheduling and execution of critical distributed workloads in real time.

New Colin White Research Paper: An Enterprise Framework for Business Intelligence [Published: 05-18-2009]
Organizations need to build BI systems that can handle technology and product changes. This paper presents a flexible enterprise BI framework that can evolve with changing requirements.

Data Mart Manpower Calculator [Published: 05-18-2009]
This white paper includes a link to an easy-to-use calculator built using Microsoft Excel that provides an estimate of the mapower requirements necessary to build a data mart on user-supplied variables. login required

Price Chopper Selects ParAccel [Published: 05-19-2009]
Price Chopper’s implementation consolidates multiple data marts from several different databases and server platforms onto a single instance of the ParAccel Analytic Database.

U.S. Navy Chief of Information Awards CSC a Contract [Published: 05-19-2009]
CSC is one of four companies selected to compete for task orders under the indefinite–delivery/indefinite–quantity contract.

Business Intelligence Realization: An Agile Answer [Published: 05-19-2009]
Steve Palmer explains that the full benefits of business intelligence are often not realized by an enterprise, and he provides an insightful explanation for that failure.

Enabling Collaboration [Published: 05-19-2009]
Dr. Barquin looks at a recent paper by the National Academy of Public Administration and the implications it contains for business intelligence professionals.

7 Highly Elegant Business Intelligence Applications for Healthcare Providers [Published: 05-19-2009]
Scott Wanless describes 7 business intelligence applications that add value at any time, in any economy, at any level of the organization, for any size or type of healthcare organization, and are visible and valuable across the organization.

Information Builders Announces WebFOCUS Financial Reporting Exchange Integrates UBmatrix's XBRL Processing Engine [Published: 05-19-2009]
WebFOCUS Financial Reporting Exchange is the only BI platform to provide the ability to publish and consume eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL).

Network Products Guide Selects Kognitio’s WX2 Analytical Database as a Winner of the 2009 Best Products and Services Award [Published: 05-19-2009]
The annual award honors products and services that represent the rapidly changing needs and interests of the end–users of technology worldwide.

CSC Joins Mission Support Alliance LLC Team [Published: 05-19-2009]
The Mission Support award is a cost–plus–award fee contract, with a total value of approximately $3 billion over ten years.

SPSS Predictive Analytics Software Successfully Tested on HP Neoview Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform [Published: 05-19-2009]

City of Edmonton Delivers 311 Telephone Information Service to Residents Using the Latest Version of the SAP CRM Application [Published: 05-19-2009]
The 311 service provides Edmonton's more than three quarters of a million citizens with single–point access to information and non–emergency services.

L'Oreal Deploys Informance Solutions [Published: 05-20-2009]
With Informance, the world–renowned consumer goods company drives and sustains manufacturing operations performance to increase capacity and reduce costs.

CPG and Analytic Vision of Charlotte, NC Partner [Published: 05-20-2009]
CPG is an expert in Oracle E–Business Suite, Agile PLM, business intelligence and in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain industries.

Information Systems Institute, Department of Economics at the University of Leipzig Selects the IMSL C# Numerical Library [Published: 05-20-2009]
The system will offer capabilities such as forecasting demand, optimizing transportation routes, calculating disaster cases and, most importantly, finding new correlations between variables in the logistics network.

Talend Announces Availability of Talend Integration Suite MPX [Published: 05-20-2009]
Talend Integration Suite MPX is a new enterprise data integration platform specially designed to help organizations attain the highest levels of performance and shatter the limits.

Pay as You Go: SaaS Business Intelligence and Data Management [Published: 05-20-2009]
Claudia Imhoff and Colin White provide an overview the case studies of five companies that have successfully deployed software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence or data management solutions.

Leading Organizations Worldwide Leverages Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI Applications to Support Environmental Initiatives [Published: 05-20-2009]
Many corporate environmental initiatives have the dual benefit of fostering environmental responsibility while reducing costs.

Trillium Software Releases the Trillium Software System v12 [Published: 05-20-2009]
Trillium Software System v12 is the latest major version of its enterprise data quality solution for high–volume data profiling and discovery, data cleansing, and data quality dashboards and reporting.

Corda Technologies Releases CenterView 4.0 [Published: 05-20-2009]
This new version features a number of enhancements and performance improvements that deliver enterprise–level performance dashboards and advanced visual business intelligence capabilities.

The Evolution of Open Source and the Implications for BI [Published: 05-20-2009]
This podcast focuses on some of the recent developments in open source software, what the future holds, and what that means to the BI market.

Blink Logic Enhances its Blink Reseller Partner Program [Published: 05-21-2009]
The expanded program will enable ISVs to integrate secure, comprehensive BI and reporting into their applications at minimal cost.

Master Data Management Success Factors – A Checklist [Published: 05-21-2009]
David Loshin begins a series of articles that will provide checklists that can be used to identify certain risk factors that may prevent the successful implementation of master data management.

KPIs and Unstructured Data [Published: 05-21-2009]
Bill Inmon explains how the issue of KPIs poses some real issues and challenges once unstructured data is introduced into the data warehouse.

E.ON U.S. Implements Several Utilities–Focused Software Solutions from SAP AG [Published: 05-21-2009]
By introducing SAP software, E.ON U.S. replaced its legacy systems with a standardized software solution after having harmonized and partly redesigned some of its business processes.

Information Difference 2009 Data Quality Landscape Q1 Report Ranks Melissa Data First in Customer Satisfaction [Published: 05-21-2009]
Melissa Data is a developer of data quality, data integration and data enrichment solutions.

RealNetworks Becomes Teradata Extreme Data Appliance Customer [Published: 05-22-2009]
Extreme Data Appliance to house years of historical data needed to calculate royalty and bounty payments for this digital entertainment services company.

SAP Participates in BeyeNETWORK Spotlight Interview Series [Published: 05-26-2009]
Exclusive interview features Mani Gill of SAP discussing SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence on-demand solutions

SAP Participates in BeyeNETWORK Spotlight Interview Series [Published: 05-26-2009]
Exclusive interview features Mani Gill of SAP discussing SAP® BusinessObjects™ business intelligence on-demand solutions

AddressDoctor Provides a Free Online Postal Code Lookup Tool [Published: 05-26-2009]
The tool not only completes missing postal codes and address elements, it also corrects misspelled addresses from more than 240 countries.

Clarity Systems and the London Stock Exchange Company News Service Partner [Published: 05-26-2009]
The partnership will enable users of Clarity FSR to streamline their submission of announcements to RNS.

Information Builders is Named a Finalist in the 2009 American Business Awards [Published: 05-26-2009]
This is the second straight year that Information Builders’ Customer Support department has been recognized as a finalist by the ABA.

XFormity Technologies Deploys its Business Intelligence Solution Across Charter Foods Locations [Published: 05-26-2009]
The XFormity solution was deployed by Charter in an effort to significantly improve visibility across the organization with the right data available at the right time.

Mavenir Systems Selects Infobright Enterprise Edition [Published: 05-26-2009]
IEE enables Mavenir Systems to quickly and cost effectively load and store huge volumes of messaging data needed by its customers.

HSBC Selects SAS Fraud Management [Published: 05-26-2009]
HSBC and SAS are working together to expand SAS Fraud Management's capabilities.

Are there best practices for conflict management when data professionals disagree? [Published: 05-26-2009] login required

Datawatch Corporation Announces Availability of Monarch V10 [Published: 05-27-2009]
Monarch V10 provides new analytic and styling capabilities, enhanced Excel integration, access to new data sources, easier model building and more.

PROPHIX Software Announces the Release of its Financial Controller [Published: 05-27-2009]
Financial Controller is a module that streamlines consolidation cycles.

Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Awards CSC a Task Order [Published: 05-27-2009]
The task order has a one-year base period and four one–year options, bringing the estimated total five-year contract value to $36 million.

Tagetik Releases Tagetik 3.0 [Published: 05-27-2009]
This new product enables companies to simplify the complexity of day–to–day business operations.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Awards CSC a Task Order [Published: 05-27-2009]
The task order is to conduct scanning, indexing and file management operations at a records digitization facility.

Comparison of Data Warehousing DBMS Platforms [Published: 05-28-2009]
This data warehouse platform comparison analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of relational, column and correlation databases for complex and demanding analytics environments. login required

An Overview of the Correlation Storage Structure [Published: 05-28-2009]
A radically different data warehouse database platform has a unique storage model that uses a virtual data structure and stores 100% indexed data by individual value for fast performance, total access flexibility and an ultra-compact size. login required

When Standard SQL Queries Can't Get the Job Done [Published: 05-28-2009]
The value-based storage model in the data model-independent correlation database overcomes the limitations of SQL to provide intuitive, unrestricted flexibility for train-of-thought data analysis and exploration, and supports unique query types. login required

SolStonePlus Achieves Oracle Certified Advantage Partner Status [Published: 05-28-2009]
Oracle Certified Advantage Partner status is the highest level of attainment and recognition in the Oracle Partner community.

Gold Eagle Subscribes to Planalytics Business Weather Intelligence Services [Published: 05-28-2009]
Gold Eagle's will utilize Planalytics' Consumer Insights platform to measure and manage weather–driven demand for select products.

Infobright and Pentaho Announce the Availability of an Integrated Virtual Machine [Published: 05-28-2009]
The integrated solution provides a compelling alternative for organizations that are tasked to deliver better business insight while containing IT expenses.

Attunity Announces the General Availability of Attunity Oracle–CDC for SSIS [Published: 05-28-2009]
IT Managers are increasingly looking at data integration tools that can accommodate such business demands while at the same time deal with the rapid growth in data volumes and focus on lowering costs.

Technology for Operational Decision Making [Published: 05-28-2009]
Success in business relies on making the right decisions at every level within the organization. This focus on being decision-centric is often neglected because the individual front-line decisions seem to lack impact. This white paper outlines ways to take control of these operational decisions. This approach is called enterprise decision management. login required

Pay as You Go: Software-as-a-Service Business Intelligence and Data Management [Published: 05-29-2009]
This research report focuses on software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence and data management implementations. The report includes several case studies along with descriptions of vendor SaaS offerings. login required

Pentaho Announces New Connectors for Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition [Published: 05-29-2009]
The new connectors for Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition will provide integration with Google Spreadsheets as well as a connector for Google Analytics.

Improving the Accuracy of Spend Analysis through Data Quality [Published: 05-29-2009]
Poor-quality product data creates difficulties in controlling the costs of production, promoting the productivity of the company and delivering finished goods. This white paper offers practical advice on how data quality technology can be used to address these issues. login required

The Three Key Phases for Data Migration – and Beyond [Published: 05-29-2009]
Companies that have already done major data migration or consolidation work often struggle with incompatible system designs and technologies, limited knowledge of what data exists and a lack of standards on what constitutes "good" data. This white paper examines how data management technology can solve these issues through a three-phase process of analyzing, improving and controlling data. login required

Data Quality Remediation [Published: 05-29-2009]
When errors in data are identified, the data stewards responsible for the data must take action. This white paper by David Loshin reviews the pieces of that immediate action plan: the triage and analysis tasks performed by data quality analysts or data stewards when an issue is identified and logged in the data quality incident tracking system. login required

Understanding Data Governance ROI: A Compliance Perspective [Published: 05-29-2009]
This white paper examines the role of data governance programs in supporting compliance efforts with a focus on the types of contributions these efforts make, especially in the area of managing compliance costs. The paper also introduces an ROI formula for use in circumstances where it’s important to quantify the value of those contributions. login required