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June 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Visual Mining Delivers Agile Performance Dashboarding [Published: 06-01-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Visual Mining’s Tristan Ziegler

Visual Mining Delivers Agile Performance Dashboarding [Published: 06-01-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Visual Mining’s Tristan Ziegler

DataLab USA is Awarded a Contract with one of the National Congressional Committees [Published: 06-01-2009]
DataLab will be providing customer and prospect data warehousing, data hosting, modeling/ analytics, and strategic consulting.

British Telecom has Renewed its DaaS Contract from Kognitio [Published: 06-01-2009]
Kognitio will continue to support BT’s pricing division in the development of new service offerings for business customers.

CSC Announces a Family of Cloud Services [Published: 06-01-2009]
CSC announced a family of cloud services that leverage the company’s strengths with private clouds and combines them with new public cloud models.

What are some best practices to observe when executing global projects? [Published: 06-01-2009] login required

CSC Joins the Project Management Institute Global Corporate Council [Published: 06-01-2009]
PMI is the world’s leading not–for–profit association for the project management profession.

Web Seminar to Present Results of BeyeNETWORK Software-as-a-Service Research [Published: 06-01-2009]
Claudia Imhoff and Colin White host a web seminar highlighting the proliferation of software offered via a service model based on a survey of BeyeNETWORK visitors and interviews with vendors and successful SaaS implementers.

Web Seminar to Present Results of BeyeNETWORK Software as a Service Research [Published: 06-01-2009]
Claudia Imhoff and Colin White host a web seminar highlighting the proliferation of software offered via a service model based on a survey of BeyeNETWORK visitors and interviews with vendors and successful SaaS implementers.

Tapping the Full Potential of Sales and Marketing Data for Pharmaceuticals [Published: 06-01-2009]
As pharmaceutical manufacturers face an era of sharply reduced sales and marketing budgets, increasingly complex and restrictive regulations and rapidly changing demand patterns over a drug's life, it is now especially important to have accurate and timely information. login required

Improving the Accuracy of Spend Analysis through Data Quality [Published: 06-01-2009]
Poor-quality product data creates difficulties in controlling the costs of production, promoting the productivity of the company and delivering finished goods. This white paper offers practical advice on how data quality technology can be used to address these issues. login required

The ROI of Data Governance: A Revenue Generation Perspective [Published: 06-01-2009]
Concentrating on increasing revenue necessarily means paying attention to metrics such as return on investment (ROI). This white paper from Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute provides a practical guide for determining ROI for data governance, data quality, metadata, master data or other data related programs, projects or ongoing processes. login required

Observing Data Quality Service Level Agreements [Published: 06-01-2009]
This white paper by David Loshin from Knowledge Integrity examines how to measure data quality and what to do when the data does not meet the level of acceptability. When a data quality service level agreement is in place, when issues are logged in a data quality incident tracking system, and when the individuals specified in the data quality service level agreement are charged with diagnosis and remediation, the result can be functioning operational data governance and the continuous monitoring and control of the quality of organizational data. login required

Building Data Quality into an SAP Infrastructure [Published: 06-01-2009]
This white paper examines the general principles of data quality as they apply to ERP systems, with a particular emphasis on SAP implementation, and how the unique types of data quality management in ERP — batch processing for data loading and migration, and real-time data monitoring for ongoing quality maintenance — can complement and enhance each other if approached with the right technology. login required

Populating a Data Quality Scorecard with Relevant Metrics [Published: 06-01-2009]
Too often, data governance teams rely on existing measurements as the metrics used to populate a data quality scorecard. But without a defined understanding of the relationship between specific measurement scores and the business’s success criteria, it is difficult to determine how to react to emergent data quality issues - and determine whether their fixing these problems has any measurable business value. This white paper by David Loshin explores ways to qualify data control and measures to support the governance program. login required

The Data Governance Maturity Model [Published: 06-01-2009]
For any organization, the first step to address the quality and value of corporate data is to take an honest assessment of the data management infrastructure. This DataFlux white paper introduces the Data Governance Maturity Model and explains how your organization can use this model to understand the major issues of building better data across the enterprise, to learn to utilize existing resources to achieve more effective data quality policies and how to find a data governance strategy that fits your organization. login required

Planview and Siemens PLM Software Partner [Published: 06-02-2009]
Planview and Siemens PLM Software will integrate Planview Enterprise portfolio management software into Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter software solution.

AMP Limited Extends its Relationship with CSC [Published: 06-02-2009]
It extends the two companies’ original engagement, which started in 1993, making it one of the longest running strategic information technology (IT) outsourcing relationships in Australia.

Ministry of Alberta Seniors and Community Supports Selects Information Builders’ WebFOCUS [Published: 06-02-2009]
The Ministry is using the BI platform in conjunction with iWay's data adapters to provide more timely and effective services for senior citizens.

The ROI of Data Governance: Seven Ways Your Data Governance Program Can Help Save You Money [Published: 06-02-2009]
In difficult economic climates, responsible leaders look for opportunities to contain costs. Data governance programs are well positioned to assist in these efforts. This white paper from Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute outlines seven ways that data governance and stewardship programs can help manage costs and a mechanism for quantifying the return on investment for those contributions. login required

Ventyx Releases Performance Suite [Published: 06-02-2009]
Performance Suite provides a standardized reporting and performance management environment across the Ventyx Asset Suite, Customer Suite and Service Suite applications.

Sales and Marketing: Is Campaign Management Lead Management? [Published: 06-02-2009]
Larry Goldman explains the differences between enterprise marketing management and lead management applications.

What Can Business Intelligence Pros Learn from the Treasury’s Stress Test Program? [Published: 06-02-2009]
Michael G. Brooks examines some of the key aspects of SCAP and the relevant principles that can be applied to enterprise-wide business intelligence initiatives for organizations in financial services and other industries.

DSPanel Announces Performance Canvas Integrates with Google Wave [Published: 06-02-2009]
Performance Canvas enables ordinary Business People to create Mobile, Web and portal based Mashboards, Dashboards and Scorecards.

expressor software Signs Acxius Strategic Consulting [Published: 06-02-2009]
Acxius will help customers meet their data, information, performance, and project management goals by implementing the expressor semantic data integration system.

HighPoint Solutions and Greenplum Partner [Published: 06-03-2009]
Greenplum is a provider of database software for the next generation of data warehousing and analytics.

Composite Software Expands its European Operations [Published: 06-03-2009]
Composite’s expansion of its internal staff and SI partners in Europe is due to the company’s successful expansion of major accounts in the region over the past 12 months.

Star Analytics Releases the New Version of the Star Analytics Star Integration Server [Published: 06-03-2009]
The Star Integration Server is the only solution designed with built–in understanding of the data, business processes, finance calculations and compliance requirements that are unique to the office of the CFO.

SAP AG Takes a More Active Leadership Role in the Eclipse Foundation [Published: 06-03-2009]
SAP will provide at least eight full–time development resources to various projects and lead open source projects.

DataFlux Announces the General Availability of DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions [Published: 06-03-2009]
DataFlux Connect for SAP Solutions allows customers to utilise the SAP NetWeaver platform while providing Web access to real–time DataFlux data services.

InterSystems Corporation Announces that the First Stage of the Swedish NPÖ has Been Deployed [Published: 06-03-2009]
The aim is to improve patient security and quality of care by delivering the solution nationwide in stages.

Scaling Your Data Integration Efforts with expressor software [Published: 06-03-2009]
This white paper authored by Bob Zurek from CohensionSG discusses the key requirements and high performance capabilities of the expressor semantic data integration system required for tackling a highly scalable data integration project. login required

Top Ten for expressor [Published: 06-03-2009]
This expressor software silver bullet report discusses the top 10 reasons why customers are choosing the expressor semantic data integration for existing and new data warehousing and integration projects. login required

IBM Announces New Offerings to Help Clients Address the Challenges Associated with Using and Storing Paper [Published: 06-04-2009]
IBM is expanding on its efforts to help clients reduce their use of paper.

Quantrix Launches DataNAV [Published: 06-04-2009]
DataNAV is an add–on product to its business modeling and analytics solution, Quantrix Modeler.

IBM Announces a Global Expansion of its Information On Demand Strategy [Published: 06-04-2009]
IBM will expand its Information Management capabilities and provide industry specific, analytic applications in the areas of financial performance, human capital management and customer management.

IBM Announces New Offerings within the Optim Portfolio [Published: 06-04-2009]
This is in an effort to help clients gain control of their information and manage that information at every stage of its lifecycle.

PROPHIX Software Announces its Annual Customer of the Year Award [Published: 06-04-2009]
The winners were recognized in a special awards ceremony held at the 2009 PROPHIX User Conference.

Altius Consulting Signs a Reseller Agreement with BOARD [Published: 06-04-2009]
The agreement extends the network of BOARD Business Partners in the UK as well as helping Altius’ continued growth in the performance management market with a strong emphasis on integrated business intelligence and corporate performance management.

Reengineering Healthcare: Healthcare Information Technology Trends Get Traction [Published: 06-04-2009]
Lou Agosta explains why healthcare analytics will be an essential part of healthcare reform.

Managing the Unstructured Volume [Published: 06-04-2009]
Bill Inmon cautions against loading unstructured data to databases without considering the approaches described within this article. (Note: this article discusses techniques and processes that are intellectual property and patent pending. For licensing, please contact the author.)

Book Review: Data Modeling for the Business [Published: 06-04-2009]
William McKnight suggests that if more companies used high-level data models effectively, the result would be improved business results. He describes how this book can assist with the high-level data modeling process.

CSC is a SAP–Certified Global Provider of Application Management Services [Published: 06-05-2009]
CSC joins a select group of less then 10 SAP partners worldwide that have attained both certifications.

Aha! and Pervasive Software Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 06-08-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Aha!’s Mark Teflian and Pervasive’s Mike Bryars

Aha! and Pervasive Software Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 06-08-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Aha!’s Mark Teflian and Pervasive’s Mike Bryars

Procter & Gamble Selects SPSS [Published: 06-08-2009]
By using SPSS Inc. Predictive Analytics Software (PASW), Procter & Gamble is able to gather and analyze direct feedback – harnessing the vital Voice of the Customer to improve marketing research and brand evaluation.

EnWin Utilities Selects SAP America [Published: 06-08-2009]
EnWin will replace its Oracle and IBM software with the SAP ERP application.

Hewlett–Packard Inc., Intel Corp. and Yahoo Inc. Announce that Three New Research Organizations will Join Open Cirrus [Published: 06-08-2009]
Open Cirrus is a multiple data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research.

Explain some approaches to create a data-driven decision-making culture. [Published: 06-08-2009] login required

Clarabridge is Helping Sage North America Deliver a Superior Customer Experience to its Clients [Published: 06-08-2009]
Clarabridge will help by automating and analyzing text–based customer feedback from surveys conducted across its business management software product lines.

Information Builders and iWay Software Announce the Winners of the Annual Awards [Published: 06-08-2009]
The honored customers are deploying BI and integration solutions for a variety of business issues – from improving patient care to becoming more efficient organizations.

Greenplum Unveils its Enterprise Data Cloud Initiative [Published: 06-08-2009]
The EDC initiative is a response to the costly and inflexible solutions that have dominated the market for the past 30 years.

Greenplum Announces General Availability of Greenplum Database 3.3 [Published: 06-08-2009]
Greenplum Database 3.3 is the latest version of the company’s high–performance database software.

Future Group Deploys Greenplum Database [Published: 06-08-2009]
Greenplum Database is deployed for its Enterprise Data Cloud in support of large–scale data analytics for its multi format nationwide chain of retail stores.

O4 Announces the Incorporation of Microsoft Business Intelligence Technology [Published: 06-09-2009]
O4's mobile sales force applications are used by field sales teams to effectively plan visits to retail stores and execute in–store merchandising, sales and direct store delivery.

SAP AG Introduces the SAP Promotion Management for Retail 7.0 Application [Published: 06-09-2009]
Retail 7.0 application is an advanced software solution that is planned to provide the tools to help create successful sales promotions for retailers large and small.

A Major Intelligence Community Agency Awards the CSC a Delivery Order [Published: 06-09-2009]
The delivery order is to provide comprehensive end user services for its information technology transformation.

iWay Releases iWay Software B2B Suite 6.0 [Published: 06-09-2009]
iWay Software B2B Suite 6.0 is an expanded product that quickly and easily maintains partner agreements and deploys trading relationships across secure Internet standard protocols.

Business Intelligence Job Descriptions [Published: 06-09-2009]
Richard Herschel reminds us that there is a lot more than technology experience required of candidates for business intelligence positions.

Creating Shared Responsibility for Success in Your Business Intelligence Team [Published: 06-09-2009]
Lorna Rickard reminds us why it is in our best interest and the interest of the system to create the conditions that enable others to take responsibility, and she provides practical advice for achieving that goal.

A Capability Model for Business Analytics, Part 2 [Published: 06-09-2009]
Dave Wells emphasizes that ideally the assessment of an organization’s analytic capabilities should be easy to perform yet provide informative results. He provides a suggested assessment process and tips for successful completion.

Information Builders Announces New Products and Updates to its WebFOCUS Portfolio [Published: 06-09-2009]
BI technology helps organizations drive value from IT investments in tangible ways like making business processes more efficient and information–management processes less complicated.

myDIALS Announces myDIALS Version 3.0 [Published: 06-10-2009]
myDIALS 3.0 provides all users with the most advanced interactive performance analysis capabilities, right–time actionable metrics and intuitive context setting including an industry–first dynamic time control.

Quantivo and Webtrends Partner [Published: 06-10-2009]
The new partnership that will enable Webtrends customers to quickly gain deep insights into the online behaviors of their site visitors.

Finance, Sales and Marketing are Top Adopters of Open Source BI Solutions, Says New Study from BeyeNETWORK [Published: 06-10-2009]
This new research report examines open source business intelligence adoption patterns and provides insight into reasons to implement open source technologies or move from developer projects to enterprise-wide solutions.

Adoption and Usage Survey: Open Source Business Intelligence and Reporting [Published: 06-10-2009]
Written by internationally known expert Josep Curto Diaz, this paper includes the results of a BeyeNETWORK survey about the different stages of adoption and usage of open source technologies and describes the current stages of implementation of business intelligence, open source and open source business intelligence products and solutions. login required

Finance, Sales and Marketing are Top Adopters of Open Source BI Solutions, Says New Study from BeyeNETWORK [Published: 06-10-2009]
This new research report examines open source business intelligence adoption patterns and provides insight into reasons to implement open source technologies or move from developer projects to enterprise-wide solutions.

National Association of REALTORS Research Department Implements SAS Visual Data Discovery [Published: 06-10-2009]
SAS Visual Data Discovery is implemented in order to provide members with updated foreclosure and other market information at a time of major uncertainties in the housing markets.

Predictix Selects and Deploys the enStratus Platform [Published: 06-10-2009]
Predictix is leveraging enStratus to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, decrease IT hosting costs, increase security and improve scalability.

Silverton Casino Lodge Selects Syncsort's DMExpress [Published: 06-10-2009]
With DMExpress, Silverton can quickly extract and load data from its 15 heterogeneous source systems into a Teradata warehouse after performing countless complex transformations in preparation for analytics and predictive modeling.

Veramark Technologies Releases VeraSMART Performance Advisor [Published: 06-10-2009]
VeraSMART Performance Advisor, a business intelligence solution for analyzing telecom expenses and generating actionable information that can help reduce costs and improve productivity.

Vitria Technology Announces Key Customer Deployments and Success in Establishing its OI Platform [Published: 06-10-2009]
Based on Vitria's M3O Suite, the OI platform empowers business users to gain critical visibility and situational insight into their business, increase control over operations and take action all in real time.

From Popcorn to Meat and Potatoes: Data Governance Evolves [Published: 06-10-2009]
Jill Dyché and Frank Dravis talk about the evolution of data governance and discuss what part of an organization should "own" the data governance effort.

QlikTech Announces the Immediate Availability of QlikView Version 9 [Published: 06-10-2009]
QlikView has set the standard for BI simplicity, usability and time to value.

MicroStrategy Incorporated Announces a Free Reporting Software Package [Published: 06-10-2009]
MicroStrategy Reporting Suite enables companies to use MicroStrategy's integrated BI platform to develop and deploy premium, Web–based reporting applications, at no cost.

TABS Group and MEI Computer Technology Group Partner [Published: 06-10-2009]
By leveraging TABS proprietary analytics and modeling capabilities with MEI’s Trade Promotion Management (TPM) software, consumer packaged goods manufacturers can virtually eliminate phantom spikes that can impede their ability to accurately analyze results.

PivotLink and Host Analytics Partner [Published: 06-11-2009]
Host Analytics will resell PivotLink's market–leading analytics and reporting solution.

febit Integrates Key Components of the InforSense Platform [Published: 06-11-2009]
The InforSense platform provides rich data analytics and rapid application development capabilities.

CSC Signs Contracts with Five UK Atomic Energy Authority Companies and the Civil Nuclear Police Authority [Published: 06-11-2009]
Under the terms of the contracts, CSC will provide the UKAEA companies and the CNPA with a full range of infrastructure services.

CSC is Identified as a Leader [Published: 06-11-2009]
The reports evaluated SOA providers – 10 in North America and 11 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – against 62 criteria that included current offerings, strategies and market presence.

Wrestling with Corporate Contracts [Published: 06-11-2009]
In this article, Bill Inmon recommends that executives get the "corporate jewels" contained in their contracts into an integrated database.

Executive Information Systems Revisited [Published: 06-11-2009]
Dan Power explains why data warehouses, business intelligence technologies, the Web and OLAP have made executive information systems potentially more powerful and more practical.

Evaluating the Impact of Promotions without Randomly Assigned Control Groups [Published: 06-11-2009]
Patrick Rooney describes a method to evaluate the impact of promotions without randomly assigning customers to control groups. He also discusses the limitations of the approach and comparisons with other methods, ending with future directions for research.

PROPHIX Software Partners with SedonaOffice [Published: 06-11-2009]
The partnership enables SedonaOffice to market and PROPHIX Performance Management solutions to the security alarm industry.

Otto International Changes from Legacy Hyperion Applications to Pentaho Business Intelligence [Published: 06-12-2009]
Pentaho Reporting is now used to deliver the same standardized reports for business users.

Gartner Positions Trillium in Leaders Quadrant [Published: 06-12-2009]
Trillium Software partners with organizations to deliver successful information quality initiatives including data governance, MDM, single view, risk and compliance and BI.

Getting the Most from Your Virtual Infrastructure [Published: 06-15-2009]
Tapan Patel and Bill Wright discuss how virtual infrastructure is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way that people compute. They provide advice so that IT departments can avoid being trapped into imbalance across the IT resource footprint.

Five Steps to Predictive Performance Management [Published: 06-15-2009]
Becca Goren describes how analytics embedded into the performance management process empowers organizations to better focus on developing and supporting an effective strategy and ensuring successful execution.

Denodo’s Data Mashup Delivers Big-Picture BI by Blending Internal and External Information Sources [Published: 06-15-2009]
Denodo’s Suresh Chandrasekaran demonstrates how combining enterprise and web data results in strategic business gains.

Denodo’s Data Mashup Delivers Big-Picture BI by Blending Internal and External Information Sources [Published: 06-15-2009]
Denodo’s Suresh Chandrasekaran demonstrates how combining enterprise and web data results in strategic business gains.

Why Stars Work [Published: 06-15-2009]
Christina Rouse explains why star schema data models work well for the data warehouse. She also provides an example of a query against one star and an example of a cross-star join.

Information Integration: Metadata Management Landscape [Published: 06-15-2009]
The successful operation and use of business intelligence (BI) heavily depends on the effective management of metadata. This white paper presents concepts and strategies that can lead to successful and value-driven metadata management within an enterprise.

Tata Consultancy Services Launches Provider Performance Insight [Published: 06-15-2009]
TCS has developed an out–of–the–box dashboard that will simplify projects, reduce costs and dramatically shorten time to value related to both hospital administration and patient care.

BIReady Launches BIReady Version4 [Published: 06-15-2009]
BIReady will now be introduced to the broadest possible range of business and institutional users.

Rosetta Stone Relies on SPSS [Published: 06-15-2009]
Rosetta Stone selected PASW Text Analytics text mining workbench to uncover unsolicited feedback from online websites on customer product reviews, monitor competitor websites and analyze open–ended survey questionnaires.

PRC Selects QlikView [Published: 06-16-2009]
PRC needed a more flexible and cost–efficient solution for Business Intelligence (BI) that would provide users with immediate insights into customer service performance.

Acxius Strategic Consulting and Aster Data Systems [Published: 06-16-2009]
The two companies will leverage this partnership to target "big data" analytic solutions for customers in the insurance, financial services, healthcare and other industry verticals.

Melissa Data Announces Guaranteed ROI Pricing Plan [Published: 06-16-2009]
As many as 25% of addresses that consumers enter into order forms online have errors, most commonly the result of incorrect ZIP codes and misspelled addresses for gift purchases being sent to another address than the billing address.

Business Intelligence Recipe for Success [Published: 06-16-2009]
Steve Palmer emphasizes the importance of a well-coordinated collaborative approach for business intelligence implementation success.

ARRA Will be a Boon for Business Intelligence [Published: 06-16-2009]
Ramon Barquin discusses why the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is a golden opportunity for business intelligence practitioners.

HP Unveils a Solution in its IT Financial Management (ITFM) Portfolio [Published: 06-16-2009]
The HP Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) solution enables chief information officers (CIOs) to run IT like a business and demonstrate the business value of IT services.

IDC Ranks SAP the Number One Vendor for Business Intelligence Tools [Published: 06-16-2009]
The report also highlights that SAP's market share is approximately twice as large as its nearest competitor.

Ventana Research Selects Information Builders as the Overall Hot Vendor in Value Index on Performance Management [Published: 06-16-2009]
Information Builders secured a weighted top–ranking position for products and customer assurance supporting performance management.

Broadlane Selects Silver Creek Systems’ DataLens System [Published: 06-17-2009]
DataLens System will lend further improvement to the automated process of standardizing, cleansing, enriching, comparing and classifying Broadlane’s product information and the services it provides to its clients.

Aster Data Systems Announces the Aster Global Partner Program [Published: 06-17-2009]
The partner program provides a rich ecosystem of complementary technology and system integration partners for customers who want to do more with the massively–parallel Aster nCluster database.

Diageo Selects CSC [Published: 06-17-2009]
CSC will develop an SAP-based system to enhance visibility of Diageo's product stocks worldwide.

SAP AG Makes a Commitment to Provide Financial, Software and Expert Assistance to PlaNet Finance [Published: 06-17-2009]
SAP and PlaNet Finance aim to improve the microfinance sector through a combination of microfinancing.

SAP AG Announces the Successful Implementation of the SAP for Retail Solution Portfolio [Published: 06-17-2009]
SAP for Retail solution portfolio provides integrated end-to-end retail applications for Al Batha Group's new electronics retail venture, E-City.

OptiMedica Selects Glassbeam [Published: 06-17-2009]
OptiMedica chose Glassbeam to provide its management with an automated tool that provides immediate feedback on PASCAL usage patterns and trends worldwide.

Performance Management in Turbulent Times [Published: 06-17-2009]
John Colbert provides an overview of the results of BPM Partners’ annual BPM Pulse Survey that monitored performance management market perceptions, strategic initiative interest and vendor satisfaction.

Defining and Using Key Performance Drivers [Published: 06-17-2009]
John Colbert describes how key performance indicators and key performance drivers enable organizations to make sound operational decisions.

SPSS Incorporates PMML Version 4.0 [Published: 06-18-2009]
SPSS will incorporate PMML Version 4.0 into upcoming versions of PASW Modeler data mining workbench and PASW Statistics

Employees from Microsoft Latin America Support Children International [Published: 06-18-2009]
Employees travel to the Dominican Republic to teach 50 children who have grown up challenged by poverty the basics of technology, and support another 48 graduates, mothers and staff.

1010data Announces Version 5 [Published: 06-18-2009]
This version adds a richer user interface and features that help users more quickly and efficiently solve a wider range of data analysis problems.

Dealing with Addresses in the Data Warehouse [Published: 06-18-2009]
With his 15+ years of related experience, Chuck Kelley discusses different ways to deal with addresses in the data warehouse.

What Is So Different About Business Intelligence Today? [Published: 06-18-2009]
Shaku Atre provides insight into why business intelligence is now a necessity, not a luxury.

Pet Peeves [Published: 06-18-2009]
Bill Inmon shares issues he has with software vendors and network reconfigurations.

Agile Business Intelligence - Doubling Your Return on Investment [Published: 06-18-2009]
This white paper explains how you can deliver hard-hitting business results in half the time - without compromising cross-project alignment. login required

Skandinavisk Data Center Purchases a Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform [Published: 06-19-2009]
The data center supports more than 140 financial institutions in Scandinavia – Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Orchestr8 Announces a Significant Upgrade to its AlchemyAPI Content Analysis Online Service [Published: 06-19-2009]
This update includes expanded language coverage (adding Portuguese and Swedish), enhanced text categorization, and integration with Linked Data standards.

Initiate Systems Achieves “Leader” Position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data [Published: 06-19-2009]
Gartner's recently published Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management for Customer Data lists Initiate Systems in the "Leaders" quadrant.

Altosoft Extends Ordinary BI with Process Monitoring and Analysis [Published: 06-22-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Altosoft’s Scott Opitz

Altosoft Extends Ordinary BI with Process Monitoring and Analysis [Published: 06-22-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Altosoft’s Scott Opitz

Satyam Unveils New Brand Identity: Mahindra Satyam [Published: 06-22-2009]
Satyam Computer Services Limited unveiles its new brand identity, "Mahindra Satyam."

Kognitio Awards 2e2 a Contract [Published: 06-22-2009]
The contract is for the hosting of Kognitio’s Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS) environments.

How do leading data management teams create an atmosphere to encourage improving performance in the team and with individuals? [Published: 06-22-2009] login required

Global Benchmark in Open Source Attitudes and Adoption Released by Actuate [Published: 06-22-2009]
Global benchmark in open source attitudes and adoption broadens to include China, North America, UK, Germany and France.

Microsoft Corp. Announces Winners of the 2009 Microsoft Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Innovation Awards [Published: 06-22-2009]
The awards were presented in the categories of discovery and product innovation, sales and marketing, and clinical development.

Good Data Offers Existing LucidEra Customers Free Access to its Innovative On–Demand Analytics Service [Published: 06-22-2009]
This safe harbor program provides customers six free months of the same lead & pipeline analysis applications they currently use with LucidEra.

Visual Numerics Announces an OEM Partnership with Sybase [Published: 06-23-2009]
As part of the OEM partnership, Sybase is embedding multiple IMSL Library time series analysis functions into Sybase RAP – The Trading Edition Enterprise.

Ventana Research Names Information Builders as the Overall Hot Vendor [Published: 06-23-2009]
According to Ventana Research, those earning the highest Hot Vendor classification are certified to best represent buyer value based on a thorough evaluation and audit of the company and its products based on research and verified facts.

MEGA Integrates a Powerful Mathematical Tool to Measure Risk Exposure into its MEGA GRC Suite [Published: 06-23-2009]
The MEGA GRC Suite will contain an expanded risk quantification and analytics component based on Bayesian scenario calculation.

Albemarle & Bond Implements Financial Management System from COA Solutions [Published: 06-23-2009]
This new system will enable Albemarle & Bond to reduce manually–intensive administration, manage its cash more effectively to support its future growth plans and aid financial and corporate decision making.

Business and IT Communication Stumbling Blocks to Successful Business Intelligence Deployments [Published: 06-23-2009]
Lyndsay Wise explains why the ability to communicate effectively with various departments within the organization is an important aspect to getting the most out of a business intelligence environment.

Cracking the Code: Capture, Analysis and Utilization of Customer Information [Published: 06-23-2009]
Leslie Ament reminds us that use of marketing science and information analysis services has moved beyond a competitive advantage for companies that seek to grow aggressively. It has become necessary to stay in the game.

7 Highly Elegant Business Intelligence Applications for Healthcare Payers [Published: 06-23-2009]
Laura Madsen describes 7 ways that healthcare payers can use business intelligence to improve revenue, efficiency and process.

Product Summary: AJAX Powered Interactive Viewer [Published: 06-23-2009]
Interactive Viewer is a new AJAX–powered, BIRT–based report viewing tool that enables every user to think beyond the current structure of a report and personalize it based on task and need. Users who are not familiar or comfortable with standard report authoring tools are able to use Interactive Viewer without costly training within moments of being introduced to its intuitive interface, an inexpensive alternative to training individuals who would use the tool on a limited or casual basis. login required

ParAccel Analytic Database Set TPC–H Benchmark World Records for Performance and Price–Performance [Published: 06-23-2009]
The TPC–H–audited Sun–ParAccel configuration ran 7 times faster and provided 16 times better price–performance than the previous category leader.

Sun's Open Business Analytics Solution [Published: 06-24-2009]
This podcast focuses on focusing on some recent developments coming out of Sun, concerning hardware and open source software applications, targeting business intelligence and data warehousing.

Gartner Places Siperian in Visionaries Quadrant [Published: 06-24-2009]
The report evaluates numerous vendors based on a rigorous set of criteria that comprise “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute.”

Pentaho Corporation is a Finalist for the SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards [Published: 06-24-2009]
According to SourceForge.net, "This category recognizes the best company-managed open source project with commercial intent."

Database Technology for the Web: Part 1 – The MapReduce Debate [Published: 06-24-2009]
Colin White weighs in on the MapReduce debate, reviewing this technology and describing its pros and cons.

Tata Consultancy Services Launches New BI Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers [Published: 06-24-2009]
Tata Consultancy launched Provider Performance Insight, a business intelligence solution built on SAP BusinessObjects software for hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Jive Announces an OEM Agreement with SAP AG [Published: 06-25-2009]
The global shift toward social business is dramatically changing how companies collaborate internally and engage with customers and partners externally.

Oracle Embeds UBmatrix’s XBRL technology into Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System [Published: 06-25-2009]
Oracle and UBmatrix are also working together to provide enterprise class storage and management for XBRL-based information in Oracle Database 11g.

Birst Announces a Quick Switch Program for Existing LucidEra Customers [Published: 06-25-2009]
The Quick Switch Program offers a 25% discount off of Birst subscription services for LucidEra customers.

Infobright and Pentaho Join Forces with Sun Microsystems [Published: 06-25-2009]
The combination of these products provides enterprises with a validated, end–to–end solution for BI that is fast, easy to implement and manage at low cost.

Lexalytics Enters an Agreement with First Coverage [Published: 06-25-2009]
First Coverage will leverage Lexalytics Salience 4 software as a key component of its web–based platform.

Master Data Management Checklist #2: Organizational Preparation [Published: 06-25-2009]
David Loshin's first checklist focused on identifying the business processes whose success was impeded by the absence of a unified view of master data, or that could be significantly improved by master data consolidation. This checklist centers on readying the organization for MDM and socializing the concepts that accompany a transition to centrally managed corporate information resources.

Predicting the Future [Published: 06-25-2009]
Bill Inmon reminds us that predicting the future is a very worthwhile activity if it can actually be done with any degree of accuracy, and he reviews the various approaches that can be used.

InforSense to be Acquired by ID Business Solutions [Published: 06-25-2009]
InforSense CEO David Bennett announced that InforSense will be acquired by ID Business Solutions.

Starting Small, but Thinking Large and Scaling Fast [Published: 06-25-2009]
As companies take steps to manage their information asset, choosing a platform and database management system is absolutely fundamental. In fact, the platform is the foundation of architecture and business intelligence, and the starting point for tool selection, consultancy hires and more. In short, a company's platform is key in defining its information culture.

Panorama Software Offers LucidEra Customers a Simple Option for Migrating Their BI Data to its Own Offering [Published: 06-26-2009]
Panorama's flagship BI product, NovaView, is immediately available as a reliable, long–term BI solution.

InetSoft Technology Announces Free Migration Services to LucidEra Customers [Published: 06-26-2009]
InetSoft has been providing on–premise business intelligence software since 1996 and launched its SaaS BI service for salesforce.com customers in 2008.

SPSS’s Predictive Text Analytics Customers Now Have Access to Translation Services On Demand Through its Partnership with Language Weaver [Published: 06-26-2009]
The SaaS delivery mechanism enables market researchers and organizations that gather survey feedback in many languages to receive cost–effective and precise high–speed translation capabilities.

Baseline Consulting Group and Broadstreet Data Partner [Published: 06-26-2009]
The partnership to provide full lifecycle management consulting services for data governance, MDM, BI, and data warehouse and data mart implementations within the Canadian provinces.

Talend Launches Talend Integration Suite RTx [Published: 06-26-2009]
The new solution allows IT organizations to accelerate the velocity of data across IT systems. With up-to-the-minute data, customers receive a higher level of data consistency across applications, providing more accurate decision making capabilities.

Aspire Public Schools Adopt Tableau [Published: 06-29-2009]
Principals, deans, teachers, and managers in Aspire's home office will access data to make decisions that best support student achievement.

BeyeNETWORK Discusses how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Brings Business Intelligence to All Business Users [Published: 06-29-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring SAP’s Franz Aman

BeyeNETWORK Discusses how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Brings Business Intelligence to All Business Users [Published: 06-29-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring SAP’s Franz Aman

Aster Data Systems Unveils the First–Ever Massively Parallel Data Warehousing Appliance Starting at $50,000 [Published: 06-29-2009]
Massively parallel (MPP) data warehouses are known for providing the most scalability, best analytic performance, highest availability and most flexibility in a data warehousing architecture.

Vitria Technology and Motio Partner [Published: 06-29-2009]
The partnership will enable IBM Cognos users to seamlessly integrate their Business Intelligence content along with other data sources into customizable and flexible dashboards generated by Vitria's Operational Intelligence (OI) software.

SAP AG Introduces New Capabilities in two SAP BusinessObjects Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions [Published: 06-30-2009]
New versions of the SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control applications give customers the clarity required to help ensure that the right controls are in place.

Merkle Deploys a New Consumer Data Integration System Based on Columnar MPP Database Technology [Published: 06-30-2009]
This IDC Buyer Case Study highlights Merkle Inc.’s decision to acquire and deploy technology from ParAccel as part of its overall data warehouse (DW) and business analytics technology architecture. This Buyer Case Study focuses on the business and technology needs that triggered the decision to purchase new DW software and the results of the decision to deploy it. login required

Driving Business Intelligence [Published: 06-30-2009]
Lease versus buy – a common decision that most consumers evaluate when car shopping. Extend the metaphor into the business-to-business domain and you have the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm for business intelligence (BI) and marketing analytics solutions. In essence, you only pay for what you use. Who better to successfully leverage the SaaS model than Autometrics? login required

What's Cool about Columns [Published: 06-30-2009]
Columns provide better performance at a lower cost with a smaller footprint: it is difficult to understand why any company seriously interested in query performance would not consider a column-based solution. login required

Inside New-Generation Analytic DBMS [Published: 06-30-2009]
It is not surprising that the Business Analytics market continues to grow rapidly and invite new innovations to feed companies’ aggressive appetites for more data more quickly. IDC’s latest research revealed that this market segment outpaced previous estimates to grow more than 14% from 2006 to 2007. login required

The ParAccel Analytic Database: A Technical Overview [Published: 06-30-2009]
The ParAccel Analytic Database™ (PADB) is a new-generation relational database management system that combines leading-edge innovations with best practices to deliver the fastest, simplest, most cost-effective platform for analytic processing. login required

Orange Leap Selects Jaspersoft [Published: 06-30-2009]
Orange Leap provides open source software solutions for nonprofit organizations that need to manage the entire lifecycle of relationships with donors and constituents.

Oracle Insurance Announces the Availability of Oracle Insurance Insight 6.0 [Published: 06-30-2009]
The new release enables insurance companies to conduct comprehensive and flexible policy, claims and customer analysis without the need for costly customized integrations.

SwiftKnowledge Announces SwiftKnowledge for ISVs [Published: 06-30-2009]
With SwiftKnowledge, ISVs gain a significant and tangible advantage over their competitors by easily embedding robust reporting and analytics, predictive modeling, data mining and trend analysis capabilities into their solutions.