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January 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Seven Ways to Reduce IT Costs with Master Data Management [Published: 01-05-2009]
Ravi Shankar explains how master data management (MDM) can reduce IT costs, even in the current economic climate.

Composite Software Delivers Data Integration Tools Enterprises Require [Published: 01-05-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Composite Software’s Robert Eve

BIS2’s Super Graphics Delivers Actionable Intelligence for Data Visualization [Published: 01-05-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring BIS2’s Andrew Cardno

Is the Economy Going to Take a Bite Out of Your Business Intelligence Program? [Published: 01-06-2009]
Nancy Williams explains why it is of paramount importance to be sure that your business intelligence plan includes delivering tangible business benefits that can hold up during budget scrutiny.

Bayes and Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 01-06-2009]
This is the first of a two-part series on Bayes Law and business intelligence (BI). This article introduces Bayes thinking with examples and contrasts the Frequentist and Bayesian camps of modern statistics. The connection of the Bayesian approach with the learning focus of BI is broached.

Predictive Analytics Delivers Value Across Business Applications [Published: 01-06-2009]
This article summarizes the wide range of business applications of predictive analytics, each of which predicts a different type of customer behavior in order to automate operational decisions. A named case study is linked for each of eight pervasive commercial applications of predictive analytics.

A Brief Review of Indicator and Flag Columns [Published: 01-07-2009]
Indicators and flags seem to be often passed over as rather simple, but they are worth thinking about. Because not a lot is written about indicator columns, Malcolm Chisholm shares his personal view of them based on his experience.

Hypatia Research Releases Report “Business Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry” [Published: 01-07-2009]
This research report outlines strategies, vendor solutions and services utilized by leading companies.

CSC Releases New FirstPoint and FirstDoc Enterprise Content Management Solutions [Published: 01-08-2009]
CSC added features designed to support the systematic management of all aspects of the document life cycle and the growing collaboration needs of global life science organizations.

Gartner Positions Oracle’s Hyperion Performance Management Applications in the Leaders Quadrant. [Published: 01-08-2009]
Gartner Magic Quadrants position vendors within a particular market segment based on their completeness of vision and their ability to execute on that vision.

Data Warehousing in the Corporate Takeover, Merger or “Shotgun” Wedding [Published: 01-08-2009]
Lou Agosta looks at how to leverage data warehousing in instances of corporate mergers.

NorthgateArinso’s PROIV and BOARD Form Alliance [Published: 01-08-2009]
The new partnership brings together one of the market leaders of platform – and technology–independent application development.

Information Builders Partners with Tagetik [Published: 01-08-2009]
Customers will benefit from the single architecture of the solution, making it easy to deploy, manage and use.

Incremental Data Warehouse Development – The Only Way to Fly [Published: 01-08-2009]
One of the bad pennies that just keeps coming back is the big-bang approach to data warehouse development.

PHX and APEX Partner [Published: 01-09-2009]
With this partnership, PHX will license APEX's claims analysis and pricing platforms.

UC4 Provides the Automation Component for LinkedIn's New Data Warehouse Environment [Published: 01-09-2009]
The UC4 Workload Automation Suite is an IT process automation and job scheduling software solution that integrates enterprise workload across a company's IT landscape.

St Mary's Hospital Selects MediSolution [Published: 01-10-2009]
Virtuo Financial Management Suite (FMS) is an ideal solution for organizations requiring a comprehensive, integrated and decentralized financial and procurement system.

An Evolutionary Approach to Master Data Management [Published: 01-12-2009]
This research report establishes a solid baseline of understanding for master data management (MDM) initiatives. It also describes the technological environment needed to fully implement a global store of master data and the reasonable benefits that can be expected. The report also provides advice for moving toward a fully integrated and functioning MDM environment. login required

OpenSpan Extends BPM and BI to the Desktop [Published: 01-12-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring OpenSpan’s Francis Carden

OpenSpan Extends BPM and BI to the Desktop [Published: 01-12-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring OpenSpan’s Francis Carden

Five Trends in Data Warehousing Presented by Jerry Held of Vertica at MicroStrategy World 2009 [Published: 01-12-2009]
Hear what one well-known database technologist thinks about the future of data warehousing.

BeyeNETWORK Announces Master Data Management Research [Published: 01-12-2009]
This research report takes a fresh look at where master data management is today and creates a solid baseline for understanding master data management initiatives, technological concepts and best practices for future implementations.

Systemax Selects SAP [Published: 01-12-2009]
SAP ERP helps consolidate its global operations, and to reduce financial closing times and streamline approval processes.

Effective Measure Selects Infobright Enterprise Edition [Published: 01-12-2009]
Effective Measure selected IEE because it delivered the powerful, scalable, easy–to–use analytic data warehouse capabilities the company needed at a much lower cost of ownership than any other solution.

QuantiSense Announces Version 4.5 [Published: 01-12-2009]
QuantiSense 4.5 brings new power, ease of use and flexibility to BI for retail.

1010data Announces the Official Launch of their Retail Solutions Group [Published: 01-12-2009]
Retail Solutions Group provides a business intelligence service to retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Forrester Research Names MEGA as Leader [Published: 01-12-2009]
Forrester Research names MEGA as a leader in its January 2009 report, "The Forrester Wave: Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools and IT Planning, Q1 2009."

Do you think BI should be packaged with ERP suites? [Published: 01-12-2009] login required

BeyeNETWORK Introduces "An Evolutionary Approach to Master Data Management" Research Report and Web Seminar [Published: 01-12-2009]
This research report takes a fresh look at where master data management is today and creates a solid baseline for understanding master data management initiatives, technological concepts and best practices for future implementations.

Wachovia Selects Composite [Published: 01-12-2009]
Wachovia has deployed the Composite software in its Corporate Investment Banking line to deliver holdings and offerings information even faster to customers.

Quantivo Affinity Analytics Software-as–a–Service Uncovers Online Customer Behavior Patterns [Published: 01-12-2009]
Current web analytic solutions focus on visits, page views and click–through metrics.

Melissa Data Helps Clairvoyix [Published: 01-12-2009]
Melissa Data’s Data Quality Suite is a toolkit for complete contact data verification.

Ad Hoc Reporting [Published: 01-12-2009]
This paper explains why ad hoc reporting has become a critical component of the BI environment. Read the case study focusing on how the New York City Health Department makes reporting easy for their users, while eliminating the backlog of report requests for IT. login required

BI in a Recession: How to Gain Market Share [Published: 01-12-2009]
To gain market share in a recession, you must have a clear understanding of your business and your industry. A thorough command of data through business intelligence solutions. Learn about the requirements necessary to achieve this goal. login required

Dashboards: The New Face of Business Intelligence [Published: 01-12-2009]
Gabriel Fuchs outlines some best practices for business-driven dashboard implementation. Avoid some of the common pitfalls for a successful deployment strategy. login required

Software Manufacturers and Embedded BI: The Build versus Buy Question [Published: 01-12-2009]
This white paper discusses the factors to consider deciding to create your own solutions in house or buy software, such as cost, time to market and the quality and embeddability of the solutions. login required

Mashups and Pervasive BI [Published: 01-12-2009]
In the world of Web-based BI, mashups combine two or more data sources in a single feature. Learn about these BI 2.0 innovations that help spread business intelligence wider and deeper across organizations. login required

What Determines Your Report Response Time and Performance? [Published: 01-12-2009]
What determines a reporting system’s speed and performance? Some things (hardware, bandwidth and number of users)are typically outside of the report developer’s control. There are other factors that the developers may successfully employ to boost the speed and the performance of the system especially in the area of Web-based BI. login required

Data Governance - Adoption of Data Governance by Business [Published: 01-12-2009]
These survey results provide key insights into the current state of data governance, adoption plans, business drivers and inhibitors to effective data governance, budgets and best practices for implementation. login required

Data Quality Management for Manufacturing Businesses [Published: 01-12-2009]
Manufacturing businesses continue to transform themselves in response to changing market conditions. The value of investments in business process and integration technologies will be dependent on data quality strategies that are suitable for complex internal manufacturing processes. login required

Product Information Drives Sales [Published: 01-12-2009]
This case study shows how new product information technology can optimize search efficiency, merchandising effectiveness and user experience. login required

The Unique Requirements of Product Data Quality [Published: 01-12-2009]
There's a need to redesign and create standard data quality techniques that address the unique requirements of non-customer data. This paper looks at product data and its specific uses and requirements. login required

LightHaus Logic Introduces Equinox Visual Intelligence Solutions for the Retail Industry [Published: 01-13-2009]
Equinox enables retailers to integrate sophisticated intelligence derived from in–store video into everyday business decisions.

Actuate Announces Availability the Latest Version of its e.Spreadsheet Product Line [Published: 01-13-2009]
Actuate e.Spreadsheet is the industry’s most complete platform for designing, generating and distributing information as intuitive, rich, interactive spreadsheets.

AT&T Mobility: Increasing Customer Retention, Billing Accuracy and Revenue Assurance via Analytical Solutions [Published: 01-13-2009]
This case study describes how AT&T Mobility addressed their need for a centralized corporate performance management platform.

Unicredit: Gaining Financial Insight across Geographies and Divisions [Published: 01-13-2009]
Frustrated with a lengthy, manual process for consolidation, standardization and analysis of financial data for each quarterly report, Unicredit executives realized they needed an automated system to consolidate and identify KPIs across each of its divisions.

Bell South: Enhanced Customer Service & Revenue Recovery Rates by Automating the Identification & Resolution of Billing Discrepancies [Published: 01-13-2009]
Managing the complex processes involved in ensuring that orders for wholesale customers are billed correctly according to actual service levels and plans requires visibility into an embedded customer base compriised of more than 20 million homes and businesses for which Bell South supplies network access.

Family–Run Businesses in the United States are Growing by Using SAP Solutions [Published: 01-13-2009]
SAP understands the unique needs and challenges of family–run businesses in various industries.

Aster Data Systems Completes a $12 Million Round of Equity Funding Led by JAFCO Ventures [Published: 01-13-2009]
This investment reinforces the domain understanding that Sequoia Capital brings to Aster.

QuantiSense Releases QuantiSense Extensions [Published: 01-13-2009]
QuantiSense Extensions will enhance the company’s existing implementations with new capabilities and analytical functions.

Lixto has a Successful 2008 [Published: 01-13-2009]
Lixto gains ten new customers in industries such as Electronic Consumer Products, Automotive and Travel, representing a 60% increase in revenue over 2007.

Telecom Process Business Intelligence – Doing Things Right? Or the Right Things? [Published: 01-13-2009]
Analytical models and predictive analytics can provide great value in terms of the concept of operational business intelligence and process efficiency, but they must be applied properly.

Competitive Advantage or Necessary to Compete? [Published: 01-13-2009]
Leslie Ament recaps the research that led to the assessment that decision science and customer analysis will move from “competitive advantage” status to “necessary to compete” for the next decade.

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Intelligence Leadership and Management [Published: 01-13-2009]
Maureen Clarry provides suggestions for setting realistic business intelligence resolutions for 2009.

Business Intelligence and a Culture of Analysis [Published: 01-13-2009]
Public sector agencies very often need to work at ensuring that their corporate cultures establish a high value on, and properly reward, a push toward analysis.

Spidex has Seen Strong Commercial Results and Customer Success from its Pentaho–Based Spidex BI [Published: 01-13-2009]
Spidex BI is designed to operate out–of–the–box with Spidex products, with minimal installation time, no training and no customization.

Altosoft and Netezza Partner [Published: 01-13-2009]
As a result of the partnership, Altosoft’s InsightBI business intelligence solution has been certified with the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) data warehouse appliances.

New President and CEO of Seagate Named [Published: 01-14-2009]
Seagate Technology board of directors appoints Chairman Stephen J. Luczo as president and chief executive officer.

MicroStrategy Introduces MicroStrategy 9 [Published: 01-14-2009]
New product designed for rapid development of departmental BI applications and their evolution into a scalable, high-performance enterprise BI utility.

Answers to the Performance Management Year-End Quiz [Published: 01-14-2009]
This article offers the correct answers to Craig Schiff's recent quiz, providing you with history and background that should be helpful for understanding performance management vendor offerings and direction.

What’s Ahead for Performance Management in 2009? [Published: 01-14-2009]
2009 should be another great year for business performance management, the established vendors, consultants and, most importantly, the end users of performance management and business intelligence solutions.

Lucidity Consulting Group Delivers Master Data Management Practice [Published: 01-14-2009]
Lucidity Consulting Group announces the delivery of several Action Plans for MDM across multiple industries.

Forrester Predicts IT Spending to Fall in 2009 [Published: 01-15-2009]
First decline in IT spending since 2002 predicted.

Information Builders’ InfoAssist is Certified as Section 508 Compliant by Criterion 508 Solutions [Published: 01-15-2009]
With Section 508 compliance, InfoAssist is more readily accessible to people with disabilities.

The Spring Air Company Reports Full Return on Investment in Less than a Month Using QlikView [Published: 01-15-2009]
Spring Air tapped QlikView analysis to provide senior management with real time data to improve business decisions across its nine manufacturing facilities and departments.

CSC Wins Contract from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services [Published: 01-15-2009]
The contract has a seven–and–a–half–year base period and a one–year option, bringing the estimated total contract value to $265 million.

Lucidity Consulting Group Delivers Several Action Plans for MDM [Published: 01-15-2009]
Lucidity Consulting Group is a provider of information technology implementation services with practice specialties in business intelligence, data warehousing and master data management.

Data Warehousing Around the World [Published: 01-15-2009]
Bill Inmon looks at the differences and similarities of data warehouses in different parts of the world.

The Green Data Warehouse, Part 1 [Published: 01-15-2009]
"Green computing" is taking off in the IT world. Here's how to plan out a green computing strategy for your data warehouse initiative and measure actual results once implemented.

Larry English Resigns from IAIDQ [Published: 01-15-2009]
Larry English tendered his resignation from the IAIDQ which he cofounded.

Park City Group Acquires Prescient Applied Intelligence [Published: 01-15-2009]
Park City Group has also completed the purchase of the remaining outstanding common stock and preferred shares of Prescient.

Siperian is Chosen as One of 36 Companies to Watch [Published: 01-16-2009]
The Intelligent Enterprise Editors' Choice Award is designed to guide organizations to vendors that have been leading the way in innovation and business optimization.

Gartner Reveals Five Business Intelligence Predictions [Published: 01-16-2009]
Analysts discuss business intelligence challenges and opportunities for 2009.

Data Integration: What's Next? [Published: 01-16-2009]
Missing from today's data integration tools are two key capabilities that can reduce or even eliminate the slow work and redundancy – semantic rationalization and abstraction.

Semantics for the People [Published: 01-16-2009]
This white paper is a primer on semantic technology – how it provides the ability to infer the meaning of data and determine its utility within context.

Accelerating Analytics Success with On Demand [Published: 01-16-2009]
An on-demand, or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform allows IT organizations to maximize innovation and output with their BI opportunities, while lowering downside IT burdens, in four key aspects

An Analytics Manifesto [Published: 01-16-2009]
This paper presents a new set of principles for analytics that enables vastly smarter business processes.

Fast Analytics and Business Intelligence for Everyone [Published: 01-16-2009]
Collaborative decision making requires something different that the traditional deployment of packaged business intelligence (BI). People involved in decision making need answers to their own questions, not just predetermined ones.

Optimize Your Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 01-18-2009]
Discover proven, best practices and design options for a data warehouse that can significantly reduce system and maintenance costs by tailoring the system investment to match the value of the resulting analytic capabilities. login required

On-Demand BI for Insurance Organizations [Published: 01-18-2009]
Learn how to devise a strategy IT executives and data warehouse managers can quickly and effectively deploy to move large volumes of legacy data to UNIX platforms, optimize that data for efficient and timely access, and empower users with pervasive BI. login required

Three Secrets You Need to Know About Enterprise Data Hubs [Published: 01-18-2009]
This white paper discusses the need for enterprise data hubs, introduces an innovative, flexible framework and illustrates some ways in which some of the largest, data-intensive companies are making use of these enterprise assets. login required

Major Paper Products Manufacturer Implements Ab Initio Development Best Practices [Published: 01-18-2009]
This major manufacturer of paper, packaging and building products needed employee training and best pratice development for Ab Initio, its technology platform for enterprise data integration. login required

Retail Industry Case Study [Published: 01-18-2009]
This discount chain developed an inter-company forecasting system and distributed inventory to stores based according to demand, satisfying customers and avoiding inventory overages, saving time and money. login required

Insurance Industry Case Study [Published: 01-18-2009]
A large insurance company needed to update its legacy systems to accommodate more than 20 years of detailed premium and claims transaction data (more than 12 terabytes) to meet business intelligence and analytic requirements. login required

Case Study: Home Mortgages [Published: 01-18-2009]
During an initiative to fine-tune the alignment of a securities information systems with regulatory compliance requirements, a large mortgage company needed to develop a solid ETL strategy using the existing SQL design, and testing was imperative. login required

Case Study: Banking/Credit Card Industry [Published: 01-18-2009]
One of the world's larget financial services companies supports a multibillion-dollar business initiative with a solution to extract, cleanse, transform and transmit customer credit card transaction data, totaling 15 terabytes. login required

The Essential Roadmap to ETL Tool Migration [Published: 01-18-2009]
Migrating from one ETL tool to another presents significant challenges to an IT organization. Here is a checklist of ETL migration issues, challenges and questions that an organization should consider and answer before an ETL migration project begins. login required

The BeyeNETWORK Releases an Exclusive Interview Featuring Attivio’s CTO [Published: 01-19-2009]
Sid Probstein discusses delivering search and business intelligence capabilities through unified information access.

The BeyeNETWORK Releases an Exclusive Interview Featuring Attivio’s CTO [Published: 01-19-2009]
Sid Probstein discusses delivering search and business intelligence capabilities through unified information access.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit Selects SAP [Published: 01-19-2009]
SAP will manage Bundesagentur für Arbeit’s human resources and financial management systems.

The Open Solutions Alliance Announces the Results of its 2009 Predictions Survey [Published: 01-19-2009]
The OSA survey results point to new opportunities and challenges for the commercial open source software industry.

Maximizer’s Mobile CRM Solution Now Available for the HTC Google G1 Smartphone [Published: 01-19-2009]
Sales and service professionals who use the HTC Google G1 may now view and update critical customer, sales and service information in real time, directly from the smartphone.

ISO Acquires D2Hawkeye [Published: 01-19-2009]
D2’s healthcare data services include data mining, decision support, clinical quality analysis and risk analysis tools.

TechWeb Awards Coral8 with a 2009 Editors’ Choice Award [Published: 01-19-2009]
TechWeb’s annual Editors’ Choice Awards honor 36 of the most influential technology companies.

Commnet Wireless Selects Connectiv Solutions [Published: 01-19-2009]
Connectiv will provide enterprise–wide visibility to enable a centralized usage, planning and financial analysis system for Commnet's wireless voice and data solutions.

GT Software to Educate IMS Market [Published: 01-19-2009]
IMS and SOA learning series demystifies mainframe SOA by providing hands-on experience.

Do end users really want self-service BI? [Published: 01-19-2009] login required

Information Builders to Provide its WebFOCUS BI Platform as a SaaS Offering for Small Businesses [Published: 01-20-2009]
The company is expanding its business model to offer WebFOCUS reporting through a hosted SaaS delivery model to small companies.

Jackson National Life Insurance Company Deploys CSC’s Claims Management Accelerator [Published: 01-20-2009]
Part of Jackson’s focus on continuous improvement, the implementation helped the carrier increase automation and speed claims handling.

Panopticon Software and c o m e Computer Systeme GmbH Partner [Published: 01-20-2009]
CME will utilize Panopticon's comprehensive SDK to embed the company's Business Intelligence tools into client systems.

Schwan’s Food Service Signs a Multi–Year Contract to use iTradeNetwork’s Sales Insight Solution [Published: 01-20-2009]
Manufacturers leverage Sales Insight to better target trade spend dollars and drive growth in contract business.

The Allure of Low-Cost Business Intelligence [Published: 01-20-2009]
Low-cost business intelligence (BI) is here to stay and hopefully will drive down the prices of the leading BI suites. Richard Skriletz provides sound advice to determine if low-cost BI is a good fit for your organization.

Collaborative Analytics – An Emerging Practice [Published: 01-20-2009]
Dave Wells explains why the old model of business analysis is about to change and describes how collaborative analytics can increase visibility of important business facts and improve alignment of decisions and actions across the entire business. He also looks at the available technologies and the challenges of collaborative practices.

Canary Metrics, Part 1 [Published: 01-20-2009]
This article, the first of a two-part series, introduces canary metrics and describes how they can provide early notices of challenges and opportunities for the business.

Breakaway Technologies Achieves Microsoft's Certificate in Business Intelligence Competency [Published: 01-21-2009]
This certification validates BTI's commitment, expertise and superiority using Microsoft products and services within the Microsoft Partner Program.

Expert System Announces the COGITO Semantic Platform is Available for BlackBerry Smartphones [Published: 01-21-2009]
COGITO simplifies corporate data extensibility and lends access to both structured and unstructured corporate data via natural language interface (NLI).

Office Depot Selects OCO for Business Intelligence [Published: 01-21-2009]
Office Depot has selected Oco to provide a complementary business intelligence solution that will help to streamline reporting and enhance the understanding of business trends.

7–Eleven Stores Go Live with a New Implementation of SAP Business Intelligence [Published: 01-21-2009]
The BI implementation is part of a phased IT roadmap for the retailer and franchisor.

Kalypso and Endeca Technologies Partner [Published: 01-21-2009]
The companies will work together to bolster engineering, product design and product lifecycle management.

Vertica Systems has Breakout Year in 2008 [Published: 01-22-2009]
The most significant was the wave of companies that embraced the Vertica Analytic Database last year to handle their heavy business intelligence workloads.

InterSystems Adds Innovative Technology Features to its InterSystems Ensemble [Published: 01-22-2009]
Organizations have chosen Ensemble to add value to existing applications.

SiSense Announces Academic Discount Program [Published: 01-22-2009]
Prism Business intelligence software now at a 50% discount off its regular pricing, bringing prices to less than $ 50 a year, for its beginner package.

TIBCO Partners with the Scientific Business of Thomson Reuters [Published: 01-22-2009]
Scientific provides information that aids pharmaceutical companies in discovering new drugs and accelerating their release to market.

Gartner Positions Oracle in the Leaders Quadrant [Published: 01-22-2009]
Gartner Magic Quadrants position vendors within a particular market segment based on their completeness of vision and their ability to execute on that vision.

Dana–Farber Cancer Institute Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 01-22-2009]
Dana–Farber will use MicroStrategy for its clinical operations reporting application.

Development Methodology: What's the Story? [Published: 01-22-2009]
One of the great secrets of a successful methodology is that it focuses on what to do, not how to do it.

Decision Support Project Management [Published: 01-22-2009]
Dan Power describes the importance of project management for decision support systems and looks at the responsibilities of a decision support project manager.

Actively Listen to Your Customers! [Published: 01-22-2009]
Through text analytics, Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions can provide immediate, actionable insight. login required

OpenSpan Announces OpenSpan Windows Container for Lotus [Published: 01-22-2009]
The new product enables IBM Lotus Expeditor version 6.2 or greater and IBM Lotus Notes version 8.5 or greater to be extended to integrate and automate native Windows applications.

World Compliance Develops Highly Sophisticated Alerter Technology [Published: 01-23-2009]
The Alerts page is a new feature specially designed for compliance professionals.

Aster Data Systems is Selected to the 2009 OnMedia 100 List [Published: 01-23-2009]
The OnMedia 100 Award is given to private, emerging technology companies in the advertising, publishing, marketing, branding and public relations spaces.

CSC and Terremark Offer Cloud Services to the U.S. Government [Published: 01-26-2009]
CSC and Terremark will offer cloud services that include computing, storage and disaster recovery/continuity of operations that are delivered from a highly secure and reliable environment.

GoldenGate Software’s Live Standby Solution to Provide Continuous Availability of Patient Data for Therap Services [Published: 01-26-2009]
Scalable solution enables Therap Services to provide a paperless environment for healthcare providers and care givers.

HighPoint Solutions Announces a Strategic Partnership with Netezza [Published: 01-26-2009]
Netezza's DWA is now part of the HighPoint business intelligence practice.

BeyeNETWORK Report Indicates that Adoption of Data Warehouse Appliances is on the Rise [Published: 01-26-2009]
According to the survey two-thirds of respondents feel that a data warehouse appliance is a viable technology.

New Release of CA ERwin Data Modeling Suite [Published: 01-26-2009]
New release of CA ERwin Data Modeling Suite brings integrated data profiling, data modeling and powerful reporting capabilities to the masses.

Can an organization run an enterprise data warehouse on open source technology? [Published: 01-26-2009] login required

Composite Software, Inc., Announces the Availability of its New Customer Value Framework [Published: 01-26-2009]
The Framework helps enterprises calculate potential and actual ROI on their virtual data integration deployments.

Fast Analytics and Business Intelligence for Everyone [Published: 01-26-2009]
This white paper describes how Tableau Software solves ineffective information presentations and poor exploratory capabilities with a declarative visual query language (VizQL) that simultaneously describes how to query data and present it visually. login required

Business Intelligence Requirements for IT: What Every IT Manager Should Know about Users’ Real Need for BI [Published: 01-26-2009]
Today, the half-life of BI is typically shorter than the life of the project needed for its implementation. This means that companies are getting a continual negative return on BI investment. This paper describes a new approach to BI that empowers the business owners and knowledge workers to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions. login required

High Value Business Intelligence on a Budget [Published: 01-26-2009]
Discover the seven principles of delivering low-cost, high-ROI BI on a budget. Whether you’re an IT leader or finance executive seeking high ROI business process improvement, you can deploy a cost-efficient business intelligence solution that will improve the way your organization uses information, collaborates and make decisions. login required

Show Me: Automatic Presentation for Visual Analysis [Published: 01-26-2009]
This paper describes Show Me, an integrated set of user interface commands and defaults that incorporate automatic presentation into a commercial visual analysis system called Tableau. login required

IDC Case Study: The Path Toward Pervasive Business Intelligence at Cornell University [Published: 01-26-2009]
Read IDC’s findings about how Cornell University embarked on a path toward pervasive BI and is well on its way to providing the right information to the right people at the right time using the right tools. login required

Three Blind Men and an Elephant - The Power of Dashboards [Published: 01-26-2009]
Learn to expand your analytical reach and comprehension by viewing data in dashboards. Stephen Few, Principal of Perceptual Edge, reveals how dashboards make it easy to shift from one perspective to another while exploring and analyzing data, and pursuing every question that arises during the process. login required

IDC Case Study: How Ferrari is Delivering Pervasive Business Intelligence with Limited Staff and Budget [Published: 01-26-2009]
This case study uncovers the business drivers, challenges and solutions at Ferrari as they sought to deliver high-value BI on a budget and help speed and improve decision-making. Read IDC’s findings about how Ferrari is expanding business intelligence use and analytics to help improve decision-making - all while tightly controlling costs. login required

Best Practices for Deploying Collaborative BI [Published: 01-26-2009]
This paper will show you how to navigate around the usual hurdles and deliver collaborative BI that works. Learn how analyses are conducted and then how that information is used for collaboration and consensus across your organization to share interactive analysis with others. login required

Graphical Histories for Visualization: Supporting Analysis, Communication and Evaluation [Published: 01-26-2009]
Interactive history tools, ranging from basic undo and redo to branching timelines of user actions, facilitate iterative forms of interaction. In this paper, we investigate the design of history mechanisms for information visualization. login required

Talend Secures $12 Million in Series C Financing [Published: 01-27-2009]
Talend has secured $12 million in Series C financing to help fuel further worldwide growth and company expansion.

Infobionics Knowledge Server Introduced [Published: 01-27-2009]
Infobionics Knowledge Server delivers timely, accurate information directly to those who need it, in a way they can use it.

Charlotte Russe Selects Experian [Published: 01-27-2009]
Charlotte Russe selected Experian FootFall to measure, track and analyze store traffic patterns and customer conversion rates.

ABS Nautical Systems Embeds Actuate and BIRT into ABS Nautical Systems’ Fleet Management Software [Published: 01-27-2009]
NS 5 offers an integrated suite of software modules that collectively handle the principal elements of operational management - from regulatory requirements, to payroll, and to planned maintenance programs.

Nextanalytics, Intelegencia Partner in OEM Agreement [Published: 01-27-2009]
Under terms of the agreement, Intelegencia will offer business intelligence-as-a-service.

TIBCO Software Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant in Gartner’s 2009 Magic Quadrant [Published: 01-27-2009]
Vendors were evaluated based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Open Source Text Analytics [Published: 01-27-2009]
Seth Grimes looks at the variety of available open source text technologies and provides a wealth of open source text analytics resources.

Redefining the Mid-Market and Its Business Intelligence Requirements [Published: 01-27-2009]
This article explores whether mid-market business intelligence needs are being met by the solutions that are available.

Improve Your Vision and Expand Your Mind with Visual Analytics [Published: 01-27-2009]
Learn why data visualization is important to overcome the limits of short term memory, and how it can result in finding what’s meaningful in your data and then making sense of it. This paper will present tools that help us discover, think about, interact with, and understand information, with our attention fully on the data. login required

Gartner Reveals Business Intelligence Predictions for 2009-2012 [Published: 01-27-2009]
Gartner, Inc. reveals its five predictions for BI between 2009-2012.

QlikTech Announces Availability of QlikView Support for HP Neoview [Published: 01-27-2009]
The joint offering enables customers with large data volumes to easily visualize and analyze all of their data for better and faster decision making.

Siperian and Exeros Enter into an OEM Relationship [Published: 01-27-2009]
The new Siperian Data Model Designer offering, gives Siperian customers the ability to accelerate Siperian Hub deployment.

CSC Integrates U.S. Air Force Simulator [Published: 01-28-2009]
As part of the U.S. Army Flight School XXI Program, CSC provides simulation training services in response to new requirements associated with the transition of pilot training to the TH-1H helicopter.

InterSystems Ensemble Rated as the Industry’s Best Interface Engine [Published: 01-28-2009]
This marks the third consecutive year that Ensemble has been ranked number one in the KLAS survey.

Jaspersoft and Hyperic Provide First Systems Intelligence Platform [Published: 01-28-2009]
This partnership, for the first time, provides a business user view into critical application performance metrics and service levels.

Syncsort Releases DMExpress 5.0 [Published: 01-28-2009]
The new release combines functional enhancements and new platform support with incomparable ease-of-use.

Aster Data Systems Announces the Aster Data Warehousing Goes Green Program [Published: 01-28-2009]
The purpose of this program is to urge companies to look at leveraging existing assets, rather than purchasing new, purpose-built hardware for their frontline data warehousing needs.

eHarmony Selects Netezza [Published: 01-28-2009]
eHarmony has deployed Netezza as its enterprise data warehouse to analyze large volumes of member data to better understand how its customers interact with its site.

Business Intelligence Data Analysis and Visualization: What’s in a Name? Part 2 [Published: 01-28-2009]
Colin White continues his discussion of data analysis and data visualization by taking a detailed look at how business intelligence is used in the decision-making process, and discussing where data analysis and data visualization fit into this process.

Information Builders Partners with Centric Consulting [Published: 01-29-2009]
Both companies will work to promote services opportunities for Centric and software opportunities for Information Builders.

Power Market Consulting Selects Quantrix 64 [Published: 01-29-2009]
The new product's 64-bit processing capability enables enterprise customers to create scalable, comprehensive models.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight Launch Announced [Published: 01-29-2009]
Pitney Bowes Business Insight ready to enable organizations to gain more insights into customers and drive profitable growth.

Saugutuck Research: India Inc., SaaS and the Cloud [Published: 01-29-2009]
This research alert summarizes key findings from two recently published Strategic Perspectives, focusing on why SaaS and the Cloud will be used by the eading “offshore” services providers to build next generation IT and business process services, and what the short-to-mid term strategies are of the five leading offshore giants.

No Hits, No Runs, No Errors [Published: 01-29-2009]
Bill Inmon discusses the pros and cons of the various options for managing errors that are detected at the point of an ETL load.

Taxonomies and Search: Master Categories? [Published: 01-29-2009]
Does “search” change everything? Well, maybe some things...like business intelligence. login required

Business Intelligence and Performance Management Report Released by Aberdeen Group [Published: 01-30-2009]
AXIS™ Report for Business Intelligence/Performance Management Delivered in Response to Customer Demand for Fact-Based Guidance

Oracle Announces Oracle CRM On Demand Release 16 [Published: 01-30-2009]
Oracle CRM On Demand Release 16 delivers further flexibility and power with new customization capabilities, partner relationship management and a single tenant standard edition.