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February 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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ATi Tailored BI and Advanced Predictive Analytics Solutions Improve Marketing Response Rates [Published: 02-02-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring ATi’s Susan Cordts

ATi Tailored Business Intelligence and Advanced Predictive Analytics Solutions Improve Marketing Response Rates [Published: 02-02-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring ATi’s Susan Cordts

WeeWelcome.ca Reports a Dramatic Increase in Natural Search Ranking and Website Membership by Using Endeca [Published: 02-02-2009]
The increase was a result of the implementation of Endeca’s search, Guided Navigation, Content Spotlighting and SEM capabilities in 2008.

Corporate Knights Names SAP AG One of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World [Published: 02-02-2009]
Companies included in the Global 100 are selected based on an analysis of 1800 publicly traded companies.

SAP AG and Landis+Gyr Signs Software Development Cooperation Agreement [Published: 02-02-2009]
The agreement is for the integration of Landis+Gyr's advanced metering infrastructure with the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio using enterprise services.

CSC Signs Extension to Provide Services for Aspen Valley Hospital [Published: 02-02-2009]
CSC will continue to provide business office support.

Connectiv Announces Three Year Contract Extension with NTELOS [Published: 02-03-2009]
Connectiv's routeWATCH solution will continue to provide company–wide analysis of NTELOS' wireless network to uncover significant routing savings opportunities and provide crucial network planning intelligence.

AppNexus to Deliver a Terascale Data Warehouse Cloud Service Leveraging the Netezza Appliance [Published: 02-03-2009]
The AppNexus cloud was engineered to provide all the building blocks of a robust, cost–efficient and instantly scalable enterprise infrastructure.

Bayes and Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 02-03-2009]
Steve Milller discusses why prudent companies and business intelligence organizations should adapt and adopt Bayesian analytics as a core asset of their business intelligence portfolios.

Business Intelligence in Life Sciences: The Perfect Storm [Published: 02-03-2009]
This article outlines the major trends in life sciences for 2009 and provides the business intelligence (BI) world with potential responses and solutions.

Business Intelligence and Video Content, Part 2 [Published: 02-03-2009]
Videos have the capacity to incorporate substantial and meaningful content that can impact decision making. Business intelligence efforts will need to be expanded to include activities that help organizations find, examine, exploit or even delete video content.

Six Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget [Published: 02-03-2009]
The budget is often the tool by which an organization transforms its strategy into action. Unfortunately, up to 60% of organizations do not link their corporate strategy to their budget. This paper will lay out a road map to link the two. login required

Accounting for Lean Success [Published: 02-03-2009]
Leaders in lean accounting face significant hurdles with traditional accounting metrics and rules expressed in "technospeak." This white paper examines emerging models that demonstrate a new method of financial accounting. login required

How do Enterprising Manufacturers Stay Ahead of the Compliance Game? [Published: 02-03-2009]
Learn about some best practices to turn risk-based product compliance into a proactive process. login required

Corporate Financial Management in Enterprising Companies [Published: 02-03-2009]
Never before have the demands on finance been so great – or the stakes so high. This white paper looks at trends that are reshaping the role of finance organizations and solutions that can transform the careers of the executives in charge of them. login required

The 1% Solution: How to Drive Your Financial Performance [Published: 02-03-2009]
This executive report discusses financial performance in the manufacturing industry. The author discusses the true representation of corporate value – not share price, but return on capital employed. login required

Going Green [Published: 02-03-2009]
Forward-thinking companies have embraced "green" practices to satisfy customers, comply with regulations and promote positive community relations. This paper describes how environmentally conscious practices and products present a profitable future. login required

Managing Risk Through Better Planning [Published: 02-03-2009]
This white paper presents planning solutions and spreadsheet replacement systems to drive compliance, transparency and accuracy without the associated risks. login required

Optimizing Expense Management with Digital Receipt Filing [Published: 02-03-2009]
This white paper reviews the digital receipt filing process for the automated expense management of travel and entertainment receipts, including best practices designed to optimize productivity, quality and regulatory compliance. login required

The Strategic CFO: Success Secrets of High Performing Finance Teams [Published: 02-03-2009]
Discover the five critical success factors today’s top finance executives are using to gain strategic high ground and deliver exceptional financial guidance. login required

Addressing Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard [Published: 02-03-2009]
Scorecards are being hailed as the solution to the gap between strategy and execution. Ensure a successful scorecard implementation by creating cause-and-effect linkages between the metrics used and the activities that drive them. login required

A Brief Review of Indicator and Flag Columns, Part 2 [Published: 02-04-2009]
This final installment in a two-part series on indicators explains how they can represent metadata, or derived information. Understanding the nature of indicators and the different classes that compose them can be very helpful in overall data management in physical databases.

Grandi Salumifici Italiani Uses SAS [Published: 02-04-2009]
Forecast Server speeds up the business planning processes and forecasts based on historic data and events such as promotions.

SAP AG Unveils SAP Business Suite 7 Software [Published: 02-04-2009]
In the current environment, every organization is challenged to focus on short–term business value while preserving a coherent IT architecture and landscape.

Information Builders Announces Agreement with IBM [Published: 02-04-2009]
The agreement is to provide a new DB2 Web Query Database Adapter feature.

U.S. Air Force Awards CSC Task Order [Published: 02-04-2009]
The task order is to provide a comprehensive range of aviation maintenance and repair services for the U.S.

CSC Announces Companywide Cloud Computing and Software Services [Published: 02-04-2009]
Services are to deliver software–as–a–service and managed-cloud-computing solutions to help clients manage data.

DVO Software Announces DataValidator [Published: 02-04-2009]
DataValidator can quickly and easily create powerful rules that test the data being transformed during the data integration process.

CSC Announces the Successful Deployment of a Sun Microsystems Desktop Virtualization Solution [Published: 02-05-2009]
The installation is part of a broader CSC initiative to enhance data security, reduce costs and save energy.

Integrating a Single Data Element [Published: 02-05-2009]
Over the years, people have questioned the process of data integration? Why is it so difficult? In this article, Inmon provides some answers.

Data Warehousing Between a Rock and a Hard Place [Published: 02-05-2009]
The position of this article is a skeptical one that data warehousing, e-discovery (email) and enterprise content (document) management will not converge.

Can You Really Manage What You Measure? [Published: 02-05-2009]
The requirements for effective measurement are better understood, but no road maps can account for human perception.

Syniverse Technologies Announces a Revolutionary Portfolio of Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 02-05-2009]
Syniverse RoamWise is the first solution to be launched from the portfolio.

Naval Sea Systems Command Awards CSC Task Order [Published: 02-05-2009]
Under the terms of the new agreement, CSC will continue to provide support for naval ship preliminary design and contract design; oversight of detailed design and construction efforts; and engineering support for all types of ships.

Gartner Positions QlikTech in Visionaries Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms [Published: 02-05-2009]
BI software solution providers are evaluated based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Awards CSC Task Order [Published: 02-06-2009]
Under the task order, CSC will provide the FBI with call center and help desk services to support the NICS call center.

Harvey Nichols Selects BOARD to Deliver Business Intelligence [Published: 02-06-2009]
BOARD is to deliver consolidated Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, replacing Business Objects, Hyperion and Arthur Plannng.

Sheetz Selects Teradata [Published: 02-06-2009]
The Teradata system at Sheetz supports data mining technology and business intelligence software from multiple vendors for a detailed, integrated view of the business.

DiGi Selects Teradata [Published: 02-06-2009]
This new business intelligence platform enables extensive analysis of data pertaining to customer call detail records and customer communications management.

The BeyeNETWORK Releases an Exclusive Interview Featuring Noetix [Published: 02-09-2009]
Noetix vice president Daryl Orts discusses business intelligence reporting innovations

The BeyeNETWORK Releases an Exclusive Interview Featuring Noetix [Published: 02-09-2009]
Noetix vice president Daryl Orts discusses business intelligence reporting innovations

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Allies with Syncsort for Quality Data Management [Published: 02-09-2009]
This alliance helps customers reduce project costs while providing high-speed transformation and aggregation.

Emdeon Becomes Increasingly Efficient with SAP BusinessObjects XI Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 02-09-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects solutions have helped Emdeon kick off important green IT initiatives and become increasingly efficient from an administrative standpoint.

MindTree Introduces New Spend Analysis Solution [Published: 02-09-2009]
MindTree's new solution is designed to enable strategic sourcing and better analysis of spend information to help manufacturing organizations save on sourcing costs.

SAP BusinessObjects Solutions Improve Patient Treatment and Clinic Management at Marshfield Clinic [Published: 02-09-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects XI Intelligence Platform to help Marshfield Clinic healthcare professionals efficiently deliver higher quality of services.

Do you think BI/DW tools need another layer of abstraction? [Published: 02-09-2009] login required

Germany's National Meterological Service Extends Far Beyond Its Borders [Published: 02-09-2009]
Germany's National Meterological Service, Deutscher Wetterdienst, recently purchased several SGI Altix systems to run an Oracle 10g data warehouse encompassing 360TB of user data. The SGI solution will able them to expand the data warehouse while maximizing the performance of their data-intensive applications.

Varonis Announces Availability of Version 4.0 for Varonis DatAdvantage and Varonis DataPrivilege [Published: 02-09-2009]
Version 4.0 represents a huge leap forward in innovation for unstructured data management.

OpenBI Implements Pentaho's Commercial Open Source BI Suite at Nutricia [Published: 02-10-2009]
Cloud-based open source business intelligence to provide dashboard, data integration, and analysis capabilities.

Melissa Data Acquires M1 Data & Analytics [Published: 02-10-2009]
The acquisition of this new source of data will benefit the company’s Data Quality Web Services, Data Enhancement Services and Mailing Lists.

QlikTech is Sole “Champion” in the 2009 Aberdeen AXIS for BI/Performance Management Report [Published: 02-10-2009]
A Champion is defined as a vendor that has demonstrated superior proficiency in delivering both real value as well as the ability to serve and support its installed user base.

Hypatia Report Outlines Best Practices, Vendor Solutions and Selection Criteria for Deploying SaaS-Based Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 02-10-2009]
Business Intelligence: Connectivity Options & Evaluation Criteria for Software as a Service research report released by Hypatia.

Consumers Energy Purchases SAP AMI Integration for Utilities Software [Published: 02-10-2009]
The new smart metering software will help Consumers Energy improve efficiencies.

SAP Introduces the SAP Investigative Case Management [Published: 02-10-2009]
The new software package addresses a wider range of law enforcement needs across the complete investigation lifecycle.

Becoming a Decision-Centric Organization [Published: 02-10-2009]
James Taylor looks at monitoring and improving decision making by applying performance management techniques to decision-making results and processes.

Business Intelligence is More than OLAP [Published: 02-10-2009]
Richard Skriletz explains that it is important to break away from complete reliance on structured analytics in order to find new insights through unstructured analytics.

Business Intelligence Team Life Cycle [Published: 02-10-2009]
Maureen Clarry describes the six stages of team development and provides strategies for accelerating each phase.

GlaxoSmithKline Signs Agreement with Activplant [Published: 02-10-2009]
The agreement comes after a successful implementation where GSK experienced the ease of use that empowers operators, engineers and management to positively affect their OEE, and consequently, their production costs.

French Connection Stores go Live with a New Loss Alert Service Powered by SeeWhy Software and Fully Integrated with Sanderson [Published: 02-10-2009]
Many existing loss prevention tools are time–consuming to use, expensive and only provide data for further analysis. Retail–J with SeeWhy is a new system that uses SeeWhy’s real–time behavioral profiling.

Quantrix Develops Extended Interface to Andrew Davidson & Co. [Published: 02-10-2009]
The new interface enables model users to benefit from AD&Co's recent interface to the INTEXdesktop system.

Marshfield Clinic Selects SAP BusinessObjects XI [Published: 02-10-2009]
Doctors will be able to create a more well–informed plan of action based on each patient's medical history.

Visual Mining Announces the Availability of NetCharts Performance Dashboards for Business Users [Published: 02-11-2009]
These comprehensive, intuitive and effective dashboard solutions enable business users to analyze data, gain insight and make better business decisions.

expressor software Partners with Aequus Strategy Group [Published: 02-11-2009]
Working with expressor software, Aequus Strategy will target and develop strategic data integration projects within the agencies and system integrators associated with these projects.

Research by Kalido Reveals that Data Management Efforts in Large Companies Remain Significantly Ineffective [Published: 02-11-2009]
Less than half of all respondents (47 percent) rate their organization's data management efforts as effective or very effective.

Actuate Enhances Cisco’s Secure Access Control System [Published: 02-11-2009]
The combination of ACS, Actuate and BIRT provides rich interactive information for network monitoring and planning.

An Easier Way to Enforce Data Governance Compliance [Published: 02-11-2009]
Joy Medved explains how an automated process management system can decrease the time and effort required to manage data governance and significantly increase the effectiveness of compliance enforcement.

Why Performance Management? Part 1 [Published: 02-11-2009]
Craig Schiff describes what companies are missing if they haven’t implemented business performance management or have just focused on a narrow slice of performance management.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: A Case for More Effective Profit Optimization [Published: 02-11-2009]
John Colbert looks at the question of how executives know whether their proposed staff reductions and plant closures will help the company be more competitive in the future, or if they are potentially lopping off productive and profitable parts of the business that have taken years of investment to flourish.

PROPHIX Software Underwrites the Latest Benchmark Report [Published: 02-11-2009]
Economic uncertainty makes it difficult to set clear goals and objectives and sustain a financial plan which supports them.

Visual Mining Announces Availability of NetCharts Performance Dashboards for Business Users [Published: 02-11-2009]
NetCharts Performance Dashboards enables Agile Performance Dashboarding, the ability for an end user to quickly build dashboards that can react and adapt to the dynamic nature of a company's business.

Bennington College Selects Rapid Insight [Published: 02-11-2009]
Given the current economic environment, cost effective recruitment is more important than ever.

The Data Factory [Published: 02-12-2009]
This white paper offers the data factory framework as a solution to the data production problems of data-centric enterprises which includes mountains of data, complex analysis and the inability to scale profitably. login required

Fixed Price Contracts [Published: 02-12-2009]
Bill Inmon tells why no developer should build a first data warehouse on a fixed-price basis.

What Are Universal Patterns for Data Modeling? [Published: 02-12-2009]
There are universal patterns that apply to well over 50 percent of most data model constructs and that can be reused. This article discusses those universal patterns.

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance Fusion Edition R11 [Published: 02-12-2009]
The new release features integration with Oracle Crystal Ball, a spreadsheet–based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, Monte Carlo simulation and optimization.

Customers Across the Globe Select Oracle Enterprise Performance Management [Published: 02-12-2009]
Customers from a wide range of industries have chosen Oracle’s EPM and BI software.

enherent Partners with Attensity [Published: 02-12-2009]
The complementary capabilities of enherent and Attensity enable the effective management of brand reputation and the harnessing of new innovative ideas in a time when business success depends on innovation.

Insurance.com uses IBM Cognos Performance Management Software [Published: 02-12-2009]
IBM Cognos performance management software provides staff with live up–to–the–second operational visibility required to deliver peak sales center performance for its customers.

U.S. Army’s PEO STRI Awards CSC a Contract [Published: 02-12-2009]
CSC is one of 118 companies in the Full and Open Lot 1 group of contractors awarded the indefinite–delivery/indefinite–quantity contract.

Navistar Purchases Two Teradata Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 02-13-2009]
The selection was made following a competitive evaluation of Teradata and other data warehouse appliances.

Sentrana Releases Major Enhancement to its Query Builder Application [Published: 02-16-2009]
Query Builder is a decision support functionality that enables users to run ad hoc queries for analysis, iterative testing and discovery.

What does the term “operational data governance” mean? [Published: 02-16-2009] login required

Lyzasoft Introduces Lyza Lite [Published: 02-17-2009]
Lyza Lite enables analysts to synthesize, explore and visualize data, then to publish compelling presentations and dashboards.

SAS Content Categorization Analyzes Enterprise Content for Entities and Events [Published: 02-17-2009]
It creates robust metadata to trigger business processes that can improve organizational performance.

Sales and Marketing: Hosted Analytics [Published: 02-17-2009]
Larry Goldman clarifies the confusion between hosted analytics, outsourced analytics and managed analytics and provides helpful advice for determining which is best for your organization.

Think Tanks and Business Intelligence [Published: 02-17-2009]
Ramon Barquin looks at the role of think tanks, why we need more think tanks and why those think tanks need more and better business intelligence tools and programs.

Data Cleansing [Published: 02-17-2009]
The hard reality is that always problematic and often costly data anomalies do exist. Will Dwinnell explains why it is helpful to have a tool to automatically ferret out a substantial fraction of those anomalies.

A Business Intelligence Primer for Higher Education [Published: 02-17-2009]
Christina Rouse and Janet Kuster describe four highlights of a higher education business intelligence (BI) initiative: getting to “institutional intelligence,” application challenges for a typical business intelligence solution, scoping business intelligence deliverables, timeframes and cost, and sample dashboards for revenue and expense management.

CSC Introduces Web–based Service that Provides Automatic Detection and Resolution of Potential Identity Fraud Attempts [Published: 02-17-2009]
ComplyID is a decision and workflow software solution that addresses sections 315 and 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003.

Bakrie Telecom Selects Greenplum [Published: 02-17-2009]
Bakrie is using Greenplum technology to enable high–impact customer acquisition and retention programs, strategic reporting, performance management and other business intelligence (BI) functions.

TIBCO Software Announces Two New Products [Published: 02-17-2009]
The software encourages better, more informed business decisions across the enterprise.

The Center to Promote HealthCare Access Leverages the Denodo Platform [Published: 02-17-2009]
Using Denodo's mashups and Web process automation, One–e–App connects to multiple external web–based applications.

Clarity Systems Rapidly Gains Customers [Published: 02-17-2009]
Customers are selecting Clarity's CPM solutions to complement their Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) foundation.

Experian QAS Delivers Address Validation Software [Published: 02-18-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Experian QAS’ Joel Curry

Experian QAS Delivers Address Validation Software [Published: 02-18-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Experian QAS’ Joel Curry

Analyzing and Governing Web Content [Published: 02-18-2009]
Web-based content is a powerful source of information for business intelligence analytical processing, but organizations need to carefully select the types of content and technologies used, and need to have a pragmatic approach to governing this content.

iWay Software Announces Availability of iWay Enterprise Information Management Suite [Published: 02-18-2009]
Information Management has evolved over the years from strictly batch–oriented Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes building data warehouses and data marts.

Planview Introduces Planview Enterprise 10 [Published: 02-18-2009]
By improving the solution’s reach, and the way users and management input, access, and use its data, Planview enables its customers to use Planview Enterprise 10 to drive strategic growth even in economically challenging times.

SAP AG Announces the Availability of SAP BusinessObjects XBRL Publishing application by UBmatrix [Published: 02-18-2009]
With SAP BusinessObjects XBRL Publishing, users are free from the burdens of dealing with complex XBRL syntax.

Simplifying the Complexity of Data Warehousing [Published: 02-18-2009]
Read about the various options open to organizations that want to reap the benefits from data warehousing and analytics but do not want to invest in complex infrastructures. This white paper discusses the various options available to firms: from standard relational database technology to specialized analytical databases and from data warehouse appliances to data warehousing as a service (DaaS). login required

CSC Holds Largest Number of BPO Contracts [Published: 02-19-2009]
CSC also was identified as the leading provider in property and casualty (P&C) insurance BPO for policy administration.

Embarcadero Launches Embarcadero All–Access [Published: 02-19-2009]
Embarcadero All–Access provides application developers, architects and database professionals with cost effective on–demand access to all the tools they need to design.

The Green Data Warehouse, Part 2 [Published: 02-19-2009]
Rick Abbott presents a pragmatic list of actions you can take today to reduce energy consumption required to run your data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) systems.

What is Unstructured Data? [Published: 02-19-2009]
Bill Inmon describes how the world of information processing is on the cusp of an entirely different kind of data and processing – unstructured data and processing.

Jinfonet Announces Availability of 9 Service Pack 1 [Published: 02-19-2009]
JReport 9 Service Pack 1 provides improved performance and map enhancements.

Initiate Systems Introduces Initiate Entity Resolution [Published: 02-20-2009]
Entity Resolution is designed to help intelligence and law enforcement agencies “connect the dots” between pieces of information in multiple, disparate systems.

ColdLight Announces the Availability of Neuron as a SaaS Subscription [Published: 02-20-2009]
Analysis that once took companies months to accomplish, Neuron can now provide in seconds and a fraction of the cost of traditional analytics.

PivotLink Named One of the Top Business Intelligence Solutions Providers in the Consumer Packaged Goods Market [Published: 02-20-2009]
More than 150 business and IT executives from consumer goods participated in the 9th annual survey of vendors in 10 categories.

BEZ Systems Announces Availability of BEZVision 3.3 [Published: 02-20-2009]
BEZVision is a unique, next generation software solution that automatically uses existing performance metrics to predict future application.

Aberdeen Group - Smart Decisions: The Role of Key Performance Indicators [Published: 02-22-2009]
Best-in-class companies take a holistic approach to implementing their Performance Management initiatives by defining metrics that encompass key performance areas within their organizations. Find out how key performance indicators are utilized to make decisions that drive their organizations forward by reading this research report by the Aberdeen Group and sponsored by Actuate. login required

Generate, Automate, and Secure Critical Information within Excel [Published: 02-22-2009]
Excel is one of the most commonly used tools for reporting, analysis and "what if" scenarios, with over 250 million users worldwide. This paper will discuss the steps involved in understanding the requirements for an automated solution. It also introduces a solution for automating the generation and secure distribution of spreadsheet reports. login required

Actuate Open Source Survey Results: Increasing User Adaptibility Across the Globe [Published: 02-22-2009]
Organizations' need for greater agility and flexibility, and more control over their software costs, coupled with their fear of technology obsolescence, is driving them to loosen the ties to individual software vendors and traditional software licensing models. The pace of change is now so fast, that companies can no longer afford to be held back by their suppliers’ agendas. Against this backdrop, the third Annual Actuate Open Source Survey confirms that Europe in particular is forging ahead in widespread adoption of OSS, having recognized early on the lower cost of ownership and the flexibility it offers for future application expansion and development. login required

The Transition to Sustainable Development – How [Published: 02-22-2009]
"We are in an era where the current economic market is heavily influenced by environmental and ecological resource issues. The rising costs of energy – combined with a diminishing power supply, increased regulatory scrutiny, and heightened consumer awareness and expectation – is challenging organizations to change the way they do business. Building a green business is no longer only the socially responsible thing to do, but the cost reductions associated with sustainability mandates are emerging as one of the key cost control measures worldwide. Download this whitepaper to see what you can do to help your business transition to one that is sustainable." login required

Forrester Recommends Implementing Rich Internet Applications [Published: 02-22-2009]
Forrester's application development and program management team has fielded approximately 822 inquiries from application development professionals. By far, their main focus is Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). This paper will cover specific RIA subjects including security, accessibility, and suitability of different frameworks. If your firm hasn't yet addressed these issues, then now is the perfect time to find the answer. login required

Mitigate, Control and Secure Your Financial Data within Spreadsheets [Published: 02-22-2009]
Financial business processes run on spreadsheets. The widespread usage of spreadsheets should cause concern for all enterprises. Learn how to implement the correct procedures around spreadsheet controls and the ability to discover, assess, and control spreadsheets. login required

Tower Group Top 10 Predictions [Published: 02-22-2009]
This report provides critical tips for building a long-term customer retention strategies and maintaining growth in a tough economic environment. login required

Open Source BI: Inexpensive Solutions for Developers [Published: 02-22-2009]
Open source software continues to gain momentum in various areas of business computing. This is reflected in the business intelligence applications market as developers add reporting, data access, and analysis. Read this Ventana Research paper about strong interest in open source BI software and open source BI projects such as BIRT. login required

Software as a Service: An Alternative View to Enterprise Software [Published: 02-22-2009]
For many organizations, implementing a performance management initiative properly requires not only developing good business strategies and aligning the key indicators that drive success, but also involves overcoming internal operational challenges. This white paper highlights all the common challenges, pitfalls and benefits of implementing an on-demand (software-as-a-service model) performance management solution and compares this delivery model to a traditional on-premises deployment. The end result of each is to ensure organizations are not flying blind and are instead making informed business decisions. login required

Open Source Foundation - The Answer to Presenting Rich, Interactive and Consistent Data Throughout the Enterprise [Published: 02-22-2009]
With the advent of Web 2.0 and rich Internet application technologies, the Internet is becoming increasingly interactive. Popular websites such as amazon.com, google.com and ebay.com have set user expectations that web content be very graphical, customizable and highly interactive. Download this white paper to how this is important to you. login required

QlikTech Delivers Fast Time to Value and Eliminates Risk with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee [Published: 02-23-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring QlikTech’s Anthony Deighton

QlikTech Delivers Fast Time to Value and Eliminates Risk with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee [Published: 02-23-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring QlikTech’s Anthony Deighton

TRA Selects Kognitio [Published: 02-23-2009]
TRA Chose Kognitio’s WX2 purpose–built analytical database to house TRA’s fast–growing viewing and purchase database.

Kognitio Signs Agreement with AppNexus [Published: 02-23-2009]
AppNexus now offers end–users the power of Kognitio’s WX2 analytical database via data warehousing as a service running on demand in the AppNexus cloud.

KMWorld Names Connotate one of the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management [Published: 02-23-2009]
This is the fifth consecutive year that Connotate has been honored by KMWorld.

ParAccel Introduces the ParAccel Management Console [Published: 02-23-2009]
The ParAccel Management Console (PMC) is an open, web–based interface for configuring and administering the ParAccel Analytic Database.

AAA Allied Group Selects Tableau Software [Published: 02-23-2009]
Analytics will be embedded in the company's SharePoint portal for sharing across the entire AAA Allied Group organization.

ITIS Deploys the Dataupia Satori Server [Published: 02-23-2009]
Dataupia's data warehouse appliance allows ITIS to cost–effectively manage and access four years worth of data.

SAP AG Launches the SAP University Alliances Community [Published: 02-23-2009]
The portal is a multifaceted online environment that delivers the latest academic resources for bringing real–life SAP knowledge and skills into university classrooms.

PSEG case study [Published: 02-23-2009] login required

BIRT Portfolio Rich Media Brochures [Published: 02-23-2009] login required

BeyeNETWORK Announces Addition of New Global Sites, BeyeNETWORK.be and BeyeNETWORK.nl [Published: 02-24-2009]
Global BI media company launches sites in Belgium and the Netherlands for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals.

Microsoft Announces SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse [Published: 02-24-2009]
SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse is a new set of reference architectures for data warehousing that will help eliminate many of the barriers companies traditionally face while creating data warehouses.

Sybase Unveils Sybase IQ 15 [Published: 02-24-2009]
This latest version of Sybase IQ is designed to deliver dramatically faster, more accurate analysis and reporting.

Vertica Unveils New Version of its Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 02-24-2009]
The Vertica Virtualized Analytic Database is the first high–performance analytic database to run as a virtual machine in private enterprise compute clouds.

Donald Farmer, Principal Program Manager for the SQL Server Group Data Mining for Microsoft [Published: 02-24-2009]
Donald Farmer summarizes Microsoft's recent business intelligence announcements. He also answers questions about what these announcements mean for existing customers and partners.

Perspectives on Text Analytics in 2009 [Published: 02-24-2009]
Seth Grimes previews the most important text analytics challenges in 2009 as described by leading vendors.

What Business Intelligence Options Exist in Tough Economic Times? [Published: 02-24-2009]
Lyndsay Wise looks at ways to deploy business intelligence and analytics that do not break the bank, providing some alternatives to traditional deployments for organizations contemplating whether they should invest in business intelligence.

The Impact of the Obama Healthcare Agenda on Business Intelligence [Published: 02-24-2009]
Laura Madsen looks at the new opportunities for business intelligence programs in healthcare, driven by President Obama's focus on healthcare.

The City of Henderson, Nevada Goes into Production with SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management Application [Published: 02-24-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management application is to help develop strategic action plans, measure department initiative milestones and optimize public services.

CSC Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of Gartner Report [Published: 02-24-2009]
The report evaluates external service providers of ERP consulting and systems integration services based on their ability to execute and their completeness of vision.

DataMentors Release DataFuse Version 5.0 [Published: 02-24-2009]
Version 5.0 has been in development and testing for more than 18 months.

Information Builders Named in Annual KMWorld Magazine “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” [Published: 02-24-2009]
Knowledge management practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors, and their customers and colleagues select the companies included on the list.

Donna Burbank, Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager for CA [Published: 02-24-2009]
Donna outlines CA's recent product announcements. Also, on the occasion of the 20-year birthday celebration for ERwin, Donna comments on how the role of the data architect has changed during that time.

Ken Hausman, Product Marketing Manager for Data Integration Products for SAS [Published: 02-25-2009]
Ken talks about how business analytics is a category that business users are looking for to provide better intelligence for their decision making, and talks about how data quality has become an integral component of all data integration and business intelligence projects.

The BeyeNETWORK Announces Strategic Partnership with BI-Community.org [Published: 02-25-2009]
BeyeNETWORK.be and BI-Community.org partner to provide high quality resources for the Benelux business intelligence community.

eThority Announces its Solution Server [Published: 02-25-2009]
The pay–as–you–go Solution Server offers organizations a way to discover the value of compelling business intelligence, reporting and analytics.

Centro Deploys Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition [Published: 02-25-2009]
Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition is to integrate information from disparate systems providing ad–hoc, on–demand reporting and analysis to its entire organization.

Sentry Data Systems Announces the Availability of the Datanex Platform [Published: 02-25-2009]
The Datanex Platform is a healthcare focused cloud computing platform.

Quality Must Be Designed In [Published: 02-25-2009]
Jeff Pettit explains how to reap the benefits of highly productive data for years to come.

The Correct Approach to “Data Correction” [Published: 02-25-2009]
Larry English addresses common misconceptions about what constitutes information quality management.

Syncsort Unveils Backup Express 3.1 [Published: 02-25-2009]
The new release provides customers deploying server virtualization with unprecedented capabilities to meet the data protection requirements of the new environments.

Bernalillo County in New Mexico Selects SAP [Published: 02-25-2009]
Bernalillo County implemented SAP's flagship ERP software, SAP ERP.

Netezza Acquires Tizor Systems [Published: 02-25-2009]
This acquisition will allow Netezza’s enterprise customers to track, store and perform forensic analysis against years of data access history.

Aster Data Systems Closes Series B Round with an Additional $5 Million from Institutional Venture Partners [Published: 02-26-2009]
Aster provides high–performance analytic database systems for frontline data warehousing – bringing deep insights on data analyzed on clusters of low-cost commodity hardware.

Xtract’s Software Solutions are Certified on Greenplum Database 3.2 [Published: 02-26-2009]
Xtract's social intelligence solutions analyze social interactions, behavior and demographic data that mobile operators and online companies already have, to create accurate, real time consumer profiles.

Business Drivers and Master Data [Published: 02-26-2009]
David Loshin suggests that when a technology that is touted as a general solution overwhelms the problem, it poses a risk to good practices in the important situations where the technology truly is the solution.

People Say the Darndest Things About Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence [Published: 02-26-2009]
Over the years, Bill Inmon has heard some of the strangest, and untrue, things about business intelligence, data warehousing and other technology topics. He sets the record straight in this article.

CSC Signs $53 Million Information Technology (IT) Services Contract with BHP Billiton Petroleum [Published: 02-26-2009]
Under the agreement, CSC will manage global IT operations for BHP Billiton Petroleum.

BizCubed Signs as a Pentaho Gold Partner [Published: 02-26-2009]
Gold partner status acknowledges the company's high level of expertise and solidifies its established position in the Australian marketplace.

Healthcare Providers Building a Smarter Healthcare System with IBM [Published: 02-26-2009]
Reducing healthcare costs and improving patient care through innovative systems for handling patient records is a major priority in The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Do you see cloud computing evolving toward specialized functions and/or applications? [Published: 02-27-2009] login required

Datawatch Announces Availability of Datawatch ES, Version 4.6 [Published: 02-27-2009]
Version 4.6 is the latest version of the company’s enterprise business intelligence and enterprise reporting solution.

Panopticon Data Visualization Software Implemented by Sycomore Asset Management [Published: 02-27-2009]
Sycomore Asset Management will use software to monitor risk, performance and other parameters for its funds.

Oce Business Services Introduces the Oce MAX Advanced Document Performance Management System [Published: 02-27-2009]
This next–generation Internet application features advanced functionality and flexibility that enables clients to use information to reduce document management costs and improve operational efficiency.

DVL Cuts Monthly Reporting Time by 72% with QlikView [Published: 02-27-2009]
Department heads use QlikView to access their own data, saving DVL $81,000 annually in staff time.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services Selects Initiate Systems [Published: 02-27-2009]
Presbyterian Healthcare Services is New Mexico's only private, not–for–profit system of hospitals, a health plan and a growing medical group.