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December 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Wynne Systems Delivers InfoManager a BI Tool for Decsion-Makers [Published: 12-01-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring InfoManager’s Larry Christensen

Klipfolio Announces the Availability of Klipfolio Dashboard Version 5.3 [Published: 12-01-2009]
Klipfolio Dashboard version 5.3 adds organizational and departmental notifications and alerts to its well-known strength in KPI reporting for operational decision makers.

Global Client Renews Partnership with Telerx [Published: 12-01-2009]
The company has expanded its partnership for another three years based on the exceptional quality and consistency of the services that Telerx has provided.

Panopticon Releases Version 5.4 of its Developer SDK [Published: 12-01-2009]
The new version offers improved data handling, faster visual processing, an expanded set of data visualizations, and support for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environments in addition to .NET and Java environments.

Teradata Transition On Course in Steady Quarter, With Exciting New Offerings Ahead [Published: 12-01-2009]
Merv Adrian provides insightful commentary on Teradata's third quarter, the recent PARTNERS event, their new products and their road map for the future. login required

What’s Up with Cloud Analytics? [Published: 12-01-2009]
Dave Wells provides his answers to some of the questions that surround cloud analytics: What is the technology? What are the applications? What is the upside? What is the downside? Who are the vendors? What happens next?

Kaleida Health Monitors Flu Cases with Oracle [Published: 12-01-2009]
The dashboard enables a team of 35 at Kaleida Health to understand trends related to patients with flu symptoms, and track trends related to staff with flu-like symptoms.

SAP AG Announces that the 2009 KPI Achievements of the SUGEN SAP Enterprise Support Program Show Value to Participating SAP Customers [Published: 12-01-2009]
SAP has formed a task force to reach out to customers and user groups to continue and enhance the ongoing dialogue and incorporate their feedback in order to maximize customer value from SAP's entire support offerings.

XChange UK and ThePowerXChange.com Offer Free Xdata or InData with Purchase of Xcatalog or InCatalog [Published: 12-01-2009]
Additionally, users who upgrade from earlier versions of Xcatalog or Xcatalog Pro or InCatalog or InCatalog Pro qualify for the free Xdata or InData.

Sypherlink Adds Cloud-Ready Data Integration Component to Core Harvester Software Application [Published: 12-01-2009]
This new component is available in a cloud-ready platform, providing customers a low-cost, high value solution for accelerating their data integration projects while reducing project costs and related risk.

IBM Acquires Guardium [Published: 12-01-2009]
Guardium identifies patterns and inconsistencies in the way data is accessed.

Localytics Selects the Vertica Analytic Database on the Cloud to Power its Real-Time Mobile Analytics Platform for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android Applications [Published: 12-01-2009]
The platform enables developers to quickly identify opportunities and problems by analyzing all facets of how consumers use their mobile apps.

Data Governance – The Rock on Which MDM is Built [Published: 12-02-2009]
Without the pain and inevitable arguments and wrangling between business staff that are necessary to resolve data ownership, master data management (MDM) initiatives have little chance of success. login required

The Data Audit Imperative [Published: 12-02-2009]
All data managers need to begin thinking in earnest about data auditing.

Sypherlink Announces HP Enterprise Services Selects the Harvester Metadata Discovery and Mapping Software and Harvester Integrator Data Integration Component [Published: 12-02-2009]
Sypherlink software was selected as part of the overall solution to be provided to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

Corporate Data [Published: 12-02-2009]
In this course, Bill Inmon explains the importance of a properly laid foundation for corporate data. A proper foundation for corporate data supports all types of reporting and analysis. This is the second course in Bill's 3-course certificate series on the Fundamentals of Data Warehousing. 24 minutes login required

myDIALS Announces the Availability of the Developer Kit [Published: 12-02-2009]
myDIALS Developer Kit enables users to easily, and cost-effectively, implement, manage and maintain myDIALS’SaaS solution.

Chris Twogood, Director of Appliance Product Marketing for Teradata [Published: 12-02-2009]
Chris Twogood describes the momentum that the Teradata data warehouse appliance is gaining across geographies and industries. He also shares how customers are using the Extreme Data Appliance and other exciting developments at Teradata.

Dave Schrader, Teradata Director of Marketing and Strategy [Published: 12-02-2009]
Dave discusses some actual examples of the Active Data Warehouse in action.

Dan Graham, Teradata Senior Marketing Manager [Published: 12-02-2009]
Dan shares his insights about Teradata's Active Data Warehousing high performing analytics solution.

Xen Optimization Group Joins the Neptuny Business Partner Program [Published: 12-02-2009]
The Neptuny Business Partner Program is designed to support partners in reselling its solutions and providing their consulting and support services on Caplan.

Autodesk Selects SAP Carbon Impact On-Demand Solution [Published: 12-02-2009]
SAP Carbon Impact will help Autodesk more clearly measure, mitigate and monetize greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts across its internal operations and supply chain.

CSC Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant for SAP Outsourcing [Published: 12-02-2009]
The report analyzes 20 leading providers of SAP application outsourcing services.

U.S. Department of the Interior's National Business Center Awards CSC a Blanket Purchase Agreement to Provide SAP System Support [Published: 12-02-2009]
Services delivered under the BPA will support NBC's Financial Management line of business, which was established to provide financial management systems and accounting services in support of federal agencies.

Connotate Named EContent Magazine's Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry [Published: 12-02-2009]
Connotate was recognized by EContent for its Agent Community GEN2 software which feeds content products, enables mass data aggregation and integration, and enhances market and business intelligence.

Fujitsu Unveils New World Record Result on SAP BI-Data Mart Standard Application Benchmark [Published: 12-02-2009]
The SAP BI-D Standard Application Benchmark provides a real-world indication of enterprise database performance through measuring system performance in handling high-volume queries to a business warehouse system database.

Syntel and Netezza Collaborate to Deliver Data Warehousing Solutions [Published: 12-03-2009]
Syntel will offer system integration services for the Netezza platform along with its existing portfolio of data warehousing and business intelligence services.

Art Petty Launches Building Better Leaders Professional Education and Mentoring Service [Published: 12-03-2009]
Building Better Leaders programs are executive-developed and delivered in an on-demand fashion to allow participants to learn at their own pace and provide flexibility for personal and professional schedules.

Compliance and the Recession [Published: 12-03-2009]
Basel II, says Bill Inmon, put to proper use, may have alerted banks to the subprime mortgage crisis. login required

Cultural Preparation and Adoption of a New Sales Performance Management System Doesn’t Happen by Chance [Published: 12-03-2009]
The implementation of a new sales performance management system is monumental, and it is best to take some time at the onset of the process to prepare your organization for the change.

Pervasive Software Positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools [Published: 12-03-2009]
According to the report, for vendors to be included in this Magic Quadrant, “They must possess within their technology portfolio the subset of capabilities identified by Gartner as most critical from within the overall range of capabilities expected in data integration tools.”

Handmark Voted Winner of Kickfire's Data Warehousing Challenge [Published: 12-04-2009]
Handmark plans to implement its new Kickfire analytics appliance to exponentially speed up query performance.

TEMIS Announces the Launch of Luxid Content Pipeline [Published: 12-04-2009]
Luxid Content Pipeline is a new content collection module integrated within the latest version of its flagship content discovery solution, Luxid 5.1.

Dashboards: Front and Center for Internal Communications [Published: 12-04-2009]
Allan Wille stresses the importance of internal communication and suggests that desktop dashboards are an effective communication tool for organizations of all sizes.

Why On-Demand BI? 9 Substantial Benefits of BI in the Cloud [Published: 12-07-2009]
Learn how business intelligence (BI) in the cloud can simplify and broaden your business intelligence effectiveness. This paper examines how software as a service (SaaS) works for BI – including a case study – and why this latest generation of software deployment brings substantial benefits to businesses.

Electronic Health Records: A New Road Leading to the Bridge to Nowhere? [Published: 12-07-2009]
Much ado has been made over electronic health records (EHRs) and the role they will play in achieving President Obama’s objectives of lowering cost and improving delivery of healthcare. But there is a serious lack of understanding about the impact this technology will or, more to the point, won’t have in achieving the stated priorities.

Five Steps to Keep an Organization from Fumbling Its Analytics Implementation [Published: 12-07-2009]
Royce Bell explains that organizations that can effectively address the five concerns addressed in this article and get to the point of having real-time analytic data drive their decision making will, as a result, make better and more timely decisions.

Edgenet's Big Hammer Data Selects Silver Creek Systems [Published: 12-07-2009]
Big Hammer Data, a division of Edgenet, Inc. has selected the DataLens System to automate data mastering processes such as content validation, standardization, classification and custom publication for their data pool.

SAP AG Announces Innovations to its Industry-Specific Banking Software [Published: 12-07-2009]
The new release of banking services from SAP directly addresses the needs of banking customers in today's market.

Telcos Embracing Vertica Analytic Database to Grow Market Share [Published: 12-07-2009]
More than a dozen new CSP customers have moved beyond the limits of traditional data warehouse tools with Vertica.

CSC Wins Northern Virginia Technology Council's Green Award [Published: 12-07-2009]
CSC won the Northern Virginia Technology Council's Green Award for creating a positive impact on the region through green practices.

10 Reasons to Choose Talend [Published: 12-07-2009]
To help you evaluate various solutions and technologies available on the market, and to compare open source data integration technology with other alternatives, this white paper presents the top 10 reasons why organizations are choosing open source for their data integration needs. To support these top reasons, the white paper includes proof points (31 in total) provided by actual users of open source data integration. login required

Integrating Ingres in the Information System: An Open Source Approach [Published: 12-07-2009]
This white paper describes a number of real-life interoperability scenarios for Ingres and explains how an open source approach helps solving the interoperability challenge. login required

Open Sesame: Why Open Source BI, Data Integration and Data Warehousing Solutions are Gaining in Acceptance [Published: 12-07-2009]
This paper examines the challenges faced by organizations today regarding their BI, data integration and data warehousing environments, why traditional solutions fall short and the rise of upstart open source companies. login required

Practical Open Source Data Integration: Case Studies and Implementation Examples, Volume 2 [Published: 12-07-2009]
Over the past few years, open source has established itself as a key component of the overall data integration market. Many organizations have adopted this model for their data integration projects. These organizations span all industries, all continents and all company sizes. Read these case studies that range from ETL for data warehousing or business intelligence to operational data integration, data migration and data synchronization. login required

The Role of Open Source in Data Integration [Published: 12-07-2009]
Most data integration processes have seen limited automation over the past decade despite many technology advances. This white paper by industry analyst Mark Madsen will help clarify what data integration is and explain the difference between operational data integration and analytic data integration as well as highlight the benefits of open source for data integration and provide a series of recommendations to make the integration job easier, repeatable and more productive. login required

Leveraging Open Source Data Quality [Published: 12-07-2009]
Poor quality data affects all data-related projects and refers to the state of completeness, validity, consistency, timeliness and accuracy that makes data appropriate for a specific use. This technical white paper presents the main challenges of data quality and drills into specific uses of data profiling and data cleansing. 32 distinct use cases highlight how open source data quality technology can be used to alleviate issues related to poor quality data. login required

Integrating SAP Using Open Source Data Integration [Published: 12-07-2009]
All companies deploying SAP need to align all other applications and systems as a means of collaborating with partners and vendors, streamlining their operations and maximizing their IT investments. SAP is highly successful and popular, but it is also a large, unique and complex system environment and presents many challenges to companies who want to integrate it with third-party systems. This technical white paper explains how to fill a broad range of integration needs without expensive IT development costs. login required

High Performance for Integrating Massive Data Volumes [Published: 12-07-2009]
Processing very large data sets provides unique constraints, especially when time windows available for this processing are shrinking. This technical white paper presents a variety of technologies that are available for accelerating the processing of large data volumes, including massive parallelization, optimized data-set-mode processing based on MapReduce, grid deployment and load balancing. login required

High Performance for Integrating Massive Data Volumes [Published: 12-07-2009]
Processing very large data sets provides unique constraints, especially when time windows available for this processing are shrinking. This Technical White Paper presents a variety of technologies that are available for accelerating the processing of large data volumes, including massive parallelization, optimized data-set-mode processing based on Map Reduce, grid deployment, and load balancing. login required

Consist Software Solutions Enters Into $200 Million Agreement with IBM [Published: 12-07-2009]
CONSIST will provide its clients with new software applications that embeds IBM’s software portfolio to support new IT infrastructure projects.

Usage Landscape Enterprise Open Source Data Integration [Published: 12-07-2009]
Enterprise data integration needs are growing exponentially over time, as is the interest in open source technologies and the adoption of open source solutions. Talend conducted a survey to define the usage landscape of open source data integration and to profile users of this technology. This white paper discusses the most commonly used data integration technologies, their benefits and the associated decision criteria. It also highlights the types of projects open source data integration is used for and how it complements other data integration technologies. login required

CloudShare Comes Out of Stealth with Marquee Customers and Cloud-Based Platform [Published: 12-07-2009]
CloudShare's platform gives solution providers a simple way to deploy multiple, independent copies of their existing fully built hands-on demo or training environment in the cloud in minutes.

SOA Software Announces Atmosphere Initiative for Cloud Services Governance Products for 2010 [Published: 12-07-2009]
The Atmosphere products will help companies realize the enormous cost and agility benefits possible with the combination of SOA and Cloud services governance.

Pervasive Software Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools [Published: 12-07-2009]
Vendors in the data integration tools market experienced increased scrutiny from buyers with regard to pricing, cost models, time to implementation and the quality of service and support

MEGA Introduces MEGA TeamWork [Published: 12-07-2009]
MEGA TeamWork is a new software product that allows teams in organizations to work collaboratively to change, review, and validate business processes, assets, architectures, and resources.

BeyeNETWORK Announces Release of Research on Open Source Adoption [Published: 12-08-2009]
New research report by Mark Madsen on the evolution of open source technology adoption and the factors influencing adoption in the business intelligence and data warehousing segment is released.

Everyone's a Genius: SAS-Delivered BI Tools Put Decision Making in the Hands of Decision Makers [Published: 12-08-2009]
This IDC Technology Spotlight focuses on software as a service (SaaS)-based BI tools that are designed to help the millions of people in non-IT lines of business who struggle every day with the task of mining Excel spreadsheets and other unstructured data sources when making sales forecasts, planning for resource utilization or servicing customer accounts. Inexpensive, easy-to-deploy SaaS BI can help companies put easy-to-use data mining and reporting tools for smart decision making into the hands of more employees and uncover the real "geniuses" of decision making hidden in every department. login required

Quest Software Delivers Toad for Data Analysts to IT and Business Professionals [Published: 12-08-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Quest Software’s Billy Bosworth

Composite Software, Inc. Announces its Collaboration with HP to Deliver Data Virtualization Middleware [Published: 12-08-2009]
This collaboration combines Composite’s data virtualization middleware and services with HP Business Intelligence Solutions to accelerate delivery of real-time intelligence for complicated supply chain, risk and customer environments.

CSC Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner 2009 Report [Published: 12-08-2009]
The report analyzes 15 of the leading providers of Oracle application outsourcing services.

Michael Upchurch, COO of Fuzzy Logix [Published: 12-08-2009]
Michael Upchurch explains how the background of his company is interlinked with Netezza and how they benefit from Netezza's massively parallel architecture. He also describes how their relationship with Netezza has led to a great partnership with Aperity.

Business Performance Management in 2010, Part 1 [Published: 12-08-2009]
Business performance management, which uses business intelligence tools to convert data from transactional systems into meaningful and actionable information, is expanding beyond its core foundation into management reporting, predictive analytics, profitability analysis and optimization, and operational analytics.

SAP and Siemens Sign Global Reseller Agreement [Published: 12-08-2009]
SAP will resell in selected target markets the Siemens Healthcare hospital information system i.s.h.med.

Using Advanced Analytics to Gain Insights into Your Revenue Stream [Published: 12-08-2009]
Learn why the combination of analytics and business logic leads to increased sales performance. Organizations of all sizes face a common challenge in increasing the effectiveness of sales in today's economy: how to gain clear visibility into customer, prospect and sales process data that can be leveraged to work more efficiently. What's needed? Advanced web-based business applications, reports and dashboards that drive faster decisions, while saving you money and time by avoiding the need for additional hardware or placing workload on IT. login required

PRISM Group Selects Information Builders' WebFOCUS BI Technology [Published: 12-08-2009]
PRISM Group has integrated more than 300 WebFOCUS reports into its sales server and Avion travel management systems to help airlines negotiate profitable contracts and to help corporations analyze travel expenditures.

On-Demand BI Solutions: A New Way to Achieve Your Corporate Objectives in Today's Challenging Economy [Published: 12-08-2009]
This white paper from THINKStrategies examines how the new generation of software-as-a-service-based BI solutions is responding to the escalating challenges facing companies of all sizes today. login required

7 Tactics for Smart Business to Increase Revenues and Decrease Expenses in Any Economy [Published: 12-08-2009]
It’s a basic tenet of business: increase revenue and decrease expenses. This valuable guide outlines approaches to improve your business, independent of economic changes. This eBook includes information on how to enable more effective sales calls as well as ideas on how to make better decisions faster, leverage existing resources and revisit expenditures. login required

SMBs are Turning to SAS Business Analytics to Become More Competitive [Published: 12-08-2009]
With years of experience serving the needs of SMBs, SAS and its partners fully understand their unique needs.

Goold Health Systems is Rolling out its Core Processing Application on the InterSystems CACHÉ High-Performance Object Database Platform [Published: 12-08-2009]
The rollout began after successfully completing an in-depth proof-of-concept (POC) project.

Actuate to Acquire Xenos Group Inc. [Published: 12-09-2009]
Actuate will acquire all of the outstanding common shares of Xenos.

ParAccel Introduces ParAccel Scalable Analytic Appliance II [Published: 12-09-2009]
PADB 2.0. SAA II is designed for companies seeking massive scale and performance from their data warehouses, while they also leverage the enterprise-class capabilities of SAN environments.

Two Leading European Consulting Companies Partner [Published: 12-09-2009]
CXP and BARC announce strategic cooperation.

Keith Collins, Senior VP and CTO of SAS [Published: 12-09-2009]
Keith Collins discusses how accelerated analytical technology from Netezza and SAS will help businesses achieve faster analytic results to improve business performance.

For Text Data Quality, Focus on Sources [Published: 12-09-2009]
Seth Grimes discusses emerging best practices for selection and processing of text sources that can lead to better text data quality.

Talend Launches Talend Integration Suite LCP [Published: 12-09-2009]
This new enterprise data integration platform extends Talend Integration Suite to provide Fortune 500 organizations with a broad set of enterprise features.

North Lincs and Goole Optimises Trust Performance with BI from Ardentia [Published: 12-09-2009]
The Trust has deployed Ardentia’s Data Warehouse and Briefing Books solutions to improve access to data across all hospital sites.

Callidus Software Signs Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in SaaS Deal [Published: 12-09-2009]
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has selected the Callidus Monaco Suite to manage sales performance and incentive compensation programs.

Mitsubishi Extends Use of BOARD to Incorporate Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting [Published: 12-09-2009]
BOARD proves how BI & CPM can be truly integrated and delivered in one single product.

Nstein Technologies Named to EContent Magazine's 100 List for the Sixth Time [Published: 12-09-2009]
This special issue of Econtent magazine is devoted to recognizing the leaders in the ever-changing information-management industry.

iWay Software Positioned in Gartner's Data Integration Tools 2009 Report [Published: 12-09-2009]
Gartner has placed the company in the Visionaries quadrant of its Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools report.

MemorialCare Medical Centers Commends Accenx on Implementation of its Physician Outreach Platform [Published: 12-09-2009]
MemorialCare Medical Centers endorse Accenx Exchange, as the interoperability platform to support its physician outreach program; commending its relationship with Accenx so far.

Sunny Delight Leverages Trade Promotion Management to Strengthen Customer Profitability [Published: 12-09-2009]
Being able to see trade spend and revenue per customer enabled Sunny D to perform an accurate analysis of the situation.

Fordham University and IBM Launch Business Analytics Curriculum to Prepare Students for Careers [Published: 12-09-2009]
Fordham University and IBM are collaborating on a new business analytics curriculum to help prepare college students for careers in key industries such as energy and utilities, healthcare, education, transportation and public service.

Data Governance for Data Warehousing: Top Five Critical Success Factors [Published: 12-10-2009]
Data governance for your data warehouse is a great starting point for undertaking an enterprise data governance initiative so that your data warehouse information can be as accurate and clean as possible. This white paper reviews the five critical success factors for a fully governed data warehouse. login required

Six Steps to Increasing Business Intelligence User Adoption [Published: 12-10-2009]
In order to build a good user adoption strategy for business intelligence, it is necessary to establish a common framework in which to discuss user adoption. This white paper details the six steps for building a user adoption program. login required

MindTree Delivers a One-Stop-Shop for Information & Data Management Needs of Companies [Published: 12-10-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring MindTree’s Scott Staples

IBM Uncovers Business Strategies for Weathering Economic Storm [Published: 12-10-2009]
The IBM study also found that top performers were six times more likely to entrust a broader base of employees with greater authority to make decisions and act on insights.

SAP Helps Companies Deliver on Their Sustainability Promises [Published: 12-10-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management application allows businesses to more easily set sustainability goals and objectives, measure and communicate performance, and reduce data collection costs and errors.

Gartner Predicts that Open-Source BI Tools Production Deployments will Grow through 2012 [Published: 12-10-2009]
Gartner says Open-source BI tools are becoming a mainstream deployment option for all kinds of BI usage.

Mike Coakley, VP of Emerging Technologies and Partnerships for Epsilon [Published: 12-10-2009]
Mike Coakley shares the value provided by the annual Netezza conference and explains how the Epsilon relationship with Netezza began.

The Last Mile in Data Governance [Published: 12-10-2009]
The effectiveness of every data governance and stewardship initiative rests on the entire organization’s awareness and willingness to help. Frank Dravis explains why every data governance initiative requires a public relations and education component. login required

Rent-A-Center Implements a Returns Forecasting Solution from Predictix [Published: 12-10-2009]
Rent-A-Center, Inc. has successfully implemented a returns forecasting solution from Predictix in several hundred stores and is continuing to roll out across the retailer’s chain of nearly 3,000 stores nationwide.

Independent Health Selects Kalido Information Engine [Published: 12-11-2009]
Independent Health has selected the Kalido Information Engine to deliver a data-governance-driven information management solution that will help better manage data related to members, providers and claims in order to slow the growth rate of healthcare costs and improve service.

John Madalon, Founder of Aperity [Published: 12-11-2009]
Aperity's partnership with Netezza allows them to use all their resources to move their product forward. John Madalon talks of the value of Netezza's OnStream Analytics, their partnership with Fuzzy Logix and what the future holds for Aperity.

SAP Helps Companies Deliver on Their Sustainability Promises [Published: 12-11-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, the new application helps organizations focus on improving economic, social and environmental performance rather than spending time on data collection and report compilation.

Teradata Wins Gold NCDM Award for Excellence in Database Marketing [Published: 12-11-2009]
Teradata and two of its retail customers, Hallmark Cards and Cabela's, were named winners of Gold NCDM awards for excellence in Database Marketing.

Lixto Achieves Significant Milestones in 2009 [Published: 12-14-2009]
Lixto Software has been able to expand its business and make significant enhancements to its software solutions despite a hardening economic environment during 2009.

CSC Announces Global Strategic Alliance with Proximetry [Published: 12-14-2009]
CSC and Proximetry create a new intelligent wireless services platform enabling a series of new business solutions and services for the transportation and energy industries.

Elery Pfeffer, CEO and Founder of Datanetis [Published: 12-14-2009]
Laern about the value that Netezza provides to the Datanetis social network solution and the world of data in general.

MEGA Introduces MEGA TeamWork [Published: 12-14-2009]
MEGA TeamWork allows teams in organizations to work collaboratively to change, review, and validate business processes, assets, architectures and resources.

Logical Arguments and Business Intelligence [Published: 12-14-2009]
Richard Herschel uses the Toulmin Model of Argumentation (or Toulmin Logic) to frame business intelligence arguments to insure that they are being made in a logical manner.

CSC and Google to Replace the City of Los Angeles' Applications with Google Apps [Published: 12-14-2009]
Under the terms of the agreement, CSC will provide systems integration and end-user services.

Are there strategies to standardize on a single BI tool? Any best practices to suggest? [Published: 12-14-2009] login required

CSC Announces the Launch of its New Unified Communications Services Portfolio [Published: 12-14-2009]
CSC will design, build, integrate and manage this suite of services for Enterprise customers globally, enabling them to optimize costs and increase competitive advantage through innovation and agility.

Information Builders and ParAccel Partner [Published: 12-14-2009]
The pairing of Information Builders and ParAccel enables organizations to incorporate high-performance analytics and best-in-class business intelligence to harvest greater insight from their data.

Teradata Implements an Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform for CarMax [Published: 12-14-2009]
This implementation helps CarMax meet new business requirements for immediate access to near real-time data.

Sybase Announces it is Leveraging the Newest Version of Sybase IQ 15.1 [Published: 12-15-2009]
Sybase IQ 15.1 enables the company to provide deep analytics functionality on the Sybase 365 mobile services platform that will uniquely address the needs of mobile operators, financial institutions and enterprise customers.

CSC Wins Task Order From the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [Published: 12-15-2009]
CSC will install new laptop computer equipment and provide a nationwide IT help desk.

Bill Hewitt, President and CEO of Kalido [Published: 12-15-2009]
Bill Hewitt introduces the Kalido KONA Information Appliance, the new product announced at Enzee Universe. Kalido's KONA Information Appliance is the successful combination of Netezza's high speed technology with Kalido's agile software that provides enormous value to clients in the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

Come and Get It! Making Business Intelligence More Consumable, Part 3 [Published: 12-15-2009]
Recent innovations in six areas of technology can significantly impact the overall business intelligence deployments in terms of performance, scalability and low cost. Claudia Imhoff and Colin White provide a guide to help you understand how these advances have changed the face of analytics and information worker support. login required

Healthcare Information Xchange of New York Selects the InterSystems HealthShare Software Platform [Published: 12-16-2009]
HealthShare will be used as the core health information exchange software for a series of initiatives designed to connect healthcare organizations throughout 17 counties in northern New York State.

DataFlux Announces U.S. Financial Services Firms Lag Behind Europe in Data Management [Published: 12-16-2009]
The study, which DataFlux commissioned, outlines current attitudes and practices towards data management and industry regulation in the finance sector.

Aster Data and Carahsoft Partner [Published: 12-16-2009]
Carahsoft will market and sell Aster Data Version 4.0 through Carahsoft’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

IBM to Acquire Lombardi [Published: 12-16-2009]
Lombardi helps organizations automate and integrate business processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Pervasive Software Named Winner of the Best of SaaS Showplace Award [Published: 12-16-2009]
The BoSS Awards program brings attention to SaaS and cloud computing companies that are producing tangible business benefits for specific user organizations.

St. Joseph Health System Selects Accenx [Published: 12-16-2009]
St. Joseph Health System has chosen Accenx as its partner to aid in the integration of its hospitals with affiliated physicians.

Syncsort Positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools [Published: 12-16-2009]
Companies must possess within their technology portfolio the subset of capabilities identified by Gartner as most critical from within the overall range of capabilities expected in data integration tools.

Alexandria Police Department Selects IxReveal [Published: 12-16-2009]
Alexandria Police Department in Virginia is the latest law enforcement agency to utilize its uReveal platform for analysis of unstructured and structured data.

Corda Technologies and conpros Announce Partnership [Published: 12-16-2009]
Corda Technologies and conpros partnership provides product implementation, consulting and training services in EMEA.

SeeWhy Announces the Completion of $2 Million Round of Funding [Published: 12-16-2009]
Through 2010, SeeWhy plans to add additional investors.

Watson Clinic Implements Dimensional Insight’s BI Suite [Published: 12-17-2009]
Watson Clinic selected The Diver Solution, an end-to-end dashboard, reporting and analytics suite of software.

Mobclix Selects Aster nCluster Cloud Edition [Published: 12-17-2009]
By using Aster’s scalable data analysis and data management platform, Mobclix can enhance its targeted advertising platform.

SAP Enters Strategic Relationship with Valero Energy [Published: 12-17-2009]
Valero will work with SAP to create a scalable, innovative and flexible global IT landscape across Valero's offices and 16 oil refineries throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

A Modern Gothic Tale [Published: 12-17-2009]
Moving from one release of VB.NET to another can be a huge challenge. Bill Inmon recounts his recent experience.

Customer Analytics [Published: 12-17-2009]
The starting point for a customer analytics program, says David Loshin, should focus on four conceptual value areas: decreasing costs, increasing revenue, maximizing productivity and establishing trust.

Civitium Uses Quantrix Modeler to Develop North Georgia Network Cooperative [Published: 12-17-2009]
Quantrix Modeler helps Civitium develop winning $33 million ARRA grant proposal for federal stimulus funds.

Stonefield Query Announces Agreement with Dydacomp [Published: 12-17-2009]
Dydacomp entered into an OEM agreement to use Stonefield Query as their business intelligence reporting solution.

Mitsubishi Extends use of BOARD [Published: 12-17-2009]
Mitsubishi extends the use of BOARD to incorporate budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Prestigious U.S. Universities Implement Solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio [Published: 12-17-2009]
Duke University and the University of Nebraska have selected SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions to provide comprehensive visibility of research, fundraising and spending across their operations.

Pentaho Dominates Open Source BI and Data Integration Adoption [Published: 12-18-2009]
This BeyeNETWORK Research Report illustrates that commercial open source has moved out of the innovation stage and directly into mainstream consideration for new BI projects.

XO Communications Selects Netezza's Data Management Platform [Published: 12-18-2009]
XO Communications has selected Netezza to provide the platform to handle the organization's increasing data needs.

Composite Software Recruits Two Executives for Positions in its Canadian Operations [Published: 12-21-2009]
Nickolas Kabitsis and Tony Young will serve as sales manager and sales engineer.

Attunity Partners with Open Text [Published: 12-21-2009]
Open Text will market advanced data connectivity solutions, including legacy decommissioning, data lifecycle management and real-time data warehousing.

CAPITAL Card Selects KXEN’s Data Mining Suite [Published: 12-21-2009]
CAPITAL chose KXEN after an evaluation of several different data mining toolss.

Teradata Builds Data Warehouse for Habitat for Humanity International [Published: 12-21-2009]
Teradata will provide a single view of the organization by organizing and consolidating Habitat's donor, financial and operational information.

Aditya Birla Financial Services Group Selects Teradata [Published: 12-22-2009]
ABFSG selected Teradata's Data Warehouse Appliance with its ability to start small and grow according to its future requirements.

Welch’s has Been Awarded the Supply Chain Performance Leadership Award by Ventana Research [Published: 12-23-2009]
The award recognizes Welch ’s use of Oco’s business intelligence (BI) solutions to achieve greater supply chain performance and collaboration in its transportation operations.

InetSoft’s Dashboard Application Selected as AppExchange Essential by salesforce.com [Published: 12-28-2009]
InetSoft’s application made the cut out of over 800 applications listed in the AppExchange and 47 direct competitors in the “Dashboards and Reports” category.

Callidus Software Receives "Positive" Rating from Gartner [Published: 12-28-2009]
Callidus recognized as sales performance management leader in Gartner's MarketScope Report for insurance incentive compensation management applications.

62 Percent of CEOs See IT Having a Key Role in Post-Recession Strategy, Says Gartner Survey [Published: 12-28-2009]
IT investment level is on the rise and growth is more important than cost cutting in 2010 according to a recent Gartner survey.

BMC Software Improves IT Flexibility for Online Music Company [Published: 12-29-2009]
Leading European entertainment company achieves agile, efficient and compliant IT with BMC Software.

Vizioncore Announces the Availability of vFoglight 6.0 [Published: 12-29-2009]
vFoglight 6.0 provides an ideal virtualization management solution that enables administrators to better understand the complex relationships and interactions among all the components within a virtual infrastructure.

Forrester Research Names CA a Leader in Both IT and Business-Driven Project Portfolio Management [Published: 12-30-2009]
CA Clarity PPM recognized in first report of its kind to separately evaluate project portfolio management for business and IT-driven portfolios.

The Middlesea Group Teams Up with InsFocus Systems Ltd for an Insurance and Reinsurance Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 12-30-2009]
The solution developed specifically for insurance companies, provides Middlesea with built-in insurance related functionalities and calculations addressing the whole spectrum of the company's business process.