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August 2009 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Can you determine a breadown point in BI? How about some keys to success? [Published: 08-03-2009] login required

Lixto Helps Companies Achieve Better and More Structured Results from Web Queries [Published: 08-03-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Lixto’s Marcus Herzog

Lixto Helps Companies Achieve Better and More Structured Results from Web Queries [Published: 08-03-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Lixto’s Marcus Herzog

Kognitio Conducts Survey and Finds Consumers have Concerns About the Use of Personal Data [Published: 08-03-2009]
Fewer than one-third of the respondents (28 percent) thought that companies collecting data about them for marketing purposes use that information in an ethical manner.

InetSoft Announces the Introduction of a Free Visualization Service, Visualize Free [Published: 08-03-2009]
Visualization refers to the visual representation and exploration of large data sets where graphical views of the data can lead to the observation of trends or aberrations in the data.

Siperian Announces the Availability of an Independent New Report Released July 21, 2009 by Forrester Research [Published: 08-04-2009]
Forrester Research’s report is titled, “It’s Time To Revisit Product Information Management (PIM)."

Experian Announces the Availability of a Market Insight Snapshot Report [Published: 08-04-2009]
The study highlights trends in the rate of small-business bankruptcies and other key risk indicators as well as examines the health of businesses before and after the economic downturn.

Teradata Announces General Availability of Teradata 13 [Published: 08-04-2009]
Teradata 13 provides customers an even more affordable foundation for a wide range of business analytics.

SeeWhy Announces Abandonment Tracker Pro [Published: 08-04-2009]
Abandonment Tracker Pro is the first and only web analytics service to enable real-time remarketing for web site abandoners.

ModelRight Releases Version 3.5 of its Flagship Product ModelRight [Published: 08-04-2009]
With this new release ModelRight has added support for three additional databases, rounding out the databases it supports to six, plus an abundance of enhancements greatly increasing the productivity of the tool.

When Data Can’t Be Trusted, Master Data Management Becomes “Plan B” [Published: 08-04-2009]
Jill Dyché explains why companies are turning to master data management when they discover they have many different versions of the same data.

Readmission Rates: A Step Toward Better Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 08-04-2009]
Scott Wanless discusses how performance measurement is growing up in healthcare, driving the need for more sophisticated business intelligence for providers, payers, regulators, quality improvement groups and patients.

Netezza Introduces New Family of Appliances [Published: 08-04-2009]
Netezza TwinFin data appliance once again resets industry price/performance benchmarks for data-driven intelligence.

Lyzasoft Introduces Lyza Commons for Collaborative Analytics [Published: 08-04-2009]
Lyza Commons is an enterprise collaboration server that enables business analysts to share data and reports with trusted peers through a user-driven publishing model.

History, Truth and Data [Published: 08-05-2009]
In the spirit of trying to get to the point where it might be possible to ask some clear questions, rather than provide any answers, Malcolm Chisholm considers the relationship between history, truth and data from a very general perspective.

KMM Trading Implements Panopticon Software’s Information Visualization Software [Published: 08-05-2009]
KMM uses the software to filter and highlight market, pricing, and other data relevant to its trading strategies.

SAP AG Announces the Continued Success of Hosted Offerings from its Channel Partners for Midsize Companies [Published: 08-05-2009]
SAP Business All-in-One is comprehensive and flexible software for midsize companies with deep industry best practices built-in.

BeyeNETWORK On-Demand Webinar Discusses Research on the Fastest Growing Area of Business Intelligence: Operational Business Intelligence [Published: 08-05-2009]
Judith Davis, Claudia Imhoff and Colin White host an on-demand web seminar highlighting the current state of the art of operational business intelligence (OBI) based on a survey of BeyeNETWORK visitors and interviews with vendors and successful OBI implementers.

Wawanesa Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 08-06-2009]
Wawanesa plans to use MicroStrategy for corporate financial reporting, as well as monitoring business metrics related to insurance policies and claims.

SAS Launches New Software to Fight Fraud and to Better Understand Customer Sentiment [Published: 08-06-2009]
SAS Social Network Analysis and SAS’ social media analysis solution help organizations uncover hidden relationships between individuals and data; detect patterns and trends; and mine text and other unstructured data.

Manufacturers Build Customer Trust with SAS [Published: 08-06-2009]
SAS enables manufacturers, distributors, retailers and those involved in aftermarket parts and maintenance to adjust and optimize operations at any stage before, and even after, a product reaches customers.

CSC Aquires BearingPoint's Operation in Brazil [Published: 08-06-2009]
The acquisition supports CSC's multi-year strategic growth plan by expanding the company's presence in Brazil, the world's ninth-largest economy, and adding key horizontal capabilities and vertical industry expertise.

Data Analysis Tool InfoZoom Enters the North American Market [Published: 08-06-2009]
InfoZoom starts by giving the user an instant overview or 'big picture' of their data.

Georgia Hospital Association Endorses CSC as a Preferred Provider [Published: 08-06-2009]
CSC is to help member hospitals comply with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Who Coined the Term "Data Warehouse"? [Published: 08-06-2009]
Bill Inmon provides background information on the genesis of data warehousing. login required

The Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) Market is Poised for Growth [Published: 08-06-2009]
Lou Agosta dives into the healthcare information technology market with a market overview, drivers and inhibitors to adoption, and market recommendations.

Melissa Data Announces MatchUp Object [Published: 08-10-2009]
MatchUp Object is an API toolkit for finding and preventing duplicate records that is now multiplatform.

Varicent’s Sales Performance Management Solution Allows Organizations the Ability to Improve Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness [Published: 08-10-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Varicent Software’s Brian Hartlen

Varicent’s Sales Performance Management Solution Allows Organizations the Ability to Improve Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness [Published: 08-10-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Varicent Software’s Brian Hartlen

BMC Software Acquires MQSoftware [Published: 08-10-2009]
The acquisition expands BMC’s leading Business Service Management platform.

Specsavers Group Selects Adaptive Planning Software [Published: 08-10-2009]
Adaptive Planning software is to optimize Specsavers Group’s budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes.

Datamonitor Group to Integrate its Three Technology Businesses under Ovum Brand [Published: 08-10-2009]
Datamonitor Group announced the integration of its three technology businesses, Butler Group, Datamonitor Technology and Ovum, under the Ovum brand beginning 1 September 2009.

In-Memory Based Business Intelligence Tool from SiSense Introduced [Published: 08-10-2009]
SiSense, Ltd. announced the next generation of their successful Prism product, called PrismCubed, providing enterprise-class business intelligence functionality to SMBs.

OfficeMax will use the ParAccel Analytic Database to Enhance the Company’s Data Warehousing Environment [Published: 08-10-2009]
After extensive due diligence that included 12 other database products and concluded with an on-site proof of concept (POC) comparing two columnar-MPP database vendors, OfficeMax selected the ParAccel Analytic Database.

Proactive Data Warehousing with Column-Based Databases [Published: 08-10-2009]
Project Performance Corporation white paper: Data warehouses serve as a source of information for analysis. Variations in design may have significant performance impact on this analysis. Column-based databases are engineerd to deliver high speed performance, offer low cost of ownership and form the basis for excellent ROI in data warehousing and business intelligence. login required

Alight Planning Delivers Application Requirements for Rolling Forecasts [Published: 08-11-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Alight Planning’s Rand Heer

Pendulum Healthcare Development Corporation Selects DocSite [Published: 08-11-2009]
Under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 2009 Physician’s Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), physicians can qualify for incentive payments up to two percent of their total allowed charges.

Penguin Computing Announces the Immediate Availability of Penguin on Demand [Published: 08-11-2009]
POD extends the concept of cloud computing by making optimized compute resources designed specifically for HPC available on demand.

Extending Your Business Performance Management Initiative with Profitability Analytics, Part 1 [Published: 08-11-2009]
John Colbert looks at how profitability optimization and the supporting profitability analytics technology capabilities have evolved and now have greater visibility in advanced performance management deployments. He explains the differences between business performance management and profitability analytics.

Holistic Detection and Business Intelligence [Published: 08-12-2009]
James Taylor discusses why a different approach is required for repeatable and repeating decisions.

CadenceQuest Embeds MicroStrategy Technology into Customer Insight Solution for Retailers [Published: 08-12-2009]
CadenceQuest has embedded MicroStrategy technology into its Customer Insight retail platform for enhanced marketing analysis.

IDC Reports SAP as the Market Leader in Performance Management and Analytic Applications [Published: 08-12-2009]
The aggregate performance management and analytic applications market includes financial performance and strategy management (FPSM) and various other analytic applications.

The State of Data [Published: 08-12-2009]
Learn how to harness exploding volumes of unstructured information and discover true business value. login required

Leading Cloud and BI Vendors to Deliver Complete Business Intelligence on the Cloud [Published: 08-13-2009]
RightScale, Jaspersoft, Talend and Vertica offer first end-to-end solution for agile analytics on the cloud.

GoPubMed Wins 2009 Red Dot: Best of the Best Award in the Category Communication Design - Graphical User Interfaces and Interactive Tool [Published: 08-13-2009]
A total of 6,112 submissions were received from 42 countries.

SAP and LinkedIn Announce a Marketing Agreement [Published: 08-13-2009]
The marketing agreement will support the recruiting efforts of SAP channel partners in the small and midsize enterprise (SME) market.

Visual Mining Announces Latest Version of NetCharts Performance Dashboards [Published: 08-13-2009]
With this updated version, finance, accounting and human resources professionals are now able to more intuitively filter, review and share information.

CSC Receives $50 Million Air Force Contract [Published: 08-13-2009]
The U.S. Air Force's Air Mobility Command has awarded CSC a contract to provide applications infrastructure and systems support services.

Healthcare Providers Rank CSC First in ERP Implementations According to KLAS [Published: 08-13-2009]
The report surveyed 59 providers that have recently implemented or upgraded ERP software with the help of information technology service firms.

X Marks the Spot: Integrating Mapping and Data Analysis to Find Hidden Trends, Patterns and More [Published: 08-13-2009]
You know the adage: location, location, location. It can make or break your business, and leaders must understand how location affects performance. Unfortunately, most businesses haven't been able to incorporate geographic data with their business data. Smart analytics departments continually ask questions about their data, and increasingly that has a geographical component. Until now, maps have been mere static backdrops to a mess of data, or the more complicated mapping applications have required specialists to run them. There are very few “people-friendly” analytical mapping tools. This white paper explores geospatial analysis and what features are important in mapping software.

Leveraging Integration to Weather the Economic Storm [Published: 08-13-2009]
This white paper highlights four primary ways to use integration to make your business better during a down economy. How integration can boost workforce efficiency, reduce consulting costs, relay ERP projects, and help you avoid complex BPM deployments.

iWay Software Secure Messaging Option [Published: 08-13-2009]
iWay Service Manager's Secure Messaging Option allows business users - and their partners - to enhance the security and harden the integration infrastructure used to exchange messages between organizations. iWay Service Manager's Secure Messaging Option allows business users and their partners to enhance the security and harden the integration infrastructure used to exchange messages between organizations.

The Role of ESB in SOA: Creating a Loosely Coupled Integration Architecture, Open Source BI/DW [Published: 08-13-2009]
This white paper discusses the relationship between ESB, loose coupling and the effort needed to align IT with business process owners in order to ensure a successful service-oriented architecture (SOA) implementation in any organization.

The State of Data - Harnessing Core Data Issues to Improve Organizational Efficiency, Profitability and Competitive Advantage [Published: 08-13-2009]
Get a handle on exploding volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data and a host of accompanying data issues in this Computerworld Technology Briefing. Download the report for more valuable information on planning and executing successful data quality and data integration initiatives.

The ROI of Data Governance: Seven Ways Your Data Governance Program Can Help Save You Money [Published: 08-13-2009]
In difficult economic climates, responsible leaders look for opportunities to contain costs. Data governance programs are well positioned to assist in these efforts. This white paper from Gwen Thomas of the Data Governance Institute outlines seven ways that data governance and stewardship programs can help manage costs and a mechanism for quantifying the return on investment (ROI) for those contributions.

Gartner Positions Nstein Technologies as a Niche Player [Published: 08-13-2009]
The study reviewed trends in the WCM market and the software suites of 18 vendors.

Siperian Announces the Immediate Availability of a New Research Report [Published: 08-13-2009]
Data governance is a vital component of any master data management effort since it defines who owns the data, who establishes policies, and who the decision making authority is when it comes to an organization’s various data assets.

You Know It’s Good When You Like It Again [Published: 08-13-2009]
Frank Dravis describes his experiences with a project plan for a customer data warehouse implementation and describes how it validated his recent white paper on data governance and data management.

Fuzzy Logix Announces Partnership with Sybase [Published: 08-13-2009]
Fuzzy Logix, LLC, has partnered with Sybase to deliver in-database analytics with its content rich DB Lytix library.

City of Tempe Utilizes Address Validation Tool to Build Data Warehouse [Published: 08-13-2009]
Tempe sends thousands of mail pieces each week. But the city’s contact data contained inaccurate and incomplete address information. The city’s goal was to consolidate and validate its contact data to build a data warehouse. Read how they did it. login required

Cloud Integration - A Conversation with Informatica [Published: 08-16-2009]
Cyrus Golkar interviews James Markarian, Senior Vice President and CTO of Informatica, and Ron Papas, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Informatica On Demand. They discuss the business case and business drivers for cloud computing, the technology and business requirements, and Informatica's technology and solutions for cloud computing.

Selecting a Visual Analytics Application [Published: 08-17-2009]
Visual analytics is becoming the fastest way for people to explore and understand data of any size. Read this definitive guide for selecting a visual analytics, or data visualization, software application. Based on the 7 defining characteristics of visual analytics, this white paper will tell you exactly what to look for and how to evaluate applications

Balanced Insight Consensus Drives the Collaborative Delivery of Business Objects, Cognos and Microsoft BI throughout the Enterprise [Published: 08-17-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Balanced Insight’s Tom Hammergren

PPL and DataFlux Announces that Industry-Leading DataFlux Technology will Power PPL’s Enterprise Data Management Initiative [Published: 08-17-2009]
PPL will use the award-winning DataFlux dfPower Studio and DataFlux Integration Server to manage the quality and reliability of ever-increasing data volumes.

Dynadec Announces that it has Been Engaged by Mac-Gray Corporation [Published: 08-17-2009]
Dynadec will build a solution for Mac-Gray using its patented Comet software platform.

Dashboard Accounting Selects Visual Mining [Published: 08-17-2009]
Visual Mining’s NetCharts Performance Dashboards is to provide comprehensive, intuitive, and effective financial dashboards for their customers.

Defining Business Analytics and Its Impact On Organizational Decision-Making [Published: 08-17-2009]
200 executive and IT professionals weigh in on their definition of – and familiarity with – business analytics as a growing market category. Survey results give insight into how analytics drives decisions and performance. login required

The Case for Investing in Business Analytics Technology [Published: 08-17-2009]
IDC discusses the growing body of evidence suggesting a direct link between investment in business analytics solutions and organizational performance, and the trend toward making analytics available to all decision makers. login required

Real Analytics for Real Business [Published: 08-17-2009]
How predictive analytics is helping companies take a more proactive approach to solving high-value business problems. login required

Appliances in the Enterprise Data Warehouse – Ready for Prime Time? [Published: 08-17-2009]
Tim Leonard discusses how data warehouse appliances handle volume, data integration and extraction of the data for reporting.

Tableau and Teradata: The Visual Approach to the Active Warehouse [Published: 08-17-2009]
Empowering the knowledge workers to perform their own research into the data to identify trends, outliers, anomalies and to monitor progress of initiatives is the imperative for IT organizations today. The combination of using Tableau Software to access, visualize and analyze the data in a Teradata Database allows for an analyst to be active with the data in a process of asking and answering questions – naturally leveraging Teradata’s active data warehouse capabilities.This whitepaper explores how the combination of Teradata and Tableau results in a high-performance data access system that is a key enabler of data understanding.

Designing Great Visualizations [Published: 08-17-2009]
This paper traces the history of visual representation, from early cave drawings through the computer revolution and the launch of Tableau. We will discuss some of the pioneers in data research and show how their work helped to revolutionize visualization techniques. We will also examine the different styles of data visuals, discuss some of the barriers to making effective visuals and the methods we use to overcome those barriers. In the end, we will show the power (and limits) of human perception, and how we can use data to tell stories – much like those of the earliest cave drawings.

Business BI Requirements for IT: What Every IT Manager Should Know about Users’ Real Need for BI [Published: 08-17-2009]
In today’s marketplace, the half-life of BI is typically shorter than the life of the project needed for its implementation. It is time to approach the problem from a new direction and empower the business owners and knowledge workers to quickly and easily find the answers to their questions, identify issues and opportunities for improvement, then monitor and share their findings across the enterprise. With traditional business intelligence, such analyses can take months to define and develop; they often require expensive resources to maintain. This paper explains how we can approach the problem from a new direction.

Enhancing Visual Analysis by Linking Multiple Views of Data [Published: 08-17-2009]
For each essential element, you’ll learn exactly the questions to ask application vendors about their visual analytics capabilities. The paper includes actual examples of organizations all over the world using visual analytics.

MicroStrategy Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards for Financial Services [Published: 08-17-2009]
Many banks and financial services organizations use MicroStrategy Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards to improve the level of service they provide to account holders. These companies develop BI applications in five distinct areas: Customer Analysis, Operations and Financial Analysis, Sales and Marketing Analysis, Product Analysis, and Risk and Fraud Analysis. This white paper illustrates the types of dashboards possible for the financial services industry and demonstrate how the power and flexibility of MicroStrategy Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards can be leveraged to improve corporate performance across all areas of the financial services industry.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership: Delivering Cost Effective Enterprise Business Intelligence [Published: 08-17-2009]
Learn how organizations can measure and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase the return on investment(ROI) for their business intelligence applications in this all-new white paper. The business value of a business intelligence application is often hard to measure, given that value will continue to evolve and grow over the application’s lifetime. In contrast, the investment costs often represent a more objective and quantifiable estimate. This white paper focuses on how organizations can measure and lower TCO, thereby increasing the ROI for their business intelligence applications.

The Importance of a Single Platform for Data Integration and Quality Management, Data Quality and Cleansing [Published: 08-18-2009]
This white paper examines the evolution of the data integration and quality industry, and explains the benefits of moving toward a single data services architecture. It outlines requirements for a software platform for supporting such an architecture and reviews the BusinessObjects Data Services XI Release 3 platform from SAP BusinessObjects.

Improving Organizational Decision-Making Through Pervasive Business Intelligence [Published: 08-18-2009]
IDC research identified five key factors as having the strongest influence on business intelligence (BI) pervasiveness. Although more organizations are spreading BI functionality among a greater number of decision makers, there's more to pervasive BI than just distributing reports to all stakeholders. Evidence of the competitive value of BI and analytics solutions is growing. BI and data warehouse tools and analytic applications are being deployed to support decision making.

Competitive Insight: Centralized or Decentralized Information [Published: 08-18-2009]
Many companies struggle with managing information. They say it’s because of information overload or because the data is disjointed. Some blame the proverbial “black hole,” where information simply disappears, never to be seen again.

Householding: An 11-Step Approach to Database Management [Published: 08-18-2009]
Across all industries, householding data has become an increasingly important tool for companies’ marketing organizations. For instance, business-to-business companies are using a householding approach to define and better understand the purchasing dynamics of their customers or “corporate households.” No matter what type of business, a householding approach can help an organization obtain a sustainable competitive advantage over time. An organization would use this approach when it must structure its data to represent the desired view, regardless of the context — risk aggregation, suppliers or global customers

Data Profiling, Data Integration and Data Quality: The Pillars of Master Data Management [Published: 08-18-2009]
This research paper explores the origins of the need for master data integration, provides a description of master data and master data management. It also explores the technical aspects of master data management and its reliance on the three pillars and discusses some of the oversight and governance challenges.

Data Integration: Creating a Trustworthy Data Foundation, Data Quality and Cleansing [Published: 08-18-2009]
This paper discusses the importance of data integration and explains the key challenges of integrating data. It will also provide an overview of data warehousing and its variations as well as summarize the benefits and approaches to integrating data.

River Logic and the Synectics Group Form Alliance [Published: 08-18-2009]
Together the companies will deliver a closed loop Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO) solution.

Turning Unstructured Text Into Insight [Published: 08-18-2009]
While traditional business intelligence has transformed business using structured information from operational applications and transaction systems, there is a huge source of information that has been ignored: people’s thoughts and opinions, found in communications from emails and Web pages to customer service note fields and blogs. How can you use this unstructured text to get a complete view of your business?

A Roadmap to Data Migration Success, Data Movement [Published: 08-18-2009]
Many significant business initiatives and large IT projects depend upon successful data migration. Your goal is to minimize as much of your risk as possible through effective planning and scoping. This paper discusses the issues unique to data migration projects offers advice on how to best approach them.

Reaping the Benefits of Next Generation Dashboards [Published: 08-18-2009]
Today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment requires that more people have access to real-time performance and status information, so they can make quick and intelligent decisions. The need for timely and succinct business intelligence continues to grow as executives demand critical information to seize opportunities faster than competitors and to address potential problems in the making. C-level executives and upper management aren't the only staff needing access to business intelligence. Business unit managers and rank-and-file personnel increasingly must also have updated information to do their jobs. This white paper discusses the features and benefits of next generation dashboards.

Proven Business Intelligence for Oracle Environments [Published: 08-18-2009]
Whether your information is stored in Oracle databases, Oracle OLAP multidimensional cubes, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel or Oracle E-Business Suite applications, you must be able to easily and reliably access critical information and deliver it to key decision makers every day. In today’s fast, competitive markets, the company with the best access to information has a clear competitive advantage. By implementing a standard, integrated platform for BI across your organization, you can bring together all the information required for confident decision making. This white paper from Business Objects, an SAP company, discusses how Business Objects solutions are ideal for a broad range of Oracle environments.

SAP AG Continues to Add New Services and Features to the SAP Community Network [Published: 08-18-2009]
Wetpaint/Altimeter Group's ENGAGEMENTdb report ranks SAP as the only business-to-business company in the top 10 of 100 global brands in terms of social media engagement.

Gathering the Best Business Requirements to Help Ensure Business Intelligence Success, Part 2 [Published: 08-18-2009]
Lyndsay Wise examines how mid-market companies can take advantage of internal business analysts, external consultants or vendor services.

An Important Benchmark for Federal Knowledge Management [Published: 08-18-2009]
Ramon Barquin describes how the Knowledge Management Conference has become the premier forum for knowledge management in the public sector.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership: Delivering Cost-Effective Enterprise Business Intelligence [Published: 08-18-2009]
Learn how organizations can measure and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase the return on investment (ROI) for their business intelligence applications in this all-new white paper. The business value of a business intelligence application is often hard to measure, given that value will continue to evolve and grow over the application’s lifetime. In contrast, the investment costs often represent a more objective and quantifiable estimate.

The Clinical Data Pipeline [Published: 08-18-2009]
The demand from researchers and physicians for clinical data and analytical applications is overwhelming hospital IT departments. In this white paper, learn how centrally managed patient information can lead to higher quality care, increased patient safety and lower costs. login required

SPSS Releases PASW Direct Marketing [Published: 08-19-2009]
The newest addition to PASW Statistics 18 translates customer and market data into improved results – in purchases, responses to offers, or increased loyalty and satisfaction.

TARGIT Announces Sentinels [Published: 08-19-2009]
The company’s CTO Morten Middelfart, Ph.d., has done research on these Sentinels and the financial crisis.

SAP AG Successfully Transitions all Software Solution Partners to the SAP PartnerEdge Program [Published: 08-19-2009]
The award-winning SAP PartnerEdge program is a comprehensive business framework that provides exceptional business-enabling tools, resources and program benefits.

Four Universities Select CSC’s NexSim Radar and Tower Air Traffic Control Simulation Training Systems [Published: 08-19-2009]
NexSim Radar and Tower air traffic control simulation training systems is to support the initial training and development of next generation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers.

SAPAG Announces that Makosi is using SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions [Published: 08-19-2009]
Makosi uses Xcelsius software, the SAP dashboarding and data visualization solution, to help its clients identify trading compliance risks and flag those that are most immediate and severe.

Incorporating Business Intelligence in the Cloud [Published: 08-19-2009]
With the backdrop of today's tough economy, cloud computing is poised to change the economics of business intelligence.

The Cloud Computing Tsunami [Published: 08-19-2009]
Cyrus Golkar looks at the impact of cloud computing and the associated effects on data centers, IT organizations, cloud computing organizations, software-as-a-service vendors, infrastructure vendors and application software vendors.

DataFlux and COMSYS IT Partners Announce an Alliance [Published: 08-20-2009]
The alliance is to provide award-winning DataFlux technologies to COMSYS clients.

MedSolutions Selects DataFlux [Published: 08-20-2009]
MedSolutions will use DataFlux solutions to analyze its facilities records and create a master data repository that will be used to better manage these records.

DataFlux Announces the Findings of the North American Financial Services Sector Study [Published: 08-20-2009]
The findings indicate that companies in the financial services sector are growing more aware of the role data quality and data governance play in regulatory compliance, business decision-making and customer relations.

DataFlux Partners with Qualex Consulting Services [Published: 08-20-2009]
The agreement allows Qualex’s customers to utilize DataFlux technology to improve the quality of business-critical information.

CSC Completes Tenth Successful IT Security Evaluation for Xerox [Published: 08-20-2009]
The evaluation, also known as ISO 15408, is an international standard for computer security certification.

Specific and Generic Textual References [Published: 08-20-2009]
Bill Inmon explains how with textual data, taxonomies are applied against raw text to create a structuring of data that serves to address the issues of terminology.

Master Data Management Checklist #4: Data Governance [Published: 08-20-2009]
The issues relating to oversight of data quality, says David Loshin, must be considered as a prerequisite to installing master data management software so that when you have begun to merge data sets, you are not surprised by the results. login required

Datavibes Awards Brian Berger a BI Champion Award [Published: 08-21-2009]
The award recognizes individuals who have made a contribution to the local business intelligence (BI) community by demonstrating the impact that BI can make on the business bottom line.

Effective Data Governance [Published: 08-21-2009]
Too often companies implement data profiling tools and techniques, only to execute their new found capabilities as a one-time event. They are missing the true value of introducing profiling technologies to their organization to uncover surprises, known and unknown, within the data they are representing as trustworthy to their organizational stewards. This white paper goes over the experience-based attributes of what makes an effective data governance program. login required

Benefits of Post-Discovery Intelligent Applications [Published: 08-21-2009]
Today's adaptive environment requires an extremely responsive information infrastructure that can embrace the high degree of change required to excel in this new global economy. Current business intelligence solutions are applications hard wired to yesterday’s problems, which is insufficient for today’s accelerated, highly adaptable business environment. This whute paper defines how to reap the benefits of a post-discovery intelligent application. login required

MDM on a Shoestring [Published: 08-22-2009]
Master data management (MDM) is a concept that is gaining much respect and interest in the marketplace. For many organizations, the disciplines required and the sheer acquisition costs put the adoption of MDM out of their reach. This white paper examines ways to benefit from MDM without going through the organization wrenching initiative and capital expenditures normally required to reap its benefits. login required

OpenSpan Extends Business Intelligence to Enterprise Desktops [Published: 08-24-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring OpenSpan’s Francis Carden

CSC Announces it is Broadening Participation in WikonnecT [Published: 08-24-2009]
WikonnecT runs on a Sun Microsystems infrastructure and includes blogs, polls and a feature to keep clients informed on new software products and developments.

Information Builders Announces a New Advisory Partnership with Dataspace [Published: 08-24-2009]
Companies, specifically in the insurance, manufacturing, utilities, and banking industries, already benefit from this partnership for better business decision-making.

Cyon Research Selects Tableau's Interactive Data Visualization Software [Published: 08-24-2009]
Cyon Research will be providing interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards to clients of its research.

Merkle Doubles the Size of its ParAccel Analytic Database Cluster [Published: 08-24-2009]
Merkle’s upgrade linearly scales-out both the compute power and storage capacity of its leading-edge consumer data warehouse.

Aster Data Systems will be Presenting Two Research Papers on MapReduce and High-Concurrency Query Processing at the VLDB Conference [Published: 08-24-2009]
MapReduce is a programming model that was popularized by Google in 2004 to process large unstructured data sets distributed across thousands of nodes.

Versatel AG Selects Predictive Analytics Software from SPSS [Published: 08-24-2009]
Versatel AG invested in SPSS Predictive Analytics technology for its Customer Value Management department.

Pentaho Announces that Specsavers is Deploying BI to its International Hubs [Published: 08-24-2009]
The deployment allows Specsavers to standardize information delivery and metrics at a regional level to help drive continued growth and to maximize corporate agility.

Business Intelligence Team Structure Phase Alignment [Published: 08-24-2009]
One of the keys to success in delivering a complex business intelligence solution is to have the right people with the right mix of skills, experience and capabilities at the appropriate times in the engagement life cycle. Todd Saunders provides tips for getting the right team in place.

Randy Lea of Teradata [Published: 08-25-2009]
Randy Lea, Vice President of Product & Services Marketing for Teradata, talks about Integrated Web Intelligence the ability to bring web data into your data warehouse. He explains that many companies have isolated their web environment and havent tied the web data into overall enterprise data. He stresses the importance of integrating web data with all of the other data in the enterprise data warehouse for truly effective customer analytics.

The General Services Administration's Federal Systems Integration and Management Center Awards CSC a Single-Award Blanket Purchase Agreement [Published: 08-25-2009]
The competitively awarded BPA contract has a one-year base period and four one-year options. This BPA replaces a previous Army National Guard training services contract awarded to CSC in September 2003.

OIA Global Logistics Selects iWay Software [Published: 08-25-2009]
With iWay integration software, the company was able to open new communications channels with trading partners and streamline internal workflow processes to become more nimble and competitive.

KMWorld Selects Connotate's Agent Community GEN2 as a Trend-Setting Product of 2009 [Published: 08-25-2009]
Agent Community GEN2 goes far beyond search to supercharge the knowledge management process by enabling data-reliant businesses to reach deeper and more accurately into the web and other information sources.

Hitachi Uses BI to Help YES Prep Public Schools [Published: 08-25-2009]
The program, called Navigation, is a system of dashboards and informational displays designed to help teachers share lesson plans, sample quizzes, tests and more.

Clarabridge Announces Availability of Version 3.3 of its Content Mining Platform Solution [Published: 08-25-2009]
Clarabridge's solutions are used by the Fortune 1000 to capture, transform, and analyze free-form customer feedback from social media, CRM systems, and customer feedback systems (email, surveys, chats).

Balanced Insight Releases Balanced Insight Consensus Version 4.2 [Published: 08-25-2009]
This release of Balanced Insight Consensus further enhances the ability of large organizations to clearly define key business terms across the organization and deploy them in market leading business intelligence tools, eliminating confusion and inconsistency.

Database Technology for the Web: Part 3 – Hadoop [Published: 08-25-2009]
In his continuing series on database technology for the Web, Colin White looks at Hadoop, concluding that while it is not an alternative to a relational DBMS for many enterprise applications, it is useful for certain specialized data-intensive applications that relational DBMSs may not be able to handle.

Phil Francisco of Netezza [Published: 08-26-2009]
Phil Francisco, Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for Netezza, talks about their exciting new 4th generation data warehouse and data analytic systems, the first of which was recently released. He describes TwinFin the new release and provides an overview of the other three products that will be coming to the market soon.

Sybase and HCL Technologies Ltd. Announce a Strategic Alliance [Published: 08-26-2009]
Under this new partnership, HCL will provide business-aligned IT value services around Sybase's high performance and proven data warehouse and analytics platform for dramatically improved efficiencies and decision-making across all facets of an enterprise.

BCI Selects Teradata [Published: 08-26-2009]
BCI selected the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance to further advance its enterprise-wide business analytics initiative.

Information Builders Announces Support for IBM System zIIP in FOCUS 7.6.10 and WebFOCUS 7.7 [Published: 08-26-2009]
Information Builders’ zIIP chip support represents the first and only BI platform optimized for the popular mainframe environment.

Sybase Announces the Availability of Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase IQ, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Environment [Published: 08-26-2009]
Sybase data management and analytics products provide the robust security and high performance required by demanding, remotely deployed enterprise applications.

Business Intelligence and Decision-Making Issues [Published: 08-26-2009]
Richard Herschel explains that despite the business intelligence goal of evidenced-based decision making, the deck can be stacked against it. login required

There are so many options for software/data as a service – how do you sort through all the noise? [Published: 08-26-2009] login required

Cloud Computing for Healthcare and Life Sciences [Published: 08-26-2009]
Data warehousing in the cloud has become a reality. In this white paper, learn how the cost, performance, operational advantages and security concerns compete with traditional data center and managed service provider deployments. login required

SAP America Introduces Fast-Track Implementation Services for Retail, Point-Of-Sale, Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution [Published: 08-27-2009]
Services are specifically designed to help companies in the apparel and footwear, retail and wholesale distribution industries leverage IT for maximum value in the current economic climate.

SAP AG is Contributing SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions to Help Teams in the 2009 SAP 5O5 World Championship [Published: 08-27-2009]
SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions will help competing teams develop their strategy, evaluate results at the end of each racing day and use that insight to hone their strategy for the next leg of the race.

Jaspersoft Announces a Roadshow Event in London [Published: 08-27-2009]
The roadshow will be co-hosted by long term partner Talend.

Guess? Selects the Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 08-27-2009]
Vertica Analytic Database is to help the rapidly growing company analyze dozens of terabytes of point-of-sale, manufacturing, inventory, customer and store performance data in several global data centers.

BURNDY Selects Stibo Systems’ STEP MDM Platform [Published: 08-27-2009]
By becoming the company's central source of product information, STEP will enable BURNDY to manage both structured and unstructured data, resulting in a faster time to market, reduced errors and improved customer confidence.

Information Quality Management as a Business Management Tool [Published: 08-27-2009]
Larry English reminds us that learning and applying the principles with the proven quality management tools described in this article will enable your enterprise to begin the transformation to an effective and sustainable information quality culture. login required

Parabon Offers Blitz Distributed-Denial-of-Service Testing [Published: 08-28-2009]
This testing offer is Parabon’s response to the increasing number of DDoS cybersecurity attacks against governmental and commercial web servers.

Enkata Delivers the Customer Service Companies Need [Published: 08-31-2009]
Exclusive interview featuring Enkata’s Ron Hildebrandt

Kognitio Successfully Completes a Large-Scale, Migration Project for the UK Membership Division of Bupa [Published: 08-31-2009]
The migration included information on almost 12.7 million members, nearly 100,000 companies and 21 million claims.

Pentaho Announces Pentaho BI Suite Version 3.5 [Published: 08-31-2009]
Pentaho BI Suite Version 3.5 includes a new Pentaho Report Designer.

Angel.com Announces the Company's New Enterprise Reporting will be Available in Fall of 2009 [Published: 08-31-2009]
Enterprise Reporting utilizes Microstrategy Business Intelligence software to enable business managers and application developers alike to track caller behavior and trends.

Kitchen Collection Selects Manthan Systems [Published: 08-31-2009]
The Kitchen Collection has selected Manthan Systems' retail analytics product, ARC Merchandise Analytics.

Fairfax County, Virginia, Selects Financial, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Procurement Solutions from SAP America [Published: 08-31-2009]
Fairfax County's selection of SAP software is a testament to the global software company's growing presence among public sector organizations in the United States.

Information Builders Announces Significant Momentum in Customer-Driven Accolades [Published: 08-31-2009]
Information Builders' product quality and customer satisfaction have been highlighted across the industry.