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October 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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BI for the Mid-Market [Published: 10-01-2008]
Lyndsay Wise provides an overview of the recent research on mid-market use of business intelligence products.

Xenos Launches New Enterprise Server [Published: 10-01-2008]
Xenos ES unlocks strategic information assets held in incompatible formats.

QuadraMed Is Early Adopter of InterSystems DeepSee Real-Time Business Intelligence Software [Published: 10-02-2008]
DeepSee enables developers to enhance transactional applications so they can provide real-time business intelligence to decision makers.

Keyrus has Joined the Teleran Reseller Partner Program [Published: 10-02-2008]
Keyrus will be reselling Teleran’s market leading application usage management software solution in Europe and the Americas.

SPSS Supports the Standardization of a Learning Achievements Evaluation System [Published: 10-02-2008]
SPSS provides the technology foundation necessary for administrators to collect, analyze and share data required in the assessment process to demonstrate continuous progress toward excellence.

A Long Time Ago [Published: 10-02-2008]
Bill Inmon discusses the reasons that some organizations are more successful with software, focusing on data warehousing success.

Telecom Analytics – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder [Published: 10-02-2008]
Never underestimate the ability to "wow" people by sorting things differently than you have in the past. You can have quick wins without doing super things.

Enterprise-Grade Open Source IT Management from Zenoss Now Available for Medium-Sized Organizations [Published: 10-02-2008]
Zenoss Professional provides an integrated, affordable and commercially supported solution to monitor the IT infrastructure.

Initiate Systems Announces Availability of the Initiate Master Data Service Platform v8.5 [Published: 10-02-2008]
This latest version of Initiate Master Data Service software helps organizations efficiently implement data governance policies through more effective targeting of data stewardship resources.

REI, Rossignol and DMA Realize Benefits of On-Demand Business Intelligence from PivotLink [Published: 10-02-2008]
The combined power of sophisticated functionality and ease of use enables companies to see immediate results through improved decision making with PivotLink’s solutions.

Actuate Corporation Previews Findings of Actuate Annual Open Source Survey for 2008 [Published: 10-03-2008]
The survey, now in its third year, provides a global benchmark of attitudes and trends in open source growth and adoption.

Vancity Selects the Initiate Master Data Service Software [Published: 10-03-2008]
Vancity will deploy three of Initiate’s targeted software solutions and capabilities from the Initiate Master Data Service platform to help execute regulatory compliance programs.

QSM Announces SLIM Suite 7.0 [Published: 10-03-2008]
SLIM Suite 7.0, brings a new level of sophistication to the planning and estimation strategies of software developers.

AIIM Forms Education Partnership with St. Petersburg College Corporate Training [Published: 10-03-2008]
AIIM’s suite of certificate programs now available through the St. Petersburg College Corporate Training Center.

Compact Solutions Delivers High-Performance Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Solutions that Lower the Total Cost of Information [Published: 10-06-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Compact Solutions’ Pankaj Agrawal

Webalo Announces That Users of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform can Easily Access Business Reports on any Mobile Device [Published: 10-06-2008]
This makes available real–time, critical business information without the need to program custom solutions or reports.

Sybase PowerDesigner 15 Scheduled to be Available October 31 [Published: 10-06-2008]
This new version of Sybase PowerDesigner provides enterprise architects, IT professionals and business managers with the ability to improve business and IT alignment through its unique Link and Synch technology.

Please share some insight about the ELT (extract, load and transform) buzz compared to the old-fashioned ETL. [Published: 10-06-2008] login required

A Unified Engine for RDBMS and MapReduce [Published: 10-06-2008]
Program, query, and analyze petabytes of data in a new way. login required

Greenplum Database [Published: 10-06-2008]
Detailed review of Greenplum Database 3.2 including MapReduce, In-Database Compression, Programmable Parallel Analytics and Enhanced Database Monitoring. login required

Ventana Research Data Warehouse Appliance [Published: 10-06-2008]
Analyst white paper on key industry trends and the value of data warehouse appliances. login required

SUN/Greenplum Data Warehouse Appliance [Published: 10-06-2008]
Detailed publication of the SUN/Greenplum DW Appliance covering features and technical details. login required

Greenplum Database Datasheet [Published: 10-06-2008]
In-depth look at the key technical features behind the Greenplum Database including Economical Petabyte Scaling, Massively Parallel Query Execution and Unified Analytical Processing. login required

Circle K Stores Inc Expands its Existing Agreement for KSS Inc’s PriceNet Fuel Price Management System [Published: 10-07-2008]
PriceNet is a comprehensive pricing solution that supports the key tasks and stakeholders involved in retail fuels pricing.

Aster Data Systems Releases Aster nCluster 3.0 [Published: 10-07-2008]
Aster nCluster 3.0 is an analytic database for frontline data warehousing with breakthrough capabilities in analytics, scale, performance and availability.

ShareThis Selects Aster nCluster 3.0 [Published: 10-07-2008]
ShareThis relies on nCluster to monetize data and effectively determine user behavior and target advertising efforts.

Promoting Your Business Intelligence Initiative [Published: 10-07-2008]
To leverage business intelligence, business users need to understand the value of business intelligence and how it can help them.

Microsoft Kicks Off its Second Annual Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference 2008 [Published: 10-07-2008]
Microsoft announced groundbreaking new technologies that will enable enterprises to bring the power of BI to information workers organizationwide.

SAP AG Announces Continued Adoption of its SAP for Retail Solutions [Published: 10-07-2008]
With the SAP for Retail solution portfolio, grocers can efficiently support the role of a central perishables buyer.

Infobright and OpenBI Announce Alliance [Published: 10-07-2008]
The alliance combines OpenBI’s business intelligence expertise with Infobright’s leading data warehousing technology.

ABI Research’s Survey Finds that RFID is Being Used or Evaluated Across a Wide Range of Vertical Industry Sectors [Published: 10-08-2008]
186 organizations worldwide responded to the survey, providing a detailed picture of the current state of RFID adoption.

CSC Named Best Technology Solutions Provider [Published: 10-08-2008]
Reactions added the Best Technology Solutions Provider category for the first time in the award program's seven-year history because of the critical role IT now plays in the insurance industry.

Business Objects Announces the Release of BusinessObjects XI 3.1 [Published: 10-08-2008]
BusinessObjects XI 3.1, the industry’s first unified business intelligence (BI) platform delivering all information to all people on one platform.

DataFlux and SAS Introduce Project Unity [Published: 10-08-2008]
This advanced platform will provide a single environment that encompasses the data management lifecycle.

Poudre Valley Health System Receives Ventana Research Leadership Award From Information Builders [Published: 10-08-2008]
Poudre Valley Health System (PVHS) was awarded the Ventana Research Leadership Award in the Business Intelligence category.

Welch's Extends use of Oco's Solution [Published: 10-08-2008]
The solution's new reporting functionality addresses two key areas–it opens up the solution to Welch's transportation carriers for increased collaboration.

Polystar OSIX Selects Infobright [Published: 10-08-2008]
Polystar chose Infobright for its ability to support the company’s high-volume data warehousing requirements and because of the solution’s interoperability with the MySQL database that Polystar has in place.

Lab3 Selects phocas for Business Intelligence [Published: 10-08-2008]
Lab3 has installed phocas’s software with the expectation that it will enable its employees to make better sales decisions, and significantly improve productivity.

The Sweet 16: Emerging Best Practices in Data Governance, Part 1 [Published: 10-08-2008]
Part 1 of this two-part article on data governance best practices introduces the driving forces behind data governance and provides developmental best practices.

A Word to the Startup [Published: 10-09-2008]
Inmon shares some hard-won advice for those considering venturing into startup land.

Data Warehousing in the Clouds [Published: 10-09-2008]
Data warehousing in the clouds has the potential to enable business executives and IT departments to do more with less, work around organizational latency and compete with agility in the digital economy.

Varicent and The Glenture Group Partner [Published: 10-09-2008]
The partnership will enable Varicent and Glenture to drive innovation and build joint incentive compensation and corporate performance management solutions.

Netrics Introduces Netrics for Public Health and Human Services [Published: 10-09-2008]
This industry–specific solution leverages the Netrics Matching Platform.

PM J-AIT Office for Total AIT and RFID Solutions Selects ODIN Technologies [Published: 10-09-2008]
ODIN technologies, the global provider in complete RFID solutions, software and services along with its partners.

Quantrix Announces the Release of Quantrix 64 [Published: 10-09-2008]
Quantrix has demonstrated the ability of Quantrix 64 to perform in a distributed environment with an online model that runs the Quantrix calculation engine with a dynamic thin client user interface.

Mark Logic Corporation Launches Open Enrichment Framework [Published: 10-09-2008]
Several partners have already completed integration using the framework and will provide pre–built pipelines that deliver out–of–the–box integration with advanced entity extraction engine technologies.

Coremetrics Unveils Coremetrics 2009 [Published: 10-09-2008]
Coremetrics 2009 takes the guesswork out of digital marketing optimization and delivers what no other solution in the industry can.

Management Information Tools Announces MITS Compatibility with OpenQM [Published: 10-09-2008]
This includes the entire MITS product line; the flagship OLAP/BI solution, MITS Discover and MITS Report for ad hoc reporting.

CSG Systems Announces Availability of CSG Intelligent Business Reporting [Published: 10-09-2008]
CSG’s IBR is designed to help service providers transform transactional data into meaningful business information across the enterprise.

Semantra Announces General Availability of Semantra 2.5 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM [Published: 10-10-2008]
Semantra 2.5 was specifically created to extend the value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enabling users to make ad hoc inquiries to retrieve precise results from any Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.

Lexalytics Unveils its ExecDex Business Leader Ranking Index [Published: 10-10-2008]
ExecDex is a powerful resource for those looking to track today's top business leaders, including the themes and sentiment associated with each.

Razorsight Delivers On-Demand Financial Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 10-13-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Razorsight’s Michael Bunyard

The FactPoint Group Announces Research Study [Published: 10-13-2008]
The FactPoint Group recently released "Leading Practices in Market Basket Analysis: How Top Retailers are Using Market Basket Analysis to Win Margin and Market Share"

Greenplum and AsiaSoft form Joint Venture [Published: 10-13-2008]
The new company, named Greenplum (China) Ltd, is based in Beijing , China and is focused on data warehousing software sales and service to enterprise customers.

xkoto and Triton Consulting Partner [Published: 10-13-2008]
This partnership combines xkoto’s revolutionary database virtualization technology with Triton’s more than a dozen years’ experience working with DB2 and other IBM Information Management products for a wide range of UK companies.

SAP NetWeaver and DW2.0 [Published: 10-13-2008]
Today the architectural concept of data warehousing has evolved to DW2.0.

SAS and Teradata Unveil Advantage Program [Published: 10-13-2008]
The program will enable organizations to more quickly and effectively leverage SAS’ market-leading software within Teradata’s enterprise data warehouse environment.

Teradata Corporation Announces Teradata 13.0 Database [Published: 10-13-2008]
Teradata Labs designed an entirely new–class of data extract, load and transform tools.

SAP Launches SAP EcoHub [Published: 10-14-2008]
SAP EcoHub provides enhanced transparency into the portfolio of solutions that further extend existing SAP investments and engages the community by including user feedback and ratings and demos.

SAP and Cisco Announce the Availability of Data Privacy [Published: 10-14-2008]
The Data Privacy composite application by SAP and Cisco allows businesses to enforce real-time global and local data privacy policies throughout the organization.

QlikTech and Sky IT Group form a Partnership [Published: 10-14-2008]
The partnership offers the analysis capabilities to gain merchandising and supply chain efficiencies with SKYPAD.

5 Ways Business Intelligence Can Enhance Inventory Management [Published: 10-14-2008]
Business intelligence can help retailers realize significant improvements in the movement and maintenance of inventory across the enterprise.

Elections, Elections, Elections – and Education [Published: 10-14-2008]
Our presidential elections are only weeks away. Are you ready to vote?

Kickfire Enters Agreement with Sun Microsystems [Published: 10-14-2008]
Under the terms, Kickfire's Series 2000 and 3000 analytic appliances will include a MySQL Enterprise subscription, providing customers with a fully integrated, plug-and-play solution.

Composite Software Adds Three IT Veterans [Published: 10-14-2008]
Composite is to meet increased demand for its award–winning data virtualization solutions with these additions.

New Version of Vertica’s Grid–Based Column–Oriented Analytic Database [Published: 10-14-2008]
Vertica Analytic Database 2.5 simplifies co–existence with or migration from existing data warehouse systems.

Advanced Solutions International Partners with iDashboards [Published: 10-14-2008]
The solution enables non–profit organizations to leverage iMIS information through visually–rich, personalized data sets to analyze, track and drill down through information in real time.

With the inclusion of unstructured data as a data source for analytics - how are access, transparency and security accomplished? [Published: 10-14-2008] login required

Reasons to Consider Independent Business Intelligence Providers [Published: 10-15-2008]
Ted Cuzillo questions whether shoppers should ignore their well-founded skepticism and consider only integrated business intelligence suites or build with the best-of-breed and flexibility in mind?

SAP AG Invests in Crossgate AG [Published: 10-15-2008]
Services provided by Crossgate and SAP can be key components in facilitating interaction and data sharing between business partners.

CSC Signed a New Information Technology Outsourcing Contract Eclipse Aviation [Published: 10-15-2008]
Under the new contract, CSC will manage Eclipse Aviation's applications development and maintenance and IT infrastructure.

Information Builders Announces WebFOCUS InfoAssist [Published: 10-15-2008]
WebFOCUS InfoAssist provides business users with the easy-to- use, robust query, reporting and analysis tool they need to make faster business and operational decisions.

InforSense Collaborates with GlaxoSmithKline [Published: 10-15-2008]
InforSense Ltd. has successfully completed a pilot project at GlaxoSmithKline to enable virtual drug discovery through virtual outsourcing of data analysis via secure Grid technology.

Vertica Releases Vertica Analytic Database 2.5 [Published: 10-15-2008]
Vertica Analytic Database 2.5 allows users to quickly gain ultra-fast data access by offloading slow queries to Vertica-based teramarts and avoiding the huge cost, pain and delay of a wholesale data warehouse upgrade.

Talend Partners with Teradata [Published: 10-15-2008]
Under the partnership, Talend will provide its open source enterprise data integration and data quality capabilities to users of the Teradata platform.

Elusive Data Quality [Published: 10-16-2008]
As organizations address data quality issues, unstructured text poses new problems.

Using Sustainability Performance Management to Drive Economic Goals and Support Brand Values [Published: 10-16-2008]
Markus Sprenger provides two key steps for making sustainability efforts part of a larger performance management process.

Chordiant Introduces Chordiant Cx Visual Business Director [Published: 10-16-2008]
This revolutionary solution enables business users to simulate the millions of front-office decisions made in support of customer interactions during the course of business.

Lund Food Holdings Enhances Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 10-16-2008]
The move to a larger platform reflects increasing information needs and user base at food retailer Lund's, a business that is adding new functionality and speed to its information infrastructure.

Kognitio Has Begun Producing the Kognitio Report [Published: 10-16-2008]
Kognitio Report is a series of podcasts focused on BI topics in today’s marketplace.

Infor Announces Infor MyDay [Published: 10-16-2008]
Infor MyDay presents content from Infor applications in personalized format.

Practical Data Solutions Launches PDS PRISM [Published: 10-16-2008]
PDS PRISM is a suite of software tools for data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics and dashboard/scorecard reporting.

Vhayu Technologies Partners with Alphacet [Published: 10-16-2008]
Partnership is to provide customers with an integrated tick database and alpha generation solution.

U.S. Army's PEO C3T Awards a Task Order to CSC [Published: 10-17-2008]
CSC will provide a comprehensive and diverse range of support for the Army's Future Battle Command program.

Panasonic Selects Xperience Communications [Published: 10-17-2008]
Xperience Communications has been selected for the fourth year in a row to help produce Panasonic’s brand experience at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

MicroStrategy Collaborates with Teradata [Published: 10-17-2008]
MicroStrategy and Teradata will provide industry–specific dashboards for decision–making.

Gaylord Entertainment Company Case Study [Published: 10-17-2008]
The company is now able to automate the processing of 100 percent of unstructured, textual information in minutes which provides ture actionable customer information.

Decision Intelligence Delivers Marketing Contact Optimization Solutions [Published: 10-20-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Decision Intelligence’s Matt Redlon

BeyeNETWORK Announces the Recipients of 2008 Vision Award for Business Impact [Published: 10-20-2008]
Nine winning implementations are chosen from more than 50 submissions in the categories of business intelligence, advanced business intelligence, performance management, data integration and data management.

BeyeNETWORK Announces the Recipients of 2008 Vision Award for Business Impact [Published: 10-20-2008]
Nine winning implementations are chosen from more than 50 submissions in the categories of business intelligence, advanced business intelligence, performance management, data integration and data management.

CSC Awarded the Enterprise Development Support Services Contract [Published: 10-20-2008]
Under this new agreement, awardees will provide the Office of Federal Student Aid with a range of IT services, including application development, software configuration management, transition planning and project management.

BI Research to Explore the Problems of Finding Data [Published: 10-20-2008]
Managers spend an average two hours per day in often fruitless information searches, according to a 2007 survey by Accenture.

AppDNA Introduces AppTitude 3.0 [Published: 10-20-2008]
AppTitude 3.0 delivers this capability via its new Best Fit Manager, a powerful component that expands the breadth and depth of application insight and analysis and extends it to more server–related factors.

Gartner Positions MEGA in the Leaders Quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis Tools Report [Published: 10-20-2008]
The report evaluates 15 BPA vendors worldwide and covered five other vendors in an honorable mention category.

What are the key issues for organizations hoping to establish universal data access and effective report distribution? [Published: 10-20-2008] login required

SAP Further Expands the Scope, Versatility and Built-In Expertise of SAP Business ByDesign Solution [Published: 10-21-2008]
SAP Business ByDesign solution is dedicated to benefiting its customers with enhanced user experience and added value.

SAP Adds Expansion to its Solution Partner Program [Published: 10-21-2008]
The designation helps customers to identify solutions that are designed for rapid, reliable implementations.

Customer Intelligence: Small But Mighty [Published: 10-21-2008]
Larry Goldman launches his BeyeNETWORK expert channel by discussing the marketing technology that is available to small and medium-sized businesses and how this marketplace and its technology differ from their larger counterparts.

A Systems View of Business Analytics, Part 3 [Published: 10-21-2008]
This third and final article of Dave Wells’ systems-thinking series examines stock-and-flow models – the systems thinking tool specifically designed to answer “how much.”

Datawatch Introduces Monarch V10 [Published: 10-21-2008]
This latest version provides new analytic and styling capabilities, enhanced Excel integration, access to new data sources, as well as easier model building.

Triton Consulting Becomes an Official Supplier of IBM Optim Enterprise Data Management Solutions [Published: 10-21-2008]
The suite of products addresses data growth, test data management, data privacy and application retirement issues, helping organisations to effectively manage their data across the entire enterprise.

Decision Analytics Report Released by Hypatia Research [Published: 10-21-2008]
Hypatia Research expects that solution and service providers will partner to deliver greater capabilities and higher levels of customization to their clients.

Lexalytics Releases Salience 4.0 [Published: 10-22-2008]
The Salience 4.0 software delivers a new inferred entity engine which will allow companies to identify products and brands from within text without the use of massive product lists or dictionaries.

Jaspersoft and Optaros Partner [Published: 10-22-2008]
Together they will deliver new value to BI customers by leveraging open source software to build the next generation of composite applications.

Search and Discovery Software Market Continues to Bloom [Published: 10-22-2008]
While the pure-play search software market continues to consolidate with mergers and acquisitions still rampant, search technologies have begun to penetrate traditional data-centric enterprise and consumer applications.

New Rules for Performance Management, Part 2 [Published: 10-22-2008]
This article, Part 2 of a three-part series, describes how and where a business performance management system can help address the new IFRS reporting requirements.

Experian QAS Announces the Release of QAS Batch 6.40 [Published: 10-22-2008]
Batch 6.40 offers new functionality, including the availability of Canadian data, customized formatting options, user interface advancements, improved performance and compatibility with a variety of operating systems.

CSC Announces a Wave of Disruptive Technologies is Reshaping Industry [Published: 10-23-2008]
The report identifies seven "digital disruptions" that 21st century businesses must understand to position themselves for success in an emerging economy.

International Planning and Research Deploys SAS Enterprise–Class Business Analytics [Published: 10-23-2008]
IPR gives its clients a competitive advantage by helping them understand the dynamic, ever–changing market opportunity for their products and services.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury [Published: 10-23-2008]
Bill Inmon questions the outcome of trials in cases that involve highly technical issues.

Would You Like Fries With That? And Does Cross-Selling Justify Master Data Management? [Published: 10-23-2008]
If cross-selling is being specified as a driver for master data integration, David Loshin provides key questions that need to be asked and answered before any implementation decisions are made.

National Commercial Bank in China Selects Longtop [Published: 10-23-2008]
Longtop to develop a customized Operational Data Store (ODS) system.

MindTree and Murex Partner [Published: 10-23-2008]
MindTree becomes a preferred partner of Murex for system implementation and support services and hosts the Murex Offshore Development Center in Bangalore.

Talend Announces the Availability of Talend Open Studio Version 3.0 [Published: 10-23-2008]
Talend Open Studio offers more than 400 native connectors and now includes SAP connectivity to make it possible to interface SAP systems with the rest of the information system.

EMC Corporation Announces the Release of a New EMC–Sponsored Research Paper [Published: 10-23-2008]
The Future of Enterprise Information Governance is an EMC–sponsored survey and briefing paper compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

CIO Survey Reveals Rising Workloads Greatest Source of Stress for IT Staff [Published: 10-23-2008]
22 percent of CIOs cited the pace of new technology as the biggest stressor, followed by office politics, at 18 percent.

CSC Borrows $1.5 Billion Under its $1.5 Billion Committed Revolving Credit Facility [Published: 10-24-2008]
The action will ensure the company's liquidity position in light of the ongoing credit market dislocation.

U.S. Navy Awards Task Order Extension to CSC [Published: 10-24-2008]
The task order extension is to continue providing operation, maintenance and logistical support services for the Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE).

Adaptive Planning Announces a New Recession Survival Kit [Published: 10-24-2008]
The Recession Survival Kit to help finance and executive teams quickly and successfully gain control over their financial outlook.

Tune into the Voice of Your Customer with Voice Mining [Published: 10-26-2008]
Combining voice capture with BI offers valuable insights for marketing and business decision makers. This paper outlines how to analyze audio data with text mining via a case study of customer conversations collected in MSNTV call center. login required

Jaros Delivers Jaros Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite [Published: 10-27-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Jaros Technologies’ Paul Scheibal

BioWisdom Releases OmniViz Visualization Software for Patent Specialists [Published: 10-27-2008]
OmniViz Visualization Software can turn the analysis of thousands of patents into a straightforward and rapid process.

Information Builders Signs Agreement with Central and North West London National Health Service Foundation Trust [Published: 10-27-2008]
Information Builders WebFOCUS platform will enable the Trust to measure its performance and make process improvements against government and local targets as part of the NHS commitment to providing quality patient care for all.

CSC Purchases Xavius Software LLC's Air Traffic Control Simulator Technology Suite [Published: 10-27-2008]
CSC will provide customers with advanced simulation solutions and software applications to support ATC training, air space and surface management simulation and advanced concept design.

Teksouth Awarded a Defense Department Grant [Published: 10-27-2008]
Teksouth Corporation has been awarded a Defense Department grant, in the first phase of a program that may ultimately enable both military and civilian doctors and other providers to better analyze electronic medical records.

AsiaInfo Holdings Wins Tenders with China Telecom [Published: 10-27-2008]
AsiaInfo Holdings is to develop business intelligence systems for China Telecom's Beijing, Henan and Heilongjiang subsidiaries.

Tableau Software and Vertica Systems Team [Published: 10-27-2008]
Tableau and Vertica will offer Vertica's customers access to Tableau's fast visual analytic capabilities.

Intellitactics and Programatic Partner [Published: 10-27-2008]
Programatic will sell and provide services for Intellitactics’ security information and event management (SIEM) software and appliances.

IBM Launches Software and Services [Published: 10-27-2008]
IBM's new software and services to help customers put information at the center of their organizations to outperform competitors.

IBM Announces Industry-Specific and Financial Management Solutions [Published: 10-27-2008]
The seven industry-specific and financial management solutions will help customers develop performance management capabilities.

IBM Announces New Information On Demand Competency Center Services [Published: 10-27-2008]
These services will help customers design, implement and operate a Competency Center in their own organization, whether it is a structured or virtual team, to help drive better business outcomes.

IBM Expands its Integrated Data Management Initiative [Published: 10-27-2008]
IBM’s IOD strategy focuses on helping companies unlock the business value to gain competitive advantage.

How do you start scoping a master data management program? [Published: 10-27-2008] login required

Experian Announces Intelliscore Plus [Published: 10-28-2008]
Intelliscore Plus enables clients to minimize risk and offers a highly reliable assessment of future business delinquency.

CSC will Open a New Information Technology Services Delivery Center [Published: 10-28-2008]
The new center located in Tianjin, China will initially house approximately 200 employees.

McKesson Health Solutions and IBM Unleash the Power of BI for Healthcare [Published: 10-28-2008]
The new solution will enable health plans to facilitate smarter, faster decision–making across their businesses and externally with health services enterprises, employers and consumers.

Issues About the GMAT and Graduate Business Programs [Published: 10-28-2008]
Many working adults with significant professional experience do not view the GMAT or GRE as a relevant measure of their ability to succeed in a graduate program.

The Ins and Outs of Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market [Published: 10-28-2008]
This article marks the launch of Lyndsay Wise's BeyeNETWORK expert channel on mid-market business intelligence (BI). The article provides the first step for organizations looking at BI offerings.

TNO Deploys Linguamatics I2E Semantic Knowledge [Published: 10-28-2008]
The discovery platform to provide insights and intelligence within the food safety domain.

JetBlue Airways Selects Attensity’s Voice of the Customer Software Solution [Published: 10-28-2008]
Voice of the Customer (VoC) software solution will rapidly and accurately analyze customer feedback stored in unstructured text formats such as call center notes, email messages, weblogs and other customer communications.

TIBCO Announces the Release of TIBCO Spotfire Version 2.2 [Published: 10-28-2008]
The new software allows business professionals to thoroughly explore relationships between different types of data, revealing hidden risks, fraud, threats and opportunities.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Selects SAP [Published: 10-29-2008]
KAUST has selected a broad range of SAP applications to support student-facing functions, main university administrative functions, and the information-sharing and integration needs of its collaborative, global research centers.

TechRepublic Names ASG’s metaCMDB One of Top 10 Products [Published: 10-29-2008]
ASG’s metaCMDB was selected as part of an elite group of next-generation solutions produced by leading IT providers.

ClickSoftware and SAP Announce Agreement [Published: 10-29-2008]
SAP will resell ClickSoftware's ServiceOptimization Suite as the SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization application by ClickSoftware, helping customers meet the challenge of optimizing the mobile service workforce.

Symphony Metreo Announces the Availability of the New Price Manager Software [Published: 10-29-2008]
Symphony Metreo Pricing Suite, Price Manager is an effective tool used by successful pricing and product managers to build profitable pricing strategies that are tightly linked to financial objectives.

Knowledge and Information Workers: Who Are They? [Published: 10-29-2008]
Vendors, analysts and consultants use the terms knowledge worker and information worker to describe users of business intelligence products without defining clearly what these terms mean. This article attempts to clarify matters and to begin a discussion on this topic.

Walgreens Selects Initiate Systems [Published: 10-29-2008]
Walgreens has selected Initiate Consumer to help manage the hundreds of millions of customer records that it maintains for its retail drugstores and e-commerce services.

SAP Announces Solution Offerings that Focus on Optimizing Operations and Addressing Pressing Business Needs [Published: 10-30-2008]
The solutions combine SAP software, services and special financing terms to deliver rapid time to value.

Healthful Applications of Predictive Modeling [Published: 10-30-2008]
With annual fraud-related losses estimated at $90 to $180 billion annually, the healthcare sector requires finite models that detect fraud. An intelligent combination of various technologies can be an efficient method for identifying fraud.

Monitoring the Data Warehouse [Published: 10-30-2008]
Bill Inmon looks at dormant data in the data warehouse and provides suggestions for addressing data warehouse performance.

SAS and HP Announce the Opening of the HP SAS Customer Intelligence Excellence Center [Published: 10-30-2008]
The center provides an environment for clients to easily understand the benefits they can gain through the integration of the SAS suite of Customer Intelligence solutions.

BGF Selects SAS [Published: 10-30-2008]
BGF's products help build things as varied as hot gas filtration systems, aircraft and automotive parts, ballistic vehicle armor, bullet–proof vests, movie theater screens and surfboards.

SAS Will Provide Vodafone Australia with SAS Marketing Optimization Software [Published: 10-30-2008]
Vodafone Australia with SAS Marketing Optimization software will enhance marketing campaigns through advanced analytics and optimization techniques.

SAS Helps Small and Midsized Businesses [Published: 10-30-2008]
SAS is helping more and more small or midsized businesses (SMBs) succeed in hypercompetitive markets.

Fuzzy Logix and Netezza Partner [Published: 10-30-2008]
This partnership will marry the Netezza platform with Fuzzy Logix' quantitative models and web–based solutions.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust Selects Collaborative Planning from COA Solutions [Published: 10-30-2008]
This system is currently being rolled–out to 80 budget holders across the Trust.

Expert System Joins the Oracle PartnerNetwork [Published: 10-30-2008]
Expert System's COGITO Semantic Intelligence Engine is a natural fit with the Oracle Spatial option of Oracle Database 11g.

U.S. Army Communications–Electronics Life Cycle Management Command Awards a Task Order to CSC [Published: 10-31-2008]
Under the terms of the agreement, CSC will provide qualified technicians and logistics personnel to provide maintenance for a collection of networked battlefield sensors and other C4ISR systems throughout Southwest Asia.