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November 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Optimizing Human Capital [Published: 11-03-2008]
Becca Goren looks at the challenge of getting top talent in this increasingly competitive global marketplace. She explains how human capital management software can help managers optimize their workforce.

EpiAnalytics Announces Availability of Smart Case on the Force.com AppExchange [Published: 11-03-2008]
Smart Case automatically identifies the reason why a customer is contacting an organization and routes the request to the appropriate person.

New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Insurance Programs has Extended the CSC Contract to Support eMedNY [Published: 11-03-2008]
Under the terms of the extension CSC will continue to serve as the fiscal agent for New York's Medicaid program.

Infobright and Talend Partner [Published: 11-03-2008]
The connector will allow users of Talend's enterprise open source data integration solutions to leverage the fast data loader built into Infobright Enterprise Edition.

QuantiSense Business Intelligence Software Helps Retailers Make Informed Decisions [Published: 11-03-2008]
Built on retail best practices, the QuantiSense BI application includes dashboards for key retail roles including executives, buyers, planners, allocators and others.

How can we effectively communicate the BI vision and engage business people in the process? [Published: 11-03-2008] login required

Composite Customer, North American Bank Cited in a Report by an Independent Analyst Firm [Published: 11-03-2008]
North American bank cited in a report by an independent analyst firm as an example of how to secure Information–as–a–Service.

Merkle Selects ParAccel Analytic Database [Published: 11-03-2008]
Merkle selected the ParAccel Analytic Database for its higher performance, scalability and cost effectiveness.

PivotLink Announces the General Availability of PivotLink BI [Published: 11-03-2008]
PivotLink's on–demand business intelligence offering provides an easy–to–use application that unifies all your salesforce.com data.

Silver Creek Systems Enters Agreement with Ninecon [Published: 11-04-2008]
Silver Creek Systems provides the DataLens System with real–time, automated product data mastering capabilities.

Ten Tips for Aligning Business and Business Intelligence [Published: 11-04-2008]
Maureen Clarry provides tips to help to create alignment between business and business intelligence/data warehousing initiatives.

Legalizing the Spread(marts) of Business Intelligence [Published: 11-04-2008]
Organizations spend a lot of time and resources tracking down analytical applications in the form of spreadmarts to bring them back into the “regulation” of IT under the direction of data governance, yet there always seems to be a market for the things that users think they can’t have.

Informatica Add to its OEM Business [Published: 11-04-2008]
Informatica now has over 50 OEM partners; SaaS and Cloud Computing vendors now comprise over ten percent of the OEM partnerships.

ParAccel, JasperSoft and Talend Collaborate [Published: 11-04-2008]
The joint activity involves data integration software from Talend, database management software from ParAccel and business intelligence software from JasperSoft.

Department of Veterans Affairs Renews Contract with InterSystems [Published: 11-04-2008]
The contract for enterprise software and maintenance services has been increased to $37.7 million for the current option period.

Sybase Announces Availability of the Sybase IQ Real–Time Loading Solution [Published: 11-04-2008]
The new offering provides enterprises with the ability to utilize fresh data for greater insight by continuously loading transaction changes.

Jinfonet Announces General Availability of JReport 9 [Published: 11-05-2008]
JReport 9 delivers these enhancements in three key areas: performance, usability and standards support.

QlikTech Announces the Availability of QlikView for Salesforce CRM on the Force.com AppExchange [Published: 11-05-2008]
The pre-integrated version of QlikTech’s award-winning QlikView business analysis solution within the Salesforce CRM environment enables users to visualize and analyze all of their Salesforce CRM data.

SAP Expands Offerings Growth in Asia Pacific Japan Region [Published: 11-05-2008]
SAP has unveiled Chinese-language sites for the SAP Developer Network (SDN) community, the Business Process Expert (BPX) community and the Business Objects community.

SAP Bolsters SAP NetWeaver [Published: 11-05-2008]
NetWeaver technology platform that will help customers further maximize their investment and competitive advantage through a consolidated IT landscape.

Gallup Organization Selects Oracle Business Intelligence Suite [Published: 11-05-2008]
Gallup, Inc. has deployed Oracle BI Suite EE to deliver timely, fact-based information and reports to external and internal clients.

Omnitrol Announces the Availability of Edge Application and Services Engine Version 2.1 [Published: 11-05-2008]
The company also announced the release of the OMNITROL–A, the industry's smallest middleware appliance for RFID and sensor networks.

Dedini S/A Indústrias de Base Selects Silver Creek Systems [Published: 11-05-2008]
Dedini S/A Indústrias de Base has selected Silver Creek Systems solutions and Ninecon consulting services to get better control of its product data quality.

SUGEN Announces the Progress of an SAP Enterprise Support Task Force [Published: 11-06-2008]
SAP User Group Executive Network has established a collaborative effort to represent the collective view of members' strategic issues.

Motivations for Building the Data Warehouse [Published: 11-06-2008]
Bill Inmon provides a review of the factors that motivate organizations to build corporate data warehouses.

Data Warehousing Roundup [Published: 11-06-2008]
In this article, Lou Agosta explores more trends in data warehousing, focusing on Aster Data Systems, SGI and Dataupia. Lou also looks at entry-level database alternatives for those who don’t want to get involved in data management.

Ford Motor Company Selects Endeca [Published: 11-06-2008]
Ford Motor Company, has selected and deployed Endeca’s Spend Analysis solution, built on the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP).

SAP Continues to Update and Enhance SAP Enterprise Support [Published: 11-06-2008]
The adjustments to SAP Enterprise Support further enable customers to protect their IT investment, take advantage of timely delivery of innovations and enhancements and benefit from the full value of their IT landscape.

SAP AG’s SAP Business All–in–One for Automotive Solution Provides Critical Data to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team [Published: 11-07-2008]
Cutting–edge computer technology is playing an ever more crucial role in the world of car racing, as the slightest change can result in dramatic performance effects.

CallMiner Achieves 50% Reduction in the Database Footprint for Enterprise Customers Implementing CallMiner Eureka! 6.1 [Published: 11-07-2008]
CallMiner estimates that for a mid–sized enterprise with a 1,000 seat contact center mining 10,000 hours per day of customer conversations/audio and retaining the audio for 12 months.

Pentaho Announces Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition Version 2 [Published: 11-07-2008]
The latest release of the company's flagship BI suite, providing a comprehensive solution for allowing businesses of all sizes to cost–effectively deploy business intelligence.

Pentaho Continues to Gain Industry Momentum [Published: 11-07-2008]
The company has delivered a stunning string of successes over the last three months.

Actuate Announces the Release of Actuate 10 [Published: 11-10-2008]
Actuate 10 extends Eclipse BIRT to deliver rich, highly interactive enterprise and customer–facing information applications.

AlphaPurchase Selects Silver Creek's DataLens System [Published: 11-10-2008]
DataLens System will automate product data standardization and classification and drive data standards throughout their item master as they scale–up their e–Commerce channel.

Siperian Hosts its 4th Annual Gathering of the Company’s Customers and Partners [Published: 11-10-2008]
With more than two hundred attendees present across seventy plus companies, the Siperian Masters User Conference 08 (SM08) included a variety of educational topics.

Clarity’s Clarity OnDemand Solution Goes Live for Five Star Quality Care, Inc. [Published: 11-10-2008]
Users have found the MS Excel–like look–and–feel of the suite to be very intuitive for doing their budgeting and planning.

Endeca Unveils its Digital Asset Navigator Solution [Published: 11-10-2008]
Digital Asset Management provides information access capabilities to explore, find and evaluate images, graphics, audio/video files and other high–value digital assets.

iMakeNews Selects the Dataupia Satori Server [Published: 11-10-2008]
The Dataupia Satori Server enables iMakeNews to deliver a superior offering of analytical data in an all–in–one unified solution.

GoldenGate Announces Availability of GoldenGate Version 10.0 [Published: 11-10-2008]
GoldenGate version 10.0 is a transactional data management platform which enables real–time business operations.

3SO Selects the SAP ERP Application [Published: 11-10-2008]
3SO has selected the SAP ERP application as the standard technology platform to centralize, manage and realize better value from procurement processes for its members, and reduce IT and procurement costs.

SAP Canada Provides Details About its Licensing Arrangement with Loblaw [Published: 11-10-2008]
Loblaw selected SAP to provide software for the renewal and enhancement of its information systems and processes.

Full Capture Solutions Introduces Semantic 360 Data Mart [Published: 11-10-2008]
This service encompasses the rapid, low–cost development and hosting of a searchable, multi-media and multi–level data mart.

SPSS Announces SPSS mrDialer 4.0 [Published: 11-10-2008]
With VoIP, SPSS mrDialer 4.0 delivers faster completion of projects, lowers staff costs and gives market researchers more control over survey projects.

Spectrum Health Selects InterSystems Ensemble Software [Published: 11-10-2008]
Spectrum Health selects InterSystems Ensemble software for integration initiatives across the entire enterprise.

Geocoding and Business Intelligence [Published: 11-11-2008]
Because it is difficult to think of a single federal agency that does not at some point require an in-depth utilization of geographic information, geospatial business intelligence is essential for governments in the 21st century.

Enterprise Decision Management and Decision Intelligence [Published: 11-11-2008]
James Taylor explains how organizations that adopt decision intelligence and enterprise decision management can become decision-centric organizations.

City of Tallahassee Implements myDIALS Operational Metrics Solution [Published: 11-11-2008]
City of Tallahassee (Fla.) has implemented myDIALS operational metrics solution to support local law enforcement’s crime reduction and operational management initiatives.

Linux Becomes a Trusted Choice for Teradata Enterprise–Class Data Warehouses [Published: 11-11-2008]
Teradata and Novell will provide customers a new level of support.

There are so many options for software/data as a service – how do you sort through all the noise? [Published: 11-11-2008] login required

Portals Must Evolve to Capture New Customers in the Web 2.0 World [Published: 11-12-2008]
What is the role of portals in an era of Web 2.0? It’s more important than ever that companies deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time to their customers, preferably before they know they even need it.

Meijer Selects QuantiSense [Published: 11-12-2008]
Meijer has selected QuantiSense’s retail–specific business intelligence and data warehousing application.

TIBCO Announces the Release of TIBCO Spotfire Lead Discovery [Published: 11-12-2008]
The solution allows chemists to quickly access chemistry and biological data in a single analysis environment.

SAP to Resell the CA Wily Introscope Solution as SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily [Published: 11-12-2008]
CA Wily Introscope, helps customers to identify and pinpoint bottlenecks proactively, eliminate unplanned outages, manage service levels, optimize resources and lower the costs associated with maintaining Web applications.

SPSS Announces Experian and MetLife as Recipients of its Fifth Annual Insight Awards [Published: 11-12-2008]
The Insight Awards honor SPSS customers, such as Experian and MetLife, on their use of a Predictive Analytics solution.

SAP AG Unveils the SAP Enhancement Package 4 [Published: 11-12-2008]
Enhancement package 4 represents the new advances for SAP ERP that are delivered through a unique business software delivery model that offers customers the ability to adapt new functionality without the disruption of system upgrades.

Mahindra Group and SAP Enter Strategic Relationship [Published: 11-12-2008]
The Mahindra Group has signed an enterprise agreement with SAP for consolidation of systems and strategic transformation across the company's diversified operational landscape.

The Sweet 16: Emerging Best Practices in Data Governance, Part 2 [Published: 11-12-2008]
In this issue of the Jill Dyché Data Governance newsletter, Jill’s colleague Michael Lombard continues to describe a set of 16 data governance best practices. In this issue, he introduces the category of “operational” best practices.

New Rules for Performance Management, Part 3 [Published: 11-12-2008]
This article, the conclusion of a three-part series, examines specific features to look for when selecting a business performance management financial consolidation and reporting solution.

How the New Obama Administration Might Impact Business Performance Management [Published: 11-12-2008]
The 2008 election was a campaign of change for both the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government; now it is up to performance management professionals to find a way support that change from a software and systems perspective.

Pete Benesh, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Sybase [Published: 11-12-2008]
Peter Benesh talks about the new Sybase IQ Real-Time Data Loading Solution, an enhancement to the Sybase IQ analytics server, and explains how it provides additional competitive advantage for Sybase IQ users.

Jim Dietz, Marketing Manager Teradata [Published: 11-12-2008]
Jim talks about the Teradata Platform Family that consists of the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, the Data Mart Appliance, the Data Warehouse Appliance and the Extreme Data Appliance. He also provides a preview of a key feature of Teradata 13, scheduled for release in mid 2009.

Jared Cornelius, Manager of Product Marketing for Pentaho [Published: 11-12-2008]
Jared Cornelius recaps Pentaho's four-year history, explaining how their platform was architected from the beginning for business intelligence. He then shares customer examples of large-scale business intelligence deployments and talks about new features in Version 2 of Pentaho Enterprise Edition.

Panopticon and Opturo Partner [Published: 11-12-2008]
The agreement allows Opturo to embed Panopticon's data visualization technology into its own applications utilizing the Panopticon Developer Software Developer's Kit.

Symphony Metreo Announces Guideline Manager 2.0 [Published: 11-13-2008]
With new enhancements, organizations will benefit from advanced analytic and segmentation capabilities that help validate pricing strategies and ensure price negotiations are managed intelligently and in-line with margin goals.

Products and Architecture [Published: 11-13-2008]
An architecture for information for a company is hard to define because it has so many facets. Bill Inmon describes some of the elements an architecture would surely include.

More on Master Data Management and Cross-Selling [Published: 11-13-2008]
Effective customer profiling depends on a unified view of the customer characteristics collected via each one of an organization’s sales channels. Master data management provides a framework for unifying that view and enabling a comprehensive profiling process in preparation for the next phase, which includes collaborative filtering and market basket analysis.

Jaspersoft Launches New Web–Based Training Programs and a Variety of New Utilities [Published: 11-13-2008]
The Jaspersoft Store is the definitive destination for both professional and community customers for a variety of software products and utilities.

Ochsner Health System Selects the Progeny Anatomic Pathology Information System [Published: 11-13-2008]
Ochsner Health System has selected the Progeny Anatomic Pathology (AP) information system from PathView Systems, Ltd., an InterSystems application partner.

Quorum Expands its Business Intelligence Footprint into the Energy Industry [Published: 11-14-2008]
Quorum has augmented its BI consulting services to include solutions for information management, dashboard management, and query, reporting and analysis.

Visual Numerics Announces the Immediate Availability of Version 7.0 of the IMSL C Numerical Library [Published: 11-14-2008]
This release provides improved performance in multi–core and many–core environments through the parallelization of numerous algorithms.

SAP AG and Business Objects Announce the Availability of SAP Data Migration Services [Published: 11-17-2008]
SAP Data Migration services enables easier end–to–end data migration for customers by combining expert services from SAP with industry–leading information management software for data integration and data quality from Business Objects in a new turn–key offering.

Panopticon Software Releases a New Version of Panopticon Developer 5.2 [Published: 11-17-2008]
Panopticon Developer 5.2 is the newest version of the company's fully documented, comprehensive Software Developer Kit.

Teragram Launches Semantic Term Manager v. 3.0 [Published: 11-17-2008]
STM v. 3.0 enables knowledge workers to automatically tag documents according to defined taxonomies, manage vast amounts of metadata across repositories and databases, and create and manage enterprise authority lists and build relationships between them.

Metatomix Introduces a New a Suite of Tools [Published: 11-17-2008]
Discovery will provide public sector and commercial customers with the ability to incorporate more diverse data sets for the purpose of a richer 360 degree view of a topic or entity.

Dairy Farm Selects SAP for Retail Solutions [Published: 11-17-2008]
Joining a growing number of global retailers who have chosen SAP over Oracle to drive competitive advantage, Dairy Farm will replace multiple in-house and third–party applications with SAP.

Integrating Data in the Information System - An Open Source Approach [Published: 11-17-2008]
Data integration guarantees the consistency of data in the overall information system. This white paper describes how open source helps solves the interoperability challenge. login required

Bloor InDetail - Talend Open Studio, An Independent Analyst Review [Published: 11-17-2008]
This product review will help IT staff and decision makers get an independent angle on the leading open source data integration solution. login required

The Evolution of Integration [Published: 11-17-2008]
This white paper explains how data integration grows from simple data movement to complex transformation functions, and how modern data integration technology enables organizations to deploy data integration technology. login required

Practical Open Source Data Integration: Case Studies and Implementation Examples [Published: 11-17-2008]
Many organizations have adopted open source for their data integration projects. This document presents a few selected case studies, illustrating real-life implementations of open source data integration and its associated benefits. login required

Bloor Research - Data Integration Platforms Market Update [Published: 11-17-2008]
This Data Integration Platforms Market Update details the requirement for enterprise-ready data integration platforms and examines the vendor landscape in this space. login required

Talend Uses Open Source to Deliver Low-Cost, Easy-to-Use Enterprise Data Integration [Published: 11-17-2008]
This IDC white paper sponsored by Talend discusses the data integration market and shows how the combination of Talend's technical approach and its open source licensing overcomes key barriers to adoption of data integration. login required

The Return on Investment of Open Source Data Integration [Published: 11-17-2008]
Cost is often viewed as one of the major reasons to adopt open source technologies. This ROI study looks in detail at all project costs. It helps IT organizations to assess the ROI of open source and to compare it with alternative options. login required

Empowering the Enterprise to Accelerate Business Insights [Published: 11-17-2008]
Enterprises are challenged to pinpoint data that can drive decision making by helping subject matter experts extract the best information from any Web site or enterprise data source without having to wait for their IT to develop new databases or software applications. login required

Empowering Editorial Teams to Build Agile Digital Media [Published: 11-17-2008]
Connotate helps publishers keep up with the dynamic Web by enabling editorial staffs to harvest the best of the web content for their digital media. login required

The Web is the Ultimate Source for Financial Research [Published: 11-17-2008]
Financial researchers and investors can use technology to data mine, mash up and analyze the Web's vast amount of information to gain proprietary insight. login required

Nucleus Research Analysts Examine the Deployment of IBM Cognos 8 BI Version 8.3 [Published: 11-18-2008]
IBM achieved a 146% return on investment (ROI) in less than 19 months.

SAP AG Announces its Ongoing Engagement in the SAP AMI Integration for Utilities Software [Published: 11-18-2008]
The implementation of the SAP AMI Integration for Utilities software is planned to allow utility companies to perform on-demand reads of a customer's meter through a call center.

Web 2.0 and Social Media: Two Worlds, Two Dress Codes, No Answers [Published: 11-18-2008]
It is really unknown how social media and Web 2.0 can help your business, but it is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

The Changing Face of Business Intelligence [Published: 11-18-2008]
Dave Wells predicts that the next evolution of business intelligence will happen soon, it will happen quickly, and it will expose and overcome the self-delusion that is part of business analytics today.

How can organizations increase their ability to find and access the information it needs? [Published: 11-18-2008] login required

BrickStreet Insurance Selects uReveal [Published: 11-19-2008]
BrickStreet Mutual Insurance Company is the first workers’ compensation company to use uReveal, a next-generation advanced analytic software.

Cardinal Health Selects Silver Creek's DataLens System [Published: 11-19-2008]
The DataLens System uses semantic–based technology to perform real–time, automated Data Mastering services to standardize, validate, match and repurpose data as a plug–in to existing systems or processes.

Are Relational Database Systems Keeping Up with the Information Processing Needs of Companies? [Published: 11-19-2008]
To satisfy increasing information volumes, a variety of new database techniques are appearing on the market. Does this mean that after over a quarter century of development, relational database systems are reaching the end of their useful lives?

Trillium Software Delivers its Data Intelligence & Governance Solution specifically for the Financial Services and Insurance Industries and Compliance Market [Published: 11-19-2008]
The solution is a combination of powerful data analysis, data quality and reporting software technology – based on the industry-leading Trillium Software System – with very targeted, packaged financial and governance consulting services provided by Trillium Software.

BAI Selects DataMentors [Published: 11-19-2008]
DataMentors will provide advanced data management software solutions to BAI.

Open Source Business Intelligence: A 2008 Progress Report [Published: 11-19-2008]
Companies are under tremendous pressure to leverage data and technology to "compete on analytics." This white paper presents the results of a survey on BI practices and open source adoption. login required

Teradata Introduces Teradata Accelerate [Published: 11-20-2008]
Teradata enables companies to rapidly deploy and quickly realize business value from their data warehouse investment.

Alan Winters of Corda [Published: 11-20-2008]
Alan Winters describes the key benefits of performance dashboards and talks about their upcoming user conference that will be held in October in Salt Lake City.

John Thompson, CEO of US Operations at Kognitio [Published: 11-20-2008]
John Thompson explains how the market has changed and why data warehousing as a service is now a viable approach. He also talks about the VSP program that Kognitio announced at TDWI-Chicago.

Randy Lea of Teradata [Published: 11-20-2008]
Randy Lea provides insight into Teradata's recent announcement about their purpose-built platform family.

John O'Brien, CTO of Dataupia [Published: 11-20-2008]
John O'Brien provides information about Dataupia's green initiatives and about the recently announced joint solution with Tableau that enables data visualization analysis.

Yves de Montcheuil, Vice President of Marketing for Talend [Published: 11-20-2008]
Yves de Montcheuil discusses where Talend fits in the overall business intelligence picture, explains their open source data integration solutions and talks about the advantages that open source.

SAP AG Launches New Public Security Research Lab in Darmstadt, Germany [Published: 11-20-2008]
The Future Public Security Center will provide public security agencies the opportunity to preview, collaborate on and influence the course of SAP public security research projects.

The Operational Data Store Thursday's Child [Published: 11-20-2008]
Perhaps the sparsity of attention paid to the operational data store (ODS) stems from the fact that the architectural structure of the ODS is a lot more free-form than other parts of the information infrastructure.

Enterprise Data Management and its Tight Coupling with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence [Published: 11-20-2008]
In this article, Ajay Bhargava highlights the important trend of tighter coupling between enterprise data management (EDM) and data warehousing/business intelligence. He also lays out some critical components of an EDM strategy.

Paragon Gaming Selects Infor [Published: 11-20-2008]
Infor’s financial and performance management applications to provide real–time visibility into the gaming company’s business.

Equifax and Initiate Announce an Agreement [Published: 11-20-2008]
The agreement is to deliver solutions using Initiate Systems’ technologies and data services from Equifax Commercial Information Solutions.

Elliot McClements, EMEA Marketing and Alliance Manager for HP [Published: 11-20-2008]
Elliot talks about HP's new business unit focusing exclusively on products and services for business intelligence solutions which is espcially important in the area of operational anaytics.

Frank Buytendijk, VP and Fellow for Enterprise Performance Management at Oracle [Published: 11-20-2008]
Frank reviews his new book, Performance Leadership and explains how he compares corporate performance management organizational development styles to personal development.

Kognitio and Nextanalytics Announce the Signing of an OEM Agreement [Published: 11-23-2008]
The agreement between the two firms will deliver value to companies that want to implement and benefit from data warehousing,data analytics,business intelligence implementations without high start–up, operational and support costs.

Sherbrooke University Hospital Centre Completes an Upgrade Powered by SAND/DNA Analytics Data Management Software [Published: 11-23-2008]
SAND/DNA Analytics fully leverages the increased processing power of the new platform.

InforSense Signs a Deal with NorDx [Published: 11-23-2008]
The InforSense system is fully implemented at NorDx and is used to: extract data from billing, laboratory results, patient and cost data sources.

Business.com Announces the Availability of CloudBase [Published: 11-23-2008]
CloudBase is a high performance data warehouse system that scales horizontally on commodity hardware or a cloud computing network.

Oracle Introduces Oracle Site Hub [Published: 11-23-2008]
To help organizations consolidate site-specific information, Oracle Site Hub provides an unlimited number of pre–defined and user-defined attributes.

iDashboards Delivers iDashboards 6.0 [Published: 11-24-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring iDashboards’ Shadan Malik

Denodo Technologies Signs a Joint Reseller Agreement with Bitam [Published: 11-24-2008]
Under the agreement, Bitam and Denodo Technologies will work together to market and sell the Bitam Business Intelligence application and the denodo data mashups platform.

Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Wins the Inaugural Master Data Management Excellence Award [Published: 11-24-2008]
The award is determined by peers, is an honor bestowed upon the company that has demonstrated excellence in their MDM efforts.

IDC Identifies Lixto as an Innovative Provider in the Market for Web Intelligence [Published: 11-24-2008]
Companies use Lixto for web process information and for online market intelligence.

CSC Receives a Best Practice Partner Award from APQC [Published: 11-25-2008]
The award is for successfully improving front–end effectiveness for new product and service innovation in the organization.

Are real-time reporting business requirements changing the way data is integrated and cleansed in the back end? [Published: 11-26-2008] login required