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May 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Data Stewardship and Pain [Published: 05-01-2008]
Do we really need data governance?

Data Warehousing Architecture [Published: 05-01-2008]
The data warehouse architecture and the blueprint that will drive its construction are critical to the success or the failure of the program and its projects.

AAA Auto Club Group Selects SAP [Published: 05-01-2008]
With the SAP Claims Management software, ACG will be able to manage the automobile insurance claims processes more quickly for its members with one integrated core insurance platform.

IRM Corporation Releases Discovery 7.0 [Published: 05-01-2008]
Discovery 7.0 further builds upon the already-robust power and functionality of this popular business intelligence tool.

SAP and RIM Announce a New Era in Enterprise Mobility [Published: 05-02-2008]
SAP and RIM have joined forces to change the way people work, by enabling anytime, anywhere mobile access to SAP enterprise applications through the widely adopted BlackBerry platform.

Turning Sustainability Strategies into Competitive Advantage [Published: 05-05-2008]
Issues such as climate change, energy consumption, labor practices, food safety, pollution and waste management are strong factors in the impressions that companies make with consumers, investors, regulators, watchdogs and other stakeholders.

Decisions Made Easy Delivers the Nielsen Direct Data Explorer Solution [Published: 05-05-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Decisions Made Easy’s Wayne Rigney

Sybase Announces Enhancements to RFID Anywhere [Published: 05-05-2008]
Sybase iAnywhere further extends the Sybase Unwired Enterprise vision with flexible middleware that integrates RFID and sensor technologies with business logic.

Pentaho Announces the Availability of Mondrian 3.0 [Published: 05-05-2008]
Mondrian 3.0 is a key component of the Pentaho Open BI Suite.

Satyam and SAP Form a Partnership [Published: 05-05-2008]
Satyam has become an SAP global services partner to help Fortune 1000 companies worldwide to reliably and rapidly implement SAP solutions and transform business processes.

JasperSoft and Unisys Extend Their Alliance [Published: 05-05-2008]
Unisys will add JasperSoft’s suite of business intelligence and reporting applications to its enterprise-class open source solutions offerings.

Infosys Technologies and SAP Enter Into Global Services Partner Agreement [Published: 05-05-2008]
Infosys Technologies and SAP help companies realize IT and business results from their investments in SAP applications.

Greensboro Radiology Selects InterSystems Ensemble [Published: 05-05-2008]
Greensboro Radiology has chosen InterSystems Ensemble software as its enterprise-wide integration platform.

QAS and FSB Solutions Deliver QuickAddress for FSB Branch Automation [Published: 05-05-2008]
QuickAddress for FSBA is an integrated solution that helps banks and credit unions speed account opening, improve customer communication and reduce operating costs.

EasyAsk Delivers Operational Business Intelligence [Published: 05-06-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring EasyAsk’s Larry Harris

Gaining Insight through Analytics – It Takes More than OLAP [Published: 05-06-2008]
What are the keys to real business insight? Dave Wells describes the nature of insight and what is required to gain true insight.

Communication in Business Intelligence Teams [Published: 05-06-2008]
Many companies see the need for effective communication for business intelligence professionals, but they often fail to provide the opportunities to focus on the skills required to achieve it.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Selects SAP ERP [Published: 05-06-2008]
Miami-Dade County Public Schools has selected SAP's ERP software, SAP ERP.

Saturn Corporation Launches an Initiative to Deliver its Eprísa CRM Solution Worldwide [Published: 05-06-2008]
Saturn Corporation, an InterSystems application partner, has launched an aggressive initiative to deliver its Eprísa customer relationship management solution worldwide.

WiseAnalytics Launches Survey on Business Intelligence for the Mid-Market [Published: 05-06-2008]
The survey will collect information to assess how vendors are meeting the needs and business challenges of the mid-market.

AMB Adds Outlier Processing to the AMB-PDM Suite [Published: 05-06-2008]
Predictive Data Management software suite provides users with the capability of outlier processing as a means to ensure high quality data for analytical and operational use.

Dark Data [Published: 05-07-2008]
Data hidden within the enterprise will inevitably be challenged, and it will be up to enterprise information management to tame it.

Siperian Delivers Next Generation Master Data Management [Published: 05-07-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Siperian’s Ravi Shankar

The Information Life Cycle [Published: 05-07-2008]
This article is based on the forthcoming book, Executing Data Quality Projects: Ten Steps to Quality Data and Trusted Information, by Danette McGilvray, published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Copyright 2008 Elsevier Inc.

Grounding Your IQ Management in Sound Quality Management Systems [Published: 05-07-2008]
For an information quality management function to succeed, it must be based on the same fundamental principles that led to effective quality systems in manufacturing and the service sector.

Oxford Industries, Inc. Selects SAP [Published: 05-07-2008]
Oxford selects SAP as its software vendor of choice based on the company's reputation for providing value in the retail industry.

Composite Software, Inc. Announces the Availability of its Data Integration Strategy Recommendation Tool [Published: 05-07-2008]
The Data Integration Strategy Recommendation Tool is an online tool designed to assist enterprises in determining the most effective data integration approach for development projects.

Embarcadero Technologies to Acquire Borland Software Corporation’s CodeGear division [Published: 05-07-2008]
By combining the market leaders in development tools and database tools, Embarcadero will be able to address the growing productivity and resource challenges companies face as a result of different applications and diverse database platforms.

Wrigley Implements AeroScout’s Real-Time Enterprise Visibility Solution [Published: 05-07-2008]
Wrigley is using AeroScout's technology and a Cisco Unified Wireless Network to track the location of pallets in real time.

thincSoft Puts Business Intelligence on the MapTM [Published: 05-08-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring thincSoft’s Jim Kowalski

MEGA International Announces that Michael Page International Implements MEGA Modeling Suite Software [Published: 05-08-2008]
The MEGA International software will play a central role in helping to streamline processes throughout the organization.

A Brief History of ETL [Published: 05-08-2008]
Do you remember the spread of data warehousing through the public and then private sectors? The IPO of Prism Solutions? This article takes a look at the history of ETL and provides a glimpse into ETL's future.

Modeling Customer Behavior in Business Ecosystems Using Temporal Abstractions [Published: 05-08-2008]
Unless our models of customer behavior include the patterns of past customer behavior related to their future actions, they will not be very powerful predictors of what customers actually do.

Simplified BI for the Masses [Published: 05-08-2008]
Analyst whitepaper reviews technology that enables employees at all levels of the organization the ability to perform ad hoc business analysis as well as search for existing reports through the familiar search box interface. login required

Amer Sports Selects Zebra’s EPC Gen 2-Standard Labeling System for its RFID Compliance [Published: 05-09-2008]
Amer Sports selected Zebra’s EPC Gen 2-standard labeling system for its RFID compliance labeling project for shipments of its Wilson Sporting Goods brand.

DataMentors Announces the Addition of Global Address Validation and Standardization Services to DataFuse [Published: 05-09-2008]
This added DataFuse functionality is a service bureau based enhancement, which provides standardization and validation of addresses in over 115 formats and supports nearly 40 character sets.

Quantrix Modeler Delivers BI Tools that Solve Real World Problems [Published: 05-12-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Quantrix’s Chris Houle

ParAccel Announces OEM Agreement with IBM [Published: 05-12-2008]
Under the terms of the agreement, ParAccel will embed IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture within the ParAccel Analytic Database, providing ParAccel customers with seamless and real-time updates from heterogeneous databases.

MEGA International Releases MEGA GRC Suite, Version 3.0 [Published: 05-12-2008]
MEGA GRC Suite, Version 3.0 automates audit, control and risk initiatives in organizations.

Kognitio Forms a Vertical Solution Provider Program [Published: 05-12-2008]
The program is designed to work with service and solution providers and system integrators in key vertical markets to allow companies of all sizes to benefit from the power of its WX2 relational database management system.

Dataupia and Tableau Software Form Partnership [Published: 05-12-2008]
By combining the Dataupia Satori Server customers can visually understand their data faster and in different ways than previously possible.

SPSS Announces a New Version of SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services 3.5 [Published: 05-12-2008]
SPSS Predictive Enterprise Services 3.5 provides a market-leading foundation to manage and automate the entire analytic process, and seamlessly integrates with all SPSS products and existing enterprise infrastructures.

SAS Unveils SAS IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure [Published: 05-12-2008]
SAS IT Intelligence for VMware Infrastructure will enable customers to better align IT resources with strategic business goals.

Expressor Software Reveals Expressor 1.0 [Published: 05-12-2008]
expressor 1.0, a new semantic data integration system that tackles the complexity and cost of enterprise IT projects.

Pervasive Software’s Pervasive Data Profiler Ensures Data Quality [Published: 05-13-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Pervasive Software’s Mike Hoskins

EDS to be acquired by HP for $13.9 Billion [Published: 05-13-2008]
Acquisition expected to more than double HP's revenue from services, furthering HP's standing as world's largest technology company.

ParAccel and Talend Form Alliance [Published: 05-13-2008]
ParAccel, Inc. and Talend will collaborate on joint sales opportunities and marketing initiatives and work together to provide customers with extremely high performing data integration and management solutions.

MDM Pioneers Launch The Information Difference [Published: 05-13-2008]
Information Difference will enable companies to get the most value of their MDM projects by providing in-depth, independent analysis of MDM vendors.

New Organizing Principle for Society [Published: 05-13-2008]
Governments must take note of society's new organizing principle, knowledge, because it is hitting them by storm.

How to Get BI Right [Published: 05-13-2008]
Having seen real value in technology, companies recognize that they need enterprise-wide business intelligence – and they're ready to get it right.

Text Analytics Accuracy: Requirements and Reality [Published: 05-13-2008]
Accuracy is a frequent concern when working with text; the accuracy question is similar to the data quality issue in business intelligence and data warehousing.

Teradata Delivers Enterprise Intelligence [Published: 05-14-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Teradata’s Scott Gnau

Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud Launched by Vertica Systems [Published: 05-14-2008]
Vertica for the Cloud completely changes the economics of business analytics, making it economically feasible to rapidly initiate a much broader spectrum of analytic projects and businesses.

Danger – BPM Ahead, Part 2 [Published: 05-14-2008]
This article, the second in a two-part series, covers the third problem that can cause significant issues for the companies implementing business performance management solutions.

Performance Management Goes Green [Published: 05-14-2008]
The same systems that support financial forecasts, operational analytics and balanced scorecards are the perfect residence for a corporate sustainability reporting effort.

JasperSoft’s Business Intelligence Suite for the ParAccel Analytic Database Announced [Published: 05-15-2008]
ParAccel and JasperSoft joint solution will provide customers with a flexible, open suite of analytic tools that deliver supercomputer-class performance.

WAND Delivers Taxonomy to Business Intelligence Professionals [Published: 05-15-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring WAND’s Mark Leher

BEZVision Provides Advanced Support for Teradata [Published: 05-15-2008]
BEZVision uses analytics and prediction technology to manage application and database performance issues brought on by accelerated change and complexity.

U.S. Military for Ordnance Security Selects Axcess International’s Micro-Wireless RFID System [Published: 05-15-2008]
Micro-Wireless technology allows for ultra-small, low cost wireless identification transmitters to be assigned to each asset, enabling automatic tracking, local area location determining and automatic security monitoring.

The Department of the Navy Approves Actuate Performancesoft Views as a BI Tool [Published: 05-15-2008]
To gain approval for inclusion into the Navy’s approved business intelligence tool list, a functionality matrix and scorecard assessed 28 different applications.

Brendoncare Implements COA Solutions’ Business Intelligence System [Published: 05-15-2008]
Corporate Analytics will help Brendoncare to monitor, analyse and improve its corporate performance by measuring it against an extensive number of financial, human resource and care sector specific KPIs.

Centrifuge Systems Launches Centrifuge Server [Published: 05-15-2008]
Centrifuge Server is a highly effective next generation approach to BI analytics.

Phoenix Selects CSC's Insurance Software [Published: 05-15-2008]
The Phoenix Companies, Inc. has licensed CSC's Customer Service Accelerator software to improve customer service for its 650,000 life insurance and annuity policyholders and the financial advisors who distribute its products.

HP Introduces an Enhanced Version of its HP Database Archiving Software [Published: 05-15-2008]
HP Database Archiving software will help customers and partners accelerate deployment of archive projects.

Bad Data [Published: 05-15-2008]
What appears to be bad data may not be bad data at all.

Congratulations to the DW2.0 Unstructured Data Warehouse Class [Published: 05-15-2008]
Bill congratulates the "graduates" of the inaugural class on building the unstructured data warehouse.

The Simplicity and Complexity of Person Name Standardization [Published: 05-15-2008]
There are many different kinds of standardizations that can be applied to data, especially individual data.

iQ4bis and Miles 33 Form a OEM Partnership [Published: 05-15-2008]
The OEM partnership in which Miles 33 will offer the award-winning iQ4bis software suite to publishers.

How Managing Sustainability Puts SMBs on Par with Large Corporations [Published: 05-19-2008]
The SMB that fails to implement credible reporting solutions for its sustainability efforts will never know its true environmental and financial impact.

Datactics Delivers Data Quality Management Across Multinational Domains [Published: 05-19-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Datactics’ Sarah Bearder

University of St. Gallen and SAP Show the Value of SOA for SAP Customers [Published: 05-19-2008]
SAP AG zannounced findings of a research effort conducted with the University of St. Gallen.

Metropolitan Police Service Selects SAP [Published: 05-19-2008]
Metropolitan Police Service has selected SAP as its corporate ERP solution.

Bayer MaterialScience Selects SAP [Published: 05-19-2008]
Bayer MaterialScience has selected the latest version of the SAP SAP CRM application, SAP CRM 2007, to help enable its global sales force to deliver superior value to its customers.

Kabel BW Selects SAP [Published: 05-19-2008]
Kabel BW has selected SAP CRM 2007, to strengthen its connection to customers and build its foundation for future growth.

Oco Expands Partnership with the Casual Male Retail Group [Published: 05-19-2008]
Oco will support Casual Male’s global expansion by implementing its on-demand BI solution in Casual Male's direct business throughout Europe.

ParAccel Announces the Scalable Analytic Appliance [Published: 05-19-2008]
The Scalable Analytic Appliance will provide high performance and enterprise-class manageability for large- and medium-size enterprises.

Experian Launches Business Credit Monitoring System [Published: 05-19-2008]
Account Monitoring Service provides relevant and actionable alerts, enabling clients to minimize risk and maximize customer relationships.

XBRL US Supports SEC's Recommendation to Mandate XBRL [Published: 05-19-2008]
Under the terms of the current proposal, companies using US GAAP with a worldwide public float over $5 billion will be required to submit their primary financial statements in XBRL for fiscal periods ending in late 2008.

Expert System Launches New Semantic Intelligence Software [Published: 05-19-2008]
COGITO Focus is a new and effective way to access decision-centric information by optimizing research and analysis activities.

iCongo Delivers E-Commerce Value to Mid to Large-Size Industrial and Retail Customers [Published: 05-20-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring iCongo’s Irwin Kramer

Teragram Integrates Linguistic Suite into the Apache Lucene Open Source Search Platform [Published: 05-20-2008]
The integration enables Lucene users to add taxonomies and faceted search to their web sites, as well as to correct the spelling of queries and search in multiple languages.

Versata to Acquire Evolutionary Technologies International [Published: 05-20-2008]
Versata will rollout its Customer Success Program to ETI customers, thereby emphasizing Versata's focus on aligning investments with customer priorities.

SAP AG Announces that Unilever has Implemented the SAP NetWeaver MDM [Published: 05-20-2008]
Unilever has implemented the SAP NetWeaver MDM component to support five countries in the Asia/AMET region.

BeyeNETWORK Introduces the 2008 Vision Award for Business Impact [Published: 05-20-2008]
The BeyeNETWORK introduces a new award to recognize excellence in business intelligence software deployments that positively impact an organization by providing business value or transformative change.

AMR Research Recognizes Symphony Metreo’s Pricing and Profitability Capabilities [Published: 05-20-2008]
The report reflects significant trends in the sales and operations planning market.

Bank of Ireland Selects Business Objects [Published: 05-20-2008]
The bank selected the BusinessObjects XI Release 3.0 platform to more quickly access information from across its enterprise and deliver relevant, trusted information to authorized employees where and how they work.

Business Intelligence and the IT Portfolio [Published: 05-20-2008]
This article is adapted from The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence by Steve Williams and Nancy Williams, and it explains how business intelligence initiatives must compete with other IT investment opportunities for funding.

Stressed over Excess Inventory? [Published: 05-20-2008]
Product inventory optimization software is designed to address the need for inventory forecasting and product management needs for retailers and manufacturers.

Open Source Software Continually Improving According to Research from Coverity [Published: 05-20-2008]
New Scan Report on open source software 2008 shows 16% reduction in static analysis defect density across 250 popular open source projects over 2 year period.

Star Analytics Announces the Availability of Star Integration Server 2.4 [Published: 05-20-2008]
Star Integration Server 2.4. allows customers to unlock valuable financial data assets previously accessible only from within the confines of their Oracle Hyperion applications.

ParAccel Launches ParAccel Solutions Partner Program [Published: 05-20-2008]
The new initiative, for ISVs, VARs, SIs and consultants, is designed to accelerate the pace at which ParAccel partners can deliver innovative products and services in support of ParAccel’s analytic database solutions.

Visokio Omniscope Delivers Hybrid Desktop and Web Visual Reporting Solutions [Published: 05-21-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Visokio’s Edward Forbes

ACTIV Financial Partners with Aleri [Published: 05-21-2008]
The integrated solution will provide traders and brokers with the ability to easily implement real-time analytics that deliver continuous insight and immediate response to fast changing market data.

Fishback Financial Selects SwiftKnowledge’s Banking Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-21-2008]
This solution includes all back-end connectivity and infrastructure models built specifically to meet the high standards and unique data challenges facing companies in the banking industry.

Using Enterprise 2.0 for Business Intelligence, Part 4 [Published: 05-21-2008]
In this fourth article in a continuing series, Colin White looks at how unstructured business content can be integrated into a business intelligence environment.

Initiate Systems Introduces Initiate Health Information Exchange for Hospitals and IDNs [Published: 05-21-2008]
The Initiate Health Information Exchange for Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks IDNs solution, designed to serve as a foundation for connecting data within and between healthcare networks.

University of Michigan Honors Three Business Intelligence Innovations [Published: 05-21-2008]
U-M established the Business Intelligence Data-into-Action Awards to encourage staff to share their BI practices, increase awareness and educate others in the University community.

Aster Data Systems Unveils Aster nCluster [Published: 05-21-2008]
Aster nCluster is a new solution to address fast growing data environments by transforming off-the-shelf, commodity hardware into a powerful, self-managing, and scalable analytic database.

IBS Wins European Partner Award from Cognos [Published: 05-21-2008]
IBS business intelligence software empowers IBS Enterprise users with efficient analysis capabilities that help companies make the right decisions for their business.

GE and Satyam Announce Global Alliance [Published: 05-21-2008]
The companies will join forces to plan, design, and implement infrastructures for global healthcare providers of all sizes – from the smallest polyclinics to the largest hospitals.

Netezza and EMC Form Partnership [Published: 05-21-2008]
Netezza will include EMC’s CLARiiON network storage in its data warehouse appliance as part of an OEM partnership to deliver new appliance-based solutions that simplify business intelligence across the enterprise.

Technicians Repeating the Pattern [Published: 05-22-2008]
Is the IT community missing out on the advantages of unstructured technology?

Jill Dyché’s Next Crusade [Published: 05-22-2008]
As organizations begin to realize that data is an asset, data governance becomes the crown jewel in the decision-making processes that surround data management.

DataMentors Improves Business Intelligence Analytical Software [Published: 05-22-2008]
With PinPoint's Tier-1 campaign management tool, users can make customer queries, assign promo codes for tracking purposes, and generate a variety of custom reports.

HiQube Joins Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Solutions Program [Published: 05-23-2008]
The new program provides HyperWorks’ customers with on-demand access to a wide-range of applications that complement Altair’s suite of applications.

Callidus Software Drives Sales Performance Management Market – Innovative Solutions Benefit Companies of All Sizes [Published: 05-27-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Callidus Software’s Steve Apfelberg

Truviso and Technorati Announce a Partnership [Published: 05-28-2008]
Truviso and Technorati will work together to combine their innovative technologies to analyze and dynamically portray emerging topics in the blogosphere.

iQ4bis Launches Analysis V4.2 Interactive Analytical Software [Published: 05-28-2008]
iQ4bis Analysis 4.2 features new reporting functionality as well as a beta version of iQ4bis Analysis Portal, a multi-view dashboard that enables business users to group multiple reporting views in a single window.

HiQube Releases HiQube 5.0 [Published: 05-28-2008]
HiQube 5.0 includes numerous upgrades to the platform’s functionality, scalability and ease of use.

QuantiSense Announces its Collaboration with the Association for Retail Technology Standards [Published: 05-28-2008]
QuantiSense will collaborate with the ARTS to create the new ARTS data warehouse model designed exclusively for retail business intelligence.

BeyeNETWORK Introduces the 2008 Vision Award for Business Impact [Published: 05-28-2008]
The BeyeNETWORK introduces a new award to recognize excellence in business intelligence software deployments that positively impact an organization by providing business value or transformative change.

Tizor and Intellitactics Form Partnership [Published: 05-28-2008]
The partnership was formed to address the market need for integrated enterprise-class solutions that can address major data security challenges.

Driving Business Value with Geographic Business Intelligence [Published: 05-29-2008]
To effectively meet business requirements, decision makers must process information on demand from everywhere, visually render, critically evaluate and carefully develop accurate understanding of their business. login required

Microsoft Announces Enterprise Innovation Process Management Initiative [Published: 05-29-2008]
The rapid spread and high availability of collaborative technologies has changed that model.

BearingPoint Completes Implementation of Guidewire Claims System [Published: 05-29-2008]
Guidewire Software has completed the seven-month implementation of a new claims system for CompWest Insurance Company.

Sybase and SL Corporation Form Partnership [Published: 05-29-2008]
The partnership will deliver a solution that offers unique and customizable visibility into real-time and historical trading data for the financial services industry.

Serena Software Selects LucidEra for Salesforce.com [Published: 05-29-2008]
LucidEra’s analytic mash-up with Salesforce allows them to get interactive, trend-based answers about strengths and risks in their pipeline, sales people, and sales processes, instead of just static transactional reports.

Aon Selects Cognos [Published: 05-30-2008]
Aon has chosen to implement IBM Cognos 8 BI for Salesforce.