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March 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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HiQube Delivers Next Generation Business Intelligence Software Technology [Published: 03-03-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring HiQube’s James Scapa

TradeDoubler Selects Infobright [Published: 03-03-2008]
TradeDoubler has selected its flagship Brighthouse solution to drive analysis of billions of online marketing transactions.

Home Credit Group Selects Fair Isaac [Published: 03-03-2008]
Home Credit Group has selected Fair Isaac's proven software technologies for Enterprise Decision Management.

SiNSYS Implements Fair Isaac's Newest TRIAD Technology [Published: 03-03-2008]
SiNSYS has successfully integrated Fair Isaac's newest TRIAD adaptive control technology with its processing platform.

Airport Wireless Selects Tomax Retail.net Suite [Published: 03-03-2008]
Airport Wireless has selected Tomax for its real-time merchandising and store execution solution.

Middlesex Professional Services Selects DocSite’s Registry with Decision Support [Published: 03-03-2008]
Middlesex Professional Services, Inc. selected DocSite’s Registry with Decision Support to improve patient outcomes and enhance physician reimbursement for delivering quality care under a pay-for-performance program.

Budgeting Concerns of SMB/SME CFOs [Published: 03-04-2008]
A recent survey conducted by Centage and IOMA revealed an overwhelming dissatisfaction with budgeting tools and processes among most of the C-level executives surveyed.

BEZ Announces the Availability of BEZVision 3.0. BEZVision [Published: 03-04-2008]
BEZVision 3.0 is a software solution specifically designed to help IT groups manage change and complexity while ensuring uninterrupted application service delivery to the business.

Political Campaigns use Predictive Analytics Software from SPSS [Published: 03-04-2008]
SPSS provides strategic advice and voter targeting services for progressive organizations and campaigns.

Building a Case for Change – Budgeting and Analytics [Published: 03-04-2008]
Leading organizations are looking beyond traditional metrics like profit-and-loss metrics and expanding their forecasting processes to include cash flow, working capital and risk-adjusted returns for budgets and forecasts.

Business Intelligence Organizational Systems [Published: 03-04-2008]
To be successful in business intelligence, system sight should be one of your key competencies.

BA-Insight Announces the Release of Longitude for Microsoft Search Server 2008 [Published: 03-04-2008]
BA-Insight's Longitude opens a huge market for BA-Insight enabling the company to sell advanced information.

InterSystems Recognized as a Leader in Customer Affinity [Published: 03-04-2008]
"Profitability from Customer Affinity", indicates that brand awareness and existing relationships have a relatively small impact on why customers decide to work with a particular technology vendor.

The Tyranny of Projects [Published: 03-05-2008]
Enterprise information management demands more than the status quo.

Putting the Business Intelligence into Corporate Social Responsibility [Published: 03-05-2008]
Business intelligence (BI) methodologies are natural partners with companies wanting to become better corporate citizens and leaders for corporate social responsibility.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company has Selected Teragram for a Taxonomy Management Project [Published: 03-05-2008]
Teragram will be providing text analytics tools including taxonomy management, automatic metadata generation and automatic categorization to this global pharmaceutical company.

The US Department of Defense Selects an Advanced Data Analysis Solution from SAS and Detica [Published: 03-05-2008]
The JIEDDO to uncover and target the operational, financial and social networks involved in IED deployment.

Intelligent Long Range is Playing an Instrumental Role in the Construction of the Monumental Freedom Tower [Published: 03-05-2008]
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS i-Q32 Temperature Tracking Tags are embedded in the concrete and wirelessly send temperature information to the Concrete Maturity Monitoring System.

Sherwin-Williams Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-05-2008]
Sherwin-Williams plans to use MicroStrategy to help employees improve sales and business performance. MicroStrategy was selected by Sherwin-Williams because of its self-service reporting capabilities and 64-bit performance.

Software AG Releases webMethods Application Modernization Suite [Published: 03-05-2008]
The release fully leverages the company’s global leadership in the SOA and business process management markets.

Clarity Systems has Secured Five Leading Airlines as Customers [Published: 03-05-2008]
JetBlue Airways, Eos Airlines, British Airways and other regional and international airlines selected Clarity 6 and Clarity FSR as their unified solution for corporate budgeting, forecasting and regulatory reporting.

Corda Technologies Signs Partnership with Cube Intelligence Corporation [Published: 03-05-2008]
Corda gives customers greater control of their organization's performance with its powerful performance dashboard and data visualization products and solutions.

Ventura Selects ciboodle [Published: 03-06-2008]
ciboodle will provide Ventura with the ability to offer its clients the product’s broad array of process-driven customer interaction capabilities.

A Paradox [Published: 03-06-2008]
The more things change, the more they stay the same. It is into this paradox that wholesale displacement and incremental displacement technology are born.

A Six Sigma Initiative for Business Intelligence [Published: 03-06-2008]
Applying Six Sigma principles to business intelligence requires strong management support and a recognized Six Sigma action program.

Software AG Announces the Publication of BPM Basics For Dummies: Software AG Special Edition [Published: 03-06-2008]
Written by three Software AG executives, the book offers a pragmatic and fast-paced introduction to BPM.

Oracle Releases Oracle Secure Backup 10.2 [Published: 03-06-2008]
Oracle Secure Backup 10.2 automates tape management throughout its life cycle from creation, expiration to reuse.

Supporting Pervasive BI with New Technology [Published: 03-06-2008]
This paper discusses how business intelligence is in more demand that ever. The paper also discusses the emergence of new data analytics and data warehousing technology that is set to help organizations provide more access to intelligence and insight usin login required

Driving Performance and Lowering TCO in the Analytical Environment [Published: 03-06-2008]
The paper discusses the importance of analytical performance in today's BI environment. The paper also explains a new database technology from Kognitio that can accelerate the data analytics process and help to reduce the total cost of analytical operatio login required

Activity-Based Costing Under Fire [Published: 03-10-2008]
Time-driven activity-based costing should be considered complementary to, not a replacement for, traditional activity-based costing.

ATi Delivers Advanced Predictive Analytics for Customer Value Management [Published: 03-10-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Adaptive Technology, Inc.’s Susan Cordts

SAP Named One of 'America's Most Admired Companies' by FORTUNE Magazine [Published: 03-10-2008]
With an overall score of 6.49, SAP achieved especially high ratings in innovation, people management, social responsibility, quality of management and quality of products and services.

Epiphany Launches Industry Specific Vertical Applications [Published: 03-10-2008]
Epiphany Inc. announced that it has built two new vertical applications for pharmaceutical distributors and value-added resellers within NetSuite leveraging the NetSuite Business Operating System.

Primavera Releases New Version of Portfolio Management Solution [Published: 03-10-2008]
Primavera ProSight version 7.0, enables executives and managers to analyze, modify and reprioritize portfolios of IT and other strategic investments quickly and effectively in response to rapidly changing business strategies.

TELUS Deploys Appfluent to Improve BI and Data Warehouse Performance Management [Published: 03-11-2008]
TELUS has successfully deployed the Appfluent Product Suite to improve its BI and data warehouse performance and increase the agility and effectiveness of its IT staff.

Composite Software Announces the Release of Composite Information Server 4.6 [Published: 03-11-2008]
Composite Information Server 4.6 provides a range of new functionality that enhances performance, SOA enablement, access and development process capabilities.

Active Archiving to Become More Integral to Information Management Initiatives [Published: 03-11-2008]
Archiving will become more integral to information management initiatives, particularly for larger organizations.

Business Intelligence: Giving Enterprises More Bang for Their CRM Buck [Published: 03-11-2008]
Business intelligence functionality can add tremendous value when integrated into a CRM implementation.

Oral History as Business Intelligence [Published: 03-11-2008]
Oral history attempts to extract business value from the recollections of an organization’s key leaders and top performers, and it is a potentially useful resource for business intelligence.

Cognos and SPSS Announce a Complementary Software Partnership [Published: 03-11-2008]
This partnership will provide integration between IBM Cognos 8 BI and SPSS Predictive Analytics technology.

Actuate Launches iServer Express [Published: 03-12-2008]
iServer Express provides the report security, scheduling, management and distribution functionality that application users demand without the complexity of hand-coding.

RiskTech Expands Global Presence [Published: 03-12-2008]
RiskTech has won four new consulting and implementation contracts in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle-East.

Avantium Selects TIBCO Spotfire [Published: 03-12-2008]
The TIBCO Spotfire DXP solution delivers real-time performance reporting and analysis across the entire company.

ISI Telemanagement Solutions Introduces Business Intelligence Systems for Users of Cisco Unified Communications Platforms [Published: 03-12-2008]
ISI Telemanagement Solutions announced the release of their new business intelligence solutions package for users of Cisco Unified Communications platforms.

Initiate Systems Introduces Initiate for Banking [Published: 03-12-2008]
Initiate for Banking enables matching and linking of a customer's records across all banking systems, lines of business, touchpoints, external lists and data feeds.

Business Objects Announces the Availability of Xcelsius Engage 2008 [Published: 03-12-2008]
Xcelsius Engage allows customers to point and click their way to departmental and operational dashboards that deliver real-time visibility into business performance in simple, easy-to-understand visual models.

Hit the Ground Running with Operational Master Data Management [Published: 03-12-2008]
Jump-start your master data management (MDM) initiative with the efficient Operational MDM approach. The next generation of data integration and master data management systems employ in-line data services based on self-learning semantic technology. login required

Data Warehousing, Next-Generation Business Intelligence and the Evolution of Data Quality [Published: 03-12-2008]
David Loshin explains how embedding data quality services directly into applications can help meet key challenges involving: unstructured data; globalization; the explosion of raw data and the need for real-time synchronization between data sources. login required

RuleBurst Re-brands as Haley Limited [Published: 03-13-2008]
The re-branding is the result of the company's acquisition of business rules vendor Haley in November 2007.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 1 [Published: 03-13-2008]
New ideas and technologies once found a fertile breeding ground in the high tech industry. This is not the case today.

Critical Crossroads: Systems Methodology and Enterprise Architecture Framework, Part 2 [Published: 03-13-2008]
Mergers and acquisitions often leave companies struggling with multiple systems methodologies. This article discusses how the approach presented in Part 1 of this series applies to the multiple methodology scenario.

Quantrix and Baker Newman Noyes Form Partnership [Published: 03-13-2008]
Quantrix Modeler enables business and financial professionals to develop models in greater depth and from multiple perspectives.

Avantium Selects Spotfire [Published: 03-13-2008]
The TIBCO Spotfire DXP solution delivers real-time performance reporting and analysis across the entire company.

SAS Announces the General Availability of SAS OnDemand for Academics [Published: 03-13-2008]
Professors and students all over the U.S. can integrate advanced data analysis in their teaching and learning activities through access to SAS Enterprise Guide.

MIKOH Unveils Smart&Secure Transport [Published: 03-13-2008]
Smart&Secure Transport provides certainty for assets shipped through government transport and supply chain applications.

Business Objects Announces the Availability of Xcelsius Engage 2008 [Published: 03-14-2008]
Xcelsius Engage allows customers to point and click their way to departmental and operational dashboards that deliver real-time visibility into business performance in simple, easy-to-understand visual models.

S3 Matching Technologies Delivers Freebird [Published: 03-17-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring S3 Matching Technologies’ Jack Holt

illuminate Solutions will Begin Selling its Database Engine and Tool Suite in North America [Published: 03-17-2008]
illuminate Solutions will begin selling its database engine and tool suite in North America beginning on April 14, 2008.

MEGA International Introduces the MEGA EA Accelerator for TOGAF [Published: 03-17-2008]
The MEGA EA Accelerator allows enterprise architects and business process analysts to follow a standard, comprehensive method to manage EA projects and insure project success.

Haggen Deploys GoldenGate for Real-Time Business Intelligence [Published: 03-17-2008]
Haggen has deployed the GoldenGate real-time data integration solution to improve the quality and timeliness of its data integration process.

SAS Acquires Teragram [Published: 03-17-2008]
The acquisition will enhance SAS’ own robust text mining and analytical BI offerings, and extend them to enterprise and mobile search.

SAS Launches SAS 9.2 [Published: 03-17-2008]
SAS 9.2 improves business productivity and performance with its embedded analytic results and movement of applications into business processes, all of which can be shared quickly and easily across the enterprise.

SAS Unveils New Software Bundle Program with Teradata [Published: 03-17-2008]
Together, SAS and Teradata are enabling businesses to exploit SAS Analytics through the core parallel processing functionality inherent in Teradata’s architecture.

Understanding Legal Information and E-Discovery [Published: 03-18-2008]
Text analytics capabilities will allow users to move beyond e-discovery compliance to business-value discovery.

Techno Babble: Components of a Business Intelligence Architecture [Published: 03-18-2008]
In this book excerpt, Cindi Howson discusses the technical components of a business intelligence architecture.

Kalido Announces the Availability of Kalido Business Information Modeler [Published: 03-18-2008]
Kalido Business Information Modeler has successfully concluded its beta phase and is now generally available.

Identity Systems Launches Information Quality Server [Published: 03-18-2008]
Information Quality Server meets the evolving challenges of higher data and transaction volumes.

SAS Provides Real Time Marketing Intelligence to ImpactRX [Published: 03-18-2008]
SAS helps ImpactRX link data on how, when and why doctors prescribe various prescription medications to the drugmakers’ pharmaceutical sales activity.

Clarity Systems Releases Clarity 6.2 [Published: 03-18-2008]
Clarity 6.2 extends Clarity Systems’ leadership in corporate performance management.

Gartner Says Emerging Technologies will Marginalize IT’s Role in BI [Published: 03-18-2008]
Much of the innovation in the BI space will come from emerging technologies that will make it easier for users to build and consume their own reports and analytical applications.

DATAllegro Offers Four Node-for-Node Trade-in to Teradata Users [Published: 03-18-2008]
Teradata users can trade in up to four nodes of a Teradata system and receive up to four nodes of a DATAllegro data warehouse appliance at no cost.

Delivering Useful BI Tools for the Masses [Published: 03-18-2008]
A closer look at business intelligence technologies available for operational employees. login required

Standard Bank of South Africa Wins Gartner CRM Excellence Award [Published: 03-19-2008]
The Gartner CRM Excellence Awards are designed to highlight world-class CRM initiatives and broadly share their successes, challenges and insights.

Noteworthy Performance Management Vendors for 2008 [Published: 03-19-2008]
Seven noteworthy performance management vendors, the best mid-market performance management vendor of the year, and the best new performance management vendor were identified by the BPM Pulse survey conducted by BPM Partners.

The New SAP in 2008 [Published: 03-19-2008]
What does SAP’s acquisition of Business Objects mean to existing SAP clients, Business Objects clients and prospects considering new business intelligence and performance management offerings?

TietoEnator Wins Contract with InterSystems HealthShare [Published: 03-19-2008]
The Swedish national electronic health record, known as the National Patient Overview will be supplied by TietoEnator using InterSystems HealthShare software.

Performance Health Technology Selects Strategy Companion Analyzer BI [Published: 03-19-2008]
Strategy Companion Analyzer BI allows PH Tech clients to rely on the company to provide data in easily accessible and easily understood reports right on their screens.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 2 [Published: 03-20-2008]
Have venture capitalist firms morphed into investment banking firms?

Services Metadata for Master Data Management [Published: 03-20-2008]
This article focuses on the metadata associated with services. Master service consolidation is a strong motivating factor for master data management, at times even trumping the value of the consolidated data asset.

JasperSoft is the World’s Most Widely Deployed Business Intelligence Software Suite [Published: 03-20-2008]
The company reports more than 80,000 deployments worldwide.

TopQuadrant Software Announces TopBraid Composer and TopBraid Live Now Include a Semantic E-mail Importer [Published: 03-20-2008]
This allows organizations to answer business questions using a combination of data from e-mail, relational databases, spreadsheets, XML, UML, RSS/Atom and semantic data imported from GRDDL, RDFa, RDF triple stores, SPARQL endpoints.

Retailer Software Spending in China, India and Russia will Top $1.57B in 2010 [Published: 03-20-2008]
Retailers will increase their IT budgets an average of 25% between 2007 and 2010.

The Virtual Prototyping Warehouse [Published: 03-20-2008]
This white paper outlines the concept of virtual prototyping as a method to reduce the risk of data sharing projects. login required

The Three (Best Kept) Secrets to Data Integration Success [Published: 03-20-2008]
This white paper focuses on three important candidates for automation and acceleration that, if done properly, can assist in overcoming barriers businesses face while delivering strategic data integration initiatives. login required

Accelerating Data Integration Initiatives with Automated Data Discovery and Rapid Prototyping [Published: 03-20-2008]
This paper discusses the challenges these processes pose and describes Sypherlink’s productivity toolset for automating these tasks, accelerating project timelines, reducing project risk, and providing a faster time-to-value. login required

Fusion Centers: Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence [Published: 03-20-2008]
This paper describes best practices in achieving effective data integration, meeting federal standards for data integration, leveraging existing technology tools, and creating an infrastructure that supports your Fusion Center’s mission. login required

illuminate Offer Seems Too Good to be True [Published: 03-20-2008]
Free proof of concept offer.

Acorn Systems Delivers Accurate Customer Profitability Analysis [Published: 03-24-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Acorn Systems’ Leland Putterman

GoldenGate Software Releases Veridata 2.0 [Published: 03-24-2008]
Veridata 2.0 includes a new intuitive web-based user interface with increased flexibility in reporting, enhanced manageability in handling large databases and role-based security.

Innovative Discovery Selects the Dataupia Satori Server [Published: 03-24-2008]
Innovative Discovery has selected the Dataupia Satori Server to power its Electronic Data Discovery solution.

Gaylord Entertainment Company Deploys Clarabridge [Published: 03-24-2008]
Gaylord Entertainment Company has deployed Clarabridge’s Content Mining Service.

GlobeRanger Launches GlobeRanger Infrastructure Services [Published: 03-24-2008]
GlobeRanger can now offer end-to-end, global and scalable RFID solutions to its customers.

Business Intelligence Applications for Specialty Healthcare Organizations [Published: 03-25-2008]
The trend over the last few decades has been toward specialization in healthcare services, and business intelligence can be a powerful tool for achieving the business goals for specialty healthcare organizations.

The Role of Business Intelligence in Managing Compliance [Published: 03-25-2008]
A properly implemented business intelligence framework allows the enterprise to use business rules and repeatable processes to automate many routine regulatory tasks, effectively aligning the requirements with enterprise processes.

JasperSoft Delivers Open Source BI Optimized for Windows and Excel [Published: 03-25-2008]
JasperSoft announced the immediate availability of the new JasperSoft ODBO Connect product, which enables Microsoft Excel to be used as a front-end for the JasperAnalysis data analysis server.

ASG Software Solutions Announces Partnership with Microsoft [Published: 03-25-2008]
Through the partnership with Microsoft, ASG Software Solutions will offer a comprehensive data warehouse package that combines ASG's metadata management strength with the ease and reliability of Microsoft's SQL Server.

Intellitactics Joins the PCI Security Standards Council as a Participating Organization [Published: 03-25-2008]
Intellitactics will help to evolve payment card data protection standards, including the PCI Data Security Standard.

Vertica and LogiXML Form Partnership [Published: 03-25-2008]
This partnership will focus on two key objectives: new product development and integration between Vertica and the Logi 9 BI platform.

CSC Signs Contract with Eaton Corporation [Published: 03-26-2008]
CSC will provide service desk support for all of Eaton's worldwide locations.

Using Enterprise 2.0 for Business Intelligence, Part 3 [Published: 03-26-2008]
In this third article in a continuing series, Colin White looks at how search-related techniques can be used to explore and analyze unstructured business content.

Intellitactics and Radware Fight Online Fraud and Identity Theft [Published: 03-26-2008]
This alliance combines Intellitactics Security Manager and Radware's business-smart network to provide security and operational teams a way to monitor the activity of authenticated users accessing online portals and web applications.

Woolworths Invests Further in Supply Chain Redevelopment Program [Published: 03-26-2008]
Woolworths has invested further in its supply chain redevelopment program by adding BPM capabilities.

Modernizing and Advancing Information Management Across the Enterprise [Published: 03-26-2008]
Business units – and the systems they utilize for real-time decisioning – need high quality, well-performing, and corporately arbitrated information in real time. login required

Innovative Use of Timely Information in Airline Industry [Published: 03-26-2008]
The airline industry focused paper details the benefits of an infrastructure that integrates and distributes both transactional and analytic information in real-time, while providing continuous availability. login required

Oracle Delivers Enhanced Integration Across Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle's Hyperion Essbase and the Oracle E-Business Suite R12 [Published: 03-27-2008]
The integrations enable customers to drive additional value from their existing Oracle BI and Oracle Applications investments.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 3 [Published: 03-27-2008]
Angel investors offer hope for innovators.

Identifying Opportunities to Create Innovative Decision Support Systems [Published: 03-27-2008]
Decision support planning should involve broad consultation and both problem-oriented and opportunistic search.

ADVIZOR Combines Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics and In-Memory Data Management into End-User Oriented BI [Published: 03-31-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring ADVIZOR Solutions’ Doug Cogswell

CSREES Selects the MEGA Modeling Suite [Published: 03-31-2008]
CSREES selected the MEGA Modeling Suite as its EA solution, to help the agency align its technical infrastructure and support systems with the functions and services provided to constituents.

TowerGroup will Provide Insight into Decision Management Practices of Major Card Issuers and Consumer Lenders [Published: 03-31-2008]
The TowerGroup survey, commissioned by Fair Isaac, is designed to assess the decision management capabilities of credit card issuers and consumer lenders compared to others in the credit industry.

SinglePoint Deploys GoldenGate [Published: 03-31-2008]
SinglePoint has deployed the GoldenGate real-time data integration solution to provide immediate SMS information access to iTV programs and networks in real-time.

DataMentors Launches NetEffect [Published: 03-31-2008]
NetEffect is a unique Internet-based real-time TCM solution.

Unified Vs. Integrated CPM [Published: 03-31-2008]
Discover how to differentiate between integrated CPM suites and truly unified CPM solutions, the advantages of a unified CPM solution. login required

LogiXML Announces the Immediate Availability of the New Logi ETL [Published: 03-31-2008]
The new Logi ETL product is a Web-based data integration application that can transfer data from diverse sources to multiple destinations directly.

Compliance and Industry-Specific Process Requirements: Challenges and Opportunities for CPM Solutions [Published: 03-31-2008]
Tagetik CPM incorporates vertical and horizontal processes, delivering the unification of cross-industry finance processes in a single operating environment, responding to target markets with a more vertical approach. login required

Corporate Performance Management: the value of processes unification [Published: 03-31-2008]
The document traces developments in CPM tools, laying out the path towards unification within which the Tagetik CPM solution is positioned. login required

From the Management Control to Corporate Performance Management: what is changing [Published: 03-31-2008]
Massimo Solbiati and Gianluca Meloni - Accounting, Control, Corporate and Real Estate Finance Department - SDA Bocconi The development of CPM systems responding to the evolution of roles, information sources of the control system, and compliances. login required

Kognitio to Produce WX2 Analytical RDBMS for Solaris [Published: 03-31-2008]
Kognitio will work to develop, release and support a version of its WX2 analytical RDBMS that runs on the open source Solaris OS.

TELUS Selects IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Software [Published: 03-31-2008]
TELUS executives and business managers will ultimately have a single, integrated view of financial, sales, customer supply chain and marketing information.