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June 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Utilizing Unstructured Data to Provide Business Intelligence [Published: 06-02-2008]
The wealth of information contained in unstructured data sources is simply too great to ignore. Fortunately, unstructured data now can be analyzed to provide vital, enriching context for traditional business intelligence results.

Platon Delivers Platon Insight [Published: 06-02-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Platon’s Michael Borges

Adaptive Planning Launches Adaptive Planning 5.0 [Published: 06-02-2008]
Adaptive Planning 5.0 delivers new features that bring additional power, flexibility, and simplicity to planning and reporting processes.

HP Neoview Delivers Broader Access to Operational BI [Published: 06-02-2008]
HP Neoview includes several industry-first, technologies for operational BI that simultaneously handle mixed workloads of massive queries along with thousands of short, transaction-like queries.

Attensity’s Market Voice Enables Analysis of the Blogosphere [Published: 06-02-2008]
Market Voice is a new solution enabling users to track, analyze and act on customer conversations in blogs, Web forums, product review comments, and other forms of online customer exchanges.

Composite Software Unveils Composite Discovery [Published: 06-02-2008]
Composite Discovery, leverages key elements of BI and enterprise search to empower users to get to and work with source data and intermediate stores such as warehouses and marts with unprecedented ease.

Intellitactics Adds SAFE XL to Intellitactics SAFE Product Line [Published: 06-02-2008]
The new addition to the product line uncovers the hidden information in logs, thereby providing understanding and investigation of logs for all IT functions.

Best Practices In Web Application Monitoring [Published: 06-02-2008]
Watching platforms tells you whether components functioned; but watching users tells you whether the whole system delivered. login required

Trillium Software Delivers Trillium Software System Version 11.5 [Published: 06-02-2008]
Trillium Software System version 11.5 offers an expanded, fully-integrated set of data profiling, validation and cleansing capabilities across a broader range of countries to meet the global needs of business users.

Corporate Screening Deploys Denodo’s Enterprise Data Mashup Software [Published: 06-02-2008]
By using Denodo’s Enterprise Data Mashup software to automate workflow for candidate screening, Corporate Screening is able to reduce labor costs and input errors.

End User Performance Management: A Competitive Edge For ASPS [Published: 06-02-2008]
A comprehensive monitoring strategy requires a blended approach, including device and element management, synthetic testing and End-User Experience Management. login required

The Web Analytics Big Picture [Published: 06-02-2008]
Simply knowing what visitors did isn’t the whole story. How they experienced the site can influence everything from campaign effectiveness to stickiness. login required

Reliance Communications Selects Greenplum Database [Published: 06-02-2008]
Reliance Communications is using Greenplum Database, running on the Sun Data Warehouse Appliance, to power a range of applications, from legal and regulatory compliance to call detail record analysis.

Information Builders Awards Outstanding Customer Implementations [Published: 06-02-2008]
Information Builders announced the winners of its Awards of Distinction for innovative use of BI and integration.

Analytic Culture Does It Matter? [Published: 06-03-2008]
We can't create business intelligence culture. But we can, and we should, shape the culture that exists.

Keeping Up With Data Management, Data Governance, Data Stewardship and Information Management [Published: 06-03-2008]
Governance related to managing information assets, in either an operational or strategic context, is difficult to do and a relatively immature process.

Information Builders to Deliver WebFOCUS RStat [Published: 06-03-2008]
WebFOCUS RStat, is the first BI platform to enable data miners, statisticians, BI developers, and analysts to collaboratively build predictive applications for field and operational employees.

Adaptive Planning Launches Adaptive Planning 5.0 [Published: 06-03-2008]
Adaptive Planning 5.0 delivers new features that bring additional power, flexibility, and simplicity to planning and reporting processes.

SSIMED Partners with Precision.BI [Published: 06-03-2008]
SSIMED will begin offering Practice Intelligence using the technology developed by Precision.BI.

Business Intelligence Best Practices: Delivering Real & Expected Value [Published: 06-03-2008]
The success of any technology depends on how simple and easy it is to use. With BI getting out of the confines of PhDs and analysts, and getting into the realm of everyday business users, this dictum is more important than ever. login required

Informatica Releases Informatica 8.6 [Published: 06-03-2008]
Informatica 8.6. delivers new product and Software-as-a-Service offerings.

Using Embedded Business Intelligence and Analytics for Near-Real-Time Decisions and Actions [Published: 06-03-2008]
This report describes the evolution of and the business case for embedded business intelligence (BI) analytics, key features and functions of an embedded BI solution, and the experiences of several companies that have implemented such solutions. login required

Business Intelligence Problems and the Abstraction-Translation Paradigm [Published: 06-04-2008]
Enterprise information architecture is complex and consists of many different perspectives, each of which is valid in its own right. Unfortunately, no single perspective corresponds to the complete reality of architecture.

Siperian Joins Informatica's Worldwide Partner Program INFORM [Published: 06-04-2008]
Through this partnership, organizations can deploy a comprehensive MDM solution combining Siperian’s MDM Hub with Informatica’s data integration, data quality and matching capabilities.

Intergraph Partners with Business Objects [Published: 06-04-2008]
The Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety suite enables a broad range of public safety users to rapidly access real-time operational data created by computer aided dispatch.

ParAccel and Informatica Form Partnership [Published: 06-04-2008]
The combination of the ParAccel Analytic Database and Informatica's data integration platform will enable organizations to intelligently and quickly integrate and analyze terabytes of information in data warehouses, data marts and analytic applications.

CSC Announces Global Alliance with Xerox Corporation [Published: 06-05-2008]
The alliance will deliver comprehensive IT and document management solutions targeted at industries.

Common Decision Support System Architectural Patterns [Published: 06-05-2008]
It is likely that historical decision support system architectural patterns will persist with service-oriented and message-based implementations of decision support systems.

The Creeping System of Record [Published: 06-05-2008]
Inmon takes a closer look at the system of record, a concept borrowed from the banking industry.

Cephalon Selects OAT’s RFID Solution [Published: 06-05-2008]
Cephalon has selected OAT’s RFID solution for serialized shipment container tracking, extending its SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure for RFID reach to operational processes and workflows.

Trillium Software and Siperian Expand Sales and Technology Partnership [Published: 06-05-2008]
The partnership will help customers more quickly and easily incorporate best-of-breed data quality into their master data management initiatives.

Infogain Announces Partnership with Manthan Systems [Published: 06-06-2008]
Through this partnership, Infogain will offer a complete BI solution including Manthan’s retail performance management suite ARC, integration services and multiple support options to its customers.

Impinj RFID Solution Ensures Food Freshness and Consumer Safety [Published: 06-06-2008]
Impinj delivered a UHF RFID-based system to METRO Group, in the most comprehensive in-store quality assurance initiative to date.

Please explain the difference between the term information managment used today and the management information from the 1950's [Published: 06-06-2008] login required

Business Intelligence Network Announces Embedded Business Intelligence Analytics Research Report and Web Seminar [Published: 06-06-2008]
Research report provides insight to how companies are benefiting from embedded BI analytics – Report authors Colin White and Judith R. Davis discuss the findings

Doral Bank Selects DataMentors [Published: 06-09-2008]
Doral Bank of Puerto Rico selected DataMentors to provide data quality and business intelligence analytics software to enhance its customer service and overall bank patron experience.

Talend Announces the First Open Source Product with Change Data Capture [Published: 06-09-2008]
Talend Integration Suite, detects changed records in real time to allow the changed data to be immediately sent to other applications and cut the time needed to load and update data during the ETL process.

Dataupia Survey Finds Data Projects Remain a Business Priority Despite the Recent Economic Downturn [Published: 06-09-2008]
The survey was completed by 189 conference attendees and the findings reveal that 55 percent of respondents cite expanding data warehouse capacity as the top data management priority for the next year.

Vermont Blueprint for Health Selects DocSite’s Patient Registry with Decision Support [Published: 06-09-2008]
The Vermont Blueprint for Health brings a collaborative approach to managing chronic conditions and seeks to improve treatment decisions and better manage healthcare costs.

Pentaho Releases Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform [Published: 06-09-2008]
Leading open source BI platform now available under Version 2 of world's most widely used open source license.

Sun Microsystems Unveils New Version of Java CAPS and Master Data Management Suite [Published: 06-09-2008]
Java CAPS 6 lets users rapidly add and integrate components in a modular fashion.

Performance Analytics [Published: 06-09-2008]
Performance Analytics tools make BI approaches available to web operations teams in the same way that transparent End-User Performance Management made it possible for them to measure end-user experience. login required

Reducing Change-Associated Risk In Web Applications [Published: 06-09-2008]
End-User Experience Management allows engineering teams to see the impact of their changes on users quickly, transparently, and securely. login required

Security Implications of End-User Experience Monitoring [Published: 06-09-2008]
Ensuring the performance and availability of mission-critical applications is essential for survival; but so is ensuring that precious data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. login required

How will scaled down, extremely affordable data crunching machines affect desktop analytics and centralized BI? [Published: 06-09-2008] login required

Pentaho Open Source Business Intelligence Platform [Published: 06-09-2008]
This white paper describes a solution-oriented BI platform that integrates open source components and open standards with a process-driven engine. The Pentaho BI platform combines BI with workflow and process management with open source technology. login required

An Update on Knowledge Management in the Federal Government [Published: 06-10-2008]
A survey of the attendees of this year's Knowledge Management Conference reveals that knowledge management in the federal government is alive and well.

Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence [Published: 06-10-2008]
What is the relationship between knowledge management and business intelligence?

Varicent Software Expands its Reseller Partner Program with Merador [Published: 06-10-2008]
Merador will resell and help businesses deploy Varicent SPM.

Unstructured Data: The Hidden Enterprise Asset [Published: 06-11-2008]
Gaurav Verma explains why it is time for companies to adapt their information management strategies to become more efficient, differentiate themselves from the competition, mitigate risk and comply with the continued onslaught of regulations.

Symphony Metreo Delivers Enterprise Pricing Suite to Global Companies [Published: 06-11-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Symphony Metreo’s John Zimmerman

Teradata Introduces Teradata Viewpoint [Published: 06-11-2008]
Teradata Viewpoint manages and monitors Teradata system performance and availability from virtually anywhere.

Inland American Lodging Corporation Selects Execuvue Business Intelligence Software [Published: 06-11-2008]
Inland American Lodging Corporation selected the Execuvue Business Intelligence system to automate data gathering, analysis and performance management for its nearly 100 properties.

Business Objects Predictive Workbench Moves Predictive Analytics to the Mainstream [Published: 06-11-2008]
Business Objects Predictive Workbench offers data mining and predictive analytics integrated with BusinessObjects XI 3.0.

Quest Software Supports Microsoft SQL Server [Published: 06-11-2008]
Quest Software, Inc. releases Capacity Manager for SQL and Change Director for SQL Server.

Aleri, Coral8 and StreamBase have Completed Integration Certification with RAP [Published: 06-11-2008]
Sybase and its CEP partners Aleri, Coral8, and StreamBase can now deliver both ultra low latency and support for massive historical market data in one optimized and integrated market data analytics platform.

Postilion Validates the GoldenGate Live Standby and Zero Downtime Operations Solutions [Published: 06-11-2008]
Postilion will provide support for its customers to deploy their Postilion payment system with GoldenGate's disaster tolerance solutions.

Enterprises Struggle with Data Growth and Complexity [Published: 06-11-2008]
A new SGI solution addresses the needs of this emerging class of enterprise customer.

Conifdex Ships More than 1 Million Limited-Use Contactless PET RFID Tickets [Published: 06-11-2008]
Confidex supplies Contactless PET RFID tickets in support of a new public transit ticketing system in Istanbul, Turkey.

IDC Forecasts SMB Enterprise Applications Market to Grow to 80 Billion by 2012 [Published: 06-11-2008]
IDC finds that there will be increased spending by small and midsize businesses across the entire spectrum of enterprise application segments over the forecast period.

What would you say are the top evaluation criteria for data warehouse projects today? [Published: 06-11-2008] login required

The Multi-Tiered Gap in Business Intelligence [Published: 06-12-2008]
Mike Psenka explains why it is time to close the gaps that impede enterprises from effectively managing and leveraging the growing amounts of enterprise data.

Giant Tiger Selects Teradata [Published: 06-12-2008]
Giant Tiger purchases a Retail Logical Data Model (RLDM), which serves as a blueprint for building an enterprise data structure.

CSC Teams with HealthTrio [Published: 06-12-2008]
HealthTrio LLC to add portal and personal health record solutions to CSC's FirstPortfolio offering for health plans and other payer clients.

Hess Corporation Selects IBM Cognos BI [Published: 06-12-2008]
Hess Corporation chooses IBM Cognos BI to deliver a full range of business intelligence capabilities.

It's No Longer Tracking, It's Locating [Published: 06-12-2008]
Will RFID routinely be used in the healthcare field to track the location of equipment, employees and even patients?

Building the Inexpensive Data Warehouse [Published: 06-12-2008]
There are alternatives that have the potential for greatly lowering the price of building and operating a data warehouse.

MapInfo Releases MapInfo Professional 9.5 [Published: 06-13-2008]
MapInfo Professional 9.5 offers additional data editing and creation tools, supports Oracle Database 11g and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Linguamatics Joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance [Published: 06-13-2008]
Linguamtics joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance whose focus is to enhance collaboration and accelerate the pace of drug discovery and development.

Xactly Corporation Announces Availablily of Benchmark Research [Published: 06-13-2008]
Benchmark research highlights the growing need for companies to improve their sales performance management processes.

Tagsys Announces Bobóli's Piloting RFID Deployment Program [Published: 06-13-2008]
Tagsys announces that Bobóli is piloting an RFID development program to effectively track and manage items.

Panopticon Releases New Solutions for Financial Problems [Published: 06-13-2008]
Panopticon announces the release of four new solutions that solve practical problems for financial services companies.

Panopticon Releases New Version of Panopticon Developer [Published: 06-13-2008]
Panopticon Developer allows companies to tightly embed Panopticon's visualizations into proprietary business applications.

Software AG Announces 3Com Enters the Second Phase of the IT Transformation [Published: 06-13-2008]
3Com goes into production with the second phase of the IT transformation being powered by the webMethods Suite from Software AG.

Teradata Introduces Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.2 [Published: 06-13-2008]
Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.2 embeds 50 new statistical data mining functions from its partners into the Teradata Database.

Fire Chiefs Get Rescued [Published: 06-13-2008]
Heartland Communications needed a business intelligence infrastructure that would provide a high level of service to all agencies it serves, and the solution had to be simple, responsive and user-friendly. login required

Sybase IQ Delivers Worldwide Analytics [Published: 06-16-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Sybase’s Kathleen Schaub

Clarabridge Announces Availability of Release 3.0 [Published: 06-16-2008]
Clarabridge incorporates a range of important new customer-driven capabilities.

Mega International Partners with Shift Technologies and Pelagic Technologies [Published: 06-16-2008]
The new partners will offer local support for MEGA International’s existing customers in their respective regions and will also develop new business opportunities.

Steelscape Seeing Immediate ROI using Bitam's BI Solution Artus [Published: 06-16-2008]
Steelscape implements a BI solution to keep corporate officers informed on where they stand with customers.

Biobase Partners with InforSense [Published: 06-16-2008]
The partnership will offer mutual customers the ability to access Biobase Knowledge Library products.

Teradata Improves Analytics for Business Users [Published: 06-16-2008]
New capabilities from SAS and Visual Numerics integrated with Teradata Warehouse Miner help streamline the data mining process.

Tribune Interactive Selects Teragram [Published: 06-16-2008]
Teragram supplies taxonomy management, automatic metadata generation and entity and events extraction technology.

Sybase and Kxen Deliver Next Generation Advanced Analytics [Published: 06-16-2008]
This relationship gives data mining professionals the ability to quickly build and deploy advanced data models, and drastically reduce the time necessary for data preparation and discovery.

Oncology Data Warehouse has Accumulated Nearly 50 million Data Observations [Published: 06-16-2008]
Oncology Data Warehouse will integrate patient-reported outcomes, electronic medical records, claims data and laboratory information systems, garnered from community.

Fairytale Brownies Improves by Using Experian [Published: 06-16-2008]
Fairytale Brownies achieves significant cost savings while improving customer service by using Experian QAS data quality solutions.

Do you think the benefits of software as a service solutions outweigh the risks? [Published: 06-16-2008] login required

SAP to Acquire Visiprise [Published: 06-17-2008]
SAP will deliver on its "Perfect Plant" strategy to bring together core SAP solutions with the software, hardware and services offerings of ecosystem partners to drive innovation for discrete manufacturers.

SPSS Allows Organizations to Analyze Unstructured Data [Published: 06-17-2008]
Analyzing the voice of the customer through surveys and Web 2.0 data with SPSS Text Mining software, and coupling that with existing structured data, permits more accurate results, better predictive modeling and deeper insight into customers.

Strategic Learning, Design and Business Intelligence [Published: 06-17-2008]
At a minimum, business intelligence (BI) practitioners should understand the strengths and weaknesses of the designs they deploy to gather intelligence so they know how much confidence to place in their BI findings.

Business Performance Management – A Road Map for Utilities [Published: 06-17-2008]
This article examines how business performance management (BPM) has been positioned as a key strategic offering in the world of utilities.

ASG Expands the Performance Management Capabilities of Both Microsoft’s and ASG’s Solution Offerings [Published: 06-17-2008]
The result is the seamless flow of Microsoft server performance information into ASG’s enterprise BSM solution.

Aberdeen Finds Correlation Between the Approach Organizations use when Embarking on a MDM Endeavor and the Results they Achieve [Published: 06-17-2008]
The recent research reveals that while nearly nine out of ten users began their MDM journey using an in-house solution, nearly half have since moved to a packaged MDM solution.

MDS Pharma Services Adopts SAS Technology for Clinical Trial Data Warehousing and Analysis [Published: 06-17-2008]
Innovative system gives clients real-time access to data, offers secure data warehousing and expedites data set conversions for electronic regulatory submissions.

SPSS Text Mining gives Organizations the Ability to Extract Sentiments and Relationships from Unstructured Data [Published: 06-18-2008]
With SPSS Text Mining organizations are finding new ways to reduce customer churn, improve productivity, fight crime, detect fraud and increase marketing campaign results.

Amdocs and IBM Enter Alliance [Published: 06-18-2008]
This new solution will help companies improve the customer experience and reduce total cost of ownership.

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Retail Release 13 [Published: 06-18-2008]
Oracle Retail Release 13 enables retailers to drive more profitable customer relationships.

Deloitte to Acquire Recombinant Capital [Published: 06-18-2008]
Deloitte will further reinforce its market leadership position with the acquisition of Recombinant Capital.

Time for a Change? [Published: 06-18-2008]
In this article, Schiff provides three courses of action for users confronted with end of life notices for their products.

Alacriti Announces the Release of OrbiPay Biller Direct Software Suite [Published: 06-18-2008]
OrbiPay is designed to help banks and large billers consolidate, collect and process payments across the enterprise while delivering significant cost savings.

Razorsight Announces the Release of AIM 5.0 Next Generation Architecture [Published: 06-18-2008]
AIM 5.0 provides customers with improved business intelligence and analytics while also delivering powerful executive dashboards.

GoldenGate Software is Validated to Run on the HP BladeSystem [Published: 06-18-2008]
GoldenGate improves availability and lowers risk for applications running on HP BladeSystems.

OutPerformance Selects SAP Business ByDesign [Published: 06-18-2008]
OutPerformance’s goal is to install an end-to-end, integrated system to ensure scalability and complete visibility into all lines of the business.

DataFlux Releases Version 8.1 [Published: 06-18-2008]
Version 8.1 allows companies to rapidly analyze, improve and control the quality of their data.

Significant Upgrade to Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite Introduced [Published: 06-18-2008]
Jaspersoft v3 delivers by using Web 2.0 technologies coupled with advanced metadata functionality.

Tractor Supply Selects Motorola [Published: 06-19-2008]
Tractor deployes an end-to-end Motorola enterprise mobility solution that includes deployment of 802.11 WLAN across its 745 stores nationwide.

Agilysys Releases Hospitality Analytics 2.0 [Published: 06-19-2008]
Hospitality Analytics 2.0 consolidates data across disparate systems and multiple locations into a single integrated source for comprehensive reporting, auditing and predictive analysis.

Greenplum Joins the Informatica INFORM Partner Program [Published: 06-19-2008]
Greenplum will now engage in joint sales, marketing and development activities to better respond to the needs of joint customers.

Netezza Announces Expansion in Italy [Published: 06-19-2008]
Netezza enhanced its three-year relationship with BI services specialist, ICare, with the appointment of a Milan-based team.

LogiXML Launches LogiOnDemand [Published: 06-19-2008]
LogiOnDemand allows users to build free dynamic graphics from spreadsheet data and share their widgenies on blogs, social networks and websites.

Information Difference Finds Only 15% of Organizations Rate their Data Quality as High or Very High [Published: 06-19-2008]
A problem costing tens of millions of dollars in many cases.

Activant Solutions Selects NoetixViews [Published: 06-19-2008]
NoetixViews delivers a comprehensive, user-friendly reporting solution to its hundreds of users.

Master Data Management Readiness [Published: 06-19-2008]
The selection and purchase of a core master data management system should be the culmination of a series of preparatory steps that are described in this article.

Redundancy (Again!) [Published: 06-19-2008]
As everyday examples prove, redundancy of data, even in databases, is okay.

How does a company achieve a solution that works for both front-line and IT workers to achieve good decision-making on quality analytics? [Published: 06-19-2008] login required

Bitman Partners with Acxius Strategic Consulting [Published: 06-20-2008]
Acxius Strategic Consulting and Bitam will work together to deliver high quality enterprise performance management solutions in an efficient and cost effective manner.

CSC Launches OmniLocation [Published: 06-20-2008]
OmniLocation integrates location-based systems data, such as GPS and RFID, with static and dynamic information about people, equipment, vehicles, assets and infrastructure.

KXEN Launches Analytic Framework Version 5.0 [Published: 06-20-2008]
KXEN Analytic Framework Version 5.0 will improve the results of direct marketing and risk management initiatives.

Sun Microsystems Releases MySQLCluster Carrier Grade Edition 6.3 [Published: 06-20-2008]
MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 6.3 is designed and certified for use in carrier grade telecom environments.

Ingres Joins Red Hat Exchange [Published: 06-20-2008]
RHX focuses on helping organizations of all sizes access the benefits of business software stacks powered by open source.

HighPoint Signs Agreement with a Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company [Published: 06-20-2008]
Pharmaceutical companies have been challenged with finding systematic approaches to effectively comply with government regulations placed on drug pricing policies.

Text Technologies in the Mainstream: Text Analytics Solutions, Applications and Trends [Published: 06-20-2008]
This white paper concludes a market outlook for the coming year. It looks at recent solution and technology developments that demonstrate the emergence of text analytics into the business mainstream. login required

Integrating Unstructured Data into Your Analytic Environment [Published: 06-23-2008]
Kirby Lunger suggests several techniques you can use in your performance management environment to make all types of content readily digestible and understandable across your organization.

Denodo Highlights the Business Value of Enterprise Data Mashups [Published: 06-23-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Denodo’s Suresh Chandrasekaran

River Logic Integrates Business Planning Solutions [Published: 06-23-2008]
Enterprise Optimizer brings integrated business planning to Microsoft's computing platform.

Matalan Looks to SAS to Improve Sales [Published: 06-23-2008]
SAS provides the ability to make faster and more accurate business critical decisions and cut costs and reduce waste.

ShoreGroup will Release Sextant Contact Center Analytics [Published: 06-23-2008]
Sextant empowers contact center management with the information they need to effectively manage critical business processes and performance.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo Introduces the Location Intelligence Component for IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Software [Published: 06-23-2008]
Customers in all industries can now more efficiently monitor and analyze their enterprise data.

Expert System Announces that Autostrade per l’Italia Implementes COGITO Contact [Published: 06-23-2008]
COGITO Contact has provides an automatic categorization allowing the company to respond to customers’ requests quickly and efficiently.

What are some issues for information management professionals to consider when opening up BI to the downstream worker? [Published: 06-23-2008] login required

Visual i|o Launches DecisionIris [Published: 06-24-2008]
With DecisionIris, key decision makers are armed with the information necessary to make educated, strategic decisions in a timely manner.

Loss Prevention in the Retail Environment [Published: 06-24-2008]
Leading retailers are using business intelligence to implement enterprise-wide loss prevention solutions that take into account the wide variety of factors that contribute to economic loss.

Targeting Healthcare Business Intelligence Applications [Published: 06-24-2008]
Next time you are leading or participating in a stalled project, or find that your user community is stalled in some way, think of targeting the project or application differently – either faster, slower, higher or lower.

HP Contributes Source Code to the Open Source Community [Published: 06-24-2008]
The source code includes capabilities that increase uptime, enhance security and help ensure maximum performance of Linux file systems.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. Enters Agreement to Acquire OATSystems, Inc. [Published: 06-24-2008]
OATSystems’ international client base consists of leading companies in the retail, consumer products, consumer electronics, manufacturing, life sciences, aerospace and defense industries.

ParAccel and Pentaho Announce a Partnership [Published: 06-24-2008]
The integration of the ParAccel Analytic Database and Pentaho's comprehensive BI suite will provide organizations with a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for analyzing and reporting on business-critical information.

Nucleus Research Recognizes SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 06-24-2008]
TMCC relies on SPSS Predictive Analytics software to reliably predict student enrollment, analyze and project future class demand, ensure facilities are properly utilized and help students achieve their academic goals.

Varicent Software Announces a Partnership with OpenSymmetry [Published: 06-24-2008]
Varicent Software announced a strategic partnership with OpenSymmetry, the largest independent consultancy specializing in sales performance management.

HP Introduces HP BladeSystem for Oracle Optimized Warehouse [Published: 06-24-2008]
The HP BladeSystem for Oracle Optimized Warehouse builds on current reference configuration solutions available from HP and Oracle for data warehousing.

Aruna Ravichandran, Senior Marketing Manager for HP's Secure Advantage Group [Published: 06-24-2008]
Aruna explains HP’s Compliance Log Warehouse, an integrated appliance providing collection, retention and analysis of event data, and explains how it helps companies meet the growing number of compliance and regulatory mandates.

Ben Barnes, Vice President and General Manager of Business Intelligence for HP [Published: 06-24-2008]
Ben discusses the challenges that operational BI presents and how those challenges can be overcome so that real-time or near-real-time analytics can become a reality.

Business Technology at the Crossroads [Published: 06-24-2008]
This white paper examines how business intelligence, business rules engines and business process management can best fit together as well as the purpose of each technology independent of the others. login required

Getting to the Handshake [Published: 06-24-2008]
This white paper explains a rules-oriented architecture and application development process for bridging the gaps that exist between IT coding business logic and users driving dynamic applications that assist with or automate their decision making. login required

HP Helps Trane Cool Down Warranty Costs [Published: 06-24-2008]
Trane Commercial Systems developed a data repository for early detection of unknown quality and warranty-related issues using PolyVista’s Discovery analytical software to more quickly discover defects, improve reliability and reduce costs. login required

Disrupting the Status Quo: Next Generation Business Intelligence for the Real World [Published: 06-25-2008]
Christopher Ahlberg looks at supercharging your existing business intelligence investment to achieve unprecedented corporate performance.

SAP AG and Atos Origin Announce Deployment of Atos Origin's Global Service and Help Desk Operation [Published: 06-25-2008]
This service platform enables a geographically independent, consolidated global service up to the highest standards of resilience and reliability.

South Africa Selects SAP Solution [Published: 06-25-2008]
SAP solution will transform its case management operations, automating its manually driven investigations, reviews, analysis and reporting processes.

Using Enterprise 2.0 for Business Intelligence, Part 5 [Published: 06-25-2008]
In this fifth article in a continuing series, Colin White looks at using web syndication techniques in a business intelligence environment.

Oracle to buy Skywire Software [Published: 06-25-2008]
Skywire Software LLC sells both software and services that enable 1,450 insurance industry customers.

Community Medical Centers Licensed Lawson Software Suites [Published: 06-25-2008]
Community Medical Centers will use the Lawson system to help consolidate business processes, simplify IT management and increase worker productivity.

Ufone Signs to Expand its Current Data Warehouse with Help from Teradata [Published: 06-25-2008]
An active data warehouse enables better decision-making throughout the organization by providing information about the current status of business or customer activities.

Highland Park Furniture Selects STORIS’ Vision R8 Retail Solution [Published: 06-25-2008]
Highland Park Furniture, LLC Furniture and Mattress Clearance Center, has selected STORIS’ Vision R8 Retail Solution as their platform of the future.

Trillium Software and Teradata Announce a Global Reseller Alliance [Published: 06-25-2008]
Teradata will resell the Trillium Software System to help customers rapidly analyze, validate and cleanse extremely large volumes of complex global data to maximize data accuracy.

Talend Announces First Open Source Data Profiler [Published: 06-25-2008]
Open Source Data Profiler enables companies to assess the quality of data and decide which actions must be taken.

Varicent Software Announces Strategic Partnership with OpenSymmetry [Published: 06-25-2008]
OpenSymmetry specializing in sales performance management, aids companies in analyzing and defining sales compensation plans.

Performance Management: An Enterprise Imperative [Published: 06-25-2008]
Howard Dresner provides key findings from the recent performance management research. login required

CSC Signs Contract Extension with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship [Published: 06-26-2008]
CSC will continue to provide comprehensive mainframe and mid-range services to DIAC offices throughout Australia and its overseas posts in support of the department's core Border Critical Infrastructure initiative.

Netuitive Announces New Virtualization Management Capabilities [Published: 06-26-2008]
Netuitive Service Analyzer is the industry's first self-learning correlation software for managing performance of enterprise applications across mixed physical and virtual environments.

Experian’s Customer Base in the United States and Canada Increases by 50 Percent [Published: 06-26-2008]
Healthcare institutions deployed Experian QAS to ensure patient data quality and privacy, shorten revenue cycles and increase patient satisfaction.

PharmaPros Launches Dataflow Manager [Published: 06-26-2008]
The Dataflow Manager enables the holistic management of trials across multiple, disparate systems.

Adaptive Technolgies Selects LogiXML [Published: 06-26-2008]
The partnership will deliver Web-based on demand visualization and reporting capabilities within ATi’s customized predictive analytics solutions.

HighPoint Solutions is Selected to Develop an Incentive Compensation Plan for a New Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [Published: 06-26-2008]
The goal of the plan is to motivate the field sales force and ensure the alignment of tactical activities with the product's strategic goals and budgets.

Commerzbank Successfully Implementes the SAP for Banking Solution Portfolio [Published: 06-26-2008]
Commerzbank has restructured its entire loans transaction business unit based on an SAP solution portfolio with enterprise-wide standardized and integrated processes.

Kalido and QlikTech Partner Deliver a Fully Integrated Information Management and BI Solution [Published: 06-26-2008]
The integrated solution will provide companies with up-to-the minute accuracy of business performance and enable them to respond to business changes with unrivalled agility.

Intellitactics and Securify Announce Packaged Integration [Published: 06-26-2008]
Organizations will reap benefits of effective identity-based, real-time detection of both external threats and unauthorized access and behavior based on user identity.

TEMIS Announces Availability of Luxid 5.0 [Published: 06-26-2008]
Luxid 5.0 allows each user to understand, analyze, enrich, and share information to turn it into actionable knowledge.

Satyam Partners with Rockwell Automation [Published: 06-26-2008]
The partnership gives Satyam preferred status to conduct systems integration assignments.

Business Objects is Named the Business Intelligence Market Share Leader [Published: 06-26-2008]
Gartner defines total BI software revenue as revenue generated from new licenses, updates, subscriptions and hosting, technical support and maintenance.

HP Introduces Highest-Performance Offering for LargeTerabyte Market Segment [Published: 06-26-2008]
HP BladeSystem for Oracle Optimized Warehouse builds on current reference configuration solutions available from HP and Oracle for data warehousing.

Cloud9 Analytics Announces the Cloud9 Pipeline Management Suite [Published: 06-26-2008]
Pipeline Management Suite delivers role-based applications that drive effective opportunity management, more accurate forecasting, and simplified exception management.

Where/how does knowledge management fit under the umbrella of information management? [Published: 06-26-2008] login required

The Dirty Job of Data Governance [Published: 06-26-2008]
Jill Dyché provides the 8 guiding principles for her new Data Governance Newsletter.

PROPHIX Partners with Accobat [Published: 06-27-2008]
PROPHIX for SQL Server, which leverages Microsoft .NET technologies, offers interoperability with other applications, making it an ideal addition to Accobat's solution offerings.

eScholar Releases Version 10 of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse Solution [Published: 06-27-2008]
eScholar Complete Data Warehouse solution enables the integration of enterprise-wide education data for powerful longitudinal analysis and reporting.

Longtop Signs Contract with a Big Four Bank Client in China [Published: 06-27-2008]
Longtop will expand and optimize the bank's ODS system to access operational data in its new Credit Management Information System.

LucidEra Announces LucidEra Lead Insight [Published: 06-27-2008]
LucidEra Lead Insight is an analytic application that directly aligns marketing programs with sales success.

Eclipse DemoCamps Celebrates the Eclipse Ganymede Version 3.4 Release [Published: 06-27-2008]
Progress Software celebrates the Eclipse Ganymede version 3.4 release.

HP Announces a Comprehensive Set of Consulting Services [Published: 06-27-2008]
Systems will help communications companies improve their competitiveness as they adapt to the convergence of telecom, IT and entertainment.

Mississauga Selects SAP ERP Human Capital Management Solution [Published: 06-27-2008]
The City of Mississauga noted a number of benefits expected from SAP ERP HCM in the areas of human resources and payroll

Disruptive Trends in Master Data Management [Published: 06-30-2008]
Dr. Lawrence Dubov discusses five disruptive master data management trends and the technology requirements resulting from market changes

Composite Discovery Delivers Value to Both Business Users and IT Professionals [Published: 06-30-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Composite’s David Besemer

Aternity Launches Frontline Performance Intelligence Partner Program [Published: 06-30-2008]
FPI Partner Program is designed for vendors delivering products and services in the financial services, healthcare, energy, manufacturing and retail industries.

GemStone Partners with HCL Penstock [Published: 06-30-2008]
HCL will leverage GemStone’s GemFire solution for its Enterprise Risk and Compliance product suite.

AMB Introduces Two New Features [Published: 06-30-2008]
AMB applies profiling techniques to numeric data in order to help identify data anomalies that skew the results of corporate data and compromises data quality.

MEGA International Introduces IT Planning Tool [Published: 06-30-2008]
MEGA IT Planning meets a rapidly–emerging need to quickly understand the effects of multiple changes to IT resources.

Can you please discuss the scalability and performance challenges with large quantities of data and the need for real-time data flows? [Published: 06-30-2008] login required