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July 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Brotherhood Mutual Selects Information Builders [Published: 07-01-2008]
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company has selected Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform as its enterprise reporting standard to support a web of knowledge that makes the company more cohesive.

SmartLender Selects CSC [Published: 07-02-2008]
CSC will provide SmartLender's bank customers merged mortgage credit and automated valuation reports reports.

IntelliTrack Releases Version 7.0 [Published: 07-02-2008]
Version 7.0 includes enhancements and improvements for all products and added features for each individual application.

AMB Introduces AMB–InfoPublish [Published: 07-03-2008]
AMB–InfoPublish supports both DataStage 7.5 and DataStage 8.0.

illuminate Solutions Delivers Correlation Database Technology that Generates Data Warehouses and Data Marts [Published: 07-07-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring illuminate Solutions’ Chief Architect, Joe Foley

Gartner Selects SAS for Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Mining Applications [Published: 07-07-2008]
SAS receives recognition for its success using descriptive and predictive analytics supporting marketing, sales and service functions to solve business problems.

Corda Technologies Partners with Wave Business [Published: 07-07-2008]
The partnership will target business intelligence users in Australia.

Centage Corporation Introduces Budget Maestro 5.9 [Published: 07-07-2008]
Budget Maestro V 5.9 now takes advantage of the latest security enhancements from Microsoft Windows Vista.

CSC Signs New Contract with Urenco [Published: 07-07-2008]
CSC will expand coverage to include Urenco's wholly owned subsidiary LES.

Bluenog Becomes a Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork [Published: 07-07-2008]
Bluenog will resell Oracle software and provide associated services and integrated products.

Infobright Partners with JasperSoft [Published: 07-07-2008]
The partnership delivers a solution that enables companies to implement a full BI solution quickly and cost-effectively.

Varicent Releases Varicent SPM 5.0 [Published: 07-07-2008]
The combined solution makes it possible for organizations to deliver a holistic solution for both sales and corporate performance management.

Do you agree/disagree that BI is "simply" reporting and OLAP is a "navigable report? " [Published: 07-07-2008] login required

SAS Ships SAS Visual Data Discovery [Published: 07-07-2008]
SAS Visual Data Discovery provides a point-and-click interface to the advanced analytic capabilities of SAS.

IRI, The CoSort Company, Marks 30 Years [Published: 07-08-2008]
BeyeNETWORK Interview Spotlights Innovations in Big Data Manipulation

Data Governance Council Predicts Five Key Information Challenges that Will Reshape Corporate Behavior [Published: 07-08-2008]
The Council met to discuss how businesses will handle the enormous amount and complexity of data generated by big companies and financial markets.

SmartCubes Partners with iQ4bis [Published: 07-08-2008]
SmartCubes recently completed the successful deployment of iQ4bis.

Hiring Business Intelligence Resources When You’re Too Busy to Hire Business Intelligence Resources [Published: 07-08-2008]
Maureen Clarry presents the top tips for working with an internal or external recruiter to find new people for your business intelligence team.

Your Business Intelligence Vendor – A Partner or Problem? [Published: 07-08-2008]
This article highlights why old sales tactics no longer work and how you can find a business intelligence vendor who is ready to be a partner, not a problem.

Normalizing Reference Data [Published: 07-09-2008]
Many databases are created in third, or a higher, normal form only to be populated with reference data that is chaotic and self-evidently nonstandard. This can have a profound negative impact that offsets the main advantage of a normalized database design

Business Intelligence and GIS, Systems within Systems, and Ubiquity [Published: 07-09-2008]
Today, there are two predominant approaches that are used to bring maps and proximity analysis into business intelligence and business applications.

SeeWhy Announces SeeWhy 3.4 [Published: 07-09-2008]
SeeWhy breaks new ground in online marketing by enabling companies in industries to optimize individual customer treatment across channels.

ISO Selects SAS [Published: 07-09-2008]
ISO expects to realize more efficient data warehousing and improved risk mitigation in model maintenance and archiving.

LOMA Selects CSC [Published: 07-09-2008]
LOMA has selected CSC to conduct LOMA's industry–specific examinations in India.

Satyam and Tyfone Partner [Published: 07-09-2008]
The companies will collaborate to provide businesses with an even greater edge when competing in the mobile financial services sector.

Unisys and Actimize will Implement an Advanced Financial Crime Surveillance System for DBS Bank [Published: 07-09-2008]
The surveillance system monitors transactions and analyzes potentially suspicious patterns across the bank’s product channels.

QlikTech Releases QlikView 8.5 [Published: 07-09-2008]
QlikView 8.5 allows comparisons among virtually any sets of associated data – providing users with more powerful analysis than ever before.

ASG and Tideway Partner [Published: 07-09-2008]
The partnership allows ASG to sell Tideway Foundation as a fully integrated and functional component of ASG’s MetaCMDB.

Pentaho Releases New iPhone Application [Published: 07-09-2008]
Pentaho provides an easy and intuitive way for business users to access and navigate business intelligence information.

Horizon Casualty Services Selects @Global’s Allegro Business Intelligence Portal [Published: 07-09-2008]
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, has selected @Global’s Allegro BI Portal software to help it integrate, manage and simplify key database information.

Talisma and Denodo Partner [Published: 07-09-2008]
The partnership is to provide a unified solution that integrates information in real–time to support customers in a more intuitive environment.

GalaxE.Solutions and Siperian Enter an Enterprise Business Alliance Agreement [Published: 07-09-2008]
The Alliance helps companies quickly deploy a solution that utilizes employee information across the enterprise.

Infobright and JasperSoft Partner [Published: 07-09-2008]
The partnership delivers a solution that enables companies to implement a full BI solution quickly and cost–effectively.

IBM Unveils Results of a Cross–Industry Customer Survey [Published: 07-09-2008]
Survey indicates businesses need to better inventory their information to help reduce risk and derive more value from their business information.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans Selects ikaSystems [Published: 07-10-2008]
ikaPortals will provide the flexibility for RMHP to extend an array of functionality to external constituents.

TransUnion and Benchmark Revenue Management Partner [Published: 07-10-2008]
The partnership will allow hospitals to provide better financial avenues to patients seeking assistance.

RiskTech Wins Three New Contracts [Published: 07-10-2008]
RiskTech’s Center of Excellence in India has launched a number of intellectual property driven solutions in the area of credit risk and operational risk.

Acxiom Corporation Acquires Division of ChoicePoint [Published: 07-10-2008]
Acxiom adds seven clients from multiple industries – including banking, insurance and media.

TUS Telekom Uses the Netezza System for Advanced Analytics [Published: 07-10-2008]
Slovenia will use the Netezza system for advanced analytics.

Impinj Acquires Intel's RFID Operation [Published: 07-10-2008]
Impinj adds a proven, high–performance, highly integrated reader radio chip to the Impinj family of UHF Gen 2 RFID products.

Exact Announces iReplay [Published: 07-10-2008]
iReplay allows organizations to capture full–scale production SQL workloads, and then reproduce the same workloads with all of their native complexity for analysis in test environments.

Geospatial Data Mining for Market Intelligence [Published: 07-10-2008]
GIS and data mining are naturally synergistic technologies that can be synthesized to produce powerful market insight from a sea of disparate data.

How Much Historical Data is Enough? [Published: 07-10-2008]
There are many factors that impact the amount of historical data a corporation requires.

SAS Forms the SAS Capital Markets US Practice [Published: 07-10-2008]
The new division will develop strategies to leverage existing revenue, expand current client relationships and cultivate new revenue streams in the hedge fund, risk and asset management industry.

Oracle Helps Organizations Institute Hardware and Software Changes [Published: 07-10-2008]
Oracle Real Application Testing supports releases of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle9i Database Release 2.

Oracle Announces Oracle Business Applications for iPhone [Published: 07-11-2008]
New applications address how busy executives and managers work today.

Oracle Joins NHS Live as a Corporate Partner [Published: 07-11-2008]
This relationship will enable staff from both organisations to work together on projects in the NHS and to learn from each other.

BI tools in the Hospital Combat Challenges [Published: 07-11-2008]
Best–in–Class organizations achieved a 15% increase in patient satisfaction scores through the use of BI and analytical tools.

Mercer University Selects Campus Management [Published: 07-11-2008]
Mercer's implementation of the new system will include all of Campus Management's software systems.

XRoads Consulting Acquires Lawler Associates [Published: 07-11-2008]
Acquiring Lawler Associates gives XRoads Consulting both niche technology expertise and geographical expansion into the Northeast.

Kognitio CEO Offers Outsourced, Service-Based Data Warehousing as a New Approach to Large Scale Analytics [Published: 07-14-2008]
Deployment options seen as key for mid-tier enterprises seeking rapid installation, ROI, and business insights from multiple terabytes of data.

Clarabridge Launches Bridge to Success [Published: 07-14-2008]
Through Bridge to Success, Clarabridge helps its partners provide their clients with the ability to gain an unparalleled level of customer understanding and improve customer loyalty.

Pharmacists Mutual Uses iPartners' SaaS Insurance Scorecard [Published: 07-14-2008]
Pharmacists Mutual earns “Model Carrier Component” recognition from Celent, a research firm that advises financial institutions on best practices in the use of technology.

Oco and Business Objects Partner [Published: 07-14-2008]
This relationship brings together leading technology, tools and expertise into the most comprehensive end-to-end business intelligence solution delivered on–demand.

Simmons Foods Selects Discovery by IRM [Published: 07-14-2008]
IRM provides Simmons with the agility to customize operations to better meet unique customer needs.

Progress Software Announces the Availability of Progress EasyAsk for Operational Business Intelligence 11.0 [Published: 07-14-2008]
EasyAsk for Operational BI 11.0 capabilities enable business intelligence to become more pervasive across and beyond the enterprise because business users can use the product with little or no learning curve.

Microsoft to Purchase Zoomix [Published: 07-14-2008]
With the Zoomix acquisition, Microsoft will provide customers with a manageable and scalable enterprise-class data quality solution.

Allianz Selects IxReveal’s Advanced Analytic Software [Published: 07-14-2008]
uReveal is a next generation advanced analytic software.

How long should it take to provide a requested report in today's business environment? [Published: 07-14-2008] login required

Database Auditing Tools and Strategies [Published: 07-14-2008]
Learn about a new set of software tools that provide low overhead audit collection with storage, alerting and reporting capabilities. This paper details the trade-offs and strategy of each option. login required

Achieving PCI Compliance with Log Management [Published: 07-14-2008]
PCI DSS states that logging mechanisms to track user activities are critical. Learn how log management can help companies track, monitor and transform log data into actionable information. login required

Progress Software Announces the Availability of Progress EasyAsk for Operational BI 11.0 [Published: 07-15-2008]
With the EasyAsk for Operational BI 11.0 product, enhanced data analysis capabilities can be delivered from a single user interface that combines natural language ad hoc querying and analysis with the ability to search for existing reports.

New Agenda for the World's Nations [Published: 07-15-2008]
The world’s nations have a new agenda, and governments have to take note because it is hitting them by storm.

Business Intelligence and Sensemaking [Published: 07-15-2008]
Management should endorse, participate in and lead knowledge sharing and business intelligence activities that challenge the status quo.

Where Are the Business Analysts? [Published: 07-15-2008]
All of the technology, data, information, measures and metrics that we can deliver are useless without business analysts, but the quality of results and the evolution of business analyst as a profession are at risk.

Sypherlink Accelerates Data Integration with Next-Generation Mapping Software [Published: 07-15-2008]
The advanced discovery and heuristics-mapping capabilities, tighter integration with the ETL process, and an improved graphical user interface in version 5 of its patented, flagship Sypherlink Harvester product offering.

SPSS Releases Iconic Statistical Software [Published: 07-15-2008]
SPSS Statistics 17.0 software analyzes information quickly, effectively presents results with high-quality tabular and graphical outputs.

BearingPoint Launches its Information Management Solution Suite [Published: 07-15-2008]
Information Management Solution Suite helps businesses and government agencies tackle the exponential increase in the volume and complexity of information within their organizations.

Nexient Learning Selects Varicent Software [Published: 07-15-2008]
Varicent Software has been selected as the SPM solution for Nexient Learning.

Kalido to Deliver Fully Integrated Solution for Microsoft [Published: 07-15-2008]
Kalido Universal Information Director will extend Kalido’s BI support to Microsoft Office, Microsoft PerformancePoint business intelligence software and Microsoft SharePoint services.

Voice of the Customer: Text Analytics for the Responsive Enterprise [Published: 07-15-2008]
This report describes how text analytics has become an essential part of Voice of the Customer solutions. It describes VoC techniques and processes and explains the fundamentals of text-analytics technology and solutions. login required

Customer Value Management [Published: 07-16-2008]
Mike Tobin discusses the use of predictive analytics to facilitate customer value management.

WNS Announces Contract with Aviva [Published: 07-16-2008]
WNS will be the long-term strategic BPO services provider to Aviva's UK, and Canadian businesses.

Embarcadero Releases DB Optimizer [Published: 07-16-2008]
DB Optimizer allows developers and database administrators to maximize database performance by detecting and reconciling SQL coding issues.

CSC to Provide Secure Managed Data Center Services for the Department of Homeland Security [Published: 07-16-2008]
CSC will provide information technology managed services in support of the operation and maintenance of the primary DHS data center at NASA's Stennis Space Center.

Super Sailmakers Selects SAP Business One [Published: 07-16-2008]
Super Sailmakers selected SAP Business One to support all core areas of its fast–growing and increasingly international business.

Digital Movers and Information Solutions Release Insight*Point–of–Sale [Published: 07-16-2008]
Insight*Point–of–Sale is a web-based business intelligence solution that promotes collaboration between retailers and their supply chain partners.

Panorama Software Releases NovaView 5.5 [Published: 07-16-2008]
NovaView 5.5 offers a hybrid on–premises/SaaS capability, enabling large enterprises to retain their data warehouse in–house while still using the power of cloud computing to collaborate on BI data.

Medicare to find an Adequate Technological Fix to end the Corruption [Published: 07-16-2008]
Medicare officials told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Investigations Subcommittee that they have come up with a new method of identification for doctors.

Data Mart Consolidation: Repenting for the Sins of the Past [Published: 07-16-2008]
Learn the keys to successful data mart consolidation, including merging data marts into a new warehouse, picking an existing warehouse and merging other warehouses into it, and moving analytical functionality from other databases into a data warehouse. login required

Loyola Institute of Business Administration Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with TAKE Solutions Ltd. [Published: 07-17-2008]
The Centre of Excellence at LIBA will see the amalgamation of industry thought leaders, domain experts, academicians and technology partners in the SCM arena.

Infinity Learning Solutions Announces a Cloud Computing Solution for Moodle [Published: 07-17-2008]
Moodle is rapidly gaining market share in the university learning management system market and is second only to Blackboard/WebCT.

CAHSAH Announces that SHP has been Awarded the GPO Contract [Published: 07-17-2008]
CAHSAH represents more than 750 offices who are direct providers of health and supportive services and products in the home.

Allegient Systems Announces Version 5.7 of Expense and Performance Management Suite [Published: 07-17-2008]
Version 5.7 enhancements include a new Appeals Module as well as a variety of additional functionality and performance capabilities.

Top Three Pharmaceutical Companies Select HighPoint Solutions [Published: 07-17-2008]
This project will provide the pharmaceutical leader with enhanced analysis tools, reports, scorecards and dashboards, resulting in a complete view of its customers and related contract proposals.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo Introduces GroundView Data [Published: 07-17-2008]
GroundView delivers the most recent household and population counts available for the U.S.

Siperian Positioned in Visionaries Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data [Published: 07-17-2008]
The report evaluates numerous vendors based on a rigorous set of criteria that comprise completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Corda Technologies and Rahmat Allied Announce Partnership [Published: 07-17-2008]
The partnership targets business intelligence users in Malaysia.

Divide and Conquer [Published: 07-17-2008]
Read this philosophical discussion about the proliferation of data marts.

Implementing Metrics Management for Improving Clinical Trials Performance [Published: 07-17-2008]
We need to spend the right amount of energy in developing a metrics program that can improve time to delivery, improve quality and continue to motivate and excite the community of people that deliver on that value every day.

Harvey Nichols Selects BOARD [Published: 07-17-2008]
Harvey Nichols selects BOARD to replace a number of existing business intelligence tools.

SAP Customers to be Transitioned to SAP's Enterprise Support [Published: 07-17-2008]
SAP Enterprise Support is the next generation of support offerings that supports mission–critical business processes and heterogeneous software environments.

Oracle Announces the OracleEnterprise Performance Management System [Published: 07-17-2008]
Management excellence encompasses three attributes: Being smart, agile and aligned.

Unlocking the Potential of Information Lifecycle Management [Published: 07-17-2008]
This joint white paper from Oracle and Zettapoint describes usage-based Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and how it can dramatically reduce the size of large databases, resulting in significantly lower DW operating costs and improved BI performance. login required

Simmons Foods Selects Discovery by IRM [Published: 07-18-2008]
Simmons Foods embraces the strategic value provided by IT solutions, such as IRM's Discovery system.

SiSense's New Release Adds Support for Csv and Excel [Published: 07-18-2008]
This latest release adds csv, Access 2007 and excel 2007 to the data sources already supported by SiSense: SQL, MySQL, Oracle, excel 2003 and SQL Analysis Services.

inQ Selects InsideView’s SalesView [Published: 07-18-2008]
SalesView scans, filters and prioritizes information on the social Web to deliver the rich insights companies need for use in the enterprise.

Caliper Corporation Now Shipping the Latest Version of Maptitude for Great Britain [Published: 07-18-2008]
Maptitude is used to display and analyze location–based information and has applications.

HEMIC Selects Valen's UnderRight Predictive Analytics Solution [Published: 07-18-2008]
Valen's UnderRight solution is being implemented to provide additional rigor, insight, and precision for HEMIC's workers' compensation underwriting process.

ThingMagic Secures an Additional $9.5 Million in Funding from Existing Investors [Published: 07-18-2008]
ThingMagic specializes in the development of RFID readers, sensors, and embedded RFID technologies including fixed and embedded RFID readers and antennas.

ATTO Technology Announces ExpressSAS R30F [Published: 07-18-2008]
The R30F expands upon ATTO's previous offerings by providing 16 internal ports of SAS/SATA II connectivity.

MDM Architecture Options: Evaluating Traditional and SOA-Based Approaches [Published: 07-21-2008]
Marty Moseley explains why many data practitioners are stumped when it comes to choosing between a traditional approach to master data management and an SOA-based approach.

Infobright Delivers a New Approach to Data Warehousing [Published: 07-21-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Infobright’s Miriam Tuerk

SAP Chooses to Wind Down Operations of TomorrowNow [Published: 07-21-2008]
TomorrowNow has provided third–party support for Oracle and other applications.

Wal-Mart Selects Oracle Business Intelligence [Published: 07-21-2008]
Oracle is to provide comprehensive data intelligence and analysis from across Wal–Mart's operations.

Tableau Software Releases Tableau 4.0 [Published: 07-21-2008]
The release includes updates to both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Navy Federal Invests in Predictive Analytics Software from SPSS [Published: 07-21-2008]
Navy Federal uses market–leading SPSS Predictive Analytics software to create a vital one–to–one relationship with its nearly 3 million members.

Dataupia Partners with Cognos [Published: 07-21-2008]
The partnership will offer customers a complete business intelligence platform with enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities to ensure businesses receive the most value from their data.

How is MDM different for operational systems than analytics? [Published: 07-21-2008] login required

Information Integration: Inbound Integration Landscape [Published: 07-21-2008]
A selective adoption and orchestration of concepts and strategies as outlined in this paper will lead to a successful and value-driven Information Integration within an enterprise. login required

Kx Systems Signs Partnership Agreement with Hologram Business Intelligence [Published: 07-22-2008]
The relationship between the two companies goes back a long way and means that they already have an in–depth understanding of each other's products and businesses.

Hitachi Data Systems Addresses Storage Growth [Published: 07-22-2008]
The amount of digital data created and stored continues to grow at an unabated pace in Asia Pacific.

Business Objects Announces Two Solutions [Published: 07-22-2008]
Business Objects announced two solutions designed to address the decision–making needs of small and midsize companies.

Fortify Software Releases its Open Source Security Study [Published: 07-22-2008]
The study found that nearly all OSS communities fail to provide users access to security expertise to help remediate these vulnerabilities and security risks.

Manthan Systems Unveils ARC 5.8 [Published: 07-22-2008]
ARC 5.8 is expected to transform the way retailers use analytics for competitive advantage.

Surviving Economic Downturns with Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 07-22-2008]
This article provides several recommendations for using business intelligence and performance management solutions to positively impact operational efficiencies, cost-cutting efforts and individual employee performance.

Marketing Your Business Intelligence Program [Published: 07-22-2008]
Advancing the maturity of a business intelligence (BI) program requires getting business organizations to understand the potential power of BI. Nancy Williams provides guidelines for creating a successful BI marketing effort.

Telecom Fuels Customer Growth for Greenplum [Published: 07-23-2008]
These leading telecom companies are now using Greenplum Database to power a range of applications, from security compliance and customer acquisition to call detail record analysis.

Innovation in Performance Management, Part 1 [Published: 07-23-2008]
Craig Schiff looks at how innovation has impacted the business performance management marketplace.

SAP Recognized as the Preferred Employer in India, China, Mexico and Europe [Published: 07-23-2008]
These acknowledgements of SAP as a compelling career destination follow recognition in Germany and Japan earlier this year.

Jaspersoft Unveils New Community Platform [Published: 07-23-2008]
New, advanced JasperForge will support the accelerated growth of the largest, most vibrant ecosystem in the business intelligence industry.

University of the Incarnate Word Selects ZogoTech [Published: 07-23-2008]
University of the Incarnate Word has selected ZogoTech's data warehousing and business intelligence solution (Estudias Enterprise).

BIS Software Launches to Complement Microsoft PerformancePoint Server [Published: 07-23-2008]
The new software solution provides numerous features that help companies maximize their investment in PerformancePoint Server through user-friendly interfaces, creating financial applications that are easier to use and richer in information.

Latitude Provides Business Intelligence Reporting for General Motors [Published: 07-24-2008]
Proforma data allows the company to build an intelligence warehouse to monitor effectiveness of individual dealerships as well as compare metrics on a regional or dealer to dealer basis.

SAS Space Planning 5.11 Helps Retailers [Published: 07-24-2008]
SAS Space Planning 5.11 combines better overall, store-specific layouts with convenient placement of the most desired products, helps deliver dramatic improvements to financial performance.

Sun Microsystems Introduces Sun OpenSSO Express [Published: 07-24-2008]
Enterprise support for open source identity management and web single sign-on software.

Nielsen and WKH form a Healthcare Partnership [Published: 07-24-2008]
The pair’s Healthcare Consumer Informatics Alliance integrates Nielsen’s TV and online ratings, and consumer OTC and CPG purchasing and behavioral data from Homescan and Scantrack with WKH’s longitudinal patient and dispensed pharmacy da

Centralized Data, Decentralized Decisions The Eternal Conflict [Published: 07-24-2008]
Perhaps every permutation between centralization of data and decentralization of decision making has been tried, and there is, as of yet, no standard industry best practice.

Master Data Management and Customer Analytics [Published: 07-24-2008]
The use of a master data management (MDM) program to enable customer data integration and consolidation moves an organization closer to enabling customer analytics that can supplement and enhance an evolving customer knowledge practice.

iWay Software Releases iWay Activity Monitor [Published: 07-24-2008]
Activity Monitor, a solution designed to provide visibility into automated business processes by integrating BAM and business intelligence.

Microsoft Announces Intent to Acquire DATAllegro [Published: 07-24-2008]
The acquisition will extend the capabilities of Microsoft’s mission-critical data platform.

Hayes Management Consulting Partners with InterSystems Corporation [Published: 07-24-2008]
Hayes Management Consulting and InterSystems Corporation have signed a partnership agreement for the purpose of offering expanded integration technology solutions to the global healthcare IT markets.

U.S. Department of State Selects IxReveal [Published: 07-25-2008]
U.S. Department of State has selected the IxReveal advanced analytic platform.

Using Business Intelligence to Monitor Trading Partner Relationships [Published: 07-28-2008]
Online business processes send and receive millions of messages every day via electronic data interchange (EDI) and other methods, and administrators must be able to quickly identify which messages didn’t get through or didn’t get a response.

Emerson Network Power Selects Silver Creek’s DataLens System [Published: 07-28-2008]
Emerson Network Power selected Silver Creek’s DataLens System to master their product data and drive improvements in data quality and data integration across existing enterprise systems, from PLM to ERP.

GlaxoSmithKline Signs Agreement to Continue use of the InforSense Platform [Published: 07-28-2008]
GlaxoSmithKline has signed an agreement to continue their use of the InforSense platform and collaboration with the company.

MEGA Positioned in Gartner’s Visionaries Quadrant [Published: 07-28-2008]
Vendors are positioned in Gartner Magic Quadrant reports in one of four categories: niche players, challengers, leaders and visionaries.

Hayes Management Consulting Signs Agreement with InterSystems Corporation [Published: 07-28-2008]
They have signed a partnership agreement for the purpose of offering expanded integration technology solutions to the global healthcare IT markets.

Experian QAS Selected by Two State Unemployment Insurance Programs [Published: 07-28-2008]
They selected Experian QAS address verification products to streamline claims processing and ensure the quality of claimant and employer contact data.

Define “hybrid OLAP” and where is fits into information management. [Published: 07-28-2008] login required

Host Analytics Helps Companies Adopt a Performance Management Methodology [Published: 07-29-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Host Analytics’ Ric Ratkowski

Infonic Combines its Text Analytics Division with Lexalytics [Published: 07-29-2008]
The text analytics divisions of both companies will be combined in a UK company which will be called Lexalytics Limited.

ASG Software Solutions Releases MetaCMDB [Published: 07-29-2008]
MetaCMDB, version 3.2.0, represents a significant step towards ASG’s vision of the CMDB-enabled environment.

CSC Signs Insurance Contract with Americo [Published: 07-29-2008]
The new contract expands a 16-year relationship between the two companies during which CSC has provided application management and production support services for existing blocks of business.

From Operational Business Intelligence to Competing on Decisions [Published: 07-29-2008]
Competing on decisions requires a number of changes to the way you think about business intelligence and about data more generally.

Text Analytics Basics, Part 1 [Published: 07-29-2008]
This article by Seth Grimes is Part 1 of a comprehensive introduction to text analytics technology.

POSmart by Relational Solutions [Published: 07-29-2008]
POSmart allows analysis of supply chain, promotions, customer demographics, store clusters, sales trending, category management, profit and more.

Simplify Access to Your Oracle E-Business Suite Data for Report Development with NoetixViews [Published: 07-29-2008]
This paper provides an overview of NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite and examines how NoetixViews is instrumental in quickly and simply retrieving meaningful information from Oracle E-Business Suite. login required

Dashboard Development and Deployment [Published: 07-29-2008]
This paper outlines the process necessary to effectively plan, design, build and deploy a dashboard. The tasks (and their order) will be similar, regardless of the technology that is chosen or the vendor providing that technology. login required

Rich Data, Poor Data - Designing Dashboards to Inform [Published: 07-29-2008]
This paper will cover tips and techniques for displaying, monitoring, and highlighting data and methods for accessing its essential supporting details. login required

Using Oracle BI with Oracle E-Business Suite [Published: 07-29-2008]
This paper provides an overview of Oracle Business Intelligence and examines how NoetixViews is instrumental in quickly and simply retrieving meaningful information from Oracle E-Business Suite to meet enterprise reporting needs with Oracle BI. login required

HP, Intel and Yahoo! Create Global Cloud Computing Research Test Bed [Published: 07-30-2008]
A global, multi-data center, open source test bed has been created for the advancement of cloud computing research and education.

Attivio Launches Active Intelligence Engine Version 1.2 [Published: 07-30-2008]
Next generation platform combines business intelligence and enterprise search for scalable, real-time information access.

Business Intelligence in the Cloud: Sorting Out the Terminology [Published: 07-30-2008]
Colin White explains the technologies behind the various terms currently being used to describe hosted business intelligence solutions and provides an overview of the capabilities they provide.

Internet Securities Selects Teragram [Published: 07-30-2008]
Teragram has been selected by Internet Securities, Inc. (to provide taxonomy management, automatic metadata generation and entity and events extraction technology in multiple languages.

Initiate Systems Placed in Visionaries Quadrant in the 2008 Magic Quadrant for MDM for Customer Data [Published: 07-30-2008]
Gartner referred to the market for packaged master data management for customer data systems as the customer data integration hub market.

SDI Acquires Verispan [Published: 07-30-2008]
The acquisition brings together SDI's industry-leading custom patient-level data analytics with Verispan's comprehensive syndicated patient-level data and audit-based analytic solutions; healthcare lists and profiles; and marketing services.

Brown Shoe Selects SAP [Published: 07-30-2008]
The implementation of the SAP solution is expected to support Brown Shoe's growth strategy while streamlining and transforming day-to-day operations for the company's integrated business model.

SAP Unveils Solution for Energy Management [Published: 07-30-2008]
The release of this solution demonstrates SAP's ongoing commitment to delivering solutions to customers that enable a rapid return on investment and the implementation of sustainable business practices.

PEAK Technologies Reaps the Benefits of SAP [Published: 07-31-2008]
PEAK offers a wide range of supply chain products and solutions to a diverse customer base across numerous industries.

Public Sector Delivers Vital Information with Information Builders WebFOCUS [Published: 07-31-2008]
Public sector organizations are delivering outward-facing BI to their agents and citizens.

Taking It From the Top: When Data Governance Doesn’t Work [Published: 07-31-2008]
Is it possible to establish a truly sustainable data governance program for the long term?