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January 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Financial Services Firm Taps the Power of Unstructured Data Analytics [Published: 01-02-2008]
This large bank was able to deliver a higher standard of customer satisfaction and service quality to achieve competitive differentiation in the fast moving internet era. login required

Insurance Powerhouse Fundamentally Transformed its Fraud and Recovery Management Processes [Published: 01-02-2008]
By leveraging the power of text analytics and data-driven decisions fraud and recovery management processes have been streamlined. login required

iDashboards Delivers Real-Time Access to Data [Published: 01-03-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring iDashboards’Dave Ferguson

Intermec Announces that Honeywell has become a Rapid Start Licensee [Published: 01-04-2008]
Honeywell will become a Rapid Start licensee under Intermec's RFID patents following its acquisition of Hand Held Products, Inc.

Confirmit Delivers Enterprise Feedback Management Software [Published: 01-07-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Confirmit’s Gary Schwartz

Blink Logic’s Business Intelligence Solution Selected by Financial Service Company [Published: 01-07-2008]
The firm is using Blink Logic’s on-demand dashboard and collaboration environment, to analyze operational data, promote coordinated decision-making, and measure key product and program performance metrics.

CSC Announces $370 Million in Commercial Contracts [Published: 01-07-2008]
These contracts, combined with a previously announced award with no assigned value, have a total estimated value of approximately $370 million if all contract options are exercised.

Satyam forms Partnership with Greenplum [Published: 01-07-2008]
The partnership would combine Satyam's reach and expertise in delivering business intelligence solutions with Greenplum's innovative database software.

Aearo Technologies Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM [Published: 01-07-2008]
Aearo Technologies has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx as its WCM solution for developing a newly-enhanced global Web presence.

InterSystems Partners with Oleen and SurgiDat to Win Department of Veterans Affairs Contract [Published: 01-08-2008]
The partnership will provide the InterSystems CACHÉ-based SurgiDat system to the Department of VA.

Data Governance Reflections for a New Year [Published: 01-08-2008]
How often do we grit our teeth to get through the next meeting or milestone without acknowledging our accomplishments and enjoying the progress we have made?

Operational Business Intelligence: A Good Use for Open Source [Published: 01-08-2008]
Between the cost savings and easier integration into applications, using open source for operational business intelligence makes sense.

Reitmans Selects QuantiSense Business Intelligence [Published: 01-08-2008]
QuantiSense will give the retailer a powerful start in business intelligence for store operations, with its packaged application featuring a roles-based approach.

ASG Announces the Availability of ASG-becubic Version 7 [Published: 01-08-2008]
ASG-becubic Version 7 is a substantial advance in support of ASG’s BSP.

Corporate Express Selects SPSS’s Predictive Analytics [Published: 01-08-2008]
Corporate Express US Inc. has selected predictive analytics software from SPSS Inc. to improve customer retention.

Mapping the Data Landscape [Published: 01-09-2008]
A particularly interesting concept that has recently emerged is the notion of the physical data landscape and the necessity of mapping it.

Glitnir Selects Siperian [Published: 01-09-2008]
Glitnir has selected Siperian MDM Hub to create an integrated, unified view of customers, products and relationships.

ETL: Extract, Transform and Load for Data Warehousing [Published: 01-10-2008]
The drudgery of writing and maintaining transformation code has mercifully been shifted to automation.

Improving Business Intelligence: The Six Sigma Way [Published: 01-10-2008]
This article describes a rigorous, audit-based approach to achieving business intelligence excellence.

MEGA International Extends BPMN Standard in the Latest Version of MEGA Modeling Suite [Published: 01-14-2008]
The BPDM Business Process Definition Metamodel (BPDM) project released a complete language that defines the semantics of process models.

Grupo Pao de Acucar Selects SAP [Published: 01-14-2008]
Grupo Pao de Acucar will use SAP solutions to gain increased control over corporate governance processes, helping it comply with strict regulatory controls.

7-Eleven Selects SAP [Published: 01-14-2008]
SAP allows 7-Eleven to make competitive decisions on pricing for its store products.

SPSS Unveiled Clementine 12.0 and Text Mining for Clementine 12.0 [Published: 01-14-2008]
Clementine 12.0 delivers increased analyst productivity, deeper information insight and advanced visualization.

StayinFront Joins HP Developer & Solution Partner Program [Published: 01-14-2008]
The DSPP is designed to enable ISVs, systems integrators, developers and consultants to work collaboratively to more effectively address customer needs.

Kognitio Celebrates Ten Years of Helping BT [Published: 01-14-2008]
By using Kognitio’s WX2 analytical RDBMS, BT has been able to analyze massive data sets, and quickly find the answers it needs to change its rate plans ahead of changing market conditions.

SeaTab Software Changes Name to PivotLink [Published: 01-14-2008]
SeaTab Software Inc changed its name to PivotLink Corp. to reflect the company's commitment to its business intelligence solutions.

CONNX Delivers SQL Engine Technology to IT Executives [Published: 01-15-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring CONNX Solution’s Douglas Wright

Big Lots Selects SAP [Published: 01-15-2008]
Big Lots selected SAP to create an IT infrastructure that will play a lead role in helping the company achieve its growth targets.

Dataupia Forms Partnership with LogiXML [Published: 01-15-2008]
The technology alliance provides users with the next-generation capabilities of Dataupia’s data management system, the Dataupia Satori Server and the full suite of LogiXML’s web-based business intelligence solution, Logi 8.

Cognos Launches Cognos 8 BI v3 [Published: 01-15-2008]
Cognos 8 BI v3 addresses the needs of large enterprises and mid-market organizations alike as they capitalize on their ERP investments and turn data into actionable, relevant performance information for improved decision-making across industries.

Activity-Based Costing, Government and Business Intelligence [Published: 01-15-2008]
An activity-based costing approach provides transparency in allocating costs back to processes and expended resources, and thus allows for analysis of the drivers and comparison of the resources used.

Exploiting a Business Intelligence Infrastructure in a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) as a Profit Center [Published: 01-15-2008]
This article presents several principles for running a Business Intelligence Competency Center as a profit center.

Gander Mountain Selects Netezza [Published: 01-15-2008]
With Netezza, Gander Mountain will be able to run analytics for merchandising, supply chain management and financial planning faster and use the resulting reports to make better business decisions.

Casual Male Selects QuantiSense [Published: 01-15-2008]
Casual Male Retail Group has implemented QuantiSense retail-specific business intelligence and data warehousing application.

ABC Stores Selects thincSoft [Published: 01-16-2008]
thincVIew will deliver map-based business intelligence to ABC decision makers through their planned corporate portal and dashboard.

Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire MySQL [Published: 01-16-2008]
The acquisition accelerates Sun's position in enterprise IT to now include the $15 billion database market.

Visualize This: A Fresh Perspective on Business Intelligence Systems [Published: 01-16-2008]
In most companies, the speed of the decision-making cycle is directly related to the availability of information. And yet, most business tools lack the visual feedback to deliver insight into the data on which decisions depend.

Oracle to Acquire BEA Systems [Published: 01-16-2008]
Oracle will acquire all outstanding shares of BEA for $19.375 per share in cash.

Tele2 Selects webMethods [Published: 01-16-2008]
Tele2 has implemented the webMethods product suite from Software AG to create a more adaptive and flexible IT infrastructure.

Top Three Enablers for Scalable Business Intelligence [Published: 01-17-2008]
This article examines the top three enablers of business intelligence scalability: holistic data models, technology tools, and a combination of people and processes.

Data Warehousing for the Midsize Organization [Published: 01-17-2008]
Thanks to new technologies entering the data warehousing space, midsize companies can now alleviate their pain on a midsize budget.

Linguamatics and 81qd form a Partnership [Published: 01-17-2008]
Linguamatics’ flagship I2E software will identify and leverage business-critical insights for 81qd’s clients.

CODA Announces Completion of Phase One in the Development of CODA 2go [Published: 01-21-2008]
CODA 2go will deliver Accounts Receivable as a service to support the order-to-cash process.

New Balance Achieves Early Success with RFID [Published: 01-21-2008]
New Balance has successfully implemented an item-level RFID solution to track footwear from the distribution center to the corporate factory store.

Data Management Group Announces its Participation in the Mentor-Protégé Program [Published: 01-21-2008]
The DoD Mentor-Protégé Program assists small businesses to successfully compete for prime government contract and subcontract awards by partnering with large companies under individual, project-based agreements.

Talend Announces Plans to Work Together with Microsoft [Published: 01-22-2008]
Talend plans to work together with Microsoft to optimize Talend’s software on the Microsoft Windows platform.

Healthcare Business Intelligence Success Requires an Analytical Culture [Published: 01-22-2008]
In healthcare organizations – as well as any other industry – analytical processes help you work smarter, not harder. Therefore, it is important to be sure your business intelligence capabilities fit your culture.

Sentiment Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges [Published: 01-22-2008]
Sentiment analysis is one of the most exciting applications of text analytics today. It may also be the most challenging.

Statistics, Experimentation, Machine Learning, Open Source, and Business Intelligence [Published: 01-22-2008]
In this interview, author John Maindonald discusses the evolution of statistical analysis, the convergence of traditional statistics with data mining/machine learning, and the benefits of randomization and experimental techniques.

Fair Isaac Introduces Decision Tool Kits for Lenders [Published: 01-22-2008]
The Fair Isaac Risk Management Suite provides deeper insight into the future debt sensitivity and default risk of individuals.

Florida Power & Light Selects SAP [Published: 01-22-2008]
Florida Power & Light Company has selected the SAP for Utilities solution portfolio.

Subex Deploys Dataupia [Published: 01-22-2008]
The Dataupia Satori Server provides Subex with broader access to CDR data by retaining large amounts of data online that can be accessed by reporting or analytics applications.

Kalido Announces Major Enhancements to Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse [Published: 01-22-2008]
The new version delivers a range of enhancements that empower customers with consistent, accurate information to feed enterprise BI applications.

Kalido Unveils Visual Business Modeler for Business Intelligence [Published: 01-22-2008]
Kalido Business Information Modeler transforms the design, development, deployment and maintenance of BI infrastructures, significantly improving time to value for BI projects.

AMB Predictive Data Management New Generation Data Empowerment Adds Sourcing with IBM's AS400 Servers and Z/OS Mainframe [Published: 01-22-2008]
This provides organizations using legacy technology the ability to have their data directly accessed, profiled, analyzed without moving these vast amounts of data to staging areas or black box repositories.

Axcess International and Vector Networks Successfully Implement their RFID Solution [Published: 01-22-2008]
Axcess’ RFID asset protection solution enables assets to be located, tracked and protected automatically using micro-wireless tags that activate on-demand at specific control points positioned around a perimeter to determine movement and precise loc

Megaputer Announces the Release of Text Mining with PolyAnalyst 6 [Published: 01-22-2008]
PolyAnalyst 6 integrates advanced data analysis and flexible reporting into a powerful and user friendly platform.

Nucleus Research found that SPSS can Reduce Customer Churn by More than 50 Percent [Published: 01-23-2008]
Nucleus Research found that text mining technology from SPSS can reduce customer churn by more than 50 percent when properly implemented as part of an overall customer satisfaction strategy.

SAP Supports IT Education at U.S. Universities [Published: 01-23-2008]
By partnering with member universities, the SAP University Alliances program exposes students to a variety of higher-learning opportunities.

Best and Worst of Performance Management in 2007 [Published: 01-23-2008]
The best and worst of performance management mergers, trends and business decisions.

The Transition from Spreadsheet Budgets to a Packaged Application [Published: 01-23-2008]
In many cases, small and medium-sized businesses still manage the difficult and error-prone process of budgeting on spreadsheets even though Excel's capabilities are often inadequate to support the critical nature of budgeting and forecasting.

Fair Isaac and IBM Expand Global Alliance [Published: 01-23-2008]
Fair Isaac Corp. and IBM expanded strategic alliance to create and deliver end-to-end financial services solutions powered by IBM's open technology to help clients better integrate information across the enterprise.

Sam’s Club Selects RFIDTagManager Built on epcSolutions’ SensorOS [Published: 01-23-2008]
RFIDTagManager for Sam’s Club, built on epcSolutions’ SensorOS, allows the ability for end users to meet current Sam’s Club RFID pallet tagging requirements.

IBM Acquires AptSoft [Published: 01-23-2008]
AptSoft's software can analyze tens of thousands of disparate events per second on a network to spot a trend.

Composite Software Named Strong Performer in IaaS by Forrester [Published: 01-23-2008]
Composite was among a select group of companies that Forrester Research invited to participate in “The Forrester Wave: Information-As-A-Service, Q1 2008.”

Completeness of Metadata [Published: 01-24-2008]
For a seemingly innocent description of data, the different types of metadata are seemingly endless.

Master Data Synchronization – Assessing Requirements [Published: 01-24-2008]
There are characteristics associated with maintaining the synchronization and consistency of master data that impose implementation constraints when implementing master data consolidation and integration services.

AMB-PDM Offers SOA as Part of their New Generation Data Empowerment Solution [Published: 01-24-2008]
AMB Predictive Data Management now offers the first in a series of SOA modules implemented within AMB-PDM's powerful data cleansing engine.

Global Positioning System For Business [Published: 01-24-2008]
This paper is focused on integrating strategic, operational and predictive business intelligence. login required

Data Search and Discovery [Published: 01-25-2008]
This paper highlights benefits of search meeting reporting. login required

Simplified Data Access through Everyday English [Published: 01-25-2008]
A natural language query solution simplifies the process of accessing information trapped within business applications. login required

Improve your Applications with Simplified Data Access [Published: 01-25-2008]
A significant competitive advantage can be gained by providing access to your application data for nontechnical users, in a completely intuitive way. login required

Sterna Technologies Helps Business Leaders Navigate to Profit with its Business Positioning System™ [Published: 01-28-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Sterna Technologies’ Amir Chodorov & Jason Wolf

InforSense Launches Next Generation Visualization Solutions [Published: 01-28-2008]
VisualSense provides advanced interactive visualization and reporting capabilities that enable users to easily spot trends, deviations and detect data quality issues.

Land Rover and Savi Launch a Pilot Program to Deploy an RFID Solution [Published: 01-28-2008]
The RFID solution will better synchronizes the delivery of auto parts from multiple suppliers to Land Rover’s key assembly plant in the West Midlands.

SAP Furthers Innovation for Public Sector [Published: 01-29-2008]
The industry value network for public security will join 15 existing industry-focused IVNs hosted by SAP and brings together customers, partners and SAP to develop solutions that solve the unique challenges of the public security industry.

Linguamatics Releases a New Version of its Flagship I2E Software I2E 3.0 [Published: 01-29-2008]
I2E 3.0 provides accessible text mining, enabling research and business decision-makers to rapidly uncover relevant insights by extracting key facts and relationships from document collections.

Business Intelligence and Balanced Scorecards: Key Tools in the Performance Management Toolkit [Published: 01-29-2008]
Business intelligence can automate the performance measurement process and deliver business information, analytical tools, and structured decision support to improve the core processes that drive the key performance indicators (KPIs).

Emerging Dimensions in Budgeting – Sustainability [Published: 01-29-2008]
Modeling sustainability entities during budget redesign will help in reducing costs to provide this valuable information downstream.

SpringSource Acquires Covalent Technologies [Published: 01-29-2008]
The acquisition brings together two open source market leaders and addresses widespread demand for a simplified application infrastructure.

University Health Network Rolls Out Cognos’ BI software [Published: 01-29-2008]
Cognos’ BI software to enable more timely performance reporting, measurement and analysis and help improve and measure the success of its health care delivery.

Using Enterprise 2.0 for Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 01-30-2008]
In this second article in a continuing series, Colin White looks at information collaboration and discusses how it aids the creation of collective intelligence.

Business Objects' Founder Bernard Liautaud Resigns [Published: 01-30-2008]
Bernard Liautaud, the company's Founder, has resigned his duties as Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

RF Code Announces Real Time Tracking [Published: 01-30-2008]
By automating IT asset tracking in the data center, IT managers now can have an instant inventory of all their data center assets.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool? Our Business Intelligence and Data Integration Wish List for 2008 [Published: 01-31-2008]
Jill Dyché and Evan Levy provide their wish list of business intelligence and data integration capabilities, features and functions.

Changing Source Systems [Published: 01-31-2008]
While no one argues against data quality, getting it clean is another story.

LogiXML Announces the Release of Logi 9 [Published: 01-31-2008]
The new Logi 9 BI Platform takes Web-based BI to a new level of operational capability that works effectively for small to mid-size organizations as well as world-class enterprises.