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February 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Master Data Management [Published: 02-01-2008]
How to avoid mistakes that can sink your MDM effort.

Aligning Business Intelligence with Business Strategy [Published: 02-01-2008]
This paper examines how mission mapped architecture can help. login required

Microsoft Makes Proposal to Acquire All Outstanding Shares of Yahoo! [Published: 02-01-2008]
Microsoft says combined entity will create a more competitive company, providing superior value to shareholders, better choice and innovation for customers and partners.

The HP Business Intelligence Maturity Model: describing the BI journey [Published: 02-04-2008]
HP’s Information Management Practice has developed a BI Maturity Model as a context for describing the evolution of our clients’ BI capabilities.

Fair Isaac forms Alliance with High Mark Credit Information Services of India [Published: 02-04-2008]
Global FICO Score will enable High Mark to mitigate challenges in the rapidly evolving Indian marketplace.

Hua Wei Selects InforSense [Published: 02-04-2008]
Hua Wei Technology Co. Limited has selected the InforSense platform to build its real time business intelligence and embedded analytics products.

SHAZAM Network Expands its use of GoldenGate Solutions through an Enterprise License Agreement [Published: 02-04-2008]
The SHAZAM network has standardized on GoldenGate solutions to integrate data in real-time for both business and customer-facing applications.

Informatica Announces Launch of its New Worldwide Partner Program INFORM [Published: 02-04-2008]
INFORM is designed to make it even easier for organizations to collaborate with Informatica.

Infobright Announces the Release of Brighthouse 3.0 [Published: 02-04-2008]
Brighthouse 3.0 provides enhanced support for ETL tools for faster and easier integration into customers’ IT environments.

City of Paris Chooses 3M Library Systems [Published: 02-04-2008]
The technology is intended to boost the efficiency of circulation and collection management.

SAS Supercharges Predictive Analytics with SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Text Miner and SAS Forecast Server [Published: 02-05-2008]
SAS Enterprise Miner improves productivity through added interactive advanced visualization and new analytics.

Trading System Lab Delivers Register Machine Learning Algorithms [Published: 02-05-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Trading System Lab’s Mike Barna

CSC Wins $22 Million Contract in Support of NASA's Shared Services Center [Published: 02-05-2008]
CSC will expand its existing financial support services to accommodate increased workload projections for accounts payable and accounts receivable, and will support NASA's Fund Balance with Treasury.

Northern California Public Broadcasting Leverages SAP Solutions [Published: 02-05-2008]
Northern California Public Broadcasting, Inc. has successfully implemented the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation application.

SPSS Survey Software Unveils a New Version of Dimensions 5.0 [Published: 02-05-2008]
Dimensions 5.0 spans the entire Enterprise Feedback Management(EFM)process and is an ongoing means of incorporating regular customer insight into business operations.

SHAZAM Network Standardizes on GoldenGate Software [Published: 02-05-2008]
The SHAZAM network has standardized on GoldenGate solutions to integrate data in real-time for both business and customer-facing applications.

Skytide and Corda Technologies form Partnership [Published: 02-05-2008]
The new partnership will integrate Corda's CenterView business performance dashboard with the Skytide Analytical Platform for a combined solution.

SAS in Leaders’ Quadrant for Business Intelligence [Published: 02-05-2008]
Leaders are vendors that are reasonably strong in the breadth and depth of their BI platform capabilities.

How to Create and Grow a Dynamic Business Intelligence Team [Published: 02-05-2008]
Sustainable business intelligence organizations create adaptive structures that promote shared commitment and continually focus on delivering business value

Past is Prologue in Telecommunications [Published: 02-05-2008]
Whether focused on a particular market niche or attempting to be a triple- or quad-play provider, long-term dedication to a profitable business plan for particular subscriber markets should be the focus for telecom service providers in 2008.

Vhi Healthcare Selects Siperian [Published: 02-05-2008]
Siperian MDM Hub will be used to better understand the information requirements of the company’s 1.57 million members and in order to deliver improved customer service, preventative healthcare information and insurance offerings.

What is Master Data? [Published: 02-06-2008]
This article presents an approach to categorizing data that provides a detailed definition of master data. This approach can be practically applied to master data management problems.

Volcano Selects Xactly [Published: 02-06-2008]
Volcano has selected the Xactly Incent Managed Service for effective and scalable sales compensation management.

Oracle Announces that Fifth Third Bancorp is Upgrading to Oracle’s Hyperion Planning [Published: 02-06-2008]
Fifth Third Bancorp is upgrading to Oracle’s Hyperion Planning to simplify the integration of financial and operational planning and provide users new levels of flexibility.

CSC Announces Contract with Pension Benefit Guaranty [Published: 02-06-2008]
Under the terms of the agreement, CSC will work with PBGC and its business stakeholders to restructure current IT operational support services.

Virtualize Your Data to Jumpstart Stalled Operational Business Intelligence [Published: 02-06-2008]
Operational BI requires up-to-date data from multiple sources – data that can be accessed, combined and delivered rapidly as end-user reports and dashboards, or as alerts and triggers within the automated business processes themselves.

Critical Crossroads: Systems Methodology and Enterprise Architecture Framework, Part 1 [Published: 02-07-2008]
The intersection of the systems methodology and enterprise architecture framework is truly a critical crossroad in driving clarity and refinement in successful system delivery.

Book Review: The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence [Published: 02-07-2008]
Inmon reviews The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence by Nancy Williams and Steve Williams (Morgan Kaufmann, 2007).

Roquette Deploys TEMIS [Published: 02-07-2008]
Roquette implemented the comprehensive Competitive Intelligence platform across its worldwide sites, based upon the Luxid information intelligence solution.

InforSense will Integrate BioWisdom's SRS Bioinformatics Software [Published: 02-07-2008]
As part of the agreement BioWisdom will join the InforSense Open Workflow Partner Network.

JasperSoft Announces Major Enhancements to Jasper4Sugar [Published: 02-08-2008]
Jasper4Sugar, a reporting and business intelligence solution built for use with the SugarCRM product family.

Greenplum Announces General Availability of Greenplum 3 [Published: 02-11-2008]
Greenplum 3 is an open source-powered database software that can scale to support the demands of petabyte data warehousing.

Greenplum Announces Internet Customers are using Greenplum Database [Published: 02-11-2008]
Web companies have deployed Greenplum Database to power a wide range of Internet-based applications.

Talend Announces the Availability of Talend Open Studio Version 2.3 [Published: 02-11-2008]
Talend Open Studio 2.3 features reinforcement of Web Services with the full support of the WSDL standard.

Bitam Announces Bitam G6 [Published: 02-11-2008]
Bitam G6 delivers knowledge intelligence that empowers users to strive for more than just greater accuracy and effectiveness in the decision making process.

Fractal:Edge Forms Partnership with Advus [Published: 02-11-2008]
Advus is taking readily available business information, applying custom analytics that serve the needs of CxOs, and creating Fractal Enterprise Dashboards.

Melissa Data and Stalworth Deliver DQ*Plus [Published: 02-11-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Melissa Data and Stalworth

Oco Introduces Packaged Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 02-11-2008]
The new business intelligence products are applicable to manufacturers of all sizes, but are particularly well-suited for the midmarket.

Open Source Business Intelligence in BioPharma [Published: 02-12-2008]
Is open source business intelligence a viable option now that open source business intelligence has entered the mainstream and commercial support models are in place?

Business Intelligence, the Time Dimension and Government [Published: 02-12-2008]
Time and IT are intricately and intimately intertwined, and time is also a critical dimension used in analytical comparisons. But what does the “time” dimension really involve?

Florida Hospital to Implement Business Service Platform [Published: 02-13-2008]
The implementation is designed to shorten the time between patient need and critical hospital response using ASG technology.

Information Quality and Management Transformation [Published: 02-13-2008]
In this article, Larry English shares some information quality (IQ) tips for IQ in the Internet and e-business environments.

Deploying the Integrated Customer Database: A Case Study [Published: 02-13-2008]
It is proven that having an integrated database for customers can boost marketing efforts, reduce operational costs and more. So why is it that many organizations have exactly the opposite?

National Center for Patient Safety of the Department of Veterans Affairs Implements Text Mining Technologies [Published: 02-13-2008]
VA NCPS implements text mining technologies to enhance the analysis of patient safety reports.

Infosolve Technologies Announces the Addition of OpenDQ 2.0 [Published: 02-13-2008]
OpenDQ 2.0 enables organizations to bring comprehensive data quality to their enterprise structured and unstructured data.

Formative and Summative Decision Support System Evaluation [Published: 02-14-2008]
What comprises a comprehensive evaluation of a decision support system?

Book Review: The Mythical Man-Month [Published: 02-14-2008]
If you're an IT manager, you need this book.

DATAllegro Partners with Coffing Data Warehouse [Published: 02-18-2008]
Coffing DW's Nexus query tool will ship with every DATAllegro v3 data warehouse appliance.

AMB Predictive Data Management Partners with Strategies4Data [Published: 02-18-2008]
AMB-PDM allows companies of all sizes to accomplish data profiling, cleansing, quality, CASS address validation/correction and real-time golden record master data management discovery, easily and reliably.

Kognitio Enters North American Market [Published: 02-18-2008]
Kognitio will make its WX2 analytical RDBMS available to companies seeking to rapidly gain competitive insight from enterprise-wide data assets.

BEZ Systems Delivers Predictive Performance Management [Published: 02-19-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring BEZ Systems’ Michael Ghelli

Dataupia Announces the Availability of the Dataupia Satori Server with Dynamic Aggregation [Published: 02-19-2008]
Dynamic Aggregation enhances existing mixed workload capabilities including massively parallel processing for complex joins, data exploration and point queries, all without changing existing business applications.

Oco Offers Open Architecture for its Popular Solutions [Published: 02-19-2008]
The open architecture provides industry standard, secured ODBC and Web-Service APIs to the enriched business-targeted content of Oco’s data warehouse.

Business Intelligence Business Requirements and the BI Portfolio [Published: 02-19-2008]
A well-structured set of business-driven business intelligence requirements sets the stage for delivering successful business intelligence projects.

Sentiment Analysis: A Focus on Applications [Published: 02-19-2008]
Text analytics can be applied to extract and analyze attitudinal information from sources as varied as articles, blog postings, e-mail, call-center notes and survey responses.

Great Clips Selects IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Software [Published: 02-19-2008]
Great Clips has selected IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence as its standard to streamline operational reporting and analysis.

eThority Launches eThority Enterprise Edition [Published: 02-19-2008]
eThority Enterprise Edition closes the gap between basic desktop applications, simple reporting tools, and ultra-complex technical offerings.

Aeturnum Partners with Pentaho [Published: 02-19-2008]
Aeturnum will provide value-added services and pre-built packaged solutions around the Pentaho Open Business Intelligence Suite.

Hobby Lobby Selects SAP [Published: 02-20-2008]
Hobby Lobby has selected SAP’s ERP software to replace its existing software.

The Core Performance Management Vendors for 2008 [Published: 02-20-2008]
The BPM Pulse survey conducted by BPM Partners identifies vendors worthy of special recognition for their performance management solutions.

Relevance of Leadership in Performance Management [Published: 02-20-2008]
Clear leadership is an imperative in successful performance management and business intelligence deployments, from both the internal project team and the technology vendor.

Standard & Poor’s to Provide Counterparty Data Feed to Siperian MDM Hub [Published: 02-20-2008]
The new partnership will allow organizations to create a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of client and counterparty profiles and associated reference data in order to ensure credible risk aggregation and improve data consistency across systems.

Bolt-Ons [Published: 02-21-2008]
If you are thinking that bolt-ons may be the solution for after-the-fact requirements or requirements changes, reading this article may change your mind.

Master Metadata Management [Published: 02-21-2008]
There is value in looking at a conceptual view of master metadata that starts with basic building blocks and grows to maintain comprehensive views of the information that is used to support the achievement of business objectives.

Knowledge Relay and Talend Announce Partnership [Published: 02-21-2008]
The partnership enables Knowledge Relay's EVS to work in concert with Talend's data integration technology to provide a comprehensive solution.

The Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University Announces a New Online Master of Science in Business Intelligence [Published: 02-21-2008]
The MS-BI degree is designed to prepare professionals for growth in Information Technology and to serve a business world increasingly controlled by metrics and data-driven operations.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Unveils Citywide Performance Reporting System [Published: 02-21-2008]
Citywide Performance Reporting is a performance measurement tool that will help make the workings of government transparent to all citizens and ensure that City agencies are accountable for their performance.

Sirit Announces Partnership with TAGSYS [Published: 02-21-2008]
TAGSYS will release its RXU-400 UHF fixed reader built on Sirit’s performance-leading INfinity 510 platform.

DATAllegro Announces a New Set of Utilities as part of its Data Warehouse Appliance Offering [Published: 02-22-2008]
The new utilities are designed to allow companies to easily move data to and from Teradata data warehouses and to migrate applications from Teradata to DATAllegro.

Vertica Systems Announces the Launch of the Vertica Analytic Database 2.0 [Published: 02-22-2008]
Vertica Analytic Database 2.0 gives companies the ability to give more people access to more data for ad hoc analytics.

LucidEra Announces LucidEra Winter ‘08 [Published: 02-22-2008]
LucidEra Winter ’08 consists of three analytic applications.

Clarity Systems Launches Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0 [Published: 02-22-2008]
Clarity 6 Legal Edition 2.0 has sophisticated capabilities that extend beyond budgeting to include financial variance reporting and analysis.

Highmark Inc. Expands with Teradata [Published: 02-22-2008]
The upgrade will allow Highmark to further expand its analytical environment in the future to assist with the consolidation of its organization with Independence Blue Cross.

VISTA Introduces Business Intelligence Visualization Capabilities [Published: 02-22-2008]
Business Intelligence Visualization combines VISTA’s experience both in asset management and in Geographic Information Systems.

Model Driven Data Warehousing [Published: 02-22-2008]
This white paper is intended for people who want to understand how the design and implementation of data warehouses and data marts can be improved dramatically by using model driven methods and tools. login required

Attensity Announces Attensity VoC On-Demand [Published: 02-25-2008]
Attensity VoC On-Demand enables users to access the company's VoC solution via the Web for on-demand customer feedback analysis.

InforSense Launches Translational Research Solution [Published: 02-25-2008]
The new solution provides out-of-the-box tools and capabilities to integrate basic scientific research data and techniques with clinical research to improve disease understanding and patient care.

InforSense Delivers InforSense Virtual Machine [Published: 02-25-2008]
InforSense Virtual Machine is a standalone, lightweight workflow execution engine that can be easily embedded into third party applications that run on a wide variety of platforms.

Landmark Medical Center Goes Live With Forerun's EDDashboard [Published: 02-25-2008]
Landmark Medical Center has implemented Forerun, Inc.'s EDDashboard.

Teradata Announces the Availability of Manufacturing Logical Data Model 4.0 [Published: 02-25-2008]
Teradata MLDM 4.0 provides manufacturers with a best-in-class framework for building an enterprise data warehouse.

Averox Inc. Establishes a Data Warehousing Practice [Published: 02-25-2008]
Averox has established a data warehousing practice within the company as part of its strategy to emphasize IT Services.

Lincoln Financial Distributors Selects Predictive Analytics Software from SPSS [Published: 02-25-2008]
SPSS will help Lincoln Financial Distributors gain a deeper understanding of its financial intermediary customer.

Visual IQ Releases Version 2.0 of its On-Demand Visual IQ Suite [Published: 02-25-2008]
The IQ Platform provides a complete dashboard reporting and data warehousing solution for understanding the impact that digital, offline and mobile data marketing campaigns have on consumer behavior.

Teragram Delivers Text Analytics Solutions and Language Technologies [Published: 02-26-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Teragram’s Yves Schabes

Kognitio WX2 Virtual Data Warehouse Appliance to Transform Data Analytics for Britain’s Loyalty Management Group [Published: 02-26-2008]
Loyalty Management Group (LMG) has deployed WX2 across eight terabytes (TB) of data on industry-standard HP hardware to deliver new standards in customer data analytics and insight.

Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Smart Investment in any Economy [Published: 02-26-2008]
Smart companies set the pace, even in challenging economic times. What are their secrets for smart investing?

Patient Adherence Programs: Components of Effective Targeting Models [Published: 02-26-2008]
The analytical software tools available in the market today have few limitations regarding the modeling capabilities necessary for building effective adherence models, but not all brand teams follow a best practices approach to modeling.

The Evolution of RFID System Architectures and the Development of Pervasive Computing [Published: 02-26-2008]
RFID tags are on a path to becoming the basic building blocks and the volume driver of pervasive computing.

Informatica Selected for Worldwide Deployment by Pernod Richard [Published: 02-26-2008]
Informatica chosen to enhance Pernod Richard’s tactical dashboarding and business visibility as part of its business intelligence standardization initiative.

Extended Temperature Tag Added to Intelleflex RFID Product Offerings [Published: 02-26-2008]
Advanced RFID tag designed to withstand harsh temperatures and other demanding environments.

InforSense Virtual Machine Announced [Published: 02-27-2008]
InforSense Virtual Machine (IVM) can be effortlessly installed and is simple to maintain, eliminating the complexity typically found with traditional software installations.

Iowa Department of Education Data Warehouse Solution Contract Awarded to Claraview [Published: 02-27-2008]
Claraview will develop and implement comprehensive data warehousing reporting solution for Iowa Department of Education.

Revisiting What is a Data Warehouse Appliance? [Published: 02-27-2008]
There have been many developments in the appliance marketplace, including the release of new products and the appearance of several new appliance vendors.

SAP Reports Increased Market Presence for its Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management [Published: 02-27-2008]
SAP reports growing acceptance of SAP solutions for enterprise performance management and governance, risk and compliance.

Translational Research Solution Launched by InforSense [Published: 02-27-2008]
InforSense solution provides ability to analyze and integrate large clinical and experimental data sets.

SPSS Predictive Analytics Enables Lincoln Financial Distributors to Build Data-Driven Strategies with SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 02-27-2008]
Predictive Analytics will help Lincoln Financial gain a better understanding of its financial intermediary customers and optimize the acquisition, development and retention of its customers.

Authors on Your Bookshelf [Published: 02-28-2008]
Bill Inmon provides a list of authors who have made long-term contributions to the computer industry.

Six Archetypes of a Bad Executive Sponsor [Published: 02-28-2008]
As the role of the executive sponsor gains more visibility, people on both sides of the IT/business divide need to be clear about this role. Here's how to spot a bad sponsor before your project begins — or before it’s too late.

Radian Guaranty Selects Xactly [Published: 02-28-2008]
Radian Group has selected the Xactly Incent Managed Service for sales compensation management.

South African Companies Select EasyAsk [Published: 02-28-2008]
South African Companies have selected Progress EasyAsk software for operational business intelligence to enhance their business users' ability to quickly and easily access critical business data.

ICICI Bank Implements Informatica PowerCenter [Published: 02-28-2008]
Informatica PowerCenter solution will help ICICI bank gain access to information accurately and quickly.

Power Market Consulting, Inc. Joins Quantrix Partner Program [Published: 02-28-2008]
Power Market Consulting has joined its partner program to offer financial modeling solutions using Quantrix Modeler BMA software.

SYSPRO and Centage Announce Budget Maestro for SYSPRO [Published: 02-28-2008]
Budget Maestro for SYSPRO, bundles the Enterprise Edition of Budget Maestro with the new Link Maestro for SYSPRO.

Netrics Announces the Availability of Netrics Data Matching Platform Version 4.0 [Published: 02-28-2008]
Netrics Data Matching Platform Version 4.0 allows for matching of data across disparate sources via a web services interface based on the SOAP industry standard.

Key Elements of Master Data Management [Published: 02-28-2008]
Bloor Research recently released an independent white paper that delivers some very useful insights into the needs, practices, and challenges faced by companies implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) program. login required

From Data to Decisions to Profit [Published: 02-28-2008]
By linking product sales with service sales companies are able to deliver advanced networking solutions and successfully translate insights into a dashboard. login required

US Oil & Refining Co Selects CODA Financials, Inc. [Published: 02-28-2008]
CODA’s browser-based Financials application integrated with its online assets and e-Pay software enables sophisticated accounting and analysis and supports financial reporting.

Mizuho Bank Selects Teradata [Published: 02-28-2008]
Mizuho Bank has completed implementation of Teradata Customer Management software application and multiple-terabyte Teradata Warehouse and database software.

Haggen Supermarkets Extends its Business Intelligence Capability to Improving Returns on their Human Capital [Published: 02-29-2008]
Haggen extended their enterprise business intelligence solution as an HR analytic system that would power the whole spectrum of Haggen's decision-making needs around improving HR performance.

Teradata Introduces Advances in Master Data Management [Published: 02-29-2008]
Teradata Corporation announces the immediate availability of Teradata Master Data Management 2.0.