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August 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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BOARD and Atos Consulting Join Forces [Published: 08-01-2008]
BOARD and Atos to develop a rapid integrated S&OP solution to support businesses to develop a higher level of S&OP capability.

MicroStrategy Releases MicroStrategy 8 software [Published: 08-01-2008]
MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is used to automatically detect inconsistencies and inaccuracies in reports and dashboards.

Information Builders Announces that Public Sector Organizations are Delivering BI to their Agents and Citizens [Published: 08-01-2008]
Government organizations have more information and financial demands to fulfill than ever before.

Pharmacopeia Implements Solutions from Jaros Technologies [Published: 08-01-2008]
Jaros Technologies is Pharmacopeia’s standard for data integration, analysis and reporting in support of business decisions.

Mozilla Deploys Vertica and Pentaho [Published: 08-01-2008]
Mozilla needed to integrate different log sources to better serve its growing user base.

8 CRM Uses for Text Analytics [Published: 08-04-2008]
Dr. David Bean outlines eight ways companies employ text analytics technology to garner important customer insights that grow customer relationships.

Microgen Aptitude Delivers a Common Environment for Business and IT Users to Collaborate and Manage Applications [Published: 08-04-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Microgen’s Neil Thomson

SAS Forms a New Profit Optimization Global Practice [Published: 08-04-2008]
SAS will build a new profit-optimization solution that will integrate revenue management, customer relationship management, pricing and distribution.

SAS Acquires IDeaS [Published: 08-04-2008]
SAS gains a robust application portfolio and technology foundation for extending IDeaS price and revenue optimization to other industries.

Varicent Software Receives a Positive Rating from Gartner [Published: 08-04-2008]
Growth of the sales ICM software market accelerated to approximately 20% year–over–year in the calendar year 2007, up from 15% in 2006.

What are the most important BI concepts that you feel IS college grads should know? [Published: 08-04-2008] login required

Actuate Corporation Releases Actuate Performancesoft Views 8 [Published: 08-04-2008]
The release represents the latest step in Actuate’s core technology strategy to leverage its BIRT–based solutions.

Experian Delivers Account Monitoring Services [Published: 08-05-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Experian’s Dan Meder

Noteworthy Medical Systems Migrating NetPracticeEHR Software to InterSystems CACHÉ Database [Published: 08-05-2008]
Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc. is migrating its NetPracticeEHR software to the InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database.

Aster Data Systems and Pentaho Form a Partnership [Published: 08-05-2008]
Aster Data Systems, announced a strategic partnership with Pentaho that combines product integration, certification and services.

Roles and Responsibilities in Business Intelligence Teams, Part 1 [Published: 08-05-2008]
In this first article of a two-part series, Maureen Clarry provides helpful advice for defining and/or redefining roles and responsibilities for business intelligence teams.

A Systems View of Business Analytics, Part 1 [Published: 08-05-2008]
In this first part of a three-part series, Dave Wells explains how systems thinking provides the cause-and-effect connection that is key to real analytic value derived through insight, understanding, reasoning, forecasting, innovation and learning.

Special Olympics Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 08-05-2008]
Special Olympics International relies on predictive analytics software from SPSS Inc. to analyze data collected on athlete health worldwide to build a case for improved government policies, increased funding and new partnerships.

Information Builders Cited as a Strong Performer by Forrester Research [Published: 08-05-2008]
Forrester Research has placed Information Builders as a Strong Performer in the July 2008 report.

ADERANT Partners with DSPanel [Published: 08-06-2008]
Under the terms of the agreement, ADERANT will resell DSPanel's DSP Performance Canvas application.

Dow Jones Announces Latest Version of its g2 Offering [Published: 08-06-2008]
The latest version provides even greater business value by broadening user’s reach through linking with B2B social networking tools.

Coral8 Announces Technology Alliance with Actuate [Published: 08-06-2008]
The companies will combine Actuate’s strong RIA–ready information platform with Coral8’s robust CEP engine to create a next–generation business intelligence solution.

Six Architectural Styles of Data Hubs [Published: 08-06-2008]
What exactly do data hubs offer? The answer to that really depends on the type of hub being considered. This article briefly review six common styles of hub from the perspective of their architectures.

Sybase iAnywhere Announces Availability of SQL Anywhere 11 [Published: 08-06-2008]
SQL Anywhere has established its reputation as an enterprise–caliber database and synchronization solution designed to be widely deployed in environments with little or no onsite IT support.

Sybase Announces Availability of the Sybase Analytic Appliance [Published: 08-06-2008]
Sybase Analytic Appliance combines Sybase IQ with category–leading technologies including Sybase PowerDesigner, IBM Power Systems and MicroStrategy.

Microsoft Announces the BearingPoint Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution [Published: 08-06-2008]
BearingPoint has created a risk–based compliance solution based on Microsoft technology that builds on the companies’ long–standing alliance.

Next-Generation Data Warehouses [Published: 08-06-2008]
Rate of growth between data and computer power creates a gap between the need for analysis and the ability of a system to deliver. This document considers the challenges of scale and how new technologies can be harnessed. login required

AWhere, Inc. Announces Location Intelligent Solution for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry [Published: 08-06-2008]
CPG Vision allows users to see store level sales performance alongside key consumer trends, demographics and other store performance indicators.

Fair Isaac Releases Xpress–MP 2008A [Published: 08-07-2008]
The release of Xpress-MP 2008A is significant for organizations that depend upon advanced decision management systems.

Greenville County Schools Sign Multi-Suite Contract with Lawson Software [Published: 08-07-2008]
These applications will help the school district more easily pull and analyze financial information and decrease paper–based processes while creating a centralized administrative system.

Best Buy Completes Nationwide Rollout of Best Buy Mobile [Published: 08-07-2008]
The conversion of Best Buy’s 965 U.S. stores to Best Buy Mobile gives customers unprecedented choice of mobile phones, plans and accessories.

Compiere Ships Compiere 3.1 [Published: 08-07-2008]
Compiere 3.1 has more than 400 new business analysis, functional and technical enhancements.

Thinking Critically About Open Source Software [Published: 08-07-2008]
The objectives of this article are to point out how people make assumptions about software they purchase that may or may not be warranted and prompt some discussion about how to talk about software.

Information Agility [Published: 08-07-2008]
In order to create an agile foundation, of data, data must be stored at the most granular level.

Sybase Announces Availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 11.5 [Published: 08-07-2008]
The latest release of PowerBuilder continues Sybase’s longstanding commitment to simplify complex data access.

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008 [Published: 08-07-2008]
This version of SQL Server provides powerful new capabilities.

Authentidate to Acquire Parascript [Published: 08-08-2008]
The transaction has been unanimously approved by the board of directors of Authentidate and the manager of Parascript.

Communispace Adds Another Powerful Analysis Tool [Published: 08-08-2008]
Premium Text Analytics gives marketers a new and powerful way to listen to the voice of their customers.

Zavarovalnica Maribor Moves Enterprise Data Warehouse to Netezza [Published: 08-08-2008]
All corporate business intelligence (BI) and operational reporting has been migrated to a Netezza data warehouse appliance.

Worldwide Enterprise Storage System Semiconductor Market will Grow to $1.3 Billion by 2012 [Published: 08-08-2008]
With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.0%, according to new research from IDC.

Unisys Extends Leadership [Published: 08-08-2008]
Unisys High Performance SQL Server solution offers clients record–setting speed and power to drive their critical applications across their enterprise today.

Boundary Free Data Sharing for Acute and Ambulatory Facilities [Published: 08-11-2008]
Lorraine Fernandes explains why integrating patient data between facilities – hospitals, clinics, labs, physician practices, etc. – is becoming a top priority.

Hagemeyer Australia Selects Silver Creek System’s DataLens System [Published: 08-11-2008]
DataLens System to automate the standardization of Hagemeyer Australia’s master product catalog as well as assist with automating the quotation process.

iDashboards Develops Tool to Track Olympic Medal Counts and Event Data [Published: 08-11-2008]
Tracking the results of the Olympic Games has never been this simple or convenient.

Coremetrics Announces Availability of PowerPack [Published: 08-11-2008]
PowerPack is a combination of products and services that gets online businesses up and running quickly with an industry leading, pre–packaged online analytics solution.

China Industrial Bank Adopts Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 08-11-2008]
Delivering operational stability and outstanding performance, the EDW has greatly enhanced the decision-making capabilities and core competitiveness for Industrial Bank.

Using the Data Warehouse Appliance for Operational Business Intelligence [Published: 08-11-2008]
The increased demand for data extends beyond the data warehouse into the operational systems on one end, and datamart and analytical databases on the other side. This paper will focus on operational BI. login required

Composite Software Announces Record Numbers of Enterprises Deploying Composite Information Server [Published: 08-11-2008]
Composite has experienced more than 100 percent annual growth as new customers extended their virtualization from servers and storage to data.

How do I quantify the value of data? [Published: 08-11-2008] login required

eiVia Delivers Marketing Event Intelligence [Published: 08-12-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring eiVia’s Richard Tanler

OHC Acquires ThoughtBridge [Published: 08-12-2008]
ThoughtBridge will continue to deliver Microsoft SharePoint, custom .NET applications, business intelligence, Workflow and remote workforce consulting solutions.

Isetan Mitsukoshi System Solutions Expands Teradata Strategic Information Platform [Published: 08-12-2008]
The Teradata platform is used by Isetan to analyze merchandise and customer data, providing marketing intelligence for analysts at Isetan.

Business Objects Brings Business Data to Life [Published: 08-12-2008]
Xcelsius Present is a data-visualization tool that transforms ordinary, static Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets into captivating visuals and allows business users to share them via Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF files.

SAP Collaborates with GRC Partner Community [Published: 08-12-2008]
SAP's new initiative is to equip customers with the solutions and services they need to best prepare for Standard & Poor's new enterprise risk management evaluations.

Technology, Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Change [Published: 08-12-2008]
Over the last two years, Georgetown University has been offering a rather interesting experiment in leadership development.

Who Doesn't Want to be Agile? [Published: 08-12-2008]
The goal of this article is to provide a bit of background on agile project management and development and share the author's experiences, both positive and negative, with applying these concepts to business intelligence.

Business Objects Performance Management Solutions Enable Customers to Link Strategy to Execution [Published: 08-12-2008]
New era of convergence between enterprise performance management, business intelligence, and governance, risk and compliance solutions has arrived.

CSC Wins U.S. Air Force Contract [Published: 08-13-2008]
Under the new agreement, CSC will provide a comprehensive range of maintenance support for all branches of the military worldwide.

Business Objects Announces Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management [Published: 08-13-2008]
Solutions will provide customers with improved control and agility, enabling them to enhance performance across both finance and operations.

JDA Software to Acquire i2 Technologies [Published: 08-13-2008]
The combination of the two companies creates a global provider in the supply chain planning and optimization market.

DataDirect Releases New SOA for DataDirect Shadow Version 7 [Published: 08-13-2008]
DataDirect Shadow version 7 was designed to improve performance and lower costs associated with mainframe SOA enablement.

Data Quality: A Perspective from Data Examiners of a Financial Regulator [Published: 08-13-2008]
Regulators are shifting toward a more comprehensive view when evaluating an institution’s data quality. This article explores begins to lay out a framework for evaluating data quality at regulated institutions.

Covering Up Information Quality Programs [Published: 08-13-2008]
Does your organization perform information quality scrap and rework, or do you have a proactive information quality culture?

Polydeck Screen Corporation Selects Bitam [Published: 08-13-2008]
Artus will provide the executives and managers at Polydeck with dashboard, reporting and analytical capabilities while connecting to various data sources.

General Services Administration Approves immixGroup's Modification to Add the Complete Cisco Product Line [Published: 08-13-2008]
This is the result of a broader relationship between Cisco and immixGroup in which immixGroup is delivering value–added services designed to assist the Cisco public sector business.

DB Advisors Partners with Clearwater Analytics [Published: 08-13-2008]
DB Advisors has introduced an industry–leading standard for reporting fund holdings and risk analytics for its DWS Money Market fund complex.

Verizon Business Helps Customers Understand Network Access Control [Published: 08-13-2008]
The technology helps boost network security by allowing only authorized users and compliant devices to access a company's extended network.

North Lanarkshire Council Selects QPR Software Plc’s Scorecard Solution [Published: 08-13-2008]
The solution will provide council’s service practitioners, managers, elected members and members of the North Lanarkshire Partnership a possibility to monitor a range of performance measures set against strategic and operational initiatives.

Diocese of Saint Augustine Selects Microsoft [Published: 08-13-2008]
The growth of the church in Florida from this Mother Diocese to six additional dioceses and more than two million Catholics is a significant part of the story of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Connectyx Technologies Announces the Launch of MedFlash Survivor [Published: 08-13-2008]
MedFlash Survivor is a special version of its proprietary Personal Health Record flash memory device that will be used by State Department contractors working in Afghanistan.

Bremer Bank Selects CheckFree Small Business [Published: 08-13-2008]
Bremer Bank has been a Fiserv customer since 1986, when it licensed the Premier banking software suite from Fiserv business unit, Information Technology, Inc. (ITI).

Infobionics Challenges Corporate CIOs [Published: 08-14-2008]
The revolutionary Infobionics Cellular DBMS is the first fluid, dynamic solution for managing, navigating and querying data.

Datawatch Releases Monarch BI Server [Published: 08-14-2008]
Monarch BI Server produces immediate and measurable business results by leveraging existing information assets and processes with no need for database connectivity or programming.

Jaspersoft Announces Availability of Jaspersoft's iReport [Published: 08-14-2008]
Jasper for MySQL, the MySQL OEM edition of the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite, has been upgraded to version 3.

BzzAgent and Attensity form Alliance [Published: 08-14-2008]
BzzAgent will integrate Attensity's Voice of the Customer software into its WOM platform.

Using Vocabularies to Improve Findability [Published: 08-14-2008]
Buyers, customers and users expect relevant and useful results from the execution of a search, yet a high percentage of searches fail to return the answers they expect.

Passive Indexes [Published: 08-14-2008]
The standard practices of information management that sufficed in an earlier day and age often do not apply to archival data.

Software AG Expands the webMethods Application Modernization Suite [Published: 08-14-2008]
Key features of the Discovery Edition include code analytics and visualization, code refactoring, business rules identification and extraction and a collaborative knowledgebase for managing software artifacts.

The Arbor Day Foundation selects DataMentors [Published: 08-14-2008]
Arbor Day selected DataMentors to provide business intelligence analytics software to enhance its customer service and overall member experiences.

Corda Technologies and Huidu Technology form Partnership [Published: 08-14-2008]
The partnership will provide graphical reporting solutions in China.

Corevision Delivers Best Practices for Creating a Business Intelligence Competency Center [Published: 08-15-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Corevision’s Cole Whitney

Autostar Selects Bitam [Published: 08-15-2008]
The core strategy for Bitam and Autostar is to offer a robust EPM feature set regardless of the size of the company or the amount of resources available.

EnCrisp Partners with University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the Americas' SAP Users' Group [Published: 08-15-2008]
EnCrisp will authorize its though leaders to contribute to the industry and academia by actively participating as Adjunct Faculty and in teaching at various Universities globally.

Corticon Embeds Composite’s Information Server in the Corticon Enterprise Data Connector-Multi Source [Published: 08-18-2008]
Corticon’s EDC-Multi Source enables seamless access to relational databases, legacy data sources, web services, XML, message queues as well as leading packaged applications.

BOARD and Baker Tilly Management Consultancy form Partnership [Published: 08-18-2008]
Baker Tilly Management Consultancy and BOARD have signed an agreement to work together on developing BI and corporate performance management solutions.

ASG Software Solutions and HSBC Co-Winners of TDWI’s Best Practice Award [Published: 08-18-2008]
Their submission focused on the improvements and business benefits that HSBC has realised with its ASG-Rochade implementation.

IBM Introduces Two Software Products as Part of InfoSphere Portfolio [Published: 08-18-2008]
These products have been enhanced both in terms of capabilities and ease of deployment to better help customers create and manage trusted information from across the enterprise to improve business performance.

Data Warehousing as a Service Gains Awareness According to Kognitio Survey [Published: 08-18-2008]
Lower costs of implementation, operation seen as major reasons for companies to outsource functionality.

Embarcadero Announces ER/Studio Enterprise Portal [Published: 08-18-2008]
ER/Studio Enterprise Portal is a search engine for data that transforms the way metadata, business rules and models are located and accessed in the enterprise.

Frog Analytics, SITAR Technologies and Greenplum Announce Joint Solution [Published: 08-18-2008]
The Data Warehouse Accelerator is a complete business intelligence and customer contact management solution based on a new conceptual framework for delivering and implementing data driven applications.

What basic steps one can take to ensure that analytical processing produces meaningful information? [Published: 08-18-2008] login required

Sonian to Store and Query Terabytes of Digital Content with Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 08-18-2008]
Sonian offers digital content archiving in a software-as-a-service model that lets companies pay for only the data they are archiving for as long as they want it archived.

mLogica to Incorporate Actuate Software [Published: 08-18-2008]
The agreement will enable mLogica to incorporate Actuate software.

Steve Dille, VP of Marketing for Kickfire [Published: 08-18-2008]
Steve Dille, VP of Marketing for Kickfire, introduces the first high-performance database appliance for the MySQL market.

David Inbar, Pervasive Director of Worldwide Marketing [Published: 08-18-2008]
David Inbar, Pervasive Director of Worldwide Marketing, discusses data quality as a separate process and in conjunction with data integration.

Bob Potter, CEO of expressor Software [Published: 08-18-2008]
expressor Software's CEO Bob Potter explains how this startup lowers the cost of data integration for its customers with new solutions.

Ed White, VP of Product Marketing for Teradata [Published: 08-18-2008]
Ed White, VP of Product Marketing for Teradata, shares recent product announcements including a data warehouse appliance update.

Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français Selects Information Builders WebFOCUS BI Platform [Published: 08-19-2008]
SNCF selected Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform to help it manage its more than 160,000 employees spread out all around France.

Kalido Releases Kalido Information Engine [Published: 08-19-2008]
Kalido Information Engine includes enhancements that deliver significant cost and resource savings, while providing better information to more business users.

What’s Happening with Business Rules and Decision Management? [Published: 08-19-2008]
James Taylor and Ronald Ross, Executive Editor of www.BRCommunity.com and Chair of the Business Rules Forum Conference, explain the importance of business rules and decision management.

The Business Intelligence Model of Conflicting Interests [Published: 08-19-2008]
There are three parties involved in business intelligence, each having its own interpretation of good management information. Given these different interests, is it possible for everyone to get the information they require?

West Interactive Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 08-19-2008]
West Interactive will use SPSS data mining and text mining software to analyze business data from multiple contact channels to help its clients continually improve customer service and increase loyalty.

SAP Users' Group Announces Webcast Series to Educate Members on SAP Enterprise Support [Published: 08-19-2008]

Advanced Search Capability Added to Talisma Knowledgebase [Published: 08-19-2008]
Release 8.1 enhancements dramatically improve service quality.

Envision Telephony Products Earn Alcatel-Lucent Partner Certification [Published: 08-20-2008]
The Envision Performance Suite has been certified by the Alcatel-Lucent Alliance and Application Partner Program on the following Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX platforms: OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniTouch Contact Center.

Talend Announces Talend Data Quality [Published: 08-20-2008]
Talend Data Quality identifies “dirty data” such as nicknames, duplicated records and shortened street addresses and corrects them using reference data from providers such as the U.S. Postal Service.

Innovation in Performance Management, Part 2 [Published: 08-20-2008]
Craig Schiff looks at some of the most innovative vendors in the performance management space.

Frog Analytics, SITAR Technologies and Greenplum Announce Partnership [Published: 08-21-2008]
Partnership to deliver preconfigured solutions for the banking and telecommunications markets to accelerate Data Warehouse adoption and the speed at which companies can begin making decisions and driving revenue growth.

Visual Numerics Announces Availability of PyIMSL [Published: 08-21-2008]
Visual Numerics has developed Python wrappers for all IMSL C Library numerical analysis functionality.

Data Correction [Published: 08-21-2008]
David Loshin suggests instituting some straightforward controls over data correction to prevent arbitrary modifications to customer data.

SAND Technology Enters into an OEM Agreement with MicroStrategy [Published: 08-21-2008]
SAND plans to include MicroStrategy software in its data management solutions to provide advanced reporting capabilities to its customers.

Bitam's Enterprise Performance Management Suite Consists of Three Core Products [Published: 08-21-2008]
Bitam's EPM suite consists of three core products – Business Intelligence, Strategic Planning and Financial Planning.

Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times [Published: 08-21-2008]
In times of economic slowdown, companies must be more agile at predicting risks and spotting opportunities. Business Intelligence has served us very well in good times, but how will it serve us in these lean times? login required

Xterprise Announces Clarity Advances a New Suite of Solutions for Retail Applications [Published: 08-22-2008]
Solution introduces advanced inventory management and execution capabilities for the fashion apparel, specialty and high tech retail industry segments.

GE Healthcare IT Announces Global Reseller Agreement with Ormed Information Systems [Published: 08-22-2008]
The agreement will allow GE to resell select applications across the Ormed portfolio.

Building a Fact-Driven Enterprise [Published: 08-25-2008]
Tim Wormus discusses how next-generation tools are providing employees at all levels within organizations the ability to make fact-based decisions, and he examines the approaches of key players in the analytics space.

Information Builders Selected as a 2008 CRM Market Leader in Business Intelligence [Published: 08-25-2008]
CRM magazine is the industry's leading customer relationship management publication.

Gemstone Systems Announces Partnership with Adobe [Published: 08-25-2008]
Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will embed GemStone’s GemFire Enterprise software into LiveCycle ES.

nGenera Partners with OpenSymmetry [Published: 08-25-2008]
OpenSymmetry will provide compensation systems technology advisory services and implementation of nGenera's nGen Compensation SaaS–based suite at select nGenera customers.

City of Santa Ana Licenses the Lawson S3 Enterprise Financial Management and Supply Chain Management Suites [Published: 08-25-2008]
The Lawson applications will replace the city's legacy business system, which requires significant duplicate data entry and paper-based processes to complete many of the city's administrative activities.

Louisiana Department of Social Services Awarded with ISM Excellence in Human Services for Innovative Use of Information Builders WebFOCUS [Published: 08-25-2008]
The award recognizes the use of emerging information technologies in the arena of state and local human services.

What is your evaluation of the open source BI/reporting offerings? [Published: 08-25-2008] login required

Centigon Solutions Inc. Releases the First Add-On Components for Xcelsius 2008 [Published: 08-25-2008]
Xcelsius users create more robust dashboards, Centigon Solutions’ innovative plug-in components set the standard for other developers by introducing powerful functionality to the Xcelsius product line.

COA Solutions and MITS Partnership Enables Patient–Level Analytics [Published: 08-26-2008]
This partnership sees the integration of MITS Discover analytics reporting tool into COA Solutions' PRM.

Greenplum Announces Support for MapReduce [Published: 08-26-2008]
Greenplum gives enterprises the best of both worlds – MapReduce for programmers and SQL for DBAs – and will execute both MapReduce and SQL directly within Greenplum’s parallel dataflow engine.

Apple Launches iPhone in 20 More Countries [Published: 08-26-2008]
With recent additions, Apple's iPhone reach is 42 countries.

Chordiant and IBM Extend Partnership [Published: 08-26-2008]
Chordiant and IBM have expanded their alliance for an additional five years with particular focus on global healthcare, communications and insurance markets.

Embarcadero Releases Performance Center 2.5 [Published: 08-26-2008]
With Performance Center 2.5, Embarcadero focused on features that help mitigate the strain DBAs are facing amid the radical growth in data and the increased number of systems under their management.

Syncsort Backup Express Introduces Linux Support to its Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Solutions [Published: 08-26-2008]

The Business Intelligence Education Problem [Published: 08-26-2008]
Richard Herschel proposes promoting business intelligence (BI) as a field of endeavor so that the procurement of qualified candidates for important BI jobs will not remain haphazard, frustrating and unnecessarily constrained.

Text Analytics Basics, Part 2 [Published: 08-26-2008]
This article by Seth Grimes is Part 2 of a comprehensive introduction to text analytics technology.

HiT Software Releases DBMoto 6.5 [Published: 08-26-2008]
DBMoto 6.5 offers new tools and enhanced optimizations for zero–administration, easy graphical configuration and high–velocity data migration, cutting time and effort in data integration tasks.

1010data Streamlines Application Customization with New ODBC Functionality [Published: 08-26-2008]
The 1010data Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver allows users to easily integrate custom or off-the-shelf applications for visualization and reporting within the 1010data platform.

Beckman Coulter Selects Oco [Published: 08-27-2008]
Beckman Coulter Inc. has selected Oco's business intelligence solution to provide advanced reporting and analytics.

IDC Says Second Quarter Server Market Will Continue to Accelerate [Published: 08-27-2008]

expressor software Secures $10 Million in Funding [Published: 08-27-2008]
The funding will enable expressor software to further advance its innovative next-generation data integration platform and to rapidly expand marketing, sales, business development and product support.

IPC Selects Information Builders iWay Software to Meet Compliance with FDA Standards [Published: 08-27-2008]
IPC selected Information Builders iWay Software to meet drug tracking requirements in complete compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards.

Full Circle: Decision Intelligence (DSS 2.0) [Published: 08-27-2008]
This article discusses why business intelligence is often too closely associated with data warehousing and should be replaced by a concept such as decision intelligence, which could be considered a modern version of earlier decision support systems.

Oracle Introduces Oracle CRM On Demand Integration to Siebel CRM [Published: 08-27-2008]
New prebuilt integration provides a holistic view of customer data across on-demand and on-premise CRM deployments.

ReymannGroup Survey Says Information Management Mistakes Wreak Havoc in the Public Sector [Published: 08-27-2008]
ReymannGroup, Inc. publishes "Forward-Looking Thought Leadership" report on a persistent approach for protecting information regardless of where it resides, where it is sent or how it is used.

MicroStrategy Announces New Visualization Widgets [Published: 08-27-2008]
Advanced widgets for improved data comprehension and decision making introduced.

CMG Logistics to Incorporate Blink Logic into their SaaS-based TDMS [Published: 08-28-2008]
CMG Logistics will be incorporating Blink Logic into their SaaS-based Transportation Data Management Service(TDMS).

Bitam and RADventure Form Partnership [Published: 08-28-2008]
RADventure BI will have sole distributor rights of the Bitam software applications in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

CitiusTech Attains Gold Certified Partner Status [Published: 08-28-2008]
As a Gold Certified Partner, CitiusTech has demonstrated its expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to meet the growing needs of its healthcare customers.

Aternity Announces Partnership with Ness Technologies [Published: 08-28-2008]
The agreement signals the rising global demand for real end user experience and Aternity's Frontline Performance Intelligence solutions.

Data Governance in 3-D [Published: 08-28-2008]
Jill Dyché discusses the core define-design-deploy continuum for successful data governance initiatives.

IPC Saves $1 Million Developing Drug-Tracking System with iWay Software [Published: 08-28-2008]
Pharmaceutical distributor develops world-class e-pedigree system at a fraction of the cost.

Information Builders Partners to Deliver Supply Chain Performance Management Solution [Published: 08-29-2008]
Information Builders developed the solution with the Performance Measurement Group, the premier global operational performance measurement and management services firm.

Smith & Nephew Selects Varicent Software [Published: 08-29-2008]
Varicent SPM wasselected by Smith & Nephew to manage, model, analyze and report on incentive compensation plans and sales performance.