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April 2008 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Truviso Delivers Innovative Next-Generation Analytic Solutions [Published: 04-01-2008]
Truviso enables businesses to implement a massively scalable, grid-ready solution for analyzing high volumes of data generated by dynamic.

Gartner Says Worldwide BI Spending to Grow 11 Percent in 2008 [Published: 04-01-2008]
Worldwide BI platform revenue is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rateof 8.1 percent through 2012, to reach $7.7 billion in 2012.

Data Mining the Financial Markets, Part 3 [Published: 04-01-2008]
This article, the third in a series, examines random and predictable events in financial data mining efforts and reviews the author’s experience with data mining in 30-year U.S. Treasury Bond futures.

IT Culture and the EIM Paradigm Shift [Published: 04-02-2008]
The false distinction of IT and "the business" as two separate worlds is impeding full realization of enterprise information management.

Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence How Do They Fit Together? Part 4 [Published: 04-02-2008]
This final installment in Ferguson's four-part series covers mashups.

Butler Group Recommends that Organizations Would Benefit From Using Composite Information Server 4.6 [Published: 04-02-2008]
The Composite Information Server integrates live data in real time across disparate systems and is particularly good at accessing packaged application data that is notoriously difficult to access.

Initiate Systems Unveils Initiate Master Data Service [Published: 04-02-2008]
Version 8.1 enables customers to operationalize governance processes that require data stewards to visualize and manage complex data relationships.

IntraLinks Selects Varicent SPM [Published: 04-02-2008]
IntraLinks will use Varicent SPM to manage its complex sales incentive compensation plans.

MicroStrategy Announces Siperian will Resell MicroStrategy 8 with Siperian MDM Hub as Part of a New Offering [Published: 04-02-2008]
Insight Manager enables organizations to effectively govern their data on an ongoing basis by actively reporting on the quality of master data through MicroStrategy’s Dynamic Enterprise Dashboards.

MindTree Announces Enhancements to its RUBIC BI Framework [Published: 04-02-2008]
MindTree’s RUBIC framework will provide BI implementations with structured approaches to manage various design aspects, increase the quality of the solution and substantially save time to market.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 4 [Published: 04-03-2008]
Today's investment realities reqire that innovators make the best of one of their trademark characteristics.

Data Life Cycle A First Step in Maintaining Your Data Warehouse [Published: 04-03-2008]
Understanding the value of the data in your data warehouse and managing the data life cycle is a first step in managing the health of your data warehouse.

Techniques and Tools for Data Quality Management [Published: 04-03-2008]
In an important new whitepaper, David Loshin examines how data quality technology, tools and techniques support best practices in data quality management. login required

BIReady Announces the Incorporation of BIReady, Inc. [Published: 04-03-2008]
BIReady, Inc., will build sales and support teams to bring BIREADYM, the Data Warehouse Generator, to the US and Canadian market.

Optimizing Human Capital: Every Business Leader’s Imperative [Published: 04-07-2008]
Businesses can gain competitive edge by focusing on and optimizing use of its human capital, integrating the human capital strategy within the larger business strategy.

Satori Group Delivers the Satori iPerformance Approach to BI [Published: 04-07-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Satori Group’s Deanna Ransom

Phone Works Selects LucidEra [Published: 04-07-2008]
LucidEra will access and analyze current and historical CRM data and give management the ability to quickly spot trends in the sales pipeline.

Intellitactics Announces the Addition of New Partners in the US [Published: 04-07-2008]
Part of the strategy will be to increase market reach and provide customers with services that accelerate ROI with security information and event management implementations.

DATAllegro Announces the Release of Version 3.1 [Published: 04-07-2008]
The new software version marks the delivery of the next phase of DATAllegro's grid technology and supports various management and integration processes for enhanced ease-of-use.

Altosoft Announces the Release of Altosoft Insight 3.0 [Published: 04-07-2008]
Altosoft Insight 3.0 delivers advanced features that enable organizations to easily extend their BI infrastructure to directly support real-time business operations.

U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration Selects MEGA INTERNATIONAL [Published: 04-07-2008]
MARAD is using the MEGA Modeling Suite for an enterprise architecture initiative to help the agency make IT and business operations efficient.

Cardinal Health Announces an Agreement with ClearCount Medical Solutions [Published: 04-07-2008]
Cardinal Health will be the primary distributor for ClearCount’s patented SmartSponge system to hospitals, surgery centers and other healthcare distributors in the U.S.

Mu-Gahat Launches Custom UHF RFID Inlay Design Service [Published: 04-07-2008]
Mu-Gahat's in-house staff of RFID antenna design engineers works with customers to optimize RFID tag performance for a specific application.

Credit Risk Advisor Provides a Complete View into the Overall Creditworthiness of a Small Business [Published: 04-07-2008]
Credit Risk Advisor provides a complete view into the overall creditworthiness of a small business.

CSC Signs Agreement with Chrysler [Published: 04-07-2008]
CSC will provide mainframe, server and storage services for all of Chrysler's worldwide locations.

Business Intelligence and the Federal Brain Drain [Published: 04-08-2008]
Sixty percent of the federal government workforce is eligible to retire in the next ten years. How can business intelligence help?

Business Analytics Getting the Point [Published: 04-08-2008]
Analytics is about making a difference providing the insight and understanding to support informed decisions and confident actions, and providing the feedback that is needed to create a learning organization.

NetworkIP Selects Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 04-08-2008]
NetworkIP is using the Vertica Analytic Database to supercharge a key business offering for its customers.

Gartner Says IT Leaders Should Prepare for the Third Wave of Innovation to Drive Growth [Published: 04-08-2008]
Gartner analysts explained that in some ways it was the drive to innovate by financial institutions that led to the current economic conditions.

Informatica Announces Findings from an Informatica Customer Research Study [Published: 04-08-2008]
The findings highlight that corporations who have implemented ICCs are obtaining multi-million dollar annual cost savings.

Noetix Awarded U.S. Patent for Noetix MetaBuilder Technology [Published: 04-08-2008]
Noetix’s MetaBuilder technology automatically scans an enterprise application’s setup, discovers its unique configurations and generates metadata.

ChartSearch Intranet Launches a New Paradigm in Enterprise Search and Data Analysis [Published: 04-09-2008]
ChartSearch enables information users to harness the power of enterprise search and real-time business intelligence capabilities, within a single business market research platform.

Cincom Selects JasperSoft [Published: 04-09-2008]
Cincom Systems, Inc. has selected the JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite to power all Cincom BI applications.

Attunity Announces the Availability of Enhanced Functionality within its Attunity Integration Suite [Published: 04-09-2008]
The Attunity Integration Suite now offers customers the additional benefit of native support for 64bit Windows.

American Greetings Corporation Selects SAP [Published: 04-09-2008]
American Greetings selected SAP Business Suite applications to improve its data management and adapt quickly to customer needs while helping to ensure best quality products.

IBM Releases WebSphere Premises Server Version 6.1 [Published: 04-09-2008]
WebSphere Premises Server version 6.1 will enable companies to gather, analyze, and act upon data from passive and active RFID tags.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 5 [Published: 04-10-2008]
How will the hurdles to innovation affect enterprise technology?

Why Are Data Warehouses Growing So Fast? [Published: 04-10-2008]
Richard Winter provides observations on the causes and effects of the explosion of digital information.

Talend Delivers Data Integration Solutions to All Organizations [Published: 04-14-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Talend’s Yves de Montcheuil

DATAllegro Launches DATA-Beat [Published: 04-14-2008]
DATAllegro announced the launch of its new blog, "DATA-Beat," authored by CEO, Stuart Frost.

REvolution Computing Reaps the Benefits of R [Published: 04-14-2008]
REvolution Computing will be able to harness the benefits of R with the comfort of commercial support and product enhancement at business speed that CIO’s demand.

Actuate Releases Actuate 9 Service Pack 3 [Published: 04-14-2008]
Actuate 9 Service Pack 3 features its Collaborative Reporting Architecture and a Rich Internet Application.

Healthways Selects SAS Predictive Analytics [Published: 04-15-2008]
Healthways relies on SAS to help identify people who would benefit from their preventive care services and achieve improved health outcomes.

The Most Successful Business Intelligence Tool [Published: 04-15-2008]
When evaluating, selecting and deploying business intelligence tools, one of the most important steps is to understand which segment of user needs you are trying to fulfill and then match the tool to that segment.

Customers Worldwide Sign Up for Sybase IQ Analytics Server [Published: 04-15-2008]
Several hundred new customers worldwide sign up for Sybase IQ analytics server, the market leader in column-oriented database, in the last year.

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation Selects QuantiSense [Published: 04-15-2008]
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation has selected QuantiSense for its BI and data warehousing solution.

Linguamatics Announces that Pfizer has Extended its Strategic Collaboration with Linguamatics [Published: 04-16-2008]
Pfizer will use Linguamatics I2E knowledge discovery platform for text mining across their R&D organization.

Sun Microsystems Announces the Availability of MySQL 5.1 [Published: 04-16-2008]
MySQL 5.1 is a open source database, designed to improve performance and simplify management of large database applications.

Sun Microsystems Announces Third-Party Support for the MySQL Database's Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture [Published: 04-16-2008]
The MySQL Certified Storage Engine Program helps to assure MySQL users that these certified engines have reached high-level standards of usability, performance and integration.

TIBCO Spotfire Positioned in Gartner’s Business Intelligence Platforms 2008 Magic Quadrant [Published: 04-16-2008]
Vendors were evaluated based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Organizations Worldwide Select Oracle for Enterprise Performance Management and BI Initiatives [Published: 04-16-2008]
Organizations are choosing Oracle to help optimize business processes, decisions and actions.

Infor Announces Strong Customer Growth in Performance Management [Published: 04-16-2008]
Customers selected Infor PM software to improve visibility into the financial and operational health of their company.

InforSense Signs Three Year Collaboration Agreement with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute [Published: 04-16-2008]
InforSense's researchers at Dana-Farber are using ClinicalSense to access integrated clinical, sample, and research data via non-technical web pages.

Hurdles to Innovation, Part 6 [Published: 04-17-2008]
When will the venture capitalist stance toward start-ups revert to where it once was?

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth... [Published: 04-17-2008]
Understanding the relevance of risk variables within the way that an information technology (IT) group supports business activities can be useful when assessing business needs for IT practices.

The Vertica Database: Rethinking Data Warehouse Architecture [Published: 04-17-2008]
In today's market, leveraging information in data warehouses is increasingly critical to business success. At the same time, enterprises face the challenge to deliver higher business intelligence value at lower cost. login required

The Vertica Database: Technical Overview White Paper [Published: 04-17-2008]
Vertica is a general-purpose relational database system designed to provide extremely good performance on read-intensive query workloads. login required

The Vertica Analytic Database – Introducing a New Era in DBMS [Published: 04-17-2008]
As businesses become more analytical to gain competitive advantage and comply with new regulations, they are changing the demands placed on data warehouses and driving demand for new query-intensive database applications. login required

Dialing Up Blazingly Fast Call Detail Analysis with Vertica [Published: 04-17-2008]
With Vertica, NetworkIP will be able to create new business intelligence tools because it now has a database engine that can create new CDR-mining reports in a day or so instead of a week or weeks. login required

Archiving Digital Content in the Cloud with Vertica [Published: 04-17-2008]
In the past, customers had to invest in expensive, proprietary IT systems or expensive hosted services to meet their archiving requirements. Today, they can outsource their archiving to Sonian, for a fraction of the cost. login required

Managing Sensor Data for Fleet Tracking using the Vertica Analytic Database [Published: 04-17-2008]
How the Vertica Analytic Database was used to improve the performance of a fleet tracking prototype application at MIT. login required

Truviso Completes Enhancement to PostgreSQL Open Source Database [Published: 04-18-2008]
Enhancement further extends PostgreSQL open source database system’s suitability for streaming data analysis.

Informatica Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Identity Systems [Published: 04-18-2008]
Acquisition brings identity resolution capabilities to Informatica.

Truviso Delivers a Revolutionary Approach to BI [Published: 04-21-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Truviso’s Boyd Pearce

Business & Decision Acquires ICS Ltd [Published: 04-21-2008]
ICS Ltd specializes in custom application development and business intelligence solutions.

StrategyEye Signs a Partnership to Provide Content to BNET Industries [Published: 04-21-2008]
BNET combines original reporting with information on the business fundamentals of more than 9,000 public companies covering 11 industries.

Teradata Corporation Introduces a Powerful Family of Platforms [Published: 04-21-2008]
The family will extend the reach so that customers can leverage the power of Teradata within their enterprises in meeting their business and technical needs.

Netuitive Integrates with HP OpenView Operations [Published: 04-21-2008]
With this solution, customers can automatically correlate HP-OVO data with monitoring data from third-party vendors.

Greenplum Looks at Environmental Impact of Data on Earth Day [Published: 04-22-2008]
Greenplum has joined the Business Council on Climate Change, a partnership of San Francisco Bay Area businesses committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The NFL Selects Fair Isaac’s Optimal Planning Solutions and Xpress-MP Optimization [Published: 04-22-2008]
The NFL has used Optimal Planning Solutions’s sports-scheduling solution and Fair Isaac’s Xpress-MP optimization tool to deliver the NFL’s playing schedule..

Competing on (Customer) Decisions [Published: 04-22-2008]
Competing by focusing on customer treatment decisions should be a core element of a customer-centric strategy.

Implementing a Successful Business Intelligence Competency Center [Published: 04-22-2008]
Developing a centralized strategy and framework can lead to faster application delivery, greater cost reduction and better decision making.

Shire Selects Netezza [Published: 04-22-2008]
Shire has selected the Netezza Performance Server appliance for its global enterprise data warehouse platform.

Sikorsky Aircraft Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 04-23-2008]
Sikorsky Aircraft has selected predictive analytics software from SPSS Inc. to increase customer loyalty by proactively anticipating customer needs in helicopter fleets.

SAP Unveils the Perfect Plant Center of Excellence [Published: 04-23-2008]
Perfect Plant COE provides a virtual view of a life sciences plant floor environment and lets users test drive end-to-end, real-world manufacturing business processes through SAP solutions and partner composite applications.

Intelleflex and Minds Inc. Partner to Deliver Extended Capability RFID Solutions [Published: 04-23-2008]
Intelleflex Corporation and Minds Inc. will deliver automated, real-time tracking solutions for companies that need to monitor the flow of hot mix asphalt from production to paving.

Danger – BPM Ahead, Part 1 [Published: 04-23-2008]
This article, the first in a two-part series, covers two of the three problems that can cause significant issues for the companies implementing business performance management solutions.

CallMiner Awarded a U.S. Speech Analytics Patent [Published: 04-23-2008]
CallMiner’s patented software generates word alternatives to disambiguate confusing phrases used in speech patterning.

Tableau Software Announces the Availability of Tableau Reader [Published: 04-23-2008]
Tableau Reader, a free software application that enables anyone to view, interact with and print analyses and dashboards created in Tableau Desktop.

Medibank Private Selects Teradata [Published: 04-23-2008]
Medibank Private, has selected Teradata for a company-wide enterprise data warehouse.

Cars.com Selects IBM [Published: 04-24-2008]
Cars.com has selected IBM software to drive a multi-year SOA project.

BlueBean Provides GE Aviation with RFID Kit-Tracking System [Published: 04-24-2008]
Workers are placing RFID tags on each kit in the shipment.

Expanding the Envelope [Published: 04-24-2008]
The aviation industry provides a metaphor for the state of data warehousing.

Your Business Intelligence Program [Published: 04-24-2008]
Taking the time to establish a common vocabulary around business intelligence and master data management projects gets everyone on the same page and also is a means by which to enlist business involvement.

Embarcadero Technologies Takes Enterprise Data Modeling to the Next Level [Published: 04-24-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring Embarcadero Technologies’ Jason Tiret

Burlington Coat Factory Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 04-24-2008]
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation has selected MicroStrategy for merchandising reporting and analytics.

The Greening of Corporate Social Responsibility [Published: 04-28-2008]
Green initiatives are taking a strong hold in American business today because business is realizing that green is not just a “hippy-dippy” idea, but instead good business with financial benefits to be gained.

Teksouth Announces a $17.2 Million Contract from the United States Air Force [Published: 04-28-2008]
Teksouth Corporation to administer a sophisticated data warehouse used by the Air Force to manage the execution of its $40 billion worldwide Operations and Maintenance budget.

TEC Certifies the LogiXML Logi 9 BI Platform [Published: 04-28-2008]
Organizations use the TEC Business Intelligence Evaluation Center to compare how products support the right mix of reporting, analytics, business performance management, data warehousing and workflow requirements they need.

Dash Carrier Services Chooses Covergence Session Manager [Published: 04-28-2008]
Covergence Session Manager to ensure reliable, “business-grade” voice services for Dash customers nationwide.

Primary Provider Management Company, Inc. (PPMC) Selects HealthTrio’s xpress, connect and Personal Health Record [Published: 04-28-2008]
Enterprise Suite of Managed Care Solutions will provide PPMC with competitive advantage.

ComplianceAnalyzer PLUS Offers Monetary Protection to Help Restore Confidence in the Mortgage-Backed Securities Market [Published: 04-28-2008]
Leading mortgage compliance system expands its insurance-backed warranty coverage to federal and state consumer protection regulations

NextBio Announces Public Launch of Its Life Science Search Engine [Published: 04-28-2008]
New paradigm for basic and clinical research promotes open biology.

Software as a Service Providers Partner to Offer Integrated Supply Chain Solution [Published: 04-28-2008]
CORESense and SPS Commerce partner to provide SaaS solutions for the midmarket.

InforSense Integrates the InforSense Platform with LabVantage's SAPPHIRE Laboratory Information Management Suite [Published: 04-28-2008]
The alliance will integrate the InforSense platform with LabVantage's flagship SAPPHIRE LIMS and for LabVantage to resell InforSense along with its SAPPHIRE LIMS.

eThority Delivers Universal Access to Enterprise Data [Published: 04-29-2008]
Exclusive interview featuring eThority’s Mike Psenka

Improving Service Line Performance with Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 04-29-2008]
Business intelligence and analytics can help to get a comprehensive picture of the standard financial and clinical performance measures and then build on these standard measures to find trends and patterns.

Activity versus Achievement in Telecom [Published: 04-29-2008]
The telecom industry might be the poster child for issues associated with mis-definition of measures and key performance indicators, and the ineffective use of those measures across departmental lines.

Health Market Science Launches Prism Advanced Analytics [Published: 04-29-2008]
Prism introduced to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

OASIS Launches New Group to Optimize SOA for Telecommunications [Published: 04-29-2008]
BEA, IBM, Primeton, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, CA, Microsoft, NEC, Nortel, Oracle, Progress Software, Verisign and others collaborate to resolve telecommunications issues within the SOA framework.

CallMiner Releases New Version of CallMiner Eureka [Published: 04-29-2008]
The latest version provides users with a multitude of new features and functionality, with the primary focus of the new release to support large scale implementations for enterprise customers.

Varicent Announces the General Availability of Varicent SPM 5.0 [Published: 04-29-2008]
Varicent SPM 5.0 is the latest release of Varicent's flagship solution for effectively managing incentive compensation and sales performance.

New Version of 170 MarkView Financial Suite for the SAP ERP System Released [Published: 04-29-2008]
New release enriches accounts payable and purchasing users' experience.

TIBCO Software Inc. Announces TIBCO Spotfire Operations Analytics [Published: 04-29-2008]
TIBCO Spotfire Operations Analytics allows customers to deploy real-time process-specific analytics applications and streamline business process control across the organization.

SAS Helps Organizations Accurately Measure and Manage their Environmental Impact [Published: 04-29-2008]
SAS for Sustainability Management addresses complex environmental, social, and economic situations while achieving stakeholder objectives.

Medical University of South Carolina Implements DictAide Medical Transcription Platform from AssistMed, Inc. [Published: 04-29-2008]
AssistMed's solution addresses MUSC's need to reduce costs tied to medical transcription while improving quality and staff productivity.

SAP and Microsoft Join Together to Help Banks Establish a SOA for their Business Operations [Published: 04-30-2008]
The goal of BIAN is to help banks ease the transition to an SOA by gathering together a community of industry leading players and global banks who will openly share domain and technical expertise to apply SOA principles and methodologies.

Bank of America Selects SAP ERP [Published: 04-30-2008]
Bank of America selects SAP ERP to further integrate and enhance the bank’s internal financial reporting systems.

Is Data Warehousing Essential to Business Intelligence? [Published: 04-30-2008]
The role of data warehousing is changing as companies move toward using new business intelligence approaches.

Aptech Computer Systems Announces that LQ Management Implements Execuvue Business Intelligence [Published: 04-30-2008]
LQ Management L.L.C., operator of the La Quinta Inns and Suites brand, implemented the Execuvue Business Intelligence system to automate data gathering and operational performance management for its more than 600 La Quinta Inns and Suites hotels.

Software AG Announces that T Mobile International is Developing its IT-Governance Methodology in Conjunction with Software AG [Published: 04-30-2008]
One of the goals of this program is to accelerate the introduction of new products and service plans using Software AG’s technologies for SOA and BPM.

Reva Systems Announces a Partnership with Oracle [Published: 04-30-2008]
Reva Systems is working with Oracle to enable Oracle E-Business Suite customers to capture and utilize high-quality RFID data.

Quantrix Announces the Release of Quantrix Modeler’s Multidimensional Platform [Published: 04-30-2008]
Quantrix Modeler’s multidimensional platform will enable modeling teams, managers, and consultants to achieve and exceed business performance objectives with more secure, dynamic models.

Financial Executives International Announces the Results of its Seventh Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey [Published: 04-30-2008]
Sarbanes-Oxley compliance survey, which found that Section 404 compliance cost Corporate America less in year four of adoption than in each of the first three years.

Relational Solutions and Teradata Announce Partnership [Published: 04-30-2008]
EDW powerhouse and POS data integration leader join forces for demand signal repository solution.

Stratavia Announces the Results of Study Conducted by Enterprise Management Associates [Published: 04-30-2008]
The survey revealed insights from 169 IT professionals from organizations with over $100 million in annual revenues.

Fiduciary360 Enhances Analytical and Reporting Software [Published: 04-30-2008]
Fiduciary360's enhanced analytical and reporting software lets users create highly customized due diligence reports.

Oracle Launches Siebel Personalized Content Delivery for Life Sciences Companies [Published: 04-30-2008]
Closed-loop marketing solution delivers industry's first CRM and detailing platform.