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October 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Archi-Tech Unveils DART LRx [Published: 10-01-2007]
DART LRx enables pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams to better manage and analyze longitudinal prescriber-level data.

Dynamic Markets Reveals Companies Lose $250 Million per Year from Poor Business Intelligence [Published: 10-01-2007]
The research, based on interviews with 218 operational executives and front line management and conducted between November 2006 and August 2007.

CSC Announces that the U.S. Army LMP Achieves ISO/IEC 20000 Certification [Published: 10-01-2007]
ISO/IEC 20000 certification is an international standard established for organizations delivering IT services and reflects best practice guidance contained within the ITIL initiative.

SAP Announces Availability of SAP Integration Package for SWIFT [Published: 10-01-2007]
SAP Integration Package for SWIFT immediately solves the challenge faced by many multinational corporations that exchange electronic information with banks in different countries and continents.

SAP Launches Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity [Published: 10-01-2007]
The SAP consulting package outlines the benefits of standards-based, real-time corporate-to-bank connectivity in reducing costs and IT complexity while increasing wallet share and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Evare Extends Services to the Financial Industry [Published: 10-01-2007]
Financial institutions that need to monitor and track such activity can now utilize Evare’s managed service to improve on efficiency and accuracy.

Wallstreet Announces the Availability of Wallstreet BackOffice [Published: 10-01-2007]
Wallstreet BackOffice ASP vastly reduces IT overheads – enabling in-house resources to focus on other mission critical systems.

Applix Announces the Launch of Applix On-Demand [Published: 10-01-2007]
Applix On-Demand provides customers and partners immediate access to tools, interfaces and applications specifically designed to support integrated BPM and expand the flexibility of the Applix platform.

Software AG Announces the Availability of the CentraSite Governance Edition [Published: 10-01-2007]
CentraSite Governance Edition as a comprehensive, standards-based solution for managing and governing the services, processes, policies and business rules associated with service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Rabobank Selects HP [Published: 10-01-2007]
Rabobank, selected a solution based on HP Neoview, a next-generation data warehousing platform, as well as HP Services.

Initiate Systems Announces the Availability of Initiate Citizen Software [Published: 10-01-2007]
Initiate Master Data Service version 8.0 delivers single, trusted and complete versions of critical data assets in real time to the people, processes and applications that rely on them.

Informatica Announces Availability of Integration Pack for Salesforce [Published: 10-01-2007]
The Informatica Integration Pack for Salesforce, enables integration between Salesforce and local/on-premise applications, databases and files.

Getting a Grip on Data Governance and Management [Published: 10-01-2007]
Exploring examples and exercises that help you get a grip on effective management and exploitation of the enterprise data asset. login required

Analyzing the Emotional Tone of Content [Published: 10-01-2007]
Lexalytics reviews how text analytics can be used to understand and gain insight to the actionable intelligence found in your company’s content. login required

Making Data useable by Adding Structure to Unstructured Content [Published: 10-01-2007]
Learn how Lexalytics Acquisition Engine can help add meaning to your company’s office documents, emails and intranet content. login required

Social Media: Customers are Talking and You Need to Listen. [Published: 10-01-2007]
Lexalytics offers insight into how blogs, online media outlets and other community forums influence reputation management and how to capture key information. login required

When Data is Not Enough [Published: 10-02-2007]
Because companies are faced with the limitations of traditional business intelligence (BI), this article examines how companies can marry BI information with broad search capabilties.

Evidence-Based Management [Published: 10-02-2007]
In this interview, authors Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton discuss evidence-based management and the importance of wisdom built on the constant evaluation of knowledge and the humility to doubt and change.

Panorama Software Announces Partnership Agreement with Spiral Solutions [Published: 10-02-2007]
Together, the companies will offer Eastern Europe’s business community PBI software and expertise.

Purisma Announces the Release of Purisma Data Hub 3.5 [Published: 10-02-2007]
Purisma Data Hub 3.5 utilizes server clustering for high performance and availability.

Zencos and eTelemetry Announce Partnership [Published: 10-02-2007]
The partnership is designed to prepare businesses for enterprise-wide business intelligence implementations by leveraging real-time social network analysis.

LogiXML Announces a Major Upgrade to the Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform [Published: 10-02-2007]
This newest Version of the Logi 8 platform helps organizations extend BI value to more users by adding Enterprise Search capabilities.

Spotfire Announces a New OEM Partnership [Published: 10-02-2007]
SimCorp is integrating Spotfire directly into the solutions it sells.

SAP Delivers New Capabilities for SAP NetWeaver [Published: 10-02-2007]
With SAP NetWeaver, customers and partners can maintain a stable application foundation while leveraging the newly delivered technology platform extensions to drive business growth.

State Higher Education Executive Officers Selects SAS [Published: 10-03-2007]
SHEEO selected the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Suite for Education to support its Higher Education Policy Profile project.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Selects SAS [Published: 10-03-2007]
Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel and Casino selected SAS for patron value optimization to help them maximize loyalty, share of entertainment budget, total value and ROI.

SAS Enhances SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail [Published: 10-03-2007]
SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail now offers retailers a common forecasting platform for the entire enterprise.

SAS Enterprise Risk Management for Insurance Helps Insurers Comply with Legislation [Published: 10-03-2007]
SAS Enterprise Risk Management for Insurance will provide a more consistent and open regulatory framework to ease selling across different markets.

SAS Delivers SAS Price Plan Optimization for Telecommunications [Published: 10-03-2007]
SAS Price Plan Optimization for Telecommunications enables service providers to address declining profit margins and expanding customer requirements.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Selects CSC [Published: 10-04-2007]
CSC will provide software development and maintenance, and systems integration for the CMS.

Technology or Business – Chicken or the Egg, Part 1 [Published: 10-04-2007]
In order to build systems, do we teach business to our technicians or do we teach technology to our business people?

Why Do We Need Data Warehouse Appliances? Part 1 [Published: 10-04-2007]
This series on data warehouse appliances begins with a look at the initial and ongoing costs of data warehouses.

Detica and SAS Sign an Agreement to Offer an Advanced Fraud Management Solution [Published: 10-04-2007]
SAS Fraud Management: Network Investigation and Analysis powered by Detica NetReveal is built on a foundation of powerful SAS BI and analytic software.

Panorama Software Announces A New Partnership Agreement with Digital Design [Published: 10-04-2007]
Together, the companies will offer Panorama NovaView, the Company’s flagship business intelligence suite, as well as comprehensive expertise to the Russian BI market.

Nucleus Research Recognizes SPSS Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 10-04-2007]
Nucleus Research recognizes SPSS for providing the technological advancements that led American Airlines to win a 2007 Nucleus Research Technology ROI Award.

Index-Light MPP Data Warehousing [Published: 10-05-2007]
Learn how index-light MPP data warehouse appliances beat their index-heavy SMP counterparts on key criteria such as performance, reliability and cost. login required

The Next Generation of Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 10-05-2007]
Understand the benefits of standards-based data warehouse appliances over their proprietary counterparts and learn how you can benefit from the market disruption caused by data warehouse appliances. login required

Using Grid Technology to Build and Hub-and-Spoke Data Warehouse Architecture [Published: 10-05-2007]
Learn how you can leverage the high performance and low cost of data marts while keeping centralized control of your data using DATAllegro’s new grid-enabled data warehouse appliances. login required

Protecting Data Assets: Data Security on DATAllegro Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 10-05-2007]
Find out what security factors you should consider when evaluating data warehouse appliances; understand the comprehensive and integrated solution that DATAllegro has implemented for all aspects of data warehouse security. login required

SAP Wins Prestigious SSPA STAR Award [Published: 10-05-2007]
SAP was honored with the STAR Award for Service Excellence in Mission Critical Software Support for providing exceptional technical end-to-end support to customers' mission-critical systems and services.

Dillard’s to Begin RFID Pilot Program [Published: 10-05-2007]
The pilot will consist of certain styles of merchandise being marked with RFID-enabled tags.

What’s Next for Text [Published: 10-05-2007]
The shift from a knowledge-discovery to an analytics paradigm is part of text mining’s expansion to support a larger world of enterprise analytics. login required

European Text Analytics [Published: 10-05-2007]
This paper describes text analytics applications of particular European interest. It presents examples of innovative European research projects, programs, and centers and forecasts coming technical and market developments. login required

Finding Value in Text Analytics [Published: 10-05-2007]
Continued text-analytics success seems inevitable given today's hypercompetitive business climate and the commonly cited estimate that 80 percent of organizational information is in textual form. login required

Text Mining Market [Published: 10-05-2007]
Business, academic, and government markets are primed for the introduction of more sophisticated knowledge tools such as text-mining software that can advance an organization beyond content management to knowledge analytics. login required

Managing Your Data for Privacy and Security Purposes [Published: 10-08-2007]
Every government and business sector must take steps to ensure the privacy and security of customer data.

Business Objects to be Acquired by SAP [Published: 10-08-2007]
SAP AG and Business Objects S.A. announced that the companies have reached an agreement that will bring together two of the information technology industry’s leaders.

The Role of Librarians in Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management [Published: 10-09-2007]
Librarians, or information scientists, as they are also referred to these days, are trained precisely in the skills that a knowledge manager or a business intelligence analyst often needs.

David versus Goliath in Telecom [Published: 10-09-2007]
Are the deep pockets and resources of traditional telecoms the driving force for innovation and product development in telecommunications?

Business Objects Launches BusinessObjects Edge Premium [Published: 10-09-2007]
BusinessObjects Edge Premium offers small and medium sized businesses the ability to proactively manage their business performance.

SAS Announces Plans to Directly Integrate SAS Analytics into RDBMS [Published: 10-09-2007]
SAS will deliver improved accuracy, reduced data movement and streamlined analytic processes to businesses with enterprise data warehouses.

GoldenGate and Teradata Partnership Evolves [Published: 10-09-2007]
GoldenGate Software and Teradata Corporation announce a growing number of customers deploying technology that enables active data warehousing.

MicroStrategy Certifies MicroStrategy 8 with Oracle Database 11g [Published: 10-09-2007]
MicroStrategy has developed several query performance optimizations for Oracle Database 11g.

Gesellschaft für Informatik Awards Dr. Nicolas Bissantz [Published: 10-09-2007]
Gesellschaft für Informatik awards Dr. Nicolas Bissantz the 2007 Innovation Prize for his work with management information

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Selects IBM and Vanderlande [Published: 10-09-2007]
IBM will provide the baggage management system to control and track each bag throughout the baggage transportation system using state-of-the-art high availability techniques and robot handling software.

Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Delivers the Complete Range of BI Capabilities [Published: 10-10-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Cognos’ Harriet Fryman

Teradata and SAS Announce Strategic Partnership [Published: 10-10-2007]
Customers will be able exploit the best of both companies' core strengths.

Pentaho Announces Delivery of Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.6 [Published: 10-10-2007]
Self-service for business users enables flexibility and agility.

Fair Isaac Introduces a Comprehensive Suite of Predictive Scores [Published: 10-11-2007]
Fair Isaac Collection Scores are designed to fine-tune lenders' ability to prioritize accounts in early stage collections for both card and loan portfolios, and late stages for card portfolios.

CSC Receives an Honorable Mention Award from the IDGA [Published: 10-11-2007]
CSC has received an Honorable Mention Award in the "Outstanding Industry Leader in Military Logistics" category IDGA.

Technology or Business - Chicken or the Egg, Part 2 [Published: 10-11-2007]
This article, the second in a three-part series, looks at how companies address the question of whether technicians or business people should build an organization's applications.

Keep an Eye on the Decision Support Prize [Published: 10-11-2007]
Early in a project, it is necessary to evaluate the possible benefits of computerized decision support, set goals to achieve them, then periodically revisit the intended benefits and measure how well the project is delivering them.

Software Quality Assurance in a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Environment [Published: 10-11-2007]
Quality assurance in a data warehouse/business intelligence environment requires testing of the population process, not the user interface provided by the tool vendor.

IBM, BIReady and Sogeti Launch BIbox [Published: 10-12-2007]
BIbox is a fundamentally new approach to data warehousing and business intelligence.

National Instruments Selects Initiate Systems [Published: 10-12-2007]
Initiate Systems to create a single view of its customers located in nearly 40 countries.

Printronix Signs Distribution Alliance with Ingram Micro [Published: 10-12-2007]
Ingram Micro will market Printronix's industrial enterprise printers in the United Kingdom.

Business Objects Expands Deployment of Appfluent Product Suite [Published: 10-12-2007]
Business Objects has expanded their deployment of the Appfluent Product Suite to improve the agility and responsiveness of their IT teams.

Domino ISG and HIDE-Pack Announce the Availability of RFID Smart Boxes [Published: 10-12-2007]
HIDE-Pack allows suppliers to scale RFID compliance across multiple SKU’s and improve supply chain visibility.

Visual Mining Delivers NetCharts On-Demand Performance Dashboard Platform [Published: 10-15-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Visual Mining’s Michael MacDonald

Understanding the “Iceberg Effect” [Published: 10-15-2007]
The primary challenge that a corporate performance management software purchase is designed to address typically represents only about 10% of the larger and more complex collection of performance management problems submerged throughout a company.

Reuters to Distribute TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Analytics Software [Published: 10-15-2007]
Reuters will include TIBCO Spotfire enterprise analytics software and services as part of its existing information services product suite.

InterSystems and Four Points Technology Form Partnership [Published: 10-15-2007]
Four Points Technology will provide the InterSystems CACHÉ high- performance object database to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Business Objects Launches Crystal Reports 2008 [Published: 10-16-2007]
Crystal Reports 2008 is a powerful, dynamic reporting solution with the power to transform the business user's experience.

Business Objects Announces the Launch of BusinessObjects Polestar [Published: 10-16-2007]
BusinessObjects Polestar, the first solution that brings together the simplicity and speed of search with the trust and analytical power of business intelligence to provide immediate answers.

The Managed Data Environment [Published: 10-16-2007]
The best way to maximize a return on data assets is through the rigor of establishing a managed data environment.

Compounding Some New Medicine: A Modest Recipe for Retail Clinics 2.0 [Published: 10-16-2007]
All PCPs (and, more importantly, their patients) will be universally better off if they begin to mimic some of the critical convenience, staffing, IT and pricing success factors put in place by retailers.

Healthcare Business Intelligence Powers Up Run Charts [Published: 10-16-2007]
The real power from using business intelligence data as a feeder for run charts comes from measuring variables that are tracked by different sources.

Nielsen Launches New Internet and Mobile Measurement Services [Published: 10-16-2007]
Nielsen Online and Nielsen Mobile build on the company's leadership positions in both sectors and further enable it to provide clients with an integrated, comprehensive suite of measurement capabilities.

Honeywell Announces Agreement to Acquire Hand Held Products [Published: 10-16-2007]
Honeywell announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hand Held Products, for approximately $390 million.

GoldenGate Software Delivers Real-Time Data to HP Neoview [Published: 10-16-2007]
GoldenGate Software has been validated to deliver real-time data to HP Neoview.

Fair Isaac and Irish Credit Bureau Launch Global FICO Score [Published: 10-17-2007]
Fair Isaac Corporation launches its Global FICO score exclusively with the ICB.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Awards CSC a Task Order to Provide VIS Support [Published: 10-17-2007]
CSC will continue to provide the USCIS Verification Division and the VIS with help desk support.

Pay for Performance: A Long Way Off [Published: 10-17-2007]
Pay for performance has the potential to be one of the biggest paybacks of a business performance management initiative.

Caveat Emptor: The Impact of Vendor Consolidation on Business Performance Management Buyers [Published: 10-17-2007]
How will vendor consolidation impact buyers of performance management and business intelligence technology? With fewer choices, will the selection of a vendor be easier?

SAP Customers in Europe Accelerate Business Innovation with SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Suite [Published: 10-17-2007]
Using the SAP technology, companies have created a highly flexible IT landscape that enables a more rapid response to changing business requirements.

SAP Contributes Software Development Capabilities to the Eclipse Community [Published: 10-17-2007]
This new tool will enable developers to build more efficient enterprise applications within Eclipse.

SAP Introduces Enterprise Architect Certification Program [Published: 10-17-2007]
This certification program delivers role-based training and skill development, ensuring consistency and quality by validating skills.

SAP to Acquire YASU Technologies [Published: 10-17-2007]
SAP will embed YASU Technologies solutions into SAP NetWeaver, to provide the business rules infrastructure that allows companies to move their strategies forward.

SYMX Technologies Announces a New Real-Time Business Process Solution to Help Hospitals Leverage RFID Data [Published: 10-17-2007]
Hospitals can utilize the SYMX ATLAS to enable RFID data access, management and integration.

Wal-Mart Selects SAP [Published: 10-18-2007]
Wal-Mart chose SAP ERP Financials for its ability to support the retailer's global expansion.

Technology or Business - Chicken or the Egg, Part 3 [Published: 10-18-2007]
This last article in this series continues discussion of whether business people or technicians should build a company’s systems and looks at consultants and third-party software as options.

Data Warehouses and Scalability [Published: 10-18-2007]
Is a data warehouse really necessary? What business requirements indicate the need for a data warehouse?

Bear River Supply Selects Intelleflex [Published: 10-18-2007]
Bear River Supply, Inc. selected Intelleflex’s tags and readers to track its agricultural yard equipment in Northern California.

Ad Hoc Reporting: Self-service, Personalized Reporting for any Business User [Published: 10-18-2007]
Ad hoc reporting has become a critical component of the BI environment which provides ease of analysis. This paper explores a case study as well as Ad hoc reporting features and functionality. login required

Cricket Communications Selects TEOCO [Published: 10-19-2007]
Cricket has deployed ViewLogic to maximize the productivity of their network cost management operations and staff.

Exeros Software Increases the Efficiency and Accuracy of Data Governance [Published: 10-22-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Exeros’Alex Gorelik

Percussion Software Introduces Percussion 2.0 [Published: 10-22-2007]
The Percussion 2.0 Solution Series maintains and consistently delivers branding and content across multiple channels.

Ochsner Health System Selects IBM and Initiate Systems [Published: 10-22-2007]
Ochsner Health System has selected IBM and Initiate Systems to improve the capabilities of its electronic medical record system.

Domino ISG and HIDE-Pack Announce the Availability of RFID Smart Boxes [Published: 10-22-2007]
HIDE-Pack eliminates the need for a paper label by incorporating the RFID inlay within the packaging medium.

HiQube Launches Ground-Breaking New Performance Business Intelligence Platform [Published: 10-23-2007]
HiQube combines three BI database technologies to deliver a solution.

Operational Business Intelligence – A Prescription for Operational Success [Published: 10-23-2007]
Business intelligence has “invaded” the operational space in a big way, offering in-line analytics, real-time or near real-time decision-making support for all employees in the enterprise.

Achieving Business Intelligence Impact: Integrating Business Intelligence with Core Business Processes [Published: 10-23-2007]
To achieve a positive business impact, it is necessary to effectively integrate business intelligence into the core business processes that make a difference in achieving improved business performance.

Equinix Deploys Oracle [Published: 10-23-2007]
Equinix has deployed Oracle Financial Analytics, Oracle Order Management and Fulfillment Analytics applications.

Siperian Expands Partnership Network [Published: 10-23-2007]
Through these new relationships, Siperian is now delivering added pre-built integration capabilities to Siperian MDM Hub.

Business Objects and IBM Announce a New Agreement [Published: 10-23-2007]
Under the terms of the agreement IBM will include a starter edition of Business Objects business intelligence solutions with IBM DB2 and IBM DB2 Warehouse.

EDEKA-Group Selects SAP [Published: 10-23-2007]
EDEKA-Group will implement SAP for Retail solutions to ensure an integrated merchandise planning process, reduce IT operating costs and support enterprise growth through a flexible enterprise SOA.

Business Objects Partners with Citrix Systems [Published: 10-23-2007]
Business Objects partnered with Citrix Systems, rPath and RightScale – to deliver a Crystal Reports Server XI virtual appliance.

After SAP's Acquisition of Business Objects, Where Next for Business Intelligence? [Published: 10-24-2007]
How will SAP's recent acquisition of Business Objects and other acquisitions in the business intelligence space impact customer business intelligence investments and buying trends?

Oracle Announces Available of Oracle Database 11g on Microsoft Windows Platform [Published: 10-24-2007]
Oracle Database 11g on Windows helps organizations of all sizes tackle the demands of rapid data growth.

Maines Paper & Food Service Selects SAP [Published: 10-24-2007]
SAP will enable new business opportunities, drive down current and future costs across its operation and provide better visibility across the enterprise.

Data Management Group Builds Applications for Fortune 200 Organization [Published: 10-24-2007]
Kimberly-Clark shares ERP security authorization tool with the masses.

Yahoo! Expands Agreement with MicroStrategy [Published: 10-24-2007]
Yahoo! Inc. has expanded its agreement to use MicroStrategy for business intelligence reporting and analytics.

CSC to Provide Range Support Services to the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center [Published: 10-25-2007]
CSC will provide technical support services for the NAVAIR's Atlantic Test Range, Air Vehicle Modification and Instrumentation, and Atlantic Targets and Marine Operations divisions.

The Road to Business-IT Alignment, Part 1 [Published: 10-25-2007]
Aligning IT more closely to the business consistently ranks as a top priority. In the first article of a three-part series, Jill Dyché’s colleague Linda McHugh reviews the historical challenges of IT-business alignment.

Static Data / Temporal Data [Published: 10-25-2007]
By separating semantically static data from semantically temporal data, database design could easily withstand the periodic change of business requirements.

Cognos Acquires Applix [Published: 10-25-2007]
Cognos has completed the acquisition of Applix.

Hitachi Selects SAP [Published: 10-25-2007]
Hitachi selected SAP as its global IT provider for ERP software and technologies enabling enterprise SOA.

Lift Free Products Expands from Healthcare to other Industries [Published: 10-29-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Lift Free Products’ Bob Hansen

ParAccel Launches Company and Introduces the ParAccel Analytic Database [Published: 10-29-2007]
The ParAccel Analytic Database is a high-speed, columnar DBMS for all types of decision processing—from traditional data warehousing and analytics to operational BI and reporting.

The ParAccel Analytic Database Shatters TPC-H Benchmark Records for Performance and Price/Performance [Published: 10-29-2007]
ParAccel Analytic Database set TPC-H benchmark world records for performance and price/performance at the one terabyte level, recording nearly 4X performance and 2X price/performance gains over the previous category leaders.

Informatica Announces a Comprehensive Release that Supports Real-Time ICCs [Published: 10-29-2007]
The real-time ICC delivers timely, trusted data to meet information needs of the business.

SAP Announces 13 North American SAP Resellers will Assist SAP in its Rollout of SAP Business ByDesign [Published: 10-29-2007]
SAP Business ByDesign enriches SAP's existing small and midsize business offerings.

LoganBritton Joins Kalido Partner Program [Published: 10-30-2007]
LoganBritton, Kalido, data management, Kalido Partner Program, business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing

Skywire Software Announces the Release of Launcher [Published: 10-30-2007]
Launcher is a new approach to managing the process of developing insurance products.

iCrossing Selects Greenplum [Published: 10-30-2007]
iCrossing has deployed Greenplum Database to power its next generation analytics solution for digital marketing.

Influence Has Many Faces [Published: 10-30-2007]
Have you validated, encouraged or helped someone achieve their objectives? Are you a face of influence? You’d be wise to follow in the footsteps of Dave Wells who is a true face of influence.

A Brief History of Text Analytics [Published: 10-30-2007]
Attention in the business intelligence market has turned to a new “old” challenge – text and the technology that extends conventional data analysis solutions to the full breadth of enterprise information assets.

SAS Launches SAS Fraud Management [Published: 10-30-2007]
SAS Fraud Management enables HSBC to uncover fraudulent transactions more quickly and with greater accuracy.

CallMiner and Clarabridge Align to Enhance Business Intelligence [Published: 10-30-2007]
The partnership will offer complete insight into their customers' verbal and written communications to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

Truviso Announces the Availability of Algorithmic Trading Solution [Published: 10-31-2007]
The Truviso Algorithmic Trading Solution can now develop, test, execute and evaluate proprietary trading strategies in one algorithmic framework.

BigMachines Selects Xactly Incent Managed Service [Published: 10-31-2007]
BigMachines is successfully using Xactly Incent Managed Service to outsource its sales compensation management process, end to end.

Embarcadero Announces the Availability of Universal Data Models for ER/Studio [Published: 10-31-2007]
These comprehensive data models improve quality and reduce data model development and maintenance time by an average of 60 percent.