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May 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Microsoft Removes the Complexity from Predictive Analytics [Published: 05-01-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Microsoft’s Donald Farmer in an exclusive interview.

Business Intelligence in a Telecom SaaS/ASP Environment [Published: 05-01-2007]
Outsourcing models offer appealing opportunities to help organizations, but there can be hidden issues.

How Dis-Integrated Data Can Derail Your ERP Initiative, Part 1 [Published: 05-01-2007]
Many ERP implementation projects do not address master data management or customer data integration until they encounter problems either during testing or after the system has gone into production.

TIBCO Software to Acquire Spotfire [Published: 05-01-2007]
TIBCO Software to acquire Spotfire in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $195 million.

Savi Technology Announces a “QuickStart” Licensing Program [Published: 05-01-2007]
QuickStart is a licensing program for its IP now incorporated into ISO 18185, the new standard for e-Seals.

Erickson Launches Risk Management Program with CODA [Published: 05-02-2007]
Erickson will use CODA-Control Architect to voluntarily comply with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and CODA-Control Manager to automate the workflow of Medicare and other health services compliance audits.

Sears Holdings Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 05-02-2007]
Sears Holdings has selected MicroStrategy to support multiple business intelligence applications.

Business Objects Announces New Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 05-02-2007]
The new offerings give all individuals in an organization complete access to business intelligence any time, anywhere and from any device.

Business Objects Unveils New Brand Identity and a New Tagline [Published: 05-02-2007]
'Let there be light' signifying a transformation in how Business Objects is engaging with the market.

OnDemandIQ Launches OnDemandIQ Insights [Published: 05-02-2007]
OnDemandIQ Insights enables everyone in the organization to access relevant, immediate information to make faster, informed decisions.

Dell, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, IBM [Published: 05-03-2007]
When there's just one operating system to choose from, you don't really need to think about your choice; but lately, you have a lot of options -- and things are only getting more interesting.

The Imperfect Data Warehouse, Part 2 [Published: 05-03-2007]
Upon the occasion of building an imperfect data warehouse, what are the conditions – the issues – that the designer needs to be alerted to?

The Pillars of Master Data Management: Data Profiling, Data Integration and Data Quality [Published: 05-06-2007]
As organizations increasingly focus on master data integration, their reliance on readily available technologies, couched within an enterprise governance framework, will continue to drive analytic and operational productivity improvement. login required

LexisNexis [Published: 05-06-2007]
The Siperian MDM Hub solution has allowed LexisNexis to significantly increase the ability to match customer records, leading to improved data reliability.

Sutter Health [Published: 05-06-2007]
While many hospitals do not invest the requisite amount of effort in dealing with duplicate patient information, Sutter has created a central reconciliation group that delineates the roles and responsibilities associated with information quality.

Intrawest [Published: 05-06-2007]
Intrawest required a customer data integration (CDI) solution that could facilitate the collection and consolidation of data into a core repository model and the resolution of customer identitie into a unique set for analysis.

Olmsted Medical Center [Published: 05-06-2007]
After a review of data profiling products, it was determined that the Data Profiler from Pervasive met Olmsted Medical Center’s needs for both the data quality assessment and the validation of data quality rules

A Worldwide Property, Casualty and Specialty Insurance Company [Published: 05-06-2007]
As a result of the procurement analysis process, it became apparent that the SSA-Name3 product from Identity Systems was the most suitable product to meet this insurance company’s search, match and indexing needs.

Avnet Electronics Marketing [Published: 05-06-2007]
Avnet management initiated a master data integration program to manage the quality of parts data and introduce semantic integration to better absorb and categorize product data from both supplier catalogs and customer requests for quotations.

Sterling Commerce [Published: 05-06-2007]
To analyze access, processes, rules and standards, and authority, Sterling Commerce employed data profiling and data quality tools to assess and describe the condition of the data so business users could draft successful business rules.

Benefitfocus Selects ProfitBase 2007 Data Warehouse [Published: 05-07-2007]
Benefitfocus selected ProfitBase 2007 Data Warehouse software to further enhance their business intelligence program.

Cartesis Releases Cartesis 10 Release 2 [Published: 05-07-2007]
Cartesis 10 Release 2 offers brand new modules including Cartesis Governance and Cartesis Workforce Planning together with functionality and performance enhancements across the entire suite.

Colleges, Universities Nationwide Deploy SPSS [Published: 05-07-2007]
Educational institutions large and small, from coast to coast, are deploying predictive analytics to identify and retain at-risk students.

On Business Intelligence and Grid Computing [Published: 05-08-2007]
The concept of grid computing is an important one that eventually will come into its own and provide powerful platforms for application-hungry users, especially in the public sector.

Deciding How to Decide [Published: 05-08-2007]
When it is your responsibility to make a decision, consider the factors described in this article to determine what type of process is appropriate.

Silver Creek Systems Delivers Solution for Complex Data [Published: 05-09-2007]
David Loshin speaks with Silver Creek System’s Martin Boyd in an exclusive interview.

North American Passive RFID Readers Market Expected to Reach $241.6 Million [Published: 05-09-2007]
Pressure on suppliers to adopt RFID readers across their systems and processes will drive the sales of RFID readers.

SCR Announces CCIMs Gain Exclusive Access to Market and Site Analysis Through www.DemographicsNow.com/RealEstate [Published: 05-09-2007]
CCIM members and designees will have access to market and site packages containing market data including demographics, consumer expenditures and retail sales in both report and map format at a single click.

Cognos Showcases Cognos 8 Go! Mobile [Published: 05-09-2007]
Cognos 8 Go! Mobile is the industry's first business intelligence solution designed specifically for a mobile platform.

Do We Need a Clean Information Quality Act? [Published: 05-09-2007]
Will your organization implement IQ processes voluntarily to increase customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value and increase profit at the same time?

Quality by Design: Data Movement [Published: 05-09-2007]
Applying the four rules of "quality by design" to your data movement will lead to a more effective, less costly and more durable information environment with a higher level of information quality and customer satisfaction.

CRC Health Corporation Selects Cognos 8 Go! Mobile [Published: 05-09-2007]
CRC Health Corporation,has selected Cognos 8 Go! Mobile to help speed decision-making for clinicians, clinician managers and other key stakeholders across the organization.

SAP AG Announces Intention to Acquire OutlookSoft Corporation [Published: 05-09-2007]
The acquisition is expected to be completed in June 2007, pending approval from the respective antitrust authorities.

Wilton Industries Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 05-10-2007]
Wilton Industries has chosen MicroStrategy as its enterprise reporting standard.

ProclecGE Selects Bitam [Published: 05-10-2007]
ProclecGE Selects Bitam for its business intelligence implementation.

Where's the Loyalty? [Published: 05-10-2007]
Why do people today have a much stronger identification with their profession than they do with their employer?

Red Hat Selects JasperServer and JasperAnalysis [Published: 05-11-2007]
JasperServer and JasperAnalysis have been optimized to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivered through Red Hat Network and supported by Red Hat.

Teradata Announces a Strategic Partnership with DFA Capital Management [Published: 05-11-2007]
Teradata and DFA will bring an innovative enterprise risk and capital management solution to the primary carriers and reinsurers in the property, casualty, life and annuity sectors of the insurance industry for North America and Europe.

Microsoft Declares, 'It's a New Day for Business Intelligence' [Published: 05-11-2007]
Microsoft BI Conference, with an overview of new developments to further enable Microsoft Corp.'s vision and strategy for delivering pervasive BI and performance management.

Primavera Systems Announces Availability of Primavera Inspire [Published: 05-11-2007]
Primavera Inspire enables the easy exchange of information between Primavera and SAP.

Garden Ridge Selects Sybase IQ [Published: 05-11-2007]
Garden Ridge selected Sybase IQ analytics server as its data platform for operational reporting and analytics.

Sirit Secures $4.8 Million from Bay Area Toll Authority [Published: 05-11-2007]
The year-long contract extends Sirit’s supplier relationship with BATA.

Dataupia Delivers Simple and Affordable Access to Business-Critical Data [Published: 05-14-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Dataupia’s John O’Brien in an exclusive interview.

Intellitactics Releases Intellitactics Security Manager [Published: 05-14-2007]
Intellitactics Security Manager adds more capability for speedy implementation and simplified use.

Bull Services to Deploy BusinessObjects XI Release 2 for California Department of Health Services [Published: 05-14-2007]
BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to help the CDHS efficiently manage California's $37 billion Medi-Cal and improve health care services for millions of residents.

SAP Acquires Wicom Communications [Published: 05-14-2007]
The acquisition will enable SAP to offer companies the ability to better integrate communications technologies and business systems so that they can more effectively serve their customers.

Vienna City Administration Selects SAP [Published: 05-14-2007]
The Vienna City Administration will use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration as the foundation for the City's electronic billing system.

Cardinal Health Announces Plans to Integrate RFID into its Sacramento Pharmaceutical Distribution Center [Published: 05-14-2007]
Cardinal Health will integrate RFID technology into the operations of its Sacramento, Calif. pharmaceutical distribution center by Fall 2007.

Cognos Announces the Release of Cognos Now! [Published: 05-14-2007]
Cognos Now! is an innovative solution that offers self-service dashboards, integrated data, analysis and reports as a prepackaged BI appliance or as a hosted service.

NetApp Disaster Recovery [Published: 05-14-2007]
Providing significant total cost of ownership benefits for many organizations particularly those who may not have the absolute requirement or budget. login required

Operational Business Intelligence: A Process-Aligned Collaborative Environment [Published: 05-14-2007]
IDC Analysts detail how operational BI differs from traditional BI in supporting decision making, discuss misconceptions and shortcomings of traditional BI, and outline requirements for an effective operational BI solution. login required

Closing the Management Information Gap with Operational BI [Published: 05-14-2007]
Ventana Research discusses how to address the needs and challenges of sharing data across silos and domain expertise with Operational BI, to provide the right information to the right people, when and how they need it. login required

Secrets to a Successful Business Intelligence Implementation [Published: 05-14-2007]
BI success is hampered by the disparity of user needs, data access, latency, resources & complexities -- learn why over 50% of BI programs fail & how to ensure program success. login required

SPSS Launches Predictive Analytics Platform [Published: 05-14-2007]
The platform provides next-generation predictive analytics with improved integration, automation and data management.

IBERIABANK Corp. Selects Varicent Software [Published: 05-14-2007]
IBERIABANK Corp. selected Varicent Software to deliver a comprehensive sales performance management platform for its Retail Banking Business.

Actuate Corporation Announces the Availability of Actuate Performancesoft BI [Published: 05-15-2007]
Actuate Performancesoft BI simplifies the dissemination and analysis of performance management information by offering users interactive, intuitive reports that can be customized to meet their specific needs.

Managing the Supply Chain with a Retail Data Warehouse [Published: 05-15-2007]
Few retailers use the data warehouse to full advantage in managing the supply chain. Learn how to analyze supply-side information through key analytic and data subject areas.

Mastering Master Data – How IT Contributes to Problems with Master Data [Published: 05-15-2007]
While master data is a business problem, IT has contributed to its complexity. Architecture is a critical success factor for a successful master data solution.

Kalido Announces the Addition of Kalido Universal Information Director [Published: 05-15-2007]
Kalido Universal Information Director will extend operability to Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and ease integration with a number of the industry’s most used BI and performance management suites.

KCI Computing Announces Partnership with SEQUOR Solutions, SL [Published: 05-15-2007]
Under the terms of the Agreement, SEQUOR Solutions, SL will promote and deliver KCI’s CONTROL corporate performance management solution to enterprises in Spain.

CP Group Selects Applix TM1 [Published: 05-15-2007]
Applix TM1 will be used to collate data, currently being held across several different systems including product lists, customer databases and sales reporting.

Clarity Systems Releases Clarity 6.1 [Published: 05-15-2007]
Clarity 6.1 gives organizations enhanced capabilities for improving corporate performance across the enterprise.

SAP and Microsoft Announce Joint Offering for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 [Published: 05-15-2007]
The new offering will enable customers to easily transition to SQL Server 2005 and leverage the benefits of a flexible, enterprise SOA to transform their businesses.

Dansk Supermarked Selects SAP [Published: 05-15-2007]
Dansk Supermarked has selected SAP ERP Financials as the foundation to run the company's financial operations and enable further business growth.

Business Objects Launches Insight [Published: 05-15-2007]
Insight will bring together the collective intelligence of data analysts, technologists, business thinkers, academics, and visual artists with the tools they need to solve real-world issues.

Performance Management Offering from Cognos Focuses on Compliance [Published: 05-15-2007]
Cognos 8 Controller version 8.2 improves the quality, efficiency and control of the close, consolidate and report process for the Office of Finance.

AOK Berlin Deploys Panoratio [Published: 05-16-2007]
AOK Berlin has purchased software from Panoratio for use with the company’s healthcare data base.

Mindlab Partners with Panoratio [Published: 05-16-2007]
Mindlab Partners will integrate Panoratio’s in-memory data discovery and analysis tools into customer targeting solution.

Chordiant Awarded US Patent and Trademark for Predictive Decisioning [Published: 05-16-2007]
The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Chordiant patent number 7,194,380 for a new innovation in advanced predictive decisioning technology.

Blue C Sushi Selects Intermec and Microsoft to Deliver an RFID System [Published: 05-16-2007]
Blue C Sushi implemented RFID from Intermec and Microsoft to track its food and automatically calculate customers' bills.

Pentaho Announces Availability of Pentaho Data Integration 2.5 [Published: 05-16-2007]
Pentaho Data Integration 2.5 upgrades open source ETL projects with enhanced MySQL database support, advanced error handling and user interface updates designed to improve ETL developer productivity.

Sypherlink Partners with Meta Integration Technology [Published: 05-16-2007]
The partnership is designed to accelerate organizations’ critical data integration and business intelligence initiatives.

Fact vs. Fiction in Performance Management [Published: 05-16-2007]
Separating the fact from fiction in performance management is not always easy. This article clarifies the confusion surrounding some common performance management statements.

Reconciling Business Intelligence and Performance Management [Published: 05-16-2007]
A focus on how performance management deploys the power of business intelligence and enables organizations to advance from managing to improving.

Applix International User Conference is Largest Ever [Published: 05-16-2007]
Customers from around the world begin their 3-day interactive discussion on deploying and maximizing Applix’s business analytics solutions.

Standard Chartered Bank Selects Applix [Published: 05-16-2007]
Standard Chartered Bank has selected Applix for its business performance management needs, including financial management reporting.

BT Selects iWay Software [Published: 05-17-2007]
iWay Software will enhance its successful secure messaging service for the global financial services community.

Applix Customers Relate their Success at Applix International User Conference [Published: 05-17-2007]

The Development Iteration/Cost of Development of Iterations Relationship [Published: 05-17-2007]
This article addresses the relationship of the speed of iterative development versus the costs of development, covering the scale of the relationship, the acceleration of the curve and the deceleration of the curve.

Call Centers on the Front Lines [Published: 05-17-2007]
Should there be a call center information governance strategy?

Gentag and The CORE Institute Announce a Joint Collaboration [Published: 05-18-2007]
The aim of the joint program is to facilitate post surgery monitoring applications by physicians and patients using RFID enabled cell phones.

Extending the Scalability of Your SQL Server BI Investment [Published: 05-18-2007]
Companies looking to enhance their SQL Server BI performance and scalability are no longer limited to selecting between increasingly expensive platform upgrades or an even more expensive platform migration. login required

Faster…Must Go Faster [Published: 05-18-2007]
Businesses today are under increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources, the need for truly operational business intelligence is real. login required

Become More Agile: Put Operational BI to Work [Published: 05-18-2007]
New research from Colin White reviews different types of operational BI applications and discusses techniques for building an operational BI environment. login required

COM DEV Wins Applix Superhero Award [Published: 05-18-2007]
The 2007 SuperHero Award recognizes an Applix customer who has demonstrated cutting-edge use of Applix business analytics solutions.

CDISC Agrees to Lead FDA Project on Consensus on Standards for Case Report Forms [Published: 05-20-2007]
CDISC taking the leadership role now to create the data collections tools for the future.

EDC Poised to Disrupt Life Sciences Industry, Say Health Industry Insights [Published: 05-21-2007]
Health Industry Insights estimates investment in EDC solutions to increase at a 14.7% CAGR for 2006-2011.

InterSystems Acquires TrakHealth [Published: 05-21-2007]
TrakHealth will operate as an independent subsidiary of InterSystems, with its own sales force.

Microsoft to Acquire aQuantive [Published: 05-21-2007]
Microsoft will acquire aQuantive for $6 billion.

E.ON U.S. Selects SAP [Published: 05-21-2007]
E.ON U.S. has selected SAP software to support its CCS Project an IT transformation project.

SRC and Experian Business Strategies form a Strategic Relationship [Published: 05-21-2007]
Experian Business Strategies has selected SRC’s geographic business intelligence technology to give clients accelerated application deployment, streamlined access and increased control over their customized modeling solutions.

SRC Announces Unprecedented Access to China 2000 Census Data [Published: 05-21-2007]
SRC will be able to access China’s 2000 Census Data through www.DemographicsNowChina.com.

Association of Clinical Research Organizations Joins Coalition for a Stronger FDA [Published: 05-21-2007]
The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) joins a wide range of stakeholders as the newest member of the Coalition for a Stronger FDA.

Business Case Highlights the Value of CDISC Standards [Published: 05-21-2007]
Gartner study reveals that substantial savings can be reaped in a clinical research study through implementation of CDISC standards.

Can Clinical Trials Research and Business Intelligence Coexist? [Published: 05-22-2007]
What do modern approaches to reporting, querying, OLAP, business activity monitoring, dashboarding and scorecards have to do with clinical research? Can business intelligence really coexist with the stalwarts of clinical informatics?

Syndera Delivers a New Standard for Operational BI [Published: 05-22-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Syndera’s Prashant Gupta in an exclusive interview.

VeriMed Patient Identification System Uses RFID to Provide Access to Important Health Information [Published: 05-22-2007]
More than 600 hospitals have now agreed to participate in VeriMed network.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Solution Developed for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain by DHL, Microlise and AeroScout [Published: 05-22-2007]
Real-time system allows customers to easily monitor temperature-sensitive shipments and will help them meet the stringent requirements demanded of the pharmaceutical industry.

Business Objects Releases EPM Performance Suite [Published: 05-22-2007]
EPM Performance Suite includes the introduction of financial performance analytics, and new visualization and data integration capabilities in planning.

Arbitron Selects Applix [Published: 05-22-2007]
Arbitron selected Applix for its business analytics application.

Campbell Soup Selects QlikTech [Published: 05-22-2007]
Campbell Soup is using QlikView to improve its supply chain management.

The University of Arkansas RFID Research Center Collaborates with Retail Industry [Published: 05-22-2007]
The project will generate greater inventory efficiency for retailers and product availability for consumers.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction with Business Intelligence [Published: 05-22-2007]
Increasing patient satisfaction is a critical goal for healthcare organizations of all types, especially in these times of increased competition, scrutiny and demand for services. Business intelligence based on satisfaction analytics can help you compete.

Business Objects to Acquire Inxight Software [Published: 05-22-2007]
Business Objects and Inxight Software will provide organizations with a comprehensive BI solution to address all of their data assets.

Virgin Vie At Home Deploys LogiXML’s Logi 8 Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-23-2007]
Ron Powell speaks withVirgin Vie At Home’s Andrew Steward in an exclusive interview.

DHL, Microlise and AeroScout Pioneer Develop a New System for the Pharmaceutical Industry [Published: 05-23-2007]
DHL, Microlise and AeroScout partnered with a Healthcare company to develop a system that will help customers better meet temperature compliance regulations set within the pharmaceutical industry.

The Role of Embedded Business Intelligence in BI Processing [Published: 05-23-2007]
Vendors and analysts are talking about embedded business intelligence. What is it, and what is its relationship to operational business intelligence?

Function Point Analysis Applied at Data Warehousing [Published: 05-23-2007]
This white paper describes a counting guideline for the use of a general Function Point Analysis to determine the realization costs of a data warehouse project from sources till reports in an existing data warehouse. login required

Sypherlink Introduces NIE Gateway Solution [Published: 05-24-2007]
NIE Gateway solution solution enables data-sharing and intelligence efforts to quickly leverage the canonical NIEM standard.

Third Brigade Announces the Integration of Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems with Intellitactics Security Manager [Published: 05-24-2007]
The integration between Third Brigade and Intellitactics adds value to detected intrusions by automating the prioritization of intrusion alerts based on their impact to the business or security posture.

SAS Announces New, Enhanced Versions of Three of its Suite of Performance Management Solutions [Published: 05-24-2007]
All three help organizations worldwide improve performance and stimulate profitable growth.

Where’s the Beer? Where are the Diapers? [Published: 05-24-2007]
Once data patterns have been discovered, analysts must determine whether the correlations are incidental, accidental or in a cause-and-effect relationship.

Positioning Customer Data Integration and Master Data Management [Published: 05-24-2007]
Jill and Evan provide advice for business managers when positioning master data management in their organizations.

AMB Dataminers Offers Web-Based Hosted Predictive Data Management [Published: 05-25-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with AMB Dataminer’s Steven Meister in an exclusive interview.

WhereNet Announces General Availability of the Multimode WhereTag IV Active RFID Asset Tag [Published: 05-25-2007]
WhereTag IV active RFID asset tag supports both Wi Fi-based RTLS applications.

An Advantage in Accuracy [Published: 05-25-2007]
Find out why Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Systems are superior to Phonetic Recognizers in Call Mining Applications. login required

CallMiner’s “Virtual Server Room” [Published: 05-25-2007]
Learn how CallMiner's patent pending technology enables companies to cost effectively mine 100% of their calls. login required

Speech Analytics Best Practices [Published: 05-25-2007]
Discover how CallMiner provides a superior solution for reducing cost, reducing churn and mitigating risk in a contact center. login required

The Next Generation of Speech Analytics [Published: 05-25-2007]
Understand the Power of Analyzing Conversations Instead of Just Words. login required

The Case for CallMiner Eureka! [Published: 05-25-2007]
Read more about the business and technology value of the CallMiner approach. login required

The ROI of Next-Generation Speech Analytics [Published: 05-25-2007]
Review the 5 key metrics that quantify CallMiner's speech analytics ROI for contact centers. login required

CSC Signs Contract with Northstar Financial Services [Published: 05-29-2007]
Under the agreement, CSC's life insurance and annuity BPO services team will administer Northstar's new investment products.

METRO Group Partners with and Checkpoint Systems [Published: 05-29-2007]
The pilot is part of the initiative ALA, which the METRO Group started in order to jointly enhance the logistical processes with its Asian suppliers by using RFID.

Verix Delivers Opportunity Discovery for Business Users [Published: 05-30-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Verix’s Doron Aspitz in an exclusive interview.

Staples Business Depot Selects Fujitsu to Install AbsoluteSKY’s intelliTRACKER [Published: 05-30-2007]
Staples Business Depot will tag thousands of items that will be dynamically tracked in real-time.

Applix Ranks Sixth on BusinessWeek's 2007 Hot Growth Company List [Published: 05-30-2007]
Applix was the leading software company with 41 percent total revenue growth and 54 percent license growth in 2006 alone.

Computing Technology Industry Association Reveals Shortage in Skilled Workers in RFID [Published: 05-31-2007]
More than two-thirds of the organizations surveyed by CompTIA believe there is an insufficient pool of RFID talent to hire from.

BARC Study Shows that SAS and SAP Dominate German BI Market [Published: 05-31-2007]
BARC study looks at vendors’ revenue for business intelligence software in Germany in 2006.

Corporate Express US Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 05-31-2007]
Corporate Express NV, has selected MicroStrategy for its online customer reporting application.

Avis Europe and CODA Sign Contract for Financial Management Software and Services [Published: 05-31-2007]
CODA has signed a contract with Avis for financial management software and services over the next three years.

Varicent and BPM Partners Announce the Opening of a Sales Performance Management Survey [Published: 05-31-2007]
The SPM survey will ask respondents 15 questions on their adoption of SPM and their ability to link corporate goals to individual performance in order to create a pay-for-performance culture.

LOGIXML Upgrades Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform with the Release of Version 8.1 [Published: 05-31-2007]
Logi 8 offers all the valuable BI capabilities users need, including comprehensive corporate reporting and analysis, ad hoc reporting for non-technical users and valuable BI data services.