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March 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Oracle to Acquire Hyperion [Published: 03-01-2007]
Hyperion announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Oracle through a cash tender offer for approximately $3.3 billion.

Fair Isaac Partners with Aconite [Published: 03-01-2007]
The companies will jointly market Fair Isaac's Falcon Fraud Manager for payment card fraud detection and TRIAD adaptive control system for credit risk management.

Whitehill Technologies Releases IStream Publisher 4.1 [Published: 03-01-2007]
IStream Publisher gives insurers complete control over document production and fulfillment.

Archival Environment, Part 3 [Published: 03-01-2007]
In order to make your archival data really useful, you need to know what the archival data means.

Data Analysis: A Pivotal Activity for Operational Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 03-01-2007]
If bottom-up source data analysis is not performed, the data problems and business rule violations would not be discovered until the extract, transform and load (ETL) process.

AMB Dataminers Introduces Pay-As-You-Go Software [Published: 03-05-2007]
Pay-As-You-Go-Data-Quality offers many benefits to end-users.

Melissa Data Releases 64-Bit Versions of Address Object [Published: 03-06-2007]
64-bit versions of Address Object are now available for UNIX users of both the Hewlett-Packard and the IBM versions of the operating systems HP-UX and AIX.

The Importance of Data Quality in Service-Oriented Architectures [Published: 03-06-2007]
Successfully implementing and deploying an enterprise-wide SOA is a phased, evolutionary process that requires an enterprise-wide data architecture and all of the associated data quality processes.

Google Transit Trip Planning Service [Published: 03-06-2007]
Transit agencies may increase ridership and fare box revenue by participating in Google Transit, but agencies should be mindful of the potential challenges of other open source projects.

Florida Atlantic University Selects Information Builders' WebFOCUS [Published: 03-06-2007]
FAU has selected Information Builders' WebFOCUS business intelligence platform to allow users to have consistent, reliable and easy access to institutional data.

Increase Productivity and Lower Costs by Implementing a Unified BI Platform [Published: 03-08-2007]
A Unified BI platform opens the door for any business user to access, analyze and share business information across the organization. Find out how you can reduce costs by simplifying your IT portfolio while increasing productivity. login required

The Next Generation of BI [Published: 03-08-2007]
The focus, of BI 2.0, is on people, empowering users to express their creativity, allowing them to freely access information and produce something meaningful from it while focusing on information sharing, communication and collaboration. Find out how you login required

12 Essential BI Features that Deliver Immediate Value to your Applications [Published: 03-08-2007]
Want to add more power and overall impact to your business applications? Read About 12 essential BI features that can reduce development time and increase user adoption all at the same time. login required

The ‘Easy Mart’ Approach for Scaling Up your Reporting [Published: 03-08-2007]
Having a ready source of information optimized for analysis and reporting is the preference of every IT manager and business user. Read about a solution that quickly provides the scalability and performance you need. login required

Ingres Forms a Strategic Alliance with Wipro [Published: 03-08-2007]
Wipro Limited and Ingres form a strategic alliance to develop open source business solutions.

Archival Environment, Part 4 [Published: 03-08-2007]
An archival environment is likely not complete without the creation of a passive index.

The Children’s Place Selects SAS [Published: 03-08-2007]
The Children’s Place Retail Stores has chosen the SAS Integrated Merchandise Planning suite for enhancing its ability to plan merchandise assortments more effectively at its Disney Store brand.

StrataVia Joins Opsware TAP Program [Published: 03-08-2007]
Through the partnership, StrataVia and Opsware will provide access to a broad range of Data Center Automation capabilities, enabling customers to more rapidly achieve operational efficiencies and reduce labor costs across their IT infrastructures.

Rapid Delivery Technologies for Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Concepts [Published: 03-08-2007]
This article will start to cover some of the technologies used for enterprise architecture rapid delivery into production.

Using Operational Business Intelligence for Intra-Day Analysis and Decision Making [Published: 03-09-2007]
This research report on operational business intelligence presents the components, the benefits and the trends in operational business intelligence, along with case studies of organizations that have implemented operational BI. login required

SAS has Shipped Enhanced SAS/OR Software [Published: 03-12-2007]
Customers use this SAS operations research software to optimally operate within constraints and more fully achieve strategic objectives.

Business Objects Launches Enterprise Performance Management Center of Excellence [Published: 03-12-2007]
The Center of Excellence will support the development of next generation performance management solutions.

timeXtender Announces Partnership with NFP Technologies [Published: 03-12-2007]
Under the agreement, NFP will resell the company’s business intelligence solution, timeXtender 2.0.

Tableau Announces Tableau for Microsoft Dynamics CRM [Published: 03-12-2007]
Tableau for Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables people to summarize and analyze CRM data with an intuitive interface that generates crisp visual displays and reports.

Modeling Lifetime Value in the Insurance Industry [Published: 03-12-2007]
Acquisition modeling for direct mail insurance has the unique challenge of targeting responsive customers while minimizing risk. login required

EU Banking Institutions Select Hyperion BPM solutions [Published: 03-12-2007]
Customers rely on Hyperion to drive collaborative and integrated event-based planning processes, monitor credit risk more effectively and improve branch operational performance.

Business Intelligence and the Federal Budget Process [Published: 03-13-2007]
Budgets are a primary management tool, and the business intelligence to be gained by analyzing budgets is very significant. The same is true of the U.S. federal budget.

The Long and Winding Road to SAP Data Management [Published: 03-13-2007]
The need for effective data management will not decrease, only grow. Managing enterprise and extra-enterprise data and transforming it into usable information are the keys to effective information management.

Experian and SRC Enter into an OEM Licensing Agreement [Published: 03-13-2007]
SRC will provide the technology foundation for Experian’s consumer insight and market analysis tool, Micromarketer G3, intended for global deployment.

Sypherlink Launches Sypherlink Integrity [Published: 03-13-2007]
Integrity automates data preparation and movement processes to ensure information flowing through an organization is consistent and reliable.

Data Mining of Market Knowledge in The Pharmaceutical Industry [Published: 03-13-2007]
The pharmaceuticl industry is known for using SAS to perform quantitative analysis for research. Recent competitive pressures have lead marketing departments to use SAS for data mining. login required

Data Warehousing for Data Mining: A Case Study [Published: 03-13-2007]
The importance of accurate, accessible data is paramount. A well designed data warehouse can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the data mining process. login required

Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE [Published: 03-13-2007]
This paper will follow a typical credit card marketing campaign from acquisition to a measure of two year profitability. login required

iDashboards Releases Version 5.0 [Published: 03-14-2007]
iDashboards is helping companies leverage their information assets in real time through visually rich, responsive and personalized business intelligence dashboards.

IBM Unveils IBM WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence [Published: 03-14-2007]
IBM WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence enables users to quickly find and take advantage of structured and unstructured information stored across their enterprise.

Cartesis Announces Plans to Release Cartesis Governance [Published: 03-14-2007]
Cartesis Governance, a new product that distinguishes Cartesis as the first performance management vendor to broaden the platform for performance management.

Data Management Group Partners with Business Objects for the Launch of the Business Objects OAI [Published: 03-14-2007]
This new global partner network is designed to offer customers an array of BI appliances that provide innovative and streamlined ways to deploy integrated BI and data warehousing solutions within their organizations.

Oracle Acquisition of Hyperion [Published: 03-14-2007]
What does Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion mean for business performance management and business intelligence buyers?

What’s Driving the Latest Wave of Business Performance Management Mergers and Acquisitions? [Published: 03-14-2007]
Purchasers of business performance management (BPM) software should benefit from the M&A activity in the BPM space.

RFID Solutions from TR3 Solutions Chosen by 6 Global CPG Manufacturers [Published: 03-14-2007]
These manufacturers select TR3's suite of RFID analytics software to improve their performance.

CSC and TDC Sign an IT Services Agreement [Published: 03-15-2007]
CSC will provide the full scope of IT infrastructure services for TDC.

SAP and TechniData Collaborate to Provide a REACH Solution [Published: 03-15-2007]
SAP and TechniData are collaborating to deliver a REACH solution as an extension to the existing SAP EH&S application to integrate all phases of the REACH process.

ABB Upgrades its Existing ERP Installation to SAP ERP 2005 [Published: 03-15-2007]
The group plans to upgrade its existing ERP installation to SAP ERP 2005 to simplify processes, enable change and drive profitable growth across its operations in more than 100 countries.

Pitney Bowes to Acquire MapInfo [Published: 03-15-2007]
Pitney Bowes has entered into a merger agreement to acquire MapInfo.

Archival Environment, Part 5 [Published: 03-15-2007]
This article describes how data can be archived with a complex relationship intact.

Business Intelligence Success Factors [Published: 03-15-2007]
This article marks the launch of Olivia Parr-Rud's Expert Channel on Data Mining and Organizational Alignment. Her first article discusses how successful companies are embracing non-hierarchical models of power and authority.

Car Toys Signs a New Agreement with SeaTab Software [Published: 03-15-2007]
Car Toys will extend access to SeaTab’s PivotLink OnDemand business intelligence solution for another two years.

SAP Introduce New SAP All-in-One Solutions [Published: 03-15-2007]
SAP to provide customers with new levels of agility and adaptability in business management.

KB Toys Selects Microstrategy [Published: 03-16-2007]
KB Toys has selected MicroStrategy as its Business Intelligence Platform.

SAS Delivers SAS/OR Software [Published: 03-16-2007]
Customers use this SAS operations research software to optimally operate within constraints and more fully achieve strategic objectives.

SeeWhy Software Releases SeeWhy Community Edition & Enterprise Edition Version 3.0 [Published: 03-16-2007]
Both products offer dramatic advances in ease of use for business users with a new Web-based graphical interface, SeeWhy Designer.

SAS Releases Anti-Money Laundering Software [Published: 03-19-2007]
The AML solution incorporates additional enhancements to help financial institutions combat money laundering.

Colorado Chapter of TDWI Holds First Event [Published: 03-19-2007]
Dr. Ken Collier of Cutter Consortium was featured speaker.

Composite Software Announces SOA Validation and Verification from The Linthicum Group [Published: 03-19-2007]
The program’s rigorous evaluation and testing process ensures vendors’ SOA solutions live up to their claims by providing the necessary components for optimal SOA implementation.

Softrax Announces the Upcoming Release of Softrax Revenue Manager [Published: 03-19-2007]
Softrax Revenue Manager enables companies to fully implement, monitor, and manage their revenue recognition policy on an enterprise-wide basis.

Planning for Business Resilience [Published: 03-19-2007]
Your guide to the hot technologies and trends to keep you ahead of business demands today and tomorrow. login required

City Link Deploys AeroScout’s RFID Asset Tracking Tags [Published: 03-19-2007]
To improve customer service and efficiency, leading UK logistics and parcel delivery firm selects AeroScout for 15,000 tagged assets.

How Chief Financial Officers Use Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 03-20-2007]
Faced with the unique complexities of healthcare provider organizations, savvy CFOs turn to business intelligence to measure, manage and improve performance.

Business Intelligence for Revenue-Generating Processes [Published: 03-20-2007]
This article describes the use of detailed and specific business information about customers’ past purchasing behavior to grow revenue and retain profitable customers.

DHL Express Implements MicroStrategy [Published: 03-20-2007]
DHL Express is using MicroStrategy throughout the organization for reporting and analysis of key business areas, including sales, marketing, finance and operations.

iCrossing to Acquire Sharp Analytics [Published: 03-20-2007]
This move combines iCrossing's digital marketing services with Sharp Analytics's proprietary marketing dashboard technology.

Serious Games in Virtual Worlds: The Future of Enterprise Business Intelligence [Published: 03-21-2007]
The future of business intelligence in the enterprise may lie in the convergence of serious games with virtual worlds.

Harry & David Selects SAP [Published: 03-21-2007]
Harry & David selects SAP for retail solutions to develop a scalable, integrated IT platform to drive continued growth.

Xactly Releases Xactly Incent and Xactly Connect [Published: 03-21-2007]
Xactly announced significant enhancements to Xactly Incent and Xactly Connect that provide connectivity to any system resulting in transparent integration for end users.

What is Mixed Workload? [Published: 03-21-2007]
When selecting a database system for use in a mixed query environment, it is important to carefully evaluate the workload management capabilities of the product.

Metadata, Part 1 [Published: 03-22-2007]
Why, exactly, is metadata the problem child that it is?

Aligning Information Objectives with Business Strategy [Published: 03-22-2007]
It is important to communicate the business strategy and to engineer the oversight of information in a way that aligns the business strategy with the information architecture.

CallMiner Unveils CallMiner Eureka! [Published: 03-22-2007]
CallMiner Eureka! enables companies to improve customer satisfaction, enhance call center agent quality, increase sales and impact marketing program success.

Priceline.com Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-22-2007]
Priceline.com selected MicroStrategy to enhance its analytic and reporting capabilities and provide greater insight into key operational data for search engine marketing.

Oracle and Savi Technology Form a Partnership [Published: 03-22-2007]
Oracle and Savi Technology to track the location of cargo containers shipped from Hong Kong to Japan.

Business Objects Announces the Business Objects OAI [Published: 03-22-2007]
This new global partner network is designed to offer customers an array of BI appliances that provide innovative and streamlined ways to deploy integrated BI and data warehousing solutions.

MEGA International Introduces the MEGA GRC Platform [Published: 03-23-2007]
The MEGA GRC Platform enables enterprises to design control systems, map risks, and meet multiple regulatory requirements.

BI & Spreadsheet Integration [Published: 03-23-2007]
This paper discusses discuses criteria to consider when evaluating BI suites Office add-ins and export capabilities. login required

BI & Spreadsheet Integration [Published: 03-23-2007]
This paper discusses discuses criteria to consider when evaluating BI suites, Office add-ins and export capabilities.

ZNA Selects SAP and Partezis [Published: 03-26-2007]
SAP and Partezis to provide ZNA with a new ERP system.

Clarabridge Announces Release 2.2 of CMP [Published: 03-26-2007]
Release 2.2 is built specifically to enable the commercial use of text mining.

Purisma Announces Data Hub 3.0 the Latest Version of its MDM Solution Combines High-End Data Accuracy [Published: 03-26-2007]
Purisma Data Hub 3.0 provides the business with unprecedented flexibility in creating multiple views of master data for different groups.

Smithfield Packing has Selected John Galt Solutions [Published: 03-26-2007]
Smithfield Packing has selected John Galt Solutions for forecast and plan production within Smithfield Packing’s packaged meats division.

Purisma Announces a New Family of Business Data Appliances [Published: 03-26-2007]
These software appliances make it easy for enterprise departments and lines-of-business to rapidly take command of their own MDM initiatives.

Akbank Deploys Fair Isaac [Published: 03-27-2007]
Akbank will become the first European lender to deploy Falcon ID, initially using the solution to protect its credit card portfolios.

Knight Frank Selects Clarity Systems [Published: 03-27-2007]
Knight Frank chose to deploy Clarity 6 after determining that the solution was uniquely able to integrate with its existing Essbase reporting application and deal with its HR planning issues in a user friendly package.

Automated Analysis Technology [Published: 03-27-2007]
Automatic detection of threats and opportunities is a very complex task and neither business intelligence nor data mining technologies can address this specific task. login required

Whitehill Announces the Release of Whitehill XML Transport 3.3 [Published: 03-27-2007]
Whitehill XML Transport 3.3, a software offering that lets businesses extract information from their existing data stores and put it to work creating clear, readable, personalized communications.

How to Be a Great Business Intelligence (Internal) Customer [Published: 03-27-2007]
Following the five suggestions in this article will benefit you, your business intelligence initiative and your organization.

New Wall Street Drivers for Business Intelligence in Telecommunications [Published: 03-27-2007]
If Wall Street decides to embrace the concept of profit per employee as an evolution of the metrics assigned to invested capital, telecommunication service providers will be leaning on their business intelligence organizations in two ways.

WhereScape Announces a Technology Agreement with MicroStrategy [Published: 03-27-2007]
WhereScape will deliver a version of WhereScape RED that integrates with MicroStrategy and enables users to easily create new data warehouses and data marts.

Initiate Systems Announces the Release of Initiate Identity Hub Software v7.5 [Published: 03-28-2007]
Initiate Identity Hub software v7.5 provides global organizations with a solution that enables better understanding of their data, their business and their customers.

Panorama Software Announces the Availability of the Panorama NovaView Virtual Appliance [Published: 03-28-2007]
Panorama Software's Virtual Appliance enables customers to download and configure an enterprise ready version of Panorama NovaView in just a few hours.

DataJungle Matrix Selects UnitedHealthcare [Published: 03-28-2007]
Matrix, has been deployed by UnitedHealthcare, a division of the United Health Group, a provider of services to the health and well-being industry.

Metadata, Part 2 [Published: 03-29-2007]
End user analysts and transaction processing end users treat metadata very differently.

BI in Healthcare: Lessons Every Industry Should Heed [Published: 03-29-2007]
This month, Jill Dyche’s colleague, Shravan Miriyala, describes why the healthcare industry has learned some lessons from the rest of us. At the same time, recent healthcare BI efforts can remind us of some tried-and-true BI best practices.

Pacific Sunwear Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-29-2007]
Pacific Sunwear will use MicroStrategy to analyze key merchandise sales and inventory metrics.

LogiXML Adds GIS Integration to Logi 8 Through a Partnership with ESRI [Published: 03-29-2007]
Logi 8 offers robust BI functionality, accessible by technical and non-technical users in organizations of all sizes.

Executive Guide to BI Success [Published: 03-29-2007]
Learn new methods to collaborate, explore & integrate vital business information company-wide, in a user driven environment. login required

CSC Announces the United Kingdom Department of Health Extends its IT Contact [Published: 03-29-2007]
Under the agreement CSC will continue to provide infrastructure and application support services health professionals at the Department of Health in the UK.

Data Management Group Achieves Platinum Level Partner Status in the Business Objects Partner Program [Published: 03-30-2007]
Platinum status is the highest recognition level in Business Objects Partner Program.

Property Management at AIMCO [Published: 03-30-2007]
With countless properties to manage, each with its own group of rent-paying occupants, producing a cohesive budget for the entire company was a challenge. login required