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July 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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VeriChip Announces AMA Recommends RFID Devices [Published: 07-02-2007]
American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs has adopted a policy stating that implantable RFID devices may help to identify patients, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of patient care.

UK-Based Consumer Credit Company Chooses Applix TM1 [Published: 07-06-2007]
Applix TM1 to provide financial forecasting and consolidation across Provident International's entire international division.

JasperSoft Delivers Affordable Business Intelligence [Published: 07-09-2007]
Claudia Imhoff speaks with JasperSoft’s Paul Doscher in an exclusive interview

Provident International Selects Applix [Published: 07-09-2007]
Provident International has selected Applix to provide financial forecasting and consolidation across its entire international division.

Windstream Selects Razorsight [Published: 07-09-2007]
Razorsight has been selected by Windstream to fully automate its spend management and analytics functions.

Applix Releases Applix 9.1 Unicode [Published: 07-09-2007]
Applix 9.1 Unicode allows companies to reach farther, deploy easier and react faster through a single, complete business analytics platform.

Business Objects Announces the Completion of the Inxight Software Acquisition [Published: 07-09-2007]
The combination of Business Objects and Inxight Software will provide organizations with a comprehensive BI solution to address all of their data assets.

MicroStrategy Announces MicroStrategy Mobile [Published: 07-09-2007]
MicroStrategy Mobile provides mobile workers with access to BI reports on their BlackBerry smartphones.

MicroStrategy Announces Plans to Launch MicroStrategy Integrity Manager [Published: 07-09-2007]
MicroStrategy Integrity Manager tests the accuracy of BI applications by validating data and report integrity.

Building Partnership in Siloed Environments [Published: 07-10-2007]
In BI and data warehousing organizations, there is a pattern of dissatisfied internal customers and siloed organizations. What is going on?

Telling Truth to Power and Its Importance in Business Intelligence [Published: 07-10-2007]
If we cannot realize the value of business intelligence because it cannot be transmitted upward to the leadership who must act on it, then we are in the worst of all possible worlds. It is critical for BI practitioners to learn how to tell truth to power.

Spotfire Announces the Availability of TIBCO Spotfire DXP 2.0 [Published: 07-10-2007]
TIBCO Spotfire DXP 2.0, the newest version of its enterprise analytics platform for next generation business intelligence.

VUANCE to Acquire Security Holding Corp [Published: 07-10-2007]
The acquisition will complement VUANCE’s RFID-enabled solutions.

Panorama Software Integrates Business Intelligence with Business Process Management [Published: 07-10-2007]
Panorama Software plans to integrate BI with BPM solutions as part of its proactive business intelligence roadmap.

Oracle Unveils Oracle Database 11g [Published: 07-11-2007]
Oracle Database 11g can help organizations take control of their enterprise information, gain better business insight, and quickly and confidently adapt to an increasingly changing competitive environment.

Axcess International Announces the Successful Implementation of Asset Management at Universidad Regiomontana [Published: 07-11-2007]
The University deployed Axcess' ActiveTagRFID physical computer asset protection solution with the goal of reversing asset theft and enhancing personnel tracking.

Trillium Software Announces Placement in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools [Published: 07-11-2007]
Data quality software solution providers are evaluated based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

The True Colors of Key Performance Indicators [Published: 07-12-2007]
The usage of colors when presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) in dashboards helps to highlight good or bad performance. Naming the colors appropriately will add even more professionalism to the dashboard presentation.

Retention – A Real Dilemma [Published: 07-12-2007]
Why is the issue of e-mail retention so divisive in the IT industry?

Business Intelligence Gadgets [Published: 07-15-2007]
Convergence of web services and desktop gadgets optimize business intelligence dashboards and alerts. login required

John Galt Solutions Delivers Cost-Effective Supply Chain Planning and Business Forecasting Solutions [Published: 07-16-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with John Galt Solutions’ Annemarie Omrodin an exclusive interview.

Intellitactics Deploys Intellitactics Security Manager [Published: 07-16-2007]
Intellitactics Security Manager was selected following a rigorous competitive evaluation.

BIReady Generates the Enterprise Data Warehouse [Published: 07-16-2007]
By using BIReady the exact data vault rules can be automatically implemented.

Defining the Economic Value for Business Intelligence Implementations in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Part 2 [Published: 07-17-2007]
Firms should make a pro forma determination of the value of a business intelligence project before making investment decisions, and also revisit the pro forma value model with actual results to validate or change the long-term strategy.

The Best in Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 07-17-2007]
This article presents a compilation of tips, techniques and best practices for healthcare business intelligence.

The Future of Healthcare Business Intelligence [Published: 07-17-2007]
The future of healthcare business intelligence will play out at the intersection of the pressing (and, for that matter, chronic) issues in business and policy, and the use of emerging analytical capabilities to create applications to meet these challenges

Overcoming the Challenges of XML Data Analysis [Published: 07-17-2007]
Exploring the benefits and challenges in regards to XML in the enterprise. login required

Business Intelligence and Government Performance Management [Published: 07-17-2007]
Improving federal government performance with business intelligence and data warehouse initiatives. login required

Cashflow Forecasting: Old Problem – New Solution [Published: 07-17-2007]
An accurate forecast must incorporate internal information from a variety of data sources with external information from an entirely different set of data sources. login required

IBM to Acquire DataMirror [Published: 07-17-2007]
Under the Arrangement Agreement, IBM will acquire all of the outstanding DataMirror common shares.

Capturing ROI through Business-Centric BI Development Methodologies [Published: 07-17-2007]
Business-centric methods go beyond traditional approaches by putting rigor into defining the business value capture mechanism for each BI project. login required

Balanced Scorecards in the Business-Centric BI Architecture [Published: 07-17-2007]
More and more companies are using the Balanced Scorecard as a management tool to improve business results. login required

How to Increase Your Performance Management Risk, Part 1 [Published: 07-18-2007]
Some organizations are intentionally taking deployment steps that may cause their performance management implementations to fail.

Introduction to Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 [Published: 07-18-2007]
Although there are many positive end-user benefits that will result from the Microsoft launch of PerformancePoint Server 2007, end users should be aware that this is the first commercial product release on this new platform.

Oracle to Buy Bharosa [Published: 07-19-2007]
Oracle plans to add some of Bharosa's Tracker and Authenticator software to its existing online single sign-on and Web-based authorization security products.

DataMirror Announces Support for Oracle Database 11g [Published: 07-19-2007]
Oracle Database 11g coupled with DataMirror's high performance CDC technology, helps companies react to critical business events as they occur and gather business intelligence in real time.

US Army's PM J-AIT Implements MicroStrategy Software [Published: 07-19-2007]
MicroStrategy software was selected to improve the ability to access and analyze data, and provide better decisions to enhance the Department of Defense's worldwide logistics tracking system.

Connected Communication and Establishing Communities – Tween-Style [Published: 07-19-2007]
What can we learn about business intelligence from today's tweens?

The Networked Data Warehouse Environment [Published: 07-19-2007]
As powerful as the notion of a data warehouse is, in many organizations, a single data warehouse is not entirely sufficient or appropriate for all organizations.

WageWorks Implements Xactly Incent [Published: 07-19-2007]
WageWorks has successfully implemented Xactly Incent to automate sales compensation management for its direct sales force.

LiveTime Announces LiveTime Service Manager and Help Desk is Now Available for the iPhone [Published: 07-19-2007]
Field technicians and customers can now manage support and change requests on the road using the iPhone.

Walking Plant Systems has Successfully Implemented RFID Technology into its Plant Order System [Published: 07-19-2007]
By allowing growers to fit each flower pot with a TAGSYS RFID tag, WPS can optimize the months-long greenhouse growing process.

NCR Applying RFID Tags for Retail Technology Products [Published: 07-20-2007]
NCR is applying RFID tags to cartons and pallets of retail technology products.

BOARD Offers a Unique Toolkit Approach [Published: 07-23-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Board International’s Scott Jennings in an exclusive interview.

CMS Awards CSC $96 Million Task Order to Provide Technology Support [Published: 07-23-2007]
Under the new task, CSC will continue providing software enhancements and maintenance as well as operations support for the Health and Human Services CMS MARx system.

Dataupia Unveils Business Partner Program [Published: 07-23-2007]
The Dataupia Business Partner Program provides partners with skills, tools and products for growing revenue, enhancing data management expertise and increasing the value of their customer offering.

CSC NASA Contract to Provide Supercomputing Support Services [Published: 07-23-2007]
CSC will provide supercomputing services to the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division at Ames Research Center.

The CIO’s Guide to Taking Data Asset Metrics to the Boardroom [Published: 07-23-2007]
It’s never too early – or too late – to begin treating data as a valuable asset to your organization. login required

Varonis Systems Introduces DatAdvantage 3.0 [Published: 07-23-2007]
DatAdvantage 3.0 includes advanced search capabilities, enhanced scalability and more out-of-box reporting and auditing.

Software AG Unveils the webMethods Product Suite [Published: 07-24-2007]
webMethods product suite is a comprehensive product portfolio for business integration, SOA, BPM and legacy modernization.

RFID Middleware Market Shows Strong Growth Potential [Published: 07-24-2007]
This focus on ROI will ensure steady and sustainable growth in the RFID middleware market.

Gauging Your Firm's Leadership Culture Index [Published: 07-24-2007]
The first step in establishing an effective leadership development culture is recognition that this is a priority. Then, it is necessary to identify the right starting points and gauge the impact of improvement efforts.

Driving Performance Measurement: Keeping Your Employees on Course [Published: 07-24-2007]
As companies increasingly provide metrics to their employees, they are learning that there can be some unintended consequences that are not so desirable.

BT Selects Kalido for Master Data Management [Published: 07-24-2007]
Kalido will provide a single, strategic MDM solution to centrally control and manage finance information.

Embarcadero Releases Change Manager 4.0 [Published: 07-24-2007]
Change Manager 4.0 enables database professionals to better manage database changes.

Maritime New Zealand Selects Applix [Published: 07-24-2007]
Maritime NZ has chosen the Applix platform to fulfill its reporting, budgeting and forecasting needs.

DataMirror Unveils New Version of Transformation Server for z/OS [Published: 07-25-2007]
Transformation Server improves support for companies integrating data in mainframe environments by extending support to DB2 Version 9.1 running on IBM's z/OS.

Do Portals Have a Future? [Published: 07-25-2007]
Colin White rebuts a recent article, explaining why portals do have a future and are ideally suited for implementing Web 2.0 and SOA technologies.

Intellident Announces 400th Live RFID Installation [Published: 07-25-2007]
Intellident announces that their 400th live RFID installation has been installed, joining a range of companies to successfully deploy and gain benefit from the use of the technology.

Healthcare RFID Technologies are Expected to Experience Explosive Growth Over the Next Five Years [Published: 07-26-2007]
The U.S. healthcare industry in 2007, are expected to experience explosive growth over the next five years, reaching more than $1 billion by 2010 and $3.1 billion by 2012.

BI Adoption Evolves Part 2: Categorizing End Users [Published: 07-26-2007]
Part 1 of this article introduced the Baseline Pyramid, which offers a BI taxonomy according to the type of usage and the maturity of the data. In Part 2, we spin the pyramid in order to relate this evolution to classes of knowledge workers.

When Are Star Schemas Okay in a Data Warehouse? [Published: 07-26-2007]
Because of their brittleness, star schemas typically do not make a good foundation for a data warehouse, but there are exceptions to this rule.

MBG Expense Management and mindWireless Expand Partnership [Published: 07-26-2007]
The partnership will provide enhanced wireline and wireless management capabilities for companies seeking a full range of telecom and IT asset management solutions.

Panorama Software Announces Partnership Agreement with OCT International [Published: 07-27-2007]
Together, the companies will offer Panorama NovaView, the Company’s flagship BI application, as well as comprehensive expertise for business intelligence to the Japanese market.

Informatica Signs OEM Agreement with SAP [Published: 07-27-2007]
SAP will embed Informatica's PowerCenter, PowerExchange and Metadata Manager integration software products into its performance management and analytic applications as well as its NetWeaver platform.

Elbit Systems Acquires Ferranti Technologies [Published: 07-27-2007]
FTL will enable Elbit Systems to provide enhanced access and support to its customers in the UK and Europe.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Business Intelligence Initiative [Published: 07-30-2007]
This article presents ten helpful suggestions for improving overall business intelligence results.

HSH Nordbank Selects Applix [Published: 07-30-2007]
Applix’s TM1 will allow bank staff to perform fast, sophisticated analysis, modelling and reporting.

The Motley Fool Selected Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM Solution [Published: 07-30-2007]
The Motley Fool chose Rhythmyx included multi-channel support, quick time-to-market, flexible, modular technology and ease-of-use.

Initiate Systems Positioned in the “Visionaries” Quadrant for Customer Data Integration Hubs [Published: 07-30-2007]
Initiate Systems was placed in the “Visionaries” quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Customer Data Integration Hubs, 2Q071 report released this month by Gartner, Inc.

SiNSYS Implements Fair Isaac Falcon Fraud Manager [Published: 07-30-2007]
SiNSYS has successfully implemented Fair Isaac's Falcon Fraud Manager to help payment card issuers protect their customers and their portfolios from fraudulent transactions.

SAP Grows U.S. Channel Partner Network [Published: 07-30-2007]
SAP AG recently announced the introduction of seven new SAP All-in-One VARs, 26 new SAP Business One partners and expanded coverage for nine existing SAP Business One partners serving customers across the United States.

AMB Dataminers Offers Microsoft SQL Server SSIS Cyclone Data Quality, De-Duping and Data Flow Products at No Cost [Published: 07-30-2007]
AMB's Cyclone Data Flow product allows the validation, identification, de-duping and cleansing of source data from Microsoft SQL Server SSIS.

Purisma Positioned in Visionaries Quadrant [Published: 07-30-2007]
Gartner's 2Q07 Magic Quadrant for CDI hubs provides insight into the evolving CDI hub market.

Gold Medal Travel Selects Applix [Published: 07-31-2007]
Applix was to provide daily statistical reporting and analysis of sales to airlines, hotels and independent travel agents across the world.

TEOCO Releases Claim Center 3.0 [Published: 07-31-2007]
TEOCO's Claim Center provides communications and entertainment service providers with an automated solution for full lifecycle claim management from creation and filing through resolution.

CSC Receives SAP Customer Competence Center Recertification for Work on U.S. Army LMP [Published: 07-31-2007]
SAP CCC recertification for its work on the U.S. Army's Logistics Modernization Program.

Business Objects Launches New Authorized Consulting Partner Program [Published: 07-31-2007]
ACP Program is designed for resellers and solution providers, provides a framework that develops and identifies consulting opportunities for partners to work together with Business Objects Global Services in enterprise accounts.

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics in Telecom Business Intelligence [Published: 07-31-2007]
Ideally, business intelligence organizations should be immune to decisions relating to ethics, but the reality is that telecom organizations will have to take a harder look at what they do and how they do it.

Interview with Phil Rosenzweig, Author of The Halo Effect [Published: 07-31-2007]
In this interview, author Phil Rosenzweig explains the halo effect and how it applies to the world of management and business performance.

EPCIS: Supply Chain Visibility and Business Intelligence [Published: 07-31-2007]
Leading companies are building custom RFID business intelligence to get the most usage out of the EPCIS standard.

IT’s Role in Finance System Implementation [Published: 07-31-2007]
Paul Harding explains why IT and finance must work together when selecting and implementing a new finance system.

US Army's PM J-AIT Implements MicroStrategy Software [Published: 07-31-2007]
PM J-AIT has implemented the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform to report on and analyze logistics data for a RFID solution implemented by Unisys Corp.

Oekostrom Selects Infor [Published: 07-31-2007]
Infor enables Oekostrom to speed up monthly settlements by more than one week by automating core processes including debts consolidation and standardized accounting.