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January 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Lockheed Martin Canada Selects InterSystems [Published: 01-03-2007]
Lockheed Martin Canada has selected InterSystems’ Ensemble integration software for the CFHIS.

Verix Releases Verix Discovery Suite [Published: 01-04-2007]
Version 2.3 offers users even greater insight into performance changes discovered by the solution.

SpectraLink Unveils its Next Generation Wi-Fi Telephony Handsets [Published: 01-04-2007]
The new NetLink 8000 Series handsets allow businesses to choose the most appropriate Wi-Fi implementation for application segmentation, interference mitigation and user density.

Online Resources Launches Mobile Banking and Bill Payment Service [Published: 01-04-2007]
Online Resources mobile banking and bill payment service, enables financial institutions to provide their consumers with a full range of online services via mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Accenture Survey Finds the Majority of Information Managers Obtain for Work is Useless [Published: 01-05-2007]
The purpose of the online survey of more than 1,000 middle managers of large companies was to uncover wide-ranging insights about the way they gather, use and analyze information.

Topcon Medical Systems Selects Metrix [Published: 01-05-2007]
Topcon Medical Systems has selected the Metrix 4e product suite to automate their service operations.

Lowell Fryman Joins Visionary Integration Professionals [Published: 01-05-2007]
Lowell Fryman has joined the company in the role of Director, Service Delivery.

ScanHealth Announces Name Change to Sansio [Published: 01-08-2007]
The change coincides with the company’s expansion of its corporate headquarters in Duluth’s state of the art Technology Village.

VIBO Telecom Selects Teradata [Published: 01-08-2007]
VIBO Telecom has selected the Teradata enterprise data warehouse as a centralized information platform.

NCR to Spin Off Teradata [Published: 01-08-2007]
NCR is spinning off its data warehousing business as a separate publicly-traded company.

Kids Hope Deploys Hyperion System 9 BI+ software [Published: 01-08-2007]
The Hyperion solution gives FSMO managers dashboard-based views of the entire adoption process, delivering pertinent and timely information about the location and status of every child.

Using Business Intelligence to Achieve Goals of Retail-Based Clinics [Published: 01-09-2007]
There are several potential difficulties that must be proactively addressed if retail-based clinics are going to survive and prosper.

Making Decisions in Congress: The Need for More Business Intelligence [Published: 01-09-2007]
With the 110th Congress sworn in this month, it’s time to focus on the Legislative Branch.

There is Safety in Numbers [Published: 01-09-2007]
John Bostick provides helpful advice for successful outsourcing.

PSC Announces the Expansion of Falcon 4400 Mobile Computer [Published: 01-10-2007]
Falcon 4400 mobile computer line to include Bluetooth wireless technology, 128MB RAM/128MB Flash memory, full alpha-numeric numbers-up keypad and a high-density 2D scan-engine.

Decision Intelligence Joins Pentaho Partner Program [Published: 01-10-2007]
Decision Intelligence has joined the Pentaho Partner Program and has established a competency to implement Pentaho data mining, as well as other Pentaho solutions.

SimCorp and Spotfire Form Global Partnership [Published: 01-10-2007]
Spotfire will bring enhanced visual and data-analysis capabilities to SimCorp's customers.

Motorbike Production at Honda Italia Being Transformed with RFID [Published: 01-11-2007]
IBM Global Business Services supports RFID project at Honda's plant in Italy.

Wolters Kluwer Health Selects Netezza [Published: 01-11-2007]
Netezza to provide on-demand analytics that can enhance delivery of key market data to pharmaceutical industry professionals.

Inxight Partners with Iknow LLC [Published: 01-11-2007]
Inxight Partners with Iknow LLC to jointly develop and market advanced informatics solutions.

Time Value of Information [Published: 01-11-2007]
How is the time value of information applicable at both the micro and macro levels?

SAP R/3 Security [Published: 01-11-2007]
This article is the first in a two-part series regarding SAP R/3 security. This discussion is an overview of R/3 security concepts – its history and implications. In later discussions, we will look at the latest SAP security initiatives.

Achieve Healthcare Technologies Selects Actuate Performancesoft Views [Published: 01-11-2007]
Achieve has selected Actuate Performancesoft Views to streamline its performance management initiative and increase its efforts towards its balanced scorecard goals.

CSC Signs Contract Extension with John Hancock Financial Services [Published: 01-11-2007]
John Hancock Financial Services has extended its applications outsourcing contract with CSC.

MicroStrategy Supports Paramount Pictures [Published: 01-11-2007]
MicroStrategy will provide reporting and analytics for multiple areas across the company.

ESPRIT Selects SAP [Published: 01-15-2007]
ESPRIT Selects SAP to support international growth.

BIO Analytics Introduces BIO Business Intelligence Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP [Published: 01-16-2007]
BIO provides GP users with a sophisticated, highly adaptable business analytics solution designed specifically for the needs of mid-sized organizations.

KB Toys Selects QuantiSense [Published: 01-16-2007]
QuantiSense enables KB Toys to understand its merchandising needs based on past & present seasonal trends, events and regional customer demand.

The Three Environments of IT [Published: 01-16-2007]
This article defines a master data management environment and describes how it should interact with the business intelligence and business transactional environments.

2007: The Year of Revenue Generation in Telecom [Published: 01-16-2007]
2007 could be a year focused on revenue generation in the telecom industry.

NAAP Global Solutions Selects CACHÉ Post-relational Database [Published: 01-16-2007]
NAAP Global Solutions has selected the CACHÉ post-relational database for a commercially available network administration software product.

Information Builders Joins IBM's ISV Advantage Initiative [Published: 01-16-2007]
IBM's ISV Advantage Initiative helps Information Builders better meet the business intelligence needs of SMBs.

Spotfire Announces the Latest Version of its Enterprise Analytics Platform Spotfire DXP 1.1 [Published: 01-16-2007]
Spotfire DXP 1.1 allows business professionals to quickly discover new insights in information that those who rely on traditional business intelligence software can miss.

Cognos Acquires Celequest [Published: 01-17-2007]
Cognos has acquired privately held Celequest.

Omaha Public Schools Selects Information Builders [Published: 01-17-2007]
WebFOCUS will transform the way teachers and administrators access results of the CRT.

HP Forms a Business Information Optimization Unit within its HP Software Organization [Published: 01-17-2007]
The Business Information Optimization unit will deliver solutions that archive and manage customers’ corporate data.

Black Hole Management Report [Published: 01-17-2007]
This report presents the key findings and some recommendation, based on a survey carried out in the UK to examine whether companies are making the most of the information they have at their disposal. login required

Building the Imperfect Data Warehouse [Published: 01-18-2007]
Sometimes, a perfect data warehouse is not an option.

Developing a Data Quality Strategy [Published: 01-18-2007]
The data quality strategy describes a framework and a road map to address the challenges and achieve the benefits of improving information quality.

SPSS Releases Clementine 11.0 [Published: 01-18-2007]
Clementine 11.0 enables organizations to enhance productivity in CRM, marketing and risk analysis, and provide analysis for fraud detection.

Kimberly-Clark Selects Tata Consultancy Services [Published: 01-18-2007]
Tata Consultancy Services has signed a multi-year agreement to provide information technology infrastructure support to Kimberly-Clark operations.

Serials Solutions Selects SeaTab Software [Published: 01-18-2007]
SeaTab’s PivotLink Embedded will provide full-functionality business intelligence as a seamless part of Serials Solutions’ COUNTER integrated electronic resource management solution.

GoldenGate Software Delivers Real-Time Data to Operational Data Warehouses [Published: 01-22-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with GoldenGate’s Chris McAllister about the benefits of real-time access to real-time information.

Varicent Named “Best New Vendor” in BPM Partner’s Annual Beyond the Hype Web Cast [Published: 01-22-2007]
BPM Partner’s annual Beyond the Hype Web cast, evaluates the vendors and offerings in business performance management software.

The Bon-Ton Stores Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-22-2007]
The Bon-Ton Stores, purchased SPSS predictive analytics software to better understand and predict its customer's future behavior.

Hitachi Injects High Performance Boost into AMS1000 [Published: 01-22-2007]
AMS1000 provides a new price-to-performance ratio in midrange storage systems thereby setting a new industry standard.

Hiring Business Intelligence Professionals [Published: 01-23-2007]
This article marks the launch of Maureen Clarry's Expert Channel on Leadership and Management. Her first article discusses hiring and retention of qualified business intelligence professionals.

Enterprise Architecture in Government [Published: 01-23-2007]
This installment describes how the principles of strategic modeling for the rapid delivery of enterprise architecture were used by a government department to develop its enterprise architecture portfolio plan in just 15 days.

GeneGo and Spotfire Form Partnership [Published: 01-23-2007]
GeneGo and Spotfire recently announced that the companies' flagship products are fully integrated.

Arby's Restaurant Group Selects SRC [Published: 01-23-2007]
Arby's selected SRC to develop and host an automated, Web-based solution through SRC’s Portfolio Web technology platform to support the franchise planning and development process.

Hyperion to Acquire Decisioneering [Published: 01-24-2007]
Hyperion will operate Decisioneering as a stand-alone Hyperion business unit.

Claraview Acquires HandsOn-BI [Published: 01-24-2007]
Claraview will expand its education practice, leveraging HandsOn-BI's significant expertise in BI and data warehousing architecture, planning and design.

The Impact of Web 2.0 on Business Portals [Published: 01-24-2007]
Web 2.0 technologies add powerful capabilities to building and deploying portals and their associated workspaces.

Enhancing Business Results with Data Quality [Published: 01-24-2007]
When a company can depend on its data, the benefits are felt throughout the enterprise, as well as by customers, partners and suppliers.

SAND Joins Business Objects Technology Partner Program [Published: 01-24-2007]
SAND and Business Objects will collaborate on sales and marketing initiatives.

CFRHIO Selects InterSystems as Vendor of Choice [Published: 01-25-2007]
CFRHIO has selected InterSystems as vendor of choice to enable its health information exchange initiative.

A New Game in Town [Published: 01-25-2007]
Are you troubled by the increasing costs of storage in data warehousing? If so, a recent Sun/Greenplum announcement may be of interest to you.

Serving the Greater Good: Why Data Hoarding Impedes Corporate Growth [Published: 01-25-2007]
Organizations and employees that keep their data to themselves are increasingly being called on the carpet. Here’s what you can do to help your corporate data deliver value to a wider audience.

Clarity Systems Launches Clarity Financial Statement Reporting [Published: 01-25-2007]
Clarity Financial Statement Reporting is a comprehensive solution for the creation of an organization’s external financial reporting processes.

Jackson has Licensed CSC's Claims Management Accelerator and Customer Service Accelerator Systems [Published: 01-25-2007]
Jackson will use these solutions to improve service levels to its customers and increase productivity and efficiency in claims handling.

Linking Strategic Plans to Operational Goals: A Practical Guide for CFOs [Published: 01-29-2007]
This paper explains how the newest offering from Cognos can help organizations avoid fatal flaws. login required

Best Practicses in Enterprise Performance Planning [Published: 01-29-2007]
Seven steps to make planning successful, from high participation and real-time alignment to timeframe appropriate planning. login required

Implementing A Business Intelligence Strategy [Published: 01-29-2007]
Explaining why standardizing business intelligence is critical. login required

The Business Value of Business Intelligence [Published: 01-29-2007]
A framework for measuring the benefits of business intelligence solutions. login required

Capital Expense Planning [Published: 01-29-2007]
The importance of monitoring and tracking capital expenditures. login required

Data Quality First: It’s Just Logical [Published: 01-29-2007]
The importance of trusted information to successful data integration and business intelligence. login required

Enterprise Information Management: Tentative Past, Promising Future [Published: 01-29-2007]
This white paper explains why EIM is finally becoming a reality. login required

Top-10 Reporting Tool Essentials for SAP R/3 [Published: 01-29-2007]
An overview of SAP R/3 reporting tools as well as examination of the general reporting opportunities SAP R/3 clients have before them. login required

BusinessObjects Rapid Marts for SAP R/3® [Published: 01-29-2007]
Driving organizational performance with strategic business intelligence. login required

The Global Advancement of Enterprise Performance Management [Published: 01-29-2007]
This paper identifies the momentum of enterprise performance management amoung the world’s largest organizations. login required

Usage Analytics as an Operational Standard for Enterprise BI and DW Management [Published: 01-29-2007]
Discussing often overlooked operational and informational challenges facing enterprise BI and DW professionals. login required

A Practical Guide to Managing BI and DW Deployments with Actionage Usage Metrics [Published: 01-29-2007]
Leverage actionable data usage and query performance metrics to improve query performance, increase service levels and productivity and reduce data management costs. login required

The Hillman Group [Published: 01-29-2007]
The Hillman Group combined a business intelligence initiative with the development of a new Web portal to deliver information to more people, more efficiently, and in a more usable format.

Making a Product Decision for a Data Warehouse environment [Published: 01-29-2007]
Selecting the database platform is of the utmost importance and should be chosen with care. login required

A Fresh Look at Data Warehouse Technology [Published: 01-29-2007]
Introducing the data warehouse appliance. login required

What is Happening in the World of Radio Frequency Identification [Published: 01-29-2007]
RFID offers tremendous opportunities for both companies and individuals. login required

Data Warehouse Solutions for Achieving Compliance and Managing Operational Risk [Published: 01-29-2007]
Using a data warehouse to address regulatory and compliance issues. login required

Overall Approach to Data Quality ROI [Published: 01-29-2007]
Having data quality as a focus is a business philosophy that aligns strategy, business culture, company information and technology to manage data to the benefit of the enterprise. login required

Achieving Business Intelligence Query Performance [Published: 01-29-2007]
When done properly, nothing adds value to a business in today’s economy than business intelligence. login required

RFID Database Management Systems Architecture for Retailers [Published: 01-30-2007]
With uses for RFID gaining in acceptance, there are two primary uses of database management in RFID support.

A Portal-Based Approach to Business Performance Management [Published: 01-30-2007]
A portal-based approach to business performance management can provide substantial business benefits.

GEICO Honors Tangosol with Partnership Excellence Award [Published: 01-30-2007]
GEICO honored Tangosol with its Partnership Excellence Award, for superior customer service and outstanding product support.

LogiXML Delivers Logi 8 [Published: 01-30-2007]
Logi 8 is a pure Web-based, unified and XML-based solution that offers robust BI functionality.

Melissa Data Announces Multi-platform Capabilities to Canadian Address Object [Published: 01-30-2007]
The Data Quality Tools Suite, which includes Address Object, Phone Object and Name Object, empowers efficient and effective direct marketing by verifying and correcting address, phone and contact data.

Corticon Technologies Announces Acceptance into the IBM SOA Specialty [Published: 01-30-2007]
Corticon’s Business Rules Management System integrates with the IBM SOA Foundation.

GoldenGate Software Joins the Business Objects Technology Partner Program [Published: 01-30-2007]
Under the agreement, GoldenGate will work with Business Objects to enable real-time business intelligence in the enterprise.

Property/Casualty Insurance Company [Published: 01-30-2007]
With an existing operational data store that was too costly to "fix," the company designed and built a new enterprise data warehouse and enterprise Web portal.

Callidus Software Announces Strategic Alliance Partnership with CelFocus [Published: 01-30-2007]
Callidus Software will provide mobile communication firms with EIM solutions to improve sales performance, align sales with business objectives and drive revenue.

2006: The Best and Worst in Business Performance Management [Published: 01-31-2007]
2006 was one of the best years to date for business performance management in terms of sales, user success and evolution.

Business Performance Management Resolutions [Published: 01-31-2007]
The suggestions in this article will help you develop a list of business performance resolutions for your organization.

Information Builders Releases WebFOCUS Magnify [Published: 01-31-2007]
WebFOCUS Magnify, the search navigation tool that dynamically categorizes search results and supplements them with analysis and reporting capabilities.

Empowering the Insurance Industry with Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Empowering the Financial Services Industry with Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Predictive Analytics Software Empowers Government Decision Makers [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Empowering the Manufacturing Industry with Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Empowering the Telecommunications Industry with Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Empowering the Retail Industry with Predictive Analytics Software [Published: 01-31-2007]
Predictive analytics software is generating the critical insight company’s demand today for a wide range of challenges. login required

Battelle Forms Partnership with Sypherlink [Published: 01-31-2007]
The partnership will provide knowledge management solutions to government agencies.

Interstate Hotels & Resorts [Published: 01-31-2007]
Interstate Hotels & Resorts created a consolidated repository for operational data on which the company could build both reporting systems and Web applications – a BI portal that enabled the company to drive everyone to the same set of data.

Yorkshire Building Society Group Selects QlikTech [Published: 01-31-2007]
YBS has implemented QlikView, QlikTech’s innovative business intelligence tool.

The ODS Companies [Published: 01-31-2007]
The ODS Companies needed to develop new production applications in a more flexible client/server environment and implement data warehousing technology that supported ad hoc, unpredictable queries.