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February 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Silicon Image Selects Cognos [Published: 02-01-2007]
Silicon Image, has selected Cognos' enterprise planning and reporting capabilities to automate existing spreadsheet-based business processes and improve reporting efficiencies.

DataFlux Partners with NEOS [Published: 02-01-2007]
DataFlux will provide data quality, CDI and data governance solutions for NEOS clients and offer NEOS professional services to DataFlux customers

Data Analysis: A Pivotal Activity for Operational Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 02-01-2007]
Data analysis which leads to data modeling will provide the useful insights into the data that will go a long way to support good decision making.

Data Stewards [Published: 02-01-2007]
What is the role of a data steward?

Hua Nan Financial Holdings Company Selects Teradata [Published: 02-01-2007]
HNFHC has selected the Teradata Warehouse as its business analytics and decision-making foundation to enhance enterprise intelligence.

Checkpoint Systems Partners with Metro Group to Successfully Deploy UHF RFID Dock Door Solutions [Published: 02-02-2007]
Checkpoint Systems, Inc. recently announced its involvement in a series of UHF RFID technology trials supervised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) task group 34 (TG34).

Alabama Farmers Cooperative Selects QlikTech [Published: 02-05-2007]
AFC has deployed QlikView, its flagship business intelligence software solution.

Naval Postgraduate School Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM Software [Published: 02-05-2007]
Rhythmyx is managing all content for NPS's Dudley Knox Library, simplifying content delivery and reuse for the librarians who use the WCM system.

Universal Special Auto Finance Selects CSC [Published: 02-05-2007]
CSC to provide back-office systems and support for subprime auto lending program.

Business Objects Expands Mid-Market Solutions [Published: 02-05-2007]
Business Objects recently launched a new business intelligence product line for mid-size companies and expanded partner opportunities in this area.

Oracle Announces the Availability of Oracle Data Integrator [Published: 02-05-2007]
Oracle Data Integrator, a high-performing data integration solution that enables organizations to quickly integrate massive volumes of data dispersed across mixed IT environments.

Building a Truly Great Healthcare Business Intelligence Application [Published: 02-06-2007]
Using the data already owned to identify a mission, product and downstream actions is one of the best investments of time, money and effort that an organization can make

Measuring Data Quality in the Eyes of an Actuary [Published: 02-06-2007]
Visual data measurement coupled with a baseline assessment and continuing monitoring will drive quality improvement and increase an insurance company's book of business.

Higher Education Institutions Employ Hyperion [Published: 02-06-2007]
Hyperion System 9 allows academic institutions to create an integrated, flexible process to steer performance and increase accountability.

Intellitactics Announces New Version of Security Manager [Published: 02-06-2007]
Security Manager implements proactive security operations management and reducing the cost and effort associated with complying with regulatory standards.

CSC Wins Missile Defense Agency Contract [Published: 02-06-2007]
CSC to provide scientific, engineering and technical assistance for the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System.

LaBarge Selects WebFOCUS [Published: 02-06-2007]
LaBarge has selected WebFOCUS as its enterprise standard for business intelligence, reporting and information delivery.

Microsoft Technology Centers Selects Intermec [Published: 02-06-2007]
Microsoft Technology Centers allow enterprises and ISV customers to envision, architect and evaluate technology solutions before buying and deploying them in their own IT environment.

The Hidden Challenge of Product Information Management [Published: 02-07-2007]
Martin Boyd explains product information management performance.

Exmplar Analyzes Campaign Effectiveness with QlikView [Published: 02-07-2007]
QlikTech announced that Exmplar Inc. has implemented QlikView for business intelligence.

TDAN.com Forms Strategic Partnership with the Business Intelligence Network [Published: 02-07-2007]
Leading data administration portal announces partnership with the Business Intelligence Network.

Different Stages of Data Warehouse Maturity [Published: 02-08-2007]
This article covers the stages of data warehousing from the data mart through the enterprise data warehouse.

How Software Developers are Turning Data into Knowledge [Published: 02-08-2007]
This article directs your attention to three Web sites that give a glimpse into the future of business information and knowledge creation.

Childrens Hospital: Clinical Enterprise Management Case Study [Published: 02-08-2007]
Children’s Hospital began a trial of Confio Ignite for Oracle, (formerly DBFlash), and very quickly was able to see an improvement in resolution of Cerner problems. login required

Nationwide Insurance: Database Performance Improvement Case Study [Published: 02-08-2007]
Overall, customer has been able to demonstrate a ROI of 800 percent through use of Ignite for Oracle. login required

Wait Time Analysis Method [Published: 02-08-2007]
New best practice for database performance management. login required

Clarabridge Announces its Participation in the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Initiative [Published: 02-09-2007]
Clarabridge provides integration capability between Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g and major business intelligence tools, enabling business users to more rapidly find the information they seek and make better decisions.

Informatica Delivers on its Strategic Roadmap and Experiencing Market Momentum for Informatica On Demand [Published: 02-09-2007]
Informatica On Demand offerings enable customers to successfully migrate, integrate, synchronize and cleanse data across on-premise and outsourced applications.

SeaTab Software Recognized as One of the Top 10 Business Intelligence Providers by CGT Magazine [Published: 02-09-2007]
CGT Magazine polled more than 150 executives from global consumer goods companies.

CORDA Delivers Business Performance & Insight through Dashboards and Data Visualization [Published: 02-12-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Nate Rhodes from CORDA Technologies in an exclusive interview.

MEGA International Releases Advanced MEGA ITSM Accelerator [Published: 02-12-2007]
MEGA ITSM Accelerator that will help enterprises deploy ITIL faster and more efficiently.

Knowing Sooner Rather Than Later: Cost Analysis of Low-Latency Data in Enterprise Data Warehousing [Published: 02-12-2007]
The study explores five typical architectures for acquiring real-time data from transaction systems and estimates the cost factors for each. login required

AT&T Selects QUALCOMM [Published: 02-12-2007]
QUALCOMM and AT&T signed a definitive agreement to deliver mobile entertainment and information services to the wireless unit's subscribers.

Applix Announces Applix 9.1 [Published: 02-13-2007]
Applix 9.1 enable businesses to perform reporting from the Web, easily configure planning applications and create their own custom dashboards and scorecards.

Purdue Pharma Selects Impinj [Published: 02-13-2007]
Purdue Pharma's Gen 2 RFID-enabled packaging line will utilize the Impinj GrandPrix UHF RFID solution.

TEOCO Expands Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Capabilities with DATAllegro [Published: 02-13-2007]
TEOCO announced that it has expanded its high-volume analytics and business intelligence capabilities with the acquisition of another data warehouse appliance from DATAllegro.

Case Management and Knowledge Management [Published: 02-13-2007]
Case management systems in government should rely on knowledge management environments.

Optimizing Strategies for Standard R/3 Reports [Published: 02-13-2007]
This article offers real-life tips and strategies to assist R/3 report users.

Applix Introduces Applix 9.1 [Published: 02-13-2007]
Applix 9.1 enhances performance management across the enterprise for improved operational visibility and greater agility in the market.

Grayling Wireless Partners with Cognos [Published: 02-14-2007]
Grayling Wireless has signed an agreement with Cognos to incorporate their Cognos 8 Business Intelligence tools.

IQ Lessons Learned: Consumer Reports Recalls Faulty Car Seat Study [Published: 02-14-2007]
What information quality lessons can we learn from the recent Consumer Reports study recall?

Customer Data Integration or Data Interfaceation? [Published: 02-14-2007]
What is customer data integration?

Oracle Unveils Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 7 [Published: 02-14-2007]
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 7, features enhanced integration and caching with Oracle Database 10g to meet the instant response times and high- throughput requirements of real-time enterprises.

PerfectServe Selects QlikTech [Published: 02-14-2007]
PerfectServe provides physician contact and patient care communication services to hospitals, physician practices and other healthcare clients across the U.S.

ASG and Sypherlink Form Partnership [Published: 02-14-2007]
Sypherlink announced that ASG-Rochade Relationship Harvester, has been selected and is being implemented by several leading financial services organizations.

Callidus Software CEO Shares Insights on Driving Sales Performance [Published: 02-15-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Callidus Software’s Robert Youngjohns about the power sales performance management brings to today’s enterprise.

e2e Analytix Launches Healthcare Analytics Practice [Published: 02-15-2007]
e2e Analytix announced the launching of a Healthcare Solutions practice.

Syncsort Announces Backup Express to Support HP-UX 11i v3 [Published: 02-15-2007]
Backup Express will support the HP-UX 11i v3 platform, as well as HP Integrity’s expanding product line.

Industry Survey Recognizes MicroStrategy for Business Intelligence Standardization [Published: 02-15-2007]
The OLAP Survey 6, has recognized MicroStrategy as the top product for BI standardization.

The New World of Archiving, Part 1 [Published: 02-15-2007]
What must be done with archival data in a modern and effective world?

ProfitBase Releases ProfitBase 2007 [Published: 02-15-2007]
ProfitBase 2007 is a configurable data warehousing technology that delivers business analytics, business system connectivity and a rapid-configuration data warehouse tool.

GoldenGate Announces that Zero-Downtime Operations Will be Available from HP Tru64 UNIX Operating System to HP-UX [Published: 02-15-2007]
Zero-Downtime Operations ensures high availability and scalability for mission-critical applications.

Preparing the Organization for Performance Data Quality Management [Published: 02-15-2007]
A change in the traditional approach to data ownership, governance and quality is necessary.

Cartesis Delivers Performance Management [Published: 02-16-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Cartesis’ Trevor Walker in an exclusive interview.

True North Selects Infobright [Published: 02-19-2007]
True North has selected the Infobright BrightHouse data warehouse platform.

Business Objects Discusses OnDemand Business Intelligence [Published: 02-20-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with Business Objects’ Steve Lucas in an exclusive interview.

DATAllegro and Ingres form an Alliance [Published: 02-20-2007]
The new alliance involves deeper technology collaboration with DATAllegro contributing code as part of Ingres’ community process.

Making Telecom “Earnings Season” Easier via Business Intelligence [Published: 02-20-2007]
Telecom business intelligence organizations should consider the benefits of business activity monitoring/business process management implementations for financial reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

DataMirror Unveils Transformation Server 6.0 [Published: 02-20-2007]
DataMirror Transformation Server 6.0, delivering significant usability and support enhancements to help organizations make smarter business decisions and maximize their ROI.

CSC Signs Contract Extension With Vital [Published: 02-20-2007]
Under the new agreement, CSC will continue to support, manage and operate Vital's critical business systems.

FireScope Selects Actuate [Published: 02-20-2007]
FireScope has selected software from Actuate to provide an intuitive and real-time report interface for the FireScope line of IT Operations appliances.

Business Performance Management Choices Beyond SaaS for Small to Mid-Sized Companies [Published: 02-20-2007]
Jim Nauen describes BPM options for small to mid-sized companies.

2007 BPM Pulse Survey Results, Part 1 [Published: 02-21-2007]
The annual 2007 Pulse survey reveals a growing interest in operational analytics.

Business Intelligence & Business Performance Management: More Important than ERP? [Published: 02-21-2007]
BPM’s functions for monitoring, reporting, planning and forecasting, analysis and real-time management are becoming as critical as ERP functions are today.

DATAllegro Releases DATAllegro v3 [Published: 02-21-2007]
DATAllegro v3 combines a new version of DATAllegro's software with Cisco Infiniband switches, Dell servers, EMC storage, Ingres' open source database and Intel quad-core CPUs.

InetSoft Launches iScope [Published: 02-21-2007]
iScope software combines InetSoft’s block technology with an easy-to-use graphic interface and the ability to easily access disparate data sources for highly dynamic, real-time exploration and analysis.

Data Governance: Managing Data for Profit [Published: 02-21-2007]
The quality of governance of an entity can directly impact the value derived from that entity. login required

BI Helps Financial Institution Improve Bottom Line [Published: 02-21-2007]
How a leading financial institution leveraged a business intelligence system to improve its competitive position and lower the cost of doing business. login required

Business Intelligence for the Insurance Industry [Published: 02-21-2007]
The competitive threat in the insurance industry has never been greater, which makes seamless BI a necessity. login required

Business Intelligence System at Parkway [Published: 02-21-2007]
The new business intelligence system pays for itself within two years after implementation. login required

The Power of Business Intelligence for Mortgage Banking [Published: 02-21-2007]
Record low interest rates drove loan originations and refinancing volume to an all time high in 2001. login required

Covelight and SeeWhy Form a Technology Partnership [Published: 02-22-2007]
Their collaboration gives joint customers an easily deployed platform that delivers real-time visibility into online customer activity.

Archival Environment, Part 2 [Published: 02-22-2007]
In every case, if data is to be archived, it needs to be freed from the technology in which it is stored on a day-to-day basis.

The Myth of the Purebred Data Steward [Published: 02-22-2007]
As organizations formalize the role of data steward, expectations vary—as do perceptions of added value. In this article, Jill Dyche discusses why the jack-of-all-trades approach to data stewardship may result in serving too many masters.

New York University Implements Hyperion System 9 [Published: 02-23-2007]
NYU plans to implement Hyperion System 9 from Hyperion, a provider in BPM software.

XFormity Releases Version 2.0 [Published: 02-23-2007]
XFormity provides multi-unit business operators with best practices that enables real-time or near real-time analysis of business KPI.

Data Quality Essentials [Published: 02-23-2007]
This new white paper describes the techniques used by successful companies to plan and implement data quality processes as part of a point solution or enterprise-wide initiative. login required

Solving the Source Data Problem [Published: 02-23-2007]
A strong automated data profiling process can keep IT projects on the fast track and provide for continuous data monitoring as well. login required

Realizing Master Data Management [Published: 02-23-2007]
An organization's master data may well be its most valuable set of assets. Learn why companies want master data management, how to achieve it and what is required. login required

Total Data Quality; A Business Solution for Today and Tomorrow [Published: 02-23-2007]
From a business perspective, learn how Total Data Quality offers a comprehensive strategy and a full range of tactics for turning raw data into meaningful corporate data assets. login required

How Data Profiling & Analysis Saves Companies Millions [Published: 02-23-2007]
You can take charge of organization’s data to create a faster, smarter more competitive enterprise by improving data quality, cutting integration costs and improving the returns from data warehousing initiatives, ERP, CRM, SCM and BI/BPM. login required

Business Objects Delivers Critical Insight to the Healthcare Field [Published: 02-26-2007]
Business Objects is helping hospitals and health insurance providers use their business information to transform the way they work and improve their performance.

The U.S. Department of Defense Goes Web 2.0 [Published: 02-26-2007]
The Defense Intelligence Agency is seeing increased use of various Web 2.0 technologies.

LIPIX Selects InterSystems HealthShare [Published: 02-26-2007]
The InterSystems HealthShare HIE platform will be used to integrate and share clinical information across twelve healthcare organizations throughout Long Island.

QlikView Connector 4.1 has Achieved “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” Status [Published: 02-26-2007]
QlikView Connector enables users to get easy and fast access to data within multiple SAP solution-based systems, as well as from other external data sources.

Partners HealthCare System Provides Physicians with EMR Access by using InterSystems Ensemble [Published: 02-26-2007]
Partners HealthCare System delivers EMR access to the community physician practices in the Partners network.

Converging Text and Business Intelligence [Published: 02-26-2007]
This content mining platform avoids the pitfalls of previous approaches to unstructured analysis. login required

SSF of the People’s Republic of China has Selected Insightful’s S-PLUS [Published: 02-26-2007]
SSF will use the Insightful platform’s advanced quantitative and scientific approaches to build predictive models in order to accurately predict risk and thereby minimize economic surprises.

IDM and Wheaton Group Form a Strategic Partnership [Published: 02-27-2007]
IDM and Wheaton Group announced a partnership offering cutting-edge data mining services to IDM clients.

Leadership and Networking [Published: 02-27-2007]
Good networks foster good partnerships. These partnerships are based on mutual support for both parties even when they may have different goals.

Here’s What’s on My Mind About Strategic Thinking – What’s on Yours? [Published: 02-27-2007]
Just like we are advised to “think globally/act locally,” it is advantageous to think strategically while acting tactically.

Microsoft Acquires Medstory [Published: 02-27-2007]
The acquisition represents a strategic move for Microsoft in the consumer health search arena.

Speeding ETL and Processing in Data Warehouses [Published: 02-27-2007]
Today’s real-time business world demands the capability to process ever-increasing volumes of data at lightning speed. This white paper describes how DMExpress speeds long-running ETL processes so that applications finish faster saving you time and money. login required

Joins and Aggregates Are Critical for Achieving Faster Data Retrieval in a Dimensional Data Warehouse [Published: 02-27-2007]
The process of preparing data for a dimensional data warehouse can be significantly reduced by the effective use of aggregation and join processing, performed by a tool optimized for fast sequential processing. login required

iDashboards Forms Partnership with Dimensions Analysis [Published: 02-28-2007]
iDashboards announced a partnership with Dimensions Analysis to deliver real-time, intelligent dashboards to healthcare organizations.

Web 2.0, BPM 2.0, BI 2.0: How Many 2.0’s Do We Need? [Published: 02-28-2007]
Business users and departmental IT organizations are forcing the industry to move away from the rigid and centralized IT approaches of the past.

IBM and Convergence CT Announced an Agreement to Jointly Market Clinical Data Warehousing Products [Published: 02-28-2007]
The new Clinical Data Warehouse will be based on the IBM BCU for Convergence CT’s DB*FOCUS Clinical Data Warehouse technology.