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December 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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IDG Announces CSC Winner of the 2007 InfoWorld 100 Award for U.S. Army Logistics Modernization Program [Published: 12-03-2007]
The awards recognize projects that stretch beyond off-the-shelf solutions and make innovative use of multiple technologies.

Nagarro Partners with Cognos [Published: 12-03-2007]
The partnership will provide customers with world-class business intelligence and PM capabilities from Cognos to complement high-value custom applications developed by Nagarro.

Sypherlink Announces Strategic Partnership with Polytechnic University [Published: 12-03-2007]
The strategic partnership with Polytechnic University, expanding its operations to New York City.

US Tax Court Selects the FileTrail RFID Tracking Solution [Published: 12-03-2007]
The Courts selected FileTrail because of its leadership in RFID technology for tracking in the office environment.

Varicent Delivers Mobile Application for Sales Performance Management [Published: 12-03-2007]
Varicent SPM delivers rapid return-on-investment by automating the calculation and reporting of commissions, bonuses and other variable pay programs.

Varicent Joins the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program [Published: 12-03-2007]
The BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program provides solution providers like Varicent with resources to help develop applications for use on BlackBerry smartphones.

AT&T to Deliver a Mobility Solution to the Governor's Division of Emergency Management for the State of Texas [Published: 12-03-2007]
The solution uses a variety of RFID, wireless and mobile data technologies to provide real-time information on evacuees.

MicroStrategy Announces License Replacement Program for Customers and OEM Partners of Cognos and Business Objects [Published: 12-03-2007]
The MicroStrategy License Replacement program enables customers of Cognos and Business Objects to trade in their existing BI licenses for MicroStrategy licenses at little or no replacement cost.

Emirates Group and Covansys Open Dedicated Development Center in India [Published: 12-04-2007]
The DDC will help fuel Emirates Group's business expansion plans and strengthen Mercator's existing development capabilities and position as a leading IT solution supplier to the aviation industry.

Netezza and Conchango Form a New Technology Partnership [Published: 12-04-2007]
The move into this technology partnership with Netezza was sparked by increasing demand among Conchango’s client base for a business intelligence solution to meet the specific needs of the retail market.

Business Intelligence Roles and Responsibilities [Published: 12-04-2007]
One strategy to improve the effectiveness of business intelligence teams is to increase the clarity of roles and responsibilities.

Voice of the Customer Text Analytics for True 360-Degree Customer and Market Views [Published: 12-04-2007]
Text analytics has opened up new vistas on customer information – on individuals and on broad market segments – by enabling combined analyses.

LucidEra Predicts 2008 Business Intelligence Trends [Published: 12-04-2007]
Forecasting the year ahead, LucidEra executives predict that...

ActiveHealth Selects Initiate Systems [Published: 12-04-2007]
Initiate Systems solutions will assist ActiveHealth with improving operational performance by managing disparate sources of patient.

Conversion Services International Awarded Data Warehouse Strategy and Proof of Concept Contract [Published: 12-04-2007]
CSI will deliver to the client a business needs assessment, an associated business requirements document, a detailed multi-phased strategic plan for architecting and implementing a comprehensive data warehouse solution.

Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories Selects InterSystems [Published: 12-04-2007]
PAML has selected the InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database as the database for their next generation laboratory billing system.

Atmel Announces the Release of CryptoRF [Published: 12-04-2007]
This device will prevent product counterfeiting; a problem assessed at over $600 billion in seized fakes in 2007.

Dimensions of Enterprise Systems: Is the Term Losing its Meaning? [Published: 12-05-2007]
What is an enterprise system in this new age of information processing?

A Manifesto for Information Knowledge Management [Published: 12-05-2007]
With this manifesto for information knowledge management, data and business professionals will be able to determine for themselves whether or not EIM represents a valid concept.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s Location Intelligence Drives Insightful Decisions [Published: 12-05-2007]
Exclusive interview with Pitney Bowes MapInfo’s Jon Winslow discusses benefits of location intelligence

Large Scale Use of the Netezza Performance Server® System – Prepared by Winter Corporation [Published: 12-05-2007]
Winter Corporation reports the findings of its interviews with three large Netezza customers who validate large scale implementations of Netezza’s appliance. login required

Streaming Analytics™ with the Netezza Performance Server® Appliance [Published: 12-05-2007]
Bringing appliance simplicity to advanced analytics. login required

The Green Revolution in Data Warehousing [Published: 12-05-2007]
The power, cooling and footprint advantages of the Netezza analytic appliance. login required

The Netezza FAST Engines™ Framework [Published: 12-05-2007]
A powerful framework for high-performance analytics. login required

Gaining Competitive Advantage with Computerized Decision Support [Published: 12-06-2007]
The implementation of a decision support system does not necessarily yield competitive advantage. This article covers the three criteria that must be met in order to use your DSS to such an advantage.

Research Systems as a Source [Published: 12-06-2007]
Should you populate your data warehouse with data from your research data warehouse?

Metadata and Sub-Metadata [Published: 12-06-2007]
Are we forgetting about the messy end of the data spectrum?

LinkShare Upgrades its Enterprise Data Integration Platform to Informatica PowerCenter 8 [Published: 12-06-2007]
Informatica PowerCenter 8 will help power continued rapid business growth and the introduction of new services.

DB2 Warehouse Performance Monitoring and Optimization [Published: 12-06-2007]
This paper discusses IBM's solution to manage the complete lifecycle of BI and data warehousing with comprehensive monitoring and optimization. login required

StayinFront Joins Motorola PartnerSelect ISV Program [Published: 12-06-2007]
Joining the Motorola PartnerSelect Program allows StayinFront to engage in joint technical, sales and marketing programs with Motorola that will serve to enhance customer offerings.

Cornell University Selects Tableau [Published: 12-07-2007]
Cornell University has selected Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server to provide data visualization and analysis capabilities for its KPI initiative.

MAIA Intelligence Delivers 1KEY BI [Published: 12-10-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring MAIA Intelligence’s Sanjay Mehta

Vaultus Mobile Technologies and Varicent Partner to Deliver Sales Performance Management Solutions Directly to BlackBerry Smartphones [Published: 12-10-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Varicent’s Rod Radojevic and Vaultus’ Keith Wayras

U.S. Army selects Composite Software’s Composite Information Server [Published: 12-10-2007]
The U.S. Army plans to create a data services layer within its service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure, to federate access to data within its legacy systems.

LGB and IxReveal form Partnership [Published: 12-10-2007]
IxReveal and LGB & Associateswill deliver next-generation text analytics software solutions.

Nolo Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM [Published: 12-10-2007]
Nolo has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM solution to enhance online legal information delivery and to support its eCommerce platform.

CSC Wins $66 Million Navy Contract [Published: 12-10-2007]
CSC will help improve the Navy's IT security and systems interoperability, reduce its land-based IT infrastructure and increase the return on investment.

Information Governance [Published: 12-10-2007]
Information governance represents the decision making activities for the second-most important resource of the enterprise its information resources.

MEGA International Introduces MEGA SolMan [Published: 12-10-2007]
MEGA SolMan is an interface between SAP Solution Manager and the MEGA Modeling Suite.

Oracle and Dr. Eli Opper form Joint Project with Aternity [Published: 12-10-2007]
The new venture is part of an agreement signed by Oracle and the Israeli government to increase support for start-up companies and independent software vendors.

Vertica and Talend Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 12-11-2007]
This partnership will provide customers with the first integrated operational analytics data management platform based on open source data integration and column-oriented RDBMS.

Knowledge Management and Competitiveness [Published: 12-11-2007]
Competitiveness today seems to have less to do with the traditional economic factors tied to land, capital or labor and more to do with knowledge – the new organizing principle for society.

Narrowing the Telecommunications Field [Published: 12-11-2007]
In 2008, the telecommunications industry will have to navigate the twin challenges of serving increasingly wider corporate strategies with an increasingly narrower, and potentially less innovative, array of tool sets.

SAP for Public Sector Solutions Help the United Nations and International Organizations [Published: 12-11-2007]
SAP for Public Sector solutions are helping the UN and international organizations operate more efficiently while improving delivery of stakeholder services and employee benefits.

Trillium Software and Harte-Hanks Announce Partnership [Published: 12-11-2007]
Patni will utilize Trillium Software's TS Discovery and TS Insight solutions as part of a data investigation, analysis and reporting process to deliver a comprehensive data quality assessment offering.

ParAccel Secures $20 Million in Series B Financing [Published: 12-11-2007]
The funds will be used to expand engineering, sales and support capabilities in order to manage increasing growth heightened by ParAccel’s recent product launch.

InforSense Extends Collaboration with Cambridge University, Department of Pathology [Published: 12-12-2007]
InforSense to include renewing licenses for the InforSense platform and BioSense, and the addition of new licenses for TextSense for text analytics, and GenSense for Genome Wide Association study analysis.

METRO Group Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 12-12-2007]
METRO Group has selected MicroStrategy as the BI provider for its RFID initiatives.

In Other News ... [Published: 12-12-2007]
Despite the flurry of mergers and acquisitions, there are actually more relevant performance management vendors with broader solutions than ever before.

Fair Isaac Delivers Advanced Fraud Detection Solutions [Published: 12-12-2007]
Fair Isaac delivers advanced fraud detection solutions to help merchants identify and thwart CNP fraud in real time.

JasperSoft Launches iReport for the NetBeans 6.0 Integrated Development Environment [Published: 12-12-2007]
With iReport for NetBeans 6.0, NetBeans developers now have a native development environment for embeddable reporting for rich-client and web applications.

Frogpoint Releases Version 2.4 [Published: 12-12-2007]
Frogpoint version 2.4 helps organizations plan, manage, design and collaborate on successful data warehouse and business intelligence programs.

LogiXML Delivers Interactive Web-based Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 12-13-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring LogiXML’s Arman Eshraghi

Timberland Selects Teradata [Published: 12-13-2007]
Timberland will leverage information from its new Teradata solution to drive increased visibility into its global sales and distribution channels.

TransUnion Selects Sybase IQ [Published: 12-13-2007]
TransUnion has chosen Sybase IQ to power its database of 280 million credit consumers.

Unibanco Renews Commitment to Fair Isaac's Falcon Solution [Published: 12-13-2007]
Unibanco will use Fair Isaac's Falcon Fraud Manager technology to protect its retail credit, debit and private-label card portfolios.

Just the Facts, Ma'am [Published: 12-13-2007]
Why are data warehouses often given a bad rap in certain circles?

Business Process and Business Application [Published: 12-13-2007]
Why should you strive for a business process modeling framework that enables business activity encapsulation within a service set?

Data Warehouse Best Practices: An Implementation Framework [Published: 12-13-2007]
Data warehousing implementation projects can end up highly complex and costly if you’re not careful. This paper provides fundamental best practices that can mean the difference between another legacy system and a business solution.

Homeland Security Data Fusion Barriers Minimized by Analytic Software [Published: 12-14-2007]
uReveal, a next-generation text-analytic software, transcends current search and business intelligence technologies.

Free Trial of Text Analytics Solution Offered [Published: 12-14-2007]
Users able to test text analytics on both documents and RSS feeds with free full-functioning download.

Corda Delivers an On-Demand Customer Service & Support Dashboard [Published: 12-17-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring Corda Solutions’ Alan Hansen, CFO & President

Magnum Communications to Distribute Fair Isaac's FICO Expansion Score to Financial Institutions [Published: 12-17-2007]
By using FICO Expansion score businesses can make more financial services available to more people who have missed out on opportunities simply because they lack a traditional credit history.

Defense Information Systems Agency Selects CSC [Published: 12-17-2007]
CSC will deliver next-generation SOAF support to Defense Department services, agencies and combatant commanders at all echelons.

Informatica Reveals Findings from an Independent Research Study Commissioned by Bloor Research [Published: 12-17-2007]
The total budget for data migration projects undertaken by just Global 2000 companies in 2007 is set to break the $5 billion mark, rising to $8 billion by 2012.

SPSS has entered into an Equipment Manufacturer Agreement with Business Objects [Published: 12-17-2007]
Business Objects will offer its customers the ability to use SPSS predictive analytics data mining technology as part of the BusinessObjects XI platform.

The Clinical Data Pipeline [Published: 12-18-2007]
The Analytical Healthcare Repository (AHR) is a collaboration framework to centralize the management of patient information for analytical purposes.

Using Business Intelligence to Promote EHR Adoption [Published: 12-18-2007]
Electronic health records (EHRs) have an immense potential as a rich source of analytical data for clinical, financial, operational and research purposes.

Business Intelligence Investment [Published: 12-18-2007]
Business intelligence is used in a wide range of industries for a variety of key business processes. Development of the BI budget is as important as the strategy and business case.

Data Mining the Financial Markets, Part 2 [Published: 12-18-2007]
Part 1 of this series discussed the construction of an information library, the importance of the problem definition phase and our ultimate dependence on the definition of output. This installment addresses a variety of data-related issues.

GoldenGate Announces a Certification Program for GoldenGate Customers, Channel Partners and Employees [Published: 12-18-2007]
The certification process assesses the expertise of an IT professional with the GoldenGate transactional data management solution.

Texas Department of Transportation Deploys MicroStrategy [Published: 12-18-2007]
The Texas Department of Transportation selected MicroStrategy for the reporting and analysis of timely and accurate data to help improve the safety of Texas roadways.

The Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust Selects Mede [Published: 12-18-2007]
Patient Level Cost Analytics allows decision makers quick access to actionable data, and fosters a culture of transparency and accountability to better achieve sustainable financial, operational and clinical performance.

Siperian Announces that Siperian MDM Hub is Now Available on Salesforce.com’s AppExchange Marketplace [Published: 12-18-2007]
The integration of Siperian MDM Hub with salesforce.com’s Force.com platform and CRM applications helps organizations obtain the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date customer data.

Brains Over Brawn: Six Steps to Smarter BI [Published: 12-18-2007]
Driven by changes in the business environment and the relentless pressures of technology and competition, BI now has to solve a whole new set of problems. login required

BIReady Generates Data Warehouses and Data Marts based on an Organization’s Business Model [Published: 12-19-2007]
Exclusive interview featuring BIReady’s Gertjan Vlug

SAP Delivers Business Transformation at the United States Postal Service [Published: 12-19-2007]
The new platform replaces a system that supported more than 3,800 postal service HR professionals relying on more than 200 processes and some 70 systems to provide HR services to nearly 700,000 employees.

Pipeline Trading Systems 30 Percent Cost Reduction [Published: 12-19-2007]
This securities trading company maintains a competitive advantage with business intelligence solution. login required

Using Enterprise 2.0 for Business Intelligence, Part 1 [Published: 12-19-2007]
Enterprise 2.0 does not replace current approaches – it simply provides innovative ways of quickly building some urgently needed business user capabilities.

Cognos Extends Wireless Business Intelligence Solution to Mobile Smartphones [Published: 12-19-2007]
Cognos 8 Go! Mobile delivers enterprise data through an intuitive interface optimized for each different type of mobile platform. It now brings timely decision-support information directly to Windows Mobile 6 devices.

Jinfonet Announces Availability of JReport 8.2 [Published: 12-19-2007]
JReport 8.2 delivers enhancements in three key areas: performance improvements, greater developer flexibility and an enhanced user experience.

Blink Logic Delivers a New BI Experience for Cognos 7 [Published: 12-19-2007]
Blink Logic allows users to catapult their current Cognos 7 investment to new ROI potential in a matter of days.

Teragram Announces Automatic Metadata Generation Suite Integrates with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server [Published: 12-19-2007]
Teragram automatically adds metadata to documents stored in MOSS, enabling users to browse the content by topics and to perform faceted search with SharePoint Enterprise Search.

CSC Wins Contract to Support the DOD's Force Protection Systems Organization [Published: 12-20-2007]
CSC will provide systems engineering and integration support during the research, development, production and fielding of developmental and commercial off-the-shelf products and equipment.

CSC Renews Contract with TrygVesta [Published: 12-20-2007]
CSC will continue to provide IT infrastructure services,including help desk, mainframe, midrange, network, Web hosting, and print and distributed computing.

Sonoco and IPICO to Co-Develop and Commercialize RFID Technologies [Published: 12-20-2007]
The agreement will enable the development of an RFID tracking solution for Sonoco's paper making tube and core customers.

The Road to Business-IT Alignment, Part 3 [Published: 12-20-2007]
Building on Part 2 of this series, this article looks at a third area for enhancing alignment between business and IT, organizational infrastructure.

How Long Should the Data Model Take? [Published: 12-20-2007]
There are several approaches for data modeling to ensure that the length of time spent in model development is appropriate for the organization.

Initiate Systems and Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software form a Strategic Alliance [Published: 12-20-2007]
The combined solution improves the overall value of CDI and MDM initiatives.

Healthcare Risk Model Provider DxCG Improves Accuracy [Published: 12-20-2007]
ATi solution provided actionable data and detailed reports, enabling DxCG to dramatically reduce their risk. login required

Insurance Provider Increases Customer Value [Published: 12-20-2007]
After implementing ATi’s solution the company experienced increased revenues from improved profiles. login required

Grocery Retailer Finds Key Solution [Published: 12-20-2007]
A Southwest grocery chain finds understanding in regard to consumer purchasing behaviors. login required

Blue Cross Blue Shield Selects MEGA International’s MEGA Modeling Suite [Published: 12-21-2007]
MEGA INTERNATIONAL provides enterprise architecture, business process analysis, and governance, risk and compliance solutions.

Gartner Report Positions Oracle in Leaders Quadrant for Corporate Performance Management Suites [Published: 12-27-2007]
Gartner report evaluates vendors for their ability to execute and completeness of vision.