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August 2007 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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A Business Process and Performance Management Framework for the Intelligent Business [Published: 08-01-2007]
Performance management approaches should come together to give companies the ability to manage business performance at both strategic and operational levels from a common toolset.

Battelle Ventures Increases Investment in Sypherlink [Published: 08-01-2007]
Battelle Ventures, recently increased its investment in information-management-software company Sypherlink, Inc.

Actuate Announced Version 7 of the Actuate Performancesoft Suite [Published: 08-01-2007]
Actuate Performancesoft Suite has added 283 customers to its customer base, predominantly in areas across the public sector.

Columbia Valley Community Health has Selected Business Objects Crystal Decisions [Published: 08-01-2007]
CVCH has selected Business Objects Crystal Decisions to facilitate and improve case management and team-orientated care, impacting critical patient care to help save lives.

PrintSoft Launches PegaDirect [Published: 08-01-2007]
PrintSoft PegaDirect enables Pegasystems business process management customers to generate highly personalized correspondence directly from their Pega-powered BPM workflows.

Metastorm Acquires Proforma Corporation [Published: 08-01-2007]
The combined company will deliver an integrated enterprise software platform that unifies business strategy and architecture, process analysis and optimization, and managed human- and system-centric process execution.

Sybase Partners with DataFlux [Published: 08-01-2007]
Sybase has partnered with DataFlux to bring data profiling and data quality tools to complement the Sybase Data Integration Suite.

Spidex Software Selects Pentaho [Published: 08-01-2007]
Spidex will be able to offer integrated modules based on Pentaho to Spidex prospects and customers, backed up by design and development assistance, third-line engineering support, and intellectual property indemnification from Pentaho.

Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail [Published: 08-01-2007]
Insight into the top four worst practices for business intelligence with guidance on how to avoid or overcome worst practices in order to tap into the true power of BI. login required

Process-Driven BI: Building Smarter Business Processes [Published: 08-01-2007]
By injecting business intelligence technology directly into critical business operations, you can ensure that the right people get involved at the right time to make decisions that impact your bottom line. login required

Business Intelligence: The Strategic Imperative for CIOs [Published: 08-01-2007]
The role of the CIO has changed dramatically in recent years by becoming more strategic as organizations look to use information to create a competitive advantage. login required

Overcoming the Challenges of Exception-Based Reporting for Pharmaceutical Sales Companies [Published: 08-01-2007]
Many organizations are turning to exception-based reporting to manage potential information overload. However, exception-based reporting introduces its own set of problems. login required

Seven Critical Questions to Ensure Master Data Governance Success [Published: 08-02-2007]
Ravi Shankar suggests seven critical questions that should be considered in order to help lay the foundation for a sound master data governance program.

SeaTab Software Announces the Launch of PivotLink OnDemand 4.0 [Published: 08-02-2007]
The new version offers a new user interface that represents a significant advancement in usability and visual appeal.

Data Warehouse Appliances – Demystifying the Myth [Published: 08-02-2007]
What is a data warehouse appliance? When is it time to move to a platform like this? Is it safe and reliable as advertised? Will it perform as advertised?

The Value of Physical Data [Published: 08-02-2007]
Data undergoes a fundamental transformation as it passes from one part of the Corporate Information Factory to another.

SAP Adds 60 Offerings to Its Family of SAP Best Practices [Published: 08-06-2007]
SAP Best Practices offerings enable customers to benefit from SAP's business applications.

DataMentors Releases DataFuse Version 4.1 [Published: 08-06-2007]
DataFuse cleanses, organizes, standardizes, matches and prepares your data.

BPM Partners Announces Record Growth [Published: 08-06-2007]
BPM Partners announced significant year-over-year growth in revenues, a record number of new clients and the continued expansion of its project advisory services.

Skywire Acquires Whitehill Technologies [Published: 08-06-2007]
The acquisition of Whitehill will solidify Skywire Software's position as a dominant, vertically focused software company and continue its aggressive global expansion.

Wal-Mart Selects HP Neoview [Published: 08-06-2007]
Wal-Mart has selected the HP Neoview data warehousing platform to power complex analysis of data collected across its 4,000 U.S. stores.

Carlson Restaurants Worldwide has Selected MICROS's mymicros.net Solution [Published: 08-07-2007]
The solution offers a content-rich Internet portal that includes access to hosted applications for point-of-sale, data warehousing, business intelligence and other business applications and content.

KPN Selects IBM [Published: 08-07-2007]
KPN has selected IBM as its lead System Integrator to transform its billing systems, establish a new CRM solution and transform its business intelligence.

A New Angle on Customer Retention [Published: 08-07-2007]
Few companies analyze the influx of valuable information contained in customer comments and complaints to determine what customers want and what it will take to make them remain customers.

Leading a Business Intelligence Profit Improvement Program [Published: 08-07-2007]
This article describes the cultural changes required to realize the value of business intelligence investments.

The Age of Information [Published: 08-07-2007]
Success is the reward for those organizations that can continuously realign their people, processes and culture.

Aspect Software Receives Speech Technology Excellence Award for Aspect Quality Management [Published: 08-07-2007]
Aspect Quality Management provides call logging, 100 percent call recording and quality monitoring capabilities to help organizations meet regulatory requirements, document customer interactions and improve service.

DataCore Software Announces that it has Made Thin Provisioning Easily Available by Download [Published: 08-07-2007]
DataCore makes thin provisioning an open network-based service that works with nearly all storage brands and devices.

Confio Software Announces the Availability of Confio Ignite for Sybase [Published: 08-07-2007]
Confio Ignite for Sybase improves how enterprises monitor, analyze and optimize their Sybase databases and applications.

SAP Unveils Road Map for Product Lifecycle Management [Published: 08-08-2007]
SAP Product Lifecycle Management application, which will help companies successfully address two dominant business trends – the accelerated speed of change and the need to differentiate through innovation within their business network.

MedApps Implements an Enterprise-Level IVR and Intelligent Call Routing Solution from Angel.com [Published: 08-08-2007]
The Angel.com IVR system will help MedApps implement its Healthcare Anywhere ubiquitous healthcare solution for patients managing chronic diseases.

Information Quality and Management Transformation [Published: 08-08-2007]
Information quality professionals must be more than cheerleaders. They must be missionaries, calling for a conversion from the practices of managing based only upon time to delivery and costs.

Connectivity, Privacy, and Liability [Published: 08-08-2007]
What can medical professionals and hospitals do to manage the liability risks for data breaches resulting from interconnectivity?

Exeros Releases Updated Version of Exeros DataMapper [Published: 08-08-2007]
Exeros Discovery automates the discovery of forgotten business rules and data lineage, hidden sensitive data, and unknown data inconsistencies.

SRC Announces the Release of Alteryx Version 3.0 and Alteryx Enterprise Version 3.0 [Published: 08-08-2007]
Alteryx Enterprise v3.0 includes several new tools and advanced features with the addition of Calgary.

Alien Technology Receives SAFETY Act Designation [Published: 08-09-2007]
Designation under the SAFETY Act is granted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and provides legal liability protection to customers and users of Alien Technology baggage and cargo implementations related to an act of terrorism.

IBM Unveils Information Server Blade [Published: 08-09-2007]
IBM Information Server Blade is a completely integrated offering comprised of IBM blade hardware and the IBM Information Server data integration software platform.

Business Objects Unveils Universal Data Cleanse [Published: 08-09-2007]
Business Objects unveiled Universal Data Cleanse, a new option from BusinessObjects Data Quality XI Release 2.

The Outsider [Published: 08-09-2007]
Is the perspective of an “outsider” more valuable than the collective wisdom of an organization’s employees? It is time for management to listen to the people inside their organizations.

The Sky Isn't Falling [Published: 08-09-2007]
After Microsoft’s announcement that their patents are being infringed by free/open source software, Linux and FOSS are getting more attention than ever from the mainstream media, and that can only be a good thing.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Numbers [Published: 08-09-2007]
While there have been advancements in visualization products, it is really up to you to learn how to better apply visualization capabilities.

Porsche Cars North America Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 08-10-2007]
PCNA uses the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform for reporting and analysis of inventory and sales performance at the country, area, region and dealer levels.

OnDemandIQ Empowers Better Decisions for Small to Mid-Sized Companies [Published: 08-13-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with OnDemandIQ’s Steven Schneider in an exclusive interview

Spectra Logic Selects Varicent [Published: 08-13-2007]
Spectra Logic has selected Varicent SPM, to bring visibility and foresight into the company’s sales, growing revenue and strategic planning.

IBM Announces the Availability of the Offering ePedigree [Published: 08-13-2007]
The offering allows all participants in the drug supply chain – secure and on demand access to historical data on individual bottles or packages of medicine.

Healthcare Business Intelligence: The time is (still) now [Published: 08-13-2007]
Information exploitation could save healthcare from imploding. This white paper discusses what applications business intelligence can support (along with commensurate processes) for a healthcare organization. login required

Panorama Software Announces the Availability of Panorama NovaView Spotlight [Published: 08-13-2007]
NovaView Spotlight enables information workers to focus on the relevant insights that impact and drive business decisions and successes.

Actuate Announces the Availability of Actuate 9 Service Pack 2 [Published: 08-14-2007]
Actuate 9 SP2 meets the entire range of reporting requirements from pixel-perfect reporting.

SAP Placed in Leaders Quadrant for Utilities [Published: 08-14-2007]
Gartner has positioned SAP in the leaders quadrant based on completeness of vision and ability to execute on that vision.

Business Intelligence and Taxes [Published: 08-14-2007]
There are several aspects of the taxation process where business intelligence could improve the way it is done.

The Right Tool for the Right Job [Published: 08-14-2007]
Selecting the wrong software tools for a project can have an enormous impact on the success of a business intelligence project.

Oracle Announces General Availability of Oracle Database 11g [Published: 08-14-2007]
Oracle Database 11g delivers the next-generation of enterprise information management.

CSC Signs IT Outsourcing Contract with Network Rail [Published: 08-14-2007]
CSC will provide midrange services and Oracle ERP support.

LucidEra Secures $15.6 Million in Series B Funding [Published: 08-14-2007]
The funds will be used to expand sales and marketing activities, and to add further innovations to LucidEra’s analytic solutions.

Chicago Business Intelligence Group Releases Frogpoint Version 2.3 [Published: 08-14-2007]
Frogpoint delivers a comprehensive business intelligence project management software tool that ensures successful projects.

U.S. General Services Administration Selects CSC for IT Services Contract [Published: 08-15-2007]
CSC will compete for task orders to provide federal government agencies with technology services such as computer design, software engineering and systems integration.

Protocol Partners with Alterian [Published: 08-15-2007]
Alterian has been selected by Protocol Integrated Direct Marketing to provide analytics software.

Health Systems Solutions Launches PPS Blueprint [Published: 08-15-2007]
The PPS Blueprint compares Home Healthcare historic episodic performance against the new, proposed PPS rules and provides significant additional analysis.

How to Increase Your Performance Management Risk, Part 2 [Published: 08-15-2007]
The unique balance required between business and technical needs makes performance management a challenge that requires special expertise.

Business Performance Management Beyond Finance: The Impact on Human Resources [Published: 08-15-2007]
Many organizations are getting past the hurdles of a normalized data structure and tying in information from a wide variety of source systems. These organizations are now prepared to take on performance management 2.0.

Vercuity Acquires iWave Wireless [Published: 08-15-2007]
Vercuity gains executive-level industry expertise from iWave’s officers now joining Vercuity’s management team.

Breaking Down the Barriers to Widespread Usage of Predictive Scoring [Published: 08-15-2007]
eBureau’s xTech Platform white paper explains how eBureau has reinvented the way custom predictive scores are developed and delivered. login required

ANPAC Selects ETI [Published: 08-15-2007]
ANPAC has selected ETI Solution and ETI Data Profiler as their enterprise-wide data integration platform, to provide real-time data to its strategic and operational decision makers.

Allied Express Selects Applix [Published: 08-15-2007]
Allied Express has selected Applix's technology to improve its financial and operational planning, reporting and analytics, with added visibility into key performance indicators through dashboards.

Business Objects and Accruent Expand Partnership [Published: 08-16-2007]
By embedding the Business Objects business intelligence platform into the Accruent RPM software, organizations will be able to deploy solid business intelligence across the entire real estate lifecycle.

Allied Express Selects Applix and Cortell to Deliver Business Analytics Solutions [Published: 08-16-2007]
The Applix platform provides one view of information, but still allows a user to drill into the data and transactions to complete advanced analytics.

Friends University Selects Information Builders [Published: 08-16-2007]
Friends University has selected Information Builders' WebFOCUS as the BI platform for university-wide business intelligence and reporting.

The Naysayer [Published: 08-16-2007]
Being a naysayer may have some power and may attract a lot of attention, but those who “naysay” without suggesting other options only create confusion.

What is an Appliance? [Published: 08-16-2007]
Using the evaluation criteria and approach suggested in this article, a better decision can be made as to the relevance of an appliance to the requirements of the business.

FileDetector Eliminates the Search for Lost Files [Published: 08-16-2007]
The FileDetector leverages the latest RFID technology to help clients hunt for files like using a metal detector to find lost gold.

Audatex Extends Agreement with Aviva Canada [Published: 08-17-2007]
Under this exclusive partnership, Aviva will deploy Audatex's end-to-end claims processing suite.

InforSense Brings Analysis to Everyday Business Processes [Published: 08-20-2007]
Ron Powell speaks withInforSense’s David Menninger in an exclusive interview.

Mitigating Data Risk [Published: 08-20-2007]
All IT managers should realize that some data privacy law, or at least some industry control or regulation, applies to their company, organization or government agency.

Sendio Selects Dataupia [Published: 08-20-2007]
Sendio selected the Dataupia Satori Server to power its new messaging reporting services.

Silver Creek Systems and Endeca Technologies Announce the Availability of DataLens Foundry for Endeca [Published: 08-20-2007]
The DataLens Foundry for Endeca module is designed to work with product catalogs, PIM systems, MDM systems and other product data repositories.

GeoEye Selects MEGA Modeling Suite [Published: 08-20-2007]
GeoEye used the MEGA Modeling Suite to develop a repository that contains the vital information on company resources for approximately 300 employees in various functional departments across three key locations.

McKesson Announces Availability of the Horizon Real-Time Location System [Published: 08-20-2007]
The Horizon Real-Time Location system delivers a rapid and strong return on investment by reducing the cost of “lost” equipment and needless re-ordering.

Sybase Announces Partnership with Manthan Systems [Published: 08-20-2007]
The ARC solution provides cross functional analytics for every retail function, and empowers users at all levels with the right kind of analytics.

Guy Carpenter Selects Pitney Bowes MapInfo [Published: 08-20-2007]
i-aXs enables insurance companies to analyze and visualize their portfolio exposures and losses at a granular level, helping them make more informed reinsurance purchase decisions.

MedPartners Implements the ikaEnterprise System [Published: 08-20-2007]
MedPartners has contracted with ikaSystems to implement its ikaEnterprise system as a technology outsourcing solution.

Overcoming the Challenges of Exception-Based Reporting for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies [Published: 08-20-2007]
Describing the properties of an advanced technology that would deliver automated analysis with practical, actionable insight directly to business users. login required

Healthcare and Other Insurance Products Select CSC's BPO Services [Published: 08-21-2007]
CSC will administer and disburse payments for the client's structured settlement products, which provide a series of periodic annuity payments.

Business Objects and Thomson Financial Deliver Financial Information On Demand [Published: 08-21-2007]
The partnership will provide customers with external market information delivered pre-packaged, and ready for analysis.

Frontline Selects Harte-Hanks Trillium Software [Published: 08-21-2007]
Frontline selected the full Trillium Software System suite of products.

Bowater Selects Cognos [Published: 08-21-2007]
Cognos's performance management software has been selected as the standard solution for Bowater.

Whitehill Technologies and Redwood Analytics Announce Partnership [Published: 08-21-2007]
Mutual clients will be able to use enterprise to push their Redwood reports out to the Redwood Dashboard.

Canopy Platforms, Burning Platforms and Business Intelligence Platforms [Published: 08-21-2007]
Is your company’s business intelligence initiative motivated by pain or gain?

Mining Text in a Retail Enterprise [Published: 08-21-2007]
Much has been written and marketed about the compelling need to analyze unstructured data. Learn what retailers are REALLY doing with text mining to drive business benefits.

Microsoft Gains Momentum in Business Intelligence Market [Published: 08-21-2007]
Analysts found that Microsoft had a growth rate of 28 percent, the highest among the top 10 industry vendors.

Varicent and Vaultus Mobile Technologies Announce Partnership [Published: 08-21-2007]
With this agreement, Varicent will leverage Vaultus’ technology to mobilize its Varicent SPM solution.

CaptureTech Delivers RFID Solutions in Europe [Published: 08-21-2007]
CaptureTech’s solutions address the growing demand from European companies for proven RFID systems that significantly improve logistics and asset tracking operations.

Alterian Announces Global Partnership with Return Path [Published: 08-21-2007]
Alterian will integrate Return Path’s Sender Score e-mail deliverability and monitoring technology with its own email marketing application Dynamic Messenger.

Raytheon Selects Initiate Systems [Published: 08-21-2007]
Initiate Systems was selected as a member of the Raytheon Team for the N-DEx program.

Langer Selects BIO Analytics Corp. [Published: 08-21-2007]
BIO Analytics Corp. will provide Langer with a business intelligence solution and services.

Partners HealthCare Extends Contract with MedeFinance [Published: 08-22-2007]
Partners HealthCare of Boston will provide performance-enhancing business analytics.

LogiXML Announces a New OEM Program [Published: 08-22-2007]
Under this program, companies that are currently or will be OEMing the MySQL database can add the capabilities of the Logi Report business intelligence product at no charge.

Business Intelligence Trends from the Pacific Northwest BI Summit [Published: 08-22-2007]
The recent Pacific Northwest BI Summit proved to be fertile ground for discussing the impact of SaaS, open source for business intelligence, IT appliances, unstructured data and operational BI.

Hallmark Cards Expands with MicroStrategy Software [Published: 08-22-2007]
MicroStrategy provides insights into business performance for Hallmark Cards.

Enterprises Embrace New Era of Digital Collaboration [Published: 08-22-2007]
Over the next two years companies plan to invest in such technologies as enterprise search tools, virtual workspaces and VoIP.

Bank of Shanghai Selects Teradata [Published: 08-23-2007]
Bank of Shanghai has selected Teradata to build its enterprise data warehouse.

Samba Financial Group Selects Fair Isaac [Published: 08-23-2007]
Fair Isaac will deliver consulting services and advanced analytic capabilities to help one of Saudi Arabia's largest banks meet compliance goals while effectively managing credit risk and growth.

Paths, Self-Learning, and Business Intelligence Lessons [Published: 08-23-2007]
Are business intelligence, data integration and systems development practitioners reaping the benefits of the “path” phenomenon?

The Google Mentality [Published: 08-23-2007]
Why can’t all access to information by means of a computer be as fast as queries submitted to Google?

SRRC Certifies Intermec RFID Hardware for China [Published: 08-23-2007]
SRRC ensures that products sold for use in China meet the country's standards for radio frequency devices.

Near Field Communication Offers Financial Institutions a Way to Move Small Transactions [Published: 08-23-2007]
For consumers who hate to wait, they offer faster, easier checkout, just by waving a wireless phone near a point-of-sale reader.

IDC Roadshow Helps Companies Tap the Full Potential of Their Data [Published: 08-27-2007]
IDC kicks off 12 city European road show with Bill Inmon and Shaku Atre

ETI Announces General Availability of ETI Solution Version 6 [Published: 08-27-2007]
ETI Solution Version 6, is a self-documenting development platform for the creation, deployment and maintenance of high performance data integration interfaces.

Herentals Hospital has Selected Ekahau’s RTLS [Published: 08-27-2007]
Herentals Hospital has selected Ekahau’s RTLS to track patients through its operating room complex.

Wipro and SAP Announced the expansion of their Existing Partnership [Published: 08-28-2007]
Wipro will invest further in joint marketing resources and strategic planning to support the growth with SAP and to serve global customers and prospects.

Human Inference has been Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools [Published: 08-28-2007]
Gartner has examined fifteen international providers of data quality based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Fair Isaac Selects NYCE Payments Network [Published: 08-28-2007]
Fair Isaac will extend its proven account-profiling technology to ATMs and POS terminals to determine the fraud risk associated with individual devices.

Standards and KPIs for Telecommunications Business Intelligence [Published: 08-28-2007]
Individual telecommunications organizations should actively develop their own performance metrics based on the unique conditions of their business and overall goals.

Business Intelligence for “Un-Tethered” Users [Published: 08-28-2007]
Companies looking to improve distribution and analytics to un-tethered users must find solutions that are simple and intuitive or they will fail.

Gander Mountain Expands Use of MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Software [Published: 08-28-2007]
Gander Mountain recently expanded its use of MicroStrategy for sales and inventory management.

Systems Alliance Joins Greenplum Partner Program [Published: 08-28-2007]
Systems Alliance will resell and provide implementation and delivery support for the Sun Data Warehouse Appliance.

Choosing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Data Warehousing [Published: 08-28-2007]
A Microsoft-based data warehouse can be implemented quickly and supports the analysis of data from many operational systems. login required

Company Improves Data Analysis and Reporting with Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 08-28-2007]
A Microsoft SQL Server customer solution case study featuring Kelly Blue Book. Employees can now quickly and easily view data and create a Market Watch report in just a few minutes.

Transforming Telecommunications: Real-Time, Comprehensive Analyses for Proactive Business Decisions [Published: 08-28-2007]
Learn how the Netezza Performance Server (NPS®) system is transforming the telecommunications industry by enabling analysis of billions of CDRs in real-time, resulting in better business decisions. login required

Data-Centric Computing with the Netezza Architecture – Prepared by Sandia National Laboratories [Published: 08-28-2007]
Sandia National Laboratories, operated by Lockheed Martin’s Sandia Corporation, explores the potential of data warehouse appliances within scientific applications. login required

Terascale Data Warehouse Appliances Overcome the Technology Bottleneck [Published: 08-28-2007]
Effective use of Business Intelligence can make or break a company. Learn how Netezza’s data warehouse appliance provides an expandable, affordable solution to the ever-growing demand for fast and comprehensive analyses. login required

The Critical Shift to Flexible Business Intelligence: What Every Marketer Wants – And Needs – From Technology [Published: 08-28-2007]
An Intelligent Solutions White Paper by Claudia Imhoff and Raymond Pettit. login required

Netezza Performance Server® Data Warehouse Appliance: An Architectural Comparison [Published: 08-28-2007]
This Netezza white paper compares the architecture of the Netezza Performance Server (NPS®) appliances to other data warehouse technologies used today. login required

Business Intelligence in a Real-Time World [Published: 08-28-2007]
Netezza’s data warehouse appliance optimizes BI queries for maximum performance, while providing simple administration and low TCO. Easier and faster access to information helps business users make better decisions. login required

Callidus Software and MSI Systems Integrators Announce Partnership [Published: 08-29-2007]
This partnership is designed to enable joint customers to gain easy access and discounted channel pricing for a full end-to-end SPM solution.

Applix Unveils its New Platinum Support Programme [Published: 08-29-2007]
With Applix’s Platinum Support Programme, customers will receive focused attention with named account management and elevated levels of access to Applix support.

eHarmony Selects Oracle [Published: 08-29-2007]
eHarmony contracted Cloud Creek Systems, to assist in the migration of eHarmony's websites and data warehouse to Oracle.

CDB Software Launches Operations in China [Published: 08-29-2007]
CDB Software addresses the fast-growing Chinese information technology sector.

Impinj Forms Alliances with Software Vendors [Published: 08-29-2007]
Impinj and ISVs to deliver comprehensive, quickly deployed RFID solutions.

WhereScape Addresses the Growing Need to Build and Enhance Data Warehouses Faster [Published: 08-30-2007]
Ron Powell speaks with WhereScape’s Michael Whitehead in an exclusive interview.

ROI for Customer Data Integration [Published: 08-30-2007]
In this excerpt from Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth (Wiley, 2006), authors Jill Dyché and Evan Levy discuss how customer data hubs can drive ROI and how ING Insurance Americas reaped the rewards.

The Exploration Warehouse [Published: 08-30-2007]
The exploration warehouse is a physically separate data warehouse designed to provide a place for statisticians to do processing as frequently as desired, without impacting the regular users of the data warehouse.

Applix Announces Greater Access to Data in SAP and SAP BI 7.0 [Published: 08-30-2007]
syskoplan AG enables Applix customers to access strategic information stored in SAP for more informed business decisions with flexible analytics and reporting.

Transferring Best Practice Analytics from Experts to Everyone [Published: 08-30-2007]
Learn how TIBCO Spotfire guided analytics can capture and spread best practices for analysis and decision-making and how IT departments can benefit from a standard analytics platform. login required