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September 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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FCC Approves More Time To Respond to the 'Missoula Plan' [Published: 09-01-2006]
The FCC has pushed back deadlines for comments and replies to October 25, 2006 and December 11, 2006.

Oneida Selects SAP and IBM [Published: 09-05-2006]
Oneida has selected SAP and IBM to optimize business processes and support the company's global growth strategy.

Business Objects Announces that NC4 is using Crystal Reports [Published: 09-05-2006]
NC4 will be able to instantly share reports created in Crystal Reports.

DAMA International Co-Sponsors Information Integrity Coalition's 2006 Award [Published: 09-05-2006]
The Information Integrity Coalition provides accurate, consistent, and reliable information to their customers, suppliers, and partners.

DataMirror Announces Extended CDC for Oracle RAC [Published: 09-05-2006]
CDC technology for Oracle RAC environments, enables customers to make better operational and tactical business decisions.

Northamptonshire Health Informatics has Implemented Applix’s Executive Viewer [Published: 09-05-2006]
Executive Viewer allows Northamptonshire Health Informatics to perform analysis of patient information stored in MSAS at the touch of a button.

Business Intelligence and Globalisation, Part I [Published: 09-06-2006]
Business intelligence is evolving – in every country and in every industry throughout the world.

Shoosmiths Selects Hummingbird Enterprise [Published: 09-06-2006]
Shoosmiths has selected Hummingbird Enterprise for legal to actively manage the lifecycle of the firm's content.

7 myths about Data Warehouse Appliances [Published: 09-07-2006]
There has been a lot of talk lately about Data Warehouse Appliances, but are they all what they are cracked up to be? This paper from Kognitio uncovers some of the truths that should also be revealed. login required

Virtual Data Appliances [Published: 09-07-2006]
This paper explains how organisations can build a high-performance data warehouse using industry standard x86 architecture and Kognitio WX2. login required

Lowering the TCO of Data Warehousing [Published: 09-07-2006]
This paper from Kognitio asks the question that if Gordon Moore's law of performance improvement and cost reduction applies to processing power, why hasn't it worked for data warehousing? login required

MPP database for Business Intelligence [Published: 09-07-2006]
In this paper, Kognitio describes the fundamental differences and advantages of a MPP database architecture over index-based databases. login required

The Data Quality Business Case [Published: 09-07-2006]
Projecting Return on Investment. login required

Information Builders Unveils WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework 3.1 [Published: 09-09-2006]
WebFOCUS PMF 3.1 further extends Information Builders vision for operational performance management as the way to connect strategy to operations, making information accessible to a broader set of users for optimal decision-making.

QlikTech Announces the Completion of QlikView 7.5 on HP Integrity and ProLiant Servers [Published: 09-09-2006]
QlikTech and HP have worked together to optimize QlikView for the dual-core Intel Itanium 2 and Xeon 64-bit platforms.

InforSense Announces Partnership with Linguamatics [Published: 09-09-2006]
Under the agreement, InforSense will provide access to Linguamatics I2E software tools and accessible environment for constructing tailored, high performance text analytics applications.

BPM 101: Dashboards [Published: 09-11-2006]
This article is the first in a series of comprehensive guides to help you successfully plan and execute all phases of your business performance initiatives.

Five Key Takeaways from the 2006 BPM Pulse Survey [Published: 09-11-2006]
The 2006 BPM Pulse Survey of 500 business and IT professionals provided interesting insights into perceptions and plans for business performance management.

Graph Designs for Reviewing Transactions and the Changing Balance [Published: 09-12-2006]
This article features Xan Gregg's (of SAS Institute) winning solution for the second scenario in the 2006 Data Visualization Competition.

Multivariate Analysis Using Parallel Coordinates [Published: 09-12-2006]
This article discusses parallel coordinates, an approach to analyzing multivariate data using data visualization techniques.

Endeavor Information Systems Announces Availability of Endeavor AnalyzerT [Published: 09-12-2006]
Endeavor AnalyzerT brings business intelligence capabilities into the library environment.

DataFlux and Wipro Technologies Forge Partnership [Published: 09-12-2006]
DataFlux and Wipro Technologies, recently announced a partnership to leverage DataFlux technology for Wipro clients and provide Wipro consulting services for DataFlux customers worldwide.

Hummingbird Enterprise Suite Announces Approval of the UK Government National Archives [Published: 09-12-2006]
The Hummingbird Enterprise suite has been approved by the UK Government's National Archives for meeting the requirements for its ERMS program.

Business Objects to Acquire Armstrong Laing Limited [Published: 09-13-2006]
ALG Software’s profitability management and activity based costing solutions represent a fast-growing segment of the EPM market and complement the existing Business Objects EPM solutions.

Fieldstone Mortgage Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 09-13-2006]
Fieldstone Investment has selected MicroStrategy as its enterprise standard.

Business Objects Launches Expanded Performance Management Solutions [Published: 09-13-2006]
The new integrated EPM solutions enable finance organizations to create a process for continuous improvement, provide employees with information they can trust, and align corporate resources with overall business strategy.

KCI Announces the Availability of CONTROL Version 8.8 [Published: 09-13-2006]
CONTROL Version 8.8 delivers on the vision of a corporate performance management system, combining high-performance with comprehensive functionality that is flexible, simple to use, and easy to manage and deploy.

Opening the Business Intelligence Software Stack [Published: 09-14-2006]
Understanding how interdependence, interoperability and modularity help define BI software stacks can simplify the process of incorporating open source components and reduce the overall cost of managing all enterprise BI components.

Business Metadata – Whither Thou Goest? [Published: 09-14-2006]
Is business metadata worth the hassle?

North Carolina Selects SAP [Published: 09-14-2006]
North Carolina has selected SAP and BearingPoint to modernize and streamline its human resources and payroll operations.

AT&T Announces Contract with El Camino Hospital [Published: 09-14-2006]
AT&T's convergence strategy will enable El Camino Hospital to provide top network services to the researchers, doctors and nurses.

Silver Creek Systems Unveils the DataLens System [Published: 09-18-2006]
The DataLens System automates this process ensuring the highest levels of product data quality and compliance to industry and corporate governance standards.

COM DEV Selects Applix [Published: 09-18-2006]
COM DEV selected TM1 for faster, more accurate and reliable financial and operational information on which to base strategic business decisions.

SPSS Released an Upgraded Version of SPSS 15.0 [Published: 09-18-2006]
SPSS 15.0 will boost important predictive applications such as fraud detection and fast-track claims settlements, customer feedback management and call center management.

Skytide Reveals Skytide Analytical Platform Version 2.0 [Published: 09-18-2006]
Skytide Analytical Platform 2.0 allows companies to understand the root causes behind these changes in key business metrics.

The Enterprise Data Mountain, Part 1 [Published: 09-18-2006]
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to enterprise data integration. The approach used will vary by project and the complexity of the data sources involved.

The Data Quality Program Life Cycle [Published: 09-18-2006]
Examining the life cycle of the quality management process will be helpful in developing a winning argument for support of the program.

Siperian Announces Availability of Three Business Value Services [Published: 09-18-2006]
Siperian's three business value services help organizations identify and quantify the economic benefits of addressing data reliability and data integration issues.

Belarusbank Selects SAP [Published: 09-19-2006]
Belarusbank has selected the SAP for banking solution portfolio to centralize and optimize its business processes.

Business Intelligence and Illegal Trade [Published: 09-19-2006]
Business intelligence will always have a key role to play in serving as a platform for decision making as we have to choose between several courses of action.

Innovation in Telecoms [Published: 09-19-2006]
Telecom organizations should not look at change as a threat to the way they have always done business.

Au Bon Pain Selects SAP [Published: 09-19-2006]
Au Bon Pain will replace multiple ERP systems with the newest release of mySAP ERP to provide accurate, real-time information, end-to-end processes and Web-accessible services.

Thomson to Acquire Solucient [Published: 09-19-2006]
Solucient will become part of the Medstat business within Thomson’s scientific and healthcare group.

DAVID and PureShare Partner to Deliver RenMetrics [Published: 09-19-2006]
RenMetrics delivers real-time key operational metrics, activity monitoring and proactive alerts to help organizations minimize exposure and reduce risk management costs.

Ioppolo Selects HyperRoll [Published: 09-19-2006]
I&A chose HyperRoll technology as a key component of Essatto to address the significant performance limitations of the multidimensional database environment.

Knightsbridge Reveals Getting Smart About BI [Published: 09-19-2006]
“Getting Smart About BI: Best Practices Deliver Real Value,” examines BI implementation practices within organizations and the primary reasons business value is achieved.

Motorola to Purchase Symbol Technologies [Published: 09-19-2006]
The deal will expand Motorola’s presence in the market for business-oriented mobile devices.

Master Data Management: Creating a Single View of the Business [Published: 09-19-2006]
This report on master data management (MDM) clarifies the disparate definitions, architectures and technologies and sets forth a concise, easily understood architecture for MDM. login required

Honeywell [Published: 09-19-2006]
Using IBM's WebSphere Customer Center (WCC), Honeywell deployed an IT-funded customer master data management (MDM) solution that helped its sales organization cross-sell and up-sell products across the complete Honeywell customer base.

Mentor Graphics [Published: 09-19-2006]
Mentor Graphics uses the Hyperion MDM solution to support a single system of record for its sales, product and organizational master data, and also to provide a single system of entry for maintaining that data.

Supermarchés Match [Published: 09-19-2006]
Supermarchés Match uses the Active Integration Platform from Sunopsis to bring together data from multiple operational systems in a near real-time process. Once the data is integrated into a common format, it is available for distribution throughout the e

Nonprofit Organization [Published: 09-19-2006]
This nonprofit organization turned to DataFlux to build a comprehensive set of business rules and create aunified view of their member data.

Netezza and Sunopsis Form Partnership [Published: 09-20-2006]
The Sunopsis Open Connector for Netezza was designed to integrate the NPS data warehouse appliance with the ETL platform Sunopsis Data Conductor – making it easy for users to load data from disparate sources into the NPS appliance.

Hartco Income Fund Selects SAS Financial Intelligence [Published: 09-20-2006]
SAS' financial solution will allow Hartco's end users to perform and deliver financial information through a familiar Microsoft Excel user interface.

Data Confidence [Published: 09-21-2006]
Data confidence, a critical management success factor, is not automatic. How do you attain it?

CRM Means "Customer Relationship Makeup"? [Published: 09-21-2006]
Will CRM transform your organization to be the business equivalent of Angelina Jolie?

Reducing SOX 404 Compliance Costs via a Top-Down Risk-Based Approach [Published: 09-21-2006]
This whitepaper describes a cost-saving, four-step process for implementing a top-down, risk-based approach to establishing scope and test strategies for internal controls. login required

Facilitating [Published: 09-21-2006]
This whitepaper describes how to facilitate the ten principles outlined by the Basel Committee in its “Sound Practices for the Management and Supervision of Operational Risk” paper. login required

Enabling the Well-Governed Business [Published: 09-21-2006]
This whitepaper discusses Business Governance as a continuous process which enables the well-governed business to better understand business procedures and risk while controlling its business operations to increase top-line results. login required

DATAllegro Announces Completion of the "C" Series [Published: 09-22-2006]
DATAllegro offers data warehouse appliances that are especially valuable for companies with very large amounts of data.

Headstrong Joins Netezza Partner Program [Published: 09-22-2006]
Headstrong and Netezza will jointly concentrate on providing high-performance data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for the financial services industry.

Netezza Forms Partnership with Claraview [Published: 09-22-2006]
The NPS system, and the Claraview RDW will enable large and mid-size retailers to quickly deploy near real-time analytics for the full spectrum of retail operations.

Meridian Credit Union Selects Cartesis Planning [Published: 09-22-2006]
The Cartesis application replaces an Excel-based planning system for 43 branches, 8 commercial business centers and corporate office.

California to Protect Data Stored on RFID [Published: 09-25-2006]
The proposed California law requires that state and local governments protect data stored on RFID chips through measures such as encryption.

Cavalier to Buy Talk America [Published: 09-25-2006]
Cavalier will serve customers in six metropolitan services areas

SAS Announces Strong Market Adoption of SAS Forecast Server [Published: 09-25-2006]
SAS Forecast Server helps companies save money and time by improving the overall planning process.

Attensity Releases Attensity 4 [Published: 09-25-2006]
Attensity 4 enables corporations to quickly discover, analyze and share accurate, actionable information from millions of unstructured documents.

Nokia Partners with Microsoft to Integrate Live Search Capabilities [Published: 09-25-2006]
Microsoft will provide advanced search results for Web search, as well as quick and easy access to information.

Actuate Announces the Availability Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet [Published: 09-25-2006]
Actuate 9 e.Spreadsheet gives users information in a format that can be immediately analyzed and helps eliminate mistakes and errors.

Information Builders and Xignite Partner to Provide On-Demand Financial Web Services [Published: 09-25-2006]
Xignite integrates Web services of on-demand financial market data with the active reporting capabilities of Information Builders' WebFOCUS.

Complexity Cubed [Published: 09-26-2006]
Promotions are complex business structures, and promotion analysis is challenging. Can business intelligence help?

Metadata-Driven Enterprise Data Management – Future or Fantasy? [Published: 09-26-2006]
A metadata-driven methodology for EDM allows all components to share information about the data as it moves through its life cycle, thereby enabling consistency, accountability and true control of data assets.

Cognos Announces the Launch of a New Performance Solution [Published: 09-26-2006]
The new performance solution is designed to help U.S. defense agencies deliver top-down and bottom-up program plans, budgets and forecasts that are in line with pre-defined departmental objectives.

SAS Forecast Server Addresses the Demand for Predictive Analytics [Published: 09-27-2006]
SAS Forecast Server helps companies save money and time by improving the overall planning process.

CSC Developing IT Data Warehouse for CFP [Published: 09-27-2006]
This initiative will enable the participating employers and carriers to capture and access data derived from patient care to measure physician and hospital efficiency and quality.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Selects InterSystems [Published: 09-27-2006]
Ensemble will replace SeeBeyond DataGate, and will be used for all future integration projects.

The Life Cycle of Data [Published: 09-28-2006]
A review of the predictable journey of data can assist in technology selection.

Comments on Metadata [Published: 09-28-2006]
This feature is a "Letter to Bill" that Bill Inmon recently received from Jerry Rosenbaum, a consultant with more than 40 years of IT experience. Jerry agrees with Bill's business metadata article, but asserts that there are additional talking points.

Business Objects Leads the Overall Western European BI Market [Published: 09-28-2006]
The report positions Business Objects as the leader throughout Western Europe in the overall business intelligence tools market.

CSC Awarded IT Services Contract with the UK National Health Service [Published: 09-28-2006]
CSC has been awarded a nine-year contract with the United Kingdom's NHS.

Wumart Group Selects SAP [Published: 09-28-2006]
Wumart Group has selected mySAP ERP and SAP for Retail to upgrade the company's information systems to drive profits.

VeriChip Deploys VeriMed System [Published: 09-28-2006]
VeriMed System will provide access to important health information on participating patients who arrive at the emergency department unconscious, delirious, or unable to communicate.

CODA Fast Close Achieves “Certified for SAP NetWeaver” [Published: 09-28-2006]
To achieve Certified for SAP NetWeaver qualification, CODA has demonstrated that Fast Close iViews are integrated successfully with the SAP NetWeaver Portal.

CSC Awarded a Contract by U.S. Life Insurer [Published: 09-29-2006]
CSC will provide full-service transition, administration and technical support for almost one million life insurance policies.

Bloor Research Recognizes Cartesis as "One to Watch” [Published: 09-29-2006]
Bloor Research recognized Cartesis with a "One to Watch” Award in the recently released CPM report.

Callidus Software Announces a Cooperative Development Agreement with SAP [Published: 09-29-2006]
SAP and Callidus will promote and market Callidus Software's TrueComp and TrueInformation products.

SAP NetWeaver Achieves Java Platform [Published: 09-29-2006]
SAP NetWeaver Application Server with Java EE 5 will enable them to measurably speed time to market with enterprise SOA based applications and reduce overall TCO.

The Department of Commerce BEA has Awarded Data Management Group an IT Support Contract [Published: 09-29-2006]
The Department of Commerce, BEA has awarded Data Management Group a contract for IT Development and Design Support for Phase 2 of BEA’s Management and Information System Application.

Business Intelligence Network Announces the MDM Research Report and On-Demand Web Seminar [Published: 09-29-2006]
Master Data Management: Creating a Single View of the Business.