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November 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Two Main Pillars of Operational Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 11-02-2006]
The best infrastructure in the world will not deliver the desired results from an operational business intelligence application unless the very best planning and management of the project are in place and are practiced.

The Changing World, Part 2 [Published: 11-02-2006]
What is the impact of changing business requirements and how can that change be most effectively handled? This is the second article in a four-part series on this topic.

Business Objects and IBM Form Global Strategic Alliance [Published: 11-02-2006]
The new agreement is aimed at providing unmatched support for the thousands of joint Business Objects and IBM customers.

Intellitactics Security Manager Selected by DOJ Executive Office for United States Attorneys [Published: 11-03-2006]
Security management program is designed to automate security operations and align real-time security operations with risk management strategies.

Software as a Service – for Data Integration [Published: 11-04-2006]
Discussing this new model of software delivery focusing on a particular aspect – data integration as a service. login required

BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Productivity Suite Announced at Business Objects Insight Americas 2006 [Published: 11-06-2006]
New capabilities will extend and enhance BusinessObjects XI Release 2.

Business Objects Announces New Solutions and Partnerships for Business Intelligence Search [Published: 11-06-2006]
Integration of business intelligence and search technologies extends information access to a broader user community and helps users find critical business information across structured and unstructured data.

Visokio Provides Visual Alternative to Delivering Data in Spreadsheets [Published: 11-07-2006]
Ron Powell speaks with Visokio’s Edward Forbes in an exclusive interview.

Maximizing Your SAP Investment [Published: 11-07-2006]
Are you fully utilizing your SAP investment by providing avenues for individuals to disseminate information that is easily interpreted and acceptable for presentation to anyone in your organization?

Best Practices Marketing Database Content, Part 1 [Published: 11-07-2006]
Successful CRM is attainable, provided you do not compromise on database content.

Boosting Data Quality for Business Success [Published: 11-07-2006]
Outlining how an organization should tackle a data quality improvement process. login required

Roche Diagnostics España Selects CACHÉ 2007 [Published: 11-07-2006]
Roche Diagnostics España, an application partner headquartered in San Cugat del Vallés, Spain, is building the new release of its Omega 3000 laboratory information system (LIS) on CACHÉ 2007.

Attensity Expands Existing Technology Partnership with Business Objects [Published: 11-07-2006]
Attensity's Exhaustive Extraction technology has been integrated with the BusinessObjects XI Release 2, the industry leading business intelligence platform from Business Objects.

InterSystems Introduces CACHÉ 2007 [Published: 11-07-2006]
New version of post-relational database offers unique RAD capabilities and slashes Java development time by 40 percent.

Actuate Performancesoft Views Selected by Gainesville Regional Utilities to Support its Performance Management Initiative [Published: 11-07-2006]
GRU is implementing Actuate Performancesoft Views to facilitate the collection, analysis, presentation, and distribution of key performance information.

Informatica Data Quality and Data Explorer Empower Business Users [Published: 11-07-2006]
New releases integrate end-to-end functionality into Informatica PowerCenter.

Merkle Licenses Alterian’s Email and Online Marketing Technology [Published: 11-07-2006]
Solution integrates analytics reporting and offline marketing with online marketing for database marketing agency.

BonaVista Systems Releases Microcharts 1.0 [Published: 11-07-2006]
Concise, rich data visualization for Excel reports and dashboards.

The Challenge of Global Data Synchronization [Published: 11-07-2006]
Describing the coming paradigm shift in DQM and explains how CPG enterprises can empower themselves to improve and maintain their critical master data in the era of global data standards. login required

The Data Quality Business Case: Projecting Return on Investment [Published: 11-07-2006]
Describing how an organization should tackle a data quality improvement process. login required

Monitoring Data Quality Performance - Using Data Quality Metrics [Published: 11-07-2006]
Introducing data quality monitoring and reporting policies and protocols, the decisions to acquire and integrate data quality technology become much simpler. login required

Data Quality: Driving Single View of Customer [Published: 11-07-2006]
Outlining the importance of data quality with reference to single view of customer (SVC). login required

Greenplum and SitePen Bring Real-Time Visualization to the Web [Published: 11-07-2006]
Companies collaborate to contribute first in-browser real-time charting capability.

ETI Built-to-Order Integration Connects to Virtually Any Data Source [Published: 11-08-2006]
ETI Built-to-Order (BTO) Integration provides all the benefits of enterprise ETL platforms, but requires no platform software or infrastructure hardware purchases.

Information Stewardship: Giving IQ – and Happiness! [Published: 11-08-2006]
Everyone in the organization must accept accountability for their role in the planning, design, creation, maintenance and use of information for the well-being of the larger organization.

The Life and Death Results of Information Quality [Published: 11-08-2006]
Poor information and the inability to make medical decisions with correct, complete and timely information may kill more people than any single disease in the United States.

The Changing World, Part 3 [Published: 11-09-2006]
What is the impact of changing business requirements and how can that change be most effectively handled? This is the third article in a four-part series on this topic.

Open Source, Outsourcing and Good Old-Fashioned Opportunity [Published: 11-09-2006]
What does the future of open source hold for the next wave of entrepreneurs?

Identity Resolution: A Key to CDI Value [Published: 11-09-2006]
Identity resolutions exploit heuristic, phonetic and statistical algorithms to locate matches even in the presence of variation. login required

Market Adoption of MS SQL Server 2005 on the Rise [Published: 11-13-2006]
Survey reveals widespread use of MS SQL Server for running business intelligence, reporting and data warehousing applications.

GoldenGate 9.0 Extends Heterogeneous Database Capabilities [Published: 11-13-2006]
GoldenGate Software Releases GoldenGate 9.0 with Expanded Support for Microsoft SQL Server and DB2 z/OS.

BPM 101: Vendor Selection, Part 2 [Published: 11-13-2006]
When selecting a business performance management vendor, a carefully planned evaluation process will ensure that the chosen vendor is the best fit for your organization.

Message from the Finance Department: Please Don’t Take Away My Spreadsheets! [Published: 11-13-2006]
There are some fundamental challenges that exist when using Excel as your primary application for budgeting or financial consolidation.

Whitehill Technologies and Mobius Expand Presence in Insurance Sector with New Partnership [Published: 11-13-2006]
Two leading vendors kick off their co-marketing efforts at ISOTech 2006.

Customer Data Quality Platform Announced by Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software [Published: 11-13-2006]
Built on a robust service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework, Group 1 Software’s Customer Data Quality (CDQ) Platform delivers enhanced value.

Pitney Bowes Group 1 Software Announces Latest Version of Data Flow Data Integration Product [Published: 11-14-2006]
Significant enhancements to maintainability and metadata exchange are included in Data Flow 6.0.

Siperian and CounterpartyLink Join Forces to Link Critical Business Entity Reference Data into Counterparty Hub [Published: 11-14-2006]
Through this strategic alliance, CounterpartyLink's global legal entity data can be fed directly into Siperian Hub.

Endeca Announces Partnership with Business Objects on Open Search Initiative [Published: 11-14-2006]
Partnership will extend business intelligence capabilities to a wider audience.

Business Intelligence and the OODA Loop [Published: 11-14-2006]
While originally developed for the military, the OODA Loop has been applied frequently in the private sector because of its common sense approach to making decisions.

Guided and Trusted [Published: 11-14-2006]
With proven applications for creating and managing transportation agencies’ financial, operational, fleet logistics and security metadata, it is now possible for these companies to manage their agencies in a measurable and efficient manner.

Endeca Partners with Clarabridge to Unlock Value from BI Investments [Published: 11-15-2006]
As part of the Endeca and Clarabridge agreement, the companies will expand and simplify integration between Endeca’s enterprise search capabilities and popular business intelligence tools.

Network Appliance Acquires Topio [Published: 11-15-2006]
Acquisition expands heterogeneous data protection portfolio and allows EMC, HP and HDS users to cut disaster recovery costs and create data clones instantly without consuming additional storage.

Pervasive Software Provides Real-Time Database Solution for GPSNet Technologies [Published: 11-15-2006]
Leading transportation software provider enhances customers’ tracking and productivity with Pervasive PSQL and Data Exchange.

The Compliance Department Comes of Age Series [Published: 11-15-2006]
Qumas explains why compliance should be a true risk management function and how to go about becoming one. login required

Real-Time Data Warehousing [Published: 11-15-2006]
Transactional data management technology enables operational and active data warehouses for improved business intelligence. login required

Actuate Selected as Top 100 Global Provider of Financial Technology [Published: 11-16-2006]
Inclusion in the 2006 FinTech 100 ranking underscores Actuate's excellence in enterprise reporting for financial services.

DATAllegro Warehouse Appliances Upgrade to Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor [Published: 11-16-2006]
Customers benefit from faster query speeds and increased business intelligence.

University of Maryland Medical System Selects Ensemble Rapid Integration Software [Published: 11-16-2006]
Intuitive design and advanced system management are key differentiators during intensive competitive assessment.

The Changing World, Part 4 [Published: 11-16-2006]
What is the impact of changing business requirements and how can that change be most effectively handled? This is the fourth article in a four-part series on this topic.

Search, Meaning, and the Search for Meaning [Published: 11-16-2006]
Interest in enterprise search is growing, but what is in store for the future of this technology?

Edison Mission Group Fuels Decision-Making With Information Builders [Published: 11-17-2006]
Independent power producer relies on WebFOCUS to streamline operations.

CODA to Provide Global Accounting Software for Caterpillar Inc. [Published: 11-17-2006]
The contract covers licences for CODA e-Finance, CODA’s Web-browser based international accounting system, along with several related products for use at Caterpillar Inc. sites and Caterpillar dealers worldwide.

Alterian Unveils New Data Discovery and Visualization Capabilities [Published: 11-21-2006]
Alterian delivers expanded analytics, enables MSPs to pre-build analytic reports to differentiate database offerings.

BIRT Education Classes Announced by Actuate [Published: 11-22-2006]
Actuate is the first to offer in-depth learning for open source business intelligence.

MDM and the Question of Data Back-Integration [Published: 11-27-2006]
The suggested approach does require more work than simple consolidation of enterprise data sets, but it is necessary in order to prevent your MDM application from becoming yet another unsynchronized data silo.

The Enterprise Data Mountain, Part 3 [Published: 11-27-2006]
In a business intelligence environment, the master data documents how business information has changed over time, and this historical master data can be combined with other historical business transaction data to produce analytical reports.

Informatica Announces Plans to Acquire Itemfield [Published: 11-27-2006]
The combination of Informatica and Itemfield will offer the most comprehensive data integration platform with near-universal access to integrate unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.

Brussels Capital Region Selects QlikTech for Business Intelligence [Published: 11-27-2006]
The Department of Finance, Budget, External Relations and IT in the Brussels Capital Region will use QlikView for its budgeting and forecasting analytics.

Matrix Provides Employers with Real-Time Insight into Benefit Claim Trends with Actuate [Published: 11-28-2006]
Actuate Enterprise Reporting Application Platform selected by Matrix Absence Management as customer self-service solution for reporting.

Strategic Modeling for Rapid Delivery of Enterprise Architecture [Published: 11-28-2006]
The second in a series on enterprise architecture, this article discusses how a strategic model is developed based on business planning statements from column 6 (why)/row 2 (owner). It also covers how to identify relevant business activities or processes

Business Intelligence: The First Product for RHIOs [Published: 11-28-2006]
Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) membership could be one of the most important developments in your organizational strategy, and getting ahead of the analytical curve is one of your best strategic moves.

BPM Partners Opens Influential 2007 BPM Pulse Survey [Published: 11-28-2006]
New survey queries industry on performance management 2.0 hot topics. login required

World Directories Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 11-28-2006]
World Directories will use MicroStrategy for reporting and analysis of sales data and other KPI’s to help management make data-driven business decisions.

Europaeiske Rejseforsikring Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 11-28-2006]
Europaeiske Rejseforsikring has purchased SPSS’ predictive analytics software to enable high-speed multi-channel claims handling.

Billabong Selects Hyperion System 9 Financial Management [Published: 11-29-2006]
Hyperion will outfit Billabong with a comprehensive financial management solution to automate Billabong's financial reporting processes.

Cohesia Embeds JReport into the Cohesia 8.1 Application [Published: 11-29-2006]
Cohesia will resell Jinfonet’s JReport as the reporting component of Cohesia 8.1.

Drawing the Line [Published: 11-30-2006]
Setting an arbitrary line based on date for the placement of data in one location or the other is not necessarily a sound move.

Your 2007 Head Check: Seven New Business Intelligence Gotchas [Published: 11-30-2006]
This article presents some new signs that business intelligence environments may be in peril, in the process offering a checklist for success in 2007.

InterSystems Partners with Four Points Technology [Published: 11-30-2006]
Four Points Technology, will provide InterSystems’ CACHÉ post-relational database to the Department of VA to fulfill a $31.4 million contract.

Hyperion Announces Plans to Release Hyperion System 9 Smart Space [Published: 11-30-2006]
Smart Space will democratize BI and lead to increased adoption and usage by translating BI from a specialized tool to a consumer-friendly application that can be accessed by all knowledge workers.

U.S. Pharmacopeia Selects Jaros [Published: 11-30-2006]
U.S. Pharmacopeia has implemented solutions from Jaros Technologies as their standard for data integration, analysis and reporting in support of business decisions.

ExecuSys Partners with Cognos [Published: 11-30-2006]
ExecuSys partners with Cognos to release its PERFORM Series 5 product.