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May 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Attensity Launches Beta Version of Attensity Server 4.0 [Published: 05-01-2006]
Attensity Server 4.0 provides a single, scalable architecture for enterprise use across multiple computers.

Hummingbird Joins ARMA International [Published: 05-01-2006]
The MayDay Project encourages organizations to review existing business processes and take steps to improve their readiness for disaster each year.

Cargill Selects OSIsoft [Published: 05-01-2006]
Cargill will significantly add to current OSIsoft installations and all Cargill systems.

EMC Captiva InputAccel Integrates with GlobalScan 2.0 [Published: 05-01-2006]
The integration allows organizations to utilize InputAccel’s document capture capabilities and automatically distribute scanned documents across a network via GlobalScan 2.0 directly from the operation panel on an MFP device.

Imtac Signs Partners with Sybase [Published: 05-02-2006]
Sybase IQ delivers unsurpassed query performance and storage efficiency for structured and unstructured data.

RFID for the Pharmaceutical Industry [Published: 05-02-2006]
It is expected that the RFID device will be the preferred means of information exchange within the next three to five years.

Six Sigma Data Quality Processes [Published: 05-02-2006]
Six Sigma provides a framework for improving the level of data quality/certification.

Customer Data Integration: FAQs and Fiction [Published: 05-02-2006]
To launch her expert channel on the Business Intelligence Network, Jill Dyché defines customer data integration and explains why it is different from other technology trends.

Fair Isaac Delivers Blaze Advisor 6.1 for .NET [Published: 05-02-2006]
Microsoft and Fair Isaac customers will be able to leverage the Blaze Advisor system for the .NET environment to modernize existing systems and deploy new services to their enterprise systems.

CSC Renews Contract with BAE Systems [Published: 05-02-2006]
Under the new agreement, CSC will continue to manage a full range of IT operations for a number of BAE Systems businesses.

SAP and Microsoft Introduce Duet Software [Published: 05-02-2006]
Duet allows information workers to use their familiar Microsoft Office environment to access selected SAP business processes and data.

LogiXML Introduces New Info LGX TURBO Engine [Published: 05-03-2006]
LogiXML business intelligence platform provides powerful reporting features that are easy-to-use.

BOCGI Selects PacificNet Epro [Published: 05-03-2006]
BOCGI contracted PacificNet Epro to provide CRM and data warehousing solutions.

Bloomfield State Bank Selects The HORIZON Banking System [Published: 05-03-2006]
The solution delivers true integration with the full spectrum of FIS capabilities including check imaging, eBanking and business intelligence.

Jinfonet and DataSynapse form Partnership [Published: 05-03-2006]
Through the partnership JReport can serve as the reporting engine for applications virtualized through DataSynapse FabricServer.

Erie Indemnity Company Selects Hyperion System 9 [Published: 05-03-2006]
ERIE selected Hyperion System 9 to track/monitor its plans and forecasts and replace its spreadsheet systems.

GE Capital Solutions Selects Teradata [Published: 05-03-2006]
With the leasing solution from GE, ARC was able to immediately acquire the Teradata solution.

CSI Joins Kalido's Systems Integrator Partner Program [Published: 05-03-2006]
This partnership expands CSI's ability to provide clients with resources for enterprise data warehousing and master data management solutions.

HigherGround and SER Announce Strategic Partnership [Published: 05-03-2006]
HigherGround will represent SER's SERTAINTY, a speech analytics solution that captures customer conversations and transforms them into rich metadata.

Fair Isaac Expands Availability with SiNSYS Alliance [Published: 05-03-2006]
SiNSYS has selected Fair Isaac solutions for EDM to enhance account management and fraud detection capabilities for billions of international debit and credit card transactions.

Analysis of Business Driven Metrics: Measuring for Security Value [Published: 05-03-2006]
Organizations are finding that the amount of information needing protection is changing and evolving. login required

Harris Deploys MicroStrategy [Published: 05-04-2006]
Harris chose MicroStrategy because of its flexible, secure, Web-based environment that is easy to use for both business and power users.

Open Source and the Profit Motive [Published: 05-04-2006]
It is worth taking a look at the alternative business models that are possible with open source software.

Service-Oriented Architecture [Published: 05-04-2006]
Data warehousing requires an architecture that accounts for all information needs, not just the mere access of data.

Pfaltzgraff Selects Junction Solutions [Published: 05-04-2006]
Pfaltzgraff chose the JunctionRQW solution to improve understanding of customer behavior and product marketing in their direct-to-consumer environment.

DATAllegro Partners with TDAC [Published: 05-08-2006]
TDAC will provide in-depth knowledge of augmentation and cleansing, profiling, analytics and reporting along with the major enabling technologies.

Southco Selects SAP [Published: 05-08-2006]
Southco has selected SAP to enable its lean manufacturing strategy and allow it to compete with agility as it expands global operations.

eHarmony Expands with SPSS [Published: 05-08-2006]
eHarmony has implemented SPSS predictive analytics software in various areas of their business.

RedTail Solutions Partners with VeriSign [Published: 05-08-2006]
RedTail will offer customers the ability to access data from VeriSign into a dashboard view that will provide them with information about the order.

University of Rhode Island Selects Percussion's Rhythmyx [Published: 05-08-2006]
The University of Rhode Island has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx ECM system to improve its content authoring, maintenance and production processes.

Cognos Unveils Business Intelligence Tools for Pharmaceutical Companies [Published: 05-08-2006]
The two new products are the first in a series of life sciences-specific products planned by Cognos.

Report Mining: An Easier Way to Access Corporate Information [Published: 05-08-2006]
This Datawatch white paper looks at the common approaches to providing enterprise information and introduces a solution called Report Mining. login required

Kettering Medical Center Selects GoldenGate [Published: 05-09-2006]
KMCN turned to GoldenGate to address the migration of their patient data during a major application upgrade.

Hard Facts [Published: 05-09-2006]
Business intelligence can only succeed when management embraces evidence-based decision making.

Excel’s New Charting Engine [Published: 05-09-2006]
Will the new charting engine in Excel 2007 provide users with clutter and fluff or improved functionality?

Application Performance Joins BEZ Systems Partner Program [Published: 05-09-2006]
Application Performance has joined the BEZ Partner Program as a Channel Partner.

QlikTech Releases QlikView 7.5 [Published: 05-09-2006]
QlikView 7.5 brings the power of enterprise-class business intelligence to the entire enterprise.

Insurance.com Selects Informatica [Published: 05-09-2006]
Insurance.com has selected the Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform to help power its online, real-time insurance quoting and purchasing service.

Pegasystems Partners with Cognos [Published: 05-09-2006]
Pegasystems will work with Cognos to help customers make better decisions at critical points in a business process.

University of Michigan Selects Business Objects [Published: 05-09-2006]
The University of Michigan relies on Business Objects to access and analyze information from across the university.

Jinfonet Provides Reporting Layer for Voyence’s New Reporting Suite [Published: 05-10-2006]
Jinfonet’s JReport has been embedded into VoyenceControl NG Compliance Report Manager as the report development environment and reporting engine.

RI-Solution GmbH Selects SAP [Published: 05-10-2006]
GmbH has licensed SAND/DNA in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver BI 3.5 to meet the needs of a major retail client.

First Data Implements Fair Isaac Decision Management Technology [Published: 05-10-2006]
First Data is using Fair Isaac's Blaze Advisor business rules management system.

E-Government and Information Quality [Published: 05-10-2006]
As Convenor of the IQ Network, a collaboration between the Irish Computer Society and the IAIDQ, Daragh O Brien provides his perspective on the challenges of addressing the information quality issues that underpin effective e-government.

The Economics of Information Quality [Published: 05-10-2006]
Proactive process improvement is the heart of a sound quality environment.

VitalSpring Partners with SAP [Published: 05-10-2006]
Health Benefits Management links information from a company's internal mySAP ERP system with information from external systems related to medical claims.

Insurance.com to work with Informatica [Published: 05-11-2006]
Insurance.com, has selected the Informatica PowerCenter to help power its online, real-time insurance quoting and purchasing service.

Protecting What Matters [Published: 05-11-2006]
A new book, published by the Brookings Institution, illuminates the tensions that arise when a society considers reengineering its values related to individual liberties in the face of growing challenges to the society's security.

Service-Oriented Architectures and DW2.0, Part I [Published: 05-11-2006]
The dot-com systems of today have to work in cooperation with existing corporate systems. DW2.0 provides the definition of the modern corporate information architecture that service-oriented architectures require.

Pret a Manger Selects Alpha Retail Technology [Published: 05-11-2006]
Alpha Retail Technology's high-speed credit card solution significantly reduced transaction times and checkout lines.

SAND Integrates its SAND/DNA Access for SAP [Published: 05-11-2006]
SAND has integrated its SAND/DNA Access for SAP NetWeaver BI offering with Open Text Livelink ECM Suite for SAP Solutions.

LatiNode Selects BroadSoft Software [Published: 05-11-2006]
LatiNode has selected BroadSoft's VoIP application software as the platform to support its new retail services under the CrossFone brand.

MicroStrategy Certifies IBM WebSphere Information Integrator [Published: 05-11-2006]
The combination of MicroStrategy and IBM WebSphere Information Integrator technology enables companies to seamlessly derive critical business insights from multiple, heterogeneous data sources.

Melissa Data Extends Data Quality to Enterprise Applications [Published: 05-11-2006]
DQ*Plus automatically cleans data in customer databases, keeps it constantly clean, and prevents bad data from being entered.

MetaCarta Partners with Agent Logic [Published: 05-11-2006]
MetaCarta's GTS Analyst product can be linked to Agent Logic's EAS to correlate unstructured geospatial data with structured data.

BellSouth and Samsung Form Partnership [Published: 05-12-2006]
This agreement allows both firms to leverage their combines brand strength and offer customers a single integrated solution.

OutlookSoft Launches OutlookSoft 5 [Published: 05-12-2006]
OutlookSoft 5 enables users across the enterprise to more effectively orchestrate, produce and consume performance management applications.

ePartners Releases a Business Intelligence Desktop Tool [Published: 05-12-2006]
The Digital Dashboard displays customized business intelligence aggregated from all sources where critical data can be stored.

Organon Canada Selects StayinFront [Published: 05-12-2006]
Organon Canada will upgrade to StayinFront Pharma 9.3 and StayinFront Analytics 5.0 to provide CRM capabilities across its business.

VIP of California Acquires Core Integration [Published: 05-12-2006]
This acquisition will bring VIP expanded capabilities in the market space focused in business intelligence, data warehousing, analytics and data integration.

Enterprise Intelligence with Teradata [Published: 05-15-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with Teradata’s Randy Lea in an exclusive interview.

T. Rowe Price Selects SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 05-15-2006]
T. Rowe Price selected SPSS predictive analytics to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its customer call-center operations.

Master Data Management Approach [Published: 05-15-2006]
Many IT departments face challenges as they attempt to satisfy finance’s requests while preserving organization-wide data integrity. Master data management can increase end-user satisfaction and establish a more participative managed metadata environment.

Enterprise Dimension Management [Published: 05-15-2006]
Multiple charts of accounts create never-ending and costly problems because there is no data consistency. Enterprise dimension management addresses the underlying problem and allows company-wide views of performance.

TomorrowNow Offers Support for Siebel Customers [Published: 05-15-2006]
TomorrowNow services for Siebel customers will be available two ways: bundled as part of the Safe Passage program and directly from TomorrowNow.

Cheapflights Selects Percussion Software [Published: 05-15-2006]
Rhythmyx will allow Cheapflights' users to make more informed decisions about those search results by presenting additional information linked to those results, including resort information.

CSI Joins the Siperian Alliance Program [Published: 05-15-2006]
This partnership expands CSI’s ability to provide clients with resources for customer data integration and management solutions.

Autonomy and Cognos Form a Partnership [Published: 05-15-2006]
The integration of Autonomy and Cognos 8 BI provides instant high-level visibility, insight and analysis of an organization's business critical data.

FAST and Cognos Form a Partnership [Published: 05-15-2006]
The partnership is the foundation for a new FAST integration that joins the FAST ESPT with Cognos 8 BI, bringing the power of business intelligence to every employee in an organization.

American Psychological Association Selects Hummingbird Enterprise [Published: 05-16-2006]
Hummingbird Enterprise will enable the APA to streamline internal business processes associated with document and records management.

Retail Data Warehouse [Published: 05-16-2006]
Use your retail data warehouse to get a view of your business from the perspective of your customers.

Using Business Intelligence for Competitive Advantage [Published: 05-16-2006]
Business intelligence has proven to be extremely advantageous to those who have integrated it into their technical infrastructure.

AAA's National Office Selects Adaptive Planning [Published: 05-16-2006]
By using Adaptive Planning instead of spreadsheets, AAA's National Office will be able to reduce the time required for their budgeting process, improve accuracy and increase collaboration with departmental managers.

Fluid Unveils Concept Retail [Published: 05-16-2006]
Concept Retail integrates highly flexible front-end product presentation tools with the back-end data that businesses utilize to maximize revenue, such as conversion rate and inventory levels.

SSA Global to be Acquired by Infor [Published: 05-16-2006]
SSA Global announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which Infor will acquire SSA Global.

Chico's Selects SAP [Published: 05-16-2006]
SAP for retail will provide Chico's with comprehensive, real-time performance metrics combined with powerful planning capabilities.

Lenovo Selects SAP [Published: 05-16-2006]
SAP NetWeaver platform helps provide Lenovo the critical business capabilities necessary to respond to customer demand with agility, innovate quickly and foster efficient global trading relationships.

Envision and Nuasis Form a Partnership [Published: 05-16-2006]
The partnership extends the value of Nuasis’ contact routing software to offer IP-based solutions that improve agent effectiveness, contact center and enterprise performance.

Operational Business Intelligence Applications, Part 1 [Published: 05-17-2006]
A successful operational business intelligence environment requires an appropriate infrastructure.

Berlex Selects ValueCentric [Published: 05-17-2006]
Berlex selected ValueTrak's on-demand service to analyze sales, inventory, service levels and supply chain data.

ZipRealty Deploys MicroStrategy [Published: 05-17-2006]
ZipRealty plans to use MicroStrategy’s business intelligence software to gain deeper insights into sales productivity, customer buying patterns and housing market trends.

SAP Releases Business Intelligence Accelerator [Published: 05-17-2006]
The business intelligence accelerator effectively resolves the traditional tradeoff between speed and flexibility, enabling faster business insights.

SAP Launches Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Business Unit [Published: 05-17-2006]
By embedding compliance into business processes, SAP is making compliance repeatable, sustainable and less costly for companies in all industry segments.

Christina Rouse, National Practice Director of Business Intelligence for SilverTrain [Published: 05-17-2006]
Christina Rouse, National Practice Director of Business Intelligence for SilverTrain, discusses critical success factors and trends for business intelligence solutions.

Partners Worldwide Select Pentaho for Business Intelligence [Published: 05-18-2006]
Pentaho and its partners will work to accelerate deployment of open source business intelligence.

Service-Oriented Architectures and DW2.0, Part II [Published: 05-18-2006]
DW2.0 is the perfect background architecture to make service-oriented architectures successful.

SAP Business Intelligence and the Conservation of Complexity [Published: 05-18-2006]
To ensure maximum ROI, it is imperative that companies find creative ways to reduce the amount of complexity presented to the broader end-user base.

Attensity Partners with Business Objects [Published: 05-18-2006]
Attensity's text analytics enables Business Objects analytics and solutions to provide a complete picture of business data.

Health Systems Solutions Acquires CareKeeper [Published: 05-18-2006]
The acquisition of CareKeeper is expected to enable HSS to broaden its reach across the entire homecare industry.

OutlookSoft Announces Strategic Corporate Initiatives [Published: 05-19-2006]
OutlookSoft 5 delivers both the power of enterprise-level performance management to every user and rich analytic applications, through their innovative BPF.

Composite Software Announces OEM Relationships [Published: 05-22-2006]
Composite Software recently announced new OEM relationships with solution providers in life sciences and enterprise performance applications as well as a formal OEM program.

What Does Software as a Service Mean for Business Intelligence? [Published: 05-22-2006]
As companies move toward the use of software as a service, they must carefully evaluate the impact of this on the overall enterprise business intelligence system.

Defining Master Data [Published: 05-22-2006]
With the increased interest in the concept of master data, a solid definition is required.

BearingPoint Wins $5.5 Million CDC Contract [Published: 05-22-2006]
Under the agreement, BearingPoint will provide implementation and ongoing support services for a number of financial program management activities.

Percussion Software Supports iECM Industry [Published: 05-22-2006]
Percussion is playing an active role in the development of the iECM standard and has committed that its Rhythmyx system will support iECM standards.

Insurance Data Standards – Designing XML Messages (continued) [Published: 05-23-2006]
This is the final article in a series that explores the issues around using XML to develop data standards in the insurance arena. This series addresses how to design XML messages for standards purposes.

To Miami and Back Again: Telecom News and Notes [Published: 05-23-2006]
Topics covered in this article include the transition to near real-time data/IP-based events billing, the outlook for best-of-breed solutions and more!

Sears Holding Selects DATAllegro Data Warehouse Appliance [Published: 05-23-2006]
Sears Holdings Corp. recently purchased an 86 terabyte "C+" Series data warehouse appliance from DATAllegro.

TBC Selects SAP [Published: 05-23-2006]
TBC selected the SAP for Retail solution portfolio to enhance visibility across the enterprise and make quicker decisions.

TD Bank Selects Fair Isaac's TRIAD [Published: 05-23-2006]
TDBFG has selected TRIAD adaptive control system to enhance account management decisions for its credit card accounts.

FDA Selects Business Objects [Published: 05-23-2006]
The FDA relies on Business Objects to run reports and analyze the data within EASE.

Microstrategy Signs Agreement with Kognitio [Published: 05-23-2006]
Kognitio will combine MicroStrategy's business intelligence reporting with Kognitio's WX2.

Petro-Canada Selects Information Builders [Published: 05-24-2006]
Petro-Canada utilized WebFOCUS to develop their ERS to provide a solution for Consolidated Financial Reporting.

SRC Partners with Lebhar-Friedman and MetaCarta [Published: 05-24-2006]
SRC recently announced the addition of real-time article access functionality from MetaCarta and content from Lebhar-Friedmana.

SRC Announces the Addition of Portfolio Guzzler [Published: 05-24-2006]
Portfolio Guzzler is an application that accurately analyzes any geographic information with designated drive times for a specified location.

Intellitactics Positioned in Leaders Quadrant for 1H06 [Published: 05-25-2006]
Intellitactics Security Manager, simplifies the management of complex security landscapes and provides unprecedented control to organizations.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part III of III [Published: 05-25-2006]
Before implementing SOA governance, enterprises must first have a firm grasp of governance at different levels of IT, data and processes.

The Bus as a Substitute for Integration, Part I [Published: 05-25-2006]
Bus technology is no substitute for data integration.

Teradata and RFID Lab Delivers Insight [Published: 05-25-2006]
Teradata has established an advanced analytics lab specifically for retailers and consumer goods.

Sunrise Medical Laboratories Selects MediSolution's Business Intelligence Solution [Published: 05-25-2006]
MediVue enables healthcare professionals to monitor, analyze and report on the various aspects of their business performance.

Frontier Selects Greenplum's Bizgres MPP [Published: 05-25-2006]
Frontier Airlines has selected the Bizgres MPP data warehouse solution to enable rapid analysis of flight-related data.

Alliance & Leicester Deploys SPSS Predictive Analytics [Published: 05-30-2006]
SPSS predictive analytical software will enable Alliance & Leicester to improve its approach to data analysis.

Hummingbird to be Acquired by Symphony Technology Group [Published: 05-30-2006]
Symphony Technology Group will acquire all of Hummingbird's outstanding shares.

MicroStrategy UK Signs Reseller Agreement with Kognitio [Published: 05-30-2006]
Kognitio will combine MicroStrategy’s business intelligence reporting with Kognitio’s powerful and scalable analytical database, WX2.

Business Objects Enables SAP Customers [Published: 05-30-2006]
BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Built for SAP Solutions includes new enhancements designed to provide a much greater number of users with fast and simple access to their data.