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March 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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CSC Surveys Find Cost Savings Opportunity in Electronic Insurance Payments [Published: 03-01-2006]
73 percent of respondents surveyed indicated they would be willing to pay their insurance bills over the Internet.

Abacus Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-01-2006]
Abacus selected MicroStrategy to provide enhanced database reporting and analysis services for its clients.

ESS Attains Gold Certified Partner Status [Published: 03-01-2006]
ESS has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customer needs.

BB&T Selects SAS Credit Risk Management [Published: 03-01-2006]
BB&T selects SAS for credit risk analytics represents further expansion of this enterprise commitment to creating an integrated enterprisewide analytical environment.

BEA Acquires Fuego [Published: 03-01-2006]
The Fuego portfolio will become a part of the BEA AquaLogic product family.

DataFlux Introduces the SOA-Based CDI Solution [Published: 03-02-2006]
The DataFlux CDI Solution helps companies enhance the visibility and viability of data quality standards and practices throughout the enterprise.

CSC Extends Contract with United Technologies [Published: 03-02-2006]
The expansion adds $11.5 million in value to the original agreement.

Don’t Shoot the Report Writer [Published: 03-02-2006]
Despite the introduction of “intelligent” reporting interfaces, there will be a continued need for individuals who possess good report-writing skills.

Gene Amdahl – A Living Legend [Published: 03-02-2006]
A true technology innovator, Gene Amdahl is an ambitious entrepreneur in the field of computer architecture and design.

ProfitStars Establishes an Agreement with Clark Consulting [Published: 03-02-2006]
ProfitStars has established an agreement with Clark Consulting that will enable the firm to resell the RMP solution.

TNS Selects Crystal Xcelsius [Published: 03-02-2006]
TNS has deployed Crystal Xcelsius, to provide its management team with clear signposts to keep research projects on track.

Schroders Renews Contract with CSC [Published: 03-02-2006]
CSC will provide Schroders with infrastructure services for midrange, desktops and networks, and support for key applications.

SAS Grows in Singapore [Published: 03-03-2006]
SAS has a strong academic program in Singapore, which has resulted in partnerships and collaborations with educational institutions.

Wipro Announced that it has Joined STAR [Published: 03-03-2006]
Wipro’s membership on STAR will help Wipro drive standards for its automotive customers and reduce development and deployment time.

Mercado Software and YourAmigo Form a Strategic Partnership [Published: 03-03-2006]
The partnership helps online businesses increase bottom-line Web site profitability.

Intellisophic Taxonomies Integrated with EMC Documentum CIS [Published: 03-06-2006]
Intellisophic creates taxonomies from the world’s most respected reference publications, including encyclopedia, handbooks, textbooks and other authoritatively written works.

Open Solutions Announces the Acquisition of BISYS Group [Published: 03-06-2006]
The combined client base will benefit from the availability of even more choices in terms of open, industry-focused technology solutions.

DATAllegro Announces DATAllegro B25 [Published: 03-06-2006]
DATAllegro B25 can back up data at a rate of one TB every 12 minutes, making the backup process much less tedious and time consuming.

Applix Announces the Latest Version of TM1 is Available [Published: 03-06-2006]
TM1 applications provide cost effective and speedy access to multidimensional viewing, analysis and reporting on large amounts of data.

Kalido Awarded U.S. Patent for Technology [Published: 03-06-2006]
KALIDO provides an adaptive application suite that conforms to the needs of the business; technology limitations constrain other approaches.

Information Builders Introduces WebFOCUS Intelligent Search [Published: 03-06-2006]
WebFOCUS Intelligent Search gives business users full access to enterprise information, enabling intelligent organizational decisions.

Attensity Partners with AES [Published: 03-06-2006]
Attensity has teamed with AES to interface with HAFB's DRILS, a specialized Web based application for collection and retrieval of Air Force serialized repair information.

Attensity Releases Attensity Analytics 2.0 [Published: 03-06-2006]
Attensity Analytics 2.0 includes a completely redesigned interface for drilling down and visualizing unstructured data.

Triad Selects Business Objects [Published: 03-07-2006]
Triad selected Business Objects because it offers a performance management suite specifically designed to manage the unique and complex planning, budgeting and reporting needs of healthcare organizations.

Dot Plots: A Useful Alternative to Bar Charts [Published: 03-07-2006]
Dot plots are a very useful addition to your graphical toolbox.

BizViz: The Power of Visual Business Intelligence [Published: 03-07-2006]
Information visualization researchers have spent countless hours to help you work smarter and achieve the promise of business intelligence.

Cognos and IBM Form Global Strategic [Published: 03-07-2006]
The new Strategic Alliance agreement includes joint development, marketing and sales of SOA-based solutions to help customers optimize their analytics capabilities leveraging industry-specific best practices.

Business Objects Extends Agreement with Intraware [Published: 03-07-2006]
Business Objects customers will continue to benefit from SubscribeNet an electronic software distribution services to help them maximize the value of their Business Objects software assets.

APQC and CAM-I Examine Best Practices [Published: 03-07-2006]
SAS provides unmatched value in the area of high-volume profitability analysis.

A Global Vision for Unified Integration [Published: 03-07-2006]
This Sunopsis white paper discusses the key issues with integration architectures, and presents a global vision for unified integration - an architecture that provides fast and reliable integration with an optimized return on investment. login required

Is ETL Becoming Obsolete? [Published: 03-07-2006]
This Sunopsis white paper discusses the key issues with ETL tools today, and how an "E-LT" architecture combined with a "business-rules-driven" approach is better. login required

SQL is the DNA of Data Movement [Published: 03-07-2006]
We have been transferring data with tools for a long time now. This white Sunopsis paper discusses the history of data movement, how SQL can be used extremely efficiently for ETL processes. Actual performance data is also presented and discussed. login required

Third Generation ETL: Delivering the Best Performance [Published: 03-07-2006]
The process of selecting an ETL (extract, load, transfer) software solution is typically a complex one, during which many features need to be evaluated. This Sunopsis white paper presents the different generations of ETL tools and their architecture. login required

IBM and Cognos Form a Global SOA Alliance [Published: 03-08-2006]
The relationship builds on an already close partnership between the two companies to include more joint development, sales and marketing in the SOA space.

National Directory Information Services Selected Angel.com [Published: 03-08-2006]
The National Directory Information Services is using Angel.com technology to provide major pharmaceutical companies with an IVR solution to support national marketing programs.

Tarrant Regional Water District Selects Hummingbird [Published: 03-08-2006]
Hummingbird's seamless integration at TRWD enables users to respond to a larger set of information faster, easier and more accurately.

Scene7 and ATG Announce Partnership [Published: 03-08-2006]
Scene7 and ATG will combine sales and marketing efforts to deliver visually rich commerce solutions to retailers and manufacturers.

AMS Introduces Performance Analyzer [Published: 03-09-2006]
Performance Analyzer a business intelligence tool for insurance agencies.

Azure Partners with Teradata [Published: 03-09-2006]
Azure and Teradata addresses the need for carriers to improve their revenue-assurance programs and to better manage the explosive growth in operational network data.

Metadata Management [Published: 03-09-2006]
It is time for proactive metadata management – not passive, optional metadata management.

Business Intelligence and Data Quality in the Public Sector [Published: 03-09-2006]
Data that is inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent or out of date can seriously impact business intelligence efforts.

SAP Delivers New Supply Chain Solution [Published: 03-09-2006]
MySAP SCM enables companies to create an adaptive supply chain network.

Teradata Enables Efficient RFID Integration at METRO [Published: 03-09-2006]
METRO uses RFID to electronically identify, locate and inventory merchandise.

SAP and Siemens Financial Services Expand Partnership [Published: 03-09-2006]
SAP financing services are tailored to meet the specific cash-flow requirements of customers choosing SAP solutions.

MicroStrategy Extends Reporting Capabilities [Published: 03-09-2006]
MicroStrategy now offers a full continuum of reporting and ad-hoc query capabilities for all types of users.

Unica to Acquire Sane Solutions [Published: 03-09-2006]
Unica's acquisition of Sane Solutions is strategically aimed at the center of powerful industry trends.

Simplified Data Access for ISVs [Published: 03-09-2006]
Embedding data search and query into business applications provides immediate, self-service data access to non-technical business users providing a compelling differentiator for your solution while allowing your software to be more widely adopted. login required

Data Search and Discovery: Search Meets Reporting [Published: 03-09-2006]
Do users in your organization require immediate access to data? Did you know that there are tools that combine search and reporting in one? Learn the 5 drivers for combining data search and ad-hoc query in this analyst report from Patricia Seybold Group. login required

Simplified Data Access for the Enterprise [Published: 03-09-2006]
EasyAsk explores why "search" or "query" by themselves fall short of delivering true enterprise data access and Business Intelligence (BI). login required

Darwin Announces Plans to Merge with Suzsoft [Published: 03-10-2006]
The combined company will be focused geographically on the U.S., Asia and Europe, and will be significantly differentiated in the marketplace.

Institute of Cancer Research Selects Percussion Software [Published: 03-13-2006]
Rhythmyx has enabled the internal IT department to take a step back and to allow users within the organization the ability to update and manage their own content.

Proactive Operational Business Performance Management [Published: 03-13-2006]
Proactive analytics and unstructured data are the key components of an operational business performance management solution.

Performance Management on the Back Burner [Published: 03-13-2006]
Once the benefits of business performance management are clearly outlined, approval of the project will not be an obstacle.

CSC to Support U.S. Department of Transportation's Volpe Center [Published: 03-13-2006]
CSC will support an extensive portfolio of projects.

Frost & Sullivan Partners with DataMentors [Published: 03-13-2006]
Frost & Sullivan selected DataMentors as a technology partner to consolidate its disparate data repositories.

Cognos Expands Strategic Alliance with IBM [Published: 03-13-2006]
IBM will increase its Cognos consultant capabilities and Cognos will further enhance and optimize its business intelligence products for IBM hardware, software and services.

Business & Decision Acquires Mi Services [Published: 03-13-2006]
Mi Services has provided ERP solutions and compliance solutions to life sciences companies.

CSC's Provides Applications Management Services to Phoenix Life Insurance [Published: 03-13-2006]
By using CSC's applications management services, Phoenix is reducing its software and infrastructure costs while improving work processes, service levels and security measures.

Dominant Trends in Financial Services [Published: 03-14-2006]
A number of interesting and converging trends are accelerating the use of data and analytics to reduce the uncertainty involved in managing large enterprises.

BEA Systems Integrates Elements of Celequest Technology [Published: 03-14-2006]
Celequest is intended to help users to define and activate rules that are stored in memory and matched against incoming event streams in real-time.

How Chief Medical Officers Use Business Intelligence [Published: 03-14-2006]
Business intelligence provides improved information to support the evolving role and responsibilities of today’s chief medical officer.

The College of New Jersey Selects Business Objects [Published: 03-14-2006]
BusinessObjects XI will be integrated with the college’s PeopleSoft Student Administration System and will provide academic and administrative staff an easy way to access and analyze student information.

RFTrax Partners with Identec Solutions [Published: 03-14-2006]
The companies have partnered to combine Identec's RFID-based technology with RFTrax's innovative multimode sensory asset management solution.

SAS Signs National Deal with Time Warner Cable [Published: 03-14-2006]
Time Warner Cable Commercial Services provides SAS with a package of teleworker accounts that includes consolidated billing and fiber optic MetroLan services for load balancing.

TLAC Selects Business Objects [Published: 03-14-2006]
Using Business Objects has turned the TLAC site into an effective way to reunite owners with their pets and connect unwanted animals with potential pet owners.

Symbol Technologies and IBM will Embed WRDI [Published: 03-14-2006]
WRDI provides Symbol's XR Series RFID readers with a platform to integrate and reconcile RFID information with data used in other areas of a business.

Capita Insurance Services Selects SAP [Published: 03-14-2006]
Capita Insurance Services selected SAP for the flexibility of its CRM software.

AEPCO Selects SAP [Published: 03-14-2006]
This move will aid in the modernization of internal systems and help AEPCO preserve its intellectual property.

Applix Partners with EMAS [Published: 03-15-2006]
EMAS, specializes in advising companies on achieving greater efficiencies in energy management, and has developed an affordable, accurate and non-invasive means of monitoring and evaluating gas, electricity and water usage for business properties.

MBHP Selects Business Objects [Published: 03-15-2006]
Business Objects will enable MBHP to save time and dramatically reduce labor and paper costs.

Integrating Data Assets for Increased Efficiency and Productivity [Published: 03-15-2006]
To ensure success, companies need to evaluate their data integration requirements and examine the available options.

Operational Business Intelligence Applications: Business Case Assessment [Published: 03-15-2006]
It is very important to conduct a thorough business case assessment before beginning an operational business intelligence initiative.

Consumer Credit Reporting Companies Introduce VantageScore [Published: 03-15-2006]
VantageScore leverages the collective experience of the industry's experts on credit data, scoring and analytics.

SAND Technology Partners with Sigma Business Solutions [Published: 03-15-2006]
Sigma will play an instrumental role in delivering SAND's newest product – SAND/DNA to the SAP user market.

CSI Announces Inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence [Published: 03-16-2006]
CSI was positioned in the magic quadrant based on key criteria.

Enterprise Data Asset Inventory and Profiling [Published: 03-16-2006]
With database tables, there is much more to understand than just the number of rows and columns.

An Introduction to DW2.0 [Published: 03-16-2006]
The new architecture for data warehousing addresses mission-critical areas.

SAS Acquires Veridiem [Published: 03-16-2006]
Veridiem’s software is designed to promote accountability in marketing organizations, deliver continuous intelligence about the impact of marketing activities across various channels.

The City of Chicago Selects BEA AquaLogic [Published: 03-17-2006]
The city's SOA projects are designed to enable the delivery of reusable services that improve the efficiency of city business.

Theoris Releases Theoris Vision Software v3.5 [Published: 03-20-2006]
Theoris Vision Software v3.5 extends the custom capabilities in the executive dashboard software, creating a powerful framework for accurate KPI analysis for best practice business intelligence throughout the enterprise.

The Nature of Connectivity [Published: 03-20-2006]
Social network analysis involves the capture, mapping and analysis of the relationships, interactions and flows between any number of different object classes.

The Role of Standards in Enterprise Content Management [Published: 03-20-2006]
Industry standards in enterprise content management promise to ease burden of integrating unstructured and semi-structured data into the business environment.

AmerisourceBergen Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-20-2006]
AmerisourceBergen selected MicroStrategy for its ability to handle large database environments and provide real-time analytics.

Blount Seafood Selects Adonix X3 Process Suite [Published: 03-20-2006]
Blount Seafood selected the Adonix X3 Process suite to consolidate disparate applications and support their dynamic growth and ability to respond to changing customer requirements.

University of Mississippi Selects Mobius [Published: 03-20-2006]
University of Mississippi has implemented an imaging and archiving system, based on the Mobius ViewDirect suite.

Mueller Selects Cognos 8 Business Intelligence [Published: 03-20-2006]
Mueller selected Cognos 8 Business Intelligence as its enterprise-wide business intelligence standard.

Jinfonet Software Partners with Composite Software [Published: 03-20-2006]
The companies will co-market and co-sell the new reporting solution with out-of-the-box information integration capabilities.

Swiss Army Brands Select SAP [Published: 03-21-2006]
Swiss Army Brands has selected SAP solutions to optimize business processes and drive the expansion of its business lines.

Telecom ETL Hubris [Published: 03-21-2006]
Because of telecom service providers’ overwhelming amount of customer and transaction data, it is necessary to pay careful attention to the data analysis and data modeling processes.

BearingPoint Teams up with Archon [Published: 03-21-2006]
BearingPoint will integrate their consulting experience with Archon's unique technology solutions for motor vehicle departments.

GHX Acquires Assets of Ideal Systems [Published: 03-21-2006]
GHX retains the products, customer contracts, intellectual property and other business assets of Ideal Systems.

BP Fuels Selects Pervasive Software [Published: 03-22-2006]
BP selected Pervasive's integration technology to improve accuracy and automate the data flow between applications for optimal pricing and analytics.

TEOCO Partners with DATAllegro [Published: 03-22-2006]
TEOCO's new Sonar analytics solution will utilize DATAllegro's "C" series data warehouse appliances.

AmerisourceBergen Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 03-22-2006]
AmerisourceBergen selected MicroStrategy for its ability to handle large database environments and provide real-time analytics.

MicroStrategy and SPSS Form a Strategic Alliance [Published: 03-22-2006]
As part of the agreement, the two companies will engage in joint business development and cooperative marketing programs.

Oracle Introduces New Oracle Business Intelligence Suite [Published: 03-22-2006]
Oracle Business Intelligence Suite addresses the complete spectrum of business intelligence and analytical requirements facing customers today.

CH2M Hill Selects Cartesis [Published: 03-22-2006]
Cartesis ES Magnitude will integrate with existing reporting systems, to perform consolidation, analytics and regulatory and management reporting.

Truition Partners with Omniture [Published: 03-23-2006]
Truition enables retailers to effectively outsource core elements of their eCommerce operations and grow online revenues at a lower cost.

ADVIZOR Solutions and KXEN Align to Integrate Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics [Published: 03-23-2006]
The two companies fill a critical gap in the business intelligence software market.

Temtec Signs Agreement with Microsoft [Published: 03-23-2006]
Microsoft will market a private label version of Executive Viewer as part of its analytical platform.

Firstlogic Partners with New Media Technologies [Published: 03-23-2006]
With the agreement, financial services firms will have greater access to data profiling and data cleansing technologies.

Experts Say Pets and Computers are Safe from RFID Viruses [Published: 03-23-2006]
Researchers explore recent concerns for radio frequency identification viruses.

LogiXML Teams with InterSystems [Published: 03-24-2006]
This agreement provides the basis for future technology sharing and software support projects between the two companies.

First American Acquires Harvard Design and Mapping [Published: 03-24-2006]
The combination of HDM and First American's flood risk products will create a comprehensive picture of any property's risk exposure in real-time.

Quantros Releases Quantros SRM 5.0 [Published: 03-24-2006]
Quantros announces the release of Quantros SRM 5.0 for healthcare providers throughout the United States.

OSL Partners with Eurostop [Published: 03-24-2006]
Under the agreement, the two companies will develop and deliver an end-to-end merchandise management solution.

Cognos and Composite Software Extend Strategic Relationship [Published: 03-24-2006]
Composite enables mySAP (R/3) and Siebel data to be queried and delivered as Web services.

Pearl River Resort Selects SAS [Published: 03-27-2006]
SAS and Qualex partner to provide Pearl River Resort with integrated budgeting, planning and performance management solutions.

Theoris Releases Theoris Vision Software v3.5 [Published: 03-27-2006]
Theoris Vision Software v3.5 enables easily customizable metric views and calculations and can access any data source inside or outside the organization.

VEGAS.com Selects Percussion Software [Published: 03-27-2006]
VEGAS.com selected Rhythmyx after a competitive evaluation of content management vendors.

Unitrin Direct Selects SAS [Published: 03-27-2006]
By using SAS, Unitrin Direct expects to improve internal productivity.

SAS Unveils 10 Enhanced Software Solutions [Published: 03-27-2006]
SAS invests almost a quarter of annual revenues in research and development.

NMIMC Awards Million Dollar Contract to Data Management Group [Published: 03-27-2006]
Data Management Group won the $2 Million award in support of IT Business Services Support.

Knightsbridge Expands SAP BI [Published: 03-27-2006]
Knightsbridge offers companies already heavily invested in SAP a cost-effective solution to convert raw data into meaningful business intelligence for immediate realized value.

Panorama Integrates SAP Enterprise Portal [Published: 03-27-2006]
Panorama has just received certification for integration into the SAP Enterprise Portal.

SRC Releases Alteryx [Published: 03-27-2006]
Alteryx is a robust data manipulation and spatial processing technology that delivers an overlay of business intelligence with geographical data.

Lycos and Jajah Expand VoIP Space [Published: 03-28-2006]
Lycos has launched a Windows-based program that enables users to place calls free of charge.

Bioinformatics in Structure-Based Drug Design [Published: 03-28-2006]
Bioinformatic tools aid in the design of novel drug compounds.

Insurance Data Standards: Designing XML Messages (continued) [Published: 03-28-2006]
This is the third article in a series that explores the use of XML to develop data standards in the insurance arena. This series addresses how to design XML messages and various approaches for maximizing implementation of those standards.

Life After Lucent: Telecom Feeding Frenzy [Published: 03-28-2006]
Whoever crosses the finish line first will have the upper hand in a vastly transformed telecom landscape.

Healthcare Costs in Retirement [Published: 03-28-2006]
Only about 11 percent of companies provide any health insurance to employees after they retire.

Cognos 8 BI Extends the Reach of Business Intelligence [Published: 03-28-2006]
Cognos 8 BI delivers a simplified, zero-footprint interface for all users, authors and administrators.

SAS Unveils Financial Services Software Solutions [Published: 03-28-2006]
SAS invests almost a quarter of annual revenues in research and development.

Cognos Releases Cognos Go! Search Service [Published: 03-28-2006]
Cognos Go! will deliver users an intuitive and efficient way of quickly finding business intelligence information and events across the organization.

SAS Unveils Manufacturing Software Solutions [Published: 03-28-2006]
SAS invests almost a quarter of annual revenues in research and development.

SAS Unveils Retail Software Solutions [Published: 03-28-2006]
SAS invests almost a quarter of annual revenues in research and development.

SAS Unveils Telecomm Software Solutions [Published: 03-28-2006]
SAS invests almost a quarter of annual revenues in research and development.

KCI Computing Announces Partnership with Surya [Published: 03-28-2006]
Surya will promote and deliver KCI’s CONTROL CPM solution across India.

The New York Times Company Selects SAP [Published: 03-29-2006]
The New York Times Company has selected applications from mySAP Business Suite to support its advertising management, home delivery and single copy circulation systems.

Elsevier Launches Inteleos [Published: 03-29-2006]
With Inteleos, users can track and analyze drug activity from late-phase preclinical development through to launch and post-marketing studies.

IntegraSys Selects SEDONA [Published: 03-29-2006]
IntegraSys has selected SEDONA's MRM technology, Intarsia, as the foundation for its MRM solution.

Scaling SQL Server™ to Enterprise Level Business Intelligence Performance [Published: 03-29-2006]
This paper examines the full range of SQL Server data warehouse scalability and performance options, including the innovative PARACCEL Massively Parallel Processing approach. login required

Creating Your Shortlist - Criteria for Selecting a BI, Reporting and Analysis Solution [Published: 03-29-2006]
QlikTech explores company data quality improvements through different approaches to short-list selection processes. login required

Longview Solutions and Information Builders Announce a Strategic Partnership [Published: 03-29-2006]
This joint solution will provide analytics, metrics, graphs, KPI indicators and feedback functions for all business performance management initiatives.

netMercury Selects Core Services [Published: 03-29-2006]
In choosing Core Services as its Oracle Applications hosting provider, netMercury ensured that they captured these important benefits.

Vivo Selects Hyperion [Published: 03-29-2006]
Vivo is using Hyperion strategic financial modeling to help it respond quickly to business changes.

Business Intelligence - The Way It Should Be [Published: 03-29-2006]
QlikTech explains how everyone in your company can do their job better if they make decisions based on actual information. login required

CSC Wins Department of Defense Contract [Published: 03-30-2006]
CSC will provide PA&E with program management, help desk support, network operations and engineering, systems administration, asset management and acquisition services.

Basics of Governance and Data Integration, Part I of III [Published: 03-30-2006]
Governance defines the way we manage, monitor and measure different aspects of our organizations.

Bridging Unstructured Data and Structured Data [Published: 03-30-2006]
DW2.0 – an architecture for the next generation of data warehousing – acknowledges that both structured data and unstructured data belong in a data warehouse and that a bridge must be built between the two environments for integrated decision

Knightsbridge Announces the Availability of Enhanced Consulting Services [Published: 03-30-2006]
Knightsbridge's expanded consulting services are designed to deliver the accurate, consistent, and current information clients need to stay competitive and accountable.

FDLE Selects Unisys for IT Services [Published: 03-30-2006]
Unisys is teaming in the FDLE engagement with information integration software provider Sypherlink.

Pearl River Resort Selects SAS Financial Management [Published: 03-30-2006]
The new solution enables the resort to transform raw financial data from multiple operations into sophisticated financial intelligence necessary to compete and succeed in a challenging economy.

Cartesis and Robert Frances Group Define 15 BPM Capabilities for Compliance [Published: 03-30-2006]
The right BPM software can ensure the information firms report fairly represents the company’s financial condition.

CSC Wins IT Support and Maintenance Contract from Maryland [Published: 03-30-2006]
CSC will provide systems integration, software development, data center services and business process engineering to the state of Maryland's DHMH.

Panorama Announces Certification for Integration into the SAP Enterprise Portal [Published: 03-30-2006]
Panorama business intelligence applications and data are now available to users through the SAP Enterprise Portal.

TransUnion and ID Analytics Announce Partnership [Published: 03-31-2006]
TransUnion complements ID Score by offering advanced fraud and identity management solutions.

GHX Launches GHX AllSource Content Repository [Published: 03-31-2006]
GHX AllSource Content Repository allows healthcare trading partners to be able to download syndicated product information and receive customized catalogs from suppliers.

Astellas Receives FDA Approval for Prograf [Published: 03-31-2006]
Prograf is currently used as cornerstone therapy to treat the majority of patients undergoing kidney and liver transplants.

Sterling Financial Agrees to Acquire Bay Net [Published: 03-31-2006]
The total value of the transaction is estimated at $22.8 million.

Equifax and ATM to Establish a Joint Venture [Published: 03-31-2006]
Equifax will provide a complete set of mortgage settlement offerings.

SAP Selects Cognizant for SAP NetWeaver Test Center [Published: 03-31-2006]
Cognizant is making increased investments in SAP solutions to help customers realize the full potential of SAP's Enterprise Services Architecture.