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June 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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SAND Technology and KXEN Have Signed a Partnering Agreement [Published: 06-01-2006]
SAND Technology and KXEN have signed a partnering agreement to jointly promote each other’s products for advanced analytical applications

Oracle to Acquire Demantra [Published: 06-02-2006]
Demantra and Oracle can more proactively manage complex, global supply chain operations.

Answers at the Speed of Thought: Breaking the Latency Barrier [Published: 06-05-2006]
This Netezza white paper will discuss how the Netezza Performance Server® data warehouse appliance virtually eliminates latency issues. login required

Industrial Alliance Selects Whitehill Technologies [Published: 06-05-2006]
Industrial Alliance purchased Whitehill software to assemble and produce semi-annual statements for its customers.

Netezza Data Warehouse Appliances Lowers Complexity [Published: 06-05-2006]
This paper compares the complexity of traditional data warehouse systems with the unprecedented simplicity of the Netezza appliance. login required

SAND/DNA for SAP BI [Published: 06-05-2006]
Helping Meet the Challenge of Enterprise-Wide Data Explosion. login required

Composite Software Adds SOA Date Services For Oracle and Salesforce.com [Published: 06-05-2006]
Composite Application Views consist of hundreds of pre-built data services for key business information regarding customers, products, orders and employees.

Libertad Selects Teradata [Published: 06-06-2006]
Libertad plans to deploy the Teradata enterprise data warehouse solution to improve the operational efficiency of its chain stores located throughout Argentina.

Quality Assurance Framework Lowers Total Cost of Ownership [Published: 06-06-2006]
A technically sound business intelligence and data warehouse architecture component addresses issues and challenges facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Service Level Agreements for Data [Published: 06-06-2006]
As more emphasis is placed on data and more data is provided by or handled outside of the institution’s control, SLAs should be in place for vendor-supplied data.

Panopticon Unveils Panopticon Explorer .NET [Published: 06-06-2006]
Panopticon Explorer .NET takes visual data analysis a step further, allowing users to visualize search results.

Business Objects Introduces Innovative Business Intelligence Solutions [Published: 06-06-2006]
These solutions are designed to enable communications companies to innovate throughout their business.

Hummingbird Launches RedDot CMS 7.0 and LiveServer 2.5 [Published: 06-06-2006]
CMS 7.0 with LiveServer 2.5's content delivery platform is the first personalization and integration platform offered specifically for the midmarket.

SRC Partners with MarketModels [Published: 06-06-2006]
MarketModels has signed an OEM agreement with SRC, delivering SRC’s Alteryx application to its customers.

Harriet Fryman, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Cognos [Published: 06-06-2006]
Harriet Fryman, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cognos, discusses event-driven BI and how Cognos is helping organizations make business intelligence more accessible throughout the enterprise so that everyone can benefit.

Doug Cogswell, President and CEO of ADVIZOR Solutions [Published: 06-06-2006]
Doug Cogswell, President and CEO of ADVIZOR Solutions, explains visual discovery – the combination of visualization and predictive analytics – as well as ADVIZOR Solutions’ unique approach and the benefits of visual discovery.

CSC Wins Task Order From U.S. Department of Justice [Published: 06-07-2006]
CSC will develop and implement a user-friendly enterprise architecture platform for sharing case-related information.

Sterling Commerce Announces Two New Compliance Solutions [Published: 06-07-2006]
The Retail Compliance Kit, offered with Sterling Networked Warehouse Management solution, widens the warehouse through pre-configured packing and shipping capabilities.

Mobile Phone Records Revealed [Published: 06-07-2006]
Mobile phone records can reveal not only who you called, but location technology onboard the mobile phone.

Cartesis Supports Microsoft Office PerformancePoint [Published: 06-07-2006]
Cartesis plans to support Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 by integrating with Business Scorecard Manager.

Microsoft and Panorama Software form a Partnership [Published: 06-08-2006]
Panorama’s BI applications will be based on Microsoft’s BI platform to provide organizations best in class solutions which ultimately will greatly improve business results.

The Bus as a Substitute for Integration, Part II [Published: 06-08-2006]
The bus architecture does not address the issues of data granularity and history.

The Economics of Free Software [Published: 06-08-2006]
Companies that now sell proprietary software will eventually be forced to give their software away – but the smart ones will stay in business, selling services, support and content.

Whitehill Purchases InSystems [Published: 06-08-2006]
The shared vision to build upon the domain expertise, process knowledge and service delivery success of the combined companies was a key driver of the acquisition.

SRC Partners with MarketModels [Published: 06-09-2006]
MarketModels has signed an OEM agreement with SRC, delivering SRC's Alteryx application to its customers.

SAND/DNA Solution = Data Management Success [Published: 06-09-2006]
SAND/DNA intelligent information management solution cuts 14TB data warehouse down to size. login required

Acquiring & Retaining Sarbanes Oxley Compliance in the Database Environment [Published: 06-09-2006]
This paper explores the fundamental IT components - people, process and technology - required to gain and retain Sarbox compliance. login required

Key Steps in Selecting a Business Performance Management Vendor [Published: 06-12-2006]
Business performance management is a costly investment in a mission-critical system. The process of choosing the system and vendor ahould be carefully undertaken to ensure the correct selection is made.

A First Glimpse at Microsoft’s PerformancePoint Server 2007 [Published: 06-12-2006]
Overall, Microsoft’s PerformancePoint Server 2007 announcement is good news for the business intelligence and business performance management (BPM) communities, and it will likely bolster adoption of business performance management.

StayinFront Announces Strategic Alliance with Interphase Systems [Published: 06-12-2006]
Interphase Systems’ validation solution will assess the IT infrastructure of StayinFront life sciences clients to ensure that their networks are in compliance with the regulations of the PDMA.

Hummingbird Partners with L-3 Communications Titan Group [Published: 06-12-2006]
Hummingbird recently announced it is partnering with L-3 Communications Titan Group to deliver an end-to-end solution that addresses the customer identification and investigation case management aspects of AML.

Health Market Science Selects QlikTech’s QlikView [Published: 06-12-2006]
Health Market Science will use QlikView across its operations, product development, and sales teams to analyze its extensive provider reference databases.

Lucent Acquires Alcatel [Published: 06-12-2006]
Lucent, has agreed to be acquired by Alcatel for about $14 billion.

Cognos Delivers BI Solutions for SaaS [Published: 06-13-2006]
Cognos BI technology is entirely Web based, and its services-oriented architecture easily scales and integrates into existing infrastructures.

Software Support for Immersive Business Intelligence [Published: 06-13-2006]
Incorporating best practices of data analysis and communication into the software would result in better business intelligence.

Customer Flashcards [Published: 06-13-2006]
Business intelligence needs to do more than examine current performance and historical trends; it needs to inform and illuminate the path ahead.

Microsoft Launches Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 [Published: 06-13-2006]
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, an adaptable, global business-management solution that works like and with familiar Microsoft software and helps organizations gain a competitive advantage.

Galapagos to Acquire DPI Service Operations [Published: 06-13-2006]
Galapagos will acquire the operational activities of DPI as part of its strategy to become a worldwide leader in drug discovery services.

GulfStream Bioinformatics Releases BIGR 5.0 [Published: 06-13-2006]
BIGR 5.0 and KnowledgeCapture platforms include advances in process and workflow control, clinical data annotation and collaborative data management.

SRC Releases FreeDemographics API [Published: 06-14-2006]
The FreeDemographics API lets developers embed business intelligence content including, market, consumer and corporate data directly into a website with JavaScript.

Operational Business Intelligence Applications, Part 2 [Published: 06-14-2006]
Shaku Atre analyzes the non-technical infrastructure required for operational business intelligence applications and explains why creating this infrastructure requires cross-organizational activities.

Getronics Selects Business Objects [Published: 06-14-2006]
Getronics will use BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to consolidate information.

SAP Delivers Business Analytics and Strategic Insight for SMEs [Published: 06-14-2006]
By developing seamless interfaces for SAP Business One, SAP's ISV partners are creating an integrated business management platform.

Oracle Acquires Telephony@Work [Published: 06-14-2006]
By purchasing Telephony@Work, Oracle extends its control over the Contact OnDemand technology stack.

MicroStrategy Partners with Sybase [Published: 06-14-2006]
With the certification of Sybase Avaki EII, MicroStrategy 8 extends its heterogeneous database access capability to include Web services data sources and file-based data stores.

TTPCom Launches Multilingual Website [Published: 06-15-2006]
TTPCom has launched its new-look multilingual website, using the Web content management solution.

Sybase Acquires Solonde [Published: 06-15-2006]
Solonde's ETL functionality complements Sybase's highly scalable IQ analytics server and its mission-critical data management system, ASE.

Bridging the Gap [Published: 06-15-2006]
This article presents two approaches for uncovering the valuable information and opportunity often buried in the unstructured data of a corporation.

Business Intelligence and Communications Infrastructure Costs [Published: 06-15-2006]
An enterprise’s ability to serve its customers is closely tied to having an efficient communications infrastructure. Knowing which network solution will best serve an enterprise requires a BI solution to define current and future bandwidth requirements.

Applix Acquires Temtec [Published: 06-15-2006]
The acquisition of Temtec enables Applix to deliver compelling operational performance management applications throughout the enterprise.

Tableau Releases Tableau Version 2.0 [Published: 06-16-2006]
Tableau v2.0 enables people to summarize and explore data with an intuitive interface that generates crisp visual displays.

Cognos Selects webMethods [Published: 06-16-2006]
Cognos is leveraging webMethods' flagship product suite to enable a SOA for its IT infrastructure.

First Internet Bank Selects The Complete Banking Solution [Published: 06-16-2006]
First Internet Bank has selected The Complete Banking Solution to address its enterprise-wide data processing needs.

What Do SOA and ESB Mean in Business Intelligence? [Published: 06-19-2006]
SOA and ESB technologies are immature and still evolving, but all business intelligence users should have a plan to move to an SOA environment.

The NSA, Telephone Calls, Privacy and Social Network Analysis [Published: 06-19-2006]
When applied to call detail records, social network analysis can reveal patterns of connectedness.

United States Military Academy Selects SPSS [Published: 06-19-2006]
USMA has selected SPSS software to determine the success of cadets at the academy and as career officers.

Business Objects Launches Activity Based Costing Solution for Healthcare [Published: 06-19-2006]
Business Objects enables healthcare organizations to identify and analyze trends in key clinical and financial indicators across patient groups.

DataX Selects DataFlux [Published: 06-19-2006]
DataX has selected DataFlux to strengthen programs designed to optimize business performance for its clients.

Kanbay Forms an Alliance with Kognitio [Published: 06-19-2006]
The partnership will introduce Kognitio's data migration methodology and the DFTK to an international market.

CareMedic Systems Acquires ActaView [Published: 06-19-2006]
ActaView's performance management software and online dashboard reporting capabilities will enhance CareMedic's suite of healthcare revenue cycle management solutions.

MSKCC Selects LiveData's OR-Dashboard [Published: 06-19-2006]
MSKCC has deployed LiveData's OR-Dashboard in its 21 new operating rooms.

OGCbuying.solutions Selects Hummingbird [Published: 06-20-2006]
Hummingbird Enterprise for Contract Management, has been approved by OGCbuying.solutions as part of its eSourcing solution available to all public sector organizations in the UK.

Industry Can Help Leapfrog the DoD to Standard Business Operations [Published: 06-20-2006]
Utilizing a comprehensive business enterprise architecture (BEA) as a road map, hundreds of DoD legacy financial and feeder systems are being replaced with emerging new, modern systems.

Business Intelligence Brings the Virtual Accounting Close to a Virtual Entertainment Business [Published: 06-20-2006]
For one entertainment company, a relatively quick business intelligence implementation is cutting month-end close time and improving visibility while saving significant staff effort.

Silver Creek Announces a Partner Program [Published: 06-20-2006]
Silver Creek Systems has developed a data quality solution that is designed to adapt product data to today's customer-driven sales and supply chain business requirements.

Kognitio Joins the Business Objects OEM Partner Program [Published: 06-21-2006]
Kognitio will be able to provide business intelligence solutions that integrate Business Objects software with Kognitio’s powerful and scalable analytical database, WX2.

CSK Auto Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 06-21-2006]
CSK Auto expanded its deployment of MicroStrategy to enhance its reporting and analysis capabilities.

Ministry of Defense Awards Enterprise Data Warehouse Contract to BearingPoint [Published: 06-21-2006]
The DLO Enterprise Data Warehouse will encapsulate information from many of the current and future logistics systems supporting both rotary and fixed wing aircraft fleets.

Healthcare Stovepipes [Published: 06-22-2006]
It is information that holds the promise of a whole new level of healthcare, but as long as we are all satisfied with (or trapped by) stovepipe silo systems, improvements in healthcare will be limited.

Data Archeology [Published: 06-22-2006]
Data archeology has always been a difficult and time-consuming task, but the good news is that there is a new generation of semantic discovery solutions that can radically change how the job is done.

InterSystems Makes Top 25 in Healthcare Informatics Annual Top 100 [Published: 06-22-2006]
InterSystems develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and ensemble rapid integration platform.

iWay and AmberPoint Integrate Solutions to Provide SOA [Published: 06-22-2006]
iWay is integrating AmberPoint’s SOA management software into the iWay SOA Middleware Suite and is reselling AmberPoint as part of its total SOA solution.

PepsiAmericas Selects Cartesis [Published: 06-22-2006]
PepsiAmericas, selected Cartesis to support its worldwide financial close process and related Sarbanes-Oxley reporting.

Wendy's Selects MICROS's mymicros.net [Published: 06-23-2006]
Mymicros.net will provide near real-time data collection and analysis from various POS systems installed in Wendy's corporate locations.

Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx 6 [Published: 06-26-2006]
Rhythmyx 6 provides a robust platform for more easily managing customer-centric content across multiple sites.

China Everbright Bank Selects Teradata [Published: 06-26-2006]
CEB has selected Teradata to build an enterprise data warehouse.

Cognos Announces New Global Customer Services Offerings [Published: 06-26-2006]
Cognos Global Customer Services initiatives addresses the growing demand from customers for enterprise-scale standardization and performance management deployments.

CO-OP Financial Services Selects Softrax [Published: 06-26-2006]
CO-OP Financial Services will implement Softrax solutions to manage their complex billing operations.

Henny Penny Selects Information Builders [Published: 06-27-2006]
Henny Penny has selected Information Builders and iWay Software, to streamline production, reduce inventory costs and boost output.

Theoris Delivers the Value of Business Intelligence [Published: 06-27-2006]
Claudia Imhoff recently spoke with Theoris's Mike Brooks in an exclusive interview.

Celequest Partners with Bristlecone [Published: 06-27-2006]
The joint solution offers strong scalability and performance with fast, easy deployment.

Telecom Lessons Learned? [Published: 06-27-2006]
There are lessons to be learned from recent events, particularly how to establish policies and procedures to protect sensitive data of customer stakeholders.

Do You Know Your Business Intelligence? [Published: 06-27-2006]
What do the business users actually know about business intelligence? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek quiz to identify the level of knowledge within your organization.

Actuate Introduces Actuate 9 [Published: 06-27-2006]
Actuate 9 can apply both the technology and principles of open source to business intelligence processes.

ICICI Bank implements Fair Isaac's Strategy Science [Published: 06-27-2006]
ICICI Bank has implemented Fair Isaac's Strategy Science to enhance business performance in its retail credit portfolio.

HealthCare Partners Medical Group Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 06-27-2006]
HealthCare Partners selected MicroStrategy for internal reporting and analysis of patient satisfaction and health insurance data.

Saratoga Systems Attains Gold Certified Partner Status in Microsoft Partner Program [Published: 06-27-2006]
Saratoga Systems has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers' needs.

Senate Committee to Takes on Telecom Bill [Published: 06-27-2006]
There are more than 213 amendments proposed for S.2686.

FCC Revamps USF to Include VoIP [Published: 06-27-2006]
If the FCC had not updated who pays into the USF, the fund would have lost out on millions of dollars.

House of Representatives Passes Telecom Bill [Published: 06-27-2006]
The House legislation would allow cable and phone companies to charge Internet content providers a premium for some services.

DivX Selects Pentaho for Business Intelligence [Published: 06-28-2006]
DivX has selected Pentaho Professional Edition to deliver comprehensive reporting capabilities for sales, marketing and operations professionals at DivX.

Model N Selects Cognos [Published: 06-28-2006]
The integration of Cognos' business intelligence into the Model N Revenue Management suite, provides life sciences customers with seamless sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities.

Keeping Worthless Data [Published: 06-29-2006]
What are the reasons for archiving data that is likely to never be needed again?

Customer Data Integration: FAQs and Fiction [Published: 06-29-2006]
In the second part of her inaugural article for Business Intelligence Network's CDI and CDM channel, Jill Dyche sets out to bust some prevalent myths about customer data integration and set

O'Donnell Sweeney Selects Hummingbird [Published: 06-29-2006]
O'Donnell Sweeney, has selected Hummingbird Enterprise to help manage client information throughout the full content lifecycle.

DataMirror Unveils iCluster 4.0 [Published: 06-29-2006]
iCluster 4.0 includes significant performance, monitoring and usability enhancements that further improve system scalability, reliability and integrity of System i.

Amp'd Mobile Selects Teradata [Published: 06-29-2006]
Amp'd Mobile will leverage the global partnership between Teradata and Sunopsis, to implement a complete warehouse solution.

Amadeus Signs Systec & Services as a New Partner [Published: 06-29-2006]
Through this new partnership, Systec & Services will also be the reseller of the eQCM software suite.

Enterprise Business Intelligence [Published: 06-29-2006]
Better competitive advantage, stronger customer relationships and more efficient operations are just a few of the major benefits from integrating BI into your operations. login required

NOMS Standardizes on BusinessObjects XI Release 2 [Published: 06-29-2006]
BusinessObjects XI Release 2 will provide NOMS with an integrated solution for enterprise information management, reporting, analysis and performance management.

Incuity Releases Version 2.3 of Flagship Incuity EMI Software [Published: 06-30-2006]
Incuity EMI software offers new usability features and embeds the ISA 95 model for creating a coherent and context-rich view of a company's manufacturing environment.

EMC to Acquire RSA Security [Published: 06-30-2006]
The integration of RSA’s authentication and access management capabilities will build on EMC’s foundation of inherently secure products and processes.