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July 2006 - Business Intelligence Content Archive

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Questions to Ask a Data Warehouse Appliance Vendor [Published: 07-01-2006]
Guidance for evaluating benchmarks and interpreting market messaging. login required

InspireData Launches National Educational Computing Conference [Published: 07-06-2006]
Inspiration has changed the way students develop ideas, organize information and integrate new knowledge across the curriculum.

The Next Generation of Business Intelligence: Operational BI [Published: 07-06-2006]
This paper discusses the role of operational BI, and looks at the business case and requirements for building and deploying an operational BI system. login required

Inductis and SAS Sign a Joint Silver Partnership Agreement [Published: 07-06-2006]
Together Inductis and SAS will help companies leverage the information age to make better decisions.

Telephia Expands Deployment of MicroStrategy [Published: 07-06-2006]
Telephia uses MicroStrategy for multiple business intelligence applications that provide customers with critical information.

Astea International Forms a Strategic Alliance with Microsoft [Published: 07-07-2006]
Astea International has formed a strategic alliance with Microsoft to provide integrated Service Lifecycle Management solutions with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

LogiXML Optimizes Pure Web-Based Business Intelligence [Published: 07-10-2006]
Ron Powell recently spoke with LogiXML’s Arman Eshraghi in an exclusive interview.

ESPN STAR Sports Deploys SPSS Software [Published: 07-10-2006]
SPSS is enabling ESPN STAR Sports to quickly identify the preferences of millions of viewers and then develop programming based on those results.

Performance Management [Published: 07-10-2006]
Why is there a continuing demand for pre-built business performance management applications?

Performance Management Starts with the User Experience [Published: 07-10-2006]
Knowing the end users and their preferred approaches to certain tasks is critical to the successful adoption of a business performance management solution.

Composite Software and LiBi Software Announce a Distribution Agreement [Published: 07-10-2006]
The agreement enables LiBi Software to distribute Composite’s software in Israel and surrounding regions.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Selects MPC [Published: 07-10-2006]
Dana-Farber will employ MPC to automate and provide greater control of the operational, capital and research budgeting processes.

SRC Releases Alteryx 2.0 and Alteryx Enterprise [Published: 07-10-2006]
Alteryx combines the functions of ETL, data quality and analytics for the business user seeking to employ business intelligence quickly and effectively throughout an organization.

Intellitactics Security Manager Selected by WestJet [Published: 07-11-2006]
Intellitactics Security Manager will be integrated with WestJet’s security management architecture to specifically centralize logging of network activity.

TableLens: A Clear Window for Viewing Multivariate Data [Published: 07-11-2006]
Correlations and exceptions in multivariate data become clearly visible when explored using TableLens.

An Introduction to Visual Multivariate Analysis [Published: 07-11-2006]
Traditional text-based methods for analysis of multivariate data, such as pivot tables, can provide only a fraction of the insight that the best visualization tools and techniques make possible.

Business Objects Announces the Availability of Crystal Xcelsius Viewer [Published: 07-11-2006]
Crystal Xcelsius Viewer is a new solution that helps customers visualize their business information.

ANADIGICS Selects Supply Chain Consultants [Published: 07-11-2006]
ANADIGICS to implement the Zemeter Sales & Operations Planning software solution.

Exeros Releases DataMapper 2.0 [Published: 07-11-2006]
DataMapper 2.0 reduces the risk, cost and time required for data governance and data integration projects.

NAMCO Selects QuantiSense [Published: 07-11-2006]
QuantiSense allows NAMCO to gain deeper insight into their business.

Systems & Software Selects Softrax [Published: 07-11-2006]
Systems & Software will implement Softrax solutions for financial operations.

Creating and Using Taxonomies to Enhance Enterprise Search [Published: 07-11-2006]
EasyAsk automatically defines a taxonomy that can be manually modeled to meet an organization's business and information-finding needs. login required

European Telecom Provider Selects SAND Technology [Published: 07-12-2006]
The European telecom provider has chosen SAND/DNA Analytics as the centralized data storage component in a data warehouse system.

The Faces of Intelligence [Published: 07-12-2006]
A theoretical discussion of the process of gathering, analyzing, and communicating intelligence, and the basics needed to improve this process. login required

The Personal E-Mail Quiz [Published: 07-13-2006]
Do you use e-mail for interpersonal communication, or is it just noise?

Enterprise Data Asset Inventory and Profiling [Published: 07-13-2006]
This article explores the various concepts of data duplication and gives examples of their differences.

GERS Enters into Agreements with ApprovalWare [Published: 07-13-2006]
GERS Retail Systems has entered into marketing and system integration agreements with ApprovalWare.

Remote Dynamics Selects Velociti [Published: 07-13-2006]
Remote Dynamics has selected Velociti, to install and service the company's REDIview telematics systems nationwide.

Applix Announces Partnership with Braincourt [Published: 07-13-2006]
Braincourt is a new member in Applix's partner network in Germany.

Consortium Health Plans Selects MicroStrategy [Published: 07-13-2006]
Consortium Health Plans has selected MicroStrategy to support its new web portal, MarketQuest.

Identity Resolution and Data Integration [Published: 07-17-2006]
Policies and procedures must be explored to ensure that privacy restrictions are not violated when identity resolution techniques are employed.

What Does Web 2.0 Mean to the Enterprise? [Published: 07-17-2006]
Web 2.0 represents a completely new approach to producing and sharing information in enterprises.

Nelsons Solicitors Selects Hummingbird Enterprise [Published: 07-17-2006]
Nelsons Solicitors has selected Hummingbird Enterprise for Legal, to manage the firm's electronic content.

Spotfire Unveils Spotfire DXP [Published: 07-17-2006]
Spotfire DXP is a newly architected analytics offering that sets a new standard for interacting with information.

Deborah Henderson Appointed President of the DAMA Foundation [Published: 07-18-2006]
DAMAF is the research and education affiliate of DAMA International with a mission to “Promote Professional Data Management”.

Prioritizing Healthcare Business Intelligence Applications [Published: 07-18-2006]
There are special considerations when prioritizing business intelligence applications in a healthcare environment, but fortunately there are only a few important ones.

Social Network Analysis and Business Intelligence [Published: 07-18-2006]
Business intelligence must be transmitted, communicated and shared in order to be useful and actionable.

StrataVia Introduces Data Palette 3.0 [Published: 07-18-2006]
Data Palette 3.0 helps define the best practices for performing simple or highly complex database activities as well as standardize and automate key DBA functions.

EMA Migrates Business Intelligence Deployment to BusinessObjects XI Release 2 [Published: 07-18-2006]
EMA has standardized on BusinessObjects XI Release 2 to take advantage of new capabilities that make it dramatically easier for physicians to obtain the exact reports and in-depth analysis they need, when they need it.

Electric Insurance Selects Pegasystems SmartBPM Suite [Published: 07-18-2006]
Electric Insurance Company, is using Pegasystems SmartBPM Suite to optimize its customer service operations.

Verint Acquires Mercom Systems [Published: 07-18-2006]
This acquisition will enable Verint to more effectively bring actionable intelligence to the growing small-to-midsize enterprise contact center market.

DataMirror Transformation Server Increases Labor Productivity [Published: 07-19-2006]
DataMirror’s data integration solution can increase labor productivity, reduce costs and speed business processes and reporting by consolidating data from disparate systems.

Utopy Announces Availability of SpeechMiner 4.0 [Published: 07-19-2006]
SpeechMiner 4.0 enables organizations to understand the "why" behind customer and prospect behavior.

The Usefulness of Patents [Published: 07-20-2006]
How does a small company produce innovation and capitalize on the advances made in the marketplace?

Enterprising Linux [Published: 07-20-2006]
How does a company like Red Hat win new customers when anyone, including their potential customers and competitors, can get the source code to Red Hat's flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? And why is that an advantage, not a problem?

Centric Software Signs Partnership Agreement with Lidington Technologies [Published: 07-20-2006]
Lidington Technologies and Centric Software will now offer packaging machine manufacturers a templated, software-based product intelligence solution.

Fair Isaac Announces the Availability of Model Builder 3.0 [Published: 07-20-2006]
Model Builder 3.0 incorporates several new features that provide an unparalleled level of control and feedback to fine-tune predictive models for optimized business benefits.

Hummingbird and The Insurance Workplace Launch The Insurance Workplace [Published: 07-20-2006]
The Insurance Workplace product has the ability to fully support contract certainty and electronic claims files in the market.

Galen Limited Selects StayinFront CRM [Published: 07-25-2006]
Galen selected both StayinFront CRM and StayinFront CRM Mobile.

Is Your Business Intelligence Like Everyone Else's? [Published: 07-25-2006]
The secret to being better at BI than others – not just being like others – lies in actually knowing what one is doing and thus what else is needed in order to further drive the business.

Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence, Part 2 [Published: 07-25-2006]
The top 10 business intelligence trends that Knightsbridge has identified for 2006 indicate a greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of timely, quality information throughout organizations in all industries.

Debenhams Selects Sunopsis Data Conductor [Published: 07-25-2006]
Debenhams selected Sunopsis Data Conductor to load data from its transactional databases into its new enterprise-class Netezza Performance Server.

FinancialContent Launches Initiative to Syndicate Business Podcasts [Published: 07-25-2006]
FinancialContent is organizing the business podcasts by stock ticker symbols and integrating them into more than 300 financial channel deployments.

ASG Signs OEM Agreement with Ingenium Technology [Published: 07-25-2006]
The initiative will enable the company to integrate Ingenium Technology's SLM software suite with the ASG infrastructure performance management products.

Controlling Compliance Requirements & Streamlining Manufacturing With QUMAS [Published: 07-25-2006]
Napp Pharmaceuticals found QUMAS solution a perfect fit to their need to control increasing amounts of compliance critical documentation. login required

HSME Partners with ComputerWorld [Published: 07-25-2006]
ComputerWorld will now be able to offer Hyperion's solutions along with their products as complete end-to-end solution packages to their customers.

CSI Partners with DataFlux [Published: 07-25-2006]
CSI selected DataFlux as a partner based on their DataFlux Data Quality Integration Platform.

SymphonyRPM Releases Version 4.8 [Published: 07-25-2006]
Version 4.8, adds improved functionality to both the analytic server and Web application segments of the platform and introduces Excel client analytic tools integrated through Web services.

DataMirror Announces Enhancements to the Transformation Server for z/OS [Published: 07-25-2006]
Transformation Server for z/OS 5.1.7 includes a new single scrape feature and enhanced auto-restart capabilities.

Margaritaville Selects EatecNetX [Published: 07-26-2006]
Margaritaville selected EatecNetX to maintain Internet connectivity to each Margaritaville restaurant.

Sun and Greenplum Launch Open Source Data Warehouse Appliance for BI [Published: 07-26-2006]
Sun Microsystems and Greenplum recently unveiled a data warehouse appliance built from open source software and general purpose systems.

Europe Overcharging for Mobile Calls [Published: 07-26-2006]
Jajah has launched a free call service for registered users in Europe.

Verizon and Comcast Battle Against the Likes of Google and Yahoo. [Published: 07-26-2006]
Should Verizon and Comcast be able to charge Internet companies to have their Web sites delivered in a smooth, timely fashion?

U.S. Cities Provide Free Wireless Broadband [Published: 07-26-2006]
Some U.S. cities have developed initiatives to provide affordable broadband for the citizens and businesses in their communities.

Do Your Rollups Really Roll Up? [Published: 07-27-2006]
The success of the data warehouse – and sometimes the business itself – depends upon the appropriate defining of KPIs and key business concepts.

Current Practices in Active Data Warehousing: An Update [Published: 07-27-2006]
An update from Richard’s 2002 study, including interviews with DW managers from: a large internet company, SUPERVALU Inc. and UnumProvident Corp. login required

SparkMaker 3.0 Leverages Sparkline Technology [Published: 07-27-2006]
SparkMaker leverages sparkline technology to visualize numerical data in information-rich dashboards and spreadsheets, reports and presentations.

IBM Joins Forces with Aradyme [Published: 07-27-2006]
IBM has joined forces with Aradyme to provide an end-to-end solution to help state education reporting agencies comply with "No Child Left Behind" and other reporting requirements.

UPMC Health Plan Selects ikaSystems [Published: 07-27-2006]
UPMC Health Plan will implement ikaEnterprise self-service Web portals to better serve the needs of members.

Schroeder Company Selects Adonix [Published: 07-27-2006]
Schroeder Company has selected the Adonix X3 Process suite to improve the information flow throughout the company.

Integrating Data [Published: 07-27-2006]
What exactly is meant by systems integration – and what is it that ETL does for us that is so valuable?

Microsoft Acquires Hospital-Developed Software [Published: 07-27-2006]
Microsoft will commercialize health-intelligence software created by a team of doctors and developers.

QlikTech Recognized as the Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Software Provider [Published: 07-27-2006]
QlikTech has been recognized by IDC as the fastest growing of the top 20 worldwide business intelligence software providers.

ChoiceMaker Provides Ultra-Accurate Record Matching Solutions for Insurance Clients [Published: 07-27-2006]
The new solution uses machine learning technology as an alternative to traditional solutions.

Business Objects Launches BusinessObjects Data Quality XI [Published: 07-31-2006]
Data Quality XI includes innovative features that help organizations standardize on one data quality platform, scale their data quality deployment to meet growing business needs.

Data Management Group Awarded NEA IT Support Contract [Published: 07-31-2006]
The contract supports the implementation and maintenance of NEA’s business intelligence tools.

LogiXML Releases New LGX Info and Extends AJAX Support [Published: 07-31-2006]
The new version of LGX Info demonstrates LogiXML’s commitment to industry standards and pure Web- based operation with expanded AJAX support.

Performancesoft Announces the Availability of Actuate Performancesoft Track [Published: 07-31-2006]
Actuate Performancesoft Track allows users to go beyond the mere identification of a poorly performing metric to initiation of activities that improve performance.